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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1864)"

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M^KVLA-v ^ Ka-e ^ook Room 


College Park. Md. 



V u 




SEGARS, &c., &;c. 










Soiiool of lfiedio£s8c 

The Annual Session begins early in October, and ends 
on the first of the ensuing March. 


N. R. SMITH, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery. 
W. E. A. AIKIN, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy. 
SAMUEL CHEW, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. 
N. R. SMITH, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. 
GEORGE W. MILTENBERGER, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. 
RICHARD McSHERR Y, M. D., Professor of Institutes of Medicine and Lecturer on 
Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 

Clinical Instruction is given in Medicine and Surgery at the "BALTIMORE INFIRMARY," an Institu- 
tion of more than thirty years standing, belonging to the University, situated in its immediate neighborheod, 
under the sole charge of, and attended by, the Faculty. Its wards constantly contain ample material for illus- 
trating the various forms of disease, and are open throughout the year, to all Matriculates of the School with, 
out charge. 

Anatomical material is abundant, and supplied at moderate expense. The Demonstrator, James H. But- 
ler, M. D., devotes regular hours to this department of instruction. 

Fees for the Full Course, $90. Practical Anatomy, $10. Matriculation, $5. Graduation, $20. 

For further information apply to 

GEO. W. MILTENBERGEE, Dean of the Faculty, 

No. 152 W. Lombard-st., Baltimore. 



Is constantly open for the reception and care of THE SICK. The 
Patients are attended by the Faculty of the University, and nursed 
by the Sisters of Charity. An addition has recently been erected, 
containing commodious private apartments separate from the more 
public portion of the house. Persons from a distance requiring sur- 
gical treatment, or operations, will find the Institution admirably 
adapted to this purpose. 

Board from THREE to TEN DOLLARS per week, according to 
the accommodations required. 

Applications for admission may be made to 





^^ No. 18 ^ C^ 


VEGETABLES, &c., &c. 





ai^All Articles sold by NUMSEN, CARROLL & CO., are either Manufactured by 
themselves, or received from Houses of the first respectaliility in the United States or 
Europe, all warranted to be of the best kind. Sold on the most accommodating terms, 
packed carefully and shipped to any part of the world. 




Mil liMPffl]® iaiiiiiii 

No. 77 W. Baltimore Street. 


The Latest Improvements, Inventions, Patents and Machinery, for the CARTES DE VISITE, are to be 

found at this House. 





















-^■&B & B^^ 






JI^The Grover & Baker Sewing Machine Company, in addition to their justly cele- 
brated machines making the Grover & Baker stitch, and of which this Company are sole 
proprietors, have perfected a series of shuttle or lock stitch machines, surpassing by far 
any machines of this class heretofore brought before the public. They are more simple, 
more rapid, and more easily managed than any shuttle or lock stitch machines. 







No. 99 BALTIMORE STREET, Opposite Holiday-st, 

No. 207 BALTIMORE STREET, above Light-st. 

An experience of nineteen years and the success which has steadily attended the business of Mr. Perkins, 
and also the improvements that he has made in his beautiful art, from time to time, is a sufficient guarantee 
to all who want truthful Pictures of Artistic excellence. 














MALT HOUSE, foot of Eutaw-st. 
OFFICE, 14 S. Gay-st. 





INTO. 50, 


Where may be found a General Assortment of 


JJ@°Also, a large assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES and VESTINGS, which will 
be made to order in the latest and best manner. 




No. 31 N. HOWARD-ST. 

J8@°Constantly ou hand a well selected assortment 

Liberal Deduction made to the Trade. 







Wrought Iron Pipes, Malleable & Cast Iron Steam Fittings, Brass Work, 
Steam Gauges, Traps, Steam & Hand Pumps, Heaters, &c. 





The first and only Low Pressure Steam Heating Apparatus with OPEN BOILER ever used for Warming and 
Ventilating Public and Private Buildings, Hotels, Churches, Hospitals, Green Houses, &c., &c. 

Warranted Efficient, Economical and Safe. 









Jg^Meals at all Hours from 6 A. M., to 12 P. M, 
JJ^ Lodgings to be had at all hours of the night. 







Inland Route via Delaware and Raritan, and Chesapeake and Delaware Canals. Comprising eighteen 
Steamers and Barges of average «apacity of 130 tons each. For the conveyance of Merchandise, Produce^ 
Packages, Jlortes, Cattle, Carriages, Purniture and Goods, of all sorts at very low rates. 


FOR, i^:ei^^j^ "^stoi^k:- 

A Steamboat leaves Baltimore Daily, except Sunday, from No. 3 LIGHT STREET WHARF. 

f:roisjs: iste^w^ -^toi^k:- 

A Steamboat leaves in like manner for Baltimore, Daily, except Sundays, from NORTH RIVER, Pier 7. 

i^Goods destined for places beyond Baltimore or New York, forwarded immediately with care — Free of 
all charges for Commission. 

i^The safety, regularity and dispatch of this Line, together with the moderate rates charged, commend 
it to the public as a desirable medium for conveying every description of Freight. 

WESTERN FREIGHTS from the Baltimore and Ohio R. R Co. received at the LOCUST POINT DEPOT, 
handled carefully and forwarded with the utmost dispatch immediately on arrival Through receipts can be 
obtained over this route from any of the Agents of the B. & 0. R. R. Co. for Goods deliverable in N. Y. 

J. A. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light-st. Whf., Bait. 
W. DALZELL, Agent, Pier 7 North River, N. Y. 


mi^ (^mi^L. 



© E T W g (E ?J 



One of the Company's Steamboats leaves No. 3 LIGHT STREET WHARF, Every Afternoon. Arriving 
in Philadelphia at 5 o'clock the next morning, in ample time for the New York Trains. 


Leaves Daily, at3 o'clock, from No. 19 SOUTH WHARVES. Good.s forwarded immediately with care— 
Free of all charge for commission. 

J. A. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light-st. Whf., Bait. 
A. GROVES, Jr., Agent, No. 34 South Wharves, Phiia. 



Watch Maker & Jeweler 




|C|=*Keeps a large assortment of Watches, Jewelry, &c. 

B@^ Watches, Clocks and Jewelry njpaired and warranted. 

^wll mil ^amintim^ (^w^lnuY, 



mon Roads ; also of all kinds of Cast and Wrought, Iron Work, such as ROOFS, FRONTS, GIRDERS, &c., &c. 
for Buildings and Macliinery in all its branches. Plans and estimates furnished upon application. 





Bills posted in every part of the city with neatness and dispatch. Handbills, Pro- 
grammes, Cards, Circulars, &c., &c , carefully distributed throughout the entire city, 
liiils sent to our address per E.xpress {charges paid) will receive our special attention. 
All thankfully received and promptly attended to — all right. 
OFFICE, No. 3 NORTH STREET, in the Basement. 







|Cf=*I^ai«ips altered to l>vii*n Coal Oil. 





Upholstery Goods, 


Minto ^Mm and gollands, 




HOUSES and SHIP'S CABINS, furnished with dispatch. 

ICf Trade suppliecl on libei-al ternis!*. 





Horses taken at 

Livery by the 

Day or Month. 

Horses taken at 

Livery by the 
Day or Month. 

63, 65, 67 & 74 CALVERT STREET, 


WEDDINGS, &c., &c. 








1101 Will 




Ship Yard, Boston Street,Canton, 

ll^-Having their IRON FOUNDRY, MACHINE and BOILER 
SHOPS in complete operation, are prepared to execute faithfully and 
promptly. Orders for 

Iron Ships and Steamboat Machinery, 


Also, Locomotive or Stationary Steam Engines, Woolen, Cotton, Flour, Rice, Siigar,Grist 
or Saw Mills. Slide, Hand or Chuck Lathes. Machinery for cutting all kinds of Grain. 
Hydraulic, Tobacco and other Presses. Car and Locomotive Patent Ringwheels, War- 
ranted. Bridge and Mill Castings, of every description. Gas and Water Pipes, all 
sizes, Warranted. Rail Road Wheels, with Best Faggoted Axle, furnished and fit 
up for use, complete. 

Bi^'Being provided with Heavy Lathes for Boring and Turning Screws, Cylin- 
ders, &c,, we can furnish them of any pitch, length or pattern. 

t^Old Machinery Renewed or Repaired — and Estimates for Work, in any part of 
the United States, furnished at short notice. 





EOOFme Am spouting done to order. 


Opposite Pratt's Iron Wharf, 






N. E. Corner Holiday and Franklin Streets. 





Opposite Pratt's Iron Wharf, 





AJitiMl 1 Mi t vmAii 




Cast Iron Architectural lATork 


Such as House Fronts, Cornices, Trusses, Brackets, Girders, Beams, Window and Door Caps, Columns, Posts, 
&c. Plain and Ornamental Railing and Two-Inch Water Pipes always on hand. 






Keeps Constantly on hand and Manufacturers to Order, all kinds of 



Rolling Screen Wire for Mills, 

•la aaa & aacy m is& m oris 





At the 'OLD STAND,'' 





Cor. North and Monument Sts. 


-•< »»■ 

Is prepared to furnish all orders in his line, viz. 

illiitiete, ii0ii} 




W. F. H. ONION, 


Jl^We are prepared to deliver to consumers in any part of the city the various kinds 
of Coal — also OAK and PINE WOOD, either in the STICK, or SAWED and SPLIT 
ANY SIZE and LENGTH desired at the Lowest Market Price. ' 


*"IC1>KK^\^L HILL 

Cor. Cross and Covington Sts., F. H.. Baltimore. 

fiS'Orders thankfully received and promptly attended to. 




CaMnet Jfnrnitare aiib i[p|olsterj, 


Having bought out the Interest of JONES & WEBSTER, in the Establishment formerly 
occupied by 





Is now prepared to build all kinds of CARRIAGES at the shortest notice, and on the 
most reasonable terms. 

|Cl=Repairing in all its branches done with neatness and dispatch. 








Jii^^The above articles warranted equal to any made in this country. The best quali- 
ty of Oak tanned Leather is used, and no Hemlock or mixed tannage. The Belting is 
Stretched on Patent Machinery of my own invention, and I can safely say is as thoroughly 
stretched as by any other machinery, or plan, now in use. 

A general assortment of Manufacturers articles on hand at Lowest Cash Prices. 




WOEKS AT WOODBEEKY, Northern Central Railroad. 






)ardia8Sj Syraps & Cigars, 



fr^^Particular attention paid to orders. 




Chewing and Leaf Tobacco, 

No. 20 South Gay Street, 



And Foreign and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, choice brands of Chewing Tobacco, all kinds of 
Fancy Pipes, Segar Cases, Snutf Boxes, Labels, Ribbons, Brands for Segars. 

)8i^^Domestic, French and German Fancy Papers, Letter and Wrapping Paper. 
George Benda's Dutch Metal and Bronzes. Also, FANCY ARTICLES generally. 



No. 70 WEST PRATT STREET, Corner of Gay, 





mm WALKER & CO. 




No. 165 and 167 Baltimore St. 

Between Calvert and Light Sts., opposite Adams Express Co's Office, 



nSTo- SS BuA.I-.Ti:iVsJ:OIiE STI?.EET, 

Opposite Maryland Institute, 


•^COLLECTIONS.— We Collect on all Accessible Points, on the most favorable terms. 





The Largest Assortment of Music in the city can be found at this establishment. 

Dealers, Booksellers, Seminaries, Teachers, &c., supplied on the most reasonable terms. 




S. W. Corner Howard and Fayette Sts., 

IFbdaiPo (IcpDbj (B(iiilt1l©[p, ©^©(^ fm^i^ ^©,9 ii(B,5> ^©^ 

REFERENCE— Western Bank of Baltimore. 




Dealers in Oak and Hemlock Sole Leather, 


Opposite Bethel Church, 



Constantly on hand for sale Fine and Fancy Soaps, Candles, Tallow, &c., on the 
most pleasing terms. 

Tallow wanted — the highest market price paid. 




Adamantine & Tallow Candles 











136 Thames Street, between Ann and Wolfe, 

f^T'Where you can get your work done with Neatness and Dispatch and on the most reasonable terras."^ 

J. r>iFinE>rBi>LUGEr, 

(Successor to S. Hebbern,) 

N. E. Corner Strieker and Baltimore Streets, 


Miller's Hotel, Corner Paca and German Streets, 

(Ky-AU Orders left at either of the above places, will be promptly attended to. 




Scott's Patent and other Refrigerators, Water Coolers, &c. 




Warerooms, 18 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore. 


a. & N. POPPLEIN, Jr. 







Manufacturer's Agents for the Sale of 



All of which are ofifered to the trade at New York prices. 






S^° All business entrusted to me will be attended to with promptness and dispatch.-^g 





Takes this method to inform his customers, and all others who use Ice, that 
he is prepared to serve them with 





S. E. corner of Howard and Mulberry, 



No, 101 N. OHAELES-ST., BALTIMORE, Up stairs. 



Also, in IMITATION OF ALL KINDS OF WOODS ; Ornamental Suits, of every 
color ; Dining Room Furniture of every variety ; Pillows and Bolsters ; 
Curled Hair and Husk Mattresses, and a general assortment of Cane 
Seat CHAIRS. B^= I MANUFACTURE my Furniture EX- 


229 Baltimore Street, corner Charles, 


^ilvtx If ate, Mlvn Whid #00^0, 




Of every description, as SWORDS, BELTS, SASHES, SPURS, BUTTONS, LACES, 

On hand, ami made to order at short notice. They invite attention to their stock. 




At OENTKAL HALL, corner Baltimore and Charles sts. 

With increased facilities of affording to young Ladies, Misses, Masters and Gentlemen, 
a thorough and practical knowledge of the above elegant accomplishment, his course of 
instruction is thoroughly systematic, and embraces all the new and fashionable dances. — 



Mannfaotiare Establislied 1818. 

The quality of this Ink has been tested for more than forty years. During this 
time, it has constantly increased in public favor and patronage, and is now the leading 
article in the country. The proprietors annex a few of many Testimonials received 
from parties who have used it for more than a quarter of a century, and whose oppor- 
tunity and qualifications for judging correctly of its merits will not be questioned. 

Registry of Deeds Office, Boston, January 10, 1859. 
Messrs. Maynard & Noyes, Gentlemen: I am glad that longer use of your Writing 
Infe enables me to repeat the testimony given in its favor many years ago. I have used 
it in this office thirty-seven years, and my oldest records are as legible and black as when 
first icritten. This rare quality for permanence, renders it invaluable for State and Coun- 
ty Records and all mercantile purposes, where it is important that the writing should 
remain legible and unchanged in color by the lapse of time. 

Henry Alline, Register of Deeds. 

BoWDoiN PoBLic School, Boston, January 7, 1857. 
Messrs. Matnabd & Notes, Gentlemen : I have used your Ink in the Writing Depart- 
ment of this School the past thirty years, and take great pleasure in renewing my testi- 
monial of its superior quality. It flows freely from the pen, its color is brilliant and 
permanent, and it combines all the necessary and desirable qualities of good Ink. 

Jas. Robinson, Writing Master. 

The following extract of a letter from a well known and long established Bookseller 
in Dover, N. H., is like many others often received, and will be found to express the 
opinion and correspond with the experience of a larger number in the business. 

After trying various kinds of Ink, most of my customers come back to yours. I am 
tired of the miserable compounds offered every little while, pretending to be superior to 
all other Inks, and will have nothing further to do with them. 1 have used your 
Ink on my books over twenty-six years, and my customers can see how it stands against 
time. Entries made in 1832 are as fresh as those made during the year. 

Dover, N. H., October 16, 1858. E. J. Lane. 

The following Testimonial from Dr. Chilton, is added as a supplement to any of his 
previous tests. 

From experiments instituted by me, in 1855 and 1856, and repeated within the past 
six months, I am fully satisfied that Maynard & Noyes' Writing Ink is entitled to the 
pre-eminence it has always sustained for Legibility and Permanence of color. 

New York, May 11, 1858. James R. Chilton, M. D., Chemist. 

The above popular Ink, together with BLUE, RED, CARMINE and COPYING 
INK, WRITING FLUID and INK POWDER, is for sale by the principal Book- 
Bellers, Stationers, and Paper Dealers in Baltimore. 








JSrO. 33 ISrOftTIEi J^O-^7!7^A.JRlD STREET, 



Of Silk, Merino, Wool and Cotton, for G-ents', Ladies and Children's Wear, 
Umbrellas, Neck Ties,Collars, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, Worsteds, Canvass, Embroidered 

Silk , Chenille, Patterns, Machine Twist, Spool Cotton, Threads, Needles, 
Tapes. WoolJackets Pins, Gauntlets, Fancy Soaps, Corsets, &c. 





PLAIN & FANCY WIRE WORK of every description. 

TVo. 13 S. Calvert Street, 




21 and 23 LIGHT STREET, cor. of Mercer, 






'S^ *) %* 




and all sizes of WATER STOPS and PIPES. Repairing done with neatness and dispatch. All kinds of 
BOILERS and TANKS made to order. 









OF jba.ltim:ore, 

N. E. Corner South and Second Streets. 



Vessels and Cargoes, 



And all kinds of Property within the City, on very favorable terms. 

John H. Ehlen, 
Augustus J. Albert, 
Charles D. Sliuglutt", 
C. A. Schaefer. 
Edward Jenkins, 
Frederick Achey, 
Thomas W. Levering, 
Nathan Tyson, 


George R. Berr>', I P. W. Bennett, 
Joshua Dryden, Samuel Hart, 

John (Pushing, \ Hugh Bolton, 
Chas. Grinuell, Jos. Jas. Taylor, 

Mende.s i. Cohen, John G. Reaney, 

George S. Gibson, Thonit. s (Jreamer, 

John A. Needles, James Fit \ds, 

Jas. M. Anderson, | Garrett Brown, 

.lohn M. Gait, 
Thomas Wilson, 
H. R. Louderman, 
C-aleb Parks, 
David H. Shrlver, 
Joshua Jones, 
Isaac M. Denson, 
John A. Shriver. 

HENRY P. DUHURST, President. 
FRANCIS J. McGINNIS, Secretary. 





Transact all Inisiness appertaining to Banks or private Bankers, in their several depart- 

Buy and sell on Commission Stock and Securities in this and other Markets. 

Make advances on Stocks, Real Estate, Notes and other Collaterals. 

Negotiate Stock Loans. 

Receive deposits in Bankable and Uncurrent Funds, and give SPECIAL ATTENTION 
TO COLLECTIONS on all accessible points in the United States and Canada, and can offer 
unrivalled facilities to correspondents. 

Interest allowed on deposits. 







CAPITAL $1,500,000. 


CAPITAL & SURPLUS $800,000. 


CAPITAL $400,000. 


CASH CAPITAL $500,000. 


CAPITAL & SURPLUS $375,000. 


CAPITAL $500,000. 



Open Daily for the Insurance of all descriptions of Property within the limits of the City. 

JOHN R. MOORE, President. 







JOHN DUKEHART, Secretary. 

nsTo- 6 sotjth: sti^eet. 

Incorporated in 1830.— Charter Perpetual. 
JOHN I. DONALDSON, President.— A. B. COULTER, See'ry. 

This Company proposes to insure Lives for one or more years, or for life. With their rates 
the assured enjoys the benefit of immediate in lieu of a prospective and uncertain bonus. 
He risks neither his policy nor the premium he has paid. 

These premiums may be made payable annually, semi-annually or quarterly, at option ot 
the assured. The Company grants and buys annuities. Sells endovirments for children. 

Makes all contracts in which Life or the interest of Money is involved. 




No. 179 W. BALTIMORE STREET, up stairs. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers and Manufacturers in 




And will sell at a small advance above cost. Purchasers can find at our house 
every article needed in the trade, with the advantage of Baltimore made Goods 
from first hands. 



No. 179 V^r. Baltimore St. 


The public know we keep the largest as- 
sortment of fine proods in the city. Our efforts 
have been sustained in the past, and we shall 
endeavor to continue to merit the confidence 
ot our patrons tor the future, by keeping up our 
extensive variety of 

Ladies', Misses', Boys' and Children's 


And it^isgour purpose to sell as low as the 
market will admit. 








Nos. 80 and 82 Light Street Wharf, 

J|^° Particular Attention Paid to Orders lor Shipping. Consitfianentsi rc.yjirl fully solicited. 



Collars^ Trunks^ &c. 



CIr'Constanily on hand a tine .stock of Horse Covers, Robes, Carpet Bajrs, Saddlery Hard- 
ware, and everything appertaining to the Saddlery Bu.siness — especially adapted to the City 
and Country Trade. 

.\NI) .M.\NrF.\CTrUKUS OK 



No. 1^2 S. (JHARI.ES STHEET, cornei- oi Cfeiman, 


mikp MM '^MmmB 

Nos. 14 Constitution Street & 5 Liberty Alley, 

SALT WATER and FANCY SOAPS, which he will sell on the mo.^^t liberal terms. 



^1^ ^mms$^ 


Gor. IVIosher and Division Streets^ 

This new, exteusive and couimodious Hospital, (under the managenicut of an 
Association of Ladies.) is open for the reception of Medical and Sur<>ical cases. 

The edifice was designed expressly for the use to which it is applied ; and 
being located upon a very elevated site, secures the healthful influence of a pure 
air, and commands a noble view of the entire city and environs. 

The Infirmary is provided with experienced nurses; and /lof and add water 
hatM, <^<: for the use of patients, are furnished on each floor of the building. 

In the Wards the charges vary according to the means of the Patients. ]'eri<ons de- 
siring or needing seclusion, can obtain separate rooms with very superior accommodations, 
at reasonable rates. 

No Contagious or Infectious Diseases Admitted. 


Mr. C. PAWCETT, Superintendent. 

rUTThe Eutaw-st. and the Greene-st. hranches of the City Passenger Railway, pass 
on either side, at a square's distance from the Infirmary. 



«r- COM MERC/4/ rv 




Founded 1852. ' iPJ'-Ift^^ 

Chartered 1854. 

"'^''"9 fhe Practical Business tAe^^° 

This is the Largest, most Thorougli, Practical and Complete Business College for 
young men now in this country. 

Tiiorough instruction in Bookkeeping. Penmanship. Mercantile Calculations, Commercial 
Papf r and all the branches of a PRACTICAL BUSINESS EDUCATION. 

A new Circular, containing a large tine Engraving of the interior view of the College, 
Terms of Tuition, &c. can now be had at the Institution, or Sent by Mail. 

E. K. LOSIER, Principal, 

Corner of Baltimore & Charles Streets, BALTIMORE, Md. 















The public are particularly referred to the numerous Business Men and Practical Book- 
keepers who have availed themselves of the benefits of this Institution, and respectfully 
presents a few city References in Circulars, stating terms, &c., <fec., to be had at the College, 
or sent by mail. Address 

P. H. GALLAGHER, Principal, 

No9. 207 & 209 Baltimore Street, between Charles and Light, Baltimore. 










No. 30 Hanover Street, near Lombard, 






The Subscriber having been ensaged in this l)usiiu'ss tor tlio last twelve years, In con- 
nection with liis Iron Foundry, will guarantee a b.iicr Hoislmg Machine for less money 
than can be produced in this city. Every .MtTcliaiit ami owner of a warehouse will save the 
expense in a short time, to say nothing of the safety ot his goods in being hoisted some 
sixty or eighty feet above his head. I would refer to some of the principal merchants in 
Baltimore and ;else where, for whom I have put up these Hoisting Machines. The wheels 
are in use, and can be seen daily at work. 

I^:E3:PEI^s to 

Wm. T. Walters & Co., Exchange Place, 
H. Rieman & Sons, " " 

E. H. Stabler & Co., Calvert street, 
Baker & Brother, Charles " 

James George, Frederick " 

Brooks, Fahnestock & Co., Baltimnrest. 
C. M. Keyser, Howard street, 
Kirkland & Chase, Smith's wharf, 
Z. Barnum, Barnum's Hotel, 
E. Larrabee, iron front, Calvert street, 

Noah Walker & Co., 165 W. Baltimore-st. 
Messrs. Marston & Brother, Baltimore-st. 
Charles D. Dc Ford, Gay-st.. New Store, 
.John S. Barry, Hanover street, 
Dall, Gibbons & Co., Hanover street, 
Hamilton Easter, Baltimore street, 
Popjilein, Huppman & Co., 182 and 184 

Baltimore street. 
Thorasen, Woods & Block, Hanorer-st. 
Wm. McCann, carriage depot, S. Gay-st. 

Jllso, Refers to some of the privripnl Archilcctis and Builders in Baltimore: 






M. CORNELL, and many others. 

A call is only wanted, to satisfy any person in want of a good Machine to hoist goods, 
that' my Machines are the liest to be had, and at iirices that no person %vill purchase an 
inferior one, as I will warrant them as represented, or the money refunded. 

All kinds of rei)airing done. Also, Ca.sting of every description, as I am casting daily. 
Also, a Steam Uiunmy, to lie seen at S. S. STEVENS & SONS, Furniture Manufacturers, 
corner Front and Low streets. 

JAMES BATES, Iron Founder, 

1, 3 & 5 President-st., near Pratt, Bait. 








Where may be found a general assortment of 



N. B. — A. large assortment of Goods in the piece, which will be made to order in the 
latest and best manner. Also, 









eiiLTiMOR[ AiiD slsooEHiiiiNii sM mmi 


Port Deposit^ Havre de GS-race^ 


Tide Water Canal. 

steamer LANCASTER, Capt. J. W. Tomlinson. 
Steamer JUNIATA, Capt. T. H Phillips. 
Steamer PORTSMOUTH, Capt. Jos. D. Daws. 

One of the above Boats will leave the lower end of WEST FALLS AVENUE, (City 
Block,) every day (except Sunday,) at 6 o'clock. P. M. for the above places. 

Returning, will leave PORT DEPOSIT at 3 o'clock, P. M., and HAVRE DE GRACE 
at 5 o'clock, P. M., for Baltimore. 

PASSAGE, Berths included, 50 Cts. 

FREIGHT received daily up to 5 o'clock, P. M., carried at Low Rates, and carefully 
attended to. 

Duplicate receipts will be required in all cases. 

All Boats towed only at the risk of their Captains and owners. 

The Agent at Havre de Grace will attend to forwarding all goods consigned to him for any 
point on the Pennsylvania Canals, or will re-ship Freight intended for Baltimore, Phila- 
delphia or elsewhere. 

On and after the 1st of October of each year, the hour of starting from Baltimore will 
be 6 o'clock, P. M., instead of 6 o'clock. 

JOS. JAS. TAYLOR, Agent, Baltimore, 
R. H. TAYLOR, Agent, Havre de Grace, 
J. TOME, Agent, Port Deposit. 

The Company have also in complete order the following Tugs, with power to tow ships of 
the largest class. 

ARCTIC, Captain Hy. W. Meyers, 

ATLANTIC, Captain Geo. R. Daws, 

PACIFIC, Captain Chas. H. Brown, 

C. M. WHITTAKER, Captain Wm. K. Watts, 

ATLAS, Captain Fred. Tomlinson, 

GEO. M. HILL, Captain Edwd. Fountain. 

Commanded by active and experienced Masters, thoroughly acquainted with the naviga- 
tion of the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries. 

Rates of Towage reasonable. The shortest notice only required at any time to secure 
one of the above Tugs. 

The Arctic has been fitted out especially for assisting vessels in distress, she having all 
modern improvements, with one of Wortliington's Patent Steam Suction Pumps of large 
class, by which she is able to relieve vessels in a sinking condition. 







^ Ti^ABE^ 




f 141!# 

IVos. 1, 3^ 5 and 7 IV. EIUTAW-ST. 



Awarded in four successive years at the Maryland Institute over a large competition of the best makers of 
New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Also the Highest Awards at Philadelphia, Washington, 
Richmond, Montgomery, Alabama, &c., &c. 

WM. KNABE & CO. respectfully invite the attention of the public, and especially those in want of a 


To their well assorted stock of Instruments, which for power and sweetness of tone, easy and agreeable touch, 
and beauty of finish have been pronounced unrivalled. 

Certificates of their Excellence have been given by THALBERG, STRAKOSCH, G. SATTER, H. 
VIEUX TEMPS, and other Musical celebrities. 

Every Instrument Guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of Exchange given at any time within six 
months if not entirely satisfactory. 

A liberal Discount to Clergymen, Teachers snd Schools. 

"Wholesale Dealers will find it to their advantage to call. Terms liberal. 


tiiERiL mufli m ttumm mil 





The attention of the City and Country trade is particularly solicited, and orders care- 
fully executed. 

Goods delivered free to all paits of the City, and to Railroad and Steamboat Stations. 







205 and 207 LEXINGTON-ST., 












Keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of Wine and Cider Vinegars, Catsup, 
Spiced Pickles, Sauerkraut, &c. 

J R. U P P XS R T* '' S 






198 Eastern Av., Baltimore. 







R. R. Track, Depot, "W ^ ' j £ Sutlers', Butchers', 

Hay, Coal, J'|| e Family, 

Dormant, Warehouse, / ||i Druggists', Jewelers', 

Platform, / l^^^^^^^fe^^^; and Bank 

Counter, Union, a^^^"!^^^^^^ SCALES. 


Have been in constant use in all bj-anches of business for thirty years, in all parts of the 
world, and having been most thorouglily tried, are the acknowledged standard. 

JJ^^They are fully warranted not only strong and accurate, but durable : and the 
manufacturers, who are permanently established and fully responsible, will always be 
prompt to make this warranty good. 

g^They are made of all sizes and capacities, and adapted to all required uses, em- 
bracing more than a hundred different modifications. 















JOSBPH H. nicGBE & BRO., Pro's 



Also, Two Lots Capable of Accommodating 200 Mules. 


Horses and Carriages taken at livery, by the day, week or 
month, on moderate terms. 

^mm s^i^^mimm ps^m ir© ©K^^n^i, 





;s g€^^ 


Between Howard and Park streets, and 
No. 55 BALTIMORE-ST., South side, 3 doors East of Qay-st., 

Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's Dresses Cleaned ; also, Shawls, Covers, Curtains and Carpets. Spots of 
Oil, Ice Cream, Lemonade, &c., taken out without cleaning the whole. 

]Vo I>i.-ess ttilieii tipa,r*t. 







Shipping Wharves :— Millersburg, Pa.; Havre de Grace, Md.; locust Point, Bal- 

timore ; South Side Basin, Baltimore. 

"S"AK,I> :— Cox*. IVortli and Sfadisoii-sts. 





Bowly'8 Wharf, 



168 Baltimore Street^ 







Tlie .Siih:>criber Iceep.s roiiistaiitly oii hand all kiiiils of 


s[;cii AS 



1 ancij ^aap in euerg varieii] oj %iv^U anti Feifume, 

And as Cheap as can be had in New York or any other City; also, 


g^=PLBASE Give Me a Call Beeori!; Purchasing Elsewhere. -"^g 


Nos. 27 & 29 Buren Street. 




Dealers in Foreign & Domestic Excliaiige. 



Government Loans and Securities, Quartermasters' Vouchers, &c. dealt in. 

Collections made and a general Banking- Business transacted. 






The Cars and Machinery destroyed are being replaced by 

itTE-w^ i^Tj:^n^iisra- stock:. 

With all recent improvements; and as the 

Bridges and Track are again in Substantial Condition, 

The well-earned reputation of this Road for 


Will be more than sustained under the re-organization of its business. 

In addition to the Unequalled Attractions of Natural Scenery heretofore con- 
ceded to this route, the recent Troubles ujjon the Border have associated numerous 
points on the Road, between the Ohio River and Harper's Ferry, with painful 
but instructive interest. 


At the Ohio River, with Cleveland and Pittsburg, Central Ohio, and Marietta 
and Cincinnati Railroads; and through them with the whole Railway System 
of the Northwest, Central West and Southwest. 

At Baltimore with Five Daily Trains for l^hiladelphia and New York. 


fmiicge of Tisiiing WASHMSTiM CITY m rank 

This is the ONLY ROUTE by which Passengers can procure TJirough Tick- 
ets and Through Checks to or from WASHINGTON CITY. 

W. p. SMITH, Master of Transportation, Bait. 


WILLIAM WILKENS. «• "' «'^^^'= 


^knm (^\uM lair Pamifa£t0ti}|, 

Corner of Pratt and Charles Streets, 



Yarnish, Springs, Twine, Hair-Cloth, 


" Constantly on hand the best qualities of Pure Curled Hohse and Cattle 
Hair; Mixed and Hog Hair. 

\11 orders received through the Post-Office or Agent will be promptly attend- 
ed 'to. The Highest Prices paid for Cattle and Horse T ails, and Hog Hair. 




Waiters, Black Tin, Plain an& Sapanneci Tin Ware, 
Wooden Ware, Brushes, Mats, Baskets, &c. 










Pensions, Bounty, Bounty Land, Back Pay, 

CLOTHiisra, &c. 





Orders from Abroad Promptly Attended to. 


No. lOi S. Calvert Street, 


Mariiifaotiirei' and Dealer- in 



tfmirfilliJTjel 4 pitil pit & fyf BximmmU, 


Ot Elegant Design tor Pre^^entiitiori. Iiirnislied at Sliuit Notice. 







WIRE, &c. 

No. 83 S. Charles Street, 



TIN PLATE of every description. 

TERNE PLATE for Roofing. 

Englifh SHEET IRON, Nos. 10 to 27. 

American do. do. Nos. 14 to 27. 

Galvanized do. do. Nos. 18 to 28. 

RUSSIA do. do. Nos. 9 to 16. 

IRON WIRE, Nos. o to 35. 




Pig and Bar LEAD. 

BANCA TIN, in Pigs and Bars. 


HOOP IRON, H inch to zH inches. 

Tinner's TOOLS and MACHINES. 

BRASS KETTLES, Copper Bottoms. 




Together with a 








Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Wire, 

Hii MM I llfilE «IIiffl¥, 



HIIIDEIS, Oil-. -A-HSri:) LE-A-THEK/. 


Hide, Oil and Leatlier Dealer, 



H;is always in Store the Largest and Cheapest assortment of 




OIL T^N L^OE a lid 

IlE.\^DY-M^r)E BELTS! 

Too ether with a full and large assurtineut of 
At New York Prices. A full assoitmeut of Prime 


As low as any house in town. Always in store Prime 



Highest Cash Prices paid for Green and Dry Hides, Kough Skirting, Kips, 

Upper and Calf Skins, and 

Cash Advances Made on Consignments 

To my house, of Leather or Hides, and 







Hall's best Powder & Pick-Proof Locks. 

Constantly on hand a large stock of these 

superior Safes, (the heroes of over 200 fires,) 

sale at factory prices by the Sole Agents, 


No. 41 S. Charles Street. 


Constantly on hand a large variety, 

Counter, Platform, 
Warehouse, Dormant, 
Rolling Mill, Coal, Hay, 
Cattle & Rail Road Scales. 





Apothecaries', Druggists', 
Grocers', Butchers', 
Jewelers' & Bankers' Scales. 

The above are the Best Articles of their 
kind to be had. Our stock embraces all 
descriptions of Weighing Apparatus, and 
we invite the attention of every one want- 
ing a f/ood article at manufacturers' prices. 



Every Scale "Warranted. 



'A.iid the Star Spangled. Banner, O long may it -wrave. 
O'er tlie land of tlie free, and tlie liome of the brave." 


4 lag §ejjat, 

ISTo. 67 


Near Bowly's Wharf, 

Constantly on hand or made to order at short notice, a large and varied assortment of 

Muslin, Merino, Silk & Bunting Flags, 







J. ^V\^. LO^ISTE. 








No. 27 South Gay Street, 







B> rMi fp" (^ (^ (ii 

mi iiafaiii 



N. B. — Highest Market Price always paid for Hides. 


^ DCS 























Cor. Pratt-st. and Spear's Wharf, 

Jli^Constantly on hand, a large assortment of Imported and Domestic Segars 





B^"N. B. — The Artificial Leg manufactured by me works on an India Rubber Spring, 
and the patent applied for. This Artificial Leg is highly recommended by N. R, Smith, 
M. D., Professor of Surgery. 



At the FAIRS of the 

U. S. Agricultural Society. 

American Institute,New York. 

Mechanics' Assoc'n, Boston. 

Franklin Institute, Phila. 

Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti- 
tute, Washington, 

Mechanics' Institute, Balto. 

Mechanics' Association, Cincin- 

Kentucky Institute, Louisville 

Mechanical Ass'n, St. Louis. 

Mechanics' Institute, SanFran- 

,^&^ m 








New York, 


New Jersey, 










Andat Hundreds of County 



With Glass Cloth Presser, improved Loop-Check, New Henimer, Binder, Corder, Braider, &c. 

214 BALiTIMORE: strebt. 

This Machine makes the "LOCK STITCH," and ranks highest on account of the elas- 
ticity, permanence, beauty and general desirableness of the stitching when done, and the 
wide range of its application. — Report of the American Institute, New York. 

The qualities which commend the Wheeler & Wilson Machine are : 1. Beauty and 
excellence of stitch alike upon both sides of the fabric sewed. 2. Strength, firmness and 
durability of seam, that will not rip nor ravel, and made with — 3. Economy of thread. 
4. Its attachments and wide range of application to purposes and materials. 5. Com- 
pactness and elegance of model and finish. 6. Simplicity and thoroughness of construc- 
tion, 7. Speed, ease of operation and management, and quietness of movement. 

From the Swann Fremium Committee, Mechanics' Institute, Baltimore. 

The Committee award to the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine, falling, as the Com- 
mittee think it does, within the description of "the most practical invention adapted to 
common use, to be estimated with referenoe to the cheapness and general utility." The 
Committee had a wide range allowed to them by the laws of the offer of this premium, 
and have deliberated carefully before coming to their conclusion. There are three ma- 
chines in the exhibition ; and in determining between them, the Committee, guided by 
the language of the offer, have chosen that which in their opinion is the most likely to 
come into common use, not only in large establishments, but for the purposes of daily 
domestic life. 

JOHN H. B. LATROBE, Chairman, 





Mbs. R. G. WARE, 


}■ Committee. 

Office, 214 Baltimore Street, next to Cortlan & Co. 










« aI\ 


m '■^.'ii||ii.;i HI '.'i.;:ii| Ll'^ ip I "■I'W .;j' \m\ .'.■'.i||i:„'> \m\ -.;;i| "!v 





d|ftmkds, §mi%, ^ih,€kt, ^l 



FLASIiS, r>E3XUOH:]VS, «Scc. 

Nos. 32 and 34 S. CHARLES STREET, 

1 4i^iriii©ai. 




IVo 6 S. Ho^vard Street, 


Woolen and Cotton Machinery, Steam Engines, Machinists' Tools 




Engine Lathes, Hand Lathes, Planer Centers, 

Iron Planers, Bolt Cutters, Lathe Chucks. 

Gear Cutting Engines, Drill Presses, 

i@*Orclers and Inquiries by mail promptly attended to. 





N. E. Cor. Light and Pratt-sts. 

J|@"Strict attention given to Orders. 



J. Wheelwright. 

A. B. Mudge. 

B. C. Dorsey. 




00lt and ^m% f apr, 



coift. OF oeii.m:a]v, 



Edward M. Kkith. John R. Kelso, Jr. 

M. KEITH, Jr. & SON, 

Foi- the Sale lyf 




every description, BLACK 
and MATTOCKS, &c. 






®¥1 W€)#il 



Used by Woolen, Cotton, Soap and Paper Manufacturers, Tanners, 
Leather and Morocco Dressers, Machinists and Dyers, 







general assortment of House-Furnishing Goods. 


Sift, SW ^ Paifinc Jnsttrani^e 


^ — »*■ — ■ 


CYRUS CDRTISS, President. CLEAYTON NEWBOLD, Vice-President. 


ELLWOOD WALTER, President. CHARLES NEWCOMB, Vice-President. 


WM. A. COBB, Pees JAMES M. RANKIN, Seo't. 






Importer, Manufacturer and Dealer in 

mi WMmii 




fE^^" Evi'vy attention will be paid to neatness and 
durability in the Manufacture and repair of Jewelry. 

The National 





Of all sizes, constantly on hand. 

Fancy Flags & Flags of All Nations made to order. 

Particular attention paid to PRESENTATION FLAGS. 





Put up by A. FIELD, Baltimore, 

Ajt liis Old Establisliedl Stand, 


B^^These Oysters retain all their original flavor and toughness. Warranted to keep 
12 months in any climate. 





At the Old Stand of THOS. HUMES, 

Cor. High and Hillen-sts. 

Constantly on hand, a large stock of Brandies 
Wines, Whiskeys, Gin, &c. 










Cor. Sharp and Stockholm Streets, 


Our facilities for Refining Coal Oil, both Avholesale and retail, are such, that we are 
enabled, at present, to manufacture 250 barrels per week, with the prospect shortly of 

JSi^^Orders received from home and abroad from Crude Oil dealers. Special attention 
is invited to the advantages we possess in Refining. 



Smoking, Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco, 


caf iCwkimo, §!iDana and ^r^m^n (l|igars, 

Ho. 1811 mr. PRATT STREET, 







Between St. Paul and Charles-sts. 




T' F & M P M f HI T f M f^ 





He has facilities in Machine Presses — innumerable fonts of Book and Job Type, with 
every appliance tf) 


His work, and is able to compete with any other establishment. 
B^^Orders from home and abroad solicited and promptly executed. 

ITIToodss^ Baltimore City Directory^ 



EstabliPlied 1837. 

Book, Paper and Stationery Store, 

Marble Building, 182 Baltimore street, Baltimore. 

Medals awarded bj the Mari/land Institute, iov Printing, Book-hinding and Bank Chcckif. 
By the Metropolitan Institute, 'vV^isIiington, a Diploma for superior Blank Books. 


Books, Paper, Blank Books, Stationery, &€. 

Constantly on hand, a large and vjcll selected stock of 

Booiis iisr a-E3SrER,A.X. il.itbk,a.txji^e. 

School, Classical, Miscellaneous and Juvenile Books, <{■(•. 
Foreign Books: a large and varied stock, to which constant ad- 
ditions are made by direct importation. Foreign Books imported to ordor. - -^i^-^aa'^jisF ^ ^ -^^s m 

Blauh ISooIiS, Paper, Stationery, Sfc. 

Comprising a larga assortment of Enrjlish, French, American Letter, Cap ixni Note. I'lt/iem, Envelopt 
Inks, Gold and Steel rens, Copying rre.-<sc.i. Copying Uoohf, .',c. tt<-., of tho Lost qnalitie 

BLANK BOOKS, of every Description, made to Order, in superior styles. 


Made to order to any style, or pattern of Kulinp, in a superi-or manner, at 
unsurpassed facilities, in having this class of work Printed, Ruled, Pn 
"Enable us to execute all orders in tlils line in a very superior style, at 

HEADING*;, &f. 

tho shortest notice. Long experience, and 
ijed and Bound, on T II i; l> 11 E M 1 s E s^ 
remurkalily lov> rates. 

In every variety ; P R o M 
Blank Deeds, Comm 

TniNT TO Order 
at short notice : 


soitY NoTKS, Drafts, Bills or Exchange, Bills op Lading, 
toiAL and I, AW Blanks, A,c. kept constantly on hand, or Printtd to order. 
J6®- Tliey tith-c pleasure in announcing thai they haca completed their | Kuep constantly 
arrangemen ts, by which they are now enabled to k<:ep constantly on hand Ion liand and maki 
a large and choice assortment of ecerything required in connection | to order: 

vrith the Book and Station erv Business. They d'xm it un- 
necessary to enlarge on the aih'antagef, convenience, and saving of lime and 
expense, which this combination and concentration of slock afford-^ to Hook- 
sellers, Colleges, Schools, Libraries, tie. dc, in being able to pur- __£ay_Booka^ 
chase everything at one pUice, at the very Lowest Jiatcs, MTiolcsale aiulJlclail. Cash Books 

Promissory JVotes 

Cashiers' Blanks 
ifills of Lading 

Lata Blanlcs 

Catalogues, dc. 

1300IvBINDIxXCi niitl ilULlNO, 

0/ every description, ccecuted in the eery bust manner, at the loice,H rales. 

XJaving united with their Bookstore, in tliesamo building, an extensive Piti,\T- 
ING Office and Bookbinderv, well supplied with the most approved materials 
and experienced workmen, enable them to otfcr superior advantages and induce- 
ments for thii prompt, careful and correct execution of every description of Book 
and Job Printing, Book-Binding and Puling, wqW worthy tho attention of all 
who may require anything in tliis line. fl£g-Particular attention paid to FINE 
WORK for Blinking and other Institutions, Insurance, Railroad, Stcamlioal, 
Transnortation. and other Joint Stock rnmiinniM I'uh'ie njUrf.i^ ,<r. 


J on I 

Sales Books 


Receipt Books 
Pass Books 

For nearly mentyjeirs R nl h 7 1 
Our experience ccmlinci with extensne 

of the latest and most approved styles ; Borders, Engravings, 
Rail Road and Commercial Work; also, large fonts of Pigur 

a, J 

t ted in importTnt I ■> 'or' u'lnoss 

o^i :5I A c n I .\ n R T, i.rgc fc.ts of Tvi E, 
rnaments, &c. especially adapted for 
of all sizes, suitable for F r e i n n t and 

Passenger Tariffs, Ta bolar Work, kn.kc, and keeping constantly on hand a large stock of Card Borads 
and Papers, of all classes, enable us to olfcr unsurpassed facilities for the Prompt, Cheap and Correct execution of 
every description of Rail Road and Commercial Prinling, ,IV. ffg- The most careful and prompt attention given to 
orders. Estimates and specimens furnished on application. JOHN MUKPHY & CO. 


Puiblisliecl l>y IWLlJIll^IiY «&: CO., lialtimore. 

Published by Authority. 
THE MARYtASD COPE, containing all the Public General and 

IcBLTC Local Laws, now ia/orr« m UieStatevf Mdrytuml, 
compiled by Otho Scoit and IIiRAM McUdllough. Ccin- 
missioners; adopted by the Legislature of Maryland, Jan- 
uary Session, l8f5U: the Acts of that Session being therewith 
incorporated: with an INDEX to each Article and Seitvm. 
By Hexrv C. Mackall, ot the Maryland Bar. Snond 
Eititinn. Two vols., each90U pages, Svo.. law sheep, only ST. 
Interleaved, $10. 

SlTi'LEMENT to the HARYLAXD COPE, containing the Acts of 

I ttie General Assembly passed at the Extra Sessions of llSGl, 
and the Regular Session of 1862, divided into PnBLic Gene- 
RAc andPoBiJC LocalLaws, and arranged in Articles and 
Sections to correspond with the Code. Also, an APPEN UIX, 
containing the Private Acts and the Resolutions of the Extra 
Sessions of 1861, and the Regular Session of 18G2, in Alpha- 
betical and Numerical Order. By U. C. Mackall. of tin 
31aryiand Bar. To which is added, the CONSTITUTION 
UNITED STATES. The whole carefully and accurately 
indexed In I vol. Svo. , uniform with the Code, price $3. 
The Code and Supplement, complete in 3 vols. Slt>. 

The Constitution of the State of Marjiand, reported and adopted 

by the Convention of Delegates Assembled at the City of 
1 Annapolis. November 4th, 1850, and submitted to and rati- 
fied by the People on the lirst Wednesday of June, 1851, with 
Marginal Notes and References to Acts of the General As- 
' sembly and Decisions of the Court of Appeals, and an 
I APPENDIX and INDEX. By E. Otis Hinklev, of the 
I lidltwwre Har. I vol.Svo. flex, cl., 75 cts; sti8 paper, .W cts. 

i The Revenue Laws of Maryland, ,8vo. sheep, $2, 
Bcznian s History of Maryland, from its Settlement in 16;{3, to 

I the Restoration in 1060. (Published by order of the State 
I ■ Legislature,) 1,042 pages, royal 8vo., reduced to S3 

I McSlierry s History of Maryland, frcm its Settlement, in 1C34, 

I to 1848. 12mo. cloth, SI ; cloth, gilt, $1 50. 

I D. S. Kaval Laws,., 1777--1859,., laws of the United States, 

, relating to the Navy and Marine Corps, from the formation 
' ot the Government"to 1859; to which are prefixed the Con- 
stitution of the U. S. (with an Index thereto) and a Synop.sis 
I ot tne Legislation of Congress respecting Naval affairs dur- 
' ing the Revolutionary War, &e. By J. F. Calla.n, Cle'k to 
i Military Com., U. S. Senate. Svo. law sheep, St. 
I 4®-Prepari.\g for Early Publication— An APPENDIX, 
I Containing the Naval Legislation of the U. S. to the End of 
the Seeciiid Session of the .37th Congress, 1863. Svo. paper 
$1. The w hole complete in 1 vol., S5 

The Constitulion of the United States, with an Index to each Article 

and Section. By a Citizen of Washington. 8vo. paper, 25c. 

The Ctniititution of the United States: with Marginal Notes and 

Rtten-nces to the Decsuns (,l the Supieme Court, to 24th 
Howard, inclusive, and an Inde.x to each Article and Sec- 
tion. By EnwARD Otis Hinklev, u/ the ISaliimore Bar. 

Flexible cloth, .M) cts , pater SS cts. 

Lynch s Oiricial Re;iort of the U. 8 Espedition to Explore the Dead 

Sea an.l Kiver Jonlan, 4to., cloth, S3 50. 

The History of the Balto. and Ohio Rail Road. Svo. cloth, $1 50. 
Fredet s Universal Histories — Ancient History, from the Dispersion 

of the Sons oi Noe. to the Battle ot Actium, and the change 
of the Roman Republic into an Empire. 12ino. cloth, $1 50; 
library style, SI 75. 

Modern History, from the coming of Christ, to the year of our 

Lord 1851. 12mo., cloth, SI 50; library style, $1 75. 

Liugard's England, abridged with a continuation from 1688 to 1854. 

With Continuation by Ja.mes Burke, A.B. 12mo. cloth $1 50. 
library style, SI 75. 

The Genias of Christianity; or the Spirit and Beauty of the Christian 

Religion. By ViscouKT DE Chateaubriand. 8vo., Turkey 
super extra, S6. 
Another EdiHun, 12mo cloth S2; cloth, extra gilt, $3. 

Balmes on European Civilization; Protestanism and Catholicity 

compared in their Effects on Civilization in Europe. 8vo., 
cloth, S2 50; library style, 83. 

The American Illustrated Military Text Book. Manual of .irms. 

Facings, Steps, Positions, &c., employed in Heavy and Light 
Inf.Tntry and Rifles, according to Scott and Hardee Tactics, 
and the Army Regulations, 1S57, every motion being fully 
Illustrated; adapted to Self-Instruction, and for Volunteer 
Uniform Corps. Also, embracing the principles of Alicn- 
ments. Front and Rear, Column, About, Flank, Counter, 
Obliijue Movements, Wheelings, Turns, Jtc, for Squad Ex- 
ercise. By Capt. Lem. D. Williams, Washington Light 
Infantry. .. Just published, ISmo. cloth 75c. 

This is a Bonk suited to the times; practical in its applica- 
tion, and Superior to aV others. 

Etiquette at Washington, with the Customs adopted by Polite Society 

in the other Cities oif the United States; to which is added a 
Complete Guide through the Metropolis; with an accurate 
descviptijn of the Public Buildings. Embellished with Fine 
Illustrations. ISmo., fancy paper, 25 cts: cl. gilt edges, 50e. 

The United Irishmen, their Lives and Times ; with several additional 

Memoirs and .authentic documents heretofore unpublished; 
the whole matter newly arranged and revised. By R. R. 
Madben, F. R. C. S. M. R. 1. A. 4 vols. Svo. Illustrated 
with portraits. Neatly bound in cloth, $14. 




Tlie Celel>i-a,tecl DSelgian IVovelist. 

In 6vols. 12fflo backs, $1; gt.edg.& sides, $1.50 pervol. 

Priiled/rom n Nfit. Di^lmrt. and Bold Type, on Fine Papier— 

BappiLy Bl'rtdiiii; Entertainment xcMh Instruction, and 

Unmarred hy v'ontr^ir.ersy, these Volumes icill be found 

Jtfost Pleasant Cum, anions on the Railuay, 

Sleamboa', or at the Fireside. 

' Writing is a language familiar to comparatively few. 

tlENDRiK Co.vsciENCE, o«es to his own merits alone the 

Luropean reputation which he now enjoys. There is a 

I rnthf Illness in Ins pietures which is perfectly delightful, while 

the wiv.le moral of his works is such as to make them a yalu- 

ade addition co the library."— io/ii/on Notes and Querrii-s. 

1, -The Curse of the Village; the Happiness of being 
Rich; and Blind Uosa. Three Tales in 1 Volume. 

2. -The Lion of Flanders; or, the Battle of the 
lioldcn Spurs. In One V^oluine. 

3. -Talrs ot Old Flanders— Count Hugo of Craen- 
hove; Wooden Clara; the Village Inn-Keeper. 
■J'lirce '1 a;('s in i 'ne Volume. 

4. -Vcva; or, the War of the Peasants; and the 

Conserlpt. 'J' wo T:ilr's m Owe Volume. 
5.-Tht Miser; lllckctlcUelack; and the Poor Gen- 
tleman, Three Tales in One Volume. 
6.- The Demon ot Gold. In One Volume. 


Heiril Coiiscleiice's Short Tales. 

In 8 Vohimes, Demi 8™., Stiff Fancy Paper Covers, 38 cts.; \ 
cloth, 50 cts.; cloth, gilt edges, 75 cts. , 

The Publishers have the pleasure of announcing a New, 
Cheap and Uniform Edition of the Short Tales of M. 
IlENDRiK Conscie.sce, the distinguished Flemish Novelist. 
Po.NTMARTiN, the scute French Critic and Reviewer, has 
likened the Stories of Conscience, to "pearls set in Flemish 
gold," and in point of delicacy of treatment and high moral 
value, they richly justify the comparison. 

There is a pure morality throughout the works of this 
author, which makes them peculiarly fitted for the perusal of 
the young 

Tlie Poor Gentleman. 

The Conscript and Blind Rosa. 2 Tales in i. vol. 

Happiness of Being Rich. 

The Miser 

Ricketw.ketack and Wooden Clara. 

Count Hugo of Craenhove. 

The Curse of the Village. 

The Village Inn-Kccper. 

Lady Fullerton s Tales. 

Uniform E.lition, in ,•! vols. 12<). cl. SI; cl. gt. edg. Sl-50 pervol. 

Lady Bird. Ellen Mlddlcton. (irantley Manor. 

The signal snccess of her works, not only in England, hut 
t, are the 






bj^x_.ti:m:o:e^e], | 

Desires to call tlie iitt<'iiti(iii of the public to the present position of | 

the Company. | 


offers. i 


It has ASSETS anionnting now to over | 

$5,000,000! 1 


It has PAID LOSSES amounting- to over | 

$3,000,000! i 

It has PAID PROFITS amounting to over | 

$2,000,000! j 


This Company deserves the CONFIDENCE and PATRONAGE of | 

the people for the following reasons : 1 

Its undoubted secxjrity. | 

Its EC0IV03I: Y of management. | 

Its t»ro>it»ttve:«.s in meeting all claims against it. | 




• llllllll t>llllfl|Ultllllllllllllliri>IIIIIMIIIMIIIIIII< 


The ADVANTAGES it offers to insurers : | 

A person may pay premiums annually, semi-annually, or quar- = 

terly, in Cash, or may give A NOTE FOR HALF OF EACH ANNUAL | 

PREMIUM on life policies, if the premium is $50 or over. I 


paid on life p(jlicies, | 

The insured GET ALL THE PROFITS. | 

The DIVIDENDS OF 1862 AND 1863 WERE 50 PER CENT., showing ] 

there is a reasonable expectation that the Company will be able to i 

continue that rate ; thus practically reducing the premium to ONE- | 

HALF the regular rate. | 


Please call at this office, No. 89 Second Street, and get a Pros- | 

pectus, without charge, explanatory of the plan of business. i 

The Agent will be most happy to explain the operations of the I 

business, to all who will call upon him. | 




Eates of Insurance, for $1,000, for LIFE, i With Profits. Age nearest Birthday, 

) I 

Annual payment 

Annual payment ; 

Annual payment 


for an Ins. of 


for an In.s. of 


for an Ins. of 

$1000 for Life. 

$1000 for Life. 

$1000 for Life. 


$15 30 1 


$25 00 I 


$44 90 


15 60 


25 70 


46 00 


16 20 j 


26 40 


47 50 


16 50 ; 


27 50 


49 00 


16 90 


28 10 ! 


52 40 


17 30 


29 00 i 


54 90 


17 70 


30 .50 


57 80 


18 20 


31 10 1 


60 50 . 


18 80 


32 00 


62 70 


19 .30 


33 10 


65 00 


19 80 


34 00 i 


67 50 


20 40 


35 10 


70 00 


21 10 


36 30 


72 50 


21 70 


37 30 


75 50 


22 40 


38 70 


78 50 


23 10 


40 10 


81 50 


23 60 


41 70 


85 50 


24 30 





lUiiiniuiiiiiiiiiiiiniiMiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiUMiiiiiuiiniiinitgiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimi uiiiiiiiii^ 

3IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIII ■•••■•■■■iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiinMimiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiinimiiiiiiiiiiiii^ 


i«iiiiiiiititiniiiiiim«iiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii»"n iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiMit 


J. B. ROSE & CO. 



Near Btiltiixiore, 

Having replenislied our office with a full supply of j 

from the best foundries in the country, also with an j 

assortment of Borders, Rules, &c., together with the j 

latest " fast" Presses and other necessary machinery, j 

we are now prepared to execute every description of j 



jm^ Orders by mail promptly attended to. | 





Zrf^^ 104S.CHARL.ES ST 

Tako fi'om rialiiro niul ozxcM'iilo 


uud cv'c'ii| oJl)c\ iiiiui oi 


Cojitps mid Eas'jjitoJs of tin ZhSAnny aJourifiMishimftmi, 

Baltiinori, Fortress Monroe , ami otJin- pUurs , emd cilsoMms of 

CiU'as. Bnia'more, Washing ton tic.  

((. |lrt^0tttf Itf' #i>l;i,b'tialili»# ^^ 

N" i;i ^ I. 

Q- ■Bjii:sn^im^:^Mo ^) 

ElVPIlVO YEAR 18g4. 








202 Baltimore-St., between St. Paul and Charles. 




The substantial growth of Baltimore is indicated by the large increase of Names and 
business matter in its City Directory. The present volume will be found to be a- much en- 
larged and improved issue over the last. The last City Directory was published in October, 
1859, for the year ending 1860, contemplating its issue thereafter annually, but owing to 
the depression of business and civil discord in the community, and the little encouragement 
extended to the Canvass, the publication was indefinitely postponed. The want of the work 
has since been so immeasurably felt by citizens, strangers visiting the city, by the City Col- 
lector, and offices of the City Government, that the Gty Council generously voted an ap- 
propriation of $1,000 for 100 copies, and we are happy to state that, after especial efforts, 
our endeavor to secure an amount of patronage has been, at least, equivalent to the cost of 
canvassing, printing and binding, and that the present volume will go into the hands of a 
much greater number of Subscribers than any that has preceded it ; another evidence of the 
elasticity of our business men, and of the revival of trade and commerce. 

The Canvass of our city to obtain the information contained in this work has been the 
most vexatious and laborious ever prosecuted by us : only those engaged in publication of 
works of like character can fully estimate the increased labor of a publisher, in collecting 
and preparing for the press, in the midst of the excitement existing in the public mind dur- 
in<^ the weeks our Canvassers were on the streets, taking the Names for the Directory. Our 
Canvassers were pronounced by some to be "United States Assessors," seeking to fix on the 
people onerous taxes ; and, by others, they were declared to be "Enrolling Officers," who 
were using their best efforts to obtain the name of every citizen for military purposes ; and 
frotn these and other imaginary causes, delays and refusals in our Canvass were numerous, 
and of the most troublesome character. Notwithstanding these obstacles and difficulties, 
through the faitliful labors and indomitable perseverance of experienced Canvassers, and the 
ai4 rendered us by our friends, we have the confiding hope that its usefulness will be found 
indispensable, and will meet the approbation and encouragement of the citizens. 

The Business Directory. — Particular examination is called to this feature of 
our work, unusual care being employed in its compilation. Every branch of business is 
properly registered, and in this particular we have had much to contend with, for frequently 
it will be found that many persons do such a business, that we have had to place them under 
several headings, with the difficulty of discriminating the proper ones. 


Our business community has, within the past three months, been unusually annoyed by 
schemes for "Business Directories." Tlie impudence and pertinacity of these interlopers and 
adventurers, who feel no interest, apart from pecuniary advantage, in the production of such 
an important work, are onl}^ commensurate with their utter want of capacity and integrity, 
whilst their intrusive efforts are as valueless to the community as they are prejudicial to the 
interests of those legitimately engaged in the business. Our Canvassers were frequently met 
with the remark, "How many Directories are there going to be ?" "We have already given 
our names several times." We are compelled to reiterate our extreme surprise that our busi- 
ness men, with the past examples of such enterprises, should have again suffered themselves 
to be imposed upon by such worthless publications ; and we sincerely trust that future cau- 
tion will have been purchased by j^resent and past experience. 

The Street Directory. — The attention of the public is especially called to our 
Street Directory, a reference to which enables persons to immediately find the square in 
which any. number is located. Special mention is made of this from the fact that this mat- 
ter, though of the highest importance, has been overlooked by many ; a glance will convince 
the observer of the general utility of this Department of the book. 

The Advertising Departjient. — In the handsome display of these pages, many of 
the leading mercantile and manufacturing houses of the city will be found represented. 

It is important that all persons using the Directory should consult our list of "Alterations 
and Corrections," as the latest changes are therein noted, and the names of all citizens insert- 
ed that could not be obtained early enough to be inserted in their proper places in the body 
of the work. 

To the many who have encouraged our labors, we acknowledge our indebtedness, and 
trust that the disposition manifested to make the book worthy of their support, has not 
been in vain. 




Additions. Alterations and Correc- 

House of Refuge, 

. 680 



Infirmaries, • . . . 


Advertisements, Index to, 


List of Names of Residents, from ] 7 to 484 



Map of the City of Baltimore, cor- 

Appendix, . . from 565 to 584 

rected to date, in front of 


Athenaeum, .... 




Baltimore Association for the Improve- 

Maryland College of Pharmacy, 


ment of the Condition of the Poor, 


Maryland Gas Company, 


Baltimore Gymnasium, 


Maryland Hospital for the Insane, 




Maryland Institute, 

. 580 

Board of Trade, .... 




Boundaries of Wards, 


Members of the City Council, 


Business Directory, from 486 to 539 

Merchants Exchange Reading Rooms, 


Catonsville and Ellicotts Mills Railway, 


Names too late for insertion, &c.. 


Cemeteries, .... 


Notaries Public, .... 


Children's Aid Society, 


Odd Fellows, (1. 0.) . 


Churches, . ... 


Post Office, .... 


City Government, 




City Passenger Railway, 


Public Schools, (Location and Teach- 

City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, 


ers of,) . • . . . 


Colored Persons, 


Railroads, .... 


Commissioners of Public Schools, 


Red Men, (Improved Order,) 


Consuls and Vice-Consuls, 


Red Men, (Independent Order,) 


Corn and Flour Exchange, 


Resident Commissioners, 




Sons of Temperance, 


Custom House, .... 


Stages, . . . . • 


Dispensaries, .... 


Stamp Duties, .... 


Express Companies, 


Steamers and Steamboats, 


Fire Department, 


Street Directory, 


Gas Light Co. of Baltimore, 


Telegraphs, .... 


Germania Club, 


United American Mechanics, 


Government of the United States, 


United Ancient Order of Druids, 


Government of the State of Maryland, 


United Brothers, (I. 0.) 


Hibernian Society of Baltimore, 


Water Board, . • . . 


Home of the Friendless, 


York Road Railway, . 




Adjusters of Averages, . . . 485 
Agents — Mercantile, .... 485 
Agents— Advertising, . . . 485 
Agents — [nsurance, .... 485 
Agents — Property and Collectors, . 485 
Agents— Real Estate, . . . .485 
Agricultural Implements, . . . 485 
AmbrotypeSjDaguen-eotypes and Pho- 
tographs, ..... 486 
Antiquarian Books, &c., . . . 486 
Apothecaries and Chemists, . . 486 
Architects and Civil Engineers, . . 486 

Artists, 486 

Artists' Materials, .... 486 

Artificial Flowers, .... 486 

Attorneys at Law, .... 487 

Auction and Commission Merchants, 489 

Bacon Dealers, 489 

Bag Manufacturers, .... 489 

Bakers, 489 

Band Box Manufacturers, . . . 489 

Bankers, 489 

Banks, 490 

Banks — Savings, 490 

Basket Makers, .... 490 

Bell Founders, 490 

Bell Hangers, 490 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, . . 490 

Block and Pump Makers, . . 490 

Boarding Houses, .... 491 

Boat builders, 491 

Bonnets, Ribbons, Silks and Straw 

Goods, 49] 

Book Binders, 491 

Booksellers, Stationers, and Publishers, 491 
Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufac- 
turers — Retail, .... 491 
Boots and Shoes — Ladies, . . . 492 
Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufac- 
turers—Wholesale, . . . 492 

Bottlers, 493 

Brass Founders, .... 493 

Brewers, ...... 493 

Brooms, Baskets and Woodenware 
Dealers, ..... 


Britannia Ware Manufacturers, 

Brokers — Exchange, Bill, Real Estate 
and Stock, ..... 

Brokers — Merchandise and Shipping, 

Brush Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Burr Mill Stone Manufacturers, 

Butchers, .... 

Butter Dealers, 

Cabinet Makers, . 

Cap Makers, .... 

Cards — Machine, . 

Carpenters and Builders, . 

Carpets, Oil Cloth, &c., 

Carpet Weavers, 

Carriage and Coach Makers, 

Carvers, . . . . 

Cement and Plaster, 

Chemists and Dealers in Chemicals, 

China, Glass and Queensware, 

Chiropodists, ..... 

Claim Agents, .... 

Cloaks and Mantillas, 

Clocks, ..... 

Clothiers — Children, .... 

Clothiers — Retail, 

Clothiers — Wholesale, 

Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesiings, &c.. 

Coal Dealers, 

Coal Oil and Lamps, . 

Coffee Roasters and Spice Grinders, 

Collar Makers 

Commercial Colleges, . 

Commission Merchants, 

Commissioners of Deeds, 

Companies — Miscellaneous, 

Composition Roofing, . 

Coiifectioneers and Fruiterers, . 

Confectioners and Fruiterers — Whole- 
sale, ...... 

Consuls and Vice Consuls, . 







Conveyancers, .... 

Coopers, ..... 

Coppersmiths and Works, 

Cork Cutters, .... 

Corset Makers, .... 

Cotton Yarn, &c., ... 

Cuppers and Leechers, 

Curled Hair Manufacturers., 

Curriers and Leather and Findings 



Dancing Academies, 
Dental Depot, . 



Drawing Instruments, 


Druggists — Wholesale 

Dry Goods — Retail, 

Dry Goods — Wholesale, . 

Dyers and Scourers, 

Dye Woods and Dye Stuffs, 

Earthen and Stoneware Manufacturers 

Edge Tools, .... 

Embroideries and Laces, . 

Engines and Boilers 

Engine and Locomotive Builders, 

Engravers, .... 

Ethereal Oil, Alcohol and Camphine, 

Express Forwarders, 

Fancy Goods — Retail, 

Fancy Goods — Wholesale, . 

File and Rasp Manufacturers, . 

Fire Engine Hose Manufacturers 

Fish Dealers, .... 

Fish Inspectors, . 

Fishing Tackle, Twine, &c., . 

Flag Manufacturers, 

Floristc, ..... 

Flour and Feed Dealers and Millers, 

Forwarding, .... 

Fringe Manufacturers, . 

Furniture Dealers, 



Gas Fitters, 


Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, 

Glass Dealers, .... 

Glass Manufacturers, 

Glass Stainers, .... 

Gloves, Hosiery, Worsteds, &c. 

Gold and Silversmiths, 

Gold Pen Manufacturers, 

Grocers — Retail, 

















































Groeers — Wholesale and Commission, . 513 
Guano Dealers, .... 514 

Gun Manufacturers and Dealers, . . 514 
Hardware — Retail .... 514 
Hardware — Wholesale, . . . 514 

Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Goods — 

Retail 514 

Hats, Caps, Purs, &c. — Wholesale . 515 
Hermetically Sealed Fruits, &c. . . 515 
Hide and Leather Dealers, . . 515 

Hotels 515 

Hoop Skirt Manufacturers, . . 516 
House Furnishing Goods, . . . 516 

Ice Dealers, 516 

Importers, 516 

India Rubber Goods, . . . 517 

Instrument Makers, .... 517 
Insurance Companies, . . 518 

Intelligence Offices, .... 518 
Iron Fence Railing, .... 518 
Iron and Steel Dealers, .... 518 

Iron Founders, 518 

Iron Furnaces 518 

Japanners, 518 

Jewelers 518 

Junk Dealers, 519 

Lamps and Oil, ..... 519 

Lime, 519 

Liquor and Wine Dealers, . . . 519 
Liquors and Wines — Wholesale, . 519 
Lithographers, ..... 520 
Livery and Hack Stables, ; . 520 

Locksmiths, 520 

Looking Glass and Picture Frame Manu- 
facturers, ...... 520 

Lumber Merchants, . . . ^ . 520 
Machine Sewing, ..... 521 

Machinists, 521 

Malsters, 521 

Manufacturers, ..... 521 
Manufacturers and Machinists' Supplies, 522 

. 522 

. 523 

. 523 

. 524 

. 524 

. 524 

. 524 

. 524 

Marble and Stone Workers, 

Merchant Tailors, 



Millinery Goods, . 


Mineral Water, 

Morocco Manufacturers, . 

Music and Musical Instruments, 

Music Teachers 

Nails, Brads, Spikes, &c.. 

Naval Stores, 

Newspapers .... 

News and Periodicals, 

INightwork, .... 

Notaries Public, 



Nurses and Midwifes 524 

Oil Dealers, 525 

Opticians, 525 

Organ Builders, 525 

Ornamental Plasterers 525 

Oyster Dealers, .... 525 

Packing Box Makers, .... 525 

Painters — House and Sign, . . 525 

Paints, Oils, &c., 526 

Paper Hangings, .... 526 

Paper Sheathing 526 

Paper Stock, 526 

Paper.Warehouses, . . . . 526 

Pawnbrokers 526 

Physicians, ...... 526 

Piano Dealers and Manufacturers, . 529 

Pickling and Preserving, . . . 529 

Plumbers, 529 

Pocket Book and Jewelry Case Manufac- 
turer, 529 

Potteries, 529 

Printers— Book and Job . . . 529 

Printers — Copperplate, . . . 530 

Produce Dealers 530 

Provision Dealers, . . . . 530 

Pump Makers, ' 531 

Railways, 531 

Ranges and Furnaces, . . . 531 

Regalia Makers, . ... . 531 

Restaurants, 531 

Rolling Mills, 532 

Roofers 532 

Rope Makers and Ship Chandlers, . 532 

Saddle and Harness Makers, . . 532 

Saddlery Hardware, .... 532 

Safes— Fire Proof, .... 532 

Sail Makers, 532 

Saloons — Lager Beer, . . . 532 

Sash, Door and Blind Manufacturers, 533 

Saw and Planing Mills, . . , 533 

Scales, 533 

Seed Stores, 533 

' Sewing Machines, .... 533 

Ship Builders and Marine Railway, 533 

Ship Joiners, 533 

Ship Smiths, ..... 533 

Shipping Masters, .... 533 


Shipping Merchants, 


Shirt Manufacturers, 

. 534 

Shoe Findings, 


Show Cards, .... 

. 534 

Silk Weavers 


Silver Platers, .... 

. 534 

Silversmiths, .... 


Soap and Candle Manufacturers, . 

. 534 

Steamship Lines, 

• 534 

Steam Planing Mills, . 

. 535 

Steam and Water Heating, 


Steam Sugar Refiners, . 

. 535 

Stencil Cutters, 


Storage Warehouse, 

. 535 

Stove Dealers 



. 535 

Tailors' Trimmings, 



. 535 

Tea Dealers, .... 



. 535 

Tin and Sheet Iron Workers, . 


Tin Plate and Metals, . 

. 535 

Tobacco and Cigars— Retail, 


Tobacco Dealers and Manufacturers- 

Wholesale, . . . * . 

. 537 

Toilet Articles, 


Trunks, Valises, Carpet Eags,&c., 

. 537 



Type Founders 

. 538 

Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers 


Undertakers, .... 

. 538 



Variety Stores, .... 

. 538 

Varnish Dealers, 


Veterinary Surgeons, . 

. 538 

Vinegar Makers, . , 


Watches and Jewelry, . 

. 538 

Weighers, .... 


Whips and Canes, 

. 539 

Wig Makers, . . . . ' 


Wire Workers, .... 

. 539 

Wood Dealers 


Wooden and Willow Ware, 

. 539 

Wool Dealers 


Wrought Iron Tubes, . 

. 539 

Yeast Makers, 


Miscellaneous, .... 

. 539 


Architect— Rural. 

John Wilkinson 
line at side on front cover page. 

Artificial Limbs, Trusses, &c. 

H. D. Reinhardt .... 

Agents— Army and Navy. 

Paul Pferdner&Co. 

J. E. Halsey & Co. (New York,) 
page fronting Business Directory- 
Baltimore and Susquehanna 
Steam Co. 

Joseph Jas. Taylor, agent 
Billiard Tables. 

Phelan & Collender, (New York,) 
2d page first of book 
Bill Posting. 

J. W. Harper & Co. . . 

Boots and Shoes. 

George S. Clogg . . . 

F. Lloyd .... 

Levi Perry & Co. 

David J. Ross 

back inside cover page 
Brass Ware. 

August Wagner 


Philip Gover & Co. 
John S. Gittings & Co. . 
Brothers McKim .... 
Purvis & Co. .... 
Brandies, Wines, Gins, &c. 
Ellis & Cairns . . 

C. G. De Garmendia 

page fronting Business Directory 
P. M. Quinn .... 

J. Ruppert .... 

J. D. Sauerberg & Co. 
B. G. Tubman & Co. 
John E. Wilson .... 

John Baier ..... 

D. Shettle & Co. 
Brokers— Stock and Bill. 

Brothers McKim 

John S. Gittings & Co. 



Philip Gover ^ Co. . 

Wm. T. Hough . . . . 

Purvis & Co 

Candy, Foreign Fruits, &c. 

Clarke & Jones 

E. Dorsey Johnson 
Cans— Oyster and Fruit. 

S. D. Brooks . . . . 
Carpetings, Oil Cloths, &c. 

G. S. Griffith .... 
Carriage Maker. 

Charles E. Minnick . 
Carriages for Hire. 

Aug. E. Stewart . . , . 
Cement, Plaster, &c. 

J. Henry Giese 

bottom lines on inside piges 

Chemicals, Paints, Oils, &c. 

Baker Bros. & Co. . 
G. & N. Popplein, Jr. . 
China, Glass, &c. 

SamuelJarden .... 
Cigars, Tobacco, &c. 
Chaliada & Co. 

page fronting Business Directory 
C. G. De Garmendia 

page fronting Business Directory 
M. V. B. Franck & Bro. . 
G. W. Gail & Ax 

page fronting Business Directory 
Gail, Ax & Kiichler 

page fronting Business Directory 
S. S. Nyburg . . . . 
S. Rosenfeld&Co. 
Wm. Welsh & Sons 
H. Wilkens & Co. . 
Civil & Constructing Engineers 
Wendel Bollman 
John Wilkinson 

line at side on front cover page 

Smith Bros. & Co. . . 

bottom lines front outside cover 

B. Stine 

Geo. McKendree Teal 
Noah Walker «fe Co. 




Coal and Wood. 

W. F. H. Onion ... 22 

Sutton, Pennington & Co. . . 50 

Coal Oil. 

Capron & Co 50 

Wm. G. Gardner & Co. . . 16 

Samuel Jarden .... 65 

Kloman & Cary ... 68 

Commercial and Mercantile 

Baltimore Commercial College . 40 

Gallagher's Mercantile College . 40 


J. Ruppert .... 47 

Commission Merchants. 

C. G. De Garmendia 

page fronting Business Directory 

Thomas H. Evans & Co. . . 38 

J. Henry Giese 

bottom lines on inside pages 
Curled Hair Manufactory. 

Wm. Wilkens& Co. ... 53 

Dancing and Waltzing Academy. 

Charles L. Spies . ... 31 

Dining Saloons. 

Gilmour's ..... 59 

McGees' Miller's Hotel . . 49 
R. P. Sherwood ... 13 

Dye Woods, Drugs, &c. 

R. J. Baker .... 65 

Engraver— Wood. 

Marx M. Hart .... 20 

Engineers and Machinists. 

Denmead & Son .... 18 
Mayger & Shaffer ... 34 

Poole & Hunt .... 24 

Express Companies. 

Adams' Express Company 

front outside cover 
Harnden Express Company 

front outside cover 

Fancy Goods. 

Cortlan & Co. 

leaf fronting Business Directory 
Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 
leaf fronting Business Directory 

Jacob Knipp, Jr 33 

Charles W. Lord 

leaf fronting Business Directory 
Leonard Passano 

last page of book 
Felt, Cement and Gravel Koofs. 
Geo. S. Page & Bro. 

front outside cover page 
Flag Dealers. 

J. W. Loane .... 58 

Sisco Brothers .... 66 | 

Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
J. Henry Giese 

bottom lines on inside pages 
Furniture, &c. 
W. E. Anderson 

page back of book 
R. W. Heywood ... 31 

Hiss ^Brother .... 23 
Gas Fitting and Fixtures. 

August Wagner .... 41 
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. 

Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. . 46 

and leaf fronting Business Direc- 
Leonard Passano 

last page of book 
Gilt Frames, Mirrors, &c. 

Butler, Perrigo & Way . . 51 

Edward Akers .... 15 
Canfield Brother & Co. . . 31 

Geo. W. Webb . . . .66 
Gunsmith, Locksmith, &c. 

W. H. Lauderman ... 28 
Harness and Shoe Leather, 

Hoffman & Deford ... 59 

Hardware and Cutlery. 

Amon Bosley, .... 48 

M. Keith, Jr., & Son, . . 64 

Hides, Oils, and Leather. 

Francis H. Grupy, ... 56 

Hoffman & Deford, ... 59 
Hoisting Machines. 

James Bates 42 

Hosiery, Yarns, Gloves, &c. 

Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. . . 46 

and leaf front of Business Direct'y 
Jacob Knipp, jr. ... 33 

Leonard Passano 

last page of book 

Hotels and Eating Houses. 

Gilmour's 59 

McGees' Miller's Hotel . . 49' 

R. P. Sherwood .... 13 

House Furnishing Goods, &c. 
Cortlan & Co., 

leaf fronting Business Directory 

John Evans 29 

Samuel Jarden .... 65 

Chas. W. Lord 

leaf in front of Business Directory 
Sylvester & Hopkins ... 53 


D. S. Sumwalt .... 30 

Baltimore Infirmary ... 5 
Union Protestant Infirmary . 39 



Associated Firemen's Insurance Co. 36 
Baltimore Life Insurance Co. . 36 

Firemen's Insurance Company of 

Baltimore 35 
Thos. D. Johnston, 

fore edge of book 
New England Mutual Life Insur- 
ance Co. Boston and New York, 
back outside cover 

B. Poultney .... 65 
E. J, Richardson & Sons . . 36 
Wm. P. Webb, top line on front 

outside, and bottom lines inside 
Iron Works. 

A. W. Denmead & Son . . 18 

Mayger & Shaffer 20 

Poole & Hunt .... 24 

Landscape Gardener. 

John Wilkinson, line at side, on 
front cover page 
Liquors, Wines, Porter, &c. 

C. G. De Garmendia, page fronting 

Business Directory 

Ellis & Cairns .... 10 

P. M. Quinn .... 67 

J. Ruppert 47 

J. D. Sauerberg & Co. . . 33 

B. G. Tubman & Co. . . . 3 
John E. Wilson, .... 1 

Machinists, &c. 

Denmead & Son .... 18 

Mayger & Shaffer, . . .34 

Poole & Hunt .... 24 

Machine Cards, &c. 

Wells Chase & Gehrmann . . 62 

John H. Haskell . . . . 24 

Malt and Hops. 

John Boyd ..... 10 
Marble Works. 

Hugh Sisson, .... 22 

Military Goods. 

Canfield.Bro. &Co. ... 31 

Jacob Gminder .... 54 
Morocco and Lining Manufacturer. 

Henry Klees & Sons ... 27 
Music Publisher. 

Henry McCaffrey .... 27 
Nautical Goods, &c. 

Peter Walther .... 26 

Naval Stores. 

Geo. S. Page & Bro. 

front outside cover and bottom 
lines on inside pages 
Night Work. 

J. Diffenbaugh .... 28 

Notions, Hosiery, &c. 

Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. . . 46 

and leaf front of Business Direct 'y 
Jacob Knipp, jr. .... 33 

Leonard Passano 

last page of book 
Oils, Lamps, &e. 

W. G. Gardner & Co. . . .16 
Samuel Jarden .... 65 

Kloman & Gary .... 68 

Oyster and Fruit Packers. 

S. D. Brooks 19 

A. Field 67 

Numsen, Carroll & Co. . . 6 

Paints and Colors. 

Baker, Bros. & Co. . . . 61 

G. & N. Popplein, Jr. ... 29 

Paper Warehouses. 

Wheelwright, Mudge & Co. . 63 

Willis & Adams ... 38 

Photographic Galleries. 

P. Lenfield Perkins ... 10 

Richard Walzl .... 7 

Pickling and Preserving. 

Numsen, Carroll & Co. . . 6 

J. Ruppert 47 


Wm. Knabe & Co. . . . 45 


Thomas C. Basshor& Co. . 12 

John W. Bechtel .... 28 
Hutchinson Brothers, front inside 
cover page 

Printers— Book and Job. 
John Murphy & Co. 

leaf in front of book 
J. B. Rose & Co. 

leaf in front of book 

Produce, &c. 

John R. Cox & Pope ... 27 

Thomas H. Evans & Co. . . 38 

Provision Dealer and Packer. 

Sweeney & Harris . . . . 46 

Roofs and Roofing Materials. 

Geo. S.,Page & Bro. 

front outside cover, and bottom 
lines on inside pages 

Baltimore and T)hio Railroad . . 52 


Gilmour's .... 


R. P. Sherwood . 

. 13 

Saddles, Harness, &c. 

Samuel Hunt 


Luther 0. Mercer 



Fairbanks & Co. . . . . 
Evans & Watson, (Spear Bros.) 


Fairbanks & Co. 

Howes' (Spear Eros.) 

E. Fisher & Bro. 
Sewing Machines. 

Grover & Baker, 

Wheeler & Wilson 
Shoe Findings, &c. 

Francis H. Grupy 


Joseph H. McGee & Bro. . 
Aug. E. Stewart 
Soap and Candles. 

Charles Faringer .... 

H. Kimberty .... 

Smith & Curlett .... 

Charles & Jas. Webb «fe Co. 
Steam and Water Fixtures. 

Thomas C. Basshordc Co. . 

Hutchinson Bros. 

front inside cover page 

John W. Bechtel .... 

Hutchinson Bros. 

front inside cover page 
Tailors, (Merchant). 

Smith Bros. & Co. 

bottom lines front outside cover 

B. Stine ..... 

Geo. McKendree Teal . 

Noah Walker & Co. 
Tin Plate, Wire, &c. 

E. L. Parker & Co. . 

Stanley & Co 

Tobacco, Cigars, &c. 

Chaliada & Co. 

page fronting Business Directory 
G. W. Gail & Ax 

page fronting Business Directory 




Gail, AxifeKuchler 

page fronting Business Directory 
S. Rosenfeld & Co. . . .25 

Wm. Welsh & Sons ... 58 

H. Wilkens & Co. ... 68 

Transportation Lines. 

Baltimore and Philadelphia Steam- 
boat Company ... 14 
New York and Baltimore Transpor- 
tation Line .... 14 
Trunks, Valises, &c. 

Samuel Hunt 8 

Luther 0. Mercer ... 38 


Jacob Weaver .... 62 


University of Maryland 
Upholstery Goods, &c. 

Walter Crook, Jr. 

Watches, Jewelry, &c. 

Edward Akers .... 15 

Canfield Bro. & Co. . . . 31 

Geo. W. Webb .... 66 

Wharf and Bridge Builder. 

Edward Flaherty . 

Wire and Sieve Manufacturers, 

H. Balderston & Son ... 33 

E. Mahlon Price .... 21 
Window Glass and Glassware. 

Baker Brothers & Co. ... 61 

Wooden and Willow Ware. 

Cortlan & Co. 

leaf fronting Business Directory 

John Evans 29 

Samuel Jarden .... 65 

Charles W. Lord 

leaf in front of Business Directory 
Sylvester & Hopkins ... 53 

Writing Ink. 

Maynard & Noyes ... 32 



Abbott Edson A. (E. A. A.& Sons,) 320 n 

Abbott Cornelius F. 48 Barre 

Aerated Bread Bakery, 442 and 454 w Balti- 

Albinson Peter, 488 w Baltimore 

Armstrong Mary E. 178 McCulloh 

Ashley Wm. 50 Barre 

Baker Charles J. (B. B. & Co.) Athol, Balti- 
more CO 

Baker Charles E. clerk, Athol, Baltimore co 

Bigham & Bradford, produce commis. mchts. 
cor Eutaw and Franklin 

Biscoe James, clerk, 125 s Paca 

Bitters D. lithographer, 293 w Baltimore, over 
Harnden Express 

Boggs J. Grier, bookkeeper, 227 e Franklin 

Boneau de St. Marcel E. portrait painter, 135 
e Baltimore 

BONNEY ELIAS, embroidery, ribbons, «fcc. 
209 w Baltimore 

Boston John B. (B.& Price,) 369 e Baltimore 

Bowen Amos-E. conductor, B. & 0. R. R. 
155 s Paca 

Blake Rev. Samuel W, 92 Columbia 

BRASHEARS ALEX. G. restaurant, 29 and 
31 s Liberty 

Bridges John C. (Woods, Bridges & Co.) 188 
w Lombard 

Brown Wm. 340 Lexington 

Bullock James, collar Victory, 368 w Balti- 

Burgess George R. deputy clerk Superior 
Court, 232 Fayette 

Butler John, 50 Barre 

Carlin & Jessop, hardware, 4 Hanover 

Carlin James F. (C. & Jessop,) 4 Hanover 

Carroll Thomas G. straw and millinery goods, 
101 w Baltimore, dw 246 w Lombard 

Cary John P. (Kloman & C.) cor Sharp and 

CHERRY M. J. dentist, 45 Hanover 

Chesney Jesse F. printer, 187 e Pratt 

Cilbertson Carl, clerk, 50 Barre 

Clark John W. & Co. restaurant, 42 w Fay- 

COLE WM. H. hardware commission mer- 
chant. 17 s Charles, dw 75 Cathedral 

Cook Charles W. clerk, 227 e Baltimore 

Copeland Wni. S. 92 S. Bond 

Cross Rev. J. general agt Md. Tract Society, 

42 n Fremont 
Cummings John, 665 w Baltimore 

Dietz Lawrence D. (L. D. D. & Co.) notions, 
hosiery and fancy goods. 308 w Baltimore, 
formerly 151 Franklin 

Dulaney H. R. attorney, 36 St, Paul, dw 59 

Dungan S. Henry, 189 w Lombard 

Elder Charles M. clerk, 227 e Baltimore 
Etting Major Frank M., Paymaster U. S. A, 
office P. 0. building, dw 82 n Charles 

Faucett A. T. (Ulery & F.) Calverton hotel, 

Calverton road 
Fischer Christian, lager beer, s w cor High 

and Pratt 
Fite C. R. 61 n Liberty 
Franck M. V. B. & Bro. cigar manufacturers, 

cor Pratt and Spear's whf. — [See p 59 M- 

Franck Geo. C. (M. V. B. P. Sf Bro.) 97 w 

Franck M. V. B. (M. V. B. F. & Bro.) 97 w 


Past Forwarding Package and 
Market Line to and from Wash- 
ington, Georgetown and Alexan- 
dria, E. B. Freeman, Agent, cor. 
Eutaw and Dover streets, Balti- 
more; John F. Saladin, Agent, cor. 
New Jersey av. and D streets, 

Freeman E. B. (F. & Co.) s e cor Pratt and 

Gillman Geo. H. agent Fairbanks' scales, 

246 w Baltimore, dw 622 w Lombard 
Gottman Moses, clothier, 122 Barre 

Habighorst Chas. P. (Paul Pferdner & Co.) 
38 e Fayette 



Hadel Albert K. clerk, 17 n High 

Hadel Chas. F. clerk 67 e Fayette 

Harrison Geo, L. real estate broker, 29 St, 

Paul, dw Lanvale nr Garden 
Hoffman Henry, lager beer agent, 72 s 


Ing Edward, sr. collector, 33 Fawn 

Johns Joseph, jr. groceries and provisions, 
152 s Broadway, dw 38 e Fayette 

Johnson E. Dorsey, manufacturer of steam 
refined candies, n e cor Light and Pratt, 
dw 173 n Calvert.— [See p. 62 Advertise- 

Jones John P. P. property agent, 4 n Cal- 

Joseph I. jeweler, over 146 w Baltimore, dw 
14 Watson 

KEMP THOS. «&. CO. wholesale grocers, 
291^ Cheapside 

Kemp Thomas, (Thos. K. & Co.) 189 Gar- 

Keyser John P. cashier American ofiice, 73 

Kimberly Wm. H. (K. & Bros.) 31 n Cal- 

Kleppish Bros, cutlery and hardware, 26 s 

Klinefelter 0. H. bag manufacturer, s w cor 
Pratt and South, dw 45 Gough 

Kloman & Cary, coal oil refiners, cor Stock- 
holm and Sharp. — [See page 68 Advertise- 

Kloman Louis, (K. & Gary,) 9 s Gay 

Lantz Oliver F. (Saral. Elder «fe Co.) 148 

Littig Caleb, collector, 81 n Eutaw 
Littig Mrs. Caleb, boarding, 81 n Eutaw 
Love Joseph K. agent Poor Association, 173 


Mark John L. hatter, over 33 n Eutaw 
Martinet Simon J. civil engineer and map 

publisher, 6 South, dw Harford road nr 

1st tollgate 
Miles Abraham S. (M. & Windsor,) n w 

cor Lombard and Albemarle 
Miles & Windsor, photographists, over 205 

w Baltimore, and grocers, cor of Lombard 

and Albemarle 

Morse & Martin, cigars, tobacco, &c. 20 8 

MURDOCH WM. F. notary public, 54 s 

Gay, Commercial building, dw 30 Pleasant 

Nicholson Charles G, (J. J. N. & Sons) Bal- 
timore CO 

Oudesluys Charles L. iron and metal mercht. 
157 s Gay, dw 223 n Eutaw 

POULTNEY BENJAMIN, insurance agent, 
16 Second, dw 43 Lexington. — [See jtage 65 

QUINN PATRICK M. liquors, s e cor HiUen 
and High, dw 157 e M.adison. — [Seep. 67 

Richardson J. A. & Co. coal oil and wagon 

grease, 3 s Calvert 
Richardson J. A. (J. A. R. & Co.) 291 n 

Ridgely Mrs. E. F. 240 e Biddle. 
Ridgely R. H. L. bailiff Court of Common 

Pleas, 240 e Biddle 
Robinson D. W. clothier, 84 Centre Market 

Rogers Joseph (Baker, Bros. & Co.) Eutaw 

Row & Landower, clothiers, 62 w Pratt 

Simpson Rev. T. W. chaplain U. S. A. 6 Mc- 

Smith & Atkinson, s w cor Eutaw and Ostend 
Smith Robert M., Baltimore coal oil works, s 

w cor Eutaw and Ostend, dw 220 Hoffman 
Sprigg Wm. judge Appeal Tax Court, dw 552 


Templeman R. W. Sf Co. commission brok- 
ers, 48 Lexington, up stairs 

Templeman R. W. (R. W. T. & Co.) 168 

VAN BIBBER DR. W. C. 47 Franklin 

Walker John, druggist, 39 s Charles, dw 100 

WELLS JOHN & SONS, machinists, Kerr's 

Wilkinson J. civil engineer, rural architect 

and landscape gardener, 397 w Fayette 

fff^p Vv^ W-2>H puiii^ 



EisrnDiisro ite^^i^ 1864, 


iC^ji. north ; s. south ; e. east ; w. west ; st. street ; cf. court ; av. avenue ; al. alley; Za.lane : 
dw. dwelling ; L. P. Locust Point ; cor. corner ; F. P. Fells Point ; F. H. Federal Hill. 

M)te : The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers. 



Aarons Aaron, clerk, 7 n Exeter 
Aaron Mrs. Betsey, rag dealer, 44 Columbia 
Aaron Charles F. soldier, 216 Montgomery 
Aaron Dorothea K. 216 Montgomery 
Aaron George W. gunsmith, 143 s Regester 
Aaron Lewis, soldier, 44 Columbia 
Aaron Marcellus, pilot, 216 Montgomery 
Aaron Mark, soldier, 258 Light 
Aaron Samuel J. shipcarpenter, 216 Mont- 
Abandschan Gregory , tailor, 200 Montgomery 
Abandshine Andrew, barber, 164 s Bond 
Abbes Ferdinand, 13 Spring ct 

Abbes constable, 163 Chesnut 

Abbes Mrs. Sarah C. 163 Chesnut 

Abbes Thomas H. property agt, 26 Stirling 

Abbett Thomas M. treas. Susq. Canal Co. 13 

Lexington, dw 25 Hollins 
Abbott Alex, clerk, 65 s Caroline 
Abbott Edson A. book-keeper, 113 s High 
ABBOTT EDWIN A. steam flour mill, City 

block, next to drawbridge, dw 113 s High 
Abbott Elizabeth, 56 n Liberty 
Abbott George, cooper, 65 s Caroline 
Abbott Geo. T. puddler, 45 Burke 
Abbot Wm L. printer. 147 n Eden 
ABBOTT HORACE & SON, Canton rolling 

mill, Hudson st. Canton 
Abbott Horace (H. A. & Son) 67 e Pratt 
Abbott James F. oysters, 71 s Caroline 
Abbott James L. carpenter, 10 Gold ct 
Abbott James, carpenter, 6 Gold ct 
Abbott James M. boiler maker, 236 s High 
Abbott Capt. John C. mariner, 356 Light 
Abbott Noah, cabinet maker, 132 Cross 
Abbott Samuel, laborer, 193 Montgomery 
Abbott Samuel, 25 Hollins 

Abbott Thomas M. 25 Hollins 
Abbott "Wm. tobacconist, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm. junk dealer, 120 William 
Abbott Wm H. clerk, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm. H. carter, 234 s Eutaw 
Abel Mrs. Dorothea, 351 e Lombard 
Abel John, 353 e Lombard 
Abel John, baker, 103 Lee 
Abel John, laborer, 418 Canton av 
Abeline Elizabeth, tailoress, 75 Hill 
Abell A. S. (A. S, A & Co) 85 Saratoga 
Abell A. S. & Co. publishers Baltimore Sun, 

s e cor Baltimore and South 
Abell Christian, veal butcher, n Amity. 
Abell Christian, butcher, 177 Penna av 
Abell Christopher C. (C. C. & Franklin M. 

A.) 177 Penna av 
Abell Christopher C. & Franklin, butchers, 47 
Centre, 32 Lexington, and 24 Richmond 
Abell Franklin M. (Christopher C. & F. M. 

A.) 177 Penna av 
Abell William, tailor, 33 s Poppleton 
Abendgine Andreas, laborer, 88 s Regester 
Abendschan Ambrose, shoemaker, 74 Leaden- 
Abendschan Clement, carpet weaver, 232 s 

Abendschan Joseph, paver, rear of 201 Mont- 
Abendschan Rudolph, laborer, rear of 201 

Abendschein John, porter, 14 Bevan 
Abercrombie David, clerk, 78 Chew 
Abercrombie Thomas, hoop skirt manufac- 
turer, 66 Oamden 
Aberle George, cooper, 250 Aliceanna 

J. HENHY GUE^SK, Commission Merchant, for the sale ot Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 21 Spear's Wharf. 





Aberle Mathias, gardener, Franklin above 

Abey George W. clerk, 363 e Baltimore 
ABEY JOSEPH, fish dealer, 326 William, 

near Fort av 
Abey Joseph C. mariner, 326 William 
Abey Joseph W. clerk, 363 e Baltimore 
Abey Michael H. caulker, 69 Cross 
Abey Samuel, bricklayer, 326 William 
Abey Wm. H. grocery, 369 Light 
Abhon Charles, trunk-box maker, 90 s How- 
Able Mrs. Henry, 93 n Fremont 
Abraames Bro. St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 
Aborn Emily, 168 n Central av 
Abraham Barnett, cigar maker, 179 e Madison 
Abraham Samuel, baker, 242 e Eager 
Abrahams & Ashcraft, ship builders, s e cor- 
ner Wolfe and Thames 
Abrahams Mrs. Eliza, 100 n Eden 
Abrahams John J. (A. & Ashcraft) 283 e 

Abrahams John J. ship builder, and proprietor 
Screw dock, Thames, foot of Caroline, of- 
fice 58 Philpot 
Abrahams Mary Ann, 96 s Caroline 
Abrahams Woodward, (T. J. Cochran & Co. 

22 s Broadway 
Abrahams Wm. H. ship carpenter, 47 s Broad- 
Abrams Alexander J. marble cutter, Green- 
mount av. opposite Cemetery 
Abrams Washington, clerk, 277 Canton av 
Abt John, shoemaker, 199 s Broadway 
ABriJN JOHN, grocer, corner Thames and 


Aburii Sophia, 344 s Bond 
Aburn Wm. R. ship carpenter, 61 Block 
Academy of the Immaculate Conception, ad- 
joining St. Peter's church cor Hollins and 
Academy of Visitation, n w cor Centre and 

Acheise Frederick, carpenter, 30 Canton av 
Achenback John, plasterer, 3 Walsh 
Achenback Henry, butcher, 332 Penna av 
Achey Chas. F. (F. A. & Son) 132 German 
Achey Frederick & Son, curriers, 22 s Liberty 
Achey Frederick, (F. A. & Son) 129 German 
Ackerman Bernhardt, tailor, 21 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Ackerman Charles C. watchmaker, 49 Lex- 
Ackerman Mrs. Dena, 11 Warren 
Ackerman George, sawyer, 103 s Chapel 
Ackerman Henry, laborer, 88 Albemarle 
Ackerman John, pump maker, 62 Walnut al 
Ackerman Nicholas, cutter, 81s Chapel 
Ackler George, shoemaker, 148 Camden 
Ackler Jacob D. boot and shoemaker, 148 

Acomlj John W. basket maker, 847 w Pratt 
Acomb Joseph, basket maker, 121 Franklin 
ACOMB WILLIAM, brooms, baskets, and 

woodenware dealer, 121 Franklin, dw 130 
Adair Henry H. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 76 Sara- 
Adair John, machinist, 86 Preston 
Adair Catharine, 121 s Castle al 
Adair Mecarius, laborer, 87 s Chapel 
Adam George, laborer, 209 Albemarle 
Adam Henry, piano maker, 194 w Fayette 
Adam Henry, currier, 119 McElderry 

Adam John W. wheelwright, 61 Hampstead 
Adams Adam, locksmith, 459 e Baltimore 
Adams Adelaide L. 86 n Charles 
Adams Albert, shoemaker, 96 Ross 
Adams Ann E. matron hospital, 5 Armistead 

Adams Ann H. tailoress, 386 Hanover 
Adams Mrs. Anna M. 192 Saratoga 
Adams Benj. F. hatter, Warner near West 
Adams Benjamin F. Jr, ship carpenter, 90 

Adams Catherine, tailoress, 85 Bank 
Adams Charles, shoemaker, 44 Low 
Adams Charles T. clerk, Brown's hotel. High 
Adams Charles, machinist, 274 n Eutaw 
Adams Charles, laborer, 9 Armistead la 
Adams Charles H., U. S. N., 386 w Eager 
Adams & Davidson, grocers and commission 

merchants, 7 Commerce 
Adams Edward, grocer, 226 Hollins 
Adams Edward, blacksmith, 51 n Exeter 
Adams Mrs. Elizabeth M. boarding, 55 Lex- 
Adams Eliza, teacher, 98 w Monument 
ADAMS EMELIUS, coal yard, s w corner 
Caroline and Dock, dw 14 Jackson square 
ADAMS EXPRESS CO, 164 w Baltimore, 
depot 227 and 229 s Howard, Samuel M. 
Shoemaker, resident partner [See advertise- 
ment front cover.] 
Adams Fredk, cabinet maker, 21 Som.erset 
Adams Geo. C. silversmith, 173 Raborg 
Adams George, laborer, Aliceanna near Caro- 
Adams Geo. W. boatman, 140 Hamburg 
Adams Geo. W. bricklayer, 350 Cross 
Adams Mrs. Elizabeth, 186 German 
Adams Ellen, seamstress, 186 German 
Adams Rev. Geo. F. Gilmor, w of Mulberry 
Adams George W. engineer, 138 William 
Adams Henry, shoemaker, 186 George 
Adams Henry, piano maker, 194 w Fayette 
Adams H. (H. & J. F. A.) 52 Columbia 
Adams H. & J. F. carpenters. Elbow lane 

rear of 52 Columbia 
Adams James C. (J. C. A. & Son,) Howard 


Adams James C. jr, (James C. & Son,) How- 
ard CO 
Adams Jacob H. bricklayer, 10 Pear al 
Adams James L. 386 w Eager 
ADAMS JAMES C. & SON, beef and pork 
packers andlprovision inspectors, 40 Second 
Adams James M. salesman, cor St. Paul and 

Adams James L. bricklayer, 251 e Lombard 
Adams James McG. clerk, 124 n Fremont 
Adams James, jr, mariner, 251 e Lombard 
Adams James, furniture wagoner, 130 Mulli- 

Adams James F. chief engineer U. S. N. 192 

Adams John A. clerk, 180 w Baltimore 
Adams John A. clerk, 164 w Lombard 
Adams Capt John E. 100 n Bond 
Adams John F. (H. & J. F. A.) 222 Conway 
Adams John Q. (Carroll, A. & Neer,) 59 Lee 
Adams John H. (Milbourne, A. & McGee) 

65 William 
Adams John, mariner. 6 Armistead la 
Adams John K. carpenter, 247 w Fayette 
Adams John B. (A. & Davidson,) 144 Haii- 

G£10. S. PAGE & BRO., Manufecturera of Roofs and Roofing Materials, HI Smitli'* 
Wliarf. C. HART SBIITH, Agent. 




ADAMS JOHN T. clerk City Circuit Court, 

dw York road 
Adams John T. clerk, office Circuit Court, dw 

York road 
Adams Joseph, laborer, 9 Abbott 
Adams Joseph, letter carrier, 184 Chesnut 
Adams Joseph S. carpenter, 229 Ross, dw 210 

Adams Joseph, plasterer, 135 Welcome al 
Adams John,governt teamster 25 Ringgold al 
Adams Joshua, gas inspector, 128 Chew 
Adams Lewis B. blacksmith, 12 Church 
Adams Mrs. Mary A. dressmaker, 25 Ringgold 

Adams Mrs. Mary E. 139 McCulloh 
Adams Mary M. dressmaker, 173 n Fremont 
Adams Mary, 98 w Monument 
Adams Orson, clerk in office circuit court, 268 

e Baltimore 
Adams Patrick, carter, 7 Bank 
Adams Richard, 163 G. Hughes 
Adams Robert, sailor, 110 n Bond 
Adams Samuel B. foundryman, 118 Hughes 
Adams Samuel T. (Willis & A.) 97 s Sharp 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker and jeweler, 20 

e Pratt 
Adams Sarah, dressmaker, 173 n Fremont 
Adams Samuel S. mariner, 6 Walker 
Adams Thomas, fireman, 126 L. Greene 
Adams Thomas P. mariner. West near Wil- 
ADAMS T. W. machine sewing and gents' 

furnishing goods, 171 w Baltimore 
Adams Thomas, watchmaker, 65 McHenry 
Adams Wm. mariner, 18 Armistead la 
Adams Wm. (Fclber & A.) 2 n Broadway 
Adams William, watchman, 49 Milliman 
Adams William H. pilot, 135 Gough 
Addis John, engraver, 240 u Eden 
Addison Catharine A. 250 Lexington 
Addison Frank R. clerk, 54 Conway 
Addison George C. 54 Conway 
Addison George M. deputy sheriff, 251 Mul- 
Addison John D. 124 s Paca 
Addison John W. machinist, 47 s Poppleton 
Addison John A. clerk, 75 William 
Addison Samuel L. printer, 75 William 
Addison Samuel S. shoe store, 230 w Pratt, 

dw McMechin near John 
Addison Mrs. Sally D. 154 Lee 
Addison Samuel, 154 Lee 
Addison Theodore, engineer, 54 s Poppleton 
Addison Virginia E. teacher, 154 Lee 
Addison William, carpenter, 75 William 
Addison William Meade, attorney, 29 Lex- 
ington, dw Annapolis Junction 
Addison Wm. W. shoe cutter, McMechin 

near Garden 
Adelman Charles, cooper, 17 n Spring 
Ader Michael, carpenter, 198 s Chapel 
Adkins Charles, 227 w Biddle 
ADKISSON & CO. sailmakers, s w corner 

Light-st. wharf and Camden 
Adkisson Wm. H. (A. & Co.) 210 Franklin 
Adkisson Dr. Wm. H. H. apothecary, n e 
cor Eutaw and Saratoga, dw s e cor Pine 
and Franklin 
Adkisson Wm. (A. & Co.) 210 Franklin 
Adleman Michael, shoemaker, Aliceanna 

near Cannon 
Adler Abraham, (Simon Frank & Co.) 50 s 

Adler Adolph, (Simon Frank & Co.) 50 s 

Adler Andrew, furn, wagoner, 246 n Caro- 
Adler Mrs. E. dry goods, 195 s Broadway 
Adler Henry, (Simon Frank & Co.) 34 Han- 
Adler Henry M. furnishing goods, 37 w Bal- 
timore, dw 196 s Broadway 
Adler Joseph, property agent, 64 s Eden 
Adler Julius, dry goods,»over 210 s Broad- 
Adler Louis H. 160 s Charles 
Adler Marcus, 195 s Broadway 
Adler Manness, clothier, 618 w Baltimore 
Adler Philip, 15 s Liberty 
Adler Sophia, 160 s Charles 
Adler Thos. hostler, 17 Preston 
Adolph Henry, 275 Canton av 
Adolph John, 275 Canton av 
Adolph Wm. puddler, 137 s Chapel 
Adreon C. C, Q. M. U. S. A., 316 Franklin 
ADREON & CO. auctioneers and commis- 
sion merchants, 22 s Charles 
Adreon Elizabeth, 54 Franklin al 
Adreon Capt. Harrison, U. S. A., 136 Han- 
Adreon Henry C. clerk at custom house, 136 

Adreon John, soldier, 54 Franklin alley 
Adreon Pearson, collector and agent, 71 Ra- 

Adreon Wm. T. (A. & Co.) 152 Hanover 
Adreon Wm. (A. & Co.) 136 Hanover 
Adreon Mrs. Winifred, 28 n Liberty 
Ady James, variety store, 159 s Sharp 
Adt John B. draughtsman, 128 Barre 
Aegan Michael, laborer, 6 Ryan 
Aemi Diedrich, laborer, Henry near Hughes 
Aeman Charles, carver, Harford av. near 

city limits 
Aenkel Jacob, laborer, 12 Essex 
Affelder Max, dry goods, 10 s Charles, dw 

310 w Lombard 
Affayroux D. 144 Aisquith 
Affayroux Francis P. blacksmith, 346 Har- 
ford av 
Afton John, shoemaker, 234 s Sharp 
Agan Ann, 31 King 

Agan Eliza, variety store, 17 Pennsylvania av 
Agan Francis, laborer, rear of 16 Concord 
Agan Martin, laborer, 4 Fall 
Agan Martin, laborer, n w cor Valley and 

Agan Michael, laborer, 17 Pennsylvania av 
Agan Wm. laborer, 9 Bevan 
Aged Men's Home, n w cor Lexington and 

Aged Women's Home, n w cor Lexington 

and Calhoun 
Agel Elizabeth, seamstress, 303 s Bond 
Agenstaffer Christopher, laborer, 196 Can- 
ton av 
Agnew Catharine, 195 n Exeter 
Agnew Thomas, carpenter, 95 Cathedral 
Agnew Thomas A. clerk, 297 w Pratt 
Ahern Dennis, laborer, 24 Fawn 
Ahem John, laborer, 37 Cambridge 
Ahern Jane, tavern, 12 Fish Market space 
Ahern Jeremiah, wagoner, 80 Granby 
Ahern John, propr. Cecelia Furnace, Canton, 

dw 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern John, laborer, 294 Raborg 

WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, Fire and liife Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent " Mutual 
Benefit Life Insurance Co., Newark, N. J.," 69 Second Street. 




Ahem Peter, bar tender, 12 Fish Market sp 
Aherns Wm. shoemaker, 343 e Lombard 
Ahl Henry, Hunter al near Reservoir 
Ahl Wm. mariner, 35 Barnes 
Ahlers Catharine, 409 Canton av 
Ahlers John, cigar maker, 181 s Bond 
Ahrling H. Henry, tavern, 72 Buchan- 
an's wharf 
Ahlsleger Wm. bookkeeper, 89 Columbia 
Ahmen Michael, laborer, 54 Lancaster 
Ahrans Caroline, umbrella maker, 33 e Lom- 
Ahren John, brick manuf. 253 n Eutaw 
Ahrens Adolph, (Stirling & A.) 201 Garden 
Ahrens Ahrend, 26 Eastern av 
Ahrens Wm. mariner, 93 Lancaster 
Ahring Earnest H. 114'n Central av 
Ahrow John, tavern, Gorsuch av near Har- 
ford av. Homestead 
Ahrow Margaret, Gorsuch av near Harford 

av. Homestead 
Aickle John, tavern, Greenmount av near 

city limits 
Aidt Lewis, shoemaker, 60 Ross 
Aiken Matthew R. clerk, 272 Saratoga 
Aiken Dr. R. E. 272 Saratoga 
Aikens Thos. tavern, 31 South 
Aikin Dr. Wm. E. A. prof, chemistry Uni- 
versity of Md., dw 25 Hamilton 
Ailes Henry, expressman, 229 Conway 
Ailmeyer Henry, hackman, 184 s Bond 
Ailred Bro., St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 
Airey Edward, carter, 170 Orleans 
Airey Eliza, 70 Division 
Airey Elias, feed, 77 Pennsylvania av 
Airey James, butter, 150 Ross 
Airey James, wharfinger, office Wolfe near 

Fell, dw 30 s Ann 
Airey Jerome, shoemaker, 381 Franklin 
Airey John B. clerk, 13 Jackson 
Airman Wilhelm, baker, 75 Barre 
Airing Samuel, furn. wag. 103 Chatsworth 
Aisquith Geo. R. clerk, 183 Saratoga 
Aisquith St. Methodist Protestant Church, n 

e cor Aisquith and Fayette 
Aisquith St. Presbyterian Church, cor Ais- 
quith and Edward 
Aitcheson James, brass founder, 67 North,dw 

200 n Eutaw 
Aitken Andrew, superintendent Union Read- 
ing Rooms, 139 n Gay 
Aitken Alex. M. bookkeeper Bank of Balti- 
more, dw 174 Garden 
Aker August, wood sawyer, 439 w Pratt 
Akers Daniel, boiler maker, 16 Henry 
Akers Daniel T. boiler maker, 16 Henry 
Akers Edwin, dry goods, 138 Lexington 
AKERS EDWARD, watchmaker and jew- 
eler, 65 3 Charles — [See p. 15 Jldvertisements] 
Akers George W. engineer, 179 Hughes 
Akers Hannah, 16 Henry 
Akers Rezin F. boiler maker, 163 Hamburg 
Akers Sarah R. trimming store, 216 w Biddle 
Alband Charles, shoemaker, 24 Booth 
Albaugh Edward W. huckster, 79 Henrietta 
Albaugh Grafton, shoemaker, 124 n Eutaw 
Albaugh Henry C. carpenter, 271 w Fayette 
Albaugh Hiram, blacksmith, 218 s Charles 
Albaugh Jacob, shoemaker, 218 s Charles 
Albaugh John, (White & A.) 114 Penna. av 
Albaugh John, paver, 4 Walker 
Albaugh John, shoemaker, 218 s Charles 
Albaugh J. W. shoemaker, 207 Light 

Albaugh Wm. A. (Orem & A.) 218 s Charles 
Albeicht Fred'k, porter, 21 Centre Market sp 
Alberapt Wolfgary, 228 s Paca 
Alberdt George, clothing cutter, 164 s Bond 
Alberdt John, car driver, 164 s Bond 
Alberger Adam, butcher, 89 Mullikin 
Albers Frederick, mariner, 208 s Ann 
ALBERS DR. HENRY, 237 w Pratt 
Albers Henry, brickmaker, 291 Aliceanna 
Albers Mary, 291 Aliceanna 
Albers Seibert, mariner, 290 s Ann 
Albert Anna M. grocery, 72 Mulberry 
Albert Attlebard, laborer, 258 e Ekger 
Albert August, laborer, 258 s Sharp 
Albert August, furn. wag. 72 Mulberry 
Albert Augustus, (A. & H. J. A.) 160 Lex- 
Albert Augustus J. (A. & Bro.) 75 w Mon- 
ALBERT A. & H. J. paper hangers, 26 n 

ALBERT & BRO. office, 352 w Baltimore 
Albert Casper, 87 Canton av 
Albert Daniel, shoemaker, 61 n Frederick 
Albert Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 n Amity 
Albert Frederick, clerk, 664 Saratoga 
Albert George, driver, 10 Minor al 
Albert Henry J. (A, & H. J. A.) Baltimore 

ALBERT MRS. JACOB, 64 n Charles 
Albert Jacob, moulder, 84 Leadenhall 
Albert John, boot fitter, 57 Bank 
Albert John, butcher, 93 Lexington market, 

dw Garrison la near Western Cemetery 
Albert John, 26 n Eutaw 
Albert Joseph S. carpenter, 309 Saratoga 
Albert Michael, butcher, 31 Lexington mar- 
ket, dw 137 McCulloh 
Albert Wm. J. (A. & Bro.) 52 Cathedral 
ALBERTI HENRY F. & CO. imps, fancy 

goods, 6 and 8 s Liberty 
Albertson Isaac, proprietor Mansion House, 

61 w Fayette 

German, Jas. S. Gary, president 
Albicker Solomon, butcher. Garrison la near 

Western Cemetery 
Albraht Jacob, cooper, Frederick road near 

Albrecht Adam, laborer, 99 Hampstead 
Albrecht August, porter, 285 s Sharp 
Albrecht Fred, cooper, 113 Frederick av 
Albrecht Fred'k VV. barber, 147 w Madison 
Albrecht Henry, cooper, Frederick road near 

Albrecht Jacob, cooper, 115 Frederick av 
Albrecht William, cabinet maker, 337 s 

Albright August A. coppersmith, 30 s Schroe- 

Albright Christian, carver, 337 s Sharp 
Albright Charles, shoemaker, Fort av near 

Albright Fred'k, brass finisher, 176 Ramsay 
Albright Hy. G. coppersmith, 30 sSchroeder 
Albright Julius, machinist, 283 n Howard 
Albright Jesse, bricklayer, 142 Columbia 
Albright Timothy, piano maker, 337 s Sharp 
Albright Wm. cabinet maker, 337 s Sharp 
Albright Wolfgary, 228 s Paca 
Albright Wm. foundryman, 83 Cambridge 

Albst , cooper, 217 Eastern av 

Alburger John, 154 w Lombard 

J. HEJVRY GIGSE, Commiaslon Merchant, for the sale of Flonr, Grain, Seeds, An, 
Rogendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 21 Spear's "Wharf. 




Alcock Wm. H. D. bookkeeper, 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Wm. E. (Spiller & A.) 34 Pleasant 
Alden Amelia, 148 s Washington, F. P. 
Alden Mary Ann, 219 e Baltimore 
Aldridge & Brewer, dry goods com. march. 

5 German 
Aldridge Andrew, jr. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge Andrew, sr. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge Barbara, millinery, 861 w Baltimore 
Aldridge Elizabeth, 159 Saratoga 
Aldridge Dr. John H. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge Mrs. Sarah, nurse, 126 Columbia 
Aldridge Wm. fireman B. & 0. R. R. 81 

Aldwell Margaret, dressmaker, 242 Mulberry 
Alecorn Sarah, 227 Ross 
Aler Mrs. Anna J. 79 Hollins 
Aler Mrs. Ann, 93 Hollins 
Aler John, machinist, 530 w Lombard 
Aler John F. (A. & Sisselberger) 103 Mul- 
Aler John, blacksmith, 82 n Eutaw 
Aler John W. clerk, 82 n Eutaw 
Aler Reuben J. blacksmith, 82 n Eutaw 
Aler Samuel, machinist, 219 s Paca 
Aler & Sisselberger, pump makers, 43 n 

Aler Sylvanue R. machinist, 93 Hollins 
Aler Washington L. clerk, 103 Mulberry 
Alex Wm. H. laborer, 50 s Poppleton 
Alexander Benj. R, tailor, 131 Montgomery 
Alexander Elijah, fisherman, 163 William 
Alexander Capt. Frederick, U. S. A. 272 

Alexander M. H. dressmaker, cor Charles 

and Pleasant 
Alexander James, merch. tailor, 9)^ n Eutaw 
Alexander Jas. butcher, Aisquith near Har- 
ford av 
Alexander Julien L n e cor Charles and Lex- 
ington, dw 272 Lexington 
Alexander John H. civil engineer, 272 Lex- 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 242 w Pratt 
Alexander Mrs. Mary, 171 Hoffman 
Alexander Richard, bailift' Criminal Court, 77 

s Sharp 
ALEXANDER THOMAS S. attorney at 
law, n 6 cor Charles and Lexington, dw 
232 n Charles 
Alexander Thomas S. jr. 232 n Charles 
Alexander Thomas H. government employ, 

49 Lexington 
ALEXANDER WM. attorney, 76 w Fay- 
ette, dw 117 e Baltimore 
Alexander Wm. treas. George's Creek Coal 
and Iron Company, 19 South, dw Howard 
Alford Frank, tailor, Washington s of Balti- 
Alford Geo. H. hatter, 37 s Caroline 
Alford James E. deputy sheriff, 132 s High 
Algie James, paper block maker, 86 n Caroline 
Algie Jacob, carpenter, 181 William 
Alheit Fredk. shoemaker, 149 e Fayette 
Albeit John G. tavern, 33 n Paca 
Alheit Wm. shoemaker, 149 e Fayette 
Alice Wm. engineer, 112 Hughes 
Alician Bro., St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 
Allard Joseph, agricultural implement maker, 

18 Warner 
Allard John, tailor, 4 Raborg 
Allard Col. Thomas B. carpenter, 381 n Gay 

Allard Wm. carpenter, 346 n Gay 
Allaway George N. clerk, 59 e Baltimore 
Allaway Martha, 47 e Baltimore 
Allaway Mrs. Sarah, 15 Wyeth 
Allbright Jesse P. bricklayer, 132 s Paca 
Allbright Timothy, saddler, 19 n Eden 
Allderdice John, cabinet maker, 22 n Exeter 
Alleis Harman E. fireman, 404 s Charles 
Allen Annie C. vest maker, 54 s Republican 
Allen Alexander (A. A. & Co.) 202 Aisquith 
ALLEN ALEXANDER & CO. furniture, 27 

Hanover, and 4 e Lombard, and lumber, 

West Falls av 
Allen Benjamin, boot-fitter, 209 s Charles 
Allen Charles, conductor, 155 Cross 
Allen Charles, cooper, 274 n Eutaw 
Allen Dallas M. Adams' express, 10 George 
Allen Rev. Ethan, D. D., 317 Garden 
Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, 595 w Lombard 
Allen Elizabeth, 318 e Monument 
Allen Geo. S. (Burns & Co.) 223 e Eager 
Allen Capt. George, mariner, 414 Saratoga 
Allen George W. baker, 77 s Regester 
Allen George S. 323 e Eager 
Allen Geraldus S. at Adams' Express, dw 152 

Allen Henry A. prof, of music, 213 Garden 
Allen Henry L. baker, 37 n Caroline 
Allen Henry, house carp, and ship joiner, s 

Wolfe, near Aliceanna, dw 1 n Ann 
Allen Henry, cloak and mantilla manuf. 47 e 

Allen Isaac, caulker, 52 Cross 
Allen Isaac, watchman, 56 Cross 
Allen James, paper carrier, 61 Holland 
Allen James I. machinist, 61 s Oregon 
Allen James, clerk, 343 n Republican 
Allen James W. cooper, 339 w Lombard 
Allen John, mariner, 45 Lancaster 
Allen John W. blacksmith, 57 Perry 
Allen John, machinist, 162 n Fremont 
Allen John E. mariner, 26 s Broadway 
Allen John, cooper 133 s Greene 
Allen John, 241 Gough 
Allen John, shoemaker, 300 Aisquith 
Allen Joseph, plough maker, 18 Warner 
Allen Joseph S. soldier, 98 Lee 
Allen Joseph S. house carp. 300 Aisquith 
Allen Lawrence, baker, 9 Lewis 
Allen Lewis J. engineer U. S. N. 213 Garden 
Allen Lewis, 592 w Lombard 
Allen Martha, tailoress, 592 w Lombard 
Allen Mary J. teacher, 247 e Pratt 
Allen Mary, 104 York 
Allen Peter, shoemaker, 18 Warner 
Allen Priscilla, 2 Greenwillow 
Allen Robert J. bricklayer, 49 n Exeter 
Allen Robert W. (Saml. P. Thompson & Co.) 

66 w Centre 
Allen Sarah, 9 Lewis 
Allen Solomon, 98 Lee 
Allen Thomas F. ship carp. 341 s Sharp 
Allen Virginia, teacher, 237 Franklin 
Allen William, clerk, 39 s Exeter 
Allen William, cigar maker, 343 e Baltimore 
ALLEN WILLIAM, restaurant, 8 Light 
Allen William, ship carp. 98 Cross 
Allen William H. boiler maker, 104 Granby 
Allen William, carpenter, 134 n Fremont 
Allen William, jr. carpenter, 39 s Exeter 
Allen William H. architect and builder, 265 e 

Allen William, 52 Walsh 

"WM. P. WEBB, Marine, Fire and lafe Insurance Agent nnd Broker. Agent 
Benefit liUe Insurance Co., Nevrark, JI. J.," 89 Second Street. 





Allen W. M. exhibition, 3 e Baltimore, dw 

38 w Baltimore 
Allen William H. shoemaker, 341 s Sharp 
Allen Wm. vinegar, 237 Franklin 
Allenbaiigh Charles T. plumber, 50 Boyd 
Allenbaugh George, plasterer, 6 Parkin 
Allenbaugh John O. carpenter, 50 Boyd 
Allenbaugh McHenry, shoemaker, 32 Chats- 
Allender Mary, 39 n Calvert 
ALLERS DIEDRICH A. feed store, 140 s 

Allers John A. brick manuf. near Ferry Bar, 

dw 532 w Fayette 
Alltrs Philip, tavern, 52 Harrison 
Alles Philip, 5 Somerset 
Allison Mrs. Ann, 666 Lexington 
Allison Ann, 65 s Eden 
Allison George U., soldier, 393 s Eutaw 
Allison James S. deputy warden of jail, 165 

Allison James H. 393 s Eutaw 
Allison Philip S. clerk, 209 e Pratt 
Allison Robert H. clerk, 65 s Eden 
Allman J. 0. G. bookkeeper, 75 n Charles 
AUman John F. butcher, 18 n Oregon 
Allman John, huckster, 408 s Charles 
Allnutt Edmund, clerk, 191 Franklin 
Allnutt G. R. W. (Gittings, A. & Co.) 209 w 

Allnutt Thomas A. clerk, 100 Lee 
Alls John, shoemaker, 38 Harford av 
Alls William, shoemaker, 20 Greenmount av 
Allston Association, for the encouragement of 

art and literature, 64 Mount Vernon place 
Allwell Stephen D. ropemaker, 90 MuUikin 
All well Wesley, boatman, 40 Essex 
Almack Geo. W. blacksmith, 317 Mulberry 
Almdinger Jacob, cabinet maker, 261 e Lom- 
Almemenger Jacob , carpet weaver, 261 e Lom- 
Almont Catharine, 275 Eastern av 
ALNUT JAMES W. president Bank of 

Commerce, dw 177 Saratoga 
Alrick Christian, shoemaker, 109 West 
Alricks Jane, 50 w Madison 
Alschwee Wm. boot and shoemaker, 135 w 

Alt Caspar, shoemaker, 536 n Baltimore 
Alt John, 82 Thames 
Alt John, shoemaker, 64 Jasper 
Alt John, shoemaker, 118 Eislein 
Alt Peter, broom-maker, 108 Orleans 
Altevogt Frederick, grocery, n e cor. O'Don- 

nell and City av. Canton 
Altevogt William, 217 s Ann 
Alt Mrs Kate, laundress, 16 Raborg 
Altmann Mrs. B. milliner, 154 s Broadway 
Altmann Moretz, port monnaie, 154 s Broad- 
Altman Bertha, millinery, 154 s Broadway 
Altman Gertrude, 24 Gough 
Altmyer Simon, 147 e Lombard 
Alton Lewis, carpenter, 68 s Ann 

Altvaier , cooper, 72 s Central av 

Alvater Conrad, tailor, s e cor Burke and 

Alvater Charles A. stone cutter, 37 n Front 
Alvater Harriet, 67 n Exeter 
Alvater John, liquors, 112 Eastern av 
Alvater Lewis, shoemaker, 38 McEldcrry 
Alvater Mary, 67 n Exeter 

Alvater William, carpenter, 46 n Eden 
Alvater Wm. F. carpenter, 38 s Exeter 
Alvey Mary, 182 e Pratt 
Amald Mrs. Frances, tailoress, 70 Jasper 
Aman Frederick G. tavern, 53 s Liberty 
Aman John, baker, 48 s Wolfe 
Amand Andrew, laborer, 79 Johnson 
Amand Christopher, laborer, 22 Elizabeth la 
Amant Joseph, laborer, 183 s Eden 
Ambring Geo. laborer, 7 Calverton road 
Ambrose Bro. St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 
Ambrose Wm. R. painter, 166 Scott 
Ambrust John, painter, 114 Henrietta 
Ambruster Charles, laborer, 132 McHenry 
Ambruster Joseph, 474 w Pratt 
Ambulance (U. S.) drivers' eating rooms, 17 

w Pratt 
Amburg Catharine, tailoress, 228 e Eager 
Amelang Augustus, tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Amelung Fredk. cigars, 28 Albemarle 
Amend Angeline, confectionery, 46 Albemarle 
Amend Jacob, morocco dresser, n e cor Albe- 
marle and Granby 
Amend Mary, midwife, 48 s Central av 
Ament John, laborer, 4 Gould la 
Ament Mathias, grocer, n e cor Jefferson and 

Baltimore, office 30 w Second, Jas. L. Arm- 
strong, prest 
Baltimore and South, John P. Mattingly, 
Amer Elizabeth, grocery, 114 West 
Amer Martin, laborer, 114 West 
Ames Catharine, 2 Bath 
Ames Emerson, inspector of iron-clads. Divi- 
sion near Madison la 
Amey Charles H. machinist, 101 Cathedral 
AMEY JOSEPH H. restaurant, choice oys- 
ters and liquors, 1 n Greene 
Amey Samuel R. cooper, 10] Cathedral 
Amey Wm. fisherman, 127 Washington, F. H 
Amey Wm. J. machinist, 101 Cathedral 
Amich Jas. H. wagoner, Ramsay w of Scott 
Amich Philip C. cooper, Ramsay w of Scott 
Ammer George, currier, 4 Lexington 
Ammer Jacob, currier, 55 Buren 
AMMIDON & CROMBIE, dealers in kero- 
sene oil and lamps, 337 w Baltimore 
Ammidon John P. (A. & Crombie) 52 Boyd 
Ammond Andrew, shoemaker, 228 s Caroline 
Amon John, 46 s Wolfe 
Amos Alfred P. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Amos Charles, soldier, 16 Liberty al 
Amos Dr. Corbin, 145 n Paca 
Amos Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 s Broadway 
Amos Frederick A. bricklayer, 325 Ross 
Amos James H. huckster, 305 n Eutaw 
Amos James E. deputy sheriff, 28 Jackson 
Amos Jarrett, conductor, 210 Saratoga 
Amos Joseph, bricklayer, 24 Preston 
Amos Mrs. Lydia, 305 n Eutaw 
Amos Mrs. Mary, 3 Mount 
Amos Peter, laborer, 81 Chesnut 
Amos Rebecca, 187 n High 
Amos Wm. Y. restaurant, 504 n Gay 
Amoss George R. 230 n Charles 
Amrhen Geo. furniture wagoner, 78 Harrison 
Amrhein Henry, slftemaker, 283 Franklin 
Amrine Elizabeth, 151 n Central av 
Amthor Dr. Robert, homeopathist, 181 n Cen- 
tral av 

6KO. S. PAQK Si BRO., Itlami/nctrart^rs ol Roofs and Roofing MaterlaU, 111 SmltL*s 
Wluu* C. HART SJHITH, Agent. 




Amrine John, tailor, 45 French 
Ancautz Henry, upholsterer, 27 Jackson 
Anderson Adelaide L. 60 n Exeter 
Anderson A. civil engineer, 613 w Lombard 
Anderson Agnes, seminary, 385 n Gay 
Anderson Mrs. Ann, 37 n Amity 
ANDERSON BROTHERS, importers hard- 
ware, n w cor Light and Pratt 
Anderson Andrew, clerk B. &. 0. R. R. 84 

Anderson Alice, 114 s Bond 

Anderson , barkeeper, 116 York 

Anderson Clifford, Eager e of Charles 
Anderson Charles, blacksmith, n e cor Eu- 

taw and German, dw 24 n Paca 
Anderson David, blacksmith, 102 German 
Anderson Edward, carpenter, 54 s Oregon 
Anderson Mrs. Eliza, laundress, 156 Hughes 
Anderson Elizu'jcth, 470 w Baltimore 
Anderson Elizabeth, 170 Garden 
Anderson Elizabeth, dressm'r, 109 e Madison 
Anderson Geo. W. machinist, 47 Eisiein 
Anderson Geo. N. cigar maker, 78 Columbia 
Anderson Horace, machinist, 39 n Amity 
Anderson Henrietta, dressmaker, 55 Green- 
Anderson Henry, 169 Montgomery 
Anderson Capt. Isaac J. 118 n Bond 
vers, over 148 w Baltimore 
Anderson James, barber, 42 e Fayette 
Anderson James M. (J. M. A. & Son) 183 

Loyola Place, n Calvert 
ANDERSON JAMES G. leather dealer, 5 

Balderston, dw 138 Hanover 
Anderson James, hackman, 22 Garden 
Anderson James, cooper, 347 s Sharp 
Anderson James, ship carpenter, 224 e Pratt 
Anderson James, ferryman, 118 Hughes 
Anderson James T. (A. Bros.) n w cor Light 

and Pratt 
Anderson Jeanette, nurse, 65 Forrest 
Anderson Jesse N. plasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson John W. blacksmith, 239 Columbia 
Anderson John, Hibernia house, 23 Thames 

e of Bond 
Anderson John W. carter, 41 Lee 
Anderson John, mariner, 144 William 
Anderson Rev. John T. 159 Henrietta 
Anderson Joseph, cigar maker, 229 s Bond 
Anderson John A. carter, 21 Low 
Anderson John W. clerk, 197 Aisquith 
Anderson John, mariner, 161 e Lombard 
Anderson John, boatman, 306 Eastern av 
Anderson Julius H. clerk, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Lemuel T. photographist, 41 Lee 
Anderson Leah J. 41 Lee 
Anderson Mrs. Mary J. 60 n Exeter 
Anderson Mary, tailoress, 54 s Oregon 
Anderson Morris, carpenter, 47 Chatsworth 
Anderson Nancy, 137 Ensor 
Anderson Nancy, 117 s Ann 
Anderson Oliver, mariner, 179 s Chester 
Anderson Obver, shipsmith, 157 s Washing- 
, ton, F. P. 

Anderson Richard B. cooper, 92 Hamburg 
Anderson Robert S. (J. Edward Bird & Bro.) 

29 Pleasant 
Anderson Mrs. Robina, 158 Pearl 
Anderson Mrs. Sarah, 177 Montgomery 
Anderson Stephen, currier, 138 Hanover 
Anderson Thomas D. (A. & Bros.) 226 w 

Anderson Thomas, restaurant, 152 n Calvert 
Anderson Thomas, carpenter, 50 Harford av 
Anderson W. S. (James M. A. & Son,) 183 

Loyola place, n Calvert 
Anderson Wm. brakesman, 662 w Pratt 
Anderson Wm. painter, 180 Chesnut; 
Anderson Wm. wagoner, 10 Garden 
ANDERSON WM. E. furniture dealer, 10 

and 12 w Second, dw. 29 s High 
Anderson Wm. painter, cor East Falls av and 

Andei-son Wm. hackman, 10 Garden 
Anderson Wm. H. painter, over 4 n Sliarp, 

dw 184 Mulberry 
Andrae Christian, barber, 348 w Pratt 
Andreae Theodore, metallurgist, 189 s Charles 
Andre Frederick C. painter, 308 Light 
Andre Hannah, grocery, 308 Light 
ANDRE Dr. J. RIDGAWAY, 71 Aisquith 
Andreas Andrew, laborer, rear 214 Canton av 
Andrew C. A. police, 45 s High 
Andrew Charles, (C. A. & Co.) 114 s Eden 
Andrew Charles & Co. public weighers, 5 

Spear's wharf 
Andrew James, mariner, 175 e Pratt 
Andrews Ann, 442 n Gay 
Andrews B. F. & Co. sign painters, over 36 

Andrews Benj F. (B. F. A. & Co.) 20 Garden 
Andrews Charles, gunsmith, 138 s Regester 
Andrews David, laborer, 144 McHenry 
Andrews Edward, mariner, 5 Fountain 
Andrews Mrs. Elizabeth, 74 s Washington, 

Andrews Elizabeth, dressmaker, 92 n Greene 
Andrews E. M. assistant adjutant general 

Fort McHenry 
vost marshal Fort McHenry 
Andrews George W. (A. & Thompson) 237 n 

Andrews George, laborer, 214 Canton av 
Andrews Hanson, 144 McHenry 
Andrews Hannah, 237 n Eutaw 
Andrews Hercules R. W. 66 Barre 
Andrews Isabella, dressmaker, 25 Thompson 
Andrews James, waterman, 175 e Pratt 
Andrews James, blacksmith, 560 Lexington 
Andrews Jane, 237 n Eutaw 
Andrews Jane, 405 Saratoga 
Andrews John F. soldier, 4 Kaufman al 
Andrews John H. police. High n of Granby 
Andrews John B. nightman, 149 s Chester 
Andrews John, watchman. City Hall 
Andrews Mrs. Mary A. 262 e Madison 
Andrews Mary J. tailoress, 181 Hanover 
Andrews Miranda, tailoress, 403 s Charles 
Andrews Samuel, brass moulder, 6 Bolton 
Andrews Mrs. R. Snowden, 27 Hamilton 
Andrews R. Snowden, architect, 27 Hamilton 
Andrews Stephen, cattle, 811 w Baltimore 
Andrews Gen. T. P. 48 Mt. Vernon place 
Andrews Thomas, gunsmith, 239 s Ann 
Andrews Wm. carter, 59 Greenwillow 
ANDREWS & THOMPSON, druggists and 

chemists 5 w Baltimore 
Andrews Wm. shoemaker, 272 w Pratt 
Andrews Wm. soldier, 478 w Lombard 
Andrews Wm. A. painter, 3 Brune 
Angel John T. stone cutter, 64 French 
Angel Martin, laborer, 183 Eastern av 
Angelmier Catherine, grocer, 537 Saratoga 
Angelmier Mathias, butcher, 537 Saratoga 

a. HENRY GIES£, Commiaslon Mercbiant, for the sole of Flour, Oralu, Seeds, 6iG. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Pla«t«r constantly on hand, HI Spear'a MVluaC 




Angermeyer John, lithographer, s w corner 

Mosher and Fremont 
Angst Martin, laborer, 183 Eastern av 
Anitz Michael, laborer, 181 s Bethel 
Anker Francis, barber, 261 Aisquith 
Ankerbrand George, shoemaker, 754 Eastern 

Annan John, laborer, 9 Spruce al 
Annan Dr. Samuel, 34 McCulloh 
Annen Henry, porter, 491 Belair av 
Annen John, paver, 491 Belair av 
Anschutz Faltin, blacksmith, 49 Albemarle 
Ameich John, shoemaker, 81 Mulberry 
Anson George, carpenter, 42 Somerset 
Anthony Ellen, 27 Orchard 
Anthony G. W. edge tool grnider, 205 e Lom- 
Anthony Henry, carpenter, 32 s Bond 
Anthony Henry A. clerk, 27 Orchard 
Anthony John, puddler, 190 s Ann 
Anthony Mary, 27 Orchard 
Anthony Robert E. bookkeeper, 186 Lee 
Anthony Wm. carpenter, 18 Somerset 
Anton Adam, laborer, 219 s Wolfe 
Anton Henry, tailor, 216 e Eager 
Antonius Geo. laborer, Vincent near Baltimore 
Anzman Anthony, clerk, 173 German 
Anzman Joseph A. harness, 24 Josephine 
Anzman Joseph, shoemaker, 173 German 
Appel Adolph, tailor, 26 s Broadway 
Appel Caspar, boot fitter, 139 Henrietta 
Appel Christian, cabinet maker, n e cor Fay- 
ette and Pearl 
Appel Conrad, mariner, 171 s Wolfe 
Appel Conrad, tailor, 123 s Broadway 
Appel Edward, tailor, 121 s Chapel 
Appel Frederick, mariner, 250 s Durham 
Appel Frederick, grocery and lager beer, s w 

cor Eastern av and Bond 
Appel George, laborer, 177 Aliceanna 
Appel George, butcher, 33 Hanover market, 

dw Beltzhoover la 
Appel Heinrich, laborer, 65 President 
Appel Henry, shoemaker, 229 s Paca 
Appel John, tailor, 83 s Regester 
Appel John, tailor, 15 Spruce al 
Appel J. Wm. paper carrier, 16 e Lombard 
Appel John, shoemaker, rear 73 Hanover 
Appel Mrs. Margaretta, n e cor Fayette and 

Appel Nicholas, tailor, 62 s Caroline 
Appell Louisa S. Philadelphia road, near city 

Appell Wm. tailor, 29 s Bond 
Appey Wm. wagoner, 706 Penna av 
Apple John, fireman, 171 s Wolfe 
Apple John, shoemaker, 120 Conway 
Apple M. tailor, 66 Mullikin 
Appleby Ann, 216 n Eden 
Appleby George R. printer, 31 e Lombard 
Appleby Thomas J. mariner. Reservoir al 
sion merchant, 1 Bowly's wharf, dw 153 
Applegarth & Co. railway, foot of Cross 
Applegarth Elizabeth, 102 Hill 
Applegarth James, stone mason, 43 Centre 

Market Space 
Applegarth John A. & Co.grocers,ship chand- 
lers and commission merchants, 109 Smith's 
Applegarth Capt. John A. (J. A. A. & Co.) 
42 Aisquith 

Applegarth Capt. Lawson J. (A. & Co.) 305 

e Pratt 
Applegarth Nathaniel, 48 Fawn 
Applegarth Nathaniel J. ship broker, over 1 

Bowly's whf, dw 153 Saratoga 
Applegarth Robert, shoemaker, 351 s Sharp 
Applegarth Robert, cigar maker, 285 Hanover 
Applegarth Robert, shoemaker, 159 Hamburg 
Applegarth Rufus W. clerk, 153 Saratoga 
brokers and commission merchants, 37 w 
Pratt, cor. Buchanan's whf 
Applegarth Capt. Wm. (Capt. W. A. & Son,) 

109 s High 
Applegarth Wm. mate, 172 Gough 
Appleman N. R. A. huckster, 151 Ensor 
Appier Charles, wheelwright, 235 Forrest 
Appier Elizabeth, seamstress, 131 Raborg 
Appier Jacob, barrel dealer, 104 s Howard 
Appier Orlando M. paper hanger, 608 w Bal- 
Appier Thomas H. clerk, 131 Raborg 
Appleton William S stock broker, 34)^ w 

Second, dw 52 w Madison 
Appold Andrew, bark mills, s e cor. Caroline 

and McElderry, dw Baltimore Co. 
APPOLD GEORGE & SONS, hide and leath- 
er dealers, store 8 and 10 Water, tannery 
North near Madison 
Appold Geo. J. (Geo. A. & Sons,) Belair av 

near Baltimore Cemetery 
Appold Samuel, (Geo. A. & Sons) 214 n Cal- 
Appold Samuel, engineer U. S. N. 112 n Bond 
APPOLD THEODORE R. commission mer- 
chant, over 5 Water, dw 174 n Eutaw 
Apy Jacob, carter, 248 Franklin 
Arb John, laborer, 342 Light 
ARBEITER HALL, and Working Men's 
Union, 5 s Frederick, Wm. Gruss, president 
Arbin Henry J. butcher, 82 Centre and 25 

Belair markets, dw York road. Bait. Co. 
Archer Mrs. Ann, 47 McCulloh 
Archer Catharine E. 145 Park 
Archer Samuel, clerk, 133 e Lombard 
Ardin D. ladies' shoemaker, 36 n Charles, 

dw 314 n Eutaw 
Ardin John F. shoemaker, 6 East 
Ardin Mary, 73 Walsh 
Arens Henry, (Von Kapfl'& A.) 113 Park 
Argue Henry, laborer, 40 French 
Arholdt Geo. laborer, Fremont near Penna av 
Aring Jesse, furniture wagoner, 74 Ross 
Arlode John, cooper, 128 s Caroline 
Armacoast Jas. M. bricklayer, 348 e Fayette 
Armacoast Priscilla, grocery, 23 Lewis 
Armacoast Rachel, boarding, 138 Preston 
Armager Jesse, sr., turnkey police station, 

Armager Jesse, jr., clerk at penitentiary, 186 

Armager John L. hatter, 38 Granby 
Armatage Mrs. Rebecca, 22 n Oregon • 
Armbrust John, file maker, 87 n Front 
Armbruster C. F. bar tender, 866 w Baltimore 
Armbruster John, gunsmith, 15 Baker ct 
Armclung August, baker, 86 Pearl 
Armcndt John E. gunsmith, 262 s Broadway 
Armiger Benjamin, cooper, 59 Holland 
Armiger Benjamin, 55 Chew 
Armiger Eli, printer, 101 c Fayette 
Armiger George D. soldier, 59 Holknd 
Armiger James B. printer, 59 Holland 

GEO. S. PAGK & BRO., MtmuTncturers of Roofs nnd Roofing Materials, 111 Smltll'S 
Wharf. C. HART SJJUTH, Agent. 




Arraiger John F, soldier, 59 Holland 
Armigei' Joseph, clerk, 88 n Exeter 
Armiger J. R. watchmaker, 88 n Exeter 
Armiger Joseph, comb maker, 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Joseph carpenter,J.88 n Caroline _ 
Armiger Joshua E. carpenfer, 250 n Caroline 
Armiger Richard, carpenter, over 87 Harrison, 

dw 55 Chew 
Armiger Richard, wooden ware dealer, 87 

Harrison, dw 55 Chew 
Armistead Anderson H. 11 Waverley Terrace 
Armistead C. Hughes, (A., Riggs & Co.) 103 

w Monument 
Armistead, Riggs & Co. tobacco agents, 39 s 

Armitage Dr. James, 193 w Fayette 
Armitage Robt., carpenter, Fayette nr Wolfe 
Armitage Mrs. Wm. H. 72 Columbia 
Armon John, brewer, 37 s "Wolfe 
Armor Elizabeth, seamstress, 133 w Madison 
Armor George F., Q. M, 3d Md. regiment, 

376 w Fayette 
Armor Gotleib , laborer, 43 Eastern av 
Armor G. Jos. painter, 86 n Greene 
Armor Mary M. 376 w Fayette 
Armor Mrs. Rachel S. 86 n Greene 
Armory City Guards, over 7 Patterson build- 
ing, n e cor. Baltimore and Gay 
Armstrong Andrew, coach trimmer, 67 s 

Washington, F. P. 
Armstrong Andrew, 341 e Baltimore 
Armstrong Benjamin H. machinist, 152 n 

ARMSTRONG & BERRY, publishers, book- 
sellers, book binders, 156 w Baltimore 
ARMSTRONG, CATOR & CO. silk and 

millinery goods dealers, 237 w Baltimore 
Armstrong & Craig, saddle and harness ma- 
kers, s w cor. Park and Fayette 
Armstrong Daniel, carpenter, 477 Franklin 
ARMSTRONG & DENNY, furniture manu- 
facturers, s e cor. Light and Montgomery 
Armstrong Eliza, 329 w Fayette 
Armstrong Ethelinda, 307 Cross 
Armstrong Henry, clerk, 332 w Fayette 
Armstrong Hosea, grocer, cor. Clinton and 

Armstrong H. L. 46 w Monument 
Armstrong James, carpenter, 227 s Paca 

and Candle Manufacturers, keep 
constantly on hand a large assort- 
ment of Soap and Candles of the 
best quality, manufactured at their 
Factory, Concord street, between 
Lombard and Pratt 

Armstrong James H. tavern, 330 s Bond 

Armstrong James L. president American Fire 
Insurance Co. of Baltimore, 30 Second, dw 
52 n Greene 

Armstrong Jas. S. letter carrier, 250 e Monu- 

Armstrong Jas. W. painter, 135 Montgomery 

Armstrong John H. book-keeper, 96 Light st 

Armstrong John, 134 s Sharp 

Armstrong John A. attorney, 29 St. Paul, dw 
19 Cathedral 

Armstrong Josephine, school, e Lombard, dw 

228 e Pratt 
Armstrong Kate, 87 Stiles . 
Armstrong Margaret, huckstress, 8 Hawk 
Armstrong Mrs. Mary E. 55 McCulloh 
Armstrong Mrs. Mary, 149 w Hoffman 

sion and Produce Commission 
Merchants, No, 4 Commerce st. 

Armstrong R. Dorsey, (A. &, Miller) 307 

Madison av 
Armstrong Robert W. clerk, 73 n Paca 
Armstrong Samuel S. pi-inter, 52 n Greene 
Armstrong Thos. (A. & Craig) 366 w Fayette 
Armstrong Thomas, (A., Cator & Co.) 73 n 

Armstrong Thomas G. clerk, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong Thomas, boiler maker, 17 Armis- 
tead la 
Armstrong Thomas, (James A. & Co.) Eu- 

taw House 
Armstrong Thomas, (Chas. & Jas. Webb & 

Co.) Eutaw House 
Armstrong Victor C. clerk, 46 w Monument 
Armstrong Wm. (A. & Denny,) n e cor Frank- 
lin and Oregon 
Armstrong Wm. undertaker, cor Light and 

Montgomery, dw 477 Franklin 
Armstrong Wm. F. wagoner, 108 Mullikin 
Armstrong Wm. clerk, 52 n Greene 
Armsworthy Benj. blacksmith, 77 n Caroline 
Arndt Carlos, nail maker, 254 s Sharp 
Arndt Jacob, basket maker, 1 Biddle al 
Arnett Levi, shoemaker, 361 n Gay 
Arnett Wm. H. clerk, 5 McElderry 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 7 s High 
Arnold Adam, machinist, 120 Conway 
Arnold Charles H. Falls road near tollgate 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Davis Z. carter, 353 Columbia 
Arnold Francis, surgical instrument maker, 

15 s Sharp, dw 343 w Lombard 
ARNOLD GEORGE W. baker, 120 w Fay- 
ette and 94 n Howard, dw 120 w Fayette 
Arnold George, laborer, 65 s Frederick 
Arnold Henry, confectioner, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Henry, bricklayer, 297 Columbia 
Arnold Isaac, 36 Holland 
Arnold Jacob, car driver, 357 Columbia 
Arnold James, police, 25 McHenry 
Arnold John, bookkeeper, 5 s Calvert 
Arnold John, grocer, 78 Hillen 
Arnold Nicholas, tailor, 71 Bank 
Arnold Peter, restaurant, 137 Columbia 
Arnold Richard (J. cabinet mfiker, 96 Raborg 
Arnold Wm. J. ship joiner, 264 e Madison 
Arnold Wm. J. clerk N. C. R. Franklin House 
Arnold Walter J. clerk N. C. R. Calvert 

Arnold Mrs. Sarah, 497 w Lombard 
Arnreich John, shoemaker, 162 Saratoga, dw 

cor Mulberry and State 
Aro John W. wagoner, 113 West 
Aro Lewis, huckster, 113 West 
Aro Wm. M. wagoner, 113 West 
Arold John, second hand goods, 660 w Bal- 
Arold John, shoemaker, 12 Dewberry al 
Arscott Mrs Ann, tailoress, 183 Hughes 
Arscott Elizabeth, tailoress, 183 Hughes 

\irBH. p. WEBS, Marine, Fire and lilfe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit Ufe Insurance Co., STewarlc, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Artaud Dr. Theodore, Biiltimore near Wolfe 
Arthur Anthony, hostler No. 2 city fire de- 
partment, 132 s Howard 
Arthur Bridget, 81 Booth 
Arthur Charles, bill poster, 25 Valley 
Arthur David, butter dealer, 171 e Madison 
Arthur Henry, baker, 53 n Eutaw and 32 

Camden, dw 53 n Eutaw 
Arthur Hugh, millwright, 371 Saratoga 
Arthur James, saddler, 369 Saratoga 
Arthur J. Fleming, teacher, Lexington near 

Arthur John, laborer, 10 Pear al 
Arthur Mary, 11 Valley 
Arthur Patrick, hod carrier, 111 s Castle al 
Arthur Robt., dentist, 139 Washington place 
Arthur Thomas, coach painter, 11 Valley 
Arthur Capt. Samuel C, U. S. A. 7 Columbia 
Arthur Wm. W. hatter, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthur Wm. C. agent City Pass. R. R. Bal- 
timore near Fulton, dw Lexington near 
Arven James, laborer, 33 Eastern av 
Arvey James Napoleon, laborer, 102 s Chapel 
Arzt Henry, shoemaker, 100 Lancaster 
Asbeck Louis, caterer Germania Club House, 

165 w Lombord 

surgeon, 41 Pennsylvania av 
Aschung Geo. laborer, 7 Slemmer al 
Ash Mrs. Arabella, 70 n Ann 
Ash Charles J. harness maker, 50 e Lombard 
Ash Mrs. Elizabeth, 50 e Lombard 
Ash George F. (A. & Russell,) 44 Jackson 
ASH GEORGE T. ship chandlery and iunk 

store, 128 Dugan's whf. dw 93 n Bond 
Ash Mrs. Isabella, 299 s Paca 
Ash James, laborer, 14 n Amity 
Ash James F. iron railings, 141 s Bond 
Ash Louis, (M. Gutman & Co.) 162 s Sharp 
Ash Michael, clerk, 176 Hanover 
Ash Mrs. Patty, 256 Chew 
Afsh & Russell, druggists and chemists, n w 

cor Orleans and Caroline 
Ash Thomas P. painter, 108 s Fremont 
Ashburn Mrs. Louisa, 15 Warner 
Ashburner Chas. H. supt. Abbott's rolling 

mill, 52 Spring row 
Ashburner Benjamin S. clerk, 33 Pine 
Ashcom John L. pilot, 103 s Washington, F.P. 
Ashcraft Robert (Abrahams & A.) 54 s 

Ashcroft Wells, ship joiner. 111 s Ann 
Ashenbruker A. shoemaker, 215 Light 
Ashley Chas. C. (Harman Duker & Co.) 49 

Ashley Chas. C. (Wm. H. Shewbrook & C. 

C. A.) 49 Hanover 
Ashley Wm box maker, 49 Hanover 
Ashman Alfred, stone cutter, 27 Pearl 
Ashman Alfred A. stone cutter, 27 Pearl 
Ashton Eliza, dressmaker, 182 Ensor 
Ashton Fanny, 5 Edward 
Ashton John, assistant assessor, 185 n Eutavir 
Ashton John M. confectioner, 277 w Fayette 
Ashton Joseph, engineer, 49 Fawn 
Ashton Josephine, actress, 197 n Exeter 
Ashton Marrous, grocer, 90 Franklin 
Ashton Thomas, 277 w Fayette 
Ashton Walter, printer, 90 Franklin 
Ashweg Mns. Geo. 30 Slemmer al 
Asker Thomas B. engineer, 119 n Eutaw 
Askew Charles, carpenter, 13 Brune 

I Askew Edwin, of Custom House, 61 w Biddle 
Askew Jehu B. storekeeper, U. S. Bonded 

Warehouse, 51 s Ann 
Askew John, engineer, 112 s Caroline 
Askew Mrs. Susan, 61 w Biddle 
Askew Wm. H. Machinist, 61 w Biddle 
Askey James, cabinet maker, Fayette w. of 

Central av 
Askey Joseph, carter, 83 Granby 
Askey Wm. cooper and deputy fish inspector, 

56 Stiles 
A skin Wm. C. clerk, 159 s Charles 
Askins James, salesman, 215 e Fayette 
Asmus Daniel, box maker, 200 L. Hughes 
Aspril Geo W. 6 St. Paul 

CO. 4 South, John R. Moore, president. — 

[See p. 36 Advertisements.] 
Associated Reform Church, Fayette between 

Liberty and Charles 
Astlejr Wm. C. hatter, 74 s Washington F. P. 
Athasia Sister, Convent of Notre Dame, s e 

cor. Eager and Aisquith 
Atkenhead Lieut. John, U. S. A. 249 s 

Atkin S. Ogle, measurer of stone and brick- 
work , dw Gen. Wayne Inn 
Atkinson Allen, quarryman, Lexington near 

Calverton road 
ATKINSON & BROTHER, grocers and 

liquor dealers, 166 and 188 s Broadway 
Atkinson Elizabeth, 178 w Hoffman 
Atkinson Geo. butcher, 27 Centre, 14 Lex- 
ington and 32 Hanover markets, dw 431 

Pennsylvania av 
Atkinson Henry, carpenter , 330 Franklin 
Atkinson Israel S. Biddle near Eden 
Atkinson Israel, 334 Franklin 
Atkinson John H letter carrier, 120 e Madison 
Atkinson John W. carpenter, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Joseph T. 95 St. Paul 
Atkinson Joseph, carpenter, 532 Saratoga 
Atkinson Joshua H. (A. & Brother,) 285 e 

Atkinson Joshua I. treasurer B. & O. R. R. 

Co. Camden Station, dw 95 St. Paul 
Atkinson J. T. attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 95 
Atkinson M. S. clerk, 133 Park 
Atkinson Maria, milliner, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Dr. Robert, 164 w Fayette 
Atkinson S. C. (A. & Bro.) 273 e Pratt 
Atkinson Mrs. Dr. Thomas C. 67 w Centre 
Atkinson Thos. bricklayer, 70s Republican 
Atkinson Thomas W. Pennaav near toll gate 
Atkinson Thomas F. carpenter, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Wm. Geo. clerk, 294 n Gay 
Atkinson Wm. S. bottler, 2 n Strieker 
Atkinson Wm.. salesman, Penna. av extended 
Atkinson Wm. C. 273 e Pratt 
Atkinson Wm. F. stone cutter, 171 e Fayette 
Atkinson Wm. T. sutler, 191 n Exeter 
Atlee James, agent Grover & Baker's Sewing 

Machines, 52 n Liberty 
Atlee Aaron, pedler, 57 e Lombard 
Atler Francis, bricklayer, 230 Lee 
Atlcr George W. coachsmith, 10 s Fremont 
Atler Mary L, tailoress, 10 s Fremont 
Atwell Ann, n w cor Boston and Bennett 
Atwell Capt. Benjamin, mariner, 102 n Bond 
Atwell Daniel, (A. & Harrison) 219 Gough 
Atwell G. M. ship carpenter, 38 s Ann 
Atwell & Harrison, carpenters, 76 s Register 
Atwell James R. ship carpenter, 100 s Chapel 

J. HEIVRY ClIESEi, Commlsglon Merchant, for the sale of f^onr, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudole Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, HI Spear's WharfV 




Atwell Joseph, ship carpenter, 108 s Chapel 
Atwell Joseph W. blacksmith, n. w. cor Bos- 
ton and Bennett 
Atwell Richard H.& Co. importers and man- 
ufacturing merchants, 71 South, 
Atwell Richard H. (R. H. A. & Co.) 23 

Atwood Benjamin, broom manufacturer, 62 s 

Calvert, dw s e cor Eden and Orleans 
Atwood John, cabinet maker, n e cor Eden and 

Atzel Louis, moulder, 310 Aliceanna 
Aubacker Christian, drayman, 151 Henrietta 
Aubcl Christian, tailor, 83 Bank 
Aubel John, cabinet maker, 15 n Poppleton 
Auberstein H. huckster, 275 s Bond 
Auction Sales Room, 26 Exchange place 
AudibertJohn H. bricklayer, 157 Vine 
Audoun Capt. Joseph H., U. S. A. 107 Bank 
Audoun Lewis, hardware dealer, 267 e Balto 
Audoun Lewis, jr. carpenter, 132 Bank 
Audoun Oliver, (Binyon & A.) 128 Bank 
Audoun Oliver, jr. carpenter, 132 Bank 
Audoun Wm. F. carpenter, 326 Eastern av 
Auel Adam, shoemaker, 213 Montgomery 
Auer Anton, tailor, 57 Clay 
Auer Catherine, laundress, 151 Saratoga 
Auer Jacob, restaurant, 114 n Howard 
Auerbach Samuel L. cigar maker, n High 
Auerman Jacob, japanner, 259 s Paca 
Aukamp Anton, cigar maker, 45 Henrietta 
Aul Charles, cabinet maker, 123 Stirling 
Aul Henry, 52 President 
Aul John, laborer, 45 President 
Aul Mathias, shoemaker, 298 Aliceanna 
Aul Michael, shoemaker, 312 n Gay 
Aulabaugh Zephaniah, teacher, 398 n Gay 
Aulbarch George, laborer, 19 Liberty al 
Aulbach John, butcher, 26 Fell's Point mar- 
ket, dw Balto. Co 
Auld F. Virginia, dressmaker, 443 Lexington 
Auld Benjamin F. ship joiner, 46 s Ann 
Auld Haddaway, clerk, 443 Lexington 
Auld Jos. H. shipsmith, 102 Washington, 

F. H. 
Auld Philip, ship carpenter, 176 Montgomery 
Auld Richard, mariner, 72 s Ann 
Auld Sophia, 46 s Ann 
Auld Samuel, ship carpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Ault Mary Jane, 287 Aisquith 
Ault Samuel & Son, shoe findings and garden 
seeds, 28 s Calvert, dw cor Aisquith and 
Aulthouse Geo. W. huckster, 85 Lee 
Aumuller John, laborer, 103 s Register 
Austen Dr. Philip H. dean Bait. Col. Dental 

Surg, oflfice 79 n Charles, dw 76 s Sharp 
AUSTERMUHLE HENRY, cigar manufac- 
turer, 45 w Pratt, dw n e cor Bond and 
Austin Alexander R. bookkeeper People's 

Bank, dw 63 n Poppleton 
Austin Mrs. Martha, 63 n Poppleton 
Austin Rebecca, 410 Light 
Austin Theodore, chairmaker, 363 s Sharp 
Austin Theodore G. clerk, 63 n Poppleton 
Austin Thomas S. provisions, 61 Lexington 
Austin Wm. (Cullimore & A.) 245 s Wolfe 
Austrian Betsy, cap maker, 211 s Broadway 

and 231 s Bond 
Auth John, laborer, 220 Washington, F. H. 
Authur Robert, carter, 103 n Spring 
Aveline Katrina, 153 s Regester 

Avey Qeorge, laborer, 73 Washington, F. H. 
Await Ferdinand, shoemaker, 54 Mulberry 
Awbrey And. J. cigar maker, 233 e Madison 
Awbrey Prestly, tobacconist, 233 e Madison 
Awbrey Thomas P. painter, 316 e Monument 
Ayd John, grocery, 246 e Eager 
Ayers Andrew, shipjoiner,78 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Ayers Charles C. grocer, 154 w Pratt, dw 34 

Ayers Geo. W. carp, 67 s Washington, F. P. 
Ayers James H. provision store, s w corner 

Bond and Baltimore, dw 79 s Ann 
Ayers James, laborer, 6 Albemarle 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 s Ann 
Ayers Dr. 235 Franklin 
Ayers James H. engineer, 67 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Ayers James H. provisions, cor Balto. and 

Bond, dw 79 s Ann 
Ayler John W. clerk, 76 Greenmount av 
Ax Christian, (G. W. Gail & Ax,) 59 Barre 
Axer John, soldier, 156 e Monument 
Azirian Bro., St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 


Baar Andrew, laborer, 230 n Caroline 
Baare Patrick, tavern, 63 President 
Baas Frederick, restaurant, 109 Camden 
BABB JOHN D. baker, 68 s Charles 
Babb John D. jr. U. S. A. 68 s Charles 
Babendrier Louis, laborer, 9 n Pine 
Baccigalluppo J. confectionery, 913^2 Lex- 
Bach Adam, flour and feed, 322 Aisquith 
Bach Henry J. cabinetmaker, 44Chatsworth 
Bach Henry, cutter, 314 e Baltimore 
Bach John, porter, 122 n Dallas 
Each John, carpenter, 223 Henrietta 
Bacharach Aaron, pedler, 164 e Lombard 
Bacharach Abraham, dry goods, 77 Ensor 
Bacharach David, second-hand dealer, 409 w 

Bachler Adam, laborer, 6 Hosselburger ct 
Bachelor George, blacksmith, 290 Johnson 
Bachman George, piano maker, 133 Henrietta 
Bachman John M. cigars, 30 Albemarle 
Bachman Jas. E. pattern maker, 201 Conway 
Bachman J. C. Henry, (Beck & B.) Decker 

av near Northern av 
Bachmann Frederick, lager beer, 215 s Eutaw 
Back John, laborer, 214 s Chapel 
Backe Tobias, cooper, 357 s Charles 
Backel John, shoemaker, 142 Mullikin 
Backer August, cutter, 238 Barre 
Backer Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 515 Lexington 
Backman Anthony, lager beer, 111 Saratoga 
Backman Ernest, 19 Barnes 
Backman Mrs. Louisa, 363 w Pratt 
Backus Lieut. Joseph, act. asst. provo. marsh 

dw Eutaw house 
Backus Rev. John C. 126 w Madison 
Backus Peter, boot and shoemaker, 255 e 

Bacon & Co. coffee manuf. 476 w Baltimore 
Bacon Eliza, seamstress, 128 Harford av 
Bacon James E. M. D. (B. & Co.) 466 vr 

Baltimore « 

Badaker Wm. hostler, Fayette near Pearl 
Baden Francis E. 50 n Charles 
Baden Henry, 32 Camden 
Baddelnian George, printer, 191 Raborg 

WM.. P. AVEBB, Marine, Fire and Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit Life Insurance Co., Neivark, N. J.," S9 Second Street. 




Baddelman Sophia, 191 Raborg 
Badencouph Mrs. Helena M. tailoress, 255 n 

Central av 
Bader Mrs. Eva, Butchers' Row, Pennsylv'a 

av extended 
Bader Mrs. Helena, confectionery, 176 e 

Bader Henry, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bader John, cooper, 145 Canton av 
Badger Agatha, 198 n Gay 
Badger Ezekiel, shoemaker, Ramsay w of 

Badger Mary, 38 Hanover 
Badger Thos. P. sewing machine operator, 12 

Baeagar Jacob, tailor, 20 e Register 
Bael Anton, stevedore, 229 s Bond 
Baer Arthur T. clerk, 132 w Biddle 
Baer Anthon P. clerk, 132 w Biddle 
BAEPc & BRO. produce, prov. and gen'l com. 

merchants, 143 n Howard 
Baer Christian, laborer, 180 L. Hughes 
Baer Christopher, laborer, 36 Hampstead 
Baer Charles W. (B. & Bro.) 48McCulloh 
Baer Dr. Edward R. asst. surg. 1st Md. regt. 

dw 270 w Fayette 
Baer Francis, shoemaker, 14 Anthony 
Baer George H. (B. & Bro.) 48 McCulloh 
Baer Henry, cabinet maker, 104 McElderry 
Baer Isaac (Lewis B. & Bro.) 3 Camden 
Baer Jacob, laborer, 437 Canton av 
Baer Rev. John, 68 McCulloh 
Baer John H. blacksmith, 521 Light 
Baer John, cooper, 250 Henrietta 
Baer John, grocery, 100 s Spring 
Baer Lewis, (L. B. & Bro.) 3 Camden 
Baer Lewis & Bro. dealer in furs, rags, &c , 

3 and 5 Camden 
Baer Matilda C. 132 w Biddle 
Baer Wm. H. clerk in Criminal Court, 132 w 

Baersmidt Andrew, laborer, 177 s Eden 
Baerkamp Mary, grocery, 267 e Lombard 
Baetjer Henry, tobacco, 93 s Caroline 
Baetjer Henry, jr. salesman, 93 s Caroline 
Bagee John, blacksmith, 183 s Ann 
Baggett Wm. cooper, 240 w Biddle 
Baggott Elizabeth, dress maker, 194 Madi- 
son av 
Baggott Thos. wire worker, 194 Madison av 
Baggs Thomas, baggage wagon, 93 Conway 
Baggaliappa Vincenzo, confectionery, 60 n 

Baghman Henry, grocer, cor Fayette and 

Bagley Dennis, laborer, Foster al above Dol- 
Bagnell Michael, laborer, 389 s Charles 
Bahm Lewis, tailor, 120 s Dallas 
Eahnlan John, cooper, 18 Elizabeth la 
Eahnlaen Bernard, laborer, rear of 56 Cross 
Baicr Andrew, cigar maker, 205 s Charles 
Baicr Andrew, tobacconist, 31 Brown 
Baier Mrs. Catharine, 20 Knox al 
BAIER JOHN, brewer, 392 Canton av 
Baier John, shoemaker, 14 Bakers ct 
Baierlipp John, tailor, 247 e Fayette 
Bailey AnneM. 138 Vine 
Bailey Chanies, ship carp. 178 Gough 
Bailey Edward J. laborer, 5 Hall al 
Bailey Edwin, (Coleman «feB.) cor Baltimore 

and Durham 
Bailey Edward A. painter. 111 Preston 

Bailey Elizabeth, 106 w Monument 

Bailey Edwin L. (Henry McShane & Co.) 

166 e Eager 
Bailey Mrs. George, 134 Bank 
Bailey Mrs. Henrietta, Washington, s of 

Bailey Henry, pilot, 178 Gough 
Bailey James, ship carp. 178 Gough 
Bailey James, distiller, 42 s Green 
Bailey John E. shoemaker, 52 n Eutaw 
Bailey John, laborer, 32 s Republican 
Bailey John M. carpenter, 9 Hoffman 
Bailey John F. mariner, 133 Hamburg 
Bailey John, weaver, 485 Belair av 
Bailey Lewis E. (Cushings & B.) 237 w Lom- 
Bailey, Louisa, seamstress, 259 Hollins 
Bailey Lucy, confectioner, 98 Hillen 
Bailey Margueritte, 134 Bank 
Bailey Mary, grocery, 376 Cathedral 
Bailey Thos. M. ship carp. 9 Gould la 
Bailey Thos. M. jr. ship carp. 9 Gould la 
Bailey Wm. hatter, 376 Cathedral 
Bailey Wm. laborer, 5 Hall al 
Bailey Wm. boots and shoes, 108 Lexington, 

dw 381 Saratoga 
Bailey Wm. C. ship joiner, 148 s Charles 
Bailie Mary B. grocery, 226 Eastern av 
Bailone Paschal, carpenter, 9 Jackson 
Baily Bernard, cor Northern av and Charles 
Baily James, alcohol and neutral spirits, 267 
Cross, office 97 w Lombard, dw 42 s 
Bain Geo. W. keeper of Balto. city almshotise 

Calverton road, Balto co 
Bain Wm. 245 w Lombard 
Bainhart Nicholas, porter, 12 Union 
Bair Henry, painter, 128 n Fremont 
Baird Catharme, huckster, 156 Penna. av 
Baird Samuel M. carpenter, 39 Chew 
Baire Wm. laborer, 237 Barre 
Baittenheimer Moses, 130 e Lombard 
Baitzel John, bricklayer, Clinton, Canton 
Baitzel Jacob G. carpenter, 120 s Sharp 
Bakel Mrs. Margaret, 378 s Charles 
Baker Mrs. Antoinette, 10 Emory 
Baker August, tailor, 58 Portland 
Baker August, tailor, 51 Portland 
Baker Benjamin F. cooper, 34 s Caroline 
BAKER BROTHERS & CO. manufactur- 
er's agents for Baltimore and New Jersey 
glass works, chemicals, oils, &c., 32 and 34 
s Charles 
Baker Charles, cabinet maker, 381 w Pratt 
Baker Charles, mariner, 238 s Ann 
Baker Conrad, huckster, HI Bank 
Baker Caroline, confectionery, 262 s Charles 
Baker Cornelius, ship carpenter, 175 Bank 
Baker Charles J. (B. Bros. & Co.) 66 n Paca 
Baker Christian, baker, 239 w Pratt 
Baker Christian, stoves, 210 Canton av 
Baker Conrad, carpenter, 309 Mulberry 
Baker Charles H. telegraphist, 97 s Sharp 
Baker Charles W. tailor, 8 n Gay 
Baker Davis, mariner, 69 Harford av 
Baker Edward C. telegraphist, 97 s Sharp 
Baker Mrs. Eliza, 455 w Fayette 
Baker Edward E. shoemaker, 22 n Poppleton 
Baker Mrs. Eleanora, 70 s Republican 
Baker Frederick, tailor, 137 n Bond 
Baker Frederick, teamster, 2 n Poppleton 
Baker Fred'k, sr. cooper, 155 Ensor 
Baker Geo. W. tailor, 108 s Ann 

GEO. S. PAGK 6i BRO., Manufacturers of Roofs and Roofing Materials, 111 Smitb's 
,„,!, \irharf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




Baker Geo. T. shoemaker, 263 n Dallas 

Baker George, baker, 263 n Bond 

Baker George, butcher, 23 Fells Pt. market, 

dw Balto. CO 
Baker George, confectionery, 32 Perry 
Baker George, milkman, 529 n Gay 
Baker Gotlieb, tailor, 27 Goodman al 
Baker Greenbury, milk, 186 n Eden 
Baker Gideon, nightman, 201 Bank 
Baker Henry, tailor, 49 Montgomery 
Baker Hammond, ship carp. 173 s Bond 
Baker Henry, clerk, 236 Madison av 
Baker Henry, shoemaker, 122 Conway 
Baker Henry J. (B., Bros. & Co.) New York 
Baker Henry, yeast maker, 90 Chew 
Baker Henry, cabinet maker, 159 e Fayette 
Baker Henry, tailor, 68 French 
Baker Henry, baker, 411 n Gay 
BAKER & BROWN, brass and bell found- 
ers and edge tool manufacturers, 10 w Pratt 
Baker Jacob, butcher, 100 Centre, 59 Lexing- 
ton and 55 Hanover markets, dw 540 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Baker Jacob, cooper, 221 Henrietta 
Baker Jacob, cooper, 15 Bevan 
Baker Jacob, soldier, Arch row n Falls road 
Baker Jacob, soldier, 92 Mullikin 
Baker James C. ship carp. 175 Bank 
Baker James M. clerk, Fayette near Gilmor 
Baker James, stone polisher, 8 w Lombard 
Baker James, soldier, 199 Hamburg 
Baker James N. bricklayer, 663 w Fayette 
Baker James, machinist, 81 n Amity 
Baker James, city garbage cart, 493 Belairav 
Baker James, butcher, 194 Saratoga 
Baker John, ship carpenter, 135 Thames 
Baker John A. ambrotypist, 97 s Sharp 
Baker John, laborer, 92 Walker ct 
Baker John J. 278 Holiins 
Baker John W. (J. W. Bruff& Co.) 315 w 

Baker John H. blacksmith, rear 300 Alice- 
Baker John G. mate, 127 s Regester 
Baker John G. colporter, 25 Jackson 
Baker John, ship carp. 116 s Washington 

Baker 17 Port, Canton 

Baker John, paver, 143 n Bethel 

Baker John M. shoemaker, 287 e Madison 

Baker John W. clerk, 126 Preston 

Baker John T. machinist, 2 n Poppleton 

Baker J. Thomas, baker, 440 Lexington 

Baker John, laborer, 2 Cuba 

Baker J. W. cabinet maker, 289 n Gay 

Baker John C. boiler maker, 67 n Poppleton 

Baker John, shoemaker, 4 Fell 

Baker John, confectionery and boarding, 195 

s Ann 
Baker John H. huckster, 75 s Fremont 
Baker Joseph, baker, 135 s High 
Baker Joseph, laborer, 72 Aliceanna 
Baker Lycurgus A. clerk, 97 s Sharp 
Baker Kuhn, cigar maker, 122 Conway 
BAKER & McCRACKEN, paper and rag 

dealers, 120 w Lombard 
Baker Maria, 24 Cathedral 
Baker Mrs. Kate B. 201 Conway 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. tailoress, 54 Albemarle 
Baker Mary Y. confectionery, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. 278 Holiins 
Baker Mary E. 293 n Howard 
Baker Nicholas, upholsterer, 88 Chesnut 
Baker Nelson, (B. &McCracken,) 21 Warren 

Baker Otho K. clerk, 97 s Sharp 
Baker Pamelia, 534 w Baltimore 
Baker Mrs. Rachel, 75 s Fremont 
Baker Richard, (B. & Bros.) Windsor mill 

BAKER RICHARD J. manufacturer of dye 

wood and dealer in dye stuffs and chemicals 

36 s Charles, dw Windsor mill road 
Baker Robt. B. cabinet maker, 458 Lexington 
Baker Robert B. cabinet mak. 34 n Fremont 
Baker Samuel J. clerk, 278 Holiins 
Baker Samuel, laborer, 223 Forrest 
Baker Samuel, butter, 42 Pearl 
Baker Sidney A. A. 97 s Sharp 
Baker Sophia, 50 s Ann 
Baker Susannah, 72 Lee 
Baker Mrs. Sarah, 67 McElderry 
Baker Mrs. Sarah, 6 n Poppleton 
Baker Mrs. Susan, 6 Gough 
Baker Theodore, carpenter, Belair av exten'd 
Baker Theodore, coach trim. 67 McElderry 
Baker Valentine, curled hair, Frederick road 
Baker Victor, cigar maker, McElderry w of 

Baker Wm. rigger, 132 Gough 
Baker Wm. laborer, 155 Burgundy al 
Baker Wm. W. cooper, 58 Stiles 
Baker Wm. H. brakesman, 262 s Charles 
Baker Wm. locksmith, 403 w Pratt 
Baker Wm. carp. Chase near Central av 
Baker Judge William, office 36 s Charles, dw 

Windsor mill road 
Baker Wm. notion stand, 171 Hanover mar- 
Baker Wm. clerk, 6 n Poppleton 
Baker Wm. D. sailmaker, 245 Gough 
Baker Wm. J. clerk, 6 Gough 
Baker Wm. A. ship carpenter, 237 Hanover ' 
Baker Wm. (B. & Brown,) 6 Gough 
Baker Wm. H. K. sewing machine operator, 

13 Pearl 
Baker Wm. A. clerk, 66 Chew 
Bald Frederick W. lock and gun smith, 91 

Penna av 
Balderston Asa H. (B. & Son,) 23 Lexington 
Balderston Hugh (H. B. & Son,) 150 w 

BALDERSTON HUGH & SON, wire work- 
ers, 12 s Calvert 
Balderston Isaiah, (B. & Son,) 23 Lexington 
Balderston Jacob, CHugh B. & Son,) 150 w 

BALDERSTON, WARD & CO., boot and 

shoe commission merchants, over 14 and 16 

Balderston John C. (B., Ward & Co.) 240 n 

Balderston Marcellus, iron worker, 172 s 

Central av 
Balderston & Son, dentists, 23 Lexington 
Balderston Ths, wire worker, 150 w Lombard 
Balderston Wilson, 103 s Sharp 
Baldner John, wheelwright, Chappel, near 

Fremont extended, dw 51 McHenry 
Baldus John, laborer, 153 Stirling 
Baldwin Christopher C, (Woodward, B. & 

Co.) 236 n Eutaw 
Baldwin Caleb C. police, 225 e Lombard 
Baldwin David, assistant treas. Savings Bank 

of Baltimore, 4 s Broadway 
Baldwin E. F. architect, 57 w Biddle 
Baldwin Francis T. master's mate, U. S. N. 

358 Lexington 

WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, Fire and I>ife Insurance Agent and Brolcer. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit Ufe Insurance Co., ITewark, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Baldwin Dr. Edwin C. 124 n Exeter, dw 

Brown's hotel, 119 n High 
Baldwin John, moulder, 52 Leadenhall 
Baldwin John P. tobacconist, 98 n Gay- 
Baldwin John H. carpenter, 205 Bank 
Baldwin John A. (C. A. Sewell & Co.) 358 

Baldwin John, engineer, 97 s Fremont 
Baldwin John H. carpenter, 122 n Eden 
Baldwin Mrs. JMary, 46 Pearl 
Baldwin Mary E. 57 w Biddle 
BALDWIN, MYER & CO. oyster packers 
and preservers ot' fruits and herm. sealed 
meats, oysters, &c. 90 West Falls av. 
Baldwin Robert, shoemaker, 180 Columbia 
Baldwin Robert T. (B., Myer «fc Co.) 274 

Madison av 
Baldwin R. W. attorney, 29 St, Paul 
Baldwin Samuel A. carter, 211 n Eden 
Baldwin Mrs. Sophia, 4 s Broadway 
Baldwin Summerfield, (Norris & B.) 236 n 

Baldwin Wm. H. jr. (Woodward, B. & Co.) 

236 n Eutaw 
Balfe Sister Mary Gertrude, Superior St. 
John's Parochial School, 54 Valley 

Balla machinist, 36 e Baltimore 

Balk Frederick, tailor, 21 s Washington, F. P. 
Balke Frederick, carpenter, 33 Clay, dw 3 s 

Balmann Clement, copper worker, 366 Light 
BALMER JAMES, apothecary, n e corner 

Baltimore and High 
Ball Mrs. Ann, 1 n High 
Ball David, sup't Md. Western Hay Scales, 

166 Franklin 
Ball David, dealer in queensware, &c. 166 

Ball Edgar S. coach trimmer, 181 n Fremont 
Ball George, mariner, 90 e Madison 
Ball John L. bricklayer, 176 s Ann 
Ball John L. shoemaker, 58 e Eager 
BALL JOHN D. carpenter, 335 n Howard, 

dw 28 Richmond 
Ball Mrs Mary, 69 Mullikin 
Ball Philip A. (Frick & B.) Baltimore co 
Ball Robert, mariner, 67 s Wolfe 
Ball Sarah, dress maker, 1 n High 
Ball Walter, (W. B. jr. & Co.) 84 n Greene 
Ball Walter, jr. (W. B. jr. & Co.) 89 Pearl 
BALL WALTER, Jr. & CO. paint and oil 

store, 177 w Pratt 
Ball Walter, clerk, 128 Bolton 
Ball Walter, treas. Bait. Steam Packet Co., 
office. Union dock, dw s e cor. Bolton and 
Ball Wm. D. bailiff Criminal Court, 79 Pearl 
Ball Wm. A. bricklayer, 4 Somerset 
Balla Francis, tailor, 197 s Bond 
Ballantine Alex. B. ship carpenter, 102 s Ann 
Ballard Cyrus J. mail agent, 231 e Pratt 
Ballard Edward J. 158 German 
Ballard George E. clerk, 19 s Howard 
Ballard Sarah, 1 w Chase 
Ballard Wm. S. assistant U. S. Relief agent, 

92 n Paca 
Ballauf Augustus, lager beer, 73 Harrison 
Ballauf Augustus, morocco dresser, 69 Har- 

Ballauf Charles E. morocco dresser, 69 Har- 
Ballauf Wm. L. currier, 69 Harrison 
Ballentine Alex. B. ship carpenter, 102 s Ann 

Ballentine Archibald, plasterer, 191 s Paca 

Ballet Justin, tailor, 106 n Eden 

Baliieder Conrad, tailor, 195 Orleans 

Ballman Anne, grocer, 755 Light 

Ballman Henry, cabinet maker, 755 Light 

Ballmann Henry, laborer, 60 Park 

Balloch James, 478 Lexington 

Balloch Robert A, collector, 478 Lexington 

Balster Henry, tailor, 62 Aliceanna 

Balster John, milkman, Polk near Washing- 
ton, Homestead 

Balster Charles, emigrant agent, 30 Fell 

Bait Wm. carter, 1 James al 

Balthus Elizabeth, tailoress, 253 e Eager 

CIAL ADVERTISER, 128 w Baltimore 

and Saratoga streets, occupied by Baltimore 
Library Co., Mercantile Library Associa- 
tion and Maryland Historical Society 

Baltimore Academy of the Visitation, corner 
Park and Centre 

Baltimore Association for Improving the Con- 
dition of the Poor, 24 w Fayette 

Baltimore Bag Factory, 77 South 

n e cor Bait, and Charles, up stairs 

Baltimore City Jail, Madison, e of Jones' 

Baltimore City Guards Armory, Patterson 
building, n e cor Baltimore and[ Gay 

BALTIMORE CLIPPER, 134 w Baltimore 

Baltimore Copper Smelting Co. Clinton St., 

of Gay and Lombard 

WAY CO., office over n e cor Eutaw and 
Bait., Henry Tyson, president 

Cuba and Andre, Whetstone Point, office 
over 30 South, Clinton Levering, president 

Frederick av 

South. Thomas Wilson, president, Ed- 
ward G. Diggs, secretary and treasurer 

Baltimore City and County Almshouse, Cal- 
verton road 

BALTIMORE COAL CO., office 6 South 
Hoffman & Son, sole agents 

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, corner 
of Lombard and Hanover, entrance Lom- 


for insuring houses from loss by fire, office 
19 South, Francis A. Crook, treasurer. 

Baltimore General Dispensary, n e cor Fay- 
ette and Liberty 

w cor South and Water, J. I. Cohen, jr., 

Greene and Lombard. — [See p. 5 Mvertise- 

South, John I. Donaldson, president 

Baltimore Glass Works, e end of Great 

GEO. S. PAG£ 6i BRO., Manufitcturera ot Roofs and Roofing Slaterlala, 111 Smitli'a 
IVbarf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. ^ 




Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of 

BALTIMORE MUSEUM, n w corner Bait, 
and Calvert 

n w cor South and Water, James Hooper, 
jr., president 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker near Lex- 

office Camden Station 

Baltimore Price Current, office Merchant's 
Exchange Reading Rooms, George U. 
Porter, publisher 

MINGTON R. R. depot, cor President and 
Canton av 

STEAMBOAT CO., office 3 Light street 
wharf, J. Alexander Shriver, agent 


Baltimore Rosine Association, 335 w Pratt 

ment 1 e Baltimore, next to bridge, Christo- 
pher Search, proprietor 

office, s end Concord, Union dock, M. N. 
Falls, agent 

Baltimore Stock Board, 45 w Fayette 

NA STEAM CO. Jos. James Tay- 
lor, Agent, office lower end West 
Palls avenue. — [Seep. HMvertisemenls] 

Baltimore United Butcher's Association, n e 

cor Neighbor and McKim 
BALTIMORE WECKER, daily and weekly 

German newspaper, 3 n Frederick, Wm. 

Schnauffer, proprietor 
Baltimore Working Men's Union, 5 s Fred'k 
Balton Mrs. Jane, 139 e*Madison 
Baltz Rhinehard, butcher, n e cor Fremont & 

Baltz Wm. butcher, 35 Belair market, dw 

Point lane near Grcenmount Cemetery 
Baltzell Alexander, merchant, 320 Franklin 
Baltzell C. paper hanger, 24 Orleans 
Baltzell John, of custom house, 497 w Fayette 
Baltzell Louisa, 13 George 
BALTZELL Dr. WM. H. 90 Hanover 
Baltzer George, laborer, 206 s Wolfe 
Baltzer Henry, laborer, 331 Canton av 
Balz Caspar, laborer, 4 Bouldin al 
Balzer Henry, tailor, 82 s Central av 
BalzerNich. porter, Hampstead near Chester 
Bambach Joseph, grocery, 100 n Central av 
Bamberger Abraham, butcher, 83 Mullikin 
Bamberger Ansel, (B. Bros.) 27 n Eutaw 
BambergerBrothers, dry goods, 147 Lexington 
Bamberger David, dry goods, 43 n Howard, 

dw 111 w Fayette 
BAMBERGER ELK AN, millinery, ribbons 

and fancy goods dealer, 247 w Baltimore, 

dw 71 Howard 
Bamberger John, miller, 381 n Gay 
Bamberger J. 27 n Eutaw 
Bamberger Joseph, bricklayer, 266 Green- 
mount av 
Bamberger Joseph C. iron works, 381 n Gay 
Bamberger Moses, (B. Bros.^ 27 n Eutaw 
Bamberger Wm. H. grocery, 243 e Madison 

J. HENRY GIESE:, Coizunlssion Blercliant, for the sale of F-lonr, Grain, Seeds, Sx. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constoutljr on hand, ^1 Spear's Wliarf. 

Banarsdale Andrew M. clerk, 379 w Fayette 
Banchardt Wm. parasol and umbrella maker, 

75 n Eutaw 
Bancroft Charles F. clerk, 12 n High 
Bancroft John, bricklayer, 12 n High 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer, 12 n High 
Bandar Joseph, harness maker, 37 s Paca 
Bandel Justma B. 96 s Exeter 
Bandel Leonard J. block and pump maker, 

97 McElderry's wharf, dw 96 s Exeter 
Bandel M. L. (M. L. B. & Co.) 365 e Pratt 
Bandel M. L. & Co. claim ag'ts, 30 w Second 
Bandel Philip, 119 s Exeter 
Bandell Andrew J. clerk. Fire Inspector's 

office, dw 67 n Front 
Bandell Mrs. Ann Maria, 204 e Madison 
Bandell Charles S. 63 s Caroline 
Bandell Emma, teacher, 49 Hanover 
Bandell George W. dyer and scourer, 187 e 

Bandell George S. assistant editor Sun, 93 n 

Bandell Henry M. shoemaker, 204 e Madison 
Bandell James L. shoemaker, 204 e Madison 
Bandell John W. clerk, 365 e Pratt 
Bandell Capt. Michael H. mariner, 160 s 

Bandell Wm. bacon dealer, 72 n Bond 
Bando Frederick, barber, 267 n Bond 
Bang Francis G. 35 McHenry 
Bange Frank, barber, 43 McElderry 
Banger Catharine, 370 Saratoga 
Banger F. liquors, 239 s Bond 
Banger George, confectioner, 370 Saratoga 
Banger Henry, cabinet maker, 173 e Lombard 
Bangert Henry, cabinet maker, 178 s Central 

avenue ' 

Bangert Joseph, baker, 8 Fell 
Bangert Philip, coal oil and lamps, s e cor 

Central av and Chew 
Bangert Rudolph, hatter, 116 McElderry 
Bangs Charles, clerk, 11 Penn 
Bangs Edward, (Carey, B. & Woodward,) 76 

w Monument 
Bangs John, boot and shoemaker, 229 w 

Pratt, dw 144 Barre 
Bangs Mrs. Mary A, 113 s Bond 
Bangs Wm. 11 Penn 
Banhart John, carter, 175 s Ann 
Banhart John, jr., iron worker, 175 s Ann 
BANK OF BALTIMORE, n e cor Baltimore 

and St. Paul 
Bankard Frederick, cigar maker, 37 Preston 
Bankard John L. butcher, 436 e Baltimore 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, 29 Centre, 13 

Lexington and 36 Hanover markets, and 

beef and pork packer, 212 e Fayette, dw 

n e cor Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard James M. butcher, 67 Hampstead 
Bankard Martin A. tailor, 131 s Dallas 
Bankard Nicholas D. carpenter, 187 Ross 
Banker Wm. horse dealer, 326 e Lombard 
Bankerd Wm. (John F. Forrester & Co.) 131 

Bankhead Robert, clerk, 30 n Fremont 
Banks Benj. F. furniture wagoner, 175 Orleans 
Banks Daniel B. president Union Manufactur- 
ing Co., office cor Howard and German, 

dw 194 Franklin 
Banks David, furniture, 59^ South, dw Balti- 
more near Washington 
Banks Henry, shoemaker, 189 s Caroline 




Banks John, machinist, 15 s Schroeder 
Banks Joseph L. machinist, 48 s Poppleton 
Banks Lewis, machinist, 48 s Poppleton 
Banks Martin L. clerk, Baltimore near Wash- 
Banks Robt. T. china ware, 53 South, dw 67 

6 Pratt 
Banks Saml. machinist, Townsend, near John 
Banks W. E. (Swain & B,) 223 w Lombard 
Banks Wm. J. grocer, n e cor Bond and Eager 
Bannan Mrs. Annie, grocery, 11 Rose 
Bannan John, laborer, 16 Diamond 
Bannan John, painter, 14 Lanvale 
Bannan John, grocer, 194 Lexington, dw 170 

Bannan John, machinist, 79 York 
Bannan Lawrence, machinist, 79 York 
Bannan Michael, grocer, 158 Ross 
Bannon Lizzie, seamstress, 176 Raborg 
BANNON M. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

Anne Arundel Co. 
Bannon Patrick, drayman, 120 Scott 
Bannon Peter, laborer, Clinton, Canton 
Banner Henry, soldier, 73 Union 
Bannenberg Fredk. shoemaker, 344 w Pratt 
Banning Mrs. Catharine, 360 n Eutaw 
Bannister Wm. plasterer, 689 w Baltimore 
Bansemer G. A. (W. G. B. & Co.) 391 w 

BANSEMERW.G.& CO. wholesale grocers 
and commission merchants, 108 w Lombard 
Bansemer Wm. G. (W. G. B. & Co.) 391 w 

Banthem Charles W. wheelwright, 289 Cross 
Banthem Geo. W. blacksmith, 289 Cross 
Banthem James M. coachmaker, 300 Cross 
Banthem John Y. coachmaker, 289 Cross 
Bantz Dr. Edward, 22 Columbia 
Bantz Eugene H. clerk, 305 Lexington 
BANTZ THEODORE S. agent, boot, shoe, 
hat and cap dealer, over 320 and 322 w 
Baltimore, dw .305 Lexington 
Banz John, shoemaker, 282 e Lombard 
Bappler Henry, baker, 146 Pearl 
Bar & Bro. clothiers, 189 s Broadway 
Barbee Fredk. 65 Orleans 
Barbee George B. clerk, 626 w Baltimore 
Barber Edw. iron roller, 135 Hudson 
Barber John G. deputy provost marshal, 450 

w Fayette 
Barber Jno.T. mariner, Caroline near Thames 
Barber Mic'l, rigger, Caroline near Thames 
Barber Wm. S. clerk, 171 w Lombard 
Barbour David M. (Stewart & Bro) 25 Ais- 

Barbine Charles, fisherman, 132 Johnson 
Barbine Joseph S. huckster, 190 Cross 
Barbine Jacob F. bricklayer, 132 Johnson 
Barbine Wm. E. ship carpenter, 132 Johnson 
Barcer Jacob, tailor, 241 e Lombard 
Barcher John, upholsterer, 192 s Ann 
Barcher Susan, huckstress, 192 s Ann 
Barclay Mrs. Anna, 69 s Ann 
Barclay & Bro. boat builders, Covington near 

Barclay Charles (B. & Bro. j Covington near 

Barclay James, butcher, 18 Eastern av 
Barclay Marcus, machinist 69 s Ann 
Barclay Mary, confectionery, 18 Eastern av 
Barclay Richard R. mariner, 56 s Ann 
Barclay Wm. (B. & Bro.) Covington near 

Bardroff Joseph, plasterer, 102 Pierce 
Bardroff Lewis (B. & Ehrman) 82 s Ann 
BardroiF Lewis C. wood and coal dealer, 828 

Bardroff Peter, piano maker, 20 Rock 
Bardroff & Ehrman, wood and coal, foot of 

Barg Albert, bookkeeper, 75 w Eutaw 
Bareltz Geo. tailor, Chase near Central av 
Barer Henry, grocer, 104 McElderry 
Barden Michael, laborer, 138 Sterrettj 
Bardy Joseph, pilot, 80 s Washington, F. P. 
Bargar Deeter, bricklayer, 65 Franklin 
Bargar George W. bricklayer, 101 Ross 
Bargar Henry, bricklayer, 172 Mulberry 
Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Earger John, laborer, 265 e Lombard 
Barget Geo. musician, 14 L. McElderry 
Bargman Joseph, horse dealer, 25 s Paca 
Bargman Samuel, butcher, 320 Eastern av 
Bargmin Moses, clothier, 230 s Charles 
Barghausen Henry, cabinet maker, cor Caro- 
line and Block 
Barke Christian, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 
Barker Alfred, pattern maker, 89 French 
Barker Charles F. clerk, 362 n Eutaw 
Barker Edward W. clerk, 362 n Eutaw 
Barker Emily, dress maker, 21 n Eutaw 
Barker Evan T. 40 w Eiddle 
Barker Fredk. shoemaker, 178 s Durham 
Barker George Y. clerk, 160 n Calvert • 
Barker Gotleib, cooper, 58 Bank 
Barker Mrs. Harriet A. 160 n Calvert 
Barker James Thomas, mariner, 265 West 
Barker John, mariner, Meyer court 
Barker John A. clerk, 160 n Calvert 
Barker John A. 15 St. Paul 
Barker Joseph, clerk, 160 n Calvert 
Barker Wm. G. confectionery, 3 Holiday 
Barker Wm. K. tobacconist, 265 w Pratt, dw 

150 Barre 
Barker Wm. porter Mechanics' Bank, 77 w 

Barker Wm. C. clerk, Marriott near Haubert 
Barker Wm. H, ship carpenter, 49 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Barker Wm. mariner, 171 German 
Barklage G. H. (B. & Henneman,) 31 Marion 
Barklage & Henneman, packing box makers, 

15 Cowpen alley 
Barkley Geo. L. provisions, 267 e Lombard 
Barkley Robert, tailor, 43 Eastern av 
Barkman Conrad, wheelwright, 107 Columbia 
Barkman Joseph, cigar maker, 46 Pierce 
Barlage Frank, grocery, 260 Montgomery 
Barlage John G. grocer and liquor dealer, 160 

e Lombard 
Barley John T. engineer, 20 s Carey 
Barling Edward, carpenter, 54 Stiles 
Barlow Ann, grocery, 5 s Bond 
Barlow Joseph, grocer, 46 n Paca, dw 503 w 

Barlow Joseph, mariner, 5 s Bond 
Barlosius Charles, Pearl near Lexington 
Barmane Edward, baker, 239 w Pratt 
Barnes Alexander M. police, 130 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Barnes Agnes V. 140 s Ann 
Barnes Bryson, soldier, 13 s Schroeder 
Barnes Burnett, huckster, 311 Aisquith 
Barnes Capt. Benj. 83 Columbia 
Barnes Christian R. police, 239 e Fayette 
Barnes Mrs. Deborah, tmloress, 2 Gold ct 

GKO. S. PAGB <Sk BRO., Manuractorera of Roofs and Roofing Materials, 111 Smltli'» 
IVbarf; C. HART SOUTH, Agent. 




BARNES & DEBOW, dealers in oysters, 

over 150 w Pratt 
Barnes Daniel J. police, 194 Bank 
Barnes Mrs. Ellen R. 14 Ramsay- 
Barnes George, Fountain hotel 
Barnes Geo. W. laborer, 127 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Barnes Hanson P. (B. & Debow) 285 e Mad- 
Barnes Jas. S. brass founder, 52 n Schroeder 
Barnes Jas. E. wheelwright, 293 Eastern av 
Barnes John, tailor, 78 s Wolfe 
Barnes John R. clerk, 53 Milliman 
Barnes John M. blacksmith, 24 Maiden la 
Barnes Mrs. Margaret, 94 n Charles 
Barnes Mrs. Marv, 31 Stockton al 
BARNES MRS. MARY A. 20 Pierce 
Barnes Richard, of tobacco warehouse No. 1, 

79 s Washington, F. P. 
Barnes Robert C. quartermaster's office, 5b'0 

w Fayette 
Barnes Robert C. jr. clerk, 560 w Fayette 
Barnes Samuel F. 14 Ramsay 
Barnes Samuel H. engineer, 300 Light 
Barnes Sarah A. tailoress, 2 Gold ct 
Barnes Thomas B. cigar maker, 53 Milli- 
Barnes Capt. Thomas H. 14 Williamson 
Barnes Winston, grocer and commission mer- 
chant, cor O'Donnell's whf and Pratt, dw 
I4I0 s Calvert 
Barnes Wm. M. carpenter, 319 n Eutaw 
Barnet John H. conductor, G s Republican 
Barnet William H. bricklayer, 167 s Ann 
Barnett De warren H. 74 n Charles 
Barnett James A. caulker, 125 Washington, 

F. H. 
Barnett Rosanna, tailoress, 125 Washington, 

F. H. 
Barnett Thomas, painter, 162 Bank 
Barnett William, dork P. 0. 185 Lee 
Barney Eliza, dressmaker, 108 s High 
Barney Jamc§ H. (John Sullivan & Sons,) 76 

n Charles 
Barnham Andrew, clerk, 359 e Eager 
Barnham Henry, confectioner, 185 East 
Barnickel Johann F. tailor, 84 s Bethel 
Barnickel Wolfgang, huckster, 13 e Lombard 
Barnitz Alex. H. bookkeeper, 277 Garden 
Barnstricker Michael, laborer, Washington rd 
Barnstein Solomon, clothing, 107 Camden 
Barnum Allen S. Grundy near McMechin 
BARNUM'S CITY HOTEL, fronting Cal- 
vert, St. Paul and Fayette, Zenus Barnum, 
BARNUM ZENUS, proprietor Barnum 's 
City Hotel, dw s e cor Cathedral and Mt. 
Vernon pi 
Barnwell Franklin, nail maker, 7 Humes 
Barr Elizabeth, seamstress, 155 s Charles 
Barr James L. clerk N. C. R. 233 Mulberry 
BARR JOHN, Washington hotel, n w cor 

Eutaw and Camden 
Barr Samuel, agent N. C. R. 233 Mulberry 
Barranger John, 37 McElderry 
Barranger John, watchman, cor McElderry 

and Spring 
Barranger Lewis L. sr. butcher, 34 Centre, 
77 Lexington and 63 Hanover markets, dw 
288 Saratoga 
Barranger Lewis L. jr. butcher, 62 Centre, 
44 Lexington and 74 Hanover markets, dw 
8 Calverton road 

Barray Catharine, 75 Stirling 
Barren John, carpenter, 142 w Madison 
Barren Sarah, dairy, 142 w Madison 
Barrett Andrew J. school teacher, 23 Fenn 
Barrett Catharine, millinery store, 90 Rich- 
Barrett David, watchman, 118 n Fremont 
Barrett David, watchman, 346 Franklin 
BARRETT & DE BEET, carvers and gild- 
ers, 7 w Baltimore 
Barrett Edw. wagoner, 182 s Central av 
Barrett Capt. Gregory, jr. U. S. A. 155 n Eu- 
Barrett Gregory, sr. lamplighter, 118 n Fre- 
Barrett George, silversmith, 371 Lexington 
Barrett George A. cutter, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett James A. finisher, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett James J. musician, 17 McElderry 
Barrett James J. pfynt and oil store, 240 Lex- 
ington, dw 108 Mulberry 
Barrett J. L. (B. &DeBeet) 5 Jackson square 
Barrett John, grocery, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John, laborer, 415 Saratoga 
Barrett Mrs. Jane F. 39 Henrietta 
Barrett M. looking glass and picture frames, 

82 n Howard 
Barrett Mary, 15 n Eutaw 
Barrett Margaret E. 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Patrick, mariner, 155 s Chester 
Barrett Thomas H. engineer, 167 n Paca 
Barrett Thomas, boat builder, Carroll's Point 
Barrm Wm. rag dealer, 264 s Charles, dw 

320 s Sharp 
Barrett William, operator fire alarm telegraph, 

dw 323 Mulberry 
Barrett William, clerk, 185 Lee 
Barrett W. D. (Warder & B.) 76 Franklin 
Barrickman Mrs. Ellen, 169 n Paca 
Barrickman Jacob, cedar coop. 200 e Baltimore 
Barring Lewis L. provisions, 286 Saratoga, 

dw 288 
Barril Brothers, agents Peruvian guano, 29)^ 

Barril Robert (B. Bros.) 173 n Charles 
Barringer James L. police, Jefferson near Ann 
Barrington Edw. P. bookkeeper, 238 German 
Barrington Frank F. prof, music, 124 Grundy 
Barrington J. Talbot, 143 s Broadway 
BARROLL BENJ. C. attorney, 82 w Fay- 
ette, dw Bait. Co. 
Barroll James W. 286 Madison av 
Barroll Mary Ann, 109 w Monument 
Barron Daniel D. machinist, 134 Conway 
Barron Edward, horseshoer, 267 w Biddle 
Barron Geo. grinder and buffer, 66 s Poppleton 
Barron George, shoemaker, 156 s Fremont 
Barron James, of fire department, 137 e Lom- 
Barron John M., U. S. N. 169 Hanover 
Barron John, U. S. N. 10 Armistead la 
Barron John, huckster, 195 s Paca 
Barron Mary Ann, seamstress, ff Preston 
Barron Samuel H. 285 Lexington 
Barron Thos. veterinary surgeon, 10 w Hoff- 
Barron Wm. D. salesman, 134 Conway 
Barrow Denwood H. bookkeeper, 527 w Fay- 
Barrow Mrs. Esther R. 666 Lexington 
Barrow H. T. bookkeeper, 158 w Lombard 
Barrow Rev. Thos. 227 e Baltimore 
Barrow Wm. H. 666 Lexington 

J. HEJnRY GIESE, Commission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
. Roaendale Cement Rud Calcined Plaster constantly on lumd, fil Spear's WluirT. 





Barrows Rescom S. clerk, 81 n Eutaw 
BARRUS GEO. W. dry goods, 221 e Balti- 
more, dw. 258 Madison av 
BARRY & HOOGEWERFF, merchandise 

brokers, 4 Grocer's Exchange 
Barry Edmond, teamster, 184 s Central av 
Barry Ellen, 320 w Fayette 
Barry Jas. C. jr. (B. & Hoogewerff) 46 n 

Barry Henrietta, 251 Franklin 
Barry James, laborer, 1 Hargrove al 
Barry Jas. C. sr., 46 n Liberty 
Barry Jno.R. teller Franklin Bank, 58sExeter 
Barry John, carpenter, 3 Watson 
Barry John S.& Co., dry goods com. mer. 20 

Barry John S. (J. S. B. & Co.) 177 St. Paul 
Barry Capt. John J. collector, 222 w Fayette 
Barry John W. huckster, 393 w Pratt 
BARRY LLEWELLYN ^. atty. at law, 80 

w Fayette, dw. 79 w Monument 
Barry Mrs. Margaret A. 498 Lexington 
Barry Richard, wagoner, 44 n Eden 
BARRY ROBERT C. attorney at law, n w 

cor Lexington and Courtland 
Barry Mrs. Rachael, 393 w Pratt 
Barry Samuel M. 61 n Liberty 
Barry Standish, currier, 58 s Exeter 
Barry Wm. H. huckster, 393 w Pratt 
Barry Wm. millwright, 118 York 
Barry Wm. porter, 69 Vine 
Barry Mrs. Dr. Wm. J. 166 Preston 
Barry Wm. R. (F. B. Loney & Co.) 586 Lex- 
Barsch Philip, barber, 208 Canton av 
Bart Louis, locksmith, 84 s Bethel 
Bartcher August, tailor, 216 s Durham 
Bartell Christopher, cab. maker, 81 e Lombard 
Bartenschlager John, tailor, 215 e Pratt 
Barter John, brewer, 292 Eastern av. 
Bartgis Mary C. china and glass, 62 n Gay 
Barth Christian, shoemaker, 30 n Paca 
Barth Daniel, saddler, 197 Cathedral 
BARTH & EDMEADES, commis. merchts. 
and importers liquors, wines, cigars, &c., 
22 8 Calvert 
Bartli John H. sutler, 610 Lexington 
Barth Saml., (B. & Edmeades) 175 w Fayette 
Barthen Julius, tailor, 10 East 
Barthold Augustus, jeweler, 138 L. Greene 
Bartholo John, butcher, 93 Chatsworth 
Bartholomaei Christian G. patent crutches and 
splints for fractured bones, cor Holiday and 
Orange al. dw 13 Chase 
Bartholomaeus George, printer, Raborg bet. 

Poppleton and Fremont 
Bariholomasa Geo. cabinet maker, 55 Fawn 
Bartholomee John J. cigar maker, 11 s Ann 
Bariholomee Julius, cigar maker, 11 s Ann 
Bartholomee Theodore M. carpenter, 263 n 

Bartholomew Christian, tailor, 39 n Spring 
Barihnlomew Christian, tailor, 90 Harrison 
Bartholomew Gustavus, grocer, 24 Gough 
Bartholomew Harry, iron moulder, 65 Pearl 
Bartholomew Henry, clerk, 165 Pearl 
Bartliolomew Lanhart, laborer, 179 Raborg 
Bartholomey August, tailor. 57 Gough 
Bartholow Andrew J. carpenter, 50 n Pine 
Bartholow B. F. 304 Hollins 
Bartholow Geo M. dairy, 60 n Republican 
Bartholow J. M. C. clerk, 265 Lexington 
Bartholow P. J. 265 Lexington 

Bartholow Thomas, milk, 716 w Pratt 
Bartible Edward, stone mason, 136 Raborg 
Bartles Henry, cigar maker, 120 s Chapel 
Bartleson Alonzo D. clerk, 5 St. Paul 
Bartlett Abner T. police, 169 e Eager 
Bartlett Chas. A. butcher, Fayette extended 
Bartlett Chas. boat builder, Hughes near the 

basin, dw 412 Light 
Bartlett David L. (Hayward, B. & Co.) 57 


leather dealers, 134 w Fayette 
Bartlett George (G. B. & Co.) 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett Geo. W. B. B. clerk, 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett James, jr. boat builder, 131 Gough 
Bartlett James, boat builder, 37 Philpot, dw 

131 Gough 
BARTLETT JOHN M. wholesale druggist, 

70 s Calvert, dw 173 n Calvert 
Bartlett Joseph T. clerk, 173 n Calvert 
Bartlett John M. 173 n Calvert 
Bartlett Mrs. A. 47 Marion 
Bartlett Mary, 110 Hanover 
Bartlett Thomas, blacksmith, 122 s Wolfe 
Bartlett Wm. E. (3d) clerk, 173 n Calvert 
Bartlett Wm. laborer, 216 s Wolfe 
Bartlett Wm. E. 110 Hanover 
Bartlett Wm. E. jr., 65 w Fayette 
Bartlett Wm. S. boat builder, 227 e Baltimore 
Bartley Robert, tailor, 27 Eastern av 
Bartling Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 53 Hill 
Bartman John, 121 s Regester 
Bartol Henry B. coachmaker, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol Sophia A. 82 Mulberry 
Barton Andrew C. police, 102 Granby 
Barton Chas. H. miller, Fails road near toUgate 
Barton Greenbury, 102 Granby 
Barton Henry C. 238 Montgomery 
Barton Ignatius D. printer, 300 n Howard 
Barton Jennings, ship joiner, 142 s Chester 
Barton Jas. ship joiner, 210 Bank 
Barton Jas. I. tailor, 178 e Baltimore 
Barton John T. carp'r 50 s Washington, F. P, 
Barton Joshua N. finisher. Mount Royal 
Barton Joshua, Falls road near toll gate 
Barton Joshua, machinist, 107 Grundy 
Barton Joshua, machinist. Mount Royal Hill, 

near Reservoir 
Barton Mrs. Jane, 238 Montgomery 
Barton Mrs. millinery, 205 s Bond 
Barton Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 26 Constitution 
Barton Mary J. 102 s Bond 
Barton Mrs. Mary Ann, Mount Royal 
Barton Petronillus, milliner, 205 s Bond 
Barton Philip A. currier, 62 e Lombard 
Barton Rebecca, 148 n Exeter 
Barton Samuel S. sail maker, 102 s Bond 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 70 MuUikin, dw 

173 Orleans 
Barton Thaddeus J. circus agent, 238 Mont- 
Barton Theodore, clerk, 238 Montgomery 
Barton Thomas L. blacksmith. Mount Royal 
Barton Wm. L printer, 199 w Fayette 
Barton Wm. J. (Wm. J. B. & Son) 62 e 

BARTON WM. J. & SON, curriers and 

leather dealers, 7 and 9 Cheapside 
Barton Wm. B. wagoner, 65 Hillen 
Barton Willard, grocer, s e cor. Schroeder 

and Hollins 
Barton Wm. N. (W. J. B. & Son) 62 e Lom- 

WM. P. WEBB, Marine, Fire and lilfe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent Mjjiutnal 
Beneflt Life Insurance Co., Nevrark, W. J.," 89 Second Strvet. 


Bartscher August, tailor, 60 s Regester 
Bartscher Francis, wheelwright, llSColambia 
Bartscher Dr. Francis, 190 e Madison 
BARTZ DANIEL, restaurant, 28 Li-ht 
Barwick Samuel, junk dealer, 278 s Broadway 
Bash John H. (Entz & B.) 195 w Hoffman 
Bash Henry M. office over 13 North, dw 82 

w Monument 
Bashman Nicholas, varnisher, 57 s Durham 
Basil John, jr. teacher, 126 a Madison 
Bass Annie, 132 s Ann 
Bass Daniel, brush maker, 24 Abbot 
Bass & Wight, tobacco brokers and comm. 



merchants, 51 Exchange place 
Bassett Mrs. Caroline, 30 L. Church 
Bassett Elizabeth, 26 n Eden 
Bassett Freeman, boiler maker, 226 Mont- 
Bassett Henrietta, seamstress, 57 L. Hughes 
Bassett Hezekiah, soldier, 57 L. Hughes 
Bassett Capt John B. mariner, 257 Gouo-h 
Bassford Mrs. Angeline, 317 e Madison "^ 
Bassford John T. photographer, 480 Lexin<^- 
ton & i ' o 

Bassford Mrs. Maria, 163 Garden 
BASSHOR THOMAS C. & CO. engineers 
and heating apparatus manufacturers, 26 
Basshor Thomas C. (T. C. B. & Co.) Foun- 
tain hotel 
Bast Mrs. Louisa L. boarding house, 476 w 

Bast John, baker, 98 e Lombard 
Bastable Gilbert M. cattle, 4 Waverly terrace 
Bastert August, hammerman, 19 Cannon 
Bastian Henry, cigar maker, 70 Hampstead 
Bastianelli Gaetano, (J. M. Richardson & 

Co.) 290 Lexington 
Bastic Henry, ironworker, 143 s Durham 
Bastien Emile, finisher, 96 Lexington 
Bastien E. ladies' hair dresser, 96 Lexington 
Bastner Michael, shoemaker, 165 King 
S'^^ox'-JJV ^^^^'^' laborer, rear of 29 Goodman al 
BASWITZ MGRRITZ, millinery, 187 n Gay 
Batcheller Charles G. clerk to provost mar- 
shal, 3d district, 51 Saratoga 
Batchelor Andrew, ship carpenter, 13 n Wolfe 
Batchelor Benjamin E. sailmaker, 174 Gout^h 
Batchelor David, shoemaker, 39 Jackson ° 
Batchelor Mrs. Eliza J . 305 e Lombard 
Batchelor Jacob, porter, 72 Ross 
Batchelor John, porter, 72 Ross 
Batchelor Joseph, gas filter, 34 Constitution 
Batchelor Joseph, laborer, 43 Bank 
Batchelor Lewis F. driver, 25 Josephine 
Batchelor T. L. cigar maker, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Wallace, pap. hanger, 167 Hanover 
Batchelor Wm. watchman, 5 n Wolfe 
BaXchenfield R. cigar maker, 238 Aliceanna 
Batcher Conrad, bookkeeper, 42 Barre 
Batching John, laborer, 18 Russell 
Bateman Benjamin M. G. tinner, 270 Light 
Bateman Catharine, 68 s High 
Bateman, Mrs. Eliza, confectioner, 270 Light 
Bateman James J. bookkeeper, 422 Lexington 
Bateman Jas. S. tobacconist, 125 Hillen 
Bateman Samuel, moulder, 226 Light 
Bateman Thomas, clerk, 34 n Exeter 
Bateman Wm. F. confectioner, 91 s Greene 
Bateman Wm. H. carter, 310 Aisquith 
Bateman Wm. L. police, 246 e Monument 
Batery Ignatius, sutler, 21 s Calhoun 
Bates Alexander B., U. S. N., 676 w Fayette 

Bates Mrs. Augusta, 274 Lee 
Bates Charles, iron moulder, 18 McElderrv 
Bates Rev. Daniel W. 39 s Washington, F. P. 
bates Ernest, moulder, 274 Lee 
BATES FRANKLLV L. manuf. hoisting 
wheels and trucks for warehouses, over 1, 
3 and 5 President, dw 275 e Baltimore 
I Bates -— , clergyman. 41 s Greene 
Bates Dr. J. W. P. 45 Conway, dw 103 Han- 
Bates James R. coach painter, 501 w Lombard 
Bates James, jr. iron founder and hoisting 
wheel manuf. 1, 3 and 5 President, dw 275 
e Baltimore [See p. 42 Mvertisements. 
Bates John A. distiller, 676 w Fayette 
Bathschatis Elbert, shoemaker, 9 Barnes 
Batman John, boiler maker, 18 s Carey 
Batsel John, butcher, 25 Abbott 
Battee John O. canvasser, 421 w Fayette 
Battee Dr. John S. coroner, 165 Hanover 
Battee John, carpenter, 485 e Baltimore 
Battee Julia A. 21 s Exeter 

at law, 24 St. Paul, dw 165 Hanover 
Batten Samuel, 312 Hollins 
Battenbecher Peter, rag dealer, 877 w Pratt 
Battenfield Anna, grocery, 351 Canton av 
Battenfield Daniel, tailor, 94 Leadenhall- 
Battern Patrick, drayman, 27 e Madison 
Battin Harmon, fringe maker, 5 s Exeter 
Batty C. clerk, 132 n Gay 
Batty Frank, engineer, 35 Gough 
Batty Jas. L. 252 Hollins 
Batty Joseph, engineer, 35 Gough 
Batz Conrad, laborer, 179 Eastern av 
Batz Wm. H. cabinet maker, 132 s Dallas 
Batzel George, grocery, 249 e Eager 
Batzel John, tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer George, tailor, 214 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph, tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzold Wm. shoemaker, 194 Aliceanna 
Bau Henry, tailor, 105 s Regester 
Bau John, shoemaker, 237 e^Eager 
Bauch Joseph, tailor, 13 Somerset 
Bauch John, laborer, 235 s Dallas 
Bauchaidt Wm. umbrella maker, 75 n Eutaw, 
and hat and cap manufacturer, 45 n Eutaw 
BAUER CHARLES, proprietor Independent 

Turner Hall, 45 e Pratt 
BAUER CHARLES, tavern, 77 n Gay 
Bauer Christopher, tailor, 15 Ensor 
Bauer Conrad, wines and liquors, 32 Thames 
Bauer Elizabeth, 291 Aliceanna 
Bauer George, confectioner, 492 Lexington 
Bauer George L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
Bauer Isabella R. candies, 110 Preston 
Bauer James, shoemaker, 110 Preston 
Bauer John, carpenter, Hudson al nr. Federal 
Bauer Joseph, grocery, 15 Jeflferson 
Bauer Margaret, 216 e Eager 
Bauerlein Mrs. Barbara, milk, 1 St. Peter 
Bauersock John, laborer, 96 St. Peter 
Bauerle Geo. shoemaker, 158 Columbia 
Bauerschmidt Geo. & Co. lager beer, 281 w 

Bauerschmidt John, (G. B. &Co.)281 w Pratt 
Baugh Philip, tailor, 2.39 e Eager 
Baugher Edward, cabinet maker, 9 Baker ct 
BaugherJosiahL. tavern, 158 Franklin 
Baugher J. C. (P.Tiernan& Son) 167 Charlea 
Baughman Ann, 79 Grundy 
Baughman August, porter, 143 s Greene 
Baughman Chas. W. G. police, 6 Hoffman 

GEO, S. PAGE & BRO., Maimfaeturers of Roofs and Roofing Materials, IH Smltb'a 
Wharf. C. HART SJIITH, A«rent. 




Baughman Charlotte, Mount Royal 

Baughman Daniel, carpenter, 119 Hollins 

Baughman Francis, editor, 79 Grundy 

Baughman George, salesman, 434 w Fayette 

Baughman Joseph K. painter, 46 n Schroeder 

Baughman John, tailor, 78 Greenmount av 

Baughman Samuel W. painter, 6 Hoffman 

Baum Ellen, dry goods, 81 Pearl 

Baum Eliza, 81 Pearl 

Baum Elizabeth, 218 Saratoga 

Baum Henry, butcher, 17 Fell's Pt. market, 

dw 216 Canton av 
Baum Koshman, butcher, 216 Canton av 
Baum John, stove jobber, 59 Gough 
Baum John, cooper, 213 Eastern av 
Baum Lewis, butcher, 41 Goodman al 
Baum Michael, shoemaker, 91 s Dallas 
Baum R. butcher, 216 Canton av 
Baum Valentiue, shoemaker, 93 Mulberry 
Bauman Andrevv^, tailor, 345 e Lombard 
Bauman Wm. shoemaker, 131 s Fremont 
Baumann Wm. shoemaker, 63 Ross 
Baumeister Wm. grocery and shoe findings, 

218 Aliceanna 
Baumer Christopher, laborer, 173 s Eden 
Baumer Siegman, cooper, 89 s Register 
Baumgarten Adolphus, tailor, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Charles, cabinet maker, 229 s 

Baumgarten Henry, photographer, 560 w Bal- 
Baumgarten Joseph, tailor, 43 Brown 
Baumgarten Rachel, provisions, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Selig, engraver, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Wm. engraver, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgartner Adam, shoemaker, 348 Light 

Webster Hall, 45 Albemarle 
Baumgartner John, shoemkr, 219 n Central av 
Baumiianer Edw, cabinet maker, 9 Baker's ct 
Baumuller John, shoemaker, 107 West 
Baur Conrad, grocer, 35 s Oregon 
Baur John, potter, 168 s Bethel 
Baur Nicholas, laborer, 168 s Bethel 
Baurhaus Wm. grocery, 123 L. Greene 
Baush Conrad, porter, 7 Fell 
Bausman Rev. J. P. 304 w Fayette 
Bausmith & Bowen, brass founders, Uhler's 

al, betw Charles and Hanover 
Bausmith Wm. T. (B. & Bowen) 20 Jackson 

Bawden John H. clerk, 62 s Bond 
Bawden John, clerk, 72 s Caroline 
Baxley Dr. Henry W. 185 w Fayette 
BAXLEY J. BROWN, pharmaceutist, e e 

«or. Howard and Franklin 
Baxley James, blacksmith, 25 Chew 
Baxloy Wm. H. tinner, 125 Hollins 
Baxter Christiana, tailoress, 144 Ross 
Baxter Mrs. Emily A. seamstress, 300 e Lom- 
Baxter Emily, grocer, s w cor. Fayette and 

Baxter George, mariner, 81 s Thames 
Baxter Henrietta G. 366 Lexington 
BAXTER &, JOHNSTON, mineral water sa- 
loon, 99 w Baltimore 
Baxter Joseph T. (B. & Johnston) 159 w 

Baxter Joseph E. clerk, 43 Gittings 
Baxter Mrs. Raciiael L. confec'r, 100 Scott 
Baxter Mrs. Rebecca, 28 Camden 
Baxter Thomas, boiler maker, 100 Scott 

Baxter Wm. cooper, 218 e Madison 
Baxter Wm. stone cutter, 230 Preston 
Bay John W. clerk, 12 s Bond 
Bay Oliver, carpenter. 111 Franklin 
Bayer Andrew, tailor, 36 e Baltimore 
Bayer George, tailor, 447 w Baltimore 
Bayer George C. confectioner, 166 Barre 
Bayer John, miller, 41 Block 
Bayer Laurence, musician, 69 s Regester 
Bayer Peter, comb maker, 151 Stirling 
Bayfield & .Gregg, tanners, s e cor. Holiday 

and Centre 
Bayfield Jas. H. (B. & Gregg,) s e cor. Holi- 
day and Centre 
Bayfield James, 153 n Paca 
Bayfield Mary, Charles 2d door n of Hamilton 
Bayles Bernard, 25 Conway 
Bayles Bernard, clerk, 25 Conway 
Bayless Frederick L. 325 Harford av 
Bayless Isaac T. carpenter, 205 Columbia 
Bayless John T. carpenter, 175 e Eager 
Bayless Thos. gardener, 175 e Eager 
Bayless Wm. J. bookkeeper at Eutaw house, 

dw 44 Courtland 
Bayley Chas. grocer, 22 n High 
Bayley David, barber, 1533^ n Gay 
Bayley Eliza, 46 Conway 
Bayley Hamilton J. street contractor, 127 w 

Bayley Josiah, cigar maker, 108 s Sharp 
Bayley Mary, Ross extended 
BAYLEY R. P. & CO. importers of China, 

glass and queensware, 6 Hanover 
Bayley R. P. (R. P. B. & Co.) 638 w Lombard 
Bayley Wm. L. tailor, 207 Gough 
Bayley Wm. carpenter, 24 n High 
BAYLIES CHARLES F. grocer, flour and 
feed dealer, n e cor. Eden and Jefferson, dw 
55 Jefferson 
Baylies Edv/ard, clerk, 20 s Exeter 
Baylies George H. clerk, 135 n Eden 
Baylies James L. storage warehouses, 18 and 

22 Spear's wharf, dw 538 w Fayette 
Baylies John H. clerk, 20 s Exeter 
Baylies Mrs. Susan, 20 s Exeter 
Baylis George H. soldier, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis James R. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Bayly James F. clerk, 177 n High 
Bayly Jolui H. carpenter, 3 Ogston 
Bayly Mrs. Wm. F. 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Wm. 177 n High 
Bayn Jas. Francis, rigger, 249 Gough 
Baynard Mrs. Eliza, 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Dr. George, 7 Cathedral 
Bayne Benj. C. pilot, 118 e Pratt 
BAYNE & CO. bankers, 208 w Baltimore 
Bayne Lawrence P. (B. & Co.) 619 w Fayette 
Baynes George B. (James B. & Son,) 274 w 

Baynes James & Son, wool factory, Lanvale 

road, near Greenmount av 
Baynes James (J. B. & Son,) 274 w Fayette 
Baynes James, carpenter, 92 n Eden 
Baynes James, carpenter, 127 Hillen 
Baynes John B. (James B. & Son,) 274 w 

Baynes John, hay presser, 258 e Madison 
' leph P. ' • • 

ment and Eden 

Baynes Jose] 

straw dealer, cor. Monu- 

Baynes Joseph P. hay presser, 258 e Madison 
BAYNES THOMAS, bone dust manufact'r, 

Harris' Creek and Eastern av, dw corner 

Pratt and Choptank 

J, H£NRY GIEISE, Commission Blercluint, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantlj' on band, HI Spear'a 'Wliarf. 




Baynes Wm. W. clerk, n w cor. Choptank 

and Pratt 
Bayorbusk Edw'd, shoemaker, 282 s Charles 
Bayzand Wm. H. real estate broker. Law 

buildings, dw 106 Aisquith 
Beach Brothers, book and job printers, over 

82 w Baltimore 
Beach C. B. clerk, 105 w Fayette 
Beach Mrs. Maria, 21 e Lombard 
Beach Nathaniel, tinner, China nr Hamburg; 
Beach Philip, tailor, cor. Penna. av and Clifton 
Beach Thomas J. editor Sun, 30 North 
Beach Thos. E. gas fitter, 30 North 
Beach Thomas E. (B. Bros.) 30 North 
Beach Wm. J. (B. Bros.) 30 North 
Beacham Bros, marine railway and ship yard, 

Covington, foot of Warren 
Beacham Emily B. 130 n llxeter 
Beacham George, engineer, Boyle nr Fort av 
Beacham James A. clerk, 140 s Broadway 
Beacham John S. (B. Bros.) Pikesville, Bal- 
timore Co. 
Beacham John, shoemaker, 94 Franklin 
Beacham Jos. R. (Miller & B.) 15 Hollins 
Beacham Lenox, (B. Bros.) 104 Washington, 

F. H. 
Beacham Samuel T. (B. Bros.) Greenmount 

av near Cemetery 
Beacham Stanley, clerk, 82 s Bond 
Beacham Wm. G. clerk, 82 s Bond 
Beacham Wm. clerk, 132 n Gay 
Beacham Wm. mariner, 209 Hanover 
Beacham Wm. N. printer, 94 Franklin 
Beachamp Chas. E. school tencher, 44 Warren 
Beachamp John, wood dealer, cor. Hughes' 

quay and William st. dock, dw 44 Warren 
Beachamp Wm. A. clerk, 44 Warren 
Beadenkopf George, baker, 24 Gough 
Beager George, laborer, Washington road 
Beahan John S. grocer, 23 New Church 
Beal A. L. steamboat agt, 264 e Lombard 
Beal Geo. Qr. Mast. Dept. 117 e Madison 
Bealafald Joseph, lager beer saloon, n e cor. 

Eager and Centra! av 
Beale Mrs. Sarah D. trimmings, 270 n Gay 
Beale Solon, teacher, 270 n Gay 
Beale .Wm E., U. S. assessor for 3d district, 

dw cor. Madison and Forrest 
Beall Alfred J. machinist, 180 McHenry 
Beall Col. Benj. L., U. S. A. 53 McCulloh 
Beall George A. feed store, 52 s Charles, dw 

307 Saratoga 
Bealmear Mrs. Ann G. 20 s Calhoun 
Bealmear Catharine B. 216 n Howard 
Bealmear J. Francis, (Armstrong, Cator & 

Co.) Calhoun, 5 dooi*s n of Lexington 
Bealmear Thos. (Harvey & Co.) 88 Columbia 
Beam Andrew, laborer, 197 Fremont 
Beam Charles C. lager beer, 99 n Paca 
Beam Geo. F, (Orendorf & B.) Howard, op- 
posite 'Centre 
Beam John, clerk, 242 w Fayette 
Beam L. H. miller, 101 Cathedral 
Beaman Wm. A. clerk, 82 s Sharp 
Beaman William, broom maker, cor. Franklin 

and Eutaw., dw 89 n Eutaw 
Bean Christian, laborer, 214 Canton av 
Bean Christiana, 149 s Ann 
Bean Mrs. G. T. A. fancy and millinery store, 

66 Pearl 
Bean Mrs. Elizabeth, 80 s Washington, F. P. 
Bean Geo. shoemaker, 15 St. James 
Bean Geo. W, plumber, 149 s Ann 

Bean John, hostler, 286 s Ann 

Bean John R. carp'r, 80 s Washington, F. P. 

Bean John H. pilot, 171 Bank 

Bean Joseph H. carpenter, 1 n Sharp, dw 67 

n Liberty 
Bean Joseph, boat builder, cor. Wills and 

Block, dw 341 e Baltimore 
Bean Louis H. miller, 101 Cathedral 
Bean Mary, tailor, 154 Harford av 
Bean Richard H. carpenter, 88 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. ^ 
Bean Robert M. commission merchant. 130 

Dugan's whf, dw 71 s Ann 
Bean Thomas C. pilot, 219 Bank 
Bean Thos. A. pilot, 177 s Broadway 
Beans Elias, engineer, 242 Hollins 
Bear Charles M. (B. & Bro.) 48 McCulloh 
Bear George H. (B. & Bro.) 48 McCulloh 
Bear Rev John, 48 McCulloh 
Bear N. 158 s Regester 

Bear Philippine, seamstress, 433 w Baltimore 
Beard Eliza A. dry goods dealer, 234 n Gay 
Beard Elizabeth, 134 Hanover 
Beard Emma, tailoress, 190 n Caroline 
Beard Geo. W. tinner, 190 n Caroline 
Beard George W., U. S. N., Gilmor near. 

Beard James, upholsterer, 37 n Caroline 
Beard Capt. John, jr., harbor master, 60 Lee 
Beard Joseph, 19 n Front 
Beard Maria, boarding house, 57 Columbia 
Beard Robert, machinist, 263 s Charles 
Beard Samuel, coach maker, 190 n Caroline 
Beard Capt. Timothy, 216 Eastern av 
Beard Wm. W. paper hanger, 439 n Gay 
Beard Wm. G. carpenter, 60 Lee 
Beardensop Henry, tailor, 141 n Bond 
Bearnes Joseph, gilder. Front near Low 
Bearnesteine Joanna, 151 Lexington 
Bearry Margaret A. seamstress, 281 Penna. av 
Beastell Wm. H. clerk, 95 Raborg 
Beastell Margaret, 95 Raborg 
Beatley Capt. Nathaniel, mariner, 350 East- 
ern av 
Beatley Isaiah, 24 n Bond 
Beatson George H. clerk to naval officer, 210 

w Lombard 
Beatson John, teller Citizens' Bank, dw 210 w 

BEATTY CHARLES W. agt. Bellona Gun- 
powder Co., 153 w Pratt, dw Baltimore Co. 
near Catonsville 
Beatty Mrs. Cornelius E. 116 St. Paul 
Beatty George, 42 Spring row 
Beatty Dr. Geo. D. office 52 Franklin, dw 116 

St. Paul 
Beatty George W. brakesman , 484 w Lombard 

BEATTY JAMES, Ship Biscuit, 
Cracker and Cake Baker, Nos. 92, 
94, and 96 Dugan's wharf, near 
Pratt street, dw. 38 w Biddle. 

Beatty Maria, -Calhoun s of Ramsay 
Beatty John T. bricklayer, 14 s Central av 
Beatty Michael, laborer, Jordan al nr Dolphin 
Beatty Wm. blacksmith, 16 Barre, dw 27 Lee 
Beatty Wm. R. moulder, 39 Scott 
Beaucham.p Robert S. tailor, 189 w Pratt 
Beaufort Fanny C. teacher, 55 Walsh 
Beaufort Mary E. teacher, 55 Walsh 
Beaufort Sarah J. 55 Walsh 

mrai. p. IVEBB, Marine, ^'ire and Ufe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit IA& Aisnrance Co., Newaric, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Beaumont Isaac, bookkeeper, 17 s Eutaw 
Beauregard Anton, saddler, 51 s Regester 
Beaver James W. mariner, 87 McElderry 
Beaver Tlios. copp. smeller, Clinton nr Boston 
Beavers George, wagoner, 212 n Exeter 
Bechaump Levin, soldier, 153 Hughes 
BECHTEL JOHN W. plumber and stove 
dealer, 93 n Eutaw, dw 90 Ross. — [Seepage 
28 Mvertisements. 
Bechtol Charles, shoemaker, 23 Shakspear 
Bechtol Frederick, laborer, 10 Shakspear 
Bechtol John, 23 Shakspear 
Bechtold Henry, shoemaker, 64 Orleans 
Bechtold John, baker, 185 e Pratt 
Beck Adam, tailor, 51 s Durham 
Beck Adam, wagoner, 46 Preston 
Beck Adam, tailor, 24 s sharp 
Beck August, laborer, 215 Eastern av 
BECK & BACHMAN, manufs. of smoking 

tobacco, 113 and 115 w Lombard 
Beck Conrad, shoemaker, 70 Fremont 
Beck Ernst, foreman tobacco fact'y, 177 Barre 
Beck Francis, carpenter, 150 Preston 
Beck Francis, tailor, 238 s Dallas 
Beck Frederick, tailor, 16 Jefferson 
Beck Fredk. canes and umbrellas, 121 w Balti- 
more, dw 7 St. Paul 
Beck Frederick W. (B. & Bachman) Pimlico 

road, Baltimore co 
Beck Frederick, milk, Fort av near Lawrence 
Beck George, cabinet and furniture dealer, 42 

Beck George A. carpenter, 438 Lexington 
Beck Harry R. lumber marker, 259 Light 
Beck Helun, 230 s Wolfe 
Beck Henry, laborer, 139 s Exeter 
Beck Jacob, tobacconist, s w corner Gay and 

Beck Jacob, wagoner, 413 w Pratt 
Beck John, barber, 158 s Ann 
Beck John, shoemaker, 294 s Charles 
BECK JOHN, cooper, 22 Lee and 28 Wil- 
liam, and tavern and dw 30 William 
Beck John, engineer, 82 MoiJnt 
Beck John, butcher, 25 Lexington market, dw 

Garrison la 
Beck John, butcher. Western Cemetery la 
Beck John G. piano maker, 20 New Church 
Beck Joseph, soldier, 111 Stirling 
Beck Lewis, boot and shoemaker, 16 e Pratt 
Beck Mary, laundress, 145 Vine 
Beck Margaret, laundress, 145 Vine 
Beck Mrs M. E. furnishing store, 115 n Gay 
Beck Nicholas, porter, 415 w Pratt 
Beck Philip, whip maker, 55 McElderry 
Beck Philip, sr., glazier, 55 McElderry 
BECK THOMAS, Rock Spring lager beer 
brewery, Baltimore near Calverton road, 
dw 29 Calverton road 
Beck William, tinner, 66 Orleans 
Beck Wm. R. wagoner, 438 Lexington 
Beckemeyer Henry, coffee roaster, 167 n Gay 
Beckenbaugh Geo. bookkeeper, 25 s Eutaw 
Beckenheimer Mrs. Mena, second hand furni- 
ture, cor Hampstead and Eden 
Becker August, tailor, 232 Barre 
Becker August, shoemaker, 90 Orchard 
Becker Charles, shoemaker, 42Lcadenhall 
Becker Charles, (H. & Bros ) 80 Leadenhall 
Becker & Hrolhin-s, cigars, 54 w Lombard 
Becker Christian, tailor, 81 e Lombard 
BECKER CONRAD H. restaurant, 310 w 

Becker Francis, tailor, 81 e Lombard 
Becker Frederick, (B. & Bros.) 80 Leadenhall 
Becker Frederick, shoemaker, 167 n Gay 
Becker Frederick, baker, 486 Penna. av 
Becker George W. cutter, 108 s Ann 
Becker George W. cigar maker, 112 s Eutaw 
Becker George, brewer, 360 Penna. av 
Becker George, blacksmith, 2 Baker ct 
Becker Henry, tailor, 49 Montgomery 
Becker Henry, laborer, 80 Leadenhall 
Becker Henry, tavern, 102 n Gay 
Becker John D. porter, 154 n Exeter 
Becker John, laborer, 165 Hamburg 
Becker J. A. H. 2nd bookkeeper Chesapeake 

Bank, dw 154 n Exeter 
Becker John H. tailor, 116 n Bethel 
Becker John, shoemaker, 47 Perry 
Becker John, 598 Baltimore 
Becker John, basket maker, 46 Albemarle 
Becker Nicholas, tavern, s w cor Eastern av 

and President 
Becker William, locksmith, 304 w Pratt 
Becker William, shoemaker, 105 Lee 
Beckett Thomas, engineer, 50 Portland 
Beckett Wm. (C. C. & R. H. Hyatt & Co.) 

106 Hollins 
Beckham Chas. furn. wagoner, 104 Mullikin 
Beckley Wm H. paper hanger, 202 n Gay 
Beckman Francis, blacksmith, 38 Marion 
Beckman Frederick, gas fitter, 47 Clay 
Beckman Frederick, tailor, 363 w Pratt 
Beckmeyer William, porter, 75 McElderry 
Beckner Charles C. barber, Eutaw House, dw 

10 n Greene 
Beckner George, cooper, 124 s Spring 
Beckner John, laborer, 101 s Regester 
Beckwith David G. cooper, 138 Gough 
Beckwith Franklin, ship carpenter, 211 Bank 
Beckwith H. boat builder, 98 Lancaster 
Beckwith George N. clerk N. C. R. R., 171 n 

Beckwith Wm. L. wood inspector, 50 Hill 
Becraft Peter, Falls road near toll gate 
Bectner Louisa, confectioner, 10 n Greene 
Bedell James, engineer, 204 s Ann 
Bedecker Frederick, waterman, 173 Columbia 
Bedenbecker Andrew, laborer, 322 s Dallas 
Bedenbecker Margaretta, 322 s Dallas 

Beddenkoff, laborer, 8 Ensor 

Bedenkopf John, laborer, 369 Cathedral 
Bedenkopf Mary, confectioner, 173 Hanover 
Bee Henry, patternmaker, Carey near Sara- 
BEEBE LUCIUS M. woodenware and cord- 
age dealer, 94 w Lombard, dw 148 
Beebe Sarah Ann, washerwoman, Fremont 

near Lanvale 
Beech Mrs. Sarah, milliner, 63 n Liberty 
Beecher W. W. druggist, 100 Lexington 
Beefelt Edward, cigar maker, 146 Columbia 
Beefelt Wm H. carpenter, 73 Eislein 
Beeher Severing, tailor, 91 e Lombard 
Beehler Charles, cedar cooper, 71 Portland 
Beehler Charles, ship carpenter, 2 Hill 
Beehler Francis, umbrella manufacturer, 235- 

w Baltimore, dw 624 Lexington 
Beeker Louis, shoemaker, 42 Tyson 
Beekley Isaiah J. laborer, 32 n Bond 
Beekley James R. carpenter, 242 Eastern av 
Beeler Henry S. clerk B. & 0. R R. dw 121 n 

Beers Capt. James, U. S. N. 293 w Pratt 
Beetley Capt. Nathaniel R. 350 Eastern av 

GEO. S. PAGE & BUO.. Mnnulactaren or Roofs and Roofing SlaterlaU, 111 Smltlk'» 
Wluni; C. HAST SBQTH, Agent. 




Eeetley Robert S. ship carpenter, Wolfe near 

Pratt, dw 261 6 Pratt 
Beets John H. wheelwright, 57 n Poppleton 
Beghner James, carter, 219 Chesnut 
Begin Philip, laborer, 243 n Bond 
Bch! Charles, soldier, 20 Dawson al 
Behlein John, musician, 58 Central av 
Behlcr Louis, clerk, 24 s Eutaw 
Behler Sigismund, tailor, 36 n Frederick 
Behan John, grocery, 39 w Fayette, dw 23 

New Church 
Bchn Henry, trimmings, 77 n Howard, dw 

268 Lexington 
Behrend John, tailor, 62 s Regester 
Behrends Cusel, dry goods, 162 Lexington 
Behrens Bernard, lager beer saloon, 285 n Cen- 
tral av 
Behrens Bernard, lithographer, 293 n Central 

Behrens Conrad, boiler maker, 314 s Sharp 
Behrens Eva, confectioner, 69 L Church 
Behrens Frederick, couchniaker, 69 L. Church 
Behrens Henry, 180 s Eden 
Behrens Henry, machinist, Fort av near Law- 
Behrens Jacob, watchmaker, 90 n Gay 
Behrens Joseph, shoemaker, 352 w Pratt 
Behrens Wm. L. iron finisher, 25 Hamburg 
Behuy Jacob, carpenter, 110 n Fremont 
Behuy John, stone cutter, 110 n Fremont 
Behuy Rosanna, seamstress, 110 n Fremont 
Beier Belthauser, grocer and liquor dealer, 266 

Beier Henry, baker, 6 Jasper 
JBeierlein Frederick, laborer, 52 s Durham 
Beikel Adam, laborer, 32 Burke, Canton 
Beikerch Lawrence, tailor, 8 Tessier 
Eeil John, artificial flowers, 130 Lexington 
Beil Nicholas, 130 Lexington 
Bein Charles, watchmaker, 81 Lexington 
Beirhom iVlrs. Wilhelmina, vestmaker, 98 L. 

Eeiritz , laborer, 369 Penna av 

Beis Frederick, shoemaker, 45 Penna av 
Beisig George, 335 n Central av 
Beissler Francis, laborer, 46 s Regester 
Beiszwanger Jacob, shoemaker, 49 Forrest ' 
Beitzel Daniel, shoemaker, 118 s Howard 
Beitzel Francis, shoemaker and findings, 113 

Beker Harman, ship carpenter, 173 s Bond 

Beland , artist, 11 Clay 

Belbin Charles T. shipsmith, Covington, dw 

174 e Pratt 
Belbin William, laborer, 135 e Eager 
Belbin Wm. blacksmith, Flannigan's wharf, 

dw 77 s Bond 
Belden James, rural architect, over Chesa- 
peake Bank, North 
Belfry Mrs. Catharine, grocery,85 s Poppleton 
Belgner George, coalheaver, 7 Green ct 
Belitz Adalbert, bookkeeper, 14 n Liberty 
Belknap Eben, 101 Park 
Bell Abraham, newsman, P, 0. dw e Lombard 
Bell Albert, hackdriver, 210 German 
Bell Alexander, (H. Straus, Bro. & B.) South- 
ern av between Belair and Harford avs 
Bell Albert, hackman, 108 German 
Bell Albert G. carpenter, 40 Warren 
Bell Alfred, butcher, 586 Penna. av 
Bell Cornelius J. Franklin near Brune 
Bell Edward, soldier. 111 s Poppleton 
Bell Edward H. wheelwright, 92 Granby 

Bell Elisha, blacksmith, 32 n Poppleton 
Bell Mrs. Ellen, tavern, 152 s Eutaw 
Bell John, grocery, 162 Franklin 
Bell George, tin and sheet iron worker, and 

stove dealer, 22 n Republican 
Bell George W. soldier, 237 Peirce 
Bell Geo. W. jr. tin and sheet iron worker, 22 

n Republican 
Bell George W. C. clerk, 202 Frankhn 
Bell Henry, apothecary, 113 w Fayette 
Bell Henry C. tinner, 755 w Baltimore 
Bell Henry C. clerk, 58 n Republican 
Bell Isaac H. Jr., engineer, 485 w Prjitt 
Bell James, clerk, 55 Josephine 
Bell James, paper stainer, 161 w Monument 
Bell James B. accountant, 619 w Lombard 
Bell Mrs. Jennie, 129 Vine 
Bell John, millwright, 469 w Lombard 
Bell John, blacksmith, 5 Grundy 
Bell John, grocer, 162 Franklin 
Bell John C. manufacturer of water wheels, 

rear of 26 Light 
Bell John E. soldier, 109 s Poppleton 
Bell Mrs. John H. Townsend near Garden 
Bell John H. flour and feed, 515 w Baltimore 
Bell John W. millwright, 148 w Madison 
Bell Mrs. Margaret, 99 n Fremont 
Bell Margaret, seamstress, 29 n Fremont 
Bell Maria S. dressmaker, 194 s Charles 
B<;11 Martha Ann, seamstress, 77 Hamburg 
Bell Nelson H. (Massie, B. & Goodloe) 

Townsend near Garden 
Beil Nich. foreman gristmill, 256 e Baltimore 
Bell Richard A. sutler, 194 s Charles 
Bell Samuel, butcher, 44 Orleans 
Bell Seneca P. iron moulder, 4 McHenry 
Bell Thomas, stone cutter, 56 Chew 
Bell Thomas, laborer, 255 Light 
Bell Thomas, cigar maker, 84 n Paca 
Bell Thomas M. farmer, 304 Eastern av 
Bell Thomazine Y. 93 Hillen 
Bell Walter, gunsmith, 336 e Eager 
Bell William, stone cutter, 55 Josephine 
Bell William, machinist, 64 n Gay 
Bell William,' carter, 31 Foster al 
Bell William D. carpenter, 47 Central av 
Bell Wm W. cigar maker, 227 e Lombard 
Bell Dr. W. Francis, 83 s Ann 
Bell Zebedee, laborer, Clinton 
Bellair Henry, whitewasher, 343 s Charles 
Beller Conrad, laborer, 508 Light 
Bellis John, mate, 142 s Regester 
Bellman Emanuel, tailor, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellman John, shoemaker, 128 French 
Belmeryer John, laborer, 221 s Bethel 
Belt B. A. dressmaker, 32 n Poppleton 
Belt Elisha, blacksmith, 32 n Poppleton 
Belt Eugene N. clerk B. & O. R. R. 284. 

Madison av 
Belt Francis, potter, 61 Booth 
Belt Hickman, carpenter, over 48 Holiday, dw 

189 e Monument 
Belt Mrs. Louisa, 284 Madison av 
Belt Norwood & Bro. carpenters and builders, 

14 Vine 
Belt S. Sprigg, (Trueman B. & Sons,) 128 w 

Belt Thomas H. 159 n Calvert 
Belt Thomas W. clerk, N. C. R. R. 284 

Madison av 
Belt Trueman, (T. B. & Sons) 137 n Calvert 
Belt Trueman, jr. (Trueman B. & Sons,) 137 

n Calvert 

jr. HSNRT GISSK, Commission Merdiaut, tor the sale of Floor, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 31 Spear's 'Wliarf. 




BELT TRUEMAN & SONS, tobacco and 

general commission merchants, I Ellicolt 
Beltz August, laborer, rear 214 Canton av 
Beltz Barbara, boarding, 14 New Church 
Beltz Harman, shoemaker, 210 s Bond 
Belz August, hackman, 214 Canton av 
Bemand Randolph, bricklayer, 13 Scott 
Bemersdofter John, tailor, 299 s Durham 
Benburg James, 260 w Lombard 
BENDANN BROTHERS, photographic stu- 
dio, 207 w Baltimore 
Bendann Daniel (B. Bros.) 282 Lexington 
Bendann David (B. Bros.) 282 Lexington 
Bendann Fabish, 282 Lexington 
Benden James, shoemaker, 87 Eden 
Benden Thomas, mariner, 205 s Castle al 
Bender Christian, baker, 10 Union 
Bender Frederick, locksmith, Frederick road 

near Calverton 
Bender Gotleib, harness maker, 23 McElderry 
Bender Henry, tailor, 133 Orleans 
Bender Henry, bar tender, 236 s Sharp 
Bender Joseph, tailor, 68 Preston 
Bender Lucas, paper carrier, 245 Lemmon 
Bender Samuel, carpenter, 24 St. Mary 
Bender Wm. butcher, 77 Centre market, dw 

Lexington extended 
• Bendorff August, tobacconist, n e cor Caroline 

and Canton av 
Bendorp Frederick, carter, 143 s Bethel 
Benderveld Christiana, milliner, 55 Pearl 
Bendheim Levi, clerk, 2211^ w Pratt 
Bendy Mrs. Eliza, 20 Maiden la 
Benedict George H. (0. B. Murray & Co.) 

Calvert near Fayette 
Benedix Joseph, dry goods dealer, s e corner 

Eden and Jefferson' 
Benhardt Andrew, laborer, 61 Johnson 
Benhardt Henry, tinner, 61 Johnson 
Benhardt Louis, tinner, 61 Johnson 
Benhoff Frederick, coal burner, 59 Elliott 
Benhoff John, laborer, 175 s Ann 
Benjamin George, moulder, 222 e Fayette 
Benjamin Jacob, (B. & UUman) 44 e Fayette 
Benjamin Joseph, shoe store, h e cor Calvert 

and Pratt, dw 34 e Fayette 
Benjamin Samuel, 110 n Caroline 
Benjamin & Ullman, pawnbrokers, 22 n Gay 
Benjamin Virginia, confectionery, 62 Bank 
Eenkoffer Michael, shoemaker, 229 s Bond 
Benlein John, laborer, 165 William 
Benlein Joseph, laborer, 25 Brown 
Benline Frederick, laborer, 153 William 
Benline Joseph, 187 s Broadway 
Benn Mrs. Walter, 60 n Exeter 
Bennar J. prof, of French, Franklin House 
Benner Adam, butcher, cor Chappell and 

Liberty road 
Benner Cliarles, laborer, 155 Burgundy al 
Benner Frederick, tanner, 167 n Gay 
Benner Geo. L. marble cutter, 31 Jefferson 
Benner George, shipsmith, 251 West 
Benner Jacob, laborer, 40 Greenmount av 
Benner John, soldier, n e cor Fayette and 

Benner John, porter, 7 Cowpen al 
Benner Mary E. dressmaker, 31 Jefferson 
Honner Mary A. boarding house, 31 Jefferson 
BENNER OTTO, proprietor of Washington 

Gardens, s w cor Penna av and Greenwillow 
BENNER, DENISON & CO. bankers, s w 

cor Baltimore and Hanover 
Benner Samuel, machinist, 192 Montgomery 

Benner Thomas S. (B. Denison & Co) 147 

Benner Thaddeus S. bricklayer, 86 Hamburg 
Benner Wm. H. (B. Denison k Co.) 147 

Bennet Harriet, 305 e Baltimore 
Bennct John I. grocer, 263 s Broadway 
Bennet John, 91 Lancaster 
Bennet John, carpenter, 44 Thames 
Bennet John, shoemaker, 19 Cambridge 
Bennet Matthew, clerk, 305 e Baltimore 
Bennet Samuel, watchman, 95 s Spring 
Bennet Wm. J. clerk I'. .305 e Baltimore 
Bennett Alfred, clerk, 74 n Greene 
Bennett Alfred, s w cor Greene and Saratoga 
Bennett Ann E. 225 n Eutaw 
Bennett Benj. F. carpenter, 44 s Howard, dw 

Bennett D. Curtis, butcher, 95 e Madison 
Bennett Dan. H. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
BENNETT EDWIN, manufacturer of cane 

and Rockingham ware, corner Canton and 

Central avs dw 327 e Baltimore 
Bennet Edward, wood dealer and grocer, 

County wharf, dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Mrs. Elizabeth C. 22 s Broadway 
Bennett .Mrs. Elizabeth S. 1G5 s Paca 
Bennett Eliza, 30 Aisquith 
Bennett Ellen, 153 e Monument 
Bennett Enoch, notion house, 326 w Baltimore 

dw 80 n Paca 
BKNNETT F. W. & CO. auctioneers and 

commission merchants, 28 and 30 s Charles 
Bennett Francis W. (F. W. B. & Co.) 30 

Bennett George L carpenter, 280 e Lombard 
BENNETT G. R. & L. E. coal dealers, 169 n 

Bennett G. R. (G. R. & L. E. B.) 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett Geo. W. pilot, Caroline near Biddle 
Bennett Geo. mariner, 351 s Bond 
Bennett George, shoemaker, 57 c Monumen 
Bennett Henry, butcher, Frederick road near 

Running Spring 
Bennett Mrs. Harriet A. 46 s Schroeder 
Bennett James, laborer, ]26 Lee 
Bennett John E. mariner, 154 Lee 
Bennett John, nightman, 6 O'Donnell near 

Eastern av 
Bennett John, grocer, 218 Lexington 
Bennett John, lager beer saloon, n w cor Mul- 

likin and Eden 
Bennett John J. 251 e Pratt 
Bennett John, carpenter, 15 Fountain 
Bennett John, foundryman, 18 Burke, Canton 
Bennett John M. clerk, 14 Jackson Square 
Bennett L. E. (G. R. & L. E. B.) 329 n 

Bennett Lewis H. provisions, 187 Ross 
Bennett Livingston M. attorney, 219 Garden 
Bennett Mary A. 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett Martha A. 93 s Chapel 
Bennett Nicholas, carman, 245 Eastern av 
Bennett Patrick H. 235 Saratoga 
Bennett Richard A. mariner, 8 s Broadway 
Bennett Robert, huckster, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Robert, wagon master U. S, A. 94 

w Pratt 
Bennett Rufus, carpenter, 143 Ross 
Bennett Samuel E. clerk, 471 w Fayette 
Bennett Thomas tanner, 28 L. McElderry 
Bennett Thomas S. teacher, 123 e Monument 
Bennett Wm. whitewasher, 269 Eastern av 

P. AVKBB, Marine, Fire and lafe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent '^J>Iutiud 
Benefit lAte Insurance Co., Neinrark, X. .7.," 89 Second Street. 




Bennett Wm. puddler, 20 Burke, Canton 
Bennett Wm. boiler maker, 88 Barre 
Bennett Wm. T. (Hunt & Co.) 165 s Paca 
Bennett Wm. machinist, McHenry nr Fulton 
Bennettzhoufer Joachim, laborer, 51 Alice- 
anna, Canton 
Benney Catherine, confectioner, 315 Light 
Benney John H. laborer, 315 Light 
Benney John, shoemaker. Bethel nr Jefferson 
Benney Wm. O. shoemaker, 201 e Baltimore 
Benny David, brush maker, 109 Peach al 
Bennezet Mary, midwife, 62 n Front 
Bennick John, broom maker, HI McElderry 
Bennig George, laborer, 5 West al 
liennoid Susan, 171 s Ann 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, 81 n Schroeder 
Benson Adelaide, 435 Canton av 
BENSON BENJAMIN S. founder, machin- 
• ist, and water and gas pipe maker, 52 e 

Monument, dw 132 St. Paul 
Benson Rev. B. F. 24 Aisquith 
Benson B. F. carpenter and builder, 44 s How- 
ard, dw 130 s Sharp 
Benson Charlotte, trimmings, 339 Franklin 
Benson Ellen, 54 s Ann 
Benson Fanny J. 40 s Spring 
Benson Francis A. (J. Fussell ?<. Co.) 72. n 

Benson Dr. Francis, 72 n Exeter 
Benson Dr. Geo. W. 146 Hanover 
Benson Henry, coach maker, 157 Mulberry 
Benson Henry, cooper, 104 s Washington 
Benson Isaac, pedler, 182 L. Hughes 
Benson James, foundryman, 53 Elizabeth la 
Benson John, police, 283 s Paca 
Benson Joseph E. painter, 150 n Howard 
Benson Mary, 45 n Greene 
Benson Mrs. M. H. druggist, 55 Hill 

apothecary, s e cor Hollins and Oregon 
Benson Robert P. clerk P. W. & B. R. R. 109 

s Exeter 
Benson Capt. Wm. B. mariner, 93 Lee 
Benson Wm. painter, 150 n Howard 
Benson Wm. P. ship joiner, 53 s Ann 
Benstine Jacob, jejveler, 2 McElderry 
Bentelspacher Elizabeth, 190 Hollins 
Benteen Chas. S clerk, 272 Madison av 
Benteen Frederick D. dealer in pianos, 10 n 
Charles, and 82 w Fayette, dw 272 Mad- 
ison av 
Benteen Fredk. D. jr. 272 Madison av 
Benteen Theodore C. 272 Madison av 
Eenthall Amelia, 92 s Washington F. P. 
Benthall Capt, Robert, mariner, 313 e Bal- 
Benthall Wm. McR. bookkeeper, 313 e Bal- 
Bentley Mrs. Amanda, 76 George 
BENTLEY CHARLES W. proprietor Bal- 
timore steam boiler works, 25 s Front, dw 
16 e Fayette 
Bentley Edward, brickmaker, 269 s Paca 
Bentley John E. bookkeeper, 16 e Fayette 
Bentley Joseph, machinist, 550 w Lombard 
Bentley Peter, embroidery stamper, 48 e Bal- 
Bentley Thomas, brickmaker, 169 s Paca 
Bentley Wm. H. dry goods and stamping, 31 

e Baltimore, dw 48 
Benton Charles S. brass finisher, 464 w 

Benton Mrs. Hester, 464 w Lombard 

Benton Samuel, (Hiss & B.) 181 e Monument 
Benton William D. laborer tobacco ware- 
house No. 5 
Benton William H. ship joiner, 4 William 
Bcntz Mrs. C. J. 164 n Calvert 
Bentz Henry, baker, 207 Chesnut 
Bentzler August, tailor, 1 Spring ct 
Benville Lawrence, 149 Dolphin 
Benz Casper, baker, 443 w Fayette 
Benzel Daniel, drayman, 67 Park 
Benzin John S. clerk, 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Fredk. F. attorney, 19 Law Build- 
ings, dw Catonsville 
Benzinger John S. clerk, 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Dr. Joseph C. at Balto. Infirmary 
Benzinger Mathias, (B. & Renehan,) Balti- 
more County 
Benzinger & Renehan.dry goods, 61 n Howard 
Beohm Christopher, shoemaker, 153 Ensor 
Berber Wm. soldier, 8 Wyeth 
Berbig Edward, shoemaker, 118 Eastern av 
Berbig John, shoemaker, 286 s Bond 
Berens B. lithographer, 293 n Central av 
Berenstecher Catherine, butcher, 55 Lexing- 
ton market, dw 418 Pennsylvania av 
Berg Albert B. bookkeeper, 75 n Eutaw 
Berg Anne E. grocery, 117 Raborg 
Berg Augustus T. bookkeeper, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Rev. Dr. John, 100 e Fayette 
BERG 0. 11. exchange broker, 159 w Lom- 
Berg Philip, boots and shoes, 64 e Pratt, dw 

68 s Eden 
Berg Theodore, cigar maker, 64 Albemarle 
Berg Wm. baker, 19 Stirling 
Bergau Mrs. Mary, 20 Haw 
Berge John, tailor, 94 s Spring 
Bergeman Peter, grocery, 116 s Spring 
Bergen Everhard, shoemaker, 2 n Poppleton 
Bergen Michael, clothier, 113 n Howard 
Bergen Thomas T. tobacconist, 69 n Caroline 
Berger Adam, carpenter, 36 Holiday 
Berger Andrew, harness maker, 57 Richmond 
Berger Angus, nightman, 52 Chatsworth 
Berger Anastasia, 402 Saratoga 
Berger Christian, 39 Bank 
Berger Christian, tailor, 54 n Exeter 
Berger Clement, cabinet maker, 47 n Poppleton 
Berger George, baker, 493 w Lombard 
Berger Gustav, gardener, 243 Greenmount av 
Berger Henry C. watchmaker, 26 e Fayette 
Berger John, 43 n Front 
Berger John, cooper. Bond near Lancaster 
Berger John, laborer, 265 e Lombard 
Berger Joseph, cabinet maker, 66 n Schroeder 
Berger Martin, tailor, 125 s Spring 
Berger Martin, baker, 90 French 
Berger Mary, 57 Richmond 
Berger Maurice, trunk maker, 402 Saratoga 
Berger Philip, tailor, 25 Somerset 
Berger Simon, cabinet maker, 99 Harrison 
Berger Zepherinus J. oils, 47 n Poppleton 
Berghaupt Margaretta, 41 Philpot 
Bergheimer Henry, clothier, 376 s Charles 
Bergheimer Leonard, baker, 1 s Central av 
Bergman Harris, tailor. 111 Saratoga 
Bergman Henry (Wolf & B.) 244 w Pratt 
Bergman Henry, shoemaker, 333 Cross 
Bergman John, shoemaker, 102 n Dallas 
Bergman John C. laborer, 333 Cross 
Bergman John A. laborer, 333 Cross 
Bergman Philip, 98 s Sharp 
Bergner Frederick, cabinet maker, 115 Vine 

GKO. S. PAGE & BRO., Manufacturers of Roofs and Roofing Materials, 111 Smith's 
Wharf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




Bergiier Geo. basket maker, 272 s Dallas 
Bergner Matthias, porter, 3 Diamond 
Bergtold Christopher, tailor, 333 s Charles 
Eei-kett Thomas, carpenter, 55 s Poppieton 
Berkhardt George, shoemaker, 4 Jasper 
Berkley Edwin, 223 n Eutaw 
Berlieke Ciiristiaii, cigar maker, 8 Watson ct 
Berliner Mrs Mary, 51 Watson 
Berlinger Piiilip, shoemaker, 152 s Chapel 
Barlow John, tailor, 342 s Charles 
Berman Frederick, mariner, 435 Canton av 
BERNAL FREDERICK, British Consul, of- 
fice 6 Exchange building, dw 88 Franklin 
Bernard Wm. fisherman, 159 Cross 
Berneburg George, huckster, 9 Arch 
Berneburg John, huckster, 9 Arch 
Bernece Anthony, tailor, 147 n Bond 
Bernei Seligman, clothier, 74 and 76 Centre 

Market Space, dw 129 e Baltimore 
Berneir Nicholas, tailor, 7 Choptank 
Berner Gotlieb, tanner, 57 Buren 
Berney Bernhart, shoe store, 24 w Pratt, dw 

18 Centre Market Space 
Berney Philip, clerk, 18 Centre Market Space 
Berney Saml. shoemaker, 18 Centre Market sp 
Bernhard Conrad, laborer, 317 s Charles 
Bernhard John L. shoemaker, 51 Chesnut al 
Bernhard Joseph, capmaker, 208 w Pratt 
Bernhart August, tailor, 246 Hanover 
Bernhart Charles, moulder, 609 w Pratt 
Bernt Charles, tobacconist, 138 Aisquith 
Berntheusel Wm. grocery and bakery, 89 e 

Berrech Jos. furniture, 65 Washing-ton, F. H. 
Berrenger John, shoemaker, 169 King 
BERRY ALBERT W. treasurer Md. Soap 

Stone Co. 62 n Gilmor 
Berry Benj. D. brickmaker, 113 s Wolfe 
Berry Benjamin W. grocer, 65 Camden 
Berry Charles A. ship broker, 62 s Gay, dw 

197 Ross 
Berry Catherine, 9 Chase 
Berry Christian, cooper, 190 s Ann 
Berry Geo. salesman, 216 Aisquith 
Berry Geo. R. (John S. & Geo. R. B.) 160 s 

Berry Geo. W. shoemaker, 284 n Gay, dw 

24 Somerset 
Berry G. Henry, (Armstrong & B.) 110 

Berry James, salesman, 216 Aisquith 
Berry James, 46 n Paca 
Berry James W. clerk B. & O. R. R. 245 w 

Berry Jesse L. C. clerk, 108 Lee 
Berry John, shoemaker, 35 Penn 
Berry John B. N. clerk, 26 McCulloh 
Eerry John H. stock broker, South, dw 26 

Berry John S. Calverton Mills nearalmsho'e 
Berry John S. & George R. fire brick manuf. 

cor Sharp and Montgomery 
Berry Jolin T. flour, grain and general com. 

merchants, Howard near Pratt, dw 294 

Eerry John S. (J. S. & G. R, B.) dw Balti- 
more co- 
Berry Joseph, mariner, 132 Pearl 
Berry Louis, carpenter, 8 Essex 
Berry Mrs. 171 s Wolfe 
Eerry N. E. tobacco, produce, grain and com. 

merchant, over 63 w Pratt, dw 204 w 


Berry Samuel, mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Berry Theodore M. clerk, 65 Camden 
BERRY THOS. W. attorney at law, 82 w 

Fayette, dw 119 Bolton 
Berry Wm. laborer, 9 Chase 
Berry Wm. B. 99 Lee 
Berry Walter merch. 4Lightst.whf 

dw 124 Hanover 
Berry Wm. H. 65 Camden 
Berryman Mrs. Sarah, Gilmor nearLexing'n 
Berryman Thomas, laborer, 197 Montgomery 
Berryer Chas. W. coal heaver, 104 Penn. av 
Bersch Christian, cigar box manuf. 210 s 

Howard, dw Lanvale near Division 
Bersch Christian, (Ehrman & B.^ cor Divi- 
sion and Lanvale 
Bersch Christian, butcher, 71 Lexington markt 

dw Penn. av ext'd 
Bersch George, shoemaker, 226 s Bond 
Bersch Henry, sr. 9 Lloyd 
Bersch Henry, jr. (H. B. & Co.) 9 Lloyd 
Ber.sch H. jr. & Co. substitute brokers, 71 w 

Bersch Jacob, shoemaker, 166 s Bond 
Bersick Michael, prov. store, s w cor Lom- 
bard and Poppieton 
Bert Charles, restaurant, 308 w Pratt 
Bert Peter, hatter, 298 w Pratt 
Berthlein John, laborer, Clinton near Elliott 
Berthold John, tailor, 173 Lexington 
Bertin Isidore, baker, 202 s Bond 
Bertrand G. L. chief clerk to auditor N. C. 

R. 25 Courtland 
Bertram Charles F. (John B. & Son.) 214 w 

Bertram John & Son, shoe store, 214V Pratt 
Bertram John, (J. B. & Son,; 214 w Pratt 
Bertram Wm. shoemaker, 768 w Baltimore 
Bertram Wm. mutton butcher, 58 Bel'r mar. 

dw Baltimore co 
Bertram Wm. butcher, 102 Centre market, 

dw Penn. av near Northern av 
Bertran John I. tinner, 297 e Eager 
Berwanger Abraham, shoemaker, 92 Low 
Besch John, laborer, 5 China 
Best John, carpenter, 41 Haubert 
Beste Haman, baker, 46 Gough 
Beston J. Rollins, gen. bookkeeper N. C. R. 

166 n High 
Bestor John R. bookkeeper, 166 n High 
Bethanscheger John, tailor, 215 e Pratt 
Betor W. shoemaker, 269 s Broadway 
Bethon George, tailor, 301 n Central av 
Betsen John, tailor, 62 s Register 
Betschler Martin, shoemaker, 244 s Charles 
Bettner F. laborer, 214 s Chapel 
Better Christian, grocery, 175 Gough 
Betton Alfred J. shoemaker, 78 Warren 
Betton James, moulder, 148 L. Green 
Betton Mrs. 74 s Eden 

Betton T. W. gents' fum. store, 8 e Balti- 
Betton Thos. W. shirt manuf. over 259 w 

Balto. dw 8 e Baltimore 
Betts Alexander P. sailmaker, 133 s Ann 
Betts Charles M. clerk, 248 n Eutaw 
Betts Mary S. 55 Walsh 
Betts Robert, bookkeeper, 37 Jackson 
Betts Robert Oliver, saddler, 43 n Central av 
Betsch John, carter, Aliceanna near Cannon 
Betz August, moulder, 51 s Oregon 
Betz Conrad, stevedore, 179 Eastern av 
Betz Christopher, clerk, 7 Pearl 

■J. HENRY GTESEi, Commlaslon Merchant, for the sale of Flonr, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 31 Spear's "Wharf. 




Betz Eliza, shirt store, 245 Canton av 

Betz Gustavus, coach maker, 262 n Central av 

Betz George, second-hand goods, 134 s Chapel 

Betz John, milkman, 224 s Paca 

Betz John, laborer, 139 s Exeter 

Betz John, cabinet maker, 191 s Register 

Betz John, tailor, 17 Hampstead 

Betz Jacob, carpenter, 191 s Register 

Betz Louis, tailor, 261 e Lombard 

Betzinger George, nail maker, 113 Lancaster 

Betzinger George, 27 Rock 

Betzold Andrew, laborer, rear of 56 Cross 

Eeumshla Fred. H. tailor, 284 s Charles 

Beurrier Jules, 76 Mulberry 

Beurrier Louis, bleacher, 76 Mulberry 

Beucke Charles L. 628 Lexington 

Beucke Mrs. Elizabeth A. 628 Lexington 

Beucke John H. 628 Lexington 

Bevan Chas. F. (13. & Son,) cor Garden and 

Bevan Charles, clerk, 230 n Howard 
Bevan Geo. F. clerk in Mechanics' Bank, 100 

s Paca 
Bevan George, clerk, 100 s Paca 
Bevan John S. clerk, 818 w Baltimore 
Bevan Mrs. Mary Eliza, 147 w Biddle 
Bevan Samuel, (S. B. & Co. ) 120 Park 
BEVAN SAMUEL & CO. import, and job. 
in English, French and German dry goods, 
279 w Baltimore 
BEVAN & SONS, marble workers, 140 

Bevan Thomas, copper smelter, 12 Cuba 
Bevan Thoa. H. copper smelter, 13 Cuba 
Bevan Thos. W. (B., Phillips & Co.) 220 n 

Bevan Wm. J. stone cutter, 131 Peirce 
Bevan Wm. F. (B. & Sons,) Lanvale w of 

Bevan William, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Bevans David, blacksmith, Clinton, s of Bos- 
ton, Canton 
Bevans Henry, police, 190 e Eager 
Bevans Mrs. John T. 117 n Paca 
BEVANS, PHILLIPS & CO. com. merch. 

14 Bowly's wharf 
Bevans Reuben A. L. (Martin & B.^ 281 e 

Bevans William, tinner, 147 n Eden 
Bevans Wm. H. police, 86 e Madison 
Beveridge John, saddler, 279 w Pratt 
Eeverungen Louis batcher, 320 Aliceanna 
Bever Andrew, wood sawyer, 37 James al 
Beyer Catharine E. grocery, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer Frederick, tailor, 15 n Central av 
Beyer Frederick A. musician, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer John, shoemaker, 156 s Eden 
Beyer Louis, cabinet maker, 12 e Pratt 
Beynor William, cor Clinton and Boston 
Beyvig Frederick, shoemaker, 513 Canton av 
Eeywood Robert, pedler, over 76 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Bezeck John L. salesman, 377 Penn. av 
Bezrel Christian, cabinet maker, 273 n Dallas 
Beziat Francis C. finisher, 92 s Carey 
Beziat Mrs. John, tobacco, 656 w Baltimore 
Beziat John M. cigar maker, 656 w Baltimore 
Bebalhauser John, pedler, 31 Rock 
Efetsch John, shoemaker, 303 n Howard 
Eiaster Charles, tailor, 5 Wyeth 
Biat Henry, drayman, 431 w Baltimore 
Bibelheimer Frank, tinner, 31 Rock 

Bialla Moretz, French millinery, 47 n How 

Bibb Benton C. (B. & Co.) 179 w Hoffman 
BIBB & CO. Baltimore stove warehouse, 39 

Bible House, 75 w Fayette 
Bice Abraham, car driver, 819 w Baltimore 
Bicham John L. clerk, 339 w Fayette 
Bichy Hermann, tailor, 13 n Liberty 
Bickell Joseph, laborer, 3 Spruce al 
BICKERTON JOSEPH & CO., importers 
and manuf. of cloaks, mantillas, shawls, 
&c. 183 w Baltimore, dw Decker av near 
Northern av 
Bickerton M. A. tailoress, 49 Fawn 
Bickley Samuel, shoemaker, 15 e Lombard 
Bidderman John, porter, 154 s Bond 
Bickford & Hoffman, manuf. agricul. imple- 
ments, 90 and 92 s Charles 
Biddeson Catharine, 140 Vine 
Biddeson James A. plasterer, 211 Orleans 
Biddle Joseph H. fisherman, 4 Gough 
Biddle Samuel R. 186 McHenry 
Biddle Charles, blacksmith, 360 Canton av 
Bidlingmeyer Jno. coachmaker,323 e Madison 
Biddleman Edward, police, 191 n Eden 
Biddle Street Presbyterian Church, s w cor 

Biddle and Madison 
Bidroff Wolfgang, copper smelter, 58 Essex 
Biden Edward, huckster, 37 s Calhoun 
Biebl Jos. M. restaurant, 24 Centre Market 

Biechy John, baker, 308 w Pratt 
Biedebaugh Jno. shoemaker, 145 Welcome al 
Bieger Michael, shoemaker, 34 n Liberty 
Biel Christian, laborer, 214 Canton av 
Bielestein Henry, piano forte maker, 167 

Bielefeld Cathnrine, confectionery, 110 s 

Bien Catharine, shoes, 245 Penna. av 
Bien Henry, tailor, 492 Penn. av 
Bien John, tailor, 492 Penn. av 
Biermuller Edward, milk, 757 Light 
Bierman Henry, shoemaker, 242 w Pratt 
Bierbower Francis, box maker, 146 Mont- 
Bierbower Lemuel, box maker, 146 Mont- 
Bier Mrs. Jane A. 261 e Baltimore • 

Bieuer George, shoemaker, 1 L. McEIderry 
Biede Adolphus, apothecary and chemist, 218 

s Broadway 
Bierman August, laborer, 220 Lexington 
Bierman Hironimus, cigars, 52 e Pratt 
Bierly Geo. W. engineer, 30 s Schroeder 
Biex John, cooper, 81 Ramsay 
Bigelow George, carpenter, 117 Low 
Bigerman John, porter, 154 s Bond 
BIGGAR JOHN & CO. importers of wines 

and liquors, 2 Exchange pi 
Biggar John, (J. B. & Co.) 202 n Howard 
Biggins Wm. H. boot maker, 182 n Gay 
Biggers Alfred L. collector, 265 w Biddle 
Bigger Adam, 19 s Washington, F. P. 
Biggetstorf Susan, seamstress, 55 Tyson 
Biggs John A. butcher, 179 e Fayette 
Biggs James, butcher, 150 French 
Biggs Joseph, watchman, 90 n Eden 
Bigham M. M. com. merch. flour, &c. nw 

cor Franklin and Eutaw, dw 180 Preston 
Bigham Mrs. Elizabeth, .339 w Fayette 
Bigham Mrs, Maria, 180 Preston 

WM.. P. Ij^KBB, Marine, Fire niid Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit JAte Insurance Co., Newark, Ji. •▼.," S9 Second Street. 

• Mutual 




Bigham Wm. clerk, 24 Warner 
Bingel John, laborer, 237 Barre 
Bingham John, dry goods, 52 Jefferson 
Bingham John L. clerk, 339 w Fayette 
Bilger Wm. laborer, 1 Mount 
Biliin William G. watches and jewelry, cor 
Grant aud Baltimore, dw Barnum's Hotel 
Billings Edwin E. porter, 114 Burgundy al 
Billings John, potter, 21 n Caroline • 
Billingsley Thomas, clerk tobacco warehouse, 

dw 114 s Paca 
Billingsley Thos. A. com. march. 69 s Charles 

dw Hanover near Lombard 
Billingsley Wm. H. medical student, 92 n 

Billington S. Gover, clerk, 134 Mullikin 
Billington James T. soldier, 134 Mullikin 
Billington John J. soldier, 134 Mullikin 
Billington William L. post office, 77 n 

Billman Geo. provision store, 1 s Poppleton 
Billman George, wagoner, 167 William 
Billman John, woodsawyer, 334 Franklin 
Billman Michael, shoemaker, 83 n Pine 
Billmeyer Joseph, shoe store, 142 w Pratt, 

dw Fayeite near High 
Billmire Geo. A. police, 12 e Lombard 
Billups Alfred M. currier, 393 w Fayette 
Billups Benj. F. salesman, 393 w Fayette 
Billups John W. sailmaker, 119 William 
Billups Joseph R. shoe cutter, 393 w Fayette 
Billups Louisa, 228 w Pratt 
Billups Lucy, 101 Aisquith 
Bilta Theodore, shoemaker, 17 Callendar 
Bilson Andrew J. plasterer, 94 Preston 
Bilson Henry, machinist, 469 w Lombard 
Bilson Samuel, plasterer, 154 n Howard, dw 

Fayette near Arch 
Binding George, cooper, 326 s Sharp 
Binding Henry, cooper, 251 s Ann 
Binder Frederick, tailor, 42 Holiday 
Binder Lewis, surgical instrument maker, 19 

Binder Mary, grocery, 19 Chatsworth 
Binan John M. lager beer saloon, 260 e Eager 
Bines Francis, moulder, 117 Hamburg 
Bines John, laborer, 117 Hamburg 
Bines Martin, hatter, 117 Hamburg 
Bines Wm. H. conductor, 117 Hamburg 
Binge Fredk. tailor, 6 Maiden la 
Bingham Benj. T. carpenter, 291 Franklin 
Bingham Robert, stone cutter, 55 w Centre 
Binnie James, driver, 172 e Pratt 
Binnie Pcobert, gardener, 172 e Pratt 
Binney Major Amos,U. S. A. 25 w Madison 
Einnis John, laborer, 9 Rose 
Binnix John H. harness maker, 169 e Madison 
Binnix Lewis, machinist, 98 Preston 
Binnix Nathan, pattern mak. cor Brune and 

Binnonnitz Louis, soldier, 349 s Bond 
Einswanger Emanuel, dry goods, 736 w Bal- 
Bines Robert, clerk auditor's office, B. & O. 

R. Co. 81 s Paca 
Binterwald August, shoemaker, 19 Pearl 
Einterwald Louis, scourer and dyer, 211 w 

Binthewaldt Henry, laborer, 253 West 
Binkley Herman, tailor, 183 c Pratt 
Einyon&Audoun, house carpenters, 137sAnn 
Binyon Thomas, carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Thos. W. nightman, 302 Canton av 

Binyon Wm. H. H. carpenter, 130 Bank 

Binyon Wm. (B. & Audoun,) 130 Bank 

Birau Frederick, cooper, 367 Light 

Birch Charles, second hand wares, 198 East 

Birch Charles, clerk, 141 n Paca 

Birch Wm. R. clerk, 141 n Paca 

Birch Mrs. Wm. S. 141 n Paca 

Birckhead Mrs. C. A. 48 n Charles 

Birckhead Christopher, tailor, Granby near 

Birckhead James, Jr. over 30 South, dw 87 

Birckhead John W. police, 409 n Gay 
Birckhead Lennox, 48 n Charles 
Birckhoff Anthony , tobacconist, 132 s Howard 
Bird Charles D. harness maker, 308 Aisquith 
Bird George H. (Wyman, B. & Co.) 234 n 

Bird E. Carrere, tobacconist, 28 w Pratt, dw 

23 Jackson 
Bird J. Edward, agent for the sale of dry 

goods, 213 w Baltimore, dw Hoffman bet. 

Lanvale and Townsend 
Bird Stephen L. & Co. dry goods, 57 n How- 
Bird Stephen L. (S. L. B. & Co.) 345 n 

Bird Mrs. 243 e Chase 
Birdsall Samuel, paver, 42 Orleans 
Birkens Rachel A. s w cor Baltimore and Ann 
Birkenwald Solomon, shoemaker, 60 Thames 
Birkett Mrs. Mary, 420 w Lombard 
Birkey Edward H. 229 Ross 
Birkey Thomas H. 229 Ross 
Birkey Thomas, 229 Ross 
Birkmeyer John F. confectioner, 112 franklin 
Birkholtz Charles, piano maker, 4 Pearl 
Birmingham Andrew, carp'ter, 196 n Caroline 
Birmingham Daniel, laborer, 185 s Castle al 
Birmingham James, laborer, 17 Guilford al 
Birmingham James E. plasterer, 347 Cross 
Birmingham Thomas, painter, 45 Ross 
Birmingham Wesley, pat. mak. 42 Milliman 
Birthistle Patrick, carter, 100 Granby 
Bischoff Adam, laborer, 238 s Durham 
Bischoff C. F. tobacconist, 118 Barre 
Bischoff Christopher, furniture, 229 s Charles 
Biscoe Wm. M. ship joiner, 296 Eastern av 
Bishop Catharine, grocery, 388 Cross 
Bishop David, 337 e Pratt 
Bishop Elizabeth. 514 Lexington 
Bishop Edward, farmer, 206 Harford av 
Bishop Francis, shoemaker, 329 e Lombard 
Bishop George, 15 Stirling 
Bishop Geo. W. cigar maker, 255 e Lombard 
Bishop Geo. C. saddletree mak. 94 n Caroline 
Bishop Godfrey, coppersmith, 388 Cross 
BISHOP REV. HENRY, 183 e Monument 
Bishop Mrs. Harriet A. seamstress, 144 s 

Bishop James P. at custom house, 250 HolHns 
Bishop James, watchman, 179 Hollins 
Bishop John, ship carpenter, 246 Eastern av 
Bishop John T. stone mason, 173 McCulloh 
Bishop John, cooper, 45 e Monument 
Bishop John H. lightning rod agt. 95 Ensor 
Bishop John L. carpenter, 109 Vine 
Bishop Rev. J. P., Scott3 doors from St. Peter 

Bishop , bacon dealer, 270 e Monument 

Bishop Leonard, laborer, 542 w Pratt 
Bishop Mrs. Mary A. 94 n Caroline 
Bishop Mrs. Mary Ann, 104 n Caroline 
Bishop Nathaniel, carpenter, 24 n Bond 

GEO. S. page: & BRO., Manufacturers of Roofs nnd Roofing OlateriaU, Ifl Siultli'a 
AVUarf. C. HART SBHTH, Agent. 




Bishop Patrick, laborer, 164 McHenry 

Bishop Rev. Philip, 146 Scott 

Bishop Richard, coach manuf. 93 w Fayette, 

dw Bait. Co. 
Bishop Robert, bricklayer, 450 w Fayette 
Bishop Taylor, lig^htning rod agent, 95 Ensor 
Bishop Mrs. T. F. dressmaker, 81 Chew 
Bishop T. B. veterinary surgeon, 157 Park 
Bishop William, rigger, 136 s Wolfe 
Bishop William, jr. 260 e Madison 
Bishop William H. clerk, 185 e Monument 
Bisser Jacob, laborer, 60 Johnson 
Bissett Thomas, jr. stone cutter, 53 McHenry 
Bissing W. F. watchmaker, 96 w Baltimore, 

dw 40 Holiday 
Bisson William, mate, 128 s Chester 
Bistler Dr. James H. 8 n Greene 
Bitmyer John, soldier, e Monument 

Bitzler , 2d hand furn. 431 w Baltimore 

Biitain John, butter dealer, 594 Penna. av 
Bittel Banoratz, laborer, 59 Elliott, Canton 
Bitter Christian, grocery, s e cor Wolfe and 

Bitter U. lithographer, 105 Hanover 
Bitter Ferdinand, brewer, 51 Leadenhall 
Bitter Henry, piano maker, 218 Barre 
Bitter John, teamster, 194 Stirling 
Bitter John G. laborer, 194 Stirling 
Bitter Lewis, tavern, 5 w Pratt 
Bittiger William, ostler, 198 w Fayette 
Bittinger Elizabeth, confectionery, 7 Penna. av 
Bittinger John D. shoemaker, 7 Penna. av 
Bittfrau Krom,201 Aliceanna 
Bittner George, tailor, 25 s Washington, F. P. 
Bittner George, porter, 40 s Bond 
Bittorff Christian, tailor, 9 Constitution 
Bitz John, porter, 52 s Charles 
Bitzel William, currier, 73 e Monument 
Bivans James, furn. wagon, 121 n Paca 
Bix Louis, clerk, 122 n Howard 
Bixler Andrew, potter, Stockholm near Eutaw 
Bixler Louis A. tobacconist, 102 n Howard 
Bixler Wm. T. clerk, 602 w Lombard 
Bixler Wm. H. H. clerk, 127 s Sharp 
Bizonard Elizabeth, 112 Mulberry 
Black Benj. T. (B. F. Andrews & Co.) 33 Mc- 
Black Calvin, 467 w Fayette 
Black D. H. trunk maker, 96 Aisquith 
Black Geo. saddler, McEldcrry near Caroline 
Black Geo. flour and feed, 376 Light 
Black Gilbert, laborer, 140 s Castle al 
Black Hannah, 296 Lexington 
Black Mrs. Hannah, 33 McHenry 
Black Mrs. Isabella L. 24 s Ann 
Black James H. engineer, 116 s Bond 
Black JdmesF. messenger Adams' Express, 8 

Black John, hardware dealer, 160 n Gay 
Black John, 270 Mulberry 
Black John R. carpenter, 18 Marion, dw 622 

Black John, cooper, 187 Bank 
Black John (W. J. Rieman & Co.) 296 Lex- 
Black Lewis W. painter, over 276 w Balti- 
more, dw 118 w Biddle 
Black Lilly H. 22 George 
Black Margaret, seamstress, 11 New Church 
Black Robert, carver, 65 Frederick 
Black Samuel, tobacconist, 188 w Pratt, dw 

Baltimore co. 
Black Susan, washerwoman, 67 Preston 

Black & Sapp, block and pump makers, 115 

Smith's whf 
Black Wm. D. gunsmith, 1.86 Aliceanna 
Black Wm. R. carpenter, 77 Pearl 
Blackburn & Bro. flour, gro. and com. mer- 
chants, n e cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Blackburn Cyrus, (B. &Bro.) 132 n Eutaw 
Blackburn Edwin, (B. & Bro.) 132 n Eutaw 
Blackburn John C. attorney, 278 Saratoga 
Blackburh James W. clerk, 392 Franklin 
Blackburn Samuel, tinner, 80 Richmond 
Blackerby Capt. Thos. mariner, 36 Cross 
Blacke Caroline, lager beer, 242 Canton av 
Blackiston Albert C. clerk, 138 s Sharp 
Blackiston & Green, cabinet makers, 562 w 

BlackisK)n John B. (B. & Green,) 98 Hollins 
Blackiston Wm. C. lumber inspector, s w cor 

Concord and Bowly, dw 138 s Sharp 
Blacklar Alexander C. clerk, 118 n Broadway 
Blackley Chas. provis. 64 s Caroline, dw86 
Blackesell Mrs. Elizabeth S. 20 Penn 
Blackway Wm. miller, Covington near Ham- 

Blades , mail agent, 285 e Baltimore 

Blades Frances, 16 Church 
Blades John L. livery stables, 114 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. dw 95 s Ann 
Blades Nancy, Cross w of Leadenhall 
Blades Samuel, chairmaker, 157 n Exeter 
Blades Thos. W. clerk, P. 0. 207 Aisquith 
Blair Mrs. Anna, grocery, 228 Mulberry 
Blair Charles E. bookkeeper, 20 n Exeter 
Blair Henry, teacher, Gilmor, n of Franklin 
Blair Henry H. deputy clerk Superior Ct. 28 

s Calhoun 
Blair James A. clerk, 143-^ s Calvert 
Blair John, tailor, 93 n Schroeder 
Blake Mrs. Amelia, 330 Mulberry 
Blake Chas. W. clerk, Mt. Washington 
BLAKE CHARLES, dealer in watches, &c. 

217 w Baltimore, dw Mt, Washington 
Blake Caroline, 242 Canton av 
Blake Catharine, grocery, 151 York 
Blake George A. carpenter, 144 s Bond 
Blake George, laborer, 151 York 
Blake Joel N. machinist and founder, s e 
cor Franklin and North, dw 245 n Howard 
Blake George E. clerk, 245 n Howard 
Blake John, restaurant, 1 North 
Blake Jno. W. coll. water rents, 111 s Sharp 
Blake John, carpet weaver, 47 Tyson 
Blake John R. bricklayer, 112 n Caroline 
Blake Mary A. dressmaker, 47 Tyson 
Blake Margaret, 330 Mulberry 
Blake Margaret, 6 Albert al 
Blake Martin, grocer, 59 East 
Blake Richard, hatter, Exeter bet. Low and 

Blake Sarah, 38 Josephine 
Blake Samuel F. carpenter, 1 Ogston 
Blake Wm. soldier, 6 Donnell near Clinton 
Blakely Mrs. Elizabeth, Harrison near Gor- 

such av. Homestead 
Blakeney Celestine, dressmaker, 144 Aisquith 
Blakeney Wm. H. coach painter, 236 n Bond 
Blakeney Wm. carpenter, 102 Ensor 
Blakey Mrs. Emma, 340 Saratoga 
Blakey Wm. malster, 340 Saratoga 
Blakney Wm. coachmaker, 50 German, dw 

336 n Bond 
Blaylock Richard, 197 n Eutaw 
Blamire John E. mariner, 199 s Bond 

jr. HESTRY GISISB, Commission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grain^ Seeds, &c. 
Roseudal* Cement and Calcined Planter oonatantly on hand, »1 Spear's WharCi 




Blanch James C. potter, 92 n Bond 
Blanch James T. carpenter, 199 e Lombard 
Blanch Jeremiah, restaurant, 679 w Baltimore 
Blanchard D. H. clerk, 104 McCuUoh 
BLANCHARD E. WYATT, attorney, 38 

St. Paul, dw 81 Cathedral 
Blanchard H. C, architect, s w cor Charles 

and Fayette, dw 104 McCulloh 
Blanchard Jas. A. J. rigger, 111 Cross 
Blanchard Thos. H. confectioner, 34 n Cen- 
tral av 
BLANCK JOHN, Columbia house, 471 w 

Blandy Dr. Alfred A. dentist, 83 Centre 
Blaney Chas. E. bricklayer, 235 Saratoga 
Blaney Charles E. (W. H. B. & Sons) cor 

Pine and Sarah Ann 
Blaney Geo. stone cutter, 163 Greenmount av 
Blaney Jas. M. bricklay. 163 Greenmount av 
Blaney James W. bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney James W. police, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney James J. soldier, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney Jane, grocery, 163 Greenmount av 
Blaney John T. bricklayer, 185 Rab0rg 
Blaney John T. carp. 161 Greenmount av 
Blaney Sarah, huckstress,266 Greenmount av 
Blaney Wm. H. soldier, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney Wm. H. B. & Sons, bricklayers, 20 s 

Elandford Elizabeth A. 254 e Fayette 
Blankenburg Chas. 76 MuUikin 
Blankenhorn Peter, soldier, 156 G. Hughes 
Blankford Jacob, furn. wagoner, 140 n Caro- 
Blankinship Daniel D. engineer, 3 William- 
son al 
Blass John, laborer, 29 James al 
Blass Wm. clerk, 163 w. Lombard 
Blash Samuel G. sailmaker, 106 s Chapel 
Blatter Charles, laborer, 17 Hall al 
Blattau Margaret, 24 n Ann 
Blaufuss Wm. L. tailor, 267 Franklin 
Blaumberg Herman, cabinet mak. 19 s Spring 
Blauvelt Wm. S. tin can maker, 71 n Amity 
Blaw Joshua M. salesman, n w cor Fremont 

and Hollins 
Bleicher A. Lewis, shoemaker, 17 Baker 
Bleinberger Adam, boot fitter, 100 Walker ct 
Bledzer Philip, shoemaker, 201 s Bond 
Blessiijg Daniel, carpenter, 47 n High 
Blessing Daniel, carpenter, n w cor Eden and 

Blessing Mrs. Mary, confectionery, n w cor 

Eden and Hampstead 
Blessinger Louisa, Gough cor Central av 
Blessing John F. laborer, 28 sL. McElderry 
Blessing John, tobacconist, 241 n Gay 
Blesson John, 158 n Dallas 
Bletzer Philip, shoemaker, 201 s Bond 
Bley Rudolph, clothier, 512 Lexington 
Biick Thomas H. mercantile agent, over 36 w 

Second, dw 29 s Broadway 
Blight Robert, laborer, 32 Milliman 
Blightman Wm. P. grocery, cor Eastern av 

and Chester 
Blimline Andrew, boiler maker, 426 w Pratt 
Blimline Henry, shirts, drawers, &c., 134 

Penna av 
Blimline Henry, shirts, drawers, &c.,over 2 

n Liberty, dw 5 Park 
Blinsinger George F. carpenter, 145 Ross 
Blinsinger George M. carpenter, 145 Ross 
Blinsinger Wm. M. carpenter, 145 Ross 

Bliss Lieut. Col. Alexander, Q. M. U. S. A. 

Head Quarters, dw Eutaw House 
Blissard C. H. police, 18 Rock 
Blissard John L. copper refiner, 124 William 
Blitt Maximillian S. butcher, 70 Centre, 10 
Lexington, and 62 Hanover markets, dw 
•Penna av near tollgate 

Blithe teacher,, 111 n Caroline 

Blocher Wm. L. clerk, 29 n Republican 
Block Andrew, blacksmith. 111 Saratoga 
Block Augustus, imp. and com. merchant, 96 

w Lombard, dw Bait, county 
Block Edward, wines, liquors, foreign pro- 
duce, corks, &c. 114 w Lombard, dw 253 
Block Finley, engraver, 99 Orleans 
Block Henry, iron finisher, 48 Aliceanna 
Block Harriet, 90 Orleans 
Block John, (Thomsen & B.) 142 n Charles 
Block Julia, 4 n Schroeder 
Block Lewis, wagoner, 58 McElderry 
Block Louis, cigar maker, 88 York 
Block Simon, furniture and clothing dealer, 

254 s Bond 
Block Wm. laborer, rear 218 s Caroline 
Blocker Daniel, Q. M. dept. 350 Lombard 
Blofut Wm. laborer. Falls road, near North- 
ern av 
Blomacear Christian, smith, 222 s Wolfe 
Blomeier Ennis, boot and shoemaker, 32 

Blome & Jacobi, candies and fruits, 445 w 

Blome George, (B. & Jacobi) 445 w Baltimore 
Blome John, tavern, 26 w Lombard 
Blondheim Hart, tailor, 105 n Howard 
Blood Wm. H. cardriver, 968 w Baltimore 
Bloodsworth Jacob, mariner, 189 Hanover 
Bloom Catharine, Point lane near Harford av 
Bloom George, tailor, 23 n Dallas 
Bloom Joseph, glazier, 185 n Central av 
Bloomer John W. jr., clerk, 97 Aisquith 
Bloomer Wm. E. sutler, 97 Aisquith 
Blotkamp Wm. carriages for hire, 260 e Lom- 
Blowdell Malachi, conductor City Pass. R. 

R. 80 Ross 
Blucher Joseph, laborer, 18 s Amity 
Bloxam Mrs. Mary, variety, 308 s Eutaw 
Bloxam Wm. engineer, 308 s Eutaw 
BLOXHAM JOHN, variety and hardware 

dealer, 56 Harrison, dw 127 n High 
Bluck Peter, laborer, 19 Albemarle 
Bluit Ellen, dressmaker, 127 w Madison 
Bluit Mary, dressnr.aker, 127 w Madison 
Blum Mrs. Barbara, 103 s Bond 
Blum Charles, soldier, 3 Jew al 
Blum Catharine, midwife, 223 Canton a-^ 
Blum Daniel, second-hand store, 76 Harrison 
Blum Frederick, tanner, 86 n Central av 
Blum F. F barber, 395 n Gay 
Blum George, restaurant, 313 n Howard 
Blum George, barber, 96 Richmond 
Blum Gotlieb, laborer, 91 s Chapel 
Blum Isaac, second-hand dealer, 193 Lombard 
Blum Isaac, second-hand clothier, 228 s Caro- 
Bllim Jacob, shoemaker, 3 Jew al 
Blum Jacob, shoemaker, 192 Hollins 
Blum John L. tailor, 75 Hanover 
Blum Solomon, (Hess, B. & Co.) 271 w Bait. 
Blum Wm. watchmaker, 529 w Baltimore 
Blume Albert, clerk, 9 s Gay 
Blume Benjamin, cigar maker, 228 e Lombard 

WM. P. AVEBB, Marine, l^ire and Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mntual 
Benefit lilfe Insurance Co., Nevrork, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Blumauer, boots, shoes and clothing, 

235 s Charles 
Blumendauer Adam, shoemaker, 239 Mont- 
Blumenkalb Ernest, milkman, 325 e Madison 
Biumenthal Abraham, second-hand dealer, 

278 s Charles 
Biumenthal Bernard P. dry goods, 156 Lex- 
Biumenthal Isaac, furniture, 129 s Fremont 
BlumendorfFMary, 29 Fell 
Blumenberg Maj. Leopold, provost marshal 
3d district of Maryland, office 26 Holiday, 
dw 52 n Exeter 
Blumer Mrs. Doris, 15 s Central av 
BUimlein Margaret, 50 Central av 
Blundell Anthony, laborer, 152 Dover 
Blundell Dennis, 103 Garden 
Blundell Dennis, laborer, 152 Dover 
Blundell Teresa,_ confectionery, 67 Mulberry 
Blundell Wm. hackman, 67 Mulberry 
Blunt Nelson, laborer, 21 Walker 
Blunt Stephen, boot fitter, 475 w Pratt 
Blye Mrs. Bridget, 66 L. Monument 
Blye Peter, laborer, 66 L. Monument 
Blyman Wm. barber, 48 Camden 
Boalt Edward, conductor, 185 s Paca 
lioane James, commission merchant, 261 Ais- 

Board of Trade, office new Exchange build- 
ings, George U. Porter, Secretary 
Boaring Elias H. stone cutter, 302 Franklin 
Boarman John, laborer, 103 Walsh 
Boase Bernhardt, boiler maker, 158 Columbia 
Bobart Charles C. sexton, Bethel near East- 
ern av 
Bobart Thos. tavern, 242 s Broadway 
Bobee Joseph F. clerk, 207 Light 
Bobee James A. shipsmitli, 207 Light 
Bobee John D. shipjoiner, 207 Light 
Bobee Joseph F. jr., cigar maker, 207 Light 
Bobeth Charles, piano maker, 246 Booth 
Bobeth Charles, (Eggert & B.) 641 w Balti- 
BobUtz Wm H. pumpmaker, 42 Hampstead 
Bocche Herman, engineer, 651 Light 
Bochelman Christian, machinist, 11 Nicholson 
Bochler Henrietta, nurse, 238 Canton av 
Bochler Joseph, clerk, 238 Canton av 
Bock Julius, 15 n Eden 
Bock Julius, painter, 322 e Monument 
Bockel Charles, shoemaker, Frederick road, 

near Calverton 
Bockelman Conrad, tailor, 125 Barre 
Bockelman Wm. upholsterer, 56 e Pratt 
Bockman John, shoemaker, 33 Albemarle 
Bockmiller Wm. tanner, 98 Chew 
Bockmiller Wm. P. blacksmith and wheel- 
wright, 57 n High, dw 37 
Bocksti John Wm. restaurant, 26 Second 
Bocock John R. ensign U. S. N. 216 e Fay- 
Bode Charles, tailor, 228 e Madison 
Bode John, shoemaker, 184 Orleans 
Bode Louis, cooper, 295 s Sharp 
Bode Doct. Wm. druggist, s e cor Fremont & 

Bode Dr. Wm. 159 w Lombard 
Bode Wm. D. shoemaker, 2 Haw 
Bodein John, umbrella maker, 73 Mullikin 
Bodenmiller H. laborer, 32 Thames 
Boden Frederick, tailor, 56 Aliceanna 
Bodun Wm. confectioner, 299 e Monument 

Bodenburg Charles, cap maker, 253 Hanover 
Bodenschatz John, tavern, 44 Camden 
Bodensick Chas. F. bookbinder, 393 Franklin 
Bodensick David, cabinetmaker, 263 Franklin 
Bodensick David A. printer, 150 n Fremont 
Bodensick Geo. H. book binder, 360 Franklin 
Bodensick Wm. T, book binder, 263 Franklin 
Bodgar August, second-hand dealer, 58 Penna 

BODICKER LOUIS, ladies' shoe store, 43 n 

Gay, dw 263 Lexington 
Bodine John, laborer, 20 Barnes 
Boecher George, piano maker, 329 Mulberry 
Boecker Henry, farrier, 282 Aliceanna 
Boehl Henry, carpet weaver, 145 Camden 
Boehm Dr. Adolphus, 58 Barre 
Boehm Constantine, lager beer saloon, 50 s 

Boehm Charles T. (B., Rice & Co.) 261 Lex- 
Boehm Henry, baker, 9 George 
Boehm John W. blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
BOEHM, RICE & CO. wooden ware, brushes 
• brooms, &c. 32 s Calvert 
Boehme Augustus, grocer, 128 Hanover 
Boehme Charles L. 223 n Eutaw 
Boehmer J. Henry, porter, 125 Camden 
Boehner Joseph, cabinet maker, 46 Lancaster 
Boeker Henry F. W. tailor, 42 Portland 
Boen Edward, butcher, 2 n Regester 
Boener Conrad, brickmaker, 414 s Charles 
Bochrie Christian, cooper, 190 s Bond 
Boerner Henry, (Norris, Calwell & Co.) 99 

s Sharp 
Boesel John, laborer, 426 Canton av 
Boesser John, locksmith, 342 Mulberry 
Boettinger Peter, shoemaker, 14 Davis 
Bogan Mary, 31 Thames 
Bogartus S. A. soldier, 405 w Lombard 
Bogul John, blacksmitli. Canton av near Ann 
Bogell Mrs. Blotour, 911 w Pratt 
Boger George, printer, 37 Albemarle 
Bogert John, 9 s Broadway 
Boggs Ann, seamstress, 144 n Eutaw 
BOGGS, COTTMAN & CO. importers and 

dealers in wines, liquors, &c. and commis- 
sion merchants, 46 w Lombard 
BOGGS & CO. agents Connecticut Mutual 

and Charter Oak Life Insurance Cos., 12 s 

Boggs A. L.jr. commission merchants, and 

dealer in flour, grain, &c., 141 n Howard, 

dw 42 Courtland 
Boggs F. Henry, bookkeeper, 42 Courtland 
Boggs J. Greer, bookkeeper, 75 e Baltimore 
Boggs Robert J. B. aid to Revenue Custom 

House, 42 Courtland 
Boggs Wm. life insurance, 12 s Gay, dw 176 

p Eutaw 
Boggs Wm. A. (B., Cottman & Co.) 142 n 

Boggs Wm. (B. & Co.) 176 n Eutaw 
Boggs Wm. clerk, 144 n Kutaw 
Bogges Thos. F. horse-shoer, 231 e Madison 
Bogges Wm. B. F. soldier, 231 e Madison 
Bogle James, ship carpenter, 131 Thames 
Bogleberg Augusta, 248 Lexington 
Bogue Henry, (Harrington & B.) 71 Franklin 
Bogue James, groceries & liquors, 11 Mercer 
Bogue Mrs. Maria, 230 w Fayette 
Bogue Robert H. clerk, 71 FrankUn 
Bohager Frances, grocery, s w cor Central av 

and Bank 

GEO. S. PAGB & BRO., Manufacturers of Roof^ and Roofing ]}Iaterlals, 111 Smltki's 
Wharf. C. HART SJ»HTH, Agent. 




Bohan Ellen, grocery, 34 Rock 

Bohan James, gardener, 34 Rock 

Bohanan Dr. James S. 403 Canton av 

Bohannan Wilson, (Gibson & B.) 284 e Monu- 

Bohlman Henry, cigars, 57 Albemarle 

Bohlman Henry, porter, 454 Light 

Bohlman Henry G. foundryman, 454 Light 

Bohlman John, tobacconist, 415 w Baltimore 

Bohmer Wm. liquors, 19 Water 

Bohn Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 105 w 

Bohager Francis, grocery, 23 Bank, and 
second-hand goods, 11 Bank 

Bohne Mary, milliner, 60 Park 

Bohne Herman, baker, 3 Leadenhall 

Bohnlofink Johnj shoemaker, 194 e Lombard 

Bohrer Julius S., U. S. N. 148 Broadway 

Bohnert Michael, shoemaker, 23 St. James 

Boice George M. trimmings, Frederick av 
near Fulton 

Boisil Bro., St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 

Boke John, laborer, 72 Towson 

Bokee George M. china, glass and queens- 
ware deal. 41 n Howard, dw277 Lexington 

Bokee Howard, (Hardester & B.) 277 Lex- 

BOKEE WILLIAM F. china merchant, 1 
and 3 Harrison, dw 105 n Front 

Bokel JcJm G. grocery, 283 e Eager 

Bokel M'l-s. John H. shoe store, 62 Park 

Bokel Theodore A. grocery, 146 Stirling 

Bokerf Jacob, cooper, 106 West 

Bokern John F. cabinet maker, 36 Thames 

Bokeman Dicrich, shoemaker, 161 Conway 

Bokman Augustus C. shoemaker, 16 Rock 

BOLENIUS G. H. dealer in leaf tobacco and 
cigar manufacturer, n w cor Charles and 

Bolan Edward, watchman, 26 Hillen 

Bolan James, laborer, 35 s Durham 

Boland James, grocer and liquors, 168 Canton 

Boland Margaret E. dressmaker, 120 Ross 

Boland Thomas, laborer, 265 Forrest 

Bolander Wm. laborer, 134 Hamburg 

Bolden Michael, 183 Bank 

Bolden Robert, blacksmith, 16 s Oregon 

Boulden Wm. finisher, 135 Hollins 

Bolein John, woodsawyer, 209 s Chapel 

Bolgiano Joseph A. 347 n Gay 

Bolgiano John C. carpenter, 98 Chew 

Bolgiano John, shoe findings, 28 s Calvert, 
dw 49 Chew 

Bollack Peter, tavern, Clinton s of Boston, 

Bolland August, engineer, 36 Peach al 

Boiler William, lager beer, 639 w Baltimore 

Bollet Frederick C. clerk, 18 s Exeter 

Bollman Earnest, drayman, 217 Conway 

Bollman Francis, whitewasher, 144 Aisquith 

Bollman Frederick, tailor, 56 Portland 

Bollman Henry, porter, 64 Park 

Bollman John W. civil and constructing engi- 
neer, 112 Penna av 

BOLLMAN WENDELL, civil and construct- 
ing engineer, Patapsco Works, cor Clinton, 
dw 112 Penna av 

Bolster Michael, laborer, 98 St. Peter 

Bolster J. joiner, 22 Fell 

Bolster William, seaman, 267 Hanover 

Bolte Henry, clerk, 543 w Baltimore 

Bolte Simon, bookkeeper, 543 w Baltimore 

J. HENRY GIESE, Commlasion Merchant, for the Bale of Flonr, Grain, Seeds, &e. 
Roaeudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, ^1 Spear's Wharf; 

Bolton Augustus, surveyor, 38 Aisquith 
Bolton Daniel K. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) 

198 e Fayette 
Bolton Hugh & Co. glass, oil and paint store, 

81 McElderry's wharf 
Bolton Hugh W. (Hugh B. & Co.) 20 n 

Bolton Hugh, (Hugh B. & Co.) 20 n Front 
Bolton James, (Hugh B. & Co.) 114 s Bond 
Bolton James K. clerk, 114 s Bond 
BOLTON STATION, Northern Central Rail- 
way, cor. Cathedral and Bolton 

W. B. BOLTON & CO. Paints, Oils, 
Glass, &c., 55 South Calvert street 
and 26 Cheapside. 

Bolton Wm E. ( W. B. E. & Co.) 155 s Sharp 
Bolton Wm. H. & Bro. (W. H. B. & Bro.) 3 


BOLTON WM. H. & BRO. dealers 
in Glass, Oils, Paints, Ethereal, 
Kerosene and Coal Oils, Alco- 
hol, Benzine and Machinery Oils, 
Lamps, &c., 84 West Pratt street, 
between Gay and Commerce. 

Boltz Catharine, 366 Penna av 
Boltz Edward, butcher, 363 Penna av 
Bollz John, laborer, 233 s Dallas 
Bolv Christian, sawyer, 92 Eastern av 
Eolz Rhinehart, butcher, 440 Penna av 
Boman Thomas, street waterer, 156 n Dallas 
Bomber H. laborer, 153 Canton av 
Bomberg Andrew, tailor, 28 Hampstead 
Bomberger John H. shoemaker, 696 w Biddle 
Bomberger John, laborer, 266 Aliceanna 
Bomen Martha, 1 Low 
Bomgarten Joseph, tailor, 43 Brown 
Bona Bernhard, collector, 33 Brown 
Bona Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, 33 Brown 
Bonaker Philip, shoemaker, 149 s Bond 
Bonaparte Jerome N. 95 Park 
Bonavita Amelia R. 124 Harford av 
Bond Alex. (B. & Bulack) 245 e Biddle 
Bond Alexander J. carpenter, 183 Ross 
Bond Alex, produce and comm. merchant, n 

w cor. Pratt and Commerce 
Bond Alfred, carpenter, 183 Ross 
BOND & BULACK, restaurant, 85 w Pratt, 

one door from South 
Bond Cornelius F. teacher,? Waverly terrace 
Bond Ely, soldier, 241 Forrest 
Bond Hugh L. judge criminal court, n e cor. 

Franklin and Tyson 
Bond James H. (J. W. B. & Co.) 86 w Balti- 
BOND J. W. & CO. booksellers, 86 w Balti- 

BOND JAMES, JR., fruit and produce and 
commission merchant, 6 Hollingsworth, dw 
348 e Monument 
Bond John H. carpenter, 113 n Pine 
Bond John, laborer, 59 Gough 
Bond John, police, 113 n Pine 
Bond John W. (J. W. B. & Co.) 239 e Bal- 
Bond John, wagoner, 67 Granby 
Bond John W. assist. U. S. assessor, 53 North 




Bond Josias, gardener, Philadelphia road near 

city limits 
Bond Joseph H. pyrotechnist, 330 e Baltimore 
Bond Leander, carpenter, 183 Ross 
Bond Louis, tin and sheet iron worker, Eden 

near Orleans 
Bond Lorenzo D. engineer, Falls road near 

Northern av 
Bond Mary, washerwoman, 60 Richmond 
Bond Nimrod, ladies' shoemaker, 160 George 
Bond Mrs. Susanna, 124 s Bond 
Bond I'hos. ship carpenter, 8 Bennet, Canton 
Bond Thomas, weaver, 97 Peirce 
BOND THOMAS G. & CO., propr. Charles- 
ton House, 76 w Pratt 
Bond Thomas G. (T. G. B. & Co.) 76 w Pratt 
Bond Thomas J. restaurant, n w cor Orleans 

and Lewis, dw 407 n Gay 
Bond Thomas, produce dealer, n w cor Cal- 
vert and Pratt, dw 99 n Bond 
Bond Wm. carter, 13 Warren 
Bond Wm. huckster, 9 s Ann 
BOND WILLIAM, commiss. merchant and 
produce dealer, n e cor Pratt and Hollings- 
Bond Wm. jr. engineer U. S. N. 330 e Balti- 
BOND WILLIAM, pyrotechnist, Wolfe near 

Fayette, dw 330 e Baltimore 
Bond Wm. B. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw Anne 

Arundel Co 
Bonday James, (B. & Thurlow,) wharfinger, 

273 s Ann, dw 187 Gough 
Bonday Jamts, jr. wharfinger, Gibson's whf. 

dw 83 s Chester" 
Bonday & Thurlow, oak coopers. 111 Thames 
Bonecker John G. pork packer. 111 McEl- 

Bonfire Henry, laborer, 9 s Durham 
Bonhage August, tailor, 106 Dawson al 
Bonhage Hejiry, tailor, 44 Vo e Pratt 
Bonheim Martin, dyer, 150s Eutaw 
Bonifant Washington, U. S. Marshal for Md. 
office 11 Court House la, dw Montgomery 
Bonn Anthony S. & Co. importers and whole- 
sale dealers in leaf and manuf tobacco, 172 
w Pratt, and Magnolia Snuft' Mill, 3 Perry 
Bonn Anthony, officer at Penitentiary, dw 160 

Bonn Anthony S. (A. S. B. & Co.) 172 w 

Bonn Daniel W. (Anthony S. B. & Co.) 172 

w Pratt 
Bonnflichard, (Anthony S. B. & Co.) 62 s 

Bonn John, cooper, 94 n Eden 
Bonner Capt. Elijah, mariner, 14 Gough 
Bonner Hugh, shoemaker, 51 Harford av. 
Bonnet Jacob, shoemaker, 303 Canton av 
Bonnet Nicholas, wagoner, 245 Eastern av 
Bonnett Joseph L. currier, 88 Eastern av 
BONNEY ELIAS, embroidery, ribbons, &c. 

147 w Baltimore, dw 657 Lexidgton 
Bonney James, clerk at Fountain Hotel 
Bonney John, clerk. Fountain Hotel 
Bonsai Louis, bookbinder, 52 w Baltimore 
Bonsai Robert, jeweler, n High 
Bonslager George, laborer, 199 William 
Bonter Michael, carter, 228 n Dallas 
Bood Henry, fruit dealer, 154 Light 
Boofter Elijah, cellar digger, 122 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 

Booker Henry, clerk, 22 Chatsworth 
Booker John L. Sec'y Great Council of Red 

Men, office 18 North, dw 22 Chatsworth 
Bookman Joseph, cooper. Willow near Mc- 

Bookhamer Fred'k, upholsterer, 27 Eastern av 
Bookhein Peter, carter, 40 Fort av 
Bookhimer George, laborer, 334 s Bond 
Bookhultz Mrs. Mary, 230 Lee 
Book Mrs. Mary, 277 Lexington 
Boon Benjamin T. printer, 25 Lee 
Boon Joseph H. carpenter, 122 Ross 
Boon Philomena, 319 s Bond 
Boon Robert W. cabinet maker, 350 Mulberry 
Boone Charles H. baker, 223 e Lombard 
Boone Francis W. moulder, 14 Decker 
Boone John W. laborer, 223 e Lombard 
Boone Joseph H. shoemaker, 55 n Eden 
Boone Dr. J. H. 335 w Lombard 
Boone John W. shoemaker, 223 e Lombard 
Boone John H. D. jr. tavern, s e cor Second 

and Frederick 
Boone John H. D. tobacconist, 1 Second, dw 

85 Chew 
Boone Mary A. tailoress, 30 Dolphin 
Boone Nicholas, watchman Farmers and Mer- 
chants Bank, 186 Aisquith 
Boone Samuel, police, 128 s Central av 
Boone Wm. cabinet maker, 152 n Exeter 
Boone Wm. G. mariner, 84 Block 
Boone Wm. H. steam fitter, 166 Aisquith 
Booth James H. cigar maker, 3 Thomsen 
Booth John C. upholsterer, 219 Aisquith 
Booth Joseph, upholsterer, 103 Central av 
Booth Dr. R. R. dentist, 49 w Baltimore 
Booth Sarah, seamstress, 92 w Centre 
Booth Marshall, boatman, 190 Montgomery 
Booth Wm. boiler maker, 10 s Central av 
Booth Wm. of Mechanical Bakery, 642 w 

Booth Wm. 0. L. painter, s e cor Gough and 

Booz & Bro. ship builders, Boston 
Booz Benj. property agent and collector, 123 

s Washington, F. P. 
Booz Chas. W. (B. & Bro.) 125 s Ann 
Booz Eliza, 72 s Chapel 
Booz Daniel, ship carpenter, 200 Bank 
Booz Henry, ship carpenter, 123 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Booz James, coal oil store, 66 s Caroline 
Booz John J. ship carpenter, 119 s Ann 
Booz Thomas, (B. & Bro.) 142 Chesapeake 
Booz Thomas, 165 Gough 
Boozbown Mrs. H. 126 e Lombard 
Booze James W. clerk, 117 Broadway 
Booze Joseph, wood dealer, 14 Hill 
Booze Marcellus, jr. wood dealer, 77 William 
Bopp Geo. clothing cutter, 413 Light 
Bopp Lawrence, dry goods, 413 Light 
Bopp Lawrence, clothier, n e cor Light and 

West, dw 413 Light 
Bopp Mrs. Mary, gardening, bet West-st and 

Fort av 
Borcherding John G. restaurant, 13 Dover 
Borchers John H. cigars, 26 Albemarle 
Bordi Madaline, rag dealer, 29 Barnes 
Bording John, cigar maker, 11 Albemarle 
Borck Dr. Andrew, jr. acting assist, surgeon 

U. S. A. 429 w Baltimore 
Bordfey Hiram J. clerk, 119 n Howard 
Bordley John W. clerk. Mansion House 
Bordley John W. clerk, 27 Hollins 

wm. p. 'WEBB, Xlarine, Fire and Ufe Insnmxiee Agent and Broker. Agent « Mutual 
Benefit JJUe Insurance Co., Kexnurk, S. J.," 89 SMond StrMt. 




Bordley Mrs. Margaret, boarding, n e cor 

Charles and Pleasant 
Bordley Samuel C. tinner and plumber, cor 

Barre and Warner 
Bordley Wm. C. jr. clerk Mechanics Bank, 

85 n Charles 
Boregeuzer Caspar, stone cutter, 137 Wel- 
come al 
Boring John T. tobacconist, 73 Columbia, dw 

171 Conway 
Borgnian Henry, cab. maker, 112 Saratoga 
Borkhaum Herman, laborer, 2]3 Aliceanna 
Borman John, laborer, 257 s Durham 
Born Ellen L. grocery, 208 Cross 
BORN HERMAN, dealer in liquors, wines, 

&c. s w cor Hanover and Camden 
Born John, shoemaker, 17 Choptank 
Born John, grocery, 122 n Caroline 
Born Tobias, furn. wagoner, 82 n Schroeder 
Borne Patrick H. glass cutter, Henry near 

G. Hughes 
Borner Christian, cabinet maker, 39 n Amity 
Borneman Henry W. tailor, 15 Jackson 
Bornhage Frederick, shoemaker, 35 Saratoga 
Bornheim Wm. clothier, 95 Low 
Bornhorn Henry J. carpenter, 73 Bank 
Borns Joseph, grocery, 455 Lexington 
Bornsheim Dorothea, confectioner, 177 e Lom- 
Bornsheim Theodore, musician, 177 e Lom- 
Borrick Augusta, second hand dealer, 40 Or- 
Borrick Julius, cattle dealer, 147 Orleans 
Bonniiich George, s w cor Grant and Water 
Borrouich Thomas, tobacconist, 5 w Fayette 
Borrows Philip, rigger, 5 Philpot 
Borroughs Mrs. Eliz'th,tailoress,3n Fremont 
Borrox Henry, laborer, 196 Canton av 
Bory Frederick, laborer, 6 Bouldin al 
Bosch George H. morocco dresser, s w cor 

Orleans and Ann 
Eosche Wm. H. blacksmith, 50 Leadenhall 
Boscherding Herman, teamster, 244 Hanover 
Boschsrt Martin, carpenter, 345 e Lombard 
Bose William, office over 128 w Baltimore, 

dw 114 St. Paul 
Bosee Mary, teacher, 311 Lexington 
Boshammer Conrad, baker, 271 Eastern av 
Boshammer Henry, wagoner, 271 Eastern av 
EOSLEY AMON, hardware dealer, 4 Light 

si wharf, dw 644 Lexington 
Boslev Ann, 120 Johnson 
Bosley Chas. H. caulker, 120 Johnson 
Bosley & Co. agricultural implements, 6 Light 

St wharf 
Bosley Geo. W. car driver, 50 s Bond 
Bosley James H. forwarding and com. mt. 203 

North, dw 91 McCulloh 
Bosley Jno. W. caulker, 42 Washington, 

F. H. 
Bosley John, grocer, cor Hampstead & Dallas 
Bosley Joshua N. 644 Lexington 
Bosley Nicholas M. (B. & Co.) 61 Barre 
Bosley Samuel, machinist, 21 RepubHcan 
Bosley Thomas E. 46 3 Bond 
Bosley Washington, car driver, 50 s Bond 
Bosley Wm. H. printer, 53 n Bond 
Boslind Alexander, laborer, 50 Cooksie 
Bosman Thomas E mariner, 46 s Bond 
Bosman John R. mariner, 46 s Bond 
Bosman Wm. H. soldier, 225 Hanover 
Bosmith Amelia, 128 MuUikin 

Bosmith Charles, 128 MuUikin 
Bosmith Philip A. 128 MuUikin 
Boss Antoine, cooper, Durham near Pratt, 

lager beer saloon, 59 s Wolfe 
Boss Bersod, tailor, 108 s Ann 
Boss Francis, 101 s Wolfe 
Boss George, cooper, 185 Gough 
Boss George, mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Henry, plumber, 109 Thames, dw 139 8 

Boss Henry, wagoner, 22 L Church 
Boss John, laborer, 57 Ellicott 
Boss John, drayman, 197 s Eden 
Boss Martin, shoemaker, 6.38 Light 
Boss Martha, 28 n Bond 
Boss Nap, watchman, 191 e Pratt 
Bossee Andreas, shoemkr. 51 L. Montgomery 
Bosselle Lewis, cigar maker, 22 e Pratt 
Bosselle Louis, sr. porter, 65 Granby 
Bossle Charles, baker, 5 e Pratt 
Bossle Joseph, baker, 5 e Pratt 
Bossman Thomas, lalDorer, 78 Lancaster 
Bosson & Rubens, upholsterers, 19 n Eutaw 
Bosson Jas W. jr. (B. & Rubens) 19 n Eutaw 
Bostick Ferdinand, laborer, 15 Chew 
Bostick Joseph, iron heater, 180 s Central av 
Boston Chas. G. operator police telegraph, 28 

n Front 
Boston Charles, carpenter, 119 s Eden 
Boston Francis A. boiler maker, 13 William- 
son al 
Boston Jacob, messenger Central High School, 

n w cor Holiday and Fayette 
Boston John E. H. bookkeeper, 415 w Fayette 
Boston John, ship joiner, 119 s Eden 
Boston & Price, hats and furs, 82 w Baltimore 
Boston Samuel A. puddler, 163 s Wolfe 
Boston Steamship wharf, foot of Long Dock 
Boston Wm. T. sail maker, 125 s Eden 
BOSWELL & DORSETT, grocers, comm. 

and forwarding merchants, 147 w Pratt 
Boswell M. F. S. (B. & Dorsett) 144 Cathe- 

Boswell Marriott, clerk, 171 Saratoga 
Boswell Philip, tinner, 90 s Bethel 
Boswell Wm. brickmaker, 134 Columbia 
Bosworth Ebenezer C. clerk, 481 w Baltimore 
Bosworth Jeremiah, brakesman, 46 s Schroe- 
Bosworth John, soldier, 171 Ensor 
Bosworth Keziah, tailoress, 481 w Baltimore 
Bosworth Thomas, custom house officer, 110 

Boteler Beverly W. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 381 

w Fayette 
Boteler George, carpenter, 56 Josephine 
Boteler Joseph, carpenter, 56 Josephine 
Boteler Mrs. Sarah, 98 s Paca 
Botgeiser Henry, laborer, 103 West 
Botgeiser Theodore, cigar maker, 103 West 
Both Henry, drayman, 431 w Baltimore 
Bothe Harman, blacksmith, 26 n Amity 
Bothe Julius, teacher, 202 Cross 
Botheiser Bernard, sr., cooper, 16 Bevan 
Botheiser Bernard, jr., cooper, 16 Bevan 
Botlimann Charles, grocer and liquors, 210 

BOTHMANN GUSTAV, restaurant, s e cor. 

Eutaw and Lee 
Bott Christian, stone mason, 125 Ross 
Bottinger Andrew, shoemaker, 91 n Spring 
Bottimore Augustus, laborer, 13 Brannan ct 
Bottomer Frederick G. clerk, 108 Saratoga 

GEO. S. PAGK .Si BRO., ManiUTactiirers of Roof* and Roottiig Alaterials, 111 Smith's 
Wliarf. C. HART S»nTH, Agent. 




Bottomer Fred. J. shoe store, 108 Saratoga 
Bottomer Thomas, 108 Saratoga 
Bottrill Francis, brass finisher, 180 e Madison 
Bottrill Francis, furniture wagoner, 3 Bolton 
Bottrill Isaac, gardener, 294 Penna. av 
Botts Theodore, shoemaker, 12 Baker ct 
Botts Wm. H. clerk, 367 e Baltimore 
Botulph Bro., St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 
Botzler John, grocery, 67 Chew- 
Boucher Valentine, cloth cutter, 185 n Eden 
Boucher Wm. Jr., musical inst. maker, 38 e 

Baltimore, dw 77 Cathedral 
Bouchet Jos. A. stone cutter, 29 Constitution 
Bouchet John M. printer, 29 Constitution 
Boucsein Lewis, aoothecary, s e cor Pratt and 

Boughman Charles, police, 6 Hoffman 
Bouis John, jr., plumber, 448 w Fayette 
Boulden Dr. James, 62 w Madison 
Boulden James, caulker, 13 Bevan 
Boulden Jane A. Belair av ext 
Boulden Jared, (Swain & B.) 43 s Bond 
Boulden J. E. P., stock and exchange broker, 

79 w Second, dw 62 w Madison 
Boulden John, iron moulder, 212 s Caroline 
Boulden Wm. soldier. Falls road near toll gate 
Boulden Wm. J. letter carrier, 14 s Chester 
Bouldin Mrs. Ariana, 215 Aisquith 
Bouldin Augustus, (Owen B. & Bro.) 38 Ais- 
Bouldin Charles H. bookkeeper, 23 n Calvert 
Bouldin Owen & Bro. surveyors, over 11 North 
Bouldin Owen (0. B. & Bro.) 63 e Fayette 
Bouldin Randolph 'J. attorney, 6 St. Paul, dw 

266 e Lombard 
Bouldin Richard J. (Owen B. & Bro.) 63 e 

Boult Thomas, pilot, 18 s Ann 
Bourguet Francis, (Deville & B.)532 Lexing- 
Eouritsch Ernst, clothing, 245 s Charles 
Bourne George, (Jas. S. Owens & Co.) Gil- 

mor near Lexington 
Bourne Thomas, grocery, s w cor. Holland 

and Eden 
Boury L. H., Howard house 
Boury Louis J. office 51 w Fayette, dw 261 n 

Boury Jos. 281 Madison av 
Bousch Henry G. tanner, 88 n Ann 
Bousch John, laborer, 327 Eastern av 
Bousehart John, painter, 77 Preston 
Boward John, carpenter, 87 McHenry 
Bowdel Mrs. Louisa, 55 s Broadway 
Bowden Ann E. 37 Dolphin 
Bowden Wm. L. 37 Dolphin 
Bowdoin George E. (Pawson & B.) 130 n 

Bowdoin William G. bookkeeper, Alexander 

Brown & Sons, 130 n Charles 
Bowen Alexander, 124 Greenmount av 
Bowen Andrew J. (Dickinson, B. & Co.) dw 

289 n Gay 
Bowen A. J. reporter, 289 n Gay 
Bowen Ann, 20 Hill 
Bowen Rev. Charles H., Clifton and Mary, 

Baltimore Co. 
Bowen Capt. Charles H. Ill William 
Bowen Mrs. Eleanor, 121 s Caroline 
Bowen Ellen, saleswoman, 74 n Charles 
Bowen George A. bricklayer, Federal near 

Bowen George W. printer, 99 Saratoga 

Bowen George W. butcher, 135 Penna. av 
Bowen George, (Bausmith & B.) 20 Jackson 

Bowen Geo. W. (B. & Mereor,) 20 Jackson 

Bowen Geo. W. butcher, 54 w Hoffman 
Bowen Isaac, grocer, n e cor. Penna. av. and 

Bowen John L. shoe store, 11 e Baltimore, 

Bowen John, carpenter, 181 Mulberry 
Bowen John McC. clerk, 546 Lexington 
Bowen John, hod carrier, 13 Carlton 
Bowen John, copper smelter, 14 Cuba 
BOWEN JOHN W. carpenter and builder, 54 

Clay, dw 18] Mulberry 
Bowen Joseph L. machinist, 113 Preston 
Bowen Joseph M. clerk P. 0., Eagle hotel, 

132 HiUen 
Bowen Joseph, clerk Hariiden Express, Bal- 
timore Co. 
Bowen J. M. C. agent Southern Express Co., 

50 s Howard 
Bowen Levi K attorney, 26 n Calvert, dw 

Fountain hotel 
Bowen Levi, 67 William 
Bowen & Mercer, oil dealers, 3 Exchange 

Bowen Nicholas, tavern, 22 Foundry 
Bowen Oswald, varnisher, 159 Orleans 
Bowen Richard S. (Adkisson & Co.) 20 Hill 
Bowen Richard, 2 e Baltimore 
Bowen Samuel W. plasterer, 64 Jefferson 
Bowen Thomas^ cattle deal. 771 Northern av 
Bowen Wm. E. provisions, 242 Eastern av 
Bowen Wm. machinist, 22 Jackson 
Bowen Wm. P. police. Federal n of Hudson al 
Bowenfein John, brewer, 92 s Wolfe 
Bower Adam, laborer, 331 s Charles 
Bower Andrew, piano maker, 7 Park 
Bower Barbara, seamstress, 72 Washington, 

F.H. ^ 

Bower Capt. 88 William 
Bower Cliristian, laborer, 64 Granby 
Bower Edward C. hatter, 156 n Eden 
Bower Francis, grocer, 68 Bank 
Bower Francis, cooper, 150 s Spring, dw cor. 

Bank and Dallas 
Bower Frederick, cabinet maker, 47 Portland 
Bower George, cabinet maker, 342 s Sharp 
Bower George A. confectionery, 24 Jasper 
Bower Henry, hod carrier, 208 Canton av 
Bower John J. butcher, 216 Division 
Bower John, sieve maker, 58 Chats worth 
BOWER JOHN, shoe maker, 95 n Calvert 
Bower John A. shoemaker, 107 s Chapel 
Bower Mrs. John J. butcher, 40 and 71 Centre, 
65 Lexington and 29 Hanover markets, dw 
494 Saratoga 
Bower J. Jacob, butcher, 510 Saratoga 

Bower ■, laborer, 60 Walnut al 

Bower John, tinner, 156 n Eden 
Bower John, grocery, 19 McElderry 
BOWER LEWIS M. butcher, 40 Centre, 65 
Lexington and 29 Hanover market, dw 494 
Bower Louis, tailor, 20 New 
Bower Maria L. 16 s Central av 
Bower 5pter, ship carpenter, 60 Philpot 
Bower Thomas, painter, 23 German 
Bower Wm. car tender, 205 Conway 
Bowerman Henry N. bookkeeper, 537 w 

«r. HEUVRlf GIESB, Commission Merchant, for the sale ot F.lour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, HX Spear's "Wharf. 



Bowerman Heniv, book keeper, 537w Fayette 
Bowerman James B. clerk, 537 w Fayette 
Bowerman Margeret, 88 Greenmount av 
Bowerman Wm. H. clerk, 537 w Fayette 
Bowers Adam, laborer, 161 L. Green 
Bowers Adam, cooper, 19 s Durham 
Bowers Andrew, cabinet maker, 7 Park 
Bowers Barbara, Dork dealer, 494 Saratoga 
Bowers Bernard, cooper, 373 Hamburg 
Bowers Bernardina, grocery, 7 Park 
Bowers Catharine, washerwoman, 126Raborg 
Bowers Charles, police, 366 n Gay 
Bowers Edward, cutter, 72 s Bethel 
Bowers Francis, carpenter, 23 Josephme 
Bowers Frederick, printer, 244 Conway 
Bowers George, shoemaker, McElderry w of 

Bowers George M. laborer, 187 Eden 
Bowers George W. policeman, 366 n Gay 
Bowers Gotleib, milk, 393 s Sharp 
Bowers Henry A. (B. & Sons) 36 n Fremont 
Bowers Henry, shoemaker, 3 Dewberry al 
Bowers Henry, hod carrier, 229 s Bond 
Bowers Henry, shoemaker, 165 Hamburg 
Bowers James W. apothecary, 705 w Balti- 
more, dw 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers John, moulder, 100 Patuxent, Canton 
Bowers John, shoemaker, 91 n Ensor 
Bowers John J. butcher, 510 Saratoga 
Bowers John, fireman, U. S. N. 160 Dover 
Bowers John, ship carpenter, 2 Wills 
Bowers John M. shoemaker, 154 s Spring 
Bowers Joseph, machinist, 23 w Lombard 
Bowers Lewis M. butcher, 494 Saratoga 
Bowers Martin H. plumber, 169 Barre 
Bowers Mary Ann, rear of 23 w Lombard 
Bowers Matthias, tailor, 213 n Bond 
Bowers Nicholas, shoemaker, 13 Chew 
Bowers Roswell N. book keeper, 36 n Frem t 
Bowers Samuel, clerk, 293 w Pratt 
Bowers & Sons, coachmakers, 406 and 408 w 

Bowers Capt. Thomas, boarding house, 29 w 

Bowers Thomas M. tobacco store, 74 w Pratt, 

dw 176 e Fayette 
Bowers Wilhelm, laborer, 141 King 
Bowers Wm. (B. & Sons,) 36 n Fremont 
Bowers Wm. (B. & Sons,) 14 Pine 
Bowers Wm. brakesman, 52 s Schroeder 
Bowi'rs Wm. sheet iron worker, 19 James al 
Bowersack Mrs. Mary A. 75 Dawson al 
Bowersock Austin, clerk, Adams Express, U2 

Bowersock George W. clerk, 116 P'ne 
Bowersock J. W. telegraph operator, 116 fine 
Bowersox David, carpenter, 31 Wagon al 
Bowersox Theodore King, 229 Saratoga 
Bowes John, 629 w Lombard 
Bowie Benj. boatman, 85 Chatsworth 
Bowie George W. tailor, 11 n Bond 
Bowie James, tailor, 11 n Bond 
Bowie Mrs. Maria, 254 Madison av 
Bowie Reuben S painter, 9 e Monument 
Bowie Wm. tailor, 201 n Bond 
Bowing Carl, diuggist, 1 Boston 
Bowles Jane J. 283 w Fayette 
Bowles John R. clerk, 339 w Fayette 
Bowles John, flour insp,, 607 w Fayette 
Bowles Mrs. Mary, 187 n Eden 
Bowlin C. C. clerk, Lanvale near Bolton 
Bowlin Kate, dressmaker, 146 Saratoga 
Bowling Henry, cabinet maker, 14 Ensor 


Bowling James, ship carpenter. 111 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Bowling James T., U. S. N. .^ s Ann 
Bowling John L., jr., clerk, 173 Bank 
Bowling John L. shipsmith, intersection of 

Ann, Thames aifid Fell, dw 173 Bank 
BOWLING J. W. & BRO. apothecaries, n e 

cor. Madison and Biddle 
Bowling J. Wm. (J. W. B. & Bro.) Lanvale, 

between Garden and Bolton 
Bowling R. R. (J. W. B. & Bro.) 208 Madi- 
son av 
Bowling Thomas, pilot, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Thomas W. 27 s Eutaw 
Bowling Wm. J. constable, 145 s Ann 
Bowly Samuel, clerk, 187 Garden 
Bowman Catherine, 196 Saratoga 
Bowman Frederick, laborer, 29 Preston 
Bowman Frederick, tailor, 18 Orleans 
Bowman Geo. F. carpenter, 196 n Gay 
Bowman George, laborer, 67 Preston 
Bowman Philip, tavern, 55 n Frederick 
Bowman Robert, ship joiner, 215 e Fayette 
BOWMAN WM. general dealer in old iron, 
rags, &c., 116 Eastern av., and s. w. cor. 
Eastern av. and Eden, dw 45 Stiles 
Bowman Wm. laborer, 26 Hamburg 
Bowman Wm. E. clerk, 45 Stiles 
Bowman Wm. glass blower, 170 Hughes 
Bowman Zachariah, shoemaker, 43 Tessier 
Bowne Adam, foundryman, 121 s Chapel 
Eowne Charles S. soldier, 58 s Bond 
Bowne Edward S. 142 n, Charles 
Bowness Joseph, laborer, 114 Ramsey 
Bowring Theodore, laborer, 44 Liberty al 
Bows John, cloth, 1 Hanover, dw 629 w 

Bowyer Theodore, wheelwright, 11 Mott 
Bowyer Wm. A. clerk, 370 n Gay 
Boxwell Wm. tailor, 325 w Lombard 
Boyce Capt. Albert G. 280 e Baltimore 
Boyce Charles, brickmaker, 5 Heath 
Boyce Edward, huckster, 21 Ogston 
BOYCE JAMES, coal merchant and president 
Franklin Coal Co., office over 36 w Second, 
yard, 485 n Howard, dw 291 Madison av 
Bovce John, brickmaker, 120 West 
Boyce Thomas B. brickmaker, 120 West 
Boyce Thomas, dairyman, 108 s Paca 
Boyce Wm brickmaker, 120 West 
Boyd Anna,54Hillen 
Boyd Albert H. soldier, 84 n Caroline 
Boyd Charles, laborer, 53 s Dewberry al 
Boyd Edward J. soldier, 242 n Eden 
Boyd Frances A. laundress, 13 Goodman al 
Boyd Francis H. B. fire inspector and carpen- 
ter, Bradenbaugh al., dw 109 n Exeter 
Boyd Frederick, butcher, 146 Columbia 
Boyd George S. salesman, 23 n Republican 
Bovd Hugh S. constable, 84 n Caroline 
Boyd Capt. Isaac L., U. S. A. 91 William 
Boyd Jackson, soldier, 84 n Caroline 
Boyd Jas D. mariner, 137 s Washington, P.P. 
Boyd Jas. H. saddler, 48 German, dw 49 s 

Boyd Jeremiah L. soldier, 91 William 
Boyd John A. tailor, 472 Canton av 
Boyd John C. provisions, cor Fremont and 

Boyd John, sailmaker, 107 s Ann 
Boyd John C. clerk Associated Firemen's Ins. 

Co., 325 e Eager 
Boyd John J. 5 n Carey 

WM. P. WEBT?, Marine, Fire and Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Ufe In-nranee Co., Wewark, N. J.." 89 Second Street. 

• Mntaal 




BOYD JOHN", dealer in Malt and 
Hops. Malt House foot of Eutaw 
St. Office 14 South Gay, dw North. 
em av. 

Boyd John L. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd Joseph H. lumber merchant, 12 s Car- 
oline, dw 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Lewis J. M. engineer, U. S. N. 91 

Boyd Mrs. Margaret, 42 St. Peter 
Boyd Mrs. Mary J. 3 Cathedral 
Boyd Philip D. clerk P. 0. 716 Lexington 
Boyd Mrs. Sarah, 163 Ross 
Boyd Samuel C. shoemaker, Fayette near 

Boyd Samuel, shoemaker, 554 Saratoga 
Boyd Thomas S. W. saddler, 741 w Balti- 
Boyd Wm. A. jr. (Wm. A. B. & Co.) Town- 
send near Bolton 
Boyd Wm. H. puddler, 155 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Boyd Wm. H. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd Wm. carpenter, 83 Albemarle 
Boyd Wm. laborer, 21 Liberty al 
BOYD WILLIAM, merchant tailor, 3 n 

Charles, dw 182 Mulberry 
Boyd Wm. H. ship joiner, 107 s Ann 
Boyd Wm. A. &Co. leaf and manuf. tobacco, 

cigars and snuffs, 33 South 
Boyden Elizabeth, Falls road near toll gate 
Boyer David, laborer, 24 Carlton 
Boyer John W. property agent, 34 Gough 
Boyer John W. clerk to Port Warden, dw 84 

Boyer Mary, 61 Lancaster 
Boyer Thomas, carpenter, 11 n Caroline 
Boyer Wm. clerk, 11 Mott 
Boyer Wm. tinner, 11 n Caroline 
Boylan George, tavern, 198 Hollins 
Boylan James, mariner, 59 Harford av 
Boylan Mary, 21 n Sharp 
Boylan Owen, mail driver, 61 Perry 
Boyland John F. rolling mill, 212 s Caroline 
Boyle Benj. H. ship carpenter, 10 Rose 
Boyle Elizabeth, 21 w Chase 
Boyle Mrs. Edwin, 29 w Biddle 
Boyle Helen, 101 w Biddle 
Boyle Mrs. Hugh M. 100 w Monument 
Boyle James A. clerk, 4 Exchange al 
Boyle Joshua, clerk, 280 w Pratt 
BOYLE JAMES, grocery, liquor and feed 

store, s w cor Hillen and Chesnut 
Boyle James W. bookkeeper, 143 n Eden 
Boyle John J. grocer, 227 w Fayette 

BOYLE JOHN P. & CO., Liquor 
Commission Merchants, 4 Ex- 
change Place. 

Boyle John P. (J. P. B. & Co.) 29 w Biddle 
Boyle Lawrenee, grocery, 21 w Chase 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 1 s Schroeder 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 510 w Pratt 
Boyle Joshua Y. bookkeeper, 2S0 w Pratt 
Boyle Capt. William H., U. S. A. 77 n Broad- 
Boyle Wm. K. printer, 106 Lexington 
Boylen James, hachman, 5 s Paca 

Boxold Geo. N. ship carpenter, Orleans near 

Bozman Edward, R. R. man, 72 Decker 
Bozman Fanny, 72 Decker 
Bozman Jnmes T. pattern maker, 72 Decker 
Bozman Susan, tailoress, 210 Cross 
Bozman Telithe, tailoress, 210 Cross 
Bozman Wm. J. ship sawyer, 210 Cross 
Braby Henry, grainer and ornamental painter, 

17 Holland 
Brace John, laborer, 74 Dorsey's al 
BraconierGustave,book-keeper,248 wFavette 
BRACK CHAS. E. apothecary, 17 Brown 
Brackenridge Thomas, carter, 338 n Howard 
Brackelt John, baker, 243 Mulberry 
Bracket! Joseph M. soldier, 5 McHenry 
Brackin Henry, 136 Cathedral 
Brackin John, tin and sheet iron worker, 182 

n Exeter 
Brackland B. jeweler and watchmak. 8 e Pratt 
Bradburn Capt. Louis T. 134 e Monument 
Bradbury Robert R. mariner, 154 s Ann 
Bradbury Samuel B. ship carpenter, 154 s Ann 
Bradcn James, (F. King & Co.) Bolton near 

Braden Robert J. 97 Mount Royal 
Bradenbaugh Jacob, watchmaker, 82 s Sharp 
Bradewood John, police, 500 w Lombard 
BRADFORD & BRIGGS, dealers in books 

and stationery, 62 w Baltimore 
Bradford Dr. Chas. H. 76 Aisquith 
Bradford Delia, tailoress, Boston e of Clinton 
Bradford Geo. W. produce comm. merchant, 

cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Bradford James laborer, 53 Chatsworth 
Bradford Jesse D. engineer, 67 Elliott 
Bradford John, blacksmith, 8 Frederick av,dw 

454 w Lexington 
Bradford John A. blacksmith, cor Frederick 

and Baltimore, dw 452 w Lexington 
Bradford Mary, millinery goods, 155 w Mad- 
Bradford Samuel, teamster, Calverton Mills, 

near Almshouse 
Bradford Mrs. Sarah J. 25 w Biddle 
Bradford Theod. (B. & Briggs) 40 n Calvert 
Bradford Thomas, clerk, 55 e Monument 
Bradford Wm. J. soldier, Vincent near Balti- 
Bradford Wm. jr. blacksmith, Calverton 

Mills near Almshouse 
Bradley Alexander, grocery, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Bridget, 92 Ensor 
Bradley Mrs. Bridget, 21 Chew 
Bradley David, livery stables, cor Fayette 

and Stockton al. dw 823 w Baltimore 
1 radley E. B. bookkeeper, 10 Hollins 
Bradly Hugh, hackman, 26 n Fremont 
Bradley James, laborer, 183 Greenmount av 
Bradley James H. cigar maker, 83 Hill 
Bradley James, laborer, 198 s Castle al 
Bradley James L. cigar maker, 113 Hill 
Bradley James H. 113 Hill 
Bradley James L. cigar maker, 83 Hill 
Bradley John C. soldier, 83 Hill 
Bradley John, livery and hacks, w Baltimore, 

1 door w of Carey, dw 4 Diamond 
Bradley John, gas fitter, 5 n Poppleton 
Bradley John, grocery, 96 Sterhng 
Bradley Keziah, seamstress, 83 Hill 
Bradley Margaret, 18 Albemarle 
Bradley Mary, grocery, 12 s Front 
Bradley Mildred, 5 Plea.sant 

GKO. S. page: Si BRO., Maiiufncturers of Roofs nnd Roofing ^^laterlals, 111 Smltb's 
WUarf. C. HART S3IITH, Agent. 




Bradley Nicholas, harness maker, 277 w Bal- 
Bradley Patrick E. grocer, 16y e Pratt 
Bradley Patrick, hackman, 823 w Baltimore 
Bradley Robert II. 53 s Caroline 
Bradley Samuel, ship joiner, 78 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Bradley Thomas B. soldier, 83 Hill 
Bradley Wm. stone mason, 14 New Church 
Bradley Wm. E. bookbinder, 18 Albemarle 
Brady Andrew, drayman, 282 Montgomery 
Brady Anna, grocery, 282 Montgomery 
Brady Bernard, laborer, 68 York 
Brady Catharine, 297 North 
Brady Catharine, 218 n Howard 
Brady Conrnd, locksmith, 173 Columbia 
Brady Daniel J. B. clerk, 4 Mulberry 
Brady Dennis, laborer, 95 s Chapel , 

Brady Dennis, laborer, 36 Eastern av 
Brady Edward, carpenter, 218 n Howard 
Brady Edward, turner, 4 Mulberry 
Brady Edward, caj-penter, over 129 n Calvert, 

dw cor Howard and Madison 
Brady Edwin, tailor, 84 n Eden 
Brady Edwin B. machinist, 153 w Hoffman 
Brady Frank, laborer, 44 s Howard 
Brady Geo. C. conductor B. & 0. R. R., 81 

Brady George W. engineer, 74 Lee 
Brady George W. sailmaker, 19 Gough 
Brady Greenbur}', block and pump maker, 

153 w Hoffman 
Brady Hugh, contractor, 31 w Biddle 
Brady James, painter, 105 Saratoga 
Brady Jas. boots and shoes, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady James E. clerk, 31 w giddle 
Brady James, watchmaker, cor Eutaw and 

Brady Jas. A. carpenter, 142 Scott 
Brady James, stone cutter, 23 w Biddle 
Brady Capt. Jas. \V. 89 s Bond 
Brady John, bookseller, 104 Lexington 
Brady John, 89 s Bond 
Brady Joseph, engine tender, 142 Scott 
Brady John, watchmaker, 174 w Pratt 
Brady John, bricklayer, Belvidere House, n 

e cor North and Eager 
Brady John, gilder, 4 Mulberry 
Brady John, 297 North 
Brady John W. S. (J. Parkhurst, jr. & Co.) 

Balto. Co. 
Brady Lawrence E. groceries and dry goods, 

216 and 218 Harford av 
Brady Michael, laborer, 159 e Pratt 
Brady Michael, tinner, 4 Mulberry 
Brady Michael, boat builder, 41 Block 
Brady Michael, laborer, 7 Rose 
Brady Margaret, 232 w Biddle 
Brady Patrick, shoemaker, 4 Mulberry 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 44 s Howard 
Brady Patrick, labo;-er, 227 Hanover 
Brady Robert H. painter, 32 Anthony 
Brady Wm. F. clerk N. C. R. R. 31 w Biddle 
Brady Wm. H. collier, 187 Vine 
Bradyhouse Richard, boat builder, foot of 

Bond, dw 35 Thames 
Bradyhouse Capt. Thomas, 23 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Thomas, boat builder, foot of 

Bond, dw 23 s Ann * 

Bradyhouse Wm. watchman, 183 s Wolfe 
Braerner Christian, tailor, 5 Watson 
Brafman Abraham, clothier, 32 Centre Market 

Brafman Samuel, (B. & Hardesty) 9 s Fred- 
Brafman Samuel, clothier, 160 w Pratt, dw 

Fountain Hotel 
Bragen John, laborer, 177 Stirling 
Braeger Joseph, tailor, 164 Stirling 
Braeger Wm. shoemaker, 42 Portland 
Bragg Richard A. carpenter, 8 Comet 
Bragg Simon, furniture, 45 Pennsylvania av 
Bragg Wm. F. carpenter, 519 Saratoga 
Braham George, trader, 196 n Dallas 
Braidenbach Aloysius, shoemkr. 114 Hollins 
Braidenbach Mrs. Barbara, grocery, 114 Hol- 
Braidwood John, police, 500 w Lombard 
Braim John, soldier, 17 Greene ct 
Braim Paul, wood sawyer, 17 Greene ct 
Braine Michael, pedlar, 31 Haw 
Bramble Charles, mariner, 56 n Caroline 
Bramble Henry T. mariner, 10 Hamburg 
Bramble Lizzie, 253 Franklin 
Bramble Mary, dress maker, 253 Franklin 
Bramble Sol. W. harness maker, 143 s Paca 
Bramble Tyson, huckster, 29 Chew 
Eraumlin John, drayman, 109 Raborg 
Bramwell Mrs. Amanda C. dry goods, 143 

Branagan James, hostler, Howard opp Centre 
Branch Chas. L. clerk Quartermaster's, 23 n 

Brand Ann, 69 Centre 
Brand Alexander J. 94 Park 
Brand John, cooper, 4 Hosselberger ct 
Brand Franz, cabinet maker, 33 Philpot 
Brand Lewis, cigar maker, 2 Ulick 
Brandau Jacob, shoemaker, 12 s Republican 
Erandau John P. butcher, 66 Belair Market, 
dw Jenkin's la rear Greenmount cemetery 
Brandau Frederick, lager beer, 59 President 
Brandau Rev. G. H. 6 George 
Brandell Henry, milkman, near City av s of 

Brandell Mathias, brewer. Mount Pleasant 
Brandel Geo. coach trimmer, 32 Aisquith 
Brandenberg, Mrs. Clara, 56 Carlton 
Brandes Susanna, fancy store, 27 e Pratt 
Brandmuller George, shoemaker, 27 Brown 
Brandt August, shoemaker, 59 Watson 
Brandt Bernard, (Herman B. & Bro.) 29 Sara- 
Brandt George, shoemaker. Central av 
Brandt Henry, shoemaker, 20 s Eutaw 
Brandt Henry, lager beer saloon, 186 Forrest 
Brandt Herman & Bro. morocco dressers, 29 

Brandt Jacob, jr., agent New York steamboat 

line. Light st. wharf, dw 392 Eutaw Place 
Brandt John, drayman, 179 s Eden 
Brandt John H. clerk, 424 w*Lombard 
Brandt Mrs. Kate, confectionery, 550 w Pratt 
Brandt Julius, cigar maker, 61 Buren 
Brandt Rebecca, 21 Holland 
Brandy Michael, horse sheer, 138 Camden, 

dw 104 s Eutaw 
Brandileck George S. cooper, Patapsco al. 

near Elizabeth la 
Braner Henry, tailor, 43 Portland 
Branhoff Henry, shoemaker, 369 s Eutaw 
Braning John, laborer, 233 s Charles 
Brannan Edmund, cooper, 158 s Ann 
Brannan Edward P. carpenter, 87 n Central av 
Brannan Effie, 132 Pearl 
Brannan Eliza, chair caner, 90 Stirling 

HEVRY CrlE^SE, Commigslon Mercluuit. for the sole of Flour, Grain, Seeds, «&c. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster coutitantly on liond. Hi Spear's WUarf. 




Brannan Erasmus J . cigar maker, 1 McElderry 
Brannan James A. ensign U. S. N., 153 e 

Brannan James, engineer, 17 Hill 
Brannan John, 62 McCulloh 
Brannan John, stone cutter, 339 e' Eager 
Brannan John B. stair builder, 193 e Pratt 
Brannan John E salesman, 87 Lee 
Brannan Mrs. Mary, 140 e Lombard 
Brannan Michael, carpenter, 87 n Central av 
Brannan Peter, wheelwright, 108 North 
Brannan Robert, sutler, 206 e Lombard 
Brannan Thomas, engineer, 15 Hill 
Brannan William, puddler, 276 Canton av 
Brannan William, mariner, 237 Cross 
Brannen James, stone cutter, 46 n Exeter 
Brannen John, laborer, 23 s Regesier 
Brannen Joseph, clothier, corner of Bond and 

Thames, dw 22 Jackson square 
Brannen Michael, mason, 46 n Exeter 
Brannock John, ship carpenter, 54 Warren 
Brannt John, glove maker, 65 Centre Market 

Bransby John C. shoemaker, 18 Comet 
Bransey August, blacksmith, 456 vv Pratt 
Bransley Charles E. 9 McHenry 
Branson Isabella, dressmaker, 220 German 
Branson Joseph, senr., 16 n Eutaw 
Branson Joseph, jr., 16 ii Eutaw 
Brant George, laborer, 98 Washington, F. H. 
Brant Henry, tavern, 121 Eastern av 
Brant Joseph, grocery, 68 Chatsworth 
Brasch Jacob, laborer, 213 s Chapel 
Brasch John, laborer, 305 s Bond 
Brashear Elizabeth, tavern, n e cor Madison 

and North 
Brashear George W. coach maker, n e corner 

North and Madison 
Brashears Alexander G. (Shamburg & Co.,) 

31 s Liberty 
Brashears Joseph M. at tobacco warehouse 

No. 1, 91 s Sharp 
Brashears John B. 22 Pearl 
Brashears John T. custom house, 38 Gough 
Brashears Robert J. newsdealer, Calvert oppo- 
site Battle Monument, dw 23 Mott 
Brashears William, blacksmith, 134s Howard 
Brashears Z. D. sec'y Baltimore Association 

for relief of poor, 200 e Fayette 
Brasker Charles, butcher, 506 Light 
Brass Joseph, coffee roaster and spice grinder, 

85 and 87 Barre 
Bratt Noah, engineer, 53 Warren 
Bratt Sarah, 35 York 
Bratt Thomas, machinist, 150 Hollins 
Brauer Henry, butcher, 34 Belair market, dw 

Baltimore co 
Brauer Henry, tailor, 43 Portland 
Brauer John, plasterer, 84 n Schroeder 
Brauer Tobias, cabinet maker, 204 n Fayette , 
Braul Wm. trunk maker, 286 w Pratt, dw 45 

e Pratt 
Braum Charles, lager beer, intersection of 

Pratt St. and Frederick road 
Braun Jacob, shoemaker, 147 Welcome al 
Braun John J. baker, 178 Columbia 
BRAUNS F. L. & CO., general shipping and 

commission merchants, s e cor Lombard and 

Brauns Ferdinand, 328 Lexington 
Brauns P. L. jr., 328 Lexington 
Brauns Rev. F. W. 328 Lexmgton 
Brauns Henry, architect, 328 Lexington 

Brautigan Michael, shoemaker, 54 Park 
Brawder Adam, carpenter, 236 w Biddle 
Brawders & Carey, plumbers, 7 Eutaw House 
Brawders Thomas J. (E. & Carey,) 39 Hoff- 
Erawner Andrew H. druggist, 78 Ensor 
Rrawner Andrew W. 78 Ensor 
Brawner Charles A. bricklayer, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Daniel W. clerk, 78 Ensor 
Brawner George A. printer, 78 Ensor 
Brawner James H. clerk, 169 Hanover 
Brawner Mary E. 154 w Madison 
Brawner Robert G. butcher, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Wm. IM. clerk, 78 Ensor 
BrawnoldeBernhard, 91 n Paca 
Bray Alfred, huckster, 126 Conway 
Brayden Catherine, 132 Preston 
Brayden George W. carter, 276 n Howard 
Brayden William, 276 n Hov/ard 
Brayden William, tobacconist, 132 Preston 
Brazier William, carpenter, 178 Hamburg 
Bread H. laborer, ]49 Canton av 
Brecht Charles, translator custom house, ap- 
praiser's office, 396 e Monument 
Brecht Earnest, U. S. N. 396 e Monument 
Brecht George, carpenter, 25 Shakspear 
Brecht Theodore, navy department, 396 e 

Breckenhein Moses, 130 e Lombard 
Breckinridge Mission Sunday School, For- 
rest, near Eager 
Brede Andrew, tailor, 387 w Pratt 
Bredekamp Harman, grocery, 316 s Sharp 
Bredekamp Harman G. salesman, 316 s Sharp 
Breefer Charles, box maker, 25 Lemmon 
Breeland Orilla, fancy store, 92 Lexington 
Breen Mary E. 119 n Eutaw 
Bregel Henry, saddler, 48 Greenmount av 
Bregel John J. carpenter, 112 McElderry 
Bregel Joseph F. confectioner, 71 n Gay 
Breger William, locksmith, 22 New 
Brehler Francis, shoemaker, 20 New Church 
BREHME 0. &. CO., importers and dry 
goods commission merchants, over 12 Han- 
Brehme 0. (0. B. & Co.) 297 Madison av 
Brehml Lewis, tailor, 81 s Poppleton 
Breidengam Louisa, 104 n Howard 
Breidenstein August, machinist, 4 Plowman 
Ereidenstein A. butcher, 87 Belair market, dw 

Baltimore co 
Breinig John, painter, 199 Lee 
Breitenstein August, butcher, 32 Centre mar- 
ket, dw Baltimore co 
Ereitsworth Conrad, bl'ksmith, 251 Aliceanna 
Ereivier Charles, moulder. 111 William 
Broiler John, laborer, 206 s Wolfe 
Brem Caspar M. laborer, 47 Aliceanna 
Breni John, shoemaker, 80 Park 
Brem John, tailor, 1 Port 
Bremer Carl, tailor, 212 n Eden 
Bremer Charles, tailor, 90 s Eutaw 
Bremer George, tailor, 39 McElderry 
Bremer Henry, fruit preserver, 261 w Biddle 
Bremer John,' cigar maker, 42 Centre Market 

Erertier Theodore, tobacconist, 141 s Ann 
Bremiller John B. milk, 769 Light 
Bremm John, laborer, 55 Aliceanna 
Bremm "Valentine, tailor, 47 Aliceanna 
Brenan Mrs. Eliza, 9 Sterrett 
Brenan James, laborer, 9 Sterrett 
Brenan John P. A. mahogany, 35 n Gay 

WBi. F. "WEBB, Marine, Fire and liife Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
BcneAt lAfe Insxirance Co., Newark, Jf. J.," 89 Second Stree^. 




Brenan L. Oliver, bookkeeper, 121 Saratoga | 
Brenan Peter E. mahogany, 21 n Gay, dw 35 
Brendel Mrs. C. midwife,'l71 s Bond 
Brendel John G. baker, 83 Warner 
Brendel Lorenz, cabinet maker, 91 s Bethel 
Brendel Philip, shoemaker, 79 Grindall 
Brenger John, laborer, 280 Johnson 
Brengle James S. clerk Ericsson Steamboat 

Co. dw 32 Cathedral 
Brennan Mary, 140 w Lombard 
Brennan Peter, wheelwright, 108 North 
Brennan Robert, soldier, Strieker, near Mul- 
Brenner George, laborer, 234 Aliceanna 
Brenner & Bro. wholesale and retail clothiers, 

n e cor Bond and Thames 
Brenner Joseph, (B. & Bro.) 86 s Bond 
Brenner Joseph, woodsawyer, 190 East 
Brenner Moses, clothier, 96 w Pratt, dw 70 s 

Brenner Philip, laborer, 29 Fell 
Brenner Solomon, (B. & Bro.) 70 e Pratt 
Brennerseak Henry, furniture wagoner, 168 s 

Brenning George, night worker, 259 w Pratt 
Brennink George, mariner, 93 Lancaster 
Brennet George, laborer, 185 s Chapel 
Brent Robert J. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw 

93 Cathedral 
Brent Wm. C. 100 n Charles 
Brental Nicholas, tailor, 4 Biddle al 
Brentine Aquilino, fruit, 6 East 
Brentz Heinrich, laborer, 184 s Spring 
Brerreton John, tinner, 323 w Lombard 
Breske Charles, tailor, 123 Bethel 
Breslauer Hirsch, second hand dealer, 345 s 

Breslohr William, locksmith, 74 Camden 
Bressel Wm. tailor, 24 Columbia 
Bressel John, tailor, 19 Josephine 
Bressler Henry, shoemaker, 30 Frederick av 
Rrethour Mary, Carr's wharf 
Bretthol William, porter, 177 Aliceanna 
Breuning Marcus, cabinet maker, 37 Buren 
Brevitt Joseph W. clerk, 28 n Eutaw 
Brewer Mrs. Charles, boarding, 383i) w Balti- 

Brewer Cleland, salesman, 386 Franklin 
Brewer Mrs. George, 386 Franklin 
Brewer George, (Aldridge & B.) 75 n Charles 
Brewer Dr. G. G. 76 n Green 
Brewer James R. printer, 51 Columbia 
Brewer John, butcher. 111 Greenmount av 
Brewer John, mutton butcher, 44 Fell's Point 

market, dw Baltimore co 
Brewer John M. attorney, 59)^ w Fayette, 

dw 10 w Townsend 
Brewer John, tavern, 182 e Madison 
Brewer Dr. Marbury, 245 w Biddle 
Brewer Nicholas, bounty land and property 

agent, 84 Aisquith 
Brewer Peter, blacksmith, 88 n Howard 
Brewer William, laborer, 138 Cross 
Brewer Wm. G. expressman, 41 n Poppleton 
Brewster Edward S. clerk, 205 w Faye'tte 
Brewster Hannah, 37 Block 
Brewster Henry, ship builder, 144 Chesapeake 
Brezal Jacob, milkman, 135 Johnson 
Brian Arthur L. cigar store, 22 w Second, dw 

21 Harford av 
Brian Edward A. salesman, 287 e Fayette 
Brian Mrs. Elizabeth, 152 s Ann 
Brian Joseph, 89 Ensor 

Brian Rebecca, 287 e Fayette 

Brian Wm. E. carpenter, 217 Hollins 

Briar Thomas P. currier, 319 e Monument 

Briaton John, laborer, 49 e Eager 

BRICE GEO. H. attorney, 46 St. Paul, dw 

159 w Biddle 
Brice Misses, 72 n Charles 
Brice Misses M. E. & A. M. 36 Courtland 
Brice Mrs. Isabella, 28 Columbia 
Brice Thomas R. carpenter, Gough, n of Eden 
Brickerd Emanuel, carpenter, 309 Aisquith 
Brickenstein L. C. attorney, 43 n Charles, dw 

corner Townsend and Bolton 
Brickman Rev. A. O. 225 e Fayette 
Brickette John, confec, 146 Light st wharf 
Brickhouse Smith L. carpenter, 218 Columbia 
Brickman John, tailor, 371 Penna. av 
Brickmyer, George, laborer, 48 Cross 
Brickner Charles, piano maker, 136 Barre 
Bride Cotter, rustic furniture, 15 Division 
Bride Daniel, constable, 173 n Paca 
Bride John H. property agent and collector, 

139 w Madison 
Brideling Frederick, laborer, 193 Eastern av 
Brideling Frederick, woodsawyer, 193 East- 
ern av 
Bridener Martin, 419 Lexington 
Bridenstein August, butcher, 87 Belair market, 

dw Harford av, near city limits 
Bridenstine Mrs. Caroline, 89 s High 
Bridge Stephen, assistant assessor 3d district, 

office 50 e Baltimore, dw 215 n Gay 
Bridge Stephen, trimmings, 215 n Gay 
Bridges Geo. H. (Wm. B. & Son,) 42 German 
Bridges John C. (Woods, B. & Co.) 567 w 

Bridges Joseph, mariner, 117 s Ann 
BRIDGES WM. & SON, fruiterers and con- 
fectioners, 313 w Baltimore 
Bridges Wm. (Wm. B. & Son,) 42 German 
Briding Earnest W. saddler, 183 w Pratt 
BRIEL & BRUNS, house carpenters, 14 Mc 

Clellan al 
Briel Catharine, seamstress, 254 n Eut^w 
Briel Henry, cabinet maker, 81 Henrietta 
Briel John, (B. &• Bruns) 254 n Eutaw 
Brieman Henry, blacksmith, 22 Dawson 
Brieman Mrs. Margaret, doctress, 22 Dawson 
Brien Isabella, 158 w Madis.>n 
Briers Mrs. Catharine, tailoross, 182 Peirce 
Briggamann Charles, tailor, 200 n Central av 
Briggaman Mrs. Charlotte, 366 Saratoga 
Briggaman Wm. F. photographist, 366 Sara- 
Briggs George M. (Bradford & B.) 39 n High 
Briggs George G. clerk, 31 s Ann 
Briggs James, mariner, 330 e Fayette 
Briggs James M. 31 s Ann 
Briggs Thomas H. butcher, Penna av ext 
Brigham William T. bookkeeper, (Wm. R. 
Cole & Co.) over n e cor Charles and 
Bright Mrs. Elizabeth, millinery, 462 w Bal- 
Bright Henry, plasterer, 415 e Fayette 
Bright Nathaniel, tailor, 205 n Central av 
Bright Richard A. grainer, 67 Saratoga, dw 

462 w Baltimore 
Bright Wm. T. plasterer, 107 s Poppleton 
Brightman Jacob, huckster, 237 Forrest 
Brigman Augustus, baker, 239 w Pratt 
Brigman John, laborer, 63 s Wolfe 
Brill Henry, laborer, 64 Short 

GEO. S. PAGE & BRO.. >Ianiif)ictur>i-8 of Roofti and Roofing Materials, 111 Svaitl. 'a 
Wharf. C. IIART SBHTH, Agent. 




Brill Henry, baker, 252 s Sharp 
Brim John, moulder, 554 w Pratt 
Brim Michael, laborer, 179 Lemmon 
Brim Stephen, cabinet maker, 47 Short 
Brimmer John, tobacconist^ 186 s Sharp 
manufacturer of cigars, tobacco and snuff, 
41 w Baltimore 
Brinckmeyer Henry, cigar manufacturer, 16 

Brindle Michael, laborer, 308 Johnson 
Briner George, carpenter, 34 Riddle al 
Bringe Albert W. sr., 18 New 
Bringe Albert, jr., cigar maker, 18 New 
Bringman Joseph T. 177 German 
Bringman J. T. (Hall & B.) 177 German 
Bringmann Julius, tobacconist, 29 s Oregon 
Bringmann Wm. tobacconist, 18 s Sharp 
Brink A. musician, 223 Central av 
Brink Henry Ad. (H. F. Alberti & Co.) 155 

Brinkley Ada, shirt maker, 6 s Pine 
Brinkley Joseph B. & Co. wholesale grocers 

and commission merchants, 59 s Calvert 
Brinkley Joseph B. (B. & Reeves,) Baltimore 
■ county 
Brinkley & Reeves, fruit and oyster packers, 

177 w Falls av 
Brinkman Chas. (Robinson & B.^ cor Hoff- 
man and Penna av 
Brinkman Chas. feed, s e cor Penna av and 

Dolphin, dw 156 Penna av 
Brinkman Frederick W. clerk, 138 s Howard 
Brinkmann Chas. H. grocery, 138 s Howard 
Brinkmann Charles H. jr., lithographer, 138 s 

Briscoe Alexander M. carpenter, 519 Saratoga 
Briscoe Andrew, cigar maker, 269 e Madison 
Briscoe George, cigar maker, 303 s Charles 
Briscoe J. Douglass, 90 n Calvert 
Briscoe James, clerk, Paca near L. Greene 
Briscoe Mary H. 151 n Calvert 
Briscoe Samuel W. (Robertson & B.) Howard 

near Monument 
Briscoe Wm. H. 303 s Charles 
Briscoe Wm. T. cigar maker, 303 s Charles 

Brister engineer, 1 Hill 

BristorWm.B. 140 n Exeter 
British Consulate, 6 Exchange Buildings 
Britner Daniel, musician, 153 s Fremont 
Britt Georgiana Mrs. grocery, 162 Pearl 
Britt George R. P. bookbinder, 162 Pearl 
Brittingham John P. gunner U. S. N. 68 

Britton Richard N. grocer, cor Forrest and 

Hillen, dw 237 e Eager 
Broadbec4c Mrs. Henrietta, 226 e Monument 
Broadbeck Mrs. teacher, 7 Trinity 
BROADBENT A. G. & CO. fancy dry goods 

dealers, 18 n Charles 
Broadbent Gershom, 18 n Charles 
BROADBENT JOSEPH F. oyster and fruit 
packer and coffee dealer, 145 North, dw 44 
w Monument 
Broadbent Jeannette, 261 n Howard 
Broadbent Louis R. 42 Mt. Vernon place 
Broadbent Scotti J. 42 Mt. Vernon place 
Broadbent Stephen J. 261 n Howard 
Broadbent Stephen, sr., 42 Mt. Vernon place 
Broadbent Stephen jr., 42 Mt. Vernon place 
Broadbent Wm. 130 w Madison 
Broader H. laborer, 273 s Durham 
Broaders Henry R. family grocer, 74 Hanover 

Broadfoot C. 96 s High 
Broadrey Mary, 318 s Bond 
Broadwater Richard, foundryman, 112 Wash- 
Broadway Baptist Church, Broadway, near 

Broadway (Methodist Episcopal) Chapel, s 

Broadway, near Pratt 
Broadway Presbyterian Church, cor Broad- 
way and Gough 
Broadway Protestant Episcopal Church, cor 

Broadway and Pratt 
Brobeck Mrs. Barbara, 213 Montgomery 
Brobst John, carpenter, 68 Essex 
Brock Charles, baker, 53 Fawn 
Brock Christian, laborer, II Albert al 
Brock John M. lager beer, 6 e Pratt 
Brock M. cigar manufacturer, 244 w Baltimore 
Brockelmann Theodore, (Katz & Leupold,) 

25 s Sharp 
ErockerFrederick, engineer, WestnearEutaw 
Brocker Henry, 68 Clay 
Brockmeyer Chas. A. tobacconist, 94 Camden 
Brockmeyer Hugh, stove maker, 159 Stirling 
Brockmeyer Theresa, grocery, s w cor Stir- 
ling and Eager 
Broderick Alice, 4 Hillen 
Broderick Francis, laborer, 3 Nelson court 
Broderick James H., Harnden Express, 33 

Greenmount av 
Broderick John T. paper, stock and iron, 46 

Greenmount av, dw 45 
Broderick Wm. grocer, 33 Greenmount av 
Brodigan Patrick, laborer, 184 McHenry 
Broefer Charles, box maker, 40 Lemmon 
Broening Henry, blacksmith, 35 Barre 
Broening Jacob, shoemaker, 146 s Eutaw 
Broessell Wm. tailor, Pearl, near Saratoga 
Broessell Christian, tailor, 7 Sterrett 
Brogan Philip, hacks for hire, 96 s Howard, 

dw 100 
Brogden James McC. 139 n Calvert 
Brogman Henry, carpenter, 4 Bank 
Broger Ludwig, 18 Shakspeare 
Broker Frederick, ship joiner, 73 Somerset 
Broil Henry, grocer, 3 Bond 
Brome Wm. H, pilot, 134 Jefferson 
Bromer George H. shoemaker, cor Frederick 

av and Garrison lane 
Bromley Jesse, blacksmith, 145 Aliceanna 
Bromley Thomas J. miller, 2 Gist 
Bromstall Catharine, 71 Ross 
Bromwell Alfred T. tailor, Caroline near Gay 
Bromwell Geo. W. ladies' shoemaker, 107 a 

Bromwell Henry, gardener, 1 Diamond 
Bromwell Josiah R. clerk in city comptroller's 

office, 254 n Howard 
Bromwell Mary A. seamstress, 1 Diamond 
Bromwell Wm. tinner, 23 Jefferson 
Bromwell Wm. G. carpenter, 117 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Wm. T. clerk, 233 Hanover 
Broocks Louis, salesman, 230 n Central av 
Brook Richard H. clerk, n Gay 
Brooke Franklin E. P. attorney, 45 St. Paul, 

dw 16 n Eutaw 
Brooke H. L. (B. H. L. & Co.) 76 Saratoga 
Brooke H. L. & Co. Cedar Point blast fur- 
nace, office cor of Boston and Potomac, and 
53 Exchange place 
Brooke Horace L. (Rogers & B.) 76 Saratoga 
Brookhart Wm. soldier, 465 n Gay 
Brookhiser George, laborer, 45 Preston 

J. HENRY GIKSB, Commission Mcrclmmt, for tUe sale of Flowr, Grnim, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement «uad Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 81 Spear's Wliarf. 




Brookholtz Frederick, huckster, 158 Green- 
mount av 
Brookman Philip, engineer, 323 Aliceanna 
Brookner Daniel, shoemaker, 898 w Pratt 
Brooks Achia, grocery and liquor store, 6 

Greenmount av 
Brooks Alice W. 68 Saratoga 
Brooks Benedict J. machinist, Canton Distil- 
lery, Clinton, Canton 
Brooks Christopher, restaurant, 138 s Eutaw 
Brooks Charles, fireman, 20 Ryan 
Brooks Christopher, laborer, 207 Gough 
Brooks Mrs. Clarissa, 36 n Schroeder 
Brooks Chauncy, president Western Bank, 

dw Baltimore co 
Brooks Chauncy, (B., Fulton & Co.) Balti- 
more CO 
Brooks Chauncy, (B., Fahnestock & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Brooks Christopher C. bookkeeper, 53 St Paul 
Brooks Dr. Edward, assist, surgeon, U. S. A. 

cor High and Watson 
Brooks Edwin F. plumbing house, 13 n Eutaw, 

dw 204 
Brooks Eliza Ann,confectionery, 16 Courtland 
sale dry goods dealers, 345 w Baltimore 
BROOKS, FULTON & CO. wholesale deal, 
in boots, shoes and hats, 346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Geo. W. newspaper agent, 248 Lee 
Brooks Geo. W. clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Geo. D. sergeant police, 194 Aisquith 
Brooks Geo. W. carpenter, 59 Cliew 
Brooks Mrs. Hester, 248 Lee 
Brooks Henry, cigar maker, 68 Portland 
Brooks Dr. Horace A. 53 St. Paul 
Brooks Hester Ann, 50 Henrietta 
Brooks Isaiah C. shipsmith, 126 Hamburg 
Brooks James, engineer, 17 n Eden 
Brooks James, bricklayer, 331 s Sharp 
Brooks James, laborer, 173 Gough 
Brooks James W. painter, 207 e Lombard 
Brooks Jesse, cigar maker, 521 Lexington 
Brooks John, milkman, 71 Holland 
Brooks John, bird dealer, 14 n Fayette 
Brooks John, shoemaker. He Pratt 
Brooks John, hackman, 102 Barre 
Brooks John H. marble cutter, 23 s Calhoun 
Brooks John T. bricklayer, 46 Portland 
Brooks John, brickmaker, 191 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Brooks Joseph, ship carpenter, 48 Conway 
Brooks Dr. Joseph D. 163 Aisquith 
Brooks Joshua, blacksmith, 23 s Calhoun 
Brooks Lewis, cap maker, 344 w Baltimore, 

dw 250 n Central av 
Brooks Lizzie, 19 Foundry 
Brooks Lewis D. tinner, 123 Hollins 
Brooks Margaret, 344 n Gay 
Brooks Mrs. Mary T. milliner, 46 Portland 
Brooks Mrs. Matilda, midwife, 558 w Pratt 
Brooks Mrs. Louisa, millinery, 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Mrs. Margaret, boarding house, 94 s 

Brooks Mrs. Mary A. 57 McHenr;5r 
Brooks & Miller, restaurant, n e cor Harrison 

and Fayette 
BROOKS N. C. principal of Baltimore Female 

College, 53 St. Paul 
Brooks Friscilla L. 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Richard, milkman, 168 n High 
Brooks Rodney R. conductor, B. & O. R. R. 
31 Rosa 

Brooks Robert, policeman, 57 McHenry 
Brooks Robert, boots, shoes and leather, 257 

w Baltimore, dw 168 n High 
Brooks Rachel, 68 Saratoga 
Brooks Robert, painter, 48 Conway 
BROOKS S. D. oyster and fruit packer, and 
can maker, cor Boston and Gwynn, dw cor 
Gwynn and Cambridge 
Brooks Samuel R. (B. & Miller,) Jefferson 

near Broadway 
Brooks Sarah A. dressmaker, 23 s Calhoun 
Brooks Sophia, 22 n Front 
Brooks Susan, 48 Conway 
Brooks Susan P. boai-ding house, 42 s Eutaw 
Brooks Thomas, porter, 144 s Greene 
Brooks Thomas, hacks to hire, 136 s Eutaw 
Brooks Thomas, stone cutter, 57 McHenry 
Brooks Thomas, porter, 144 L. Greene 
Brooks Walter B. (B., Fahnestock & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Brooks Wm. stone cutter, 156 s Washington^ 

F. P. 
Brooks Wm. agent, 26 n Front 
Brooks Wm. jr., ticket agent, B. & 0. R. R., 

293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. F. printer, 59 Chew 
Brooks Wm. car driver, 36 n Schroeder 
Brooks Wm. sr., 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Wm. tinner, 197 s Chester 
Brooks Wm. machinist, 162 L. Greene 
Brooks Wm. commissioner of enrollment 3d 
district of Md., office 26 Holiday, dw 293 
Brooks Wm. farmer, 6 Greenmount av 
Brooks Wm. engineer water works, '102 s 

Brooks Wm. A. hatter, 227 Henrietta 
Brooks Wm. H clerk N. C. R. 293 Aisquith 
Broom Ellen, grocery, 167 Bank 
Broom Mrs. Elizabeth A. 14 Hollins 
Broom George, clerk, 167 Bank 
Broom John, ship carpenter, 152 Bank 
Broom James, carpenter, 10 Booth 
Broom Doct. Septimus, s e cor Baltimore and 

Broom Vachel, commission merchant, Ex- 
change place, dw 14 Hollins 
Broome A. E. clerk, 214 w Lombard 
Broome Jacob, dried fruits, rear 73 Hanover 
Broshell Mrs. Henrietta, 487 w Fayette 
Brosker Henry, mattresses, 213 Hamburg 
Brosnau Margaret A. tailoress, 98 s Carey 
Bross Edward, lithographer, 149 w Lombard 
Brot Anthony, shoemaker, 234 Light 
Brote Mrs. Emily, 328 e Lombard 
Brotherton Mrs. Phoebe T. 172 e Lombard 
Brotzel John A. confectioner, 2 Columbia, dw 

594 Light 
Brotzell Jacob, laborer, 608 Light 
Brotzen Wm. H. finisher, 39 Gittings 
Brotzman Andrew, cabinet maker, 100 3 Cen- 
tral av 
Brotzman John, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
Brouders John", laborer, 29 w Hoffman 
Brough Wm. trunk factory, 44 s Exeter 
Brougher George, carpenter, 232 Preston 
Broughlon Clarke, 14)^ s Calvert 
Broughton Mrs. Henrietta, 65 Raborg 
Broughton Henry C. ship joiner, 114 s Spring 
Broughton Isaac, printer, 160 Raborg 
Broughton Joseph, huckster, Jefferson near 

Broughton John, plasterer, 65 Raborg 

CtEO. S. PAGE & BRO.. Muniifncturers of RooU and Roofing Blatcrlals, 111. Smitli's 
Wltarf. C. HART SfllTlH, Agent. 




Broughton Capt. Joseph D. mariner, 6 s Pop- 

Broughton Mrs. Maria, dress maker, 65 

Broughton Capt. Samuel H. mariner, 1 s 

Caroline ' 

Broumel Thomas 0. 82 w Fayette 
Brow Matthias, tailor, 81 Somerset 
Brower Conrad, locksmith, 87 Bank 
Brown Abel, huckster, 281 Cross 
Brown Alfred, huckster, 75 Preston 
Brown Alfred C. carpenter, 186 Saiatoga 
Brown Dr. Alfred J. surgeon dentist, n w cor 

Charles and Lexington 

w Baltimore 
Brown Alexander E. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) 

Bolton near Townsenil 
Brown Alexander, wheelwright, 72 Green- 
mount av 
Brown Alexander, 8 Ramsay- 
Brown Alexander, tailor, 231 e Fayette 
Brown Ann Maria, 55 Saratoga 
Brown Ann, 53 Burke 
Brown Ann M. 68 s Caioline 
Brown Mrs. Ann, 96 s Paca 
BROWN ANDREW, tavern, s w cor Broad- 
way and Canton av 
BROWN MRS. ANN B. 18 Watson 
Brown Ann M. boarding house, 10 Watson 
Brown Mrs. Anna, nurse, 251 s Paca 
Brown Anton, laborer, rear of 78 Centre 

Market space 
.Brown Ariel H. butcher, 62 Belair market, 

dw Homestead 
Brown Arthur, hackman, 67 Hillen 
Brown Aulay, jr. clerk N. Y. & Bait. & Phila. 

trans, line, 19 n Gay 
Brown Aulay, general collector, 66 s Bond 
Brown Basil, laborer, 158 s Paca 
Brown Belle, 130 Raborg 
Brown Benjamin J. painter, 143 Vine 
Brown Benjamin F. machinist, Mosher, betw. 

Garden and Bolton 
Brown Benjamin C. laborer, 189 w Biddle 
Brovfn Benjamin G. government contractor, 42 

8 Sharp 
BROWN BROS. & CO. bankers and dealers 

in foreign exchanges, s w cor Baltimore and 

Brown Cassandra, 189 w Biddle 
Brown Catharine, 272 s Ann 
Brown Charles, mariner, 18 Ajmistead la 
Brown Charles, huckster, 113 Baborg 
Brown Charles, soldier, 16 Lewis 
Brown Chas. W. harness maker, 113 Raborg 
Brown Charles, tavern, 226 s Caroline 
Brown Charles S. mariner, 246 e Fayette 
Brown Charles, rigger, 20 s Durham 
Brown Charles H. mariner, 34 n Eden 
Brown Charles E. clerk, 526 w Fayette 
Brown Charles H. H. 317 Madison av 
Brown Capt. Charles, 246 e Fayette- 
Brown Chas. J. carpenter, 225 Pierce 
Brown Christian, tailor, 34 n Liberty 
Brown Christopher J. milk, 203 Frederick av 
Brown Christian, shoemaker, 311 Mulberry 
Brown David, moulder, 116 n Bond 
Brown David R. attorney, 13 Lexington, dw 

617 w Fayette 
Brown Ebenezer, huckster, 116 Boyd 
Brown Edward, laborer, s Dallas 
Brown Edward, liquors, 13 Lancaster 

Brown Edward, clerk, 330 w Fayette 
Brown Edward W. (B. & Short,) Hamburg 

near Washington 
Brown, Edw. cabinet maker, 1 Walker 
Brown Edward, huckster, 7 Camden la 
Brown Elias, carpenter and builder, 17 Pleas- 
ant, dw 186 Saratoga 
Brown Eliza, teacher, 20 n High 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 134 n Charles 
Brown Elizabeth, doctress, 61 Chatsworth 
Brown Elizabeth, 104 North 
Brown Elizabeth V. 168 Chesnut 
Brown Elizabeth, milliner, 283 n Central av 
Brown Mrs. Emily, 179 Preston 
Brown Esther, seamstress, 205 w Biddle 
Brown Eveline, millinery, 276 n Gay 
Brown Francis tavern, 346 s Bond 
Brown Francis, shoemaker, 283 s Bond 
Brown Frederick, basket maker, 87 Plum al 
Brown Frederick, mariner, 116 s Regester 
Brown Garrett, Bolton near Townsend 
Brown Garrety W. 14 Jackson 
Brown Geo. Wm. (B. & Brune,) 71 n Calvert 
Brown George, carpenter, 104 e Monument 
Brown George A. (B. &Toy,) 358 n Eutaw 
Brown George S. (Alex. B. & Sons,) s w cor 

Cathedral and Madison 
Brown Geo. W. fancy goods, 207 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. A. 116 n Bond 
Brown George, 22 Harford av 
Brown George W. farmer, 21 Mosher 
Brown George L. laborer, 6 Baker ct. 
Brown George W. shoemaker, 170 Ramsay 
Brown George C. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. George, 54 Cathedral 
Brown George W. (B. & Lehr,) 8 Jackson 
Brown George W. ship carpenter, 131 Gough 
Brown George, math. inst. maker, 6 Hillen 
Brown George W. engineer, 42 e Eager 
Brown George W. gas filter, 168 Chesnut 
Brown George W. book binder, 336 e Fayette 
BfDwn Georgeanna, 53£urke 
Brown Gustavus, clerk, 318 Hollins 
Brown Gustavus, confectionery, 134 n Charlea 
BROWN HENRY C. & CO. saw manufactu- 
rers and grinders, Uhler's al, near Charles 
Brown Henry C. (H. C. B. & Co ) 16 Watson 
Brown Hester, dressmaker, 129 e Eager 
Brown Henry, mariner, 163 s Ann 
Brown Hiram, (Cox & B.) 230 Aisquith 
Brown Henry, rigger, 50 s Washington, F. P. 
Brown Henry G. clerk, 96 s Paca 
Brown Henry W. (Jones, Bro. «&, Co.) 71 w 

Brown Horatton, currier, 129 German 
Brown Hugh, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Brown's Hotel, 119 n High, Lewis Brown 

Brown Jacob, jr. clerk, 7 McElderry's whf 
Brown Jacob, boots and shoes, 7 McElderry's 

Brown Jacob C. sailmaker, 107 South, dw 

262 e Pratt 
Brown Jacob, barkeeper, s w cor Fayette and 

Brown Jacob, dry goods, 215 Hanover 
Brown James J. bacon, cor Gist and Hamp- 

Brown James, junk, 54 s Caroline 
Brown James H. trunk maker, 6 Hillen 
Brown James, laborer, 5 e Monument 
Brown James M. watchmaker, 187 w Pratt 
Brown James E. clerk, 156 Barre 

GKO. S. PAGE Si BRO., MantLfacturers of Roofs and Roofing Blaterlals, 111 Sniltlx's 
Wliarf. C. HART SIMSTH, Ag«ut. 




Brown James R. carpenter, 132 Vine 
Brown James, carpenter, 82 n Pine 
Brown James M. clerk, 273 Saratoga 
Brown James M. (Church & B.) 4 s Caroline 
Brown James H. clerk, 151 Barre 
Brown James, restaurant, 85 Thames 
Brown James, watchmaker, 117 s Paca 
Brown Rev. James, 38 n Broadway 
Brown James V. watchmaker, 62 Ensor 
Brown James, huckster, 116 Boyd 
Brown Jane, 39 Jefferson 
Brown Jane, grocery, s e cor Forrest and 

Brown Jasper, carpenter, 27 Balderston 
BROWN J. ROBERT, house carpenter, 1 
Exchange al. near Lombard, dw 21 Fremont 
Brown J. Wilson, salesman, 261 Saratoga 
Brown John A. (George Colton & Co.) 276 e 

Brown John W. clerk B. & O R. R. dw 67 

Brown John, coal, 95 n High 
Brown John Miller, 163 n. Central av 
Brown John, express agent, 81 Preston 
Brown John, cigar maker, Canton av near 

Brown John L. express agent, 81 Preston 
Brown John J. nurse, 2 Henrietta 
Brown John N. (B. Bros. & Co.) 18 s Eutaw 
Brown John N. undertaker, 47 Chew 
Brown John T. salesman, 158 s Paca 
Brown John, (Henry Wilkens & Co.) 181 w 

Brown John J. varnisher, 5 Walker 
Brown John L. shoemaker, 11 e Baltimare, 

Brown J. Frank, hay and feed, 12 sJEutaw, 

dw 15 n Calhoun 
Brown John, laborer, 424 Canton av 
Brown John, conductor, 100 s Exeter 
Brown John, (B., Mittan & Co.) 95 n High 
Brown John, (Baker & B.) 87 n Broadway* 
Brown John, painter, 267 s Paca 
Brown John W. engineer, Clinton near Boston 
Brown John, carpenter, 24 Thomson 
Brown John L. dentist, 617 w Fayette 
Brown John, 6 Snyder ct 
Brown John, cabinet maker, 96 s Chapel 
Brown John R. 96 s Paca 
Brown John W. (Israel & Co.) 231 w Fayette 
Brown John M. police, 189 Conway 
Brown Mrs. John W. 93 Saratoga 
Brown John , soldier, n e cor Thames and Bond 
Brown John, laborer, 249 s Dallas 
Brown John W. bookkeeper, Adams' Ex- 
press, 93 Saratoga 
Brown John F. painter, 7 James al 
Brown J. W. clerk, 261 Saratoga 
Brown John D. (B. & McGuey,) 42 w Fayette 
Brown John W. jr. clerk Adams' Express, 

93 Saratoga 
Brown Lieut. John W., U. S. A. 189 w 

Brown Jonathan, (Parkinson & B.) 14 Doug- 
Brown Joseph E. 617 w Foyette 
Brown Joseph, laborer, 104 Lancaster 
Brown Joseph, mariner, 326 Canton av 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 118 s Sharp 
Brown Joseph, confectioner, 31 Ross 
Brown Joseph A. carpenter, 233 Pierce 
Brown Joseph, gardener, Clinton, s of Boston 
Brown Joseph, Sec'y Gas Co. 617 w Fayette 

Brown Joshua, coachmaker, 347 Saratoga 
Brown Joshua A. R. H. bricklayer, 206 Lee 
Brown Joshua L tin and sheet iron worker, 

464 Penna. av 
Brown Joshua, wheelwright, 347 Saratoga, 

Brown Julia, 100 s Exeter 
Brown Mrs. Julia A. tailoress, 206 Lee 
BROWN & LEHR, tobacconists, 9 w Bal- 
Brown Lemuel, huckster, 395 Lexington 
Brown Lena, seamstress, 460 Light 
Brown Lewis P. shoemaker, 432 Lexington 
Brown & McGuey, American saloon, 42 w 

Brown M. 175 s Regester 
Brown Maggie, 17 Foundry 
Brown M. J. ^M. J. & W. A. B.) 18 Green- 
mount av 
Brown M. J. & W. A. flour and feed, 11 w 

Brown Martha, 121 e Lombard 
Brown Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 105 L Greene 
Brown Mrs Mary, 240 Light 
Brown Mary, seamstress, 240 Light 
Brown Mary E. 30 May 
Brown Mary, huckstress, 8 Fish Market 

Brown Mary, 3 Mullikin 
Brown Mary E. tailoress, 7 James al 
Brown Mary, 14 Lewis 
Brown Mary, confectioner, 81 Thames 
Brown Mrs. Mary, boarding, 69 s Schroeder 
Brown Mary, 42 w Biddle 
Brown Martin S. engraver, over cor. Water 

and Calvert, dw 71 Walsh 
Brown Michael, carter, 23 Pleasant al 
Brown Michael, laborer, 73 Stirling 
Brown Michael, laborer, 81 Grundy 
BROWN MITTAN & CO. coal dealers, 88 
n High, and North between Monument and 
Brown M. & S. dry goods, 155 s Broadway, 

and 243 w Baltimore, up stairs 
Brown Morris, (M. &. S. B.) 155 s Broadway 
Brown Mrs. Mary, 358 w Lombard 
Brown Moses, painter, 81 Granby 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 73 Stirling 
Brown Peter A. mariner, 31 Thames 
Brown Peter A. mariner, 106 s Regester 
Brown Philip, grocer, 21 Brown 
Brown Mrs. R.. E. W. boarding, 134 n High 
Brown Reuben, carp. Clinton near O'Donnell 
Brown Richard, grocer, 48 n Eutaw, dw 284 

w Fayette 
Brown Robert, jr., (Richardson & Co.) 

Townsend near Bolton 
Brown Robert, huckster, 240 Mulberry 
Brown Robert, stone mason, 202 s Castle al 
Brown Robert P. 77 McCulloh 
Brown Robert D. & Co. com. merchants and 
importers of linens, over 2 German,dw R. D. 
B. Relay House B. & 0. R. R. 
BROWN ROBERT, sr. watches and fine 
jewelry, 158 w Baltimore, Museum build- 
ing, dw 189 w Lombard 
Brown Robert, watchman, 177 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Brown Robert, jr. Townsend near Bolton 
Brown Robert, stone mason, 44 Frederick av 
Brown Rosena S. trimmings store, 276 e Pratt 
Brown Reuben T. fruits, 235 Pierce 
Brown Ralpii, 29 Orchard 

3. HE]VRY GIBSE, Commission Merchant, for ttie sole of Flour, Grain, Serds, <&c. 
Roaendole Centent and Calcined Plaster constantly on liand, iil Spear's AVliarf. 




Brown Samuel A. rigger, 14 Warren 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 205 w Biddle 
Brown Samuel R. cigar maker, 21 Sterrett 
Brown & Short, junk, 186 Light 
Brown Solomon, (M. & S. B.) 155 s Broad- 
Brown Stewart, attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 99 
Brown Susan, shoe binder, 440 Walsh 
Brown Susan, 26 Aisquith 
Brown Dr. Septimus, Bolton near Townsend 
Brown Mrs. S. cor Dolphin and Garden 
Brown Mrs. Sarah A. 133 n Eden 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 55 e Baltimore 
Brown Thomas H. secretary Great Falls Iron 

Co. s e cor Pratt and O'Donnell's whf. dw 

Bolton near Lanvale 
Brown Thomas M. (B., Mittan & Co.) 95 n 

Brown Thomas, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Brown Thomas R. 304 Madison av 
Brown Thomas, machinist, 33 Jackson 
Brown Thomas, clothier, 213 e Baltimore 
Brown Thomas A. moulder, 116 n Bond 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 42 Rock 
Brown Thos. A. clerk, 515 w Lombard 
Brown Thomas, conductor, 69 s Schroeder 
Brown Thomas, watchman B. & 0. R. R. 81 

St. Peter 
Brown Thomas, blacksmith, 33 Jackson 
Brown Thos W. blacksmith, 237 n Central av 
Brown Thomas, carpenter, 150 Pine 
Brown Thomas, laborer, 108 Boyd 
Brown Thos. J. gold and silversmith, 90 w 

Brown Thomas, ship joiner, 332 s Bond 
Brown Thos. C. soldier, 1 Harden ct 
Brown Timothy S. (Knight & B.) 8 Fish 

Market space 
Brown & Toy, flour, hay, grain &c., 124 

Brown Vincent, wheelwright, 181 n Fremont 
Brown V. J. & Co. grocers and commission 

merchants, 66 w Lombard 
Brown V. J. (V. J. B. & Co.) 14 Hollins 
Brown Wm. & Co. watches and jewelry, s e 

cor Baltimore and Charles 
Brown Wm. (Wm. B. & Co.) 77 McCuUoh 
Brown William, 148 Preston 
Brown Wm. G. aid to revenue custom house, 

320 s Poppleton 
Brown William, (Jameson & B.) 148 Preston 
Brown Wm. H. (W. H. B. & Bro.) 226 

Brown Wm. A. (M. J. & W. A. B.) 121 n 

BROWN WM. H. & BRO. druggists, 4 s 

Brown Wm. H. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) 226 

Brown Wm. T. 617 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. stevedore, 314 Aliceanna 
Brown Wm. M. 42 e Eager 
Brown William, stevedore, 199 s Chester 
Brown Wm. H. soldier, 42 e Eager 
Brown Wm. L. carpenter, s w cor Front and 

Low, dw 216 e Baltimore 
Brown Wm. M. printer, 35 n Fremont 
BROWN WILLIAM, agent N. C. R. R. 80 

Brown Wm. H. blacksmith, 3 s Oregon 
Brown Wm. T. street commiss'nr, 1923 Paca 
Brown William, bricklayer, 192 s Paca 

I Brown Wm. shoemaker, 7 McElderry's whf. 
I Brown Wm. ship carpenter, 238 Canton av 
Brown William, carpenter, 12 Greenmountav 
Brown Wm. forwarding agent, 24 Pine 
Brown W. T. 18 Watson 
Browne Eliza, lodging house, 72 Lexington 
Browne James H. flour and grain, 40 and 42 

s Frederick, dw 186 n Calvert 
Browne Joseph K. (B. & Roney,) 30 Aisquith 
Browne Lewis B. periodical, 99 Garden 
Browne Lucy, 72 Lexington 
Browne Nicholas V. 310 n Caroline 
BROWNE & RONEY, dealers in grain,flour 

and feed, 67 s Gay 
Brownhold Moses, tailor, 138 Pearl 
Browning Edward, rope maker, 504 Light 
Browning James S. coach maker, 63 North 
Browning John W. nail maker, 12 Barre 
Browning Mary L. fancy goods, 103 w Biddle 
Browning Mrs. Mary A. 75 s Eden 
Browning Mrs. Mary, 103 w Biddle 
Browning Olivia P. provisions, 63 North 
Browning P. shoemaker, 84 Lancaster 
Browning Richard C. brickmaker, 504 Light 
Browning Warfield T. (Cinnamond & B.) 59 

w Fayette 
Browning Wm. E. (Charles Reese & Co.) 150 

w Madison 
Browning Wm. W. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 127 

s Sharp 
Browning Wm. S. secretary to Police Com- 
missioners, 318 n Eutaw 
Browning Wm. E. painter, 103 w Biddle 
Brownley Hiram L. ship carp'r, 365 Light 
Brownley John, ship carpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Brownley Joseph, blacksmith, 43 Garden 
Brownley Larkin, ship carpenter, 109 s Bond 
Brownley Mehitable, 43 Garden 
Brownley Sarah A. tailoress, 5 Hughes ct 
Brownley Thos. J. engineer, 63 Hill 
Brownold Charles, clerk, 124 Mulberry 
Brownold Moses, 124 Mulberry 
Broyer Ludwig, 18 Shakspear 

Brubach , varnisher, 277 Columbia 

Bruce Daniel C. custom house inspector, 626 

w Fayette 
Bruce David, clerk, 211 Barre 
Bruce Jacob, laborer, 422 Penna av 
Bruce John M. coppersmith, 94 n Calvert, dw 

160 Aisquith 
Bruce Mrs. Margaret R. 170 w Lombard 
Bruce Robert, machinist, 47 Stirling 
Bruce Robert, artificial legs and arms, and 

truss maker, 448 w Baltimore 
Bruce Wm E. truss maker, 448 w Baltimore 
Bruce Wm. grocer, 153 e Madison 
Bruce Rev. Wm. Townsend near Fulton 
Bruck Charles, baker, 53 Fawn 
Bruck Henry M. tailor, 320 w Pratt, dw 278 

Bruchey John F. boiler maker, 36 Boyd 
Bruckheimer Leopold, clerk, 23 s Sharp 
Bruckmann Wm. shoemaker, 154 Henrietta 
Bruckner John F. piano maker, 11 Sterrett 
Brude Gustave, laborer, 58 King 
Bruder Michael, musician, 315 Canton av 
Brueback Jacob, cabinet maker, 153 s Sharp 
Bruehl John, cigar maker, 157 s Bond 
Bruehl Justus, baker, 157 s Bond 
Bruehl Wm. H. 183 e Lombard 
Bruff" Charles S. architect, 25 French 
Bruff" James M. (J. W. B. & Co.) Fountain 

■WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, Fire and Life Insurance Agent and Brok«r. Agent "Mutnal 
Benefit IA& Insurance Co., IS^ewnrk, Jt. J.," 89 S«cond Str«et. 




Bruff John W. (J. W. B. & Co.) 295 w Fay- 
Brutf John W. & Co. dry goods merchants, 

245 w Baltimore 
Bruff Joseph D. ship carpenter, 284 e Pratt 
Bruff Thos. A. ship carpenter, 247 Gough 
Bruo:gman John J. tavern, 32 Fell 
Bruggy Martin, carpenter, 3 Arcade al 
Brugel John, shoemaker, 174 s Durham 
Eruhom Christopher, mariner, 207 s Bond 
Brummer Carson H. tavern, 243 Hanover 
Brumer Joseph, currier, 13 Diamond 
Brun Edward, machinist, 86 Lexington 
Brun Mad. F. child's dress maker, 86 Lex- 
Brundige Charles H. salesman, 19 Lexington 
Bruiidige Mrs. Elizabeth, 378 Light 
Brundige James, jr. bookkeeper, 54 Saratoga 
Brundige Rebecca, grocery, 109 n Eutaw 
Brundige Wm. sr. 54 Saratoga 
BRUNE F. W. & SONS, merchants and 
agents Maryland Steam Sugar Refining Co. 
89 and 91 Smith's wharf 
Brune F. laborer, 107 Lancaster 
Brune John C. (F. W. B. & Sons,; 89 and 91 

Smith's wharf 
Brune Wm. H..(F. W. B. & Sons,) 38 Mt. 

Vernon Place 
Bruner Jacob, carpenter, 127 s Sharp 
Bruner Lewis, butcher, 403 Light 
Bruning Henry, groceries and liquors, 9 

Bruning Rev. H. H. professor of languages, 

49 Lexington 
Brunmiller Mark, laborer, 22 Preston 
Brunner Abel, book binder, 80 Aisquith 
Brunner Adam, laborer, 194 Columbia 
Brunner Andrew, clerk, 54 Pearl 
Brunner Andrew B. carpenter, 54 Pearl 
Brunner Hamilton, huckster, 306 s Sharp 
Brunner Henry, tailor, 65 s Eutaw 
Brunner Jacob, laborer, 194 Columbia 
Brunner John L. tailor, 102 n Gay 
Brunner Joseph, tailor, 121 s Wolfe 
Brunner Mary, seamstress, 235 Hamburg 
Brunner Samuel H. laborer, 94 Ramsay 
Brunner Wm. T. clerk, 54 Pearl 
Bruns Bei-nard, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Bruns John, (Briel & B.) 164 Mulberry 
Ijrunt James, horse trader, 359 Penna. av 
Brunt Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 36 George 
Brunt Ralph, dairyman, 487 Penna. av 
Brunt Mrs. Thomas, embroideries and lace 

goods, 189 w Baltimore, dw 92 Saratoga 
Bruschwiller Wm. chair maker, 7 Foster al 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscup Columbus, carpenter, 120 s Caroline 
Bruscup Columbus, carpenter, 230 e Pratt 
Bruscup Geo. H. sheet-iron worker, 323 e 

Bruscup Thomas, bailiff Orphans' Court, 219 

e Fayette 
Brush Charles W. attorney, 217 Garden 
Brushwiller Geo. painter, John n of Lanvale 
Brnshwiller Wm. jr. painter, 5 Buren 
BRUSSTER HENRY, ship carpenter, Bos- 
ton, foot of Patuxent, dw 144 Chesapeake 
Erustcr& Griffith, agricultural impl't manuf. 

49 c Monument, warerooms 49 n Paca 
BRUSTER & GRIFFITH, manufacturers of 
Buckeye mower and reaper, and agricull'l 
implements, &c. 49 n Paca 
Bruster James, (B. & Griffith,) Baltimore co 

Bruster James, agricult'l implements, Hand 

Brutsche Felix, grocery and feed store and 

livery stable, 58 Clay, dw 146 Saratoga 
Brntzman Peter, tailor, 67 Park 
Bryan Arthur L. (B. & Bro.; 21 Harford av 
Bryan Annie M. seamstress, 246 Light 
Bryan & Bro. cigar store. Second near Gay 
Bryan David A. mariner, 244 e Fayette 
Bryan Capt. Frederick C. mariner, 244 e 

Bryan George, (B. & Bro.) 21 Harford av 
Bryan James, gas-fitter, 21 Harford av 
Bryan John M. farmer, 293 e Lombard 
Bryan John G. hardware, 136 n Gay 
Bryan John, wire worker, 246 Light 
Bryan John H. bricklayer, 357 s Sharp 
Bryan-John W. soldier, 246 Light 
Bryan Mrs. J. N. milliner, 276 n Gay 
Bryan Samuel L. & Co. trimmings and white 

goods, 221 w Baltimore 
Bryan Samuel L. (S. L. B. & Co.) 130 w 

Bryan & Atkinson, attorneys, 36 St. Paul 
Bryan Thomas, shoemaker, 256 n Caroline 
Bryan Wm. carter, 136 s Durham 
Bryan Wm. 127 s Bond 
Bryan Wm. S. attorney, 30 St. Paul, dw 612 

w Fayette 
Bryan Wm. H. soldier, 246 Light 
Bryant Catherine, 119 n Eutaw 
Bryeint Pauline, dress maker, 20 Jackson 
Bryant Wilson P. merchant, 354 Lexington 
Bryarly Robert, tailor, 100 n Exeter 
Bryden George W. J., Jackson near Harrison 
Bryerly Wm. C. carpenter, 17 s Schroeder 
Bryson B. A conductor B. & 0. R. R. dw 41 

n Strieker 
Bryson Mrs. Catherine, boarding, 630 Pratt 
Bryson 'Gilbert H. city surveyor and civil en- 
gineer. City Hall, dw 59 Aisquith 
Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 221 n Caroline 
Bryson James R. moulder, 630 w Pratt 
Bryson J. F. clerk in office Circuit Court, dw 

Star tavern. Front 
Bryson Wm. J. custom house insp. 78 s Eden 
Bubbard Elizabeth, 53 s Eager 
Buberil John, shoemaker, 21 French 
Bubert H. H. drayman, 181 s Eden 
Bubert J. D. tavern and feed store, 16 Camden 
Buchanan Alexander, U. S. N. 120 G. Hughes 
Buchanan James, 34 McCulloh 
Buchanan James'E. (Kauffelt & B.) 130 North 
Buchanan L. 57 St. Paul 
Buchanan Richard H. mariner, 40 Abbott 
Buchbaum Henry, lager beer, s e cor Central 

av and e Lombard 
Bucher Jacob, cabinet maker, 224 Canton av 
Bucher John, laborer, 29 Union 
Buchheimer George, grocery, 442 Penna. av 
Buchheimer John, grocer, 55 President 
Buchheimer Peter, clothier, 2 e Pratt 

snry, pe( 
n-ad, she 

Buchner Conrad, shoemaker, 246 s Eutaw 
Buchsbaum Charles, piano maker, 121 Or- 
Buchta John,25Hillen 
Buchter John, blacksmith, 23 Hillen 
Buchwald Fredk. tailor, 105 Greenmount av 
Buchwald Michael, butcher, 5 Belair market, 

dw Belair av near city Umits 
Buck Alfred, 301 e Baltimore 
Buck Alonzo, 15 n High 

GEO. S. PAGB Si BRO., Manufacturera of Roofs and Roofing JVIaterlals, 111 Smitb'8 
Wharf. C. HART S]»ITH, Agent. 




Buck B. C. sailmaker, 85 Smith's wharf, dw 

Hoffman near Ross 
Buck Benj. G. plasterer, 75 Greene 
Buck Benj. H. clerk, 318 Lexington 
Buck Mrs. Catherine, 389 w Lombard 
Buck Charles W., U. S. N. 615 w Lombard 
Buck Charles W. jr. clerk, 615 w Lombard 
Buck Chas. milkman, cor Baker and Division 
Buck Christian, tailor, 3 Shakspear 
Buck Edward D. & Bro. hardware, iron and 

steel, 86 and 88 w Pratt 
Buck Edward D. (E. D. & Bro.) 75 e Pratt 
Buck Geo. W. prop. Fulton house, 34 w Pratt 
Buck Hezekiah, 344 w Fayette 
Buck Jacob, fireman, 540 w Pratt 
Buck James A. clerk, 31 Hill 
Buck James F. clerk, 318 Lexington 
Buck James, moulder, 144 G. Hughes 
Buck James, clerk, 34 w Pratt 
Buck Capt. James, 104 e Fayette 
Buck Mrs. Jane, 344 w Fayette 
Buck Jane, 104 e Fayette 
Buck John M. miller, 8 Spear's wharf 
Buck John H. (Edward D. B. & Bro.) 75 e 

Buck .John jr. asst. assessor 3d district, office 

50 e Baltimore, dw 75 e Pratt 
Buck John, driver. 126 s Washington, F. P. 
Buck John, 75 e Pratt 
Buck John C. bricklayer, 235 n Caroline 
Buck Joseph A. (Isaac M. Denson & B.) 31 

Buck Joseph W. porter, 540 w Pratt 
Buck Wm. brickmaker, 29 Cambridge 
Buck Susanna, tailoress, 23 Orleans 
Buck Theodore A. clerk, 31 Hill 
Buck Thomas C. 318 Lexington 
Buck Wesley B. clerk, 75 c Pratt 
Buck Wm. H. clerk, 186 w Hoffman 
Buck Wm. H. clerk, 318 Lexington 
Buck Wm. T., U. S. N. 615 wLombard 
Buck Wm. agricultural impl. maker, 79 Lee 
Buck Wm. tailor, 227 e Eager 
Buck Wm. huckster, 91 n Poppleton 
Bucker John, laborer, 40 Booth 
Buokey Jas. H. engineer, 558 Schroeder 
Buckhart Adam, laborer, Mariott nr Haubert 
Buckheimer Geo. shoemaker, 3 Walnut al 
Euckhold John, pedlar, 20 Thonisen 
Buckholz George, nightman, 411 n Pratt 
Kuckholz Henry, shoemaker, 389 w Pratt 
Bucking Francis, baker, 96 Hollins 
Buckingham C. music teacher, 277 w Fayette 
Buckingham Francis M. agent, 291 Hollins 
Buckingham Isaac, music teacher, 39 Pine 
Buckingham Jas. coach trimmer, 256 n Eden 
Buckingham Jas. brakesman, 54 s Schroeder 
Buckuigham Jas. R. clerk, 9 n Pearl 
Buckingham Jas. coach trimmer, Madison e 

of Eager 
^nckingham John E. carp. 265 n Central av 
Buckingham John W. carp. 54 s Schroeder 
Buckingham Mrs. Mary J. tailoress, 172 Dover 
Buckingham P. G. young ladies' academy, 

123 Mulberry ^ 

Buckingham Washington L. clerk, 39 Pine 
Buckler Dr. John, 135 n Charles 
Buckler Dr. Riggin, 135 n Charles 
BUCIvL^R & SHIPLEY commission mer- 
chants and wholesale liquor dealers, 85 and 

87 s Charles 
Buckler Dr. Thomas H. 41 Lexington 
Buckless Henry, pilot, 126 Gough 

BUCKLEY CHARLES R. boot and shoe 

manuf., 97 and 99 Hanover, dw 103 
Buckley David Z. musician, 15 Abbey al 
Buckley David Z. soldier, 124 G. Hughes 
Buckley John, milk, 90 s Republican 
Buckley John, (B. & Smith,) 121 Hillen 
BUCKLEY & SMITH, oyster packers, 123 

Hillen ' } f 

Buckley Martin, carter, 18 Neighbor 
Buckley Robert L. tailor, 165 Franklin 
Buckley Wm. H. mariner, 81 s Chester 
Buckman Charles, can maker, 133 Washing- 
ton, F. H. ^ 
Buckmiller Wm. blacksmith, 37 n High 
Buckner Dr. Charles S. 12 Cathedral 
Bucksbaum John, tailor, 121 Orleans 
Bucksbaum Julius, dry goods dealer, 149 s 

Buckstein Wm. fireman, 345 s Eutaw 
Budd Charles A. cigar maker, 259 Gough 
Budd John J. 257 Gough 
Budd John R. carpenter, 257 Gough 
Budd Wm. J. stevedore, 253 Gough 
Budd Wm. W. J. stevedore, 205 s Chester 
Budde Wm. blacksmith, 104 Eastern av 
Buddey Henry, cooper, 40 Slemmer alley ■ 
Budhoff Peter, porter, 12 Anthony 
Budrer John, turner, 211 w Fayette 
Budy Henry, blacksmith, 104 Eastern av 
Buddymyer Wm. 217 s Wolfe 
Buehler Catherine, housekeeper, 59 Columbia 
Buehler Wm. tobacco and cigars, 182 Franklin 
Bufleh John, laborer, 16 Shakspear 
Bufter Ann, 154 Bank 
Bufter Jacob, mariner, 154 Bank 
Bufter John, laborer, 12 New 
Bufter Mrs. Mary, grocery, 12 N#w 
Buhl Michael, tailor, 90 s Castle al 
Buhler Albert, cigars, 65 Granby 
Buhman Christian, laborer, 68 Johnson 
Buhman Daniel, shoemaker, 269 s Charles 
Buhman Wm. 26 Hamburg 
Buirne Wm. H. carpenter, 103 Ross 
Buker Eliza, 377 Canton av 
Bukoffskey Geo. iron roller, 167 s Ann 
Bulack Jacob, (Bond & B.) 85 w Pratt 
Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 248 w Pratt, dw 

330 w Lombard 
Bulack Michael, shoemaker, 248 w Pratt 
Buline Jane, 141 Vine 
Bull Asahel, carpenter, 131 Ensor 
BULL DR. BENJ. H. D. 260 w Pratt 
Bull Edmund, (B. & Tuttle) 196 w Biddle 
Bull Mrs. Elizabeth, 78 n Greene 
Bull Geo. W. carpenter, 27 Sterling 
Bull Rev. John W. 260 w Pratt 
Bull Mrs. xMary, 121 n Eutaw 
Bull Mary, 64 Decker 
Bull Shadrack, constable, 28 George 
BULL & TUTTLE, publishers Baltimore 

Clipper, and book and job printers, 134 w 

Bull Wm. K. teamster, 64 Decker 
Bullen Wm. property agent, 181 s Paca 
Bulling Charles, (Gerdes, B. & Wehrhane) 

125 Hanover 
Bullock Caswell J. glue factory, Washington 

road, dw 339 Columbia 
Bullock Daniel, potter, 319 e Lombard 
Bullock Daniel, potter, 6 n Ann 
Bullock James, collar maker, 21 Mercer, dw 

542 w Fayette 
Bullock James, laborer, 194 s Chapel 

iT. HEIVRY GIESE, Commission nierclianil. tor the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Rosendale Cemeut and CalciHcd Plaster constantly on hand, 31 Spear's Wharf. 




Bullock Joseph W. silver plater, 4 w Falls av 
Bullock J. glue factory, Washington road 
Bullock John, glue factory, Washington road 
Bullock Mrs. Rhoda, 243 Columbia 
Bull's Head hotel, 130 n Front 
Bulmood P. carpenter, Harford av extended 
Bulyun Henry H. laborer, 336 Mulberry 
Bulz John, cooper, 10 s Durham 
Bumbarger Dobbin, shoemaker, 4 Prospect la 
EUMGARDEN JAMES, painter, 71 Ross 
Bummer Valentine, blacksmith, 346 Light 
Bump Josephus L. provisions, 426 n Poppleton 
Bump Samuel C. gravel roofer, 88 s Ann 
Bunce Edward, ropemaker, 1 Anthony 
Bunce Edward, laborer, 422 Harford av 
Bunce Richard, bricklayer, 318 Harford av . 
Bunce Robert, laborer, Greenmount Cemetery 
Bunch John A. tavern, 36 President 
Bunch Joshua A. fisherman, 131 Washington, 

F. H. 
Bundlay John, rag dealer, 23 Abbott 
Bundschuh Dr. Francis, 41 Watsc>n 
Bundshup Charles, broom maker, President 

near Canton av 
Bunger John H. shoemaker, 89 s Spring 
BUNN JOHN, baker, cor Warner and Barre 
Bunn Joseph, well digger, 355 s Charles 
Bunsholdt Ludvich, 129 Thames 
Bunting David G. mariner, 377 Light 
Bunting David W. mariner, 377 Light 
Bunting Edward F. mariner, 377 Light 
Bunting Elizabeth, 7 Gough 
Bunting George, butter deal. 158 e Monument 
Bunting George R. clothing cutter, 24 s High 
Bunting George W. carpenter, 7 Gough 
Bunting Dr. John, bailiff Criminal Court, 20 

Bunting J. J. (B. & Ridgely,) 365 w Fayette 
Bunting Mrs. Mary E. confect'yi 331 Light 
BUNTING & RIDGELY, merchant tailors, 

3 Franklin building. North 
Bunting Robert M. mariner, 34 Warren 
Bunting Mrs. Sarah, 377 Light 
Bunting Smith K. carpenter, 162 Mulberry- 
Bunting Washington A. mariner, 377 Light 
Bunting Wm. carpenter, 254 HoUins 
Bunting VVm. J. shoemaker, 70 n Howard 
Bunty Anton, tailor, rear 300 Aliceanna 

Bunyan Mary, tailoress, 188 n Central av 
Burbage John, soldier, Falls road, near North- 
ern av 
Burbage John E. jr. salesman, 332 Aisquith 
Burbank David, com. merchant, 148 w Pratt, 

dw 242 Saratoga 
Burbank Leonard, salesman, 13 Pearl 
Burbert Robert, tailor, 206 Columbia 
Burch Francis A. ship joiner, 3 s Caroline 
Rurch Fredk. D. comb maker, 560 Saratoga 
Burch Jas. A. ship joiner, 93 Gough 
Burch James, laborer, 80 Block 
Burch Mary, dressmaker, 3 s Caroline 
Burch Mary A. confectionery, 560 Saratoga 
Burch Thos. B. clerk, 43 s Washington, F. P. 
Burch Wm. M. clerk, 27 s Eutaw 
Burchinal John, clerk. Eager near Charles 
Burdett Aaron, copper plate maker, 364 Lex- 
Burdett Edwin, copper plate maker, 364 Lex- 
Burens Louis, blacksmith, 366 Ostend 
Bures James, harness maker, 297 Canton av 

Burg Thos. B. clerk, 43 s Washington, P, P. 
Burgan Anne J. tailoress, 185 Aisquith 
Burgan Marcellus, cigar maker, 35 Jackson 
Burgan Philip, soldier, 121 n Bethel 
Burgan Sarah, 35 Jackson 
Burgan Thomas T. cigar maker, 96 n Caroline 
Burgdorf Charles, cooper, 183 s Eden 
Burger Andrew, laborer, 93 Plum al 
Burger Charles, baker, 342 s Sharp 
Burger Charles, grocery, Frederick road, near 

Burger Conrad, drover, 246 Mulberry 
Burger Frank J. glass blower, Eutaw w of 

Burger John, blacksmith, 114 Hamburg 
Burger Matthias R. locksmith, 710 w Balti- 
Burger Nicholas, 199 William 
Burgess Barney, laborer, 298 s Paca 
Burgess B. T. (C. W. B. & Son) 190 e Fayette 
Burgess Benj. pattern maker, 41 s Poppleton 
Burgess Caleb H. silver plater, Fayette near 

Sharp, dw 450 Lexington 
Burgess Charles R. (Wm. B. & Son) 100 s 

Burgess C. W. & Son, grocers, 166 n Gay, 

Burgess Geo. R. dep. clerk Criminal Court, 

232 e Fayette 
Burgess James, carpenter, 254 n Eden 
Burgess John, silver plater, 100 w Fayette, dw 

75 n Poppleton 
Burgess John T. policeman, 73 n Caroline 
Burgess Laomi, upholsterer, 26 n Liberty 
Burgess Mary, tailoress, 76 s Fremont 
Burgess Owen, silver plater, 69 Mulberry 
Burgess Spencer, stone cutter 8 n Schroeder 
Burgess Stephen E. carpenter, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Theodore H. clerk, 36 s Exeier 
Burgess Tnomas, laborer, 76 s Fremont 
Burgess Wm. & Son, merchant tailors, 5 s 
Sharp, dw Wm. B. n w cor. Greene and 
Burgess Wm. blacksmith, 470 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm. H. clerk, s w cor Bond and 

Burgett George, butcher, 199 Columbia 
Burgher H. fancy goods, 181 Argyle al 
Burgmyer Ballach, sawyer, 248 Eastern av 
Burgunder Benjamin, clothier, 276 w Pratt 
Burgunder Joseph, clothier, 295 w Pratt 
Burgunder Simon, clothier, 53 w Baltimore 
Burk Cornelius, laborer, 351 s Bond 
Burk John, cooper, 134 e Fayette 
Burk John, laborer. Cotton row, Canton 
Burk Justice, 271 Canton av . 

Burk J. W. police, 104 Preston 
Burk Tobias, cooper, 34 n Spring 
Burk Wm. police, 41 Greenmount av 
Burk Wm. watchman, 124 s Caroline 
Burkamp Francis, baker, 149 n Eutaw , 
Burkamp Fredk. shoemaker. 111 n Eutaw 
Burkard Adam, tailor, 47 s Register 
Burkardt Philip, varnisher, 29 Union 
Burke Amelia, upholstress, 94 n Howard 
Burke Amos, tobacco, cigars, &c. 184 Lex- 
ington, dw 284 w Lombard 
Burke Andrew J. deputy warden city jail, 262 

Greenmount av 
Burke Charles E. teamster, rear of 332 Mul- 
Burke Clara V. seamstress, 8 Comet 
Burke Dominic, pattern maker, 39 s Oregon 

WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, Fire and Ufe InsTinmee Agent and Broker. Agent "Bfntnal 
Benefit Life Insurance Co., IfeivarU, BT. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Burke David, bookkeeper, 60 e Baltimore 
Burke Edward, laborer, 8 n Amity 
Burke Ella, dressmaker, 529 w Baltimore 
Burke Ezekiel, plasterer, 127 n Eden 
Burke Elizabeth, tailoress, 8 Comet 
Burke Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress, 246 Light 
Burke Eliza, 65 Chesnut 
Burke Geo. W. 134 Cathedral 
Burke Geo. B. clerk Savings Bank of Balti- 
more, 134 Cathedral 
Burke Henry, paper hanger, 1 Williamson al 
Burke Henry, shoemaker, 363 Saratoga 
Burke Jacob, lamplighter, 99 Ross 
Burke Jacob W. police, 104 Preston 
Burke Mrs. Joanna, 237 s Paca 
Jlurke John, carter, cor Bank and Durham 
Burke John, barber, 201 J-o Lexington 
Burke John, fireman, 186McHenry 
Burke John, grocery, 148 Bank 
Burke John, laborer, 73 York 
Burke John, engineer, 71 s Schroeder 
Burke John H. H. groceries and feed, 580 w 

Burke John, grocery, 7 Hull 
Burke Jerome, plasterer, 162 w Fayette 
Burke Mrs. Julia Ann, 186 Montgomery 
Burke Joseph F. bricklayer, 34 n Schroeder 
Burke Mrs. Kate, seamstress, 29 Mosher 
Burke Lawrence, shoemaker, 62 Centre Mar- 
ket space, dw 123 s Exeter 
Burke Mary A. cor Holland and Eden 
Burke Mrs. Mary, 34 Chatsworth 
Burke Margaret, 198 w Fayette 
Burke Mrs. Martha, 529 w Baltimore 
Burke Michael, laborer, 193 Vine 
Burke Michael, laborer, 55 Haubert 
Burke Michael, tailor, 37 s Front 
Burke Michael, grocer, 74 York 
Burke Nichs. stone cutter, 41 Greenmount av 
Burke Oliver, fireman, 99 Ross 
Burke Owen, laborer, 7 Jenkins al 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 30 s Poppleton 
Burke Patrick, barkeeper, 12 St. Paul 
Burke Richard, teacher, 167 s Bethel 
Burke Richard, laborer, 13 n Amity 
Burke Robert, tinner, 14 Holland 
Burke Robert, tinner, cor Holland and Eden 
Burke Sarah, 256 Greenmount av 
Burke Mrs. Sabina, 1 Page al 
Burke Susan B. seamstress, 8 Comet 
Burke Thos. laborer. Cotton row. Canton 
Burke Thomas, bricklayer, 123 Harford av 
Burke Thomas, 246 Light 
Burke Thomas, painter, 520 w Baltimore, dw 

7 Chatsworth 
Burke Thomas E. tavern, 94 w West Falls av 
Burke Wm. H. cigar maker, 123 n Gay 
Burke William, pattern maker, 4 s Poppleton 
Burke Wm. B. (Chas. B. Hatch & Co.) 472 

Penna. av 
Burke Wm. R. butcher, 9 Neighbor 
Burkey Samuel, agent, 17 Chesnut 
Burkett Charles, tailor, 36 n Caroline 
Burkett James, 87 Park 
Burkhard George, laborer, 535 Canton av 
Burkhard Philip, varnisher, 29 Union 
Burkhardt Charles, cooper, Goodman al near 

Burkhardt James, 87 Park 
Burkhead John W. police, 409 n Gay 
Burkins Wm. moulder, 220 Hollins 
Burkraan Charles K. carpenter, 34 Haubert 
Burkstradt Peter, laborer, 46 G. Hughes 

Burley Henry W. police, 225 e Madison 
Burley Isaac, shoemaker, 178 n Caroline 
Burley Matilda, millinery, 249 n Central av 
Burlingame Dr. Waterman, dentist, 54 n 

Burlup Wm. Geo. brass finisher, 309 Light 
Burlup Wm. Geo. jr. soldier, 309 Light 
Burman Jer. police, Strieker s of Pratt 
Burmeister Fredk. mariner, 20 Park 
Burmister F. box maker, 26 Fell 
Burmingham Mary, 29 s Front 
Burmingham Wm. H. currier, 29 s Front 
Burn Ellen A. 225 Harford av 
Burn Hannah E. 225 Harford av 
Burn James, grocer, 41 Chatsworth 
Burn Jas. M. ship carpenter, 183 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Burn Robt. ship carpenter, 183 s Washington, 

F. P, 
Burn Robt. jr. ship carpenter, 183 Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Burn Wm. H. H. ship carpenter, 183 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Burnap Mrs. Geo. W. 45 n Calvert 
Burnes Harry, tailor, IB Constitution 
Burnes James, engineer, 75 s Caroline 
Burnes William, carpenter, 382 Harford av 
Burneston Dr. Edward, 475 Penna. av 
Burneston Isaac B. bookkeeper, 87 s Paca 
Burnett Alford, carpenter, 86 Granby 
Burnett Geo. timekeeper, 55 n Republican 
Burnett Geo. H. carpenter, 30 Gough 
Burnett Geo. R. clerk, 25 s Howard 
Burnett H. H. clerk subsistence depart. 49 

Burnett Jane, confectioner, 188 e Baltimore 
Burnett Capt. Joseph P. 10 Gough 
Burnett Joseph P. jr. carpenter, 8 Gough 
Burnett Joseph P. police, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett M. D. cond. City R. R. 1 May 
Burnett Margaret, 81 McHenry 
Burnett Samuel, 25 s Howard 
Burnett Washington, 31 s Ann 
Burnett Wm. A. horse dealer, 56 n Eden 
Burnett Wm. clerk, 56 n Eden 
Burnett Wm. T. clerk B. & O. R. R. 25 s 

Burney James, 114 St. Peter 
Burnham Christian, butcher, 494 Saratoga 
Burnham Capt. Enoch, mariner, 356 e Balti- 
Burnham John F. blacksmith, 48 n Paca 
Burnham John F. mariner, 51 Granby 
Burnham John, blacksmith, 48 n Paca, dw 6 

Burnham John W. clerk, 356 e Baltimore 
Burnham Mrs. Kesiah, 49 n Eden 
Burnham Saml. painter, Madison near Caro- 
Burnheimer S. tailor, 704 w Baltimore 
Burno Owen, grocer, 162 e Fayette 
Burns Andrew, 190 s Central av 
Burns Ann, boarding, 9 Fell 
Burns Charles H. mariner, 243 s Ann 
Burns Charles, laborer, 21 Bank 
Burns & Co. com. merchants and dealers in 

oils, paints, &c. 96 Light st. whf. 
Burns Catharine, quilter, 125 w Madison 
Burns Dennis, laborer, 8 L. Barclay 
Burns Edw. hatter, 40 Centre Market space 
Burns Edward, painter, 38 Orleans 
Burns Edward, painter, 77 n Schroeder 
Burns Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 18 Morris al 

GBO. S. PAGE & BRO., Manufactnrera of Roofs nnd Roofing materials, 111 Smltll's 
■Wtuut, C. HART SnnTH, Agent. 



Burns Findley H. lumber, 56 West Falls av. 

dw 168 w Fayette 
Burns Francis, sr. (B. Russell & Co.) 168 w 

Burns Francis, jr. ("Wilson & B.) 219 w Lom- 
Burns Fredk. painter, 5 MuUikin 
Burns Georg:e W. shoe store, 338 w Balti- 
more, dw 8 Hollins 
Burns Henry, laborer, 245 Forrest 
Burns George, wood worker, 113 Orleans 
Burns Henry, tavern, 190 West Falls av, dw 

President near Stiles 
Burns James, pilot, 75 s Caroline. 
Burns James, ship carpenter, 68 Chew 
Burns James, ship carpenter, 319 Canton av 
Burns John, carpenter, 164 Mulberry 
Burns John, laborer, 49 Liberty al 
Burns John H. 114 n Caroline 
Burns John T. feed store, 43 n Spring, dw 135 

Burns John, mariner, 88 Granby 
Burns John, stone cutter, 33 n Poppleton 
Burns John, blacksmith, 236 Hollins 
Burns John, mariner, 18 Pleasant al 
Burns Joseph, 1 Pear al 
Burns Julia A. milk dairy, 68 Chew 
Burns Lizzie, 9 Lewis 
Burns Margaret, tailoress, 27 Armistead la 
Burns Mary A. teacher, 235 Hollins 
Burns Mary A. 263 Forrest 
Burns Matthew, carter, 187 s Eden 
Burns Michael, laborer, 142 Cross 
Burns Michael, laborer, gas works. Spring 

Burns Owen (B. & Co.) 162 e Fayette 
Burns Patrick, machinist, 62 Decker 
Earns Patrick, drayman, 27 s Front 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 133 West 
Burns Patrick R. tailor, 70 Orleans 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 100 York 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 12 Union 
Burns Peter, mariner, 175 s Washington, F.P. 
Burns Robt. A. harness mak. 564 Lexington 
Burns Robt. E.. blacksmith, 236 Hollins 
Burns Robt. L. carpenter, 338 Lombard 
BURNS, RUSSELL & CO. brickmakers, 30 

Burns Saml. carpenter, 129 Washington, F.H. 
Burns Saml. (B. & Sloan) 168 w Fayette 
Burns Sarah, seamstress, 248 Franklin 
BURNS & SLOAN, lumber merchants, 132 
Light St wharf, and cor German and Eutaw 
Burns Thomas, ship carpenter, 35 Henrietta 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 194 s Castle al 
Burns Wm. A. dairy, 114 n Caroline 
Burns Wm. F. (B., Russell & Co.) 88 s Sharp 
Burns Wm. Y. coachmaker, 528 w Pratt 
Burnup Elizabeth, 3 n Caroline 
Burress Henry W. conductor, 243 w Hoffman 
Burrier John, laborer, 539 Canton av 
Burrier John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Burrier Raymond, bricklayer, 247 n Eden 
Burrier Mrs. T., Washington nr Polk, Home- 
Burrison Isaac, clerk, 87 s Paca 
Burris Henry L. paper carrier, 66 Raborg 
Burris Jas. H. tin and sheet iron work, 7 Cen- 
tre Market space 
Burris John, laborer, 7 L. McElderry 
Burris John, tavern, 7 Centre Market space 
BURROUGHS BROS, wholesale druggists, 
52 Light 

J. HEWRY GIESE, Conmnls-iion Merchant, 
Huiieudale Cement and Calcined Plaster 

Burroughs E. E. (B. Bros.) cor Madison and 

Burroughs H. (B. Bros.) cor Madison and 

Burroughs S. G. (B. Bros.) cor Madison and 

Burroughs Jacob, lime dealer, office 52 Light, 

dw n w cor Madison and McMechin 
Burrows Ellon, 692 w Pratt 
Burrow C. B. 62 n Libertjr 
Burrow Walter P. machinist, 62 n Liberty 
Burt Alfred P. 82 e Baltimore 
Burt Col. Edwin, U. S. A., 116 Bank 
Burt Thomas, salesman, 59 Columbia 
Burtol Prof. Reno, astrologist, 7 China 
Burton Arona, tailoress, 46 e Eager 
Burton Charles, wagoner, 249 n Eden 
Burton Ellen, tailoress, 46 e Eager 
Burton Mrs. Elizabeth, 42 n Amity 
Burton Elizabeth, 92 Warner 
Burton Edwin J. dentist, 12 Maiden la 
Burton Mrs. Hannah, 310 Caroline 
Burton Mrs. Jane, 643^ Lexington 

W. Payette street. 

Dentist, 94 

Burton Robert, police, 290 Mulberry 

Burton Sarah, tailoress, 46 e Eager 

Burton Thos. C. steam dyer, 121 Lexington 

Burton Thos. 154 n Caroline 

Burton Wm. mail carrier, N. C. Railway, s 

e cor Centre and Calvert 
Burtonhouse Hellman, laborer, 126 St. Peter 
Burwell Mary C. S. dress mak. 115 Columbia 
Burze Joseph, laborer, ]28 Scott 
Busby Dr. Louis F. 163 n Eden 
Busch Bernard, grocery, liquor, flour and feed 

store, 406 Harford av 
Busch Christoph, cabinet maker, 14 Orleans 
Busch Diedrich, laborer, 6 gas works. Spring 

Busch Frank W. laborer, 20 s Chapel 
Busch George, laljorer, 197 Aliceaiina 
Busch Henry, laborer, 253 Light 
Busch John M. laborer, 27 Union 
Busch Lawrence, jeweler, 297 ;i Gay 
Busch Thomas, blacksmith, 319 s Bond 
Busch Wm. H. engineer, 207 Montgomery 
Busch Wm. cooper, 183 Eastarn av 
Buschman Charles, carpenter, 55 Thames 
Buschman Frederick, grocery, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Hermann, tailor, 135 Lexington 
BUSCHMAN E. & CO., steam sawing and 
planing mill, cor President-st & Canton av 
Buschman Ernest, (E. B. & Co.) 13 s High 
Buschman Francis, mercht. tailor, 9ji Liberty 
Buschman Henry, tailor, 220 Lexington 
BUSCHMANN VICTOR H. tailors' trim- 
mings, &c. 2 Hanover 
Buschman Victor, engineer, 13 s High 
Buser Joseph, shoemaker, 494 w Lombard 
Busey Rev. E. F. 53 n Greene 
Bnsey James R. brickmoulder, 58 s Carey 
Busey Norval H. photographer, 55 n Strieker 
Busey Sarah N. 55 n Strieker 
Busey Wm. M. 38 St. Paul, dw 55 n Strieker 
Bush Abraham, 464 Light 
Bush Geo. prop. Ferry Bar Hotel, dw 494 

Bush Geo. cigar maker, 64 Harford av 
Bush Geo. carter, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Geo. jr. carter, 268 e Lombard 

, for tlic s:i3t- of Flour, Grain, Seeds, «!tc. 
cou8taiitly on Itaud, HI Spear's A^^harf. 





Bush Geo. W. bricklayer, Etting near Mosher 
Bush Henry, laborer, 278 Johnson 
Bush Mrs. H. J. 668 Lexington 
Bush John H. blacksmith, 41 s Oregon 
Bush John, cigar maker, 6 Somerset 
Bush John S. laborer, 58 s Charles 
Bush John, mariner, 16 Green ct 
Bush Julia, John n of Lanvale 
Bush Morris, 172 w Biddle 
Bush Peter, laborer, Stockholm nr Eutaw 
Bush William, teamster, 78 Towson 
Busha Frank, cigar maker, 108 s Chester 
Bushamer Henry, laborer, 271 Eastern av 
Bushman Clem. A. lager beer, 204 Lexington 
Bushman Clemmons A. tailor, 194 Lexington 
Bushman John, carpenter, 78 George 
Bushmocker F. butcher, 275 s Durham 
Busick Daniel, boot fitter, 11 Mott 
Busick Geo. W. painter, 6 Thomson 
Busick James, boot fitter, 217 n Eden 
Busick Joshua W. hatter, 370 n Gay 
Busick Joshua, shoemaker, 65 Stirling 
Busick Levin, boot fitter, 228 n Caroline 
Busk Burkhart, tailor, 108 s Ann 
Busk Mrs. H. J. 668 Lexington 
Busk Henry, tavern, 94 Hillen 
Busk John, laborer, 3 Jenkins al 
Busk John, bookkeeper, 129 Broadway 
BUSK DR. THOMAS M. 52 s Broadway 
Busk Mrs. Thomas M. 52 s Broadway 
Busy Rev. Ezra, 148 Mulberry 
Bussard Marshall L. engineer, 10 Lemmon 
Bussard Matthew, watchman at Mt. Clare, 

dw 23 s Republican 
Bussee John V. tobacconist, 354 w Pratt 
Buskey Ann, 108 Thames 
Bussman Anna, boots and shoes, 240 s Charles 
BUTCHER ALEXANDER, confectioner, 

160 w Baltimore, dw 15 HoUins 
Butcher Franklin, carpenter, 132 Pearl 
Butcher's Hide and Tallow Association, cor 

Falls and Buren 
Butcher Hudson, near Cannon, Canton 
Butcher Capt. Jas. H. 60 s Eden 
Butcher John, laborer, 206 s Wolfe 
Butchki John, weigher, 82 Central av 
Buter John, gardener, e Monument extended 
Bute Michael, mariner, 316 Canton av 
Buthoff George, cooper, 240 Cross 
Butler Blanche, tailoress, 155 Eastern av 
Butler Christian, paver, 26 Bank 
Butler Beverly, clerk, 481 w Fayette 
Butler Chas. (B. & Oakford) 293 Madison av 
Butler Ehzabeth, tailoress, 122 William 
Butler Elijah, tailor, 305 s Charles 
Butler Francis, milk, O'Donnell nr Eastern av 
Butler Geo. T. carpenter, 230.Chase 
Butler James, carpenter, 126 Saratoga 
Butler Dr. James H. 8 n Greene 
Butler Jane, tailoress, 225 e Lombard 
BUTLER & OAKFORD, provision merch- 
ants, 14 Water 
Butler John, American Telegraph Co. 121 

Butler John, cooper, 28 William 
Butler John, laborer, 24 Lemmon 
Butler John J., U. S. N. 7 w Baltimore 
Butler John, 275 Hanover . 
Butler John, cattle, 144 Hanover 
Butler John W. (B., Peregoy & Way) 92 s 

Butler John, telegraphist, 121 n Greene 
Butler Joseph, butcher, 16 Barnes 

Butler Lewis, laborer, 1 Neilson ct 

Butler Martin, laborer, 1 Ulrick 

Butler Mary, 16 Gordon 

Butler Mary A. milliner, 4 s Poppleton 

Butler Martin, laborer, 1 L. Spring 

Butler Michael, laborer, 391 s Caroline 

Butler Ormand, 58 s Poppleton 

Butler, Perigo & Way, carvers and gilders, 

168 w Baltimore 
Butler Richard, 69 Pearl 
Butler Richard, engineer, 58 s Poppleton 
Butler Samuel, ship builder. Decker av near 

Northern av 
Butler Samuel, seaman, 184 s Regester 
Butler Stephen, machinist, 964 w Baltimore 
Butler Thomas, Clerk Bait. Fire Ins. Co., 148 

e Baltimore 
Butler Thomas, shoemaker, 211 Hollins 
Butler Thomas E. printer, ]21 Conway 
Butler Thomas, 105 Hanover 
Butler W. C. clerk, Howard [louse 
Butler Wm. J. blacksmith, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Butt Henry, grocery, 158 Pennsylvania av 
Butt John H. tailor, 17 s Spring 
Butterworth Anton, wheelwright, 361 Lex- 
Buttner Andrew, 66 Granby 
Buttner Leonard, 248 n Pacn 
Button Wm. clerk, Philadelphia road near 

City limits 
Buttner John A. baker, 334 e Eager 
Butz Andrew, cooper, 35 Elizabeth la 
Butz Sebastian, laborer, 97 s Chapel 
Buvinger George, tiniier, 138 Pine 
Buxbaum Hannah, 126 e Lombard 
Buxbaum Jacob, umbrella maker, 602 tt Bal- 
Buxensier Louis, painter, 30 n Spring 
Buxenster Otto, upholster, 31 n Spring 
Buxton John T. engineer, 455 w Lombard 
BUZBY DAVID T. general com. merchant, 6 

Exchange Place, dw 44 w Madison 
Buzby J. Frank, clerk, 49 Lexington 
Buzby Joseph A. shoemaker, 175 Hanover 
Buzby Robert, baker, 54 n Eden 
Buzy Conrad, drayman, 1 New 
Byer Christian, butcher, 9 s Poppleton 
Byer Conrad, soldier, 28 Liberty al 
Byer John, carpenter, 166 RaRorg 
Byer John, laborer, 204 s Dallas 
Byer John, shoemaker, 14 Baker ct 
Byer Lucas, cigar maker, 352 Cross 
Byers Frederick, tailor, 355 w Fayette 
Byers James F. salesman, 355 w Fayette 
Byers John, tailor, 11 Mullikin 
Byles Wm. 73 w Biddle 
BYRD ALFRED H. attorney, 30 st. Paul, 

dw 234 n Eutaw 
Byrd Geo. H. (Wyman, B. & Co.) 234 n Eu- 
Byrd John, wood, 23 Warren 
Byrd Oden, carpenter, 46 Warren 
Byrd .>ylvester, carpenter, 86 William 
Byrn Andrew, carter, 190 s Central av 
Byrn Wm. dry goods, 163 n Gay, dw 76 n 

Byrn Wm. T. (Shaw & B.) 101 s Exeter 
Byrna Patrick, 37 Stockton al 
Byrne Andrew J. carpenter, 2 e Fayette 
Byrne Andrew, wagoner, 51 Albemarle 
Byrne Anna M. grocery, 136 Bank 
Byrne Bridget, 34 n Frederick 

WM. P. WEB3, Maijiie, Fire and Life Insurance Agent anil Broker. Agent "Slutual 
Benefit Ufe Insurance Co., Newark, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Byrne Caroline, 103 Ross 
Byrne Dennis, Claggett's brewery, 99 Granby 
Byrne Harriet, confectioner, 1 Liberty al 
Byrne Henry F, inspector custom house, 136 

BYRNE HUGH, tavern, 70 President 
Byrne James, baker, 153 Raborg 
Byrne James J. clerk, i247 n Gay 
Byrne Jas. L. bookkeeper, 247 n Gay 
Byrne James P. cabinet maker, 39 n Front 
Byrne John, clerk, 126 s Charles 
Byrne John B. clerk, 49 George 
Byrne Joseph, carver and gilder, 32 n Calvert, 

dw 353 e Eager 
Byrne Joseph F. cabinet maker, 30 n Front 
Byrne Joanna, laundry, Wine al near Charles, 

dw 70 President 
Byrne Lawrence, clerk, 297 North 
Byrnes Mrs. Mary Ann, tailoress, 211 Mul- 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, trimmings. 247 n Gay 
Byrne Owen, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne Thomas F. carpenter, 373 Lexington 
Byrne 'j'homas, laborer, 22 French 
Byrne Walter, pedlar, 13 s Washington, F. P. 
Byrne William, paper, 32 Mcplderry 
Byrne Wm. H. book keeper, 189 Aisquith 
Byrnes Bridget, grocery, 169 Aliceanna 
Byrnes John, clerk, 126 s Charles 
Byrnes Joseph, shoemaker, 4 Mercer 
Byrnes Lawrence, laborer, 66 Dorsey al 
Byrnes Mary, 126 s Charles 
Byrnes Martin, moulder, 154 e Madison 
Byrnes Peter W. grocery, 30 Ross 
Byrnes Thomas, boiler maker, 126 s Charles 
Byrnes Thos. grocery, n e cor Madison and 

Byrns John, 1 Bounty la 
Byron Mrs. Sarah J. 281 Columbia 
Byron Edward, polisher, 25 s Calhoun 
Byrones Patrick, laborer, 538 Hamburg 
Byrot George, shoemaker, se cor HoUins and 

Byus xMrs. Elizabeth, 159 Hughes 
Byus John W. engineer, 159 Hughes 
Byus Joseph H. 123 s Sharp 

Cabel George S. plasterer, 209 e Madison 

Cabel Eliza, 31 Thames 

Cacy Eliza A. 173 n Eutaw 

Cacy Rosetta, 173 n Eutaw 

Caddemore John, sergt. police, 171 s Ann 

Cadden Anthony, laborer. Falls road near 

toll gate 
Caddie John, 11 s Durham 
Cadel Samuel, police, 163 Gough 
Cadel Wm. oysterman, 83 Thames 
Cadell Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 6 McHenry 
Cade Cant. Nelson, mariner, 124 s Ann 
Cadow James E. & Co., groceries and pro- 
duce, 16 Penn. av 
Cadow James E. (J. E. C. & Co.; Harford Co 
Cadwallader Abel G. harness maker, 37 s 

Cadwallader Harrison C. soldier, 37 s Pop- 
Cadwallader Lewis, W. police, 37 s Poppleton 
Cadwallader Louisa, 55 s Ri-gester 
Cadwallader L. police 18 George 
Cadwallader Sanford E. clerk P. 0., 37 8 Pop- 

Cady John N. confectioner, 315 n Gay 
Cady John B. assist, wagon master U. S. A. 

141 e Monument 
Cahall Pierce, teamster, 6 Cuba 
Cahan Daniel, plumber, 11 s Regester 
Cahan Mrs. 5 Rose 
Cahn Bernard, 23 s Sharp 
Cafferty Thomas, cordwainer, 95 n Central av 
Caffrey John T. student, n e cor Pratt and 

Caffrey Thomas, grocer, n e corner Pratt and 

Caflesh Geo. B. coachmaker, 101 German 
Cahll Andrew, laborer, 182 McHenry 
Cahll Catharine A. 150 West 
Cahill Edward, laborer, Ulrick al 
Cahill John, engineer, 5 Hill 
Cahill Joseph N., U. S. N., 193 Hanover 
Cahill Martin, engineer, 16 McHenry 
Cahill Patrick, coachman, 130 Saratoga 
Cahill Timothy, receiving ship, dw 110 s 

Cain Mrs. Bedelia, 14 Stiles 
Cain John, drayman, 217 s Paca 
Cain John, jr. carter, 217 s Paca 
Cain John W. carter, 217 s Paca 
Cain Mrs. Mary, 118 Cross 
Cain Michael, laborer, 184 L. Hughes 
Cain Patrick, hostler, 19 New Church 
Cain Wm. H. butcher, 67 Boyd 
Cain Wm. F. painter, 217 s Paca 
Cairns Jtimes, (Ellis & C.) 14 s Gay 
Calahan P. plumber, 30 n Calvert 
Calame C. Wm. clerk, 17 s Greene 
Calder Edward, machinist, Eden near Bank 
Calder Lieut. Wm. U. S. A. 157 Eastern av 
Calder Robert A. police, 265 e Pratt 
Calder Rosanna, grocery, 157 Eastern av 
Callahan Samuel, cooper, 199 s Charles 
Caldwell A. P. confectioner, 149 n Gay, dw 

188 n Exeter 
Caldwell Daniel, dyer, 6 s High, dw 172 Pearl 
Caldwell Elijah, milkman, I Foster al 
Caldwell Jane, 235 w Pratt 
Caldwell James A. 115 n Paca 
Caldwell John, 157 e Pratt 
CJaldwell John A. clerk, 30 Garden 
Caldwell John, soldier, 162 William 
Caldwell John C. block and pump maker, 157 

e Pratt 
Caldwell Mrs, Maranda, 115 n Paca 
Caldwell Mary, 56 e Eager 
Caldwell Virgmia, 30 Garden 
Caldwell Wm. boiler maker, 162 William 
Caldwell Wm. M. bookkeeper, 486 Lexington 
Caldwell Wm. Q. sr. architect and measurer, 

85 w Fayette, dw 188 n Exeter 
Caldwell Wm. Q. jr. carpenter, 188 n Exeter 
Cale Dr. L. A. 94 w Pratt 
Calcf Juliana, 264 Franklin 
Calhouji Charles, clerk, 44 Lexington 
Callaghan John, laborer, 85 Plum al 
Callaghan Patrick, 5 Jenkins al 
Callahan Daniel, huckster, 123 n Caroline 
Callahan Dennis, (T. & D. C.) Harford co 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 13 Comet 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 214 Light 
Callahan Elizabeth, grocery, 51 Tyson 
Callahan James, laborer, 51 Tyson 
Callahan John, Ijlacksmith, 61 Mulberry 
Callahan Capt. Martin, 108 s Greene 
Callahan Michael, currier, 2 Little al 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 2 Little al 

GEO. S. PAGE ii BRO., Mnnufactiirer* of Roofn nrad Roofii^ ItlateilaJU, IH Snatb's 
•WUaxr. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




Callahan Mary, 18 Slemmer al 

Callahan Mary, 78 HoUiday 

Callahan Patrick, gas fitter, — Calvert, dw 

55 Harford av 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 205 Lemmon 
Callahan Richard, carver, 72 Block 
Callahan Thomas, huckster, 123 n Caroline 
Callahan T. & D. oyster packers, foot of Mill st 
Callahan Timothy, (T. & D. C.) 114 s Exeter 
Callaway George, huckster, 177 Conway 
Callaway Wm. S. police, 121Jefferson 
Callahan Timothy, plasterer, 68 McKirn 
Callahaun Mrs. Mary, 168 Dover 
Callahaun William, hostler, 168 Dover 
Callenan Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 50 s Dur- 
Callenberger William, puddler, 100 Hudson 
Callender William, plasterer, 100 Aisquith 
Callender John, laborer, 127 s Castle al 
Calligan Dennis, laborer, 9 Foster al 
Callis Geo. R. bricklayer, 69 s Caroline 
Callis James H. coal yard, Baltimore, near 

Bond, dw 226 e Baltimore 
CALVERT STABLES, 63, 65 and 67 n Cal- 
vert, Augusta E. Stewart, proprietess. 
Calvert Bartholomew, apples, &c. 19 Concord 
Calvert Hall, or St. Joseph's Academy, 79 

Calvert John G. granite, Pratt, e of Fremont, 

dw 33 Scott 
CALVERT STATION, Northern Central 

Railway, n e cor Franklin and Calvert 
Calvert Wm. pattern maker, Anne Arundel co 
Calverton Carpet Co. 5 e Baltimore, V. De L. 

Gelston, agent 
Calviere Francis, watch-maker, Centre Mar- 
ket space, near Second 
Calwell John K. (Norris, C. & Co.) 82 Lee 
Calwell L. B. (Sloan & C.) Baltimore co 
Calwell Martin, carpenter, 63 Light 
Calwell Rosanna, 231 Franklin 
Calwell William, clerk, 82 Lee 
Cambridge John, barkeeper, 122 n Gay 
Cambridge Mary, 28 Camden 
CAMDEN STATION, B. & O. R. R. front- 
ing Howard, Camden, Eutaw and Lee 
Camel John, boiler maker, 235 Chesnut al 
Cameron Anna B. confectionery, 109 Pearl 
Cameron C. C. commission merchant, 50 s 

Howard, dw 196 n Eutaw 
Cameron Charles, clerk, 196 n Eutaw 
Cameron Daniel W. clerk, 214 Saratoga 
Cameron Mrs. Ellen, 196 n Eutaw 
Cameron Henry, prof, music, 92 e Pratt 
Cameron Hugh, tailor, 84 Ensor 
Cameron Rachel, 71 Ensor 
Cameron Mrs. Sarah, cigar and confectionery 

store, 84 En.sor 
Camp Benj. F. (C. & Sutherland) 22 w Second 
Camp James, laborer, White House, Canton 
Camp James L. 238 w Pratt 
Camp Joseph, carpenter, 103 Ross 
Camp Joseph E. bookkeeper, 356 Lexington 
CAMP & SUTHERLAND, commission mer- 
chants, 22 w Second 
Camp Leo, carpenter, 103 Ross 
Campau John, grocer, 264 Light 
Campbell Mrs. Ann, 96 Ensor 
Campbell Mrs. Ann E. milliner, 290 e Pratt 
Campbell Archibald, silver plater, 13 Light, 

dw 80 s Paca 
Campbell B. M. slave dealer, 282 w Pratt, dw 

Campbell Burton H. sutler, 95 s Sharp 
Campbell Catherine, tailoress, 141 North 
Campbell Mrs Catherine, grocery, 26 s Pop- 

Campbell Charles, gardener, 17 s Fremont 
Campbell Charles, finisher, 546 w Pratt 
CAMPBELL, DORSEY & CO. coal, 95 w 

Campbell Elizabeth, 142 w Madison 
Campbell Mrs. Eliza, 124 w Fayette 
Campbell George, ropemaker, 392 Harford av 
Campbell Miss Harriet, 33 Pearl 
Campbell Henry, laborer, 64 Preston 
Campbell Henry J. tinner, 309 w Pratt 
Campbell Hugh E. laborer, 6 Bank 
Campbell Jacob, shoemaker, 83 North 
Campbell James A. tavern, 55 n Frederick, 

dw 101 Vine 
Campbell James, laborer, 171 Stirling 
Campbell James, mariner, 152 French 
Campbell James, pedler, 3 e Second 
Campbell James Mason, attorney, 29 Lexing- 
ton, dw 55 Franklin 
Campbell James, sailor, 147 Chesapeake 
Campbell John, machinist, 441 Penna. av 
Campbell John, collector, 116 Orleans 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 678 w Baltimore 
Campbell John, 46 e Pratt 
Campbell John, carpenter, 136 Pine 
Campbell John H. ropemaker, 76 Warner 
Campbell John H. silver plater, 420 Lexington 
Campbell John J. carpenter, 26 s Poppleton 
Campbell Lieut. M. C, U. S. N. 124 w 

Campbell Margaret, 81 s Bethel 
Campbell Michael, laborer, 31 e Monument 
Campbell Mary, dry goods, 250 n Gay 
Campbell N. P. (Brooks, Fulton & Co.) 50 

Campbell Patrick, laborer, 298 e Monument 
Campbell Peter, stone cutter, 35 Constitution 
Campbell Robert, brass finisher, n w cor Caro- 

hne and Biddle 
Campbell Robert, jr. (C, Dorsey & Co.) 23 n 

Campbell, Ross & Co. wholesale commission 

merchants, 24 Hanover 
Campbell Ross, (R. C. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Campbell Sarah, 37 Garden 
Campbell Sarah, 38 Chesnut 
Campbell Mrs. Sophia, 80 Read 
Campbell Samuel K. silver plater, 17 Light, 

dw 420 Lexington 
Campbell Samuel, carpenter, 684 w Pratt 
Campbell Thomas, huckster, 156 s Chapel 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 6 L. Barclay 
Campbell Thomas W. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell Thomas C. blacksmith, 57 Preston 
CAMPBELL WM. H. restaurant, 9 n Frede- 
Campbell Wm. scavenger, 55 Preston 
Campbell Wm. flour inspector, 43 s Howard, 

dw 102 McCulloh 
Campbell Wm. L. carpenter, 95 Chatsworth 
Campbell Wm. S. sutler, 95 s Sharp 
Camper Alexander, coach trimmer, 7 n Pop- 
Camper Helius, clerk, 103 s Ann 
Camper John, tin can maker, 266 Light 
Camper Lieut. Charles, 437 n Gay 
Camper Mary, fancy store, 123 Lexington 
Camper Napoleon, planes and tools, 123 Lex- 

J. HEIVRY GISSE:, Commission MercHant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &e. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster coustautljr on liaud, HI Spear's MVhaxt. 




Camphor Mrs. Tilly, seamstress, 155 n Cen- 
tral av 
Canby Edward L. clerk, 303 e Lombard 
Canby, Gilpin & Co. wholesale druggists n w 

cor Light and Lombard 
Canby Samuel, ( Wright & Co.) 87 McCulloh 
Canby Thomas E. officer at penitentiary, 392 

n Gay 
Canby Thomas Y. (C, Gilpin & Co., Balti- 
more CO 
Canby Wm. (C, Gilpin & Co.) 44 Pearl 
Cane Matthew, huckster, 320 Forrest 
Canavan Mrs. Betsey, 128 Garden 
fancy and military goods, 229 w Baltimore 
[See page 31 Jldvertisements.] 
Canfield Ira C. (C, Bro. & Co.) BaUimoreco 
Canfield John, Fountain Hotel 
Canfield Wm. B. (C, Bro. & Co.) 206 n 

Cann George H. carpenter. Cross, w of Lead- 

Cann James R. printer, 16 Hill 
Cann John James, tin can maker, 39 Hill 
Cann Powell, cooper, 144 s Caroline 
Cannoles Charles, coach smith, 65 Buren 
Cannoles Charles, furniture wagon, 48 Pres- 
Cannoles Joseph, coachmaker, 65 Buren 
Cannon Bartine A. type founder, 314 Aisquith 
Cannon Charles W. 108 w Fayette 
Cannon Clayton, bookkeeper Dime Savings 

Bank, dw 552 w Fayette 
Cannon J. Clayton, clerk Dime Savings Bank, 

552 w Fayette 
Cannon Duncan, clerk, 108 w Fayette 
Cannon Fanny, tailoress, 53 Hill 
Cannon H. & Co. coal and wood 48 s Gay 
Cannon Hester, 134 s Spring 
Cannon Howard, (H. C. & Co.) Eager near 

Cannon John B. auctioneer, 184 w Baltimore, 

dw 108 w Fayette 
Cannon Luella, 130 Raborg 
Cannon Mrs. Lavina, 81 Hill 
Cannon Mrs. L. H. Eager, 5 doors from 

Cannon Mary A. dry goods, 107 Aisquith 
Cannon Wm. laborer, 21 Walker 
Cannon Capt. Richard H. mariner, 145 Cross 
Cannon Wm. H. carpenter, 23 Wayne, dw 

119 Barre 
Canoles Mrs. Elizabeth, victualler, 148 Ensor 
Canoles Wm. P. bookbinder, 148 Ensor 
Canott Sophia, 4 Greenwillow 
Canox George, currier, 177 s Howard 
Canox Joseph, police, 177 s Howard 
Canter Levin, farmer,, 206 Light 
Canter Rebecca B. fancy goods, 206 Light 
CANTON CO'S OFFICE, n w cor Patuxent 

and Boston, Wm. Harrison, agent 
Canton John, laborer, 521 Franklin 
Canton M. E. Church, Clinton, near Ellicott 
Cantwell John, shoemaker, s w cor Dallas and 

Canty Patrick, plasterer, 151 Raborg 
Cape John C. proprietor Belvidere House, n e 

cor North and Eager 
Caples Wm. M. ladies shoemaker, 71 n Eutaw 
Cappeau Misses Cecelia and Frances, child- 
ren's clothing, 673 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Miss Cecelia, (C. & F. C.) 673 w 

Cappeau Miss Frances, (C. & F. C.) 673 w 

Cappeau Joseph, bookkeeper, 513 w Fayette 
Capple Jacob, laborer, 24 Burke 
Capprise Joseph, shipwright, 54 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
CAPRON & CO. general commission and 

shipping merchants, 79 South 
Capron Francis B. (C. & Co.) 81 Garden 
Capron & Co. coal oil manufacturers, North, 

near Eager, office 79 South 
Carback David, laborer, 251 e Madison 
Carback E.& Son,boots& shoes, 165 Lexington 
CarDack Elisha, (E. C. & Son,) 250 w Madi- 
Carback Elisha, painter. Canton av near Gist 
Carback John, police, 183 Orleans 
Carback John, saddler, 245 n Bond 
Carback Richard C. (E. C. & Son) 250 w 

Carback Wm. laborer, 203 n Central av 
Carbery John, butcher, 148 Mullikin 
Card Wm. S. sailmaker, 14 w Baltimore 
Carey Alexander G. clerk, 70 Cathedral 
Carey Mrs. Ann, grocery, 269 William 
sale dealers in boots and shoes, 266 w 
Carey Charles, hackman, 136 s Howard 
Carey Edward, carter, cor Sharp and Oslend 
Carey Elizabeth, 50 Mulberry 
Carey Elizabeth, shoebinder, 51 Marion 
CAREY GEORGE, fire and life insurance 
agent, and President of Peabody Fire In- 
surance Co., Second, adjoining P. O., dw 
70 Cathedral 
Carey Henry, porter, 50 Mulberry 
Carey James, (C, Bangs & Woodward,) 

Baltimore County 
Carey James T., Lafayette saloon, 148 w Fay- 
ette, dw 51 Marion 
Carey Jeremiah H. horseshoer, 3 Marion 
Carey John, 162 Cathedral 
Carey John, grocer, 130 Preston 
Carey Mary, cook. New Church 
Carey Mrs. Mary, 12 Hammond al 
Carey Mrs. Mary A. grocery, 311 e Lombard 
Carey Martin, laborer, 30 w Fayette 
Carey Matthew, labor, cor Tyson and Fulton 
Carey Michael, laborer, 60 Cooksie 
Carey & Muhilman, carpenters, 245 Aliceanna 
Carey Patrick, laborer, Jordan al near Dolphin 
Carey Patrick, hackman, 269 William 
Carey Patrick, blacksmith, 208 Garden, dw 

Jordan al near Hoffman 
Carey Patrick, plumber, 10 St. Mary 
Carey Thomas, laborer, 110 Cathedral 
Carey Wm. laborer, 18 Decker 
Carey Wm. 106 Cathedral 
Carey Wm. wagoner, 100 Granby 
Carhoff Amelia, dairy, 65 Orleans 
Carigan George, shoemaker, 58 Henrietta 
Cariss Henry, cabinet maker, 6 L McElderry 
Cariss Samson, office, 106 w Baltimore, dw 

176 n Calvert 
Carl Ephraim, carpenter, 156 Scott 
Carl John, mariner, 299 Canton av 
Carl Martin, laborer, 80 Towson 
Carl John, cabinet maker, 7 Calverton road 
Carll Henry, shoemaker, 229 Hollins 
Carlund Thomas, grainer, 94 Mulberry 
Carlbergcr Charles, shoemaker, 9 w Second 
Carle Henry, bag maker, 211 w Pratt 

G£0. 8. PAGEi <!it BRO., Manufncturers of RooU and Xioofiug materials. 111 Smitlx's 
WUiarf. C. HART SIttlTH, Agent. 




Carle John C. restaurant, 211 w Pratt 
Carless Michael, laborer, 4 Hammond al 
Carlile Anna, tailoress, 15 Greene 
Carlile Mrs. Eleanor, 475 e Baltimore 
Carlile James H. collector and agent, 32 

Carlile Thos. M. shoemaker, 32 Aisquith 
CARLING MICHAEL, Black Horse tavern, 

63 Penna. av 
Carling Patrick, engineer, 109 Grundy 
Carlisle Amos, millwright, 509 w Lombard 
Carlisle Jane, laundress, 16 Armistcnd la 
Carlisle Mary, 134 Barre 
Carlisle Urath C. 68 n Greene 
Carlisle Wm. H. stone cutter, 90 n Central av 
Carlton Arthur, plasterer, 406 n Gay 
Carlton Oliver, plasterer, 175 n Caroline 
Carmack Hanson, of Custom House, n w cor 

Hanover and Barre 
Carman James, boiler maker, 130 Sarah Ann 
Carman Joseph, blacksmith, 235 Hanover 
Carman Joseph, shoemaker, 298 s Sharp 
Carmelite Female Academy and Convent, 68 

Carmichael Eugene, butcher, Butcher row, 

Penna. av extended 
Carmichael John, shoemaker, Butcher row, 

Penna. av extended 
Carmichael Henry, ropemaker, 426 Light 
Carmichael Thos. H. capt. police, 100 s High 
Carmichael Thomas E. butcher, 30 Centre, 
80 Lexington and 76 Hanover markets, dw 
Penna. av extended 
Carmichael William, butcher, 30 Centre, 80 
Lexington and 76 Hanover markets, dw 
Butcher row, Penna. av extended 
Carmichael Wm. clerk, 100 s High 
Carmine Chas. G. (Knipp& C.) Jackson near 

Central av 
Carmine Francis H. huckster, 142 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Carmine James, gas inspector, 220 n Eden 
Carmine Thomas H. huckster, Washington 

near Gough 
Carmine Thomas J. painter, 142 William 
Carmine Samuel B. mariner, 152 L. Greene 
Carmoar Jamana, tailor, Clinton near EUicott 
Carnes Mrs. Charlotte, .s w cor Washington 

and Pratt 
Carnes Robert, engineer, 70 Preston 
Carnes Mrs. Susan, dress maker, 142 n Eden 
Carney John, laborer, 8 Ryan 
Carney Frederick, waterman, 23 Eastern av 
Carney John, hackman, rear of 16 Concord 
Carney John, jr., laborer, Gas Works, Spring 

Carney John, sr., watchman, Gas Works, 

Spring Gardens 
Carney John, laborer, 104 s Regester 
Carney John, laborer, 407 s Charles 
Carney John, laborer, 243 Gough 
Carney Luke, laborer, 6 Addison 
Cams Alex. G. W. (James White k. Co.) 158 

Cams Edward, porter, 104 Harford av 
Caroline Methodist Episcopal Church, Caro- 
line between Baltimore and Lombard 
Caroline Mission Chapel, n e cor Chapel and 

Eastern av 
Carpenter Alfred, clerk, 415 w Fayette 
Carpenter, Barney, laborer, 77 s Durham 
Carpenter Wm. H. editor Daily Gazette, 
Howard House 

Carper Jackson M. bookk'pr, 76 s Republican 
Carr Andrew J. editor Merchants Guide, 201 

Carr Edward (Sinsz & C.) 146 G. Hughes 
Carr Francis A. house, sign and ornamental 
painter, 524 w Baltimore, dw 516 Lexington 
Carr Francis, laborer, 127 s Castle al 
Carr Frederick, laborer, 554 w Pratt 
Carr Frederick, jr., foundryman, 554 w Pratt 
Carr Greenbury, core maker, 16 s Schroeder 
CARR HENRY, tailor and clothier, 66 w 

Pratt, cor Gay, dw 2 s Broadway 
Carr Mrs. Isabella, 240 Columbia 
Carr James, shoemaker, 94 Franklin 
CARR JAMES E. hat and cap manufactu- 
rer, 119 n Howard, dw Garden between 
Lanvale and Townsend 
Carr James, brass finisher, 184 n Exeter 
Carr James, caulker, 2 Miles ct 
Carr James, laborer, city limits, nr. Cemetery 
Carr John, 88 Barre 
Carr John, police, 151 Orleans 
Carr John B. (R. H. C. & Bro.) 88 Barre 
Carr John, stone mason, 19 Chew 
Carr J . Wilson , 88 Camden 
Carr John, carter, Greenmount Cemetery 
Carr John, laborer, iVlcKim near Eager 
Carr John, boiler maker, 76 Grindall 
Carr Mary, 172 n Eden 
Carr Maria, seamstress, 20 Garden 
Carr Nicholas, hackman, 92 Ross 
Carr R. H. & Bro. grocers and commission 

merchants, 69 s Charles 
Carr R. H. (R. H. C. & Bro.) 118 Cathedrrl 
Carr Thomas, baker, 6 e Fayette 
Carr Dr. R. Wilson. 161 n Calvert 
Carr Wm. mariner, 335 s Dallas 
Carr Wm. milk, 119 Ross 
Carrere John M. (Wright, Maxwell & Co.) 

57 St. Paul 
Carrere Mary, 57 St. Paul 
Carrick Andrew, plumber, 34 Preston 
Carrick Catharine, 34 Preston 
Carrick Elizabeth, 34 Preston 
Carrick Geo. W., U. S. N. 126 Conway 
Carrick Thomas I. machinist, 126 Conway 
Carrick Wm. sere wman Tobacco Warehouse, 

106 s Eden 
Carrick Wm. soldier, 25 Smith 
Carrigan James, morocco manufactory, 26 

Fre"nch,dw 28 
Carroll Mrs. Ann, 7 Camden la 
CARROLL,- ADAMS & NEER, dealers in 

boots, shoes, &c., 286 w Baltimore 
Carroll Albert, 37 Mulberry 
Carroll Mrs. Catharine, 114 Scott 
Carroll Charles R. 66 n Charles 
Carroll Charles A, 66 n Charles 
Carroll Charles, ropemaker, 388 Harford av 
Carroll Clara, seamstress, 175 Raborg 
Carroll Col. Charles, 46 Mount Vernon place 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, 8 Prospect la 
Carroll Eliza, 6 Claggett al 

Carroll 86 Jefferson 

Carroll Edward, commissioner of streets, 54 

Carroll Edward, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 294 e Monument 
Carroll Edward, salesman, 296 e Monument 
Carroll Francis, grocery, 112 s Dallas 
Carroll Geo. huckster, 118 William 
Carroll Geo. W. express, 83 s Caroline 
Carroll Hall, s e cor Baltimore and Calvert 

WTJI. P. WEBB, Marine, Fire and liife Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent «9Iatiial 
Benefit Idfe Insitrance Co., Newark, Ji. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Carroll Harry D. G. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Harry D. G. jr., 90 w Monument 
Carroll Henry J., of Custom House, 24 s 

Carroll James, sailmaker, 6 L. Broadway 
Carroll James, 105 w Monument 
Carroll James, porter, 6 Tyson 
Carroll James, porter, McKim near Eager 
Carroll James, (C, Adams & Neer,) 178 n 

Carroll James A. tobacconist, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll James, attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 66 n 

Carroll John, rope maker, 390 Harford av 
Carroll John R. ship carpenter, 69 Hamburg 
Carroll John, 62 e Eager 
Carroll John, grocery, 103 n Calvert 
Carroll J. K. cooper, 27 Commerce, dw 20 e 

Carroll Mrs. Joanna, seamstress, 215 Forrest 
Carroll John, 94 Saratoga 
Carroll John B. cooper, 20 e Fayette 
Carroll John, laborer, 114 Scott 
Carroll Joseph, mariner, 61 Centre Market 

Carroll Joseph, 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Margaret, pedler, 24 Hillen 
Carroll Martin, laborer, 10 L. Broadway 
Carroll Mary, 55 e Monument 
Carroll Mary E. 34 May 
Carroll Mrs. Mary, shirt maker, 85 n Fremont 
Carroll Margaret E. 131 Hamburg 
Carroll Margaret, 108 Mulberry 
Carroll Michael, clerk, 150 St. 'Paul 
Carroll Michael, clerk, 17 n Exeter 
Carroll Michael, wagoner, 3 Hillen 
Carroll Owen, laborer, 106 York 
Carroll Patrick H. clerk, 17 n Exeter 
Carroll Patrick B. 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Patrick J. clerk, 31s Exeter 
Carroll Patrick H. tavern, 114 s Howard 
Carroll Pierce, fireman U. S. N. 11 s Paca 
Carroll Robert, mariner, 158 Dover 
Carroll Robert, tinner, 231 n Central av 
Carroll S. John, (Numsen, C. & Co.) 307 

Carroll Sarah, 78 Chesnut 
Carroll Mrs. Sarah, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll Sinclair S. watchman, 105 HoUins 
CARROLL THOMAS G. straw and milli- 
nery goods, &c., 101 w Baltimore 
Carroll Col. Thos. transportation depart. B.& 

O. R. R., 26 Penn 
Carroll Thomas, clerk B. & 0, R. R. 26 Penn 
Carroll Thomas, glass blower, 300 Cross 
Carroll Thomas, drayman, 7 Camden la 
Carroll Thomas C. boiler maker, 290 Light 
Carroll Thomas L. shoemaker, 55 Chesnut 
Carroll Wm. cigar maker, 16 Hampstead 
Carroll Wm. plasterer, 142 HoUins 
Carroll Wm. laborer, 19 New Church 
Carroll Wm. J. clerk, 17 n Exeter 
Carroll Wm. P. clerk, Hamilton Easter & Co. 
Carroll Wm. J. clerk, 103 n Calvert 
Carroll Wm. fruit, 38 s Frederick 
Carruthers Cha.s J. gas fitter, 593 w Lombard 
Carruthers John S. gas fitter, 593 w Lombard 

dealers, west side (jf Union dock 
Carson Carvill H. (C. H. C. & Co.) s e cor 

Lexington and Republican 
Carson Gorilla, 67 n Eutaw 
Carson David, cooper, 350 Cross 

Carson David, (C. H. C. & Co.) 330 Lex- 
Carson David, mariner, 289 s Durham 
Carson Elijah, brickmaker, 383 Hamburg 
Carson George H. police, 596 w Pratt 
Carson Mrs. Cath. cake shop, 379 Hamburg 
Carson Henry, rigger, 22 Fell 
Carson James, laborer, 37 Boyd 
CARSON JOHN, attorney, 71 w Fayette, 

Carson Joseph & Co. western wholesale pro- 
vision merch'ts, s e cor Light and Balderston 
Carson John, mariner, 8 Church 
Carson Joseph, cooper, 17 Greenmount av 
Carson Joseph D. book agent, 148 n Bond 
Carson Joseph, (Jos. C. & Co.) 135 Park 
Carson Joshua, builder, n w cor Fayette and 

Carson Mrs. Mary, 152 s Charles 
Carson & Spedden, coal and wood, 164 Hollins 
Carson Mrs. Sarah T. 431 w Fayette 
Carson Thomas E. 227 Madison av 
CARSON T. J. banker, 204 w Baltimore, 

dw 111 Park 
Carson Rev. T. E. 431 w Fayette 
Carson Washington K. (Young & C.) 227 

Madison av 
Carson Wm. (C. & Spedden,) 244 Hollins 
Carson Wm. 43 Centre Market space 
CARSWELL JOHN S. lamp and oil manu- 
facturer, 210 Aliceanna, and kerosene oil 
distillery, North near Eager, dw Homestead 
Cartere Joanna, McHenry w of Fulton 
Carter Alexander M. teller Bank of Baltimore, 

227 Garden 
Carter Robert A. salesman, 281 w Baltimore 
CARTER BERNARD, attorney, 29 Lexing- 
ton, dw 376 Eutaw place 
Carter Charles W. 226 Saratoga 
Carter Caroline F. 40 St. Mary 
Carter Clement, 72 n Front 
Carter Casper, boiler maker, 249 Light 
Carter Mrs. Clement, 72 n Front 
CARTER & CO., proprietors of Baltimore 

Daily Gazette, 112 w Baltimore 
Carter C. W. clerk, 226 Saratoga 
Carter David, oyster saloon, 853 w Baltimore 
Carter Durus, carpenter. Chase near Bond 
Carter Desmuth J. bricklayer, 158 Aisquith 
Carter Edward F. (C. & Co.) 68 Barre 
Carter E. carpenter, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Edwin C. clerk, 94 Columbia 
Carter Elarious, carpenter, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Francis, carter, 40 St. Mary 
Carter George R. clerk tobacco warehouse, 

No. 2, 325 w Lombard 
Carter George, rigger, 221 s Ann 
Carter Hannah, 10 Armistead lane 
Carter Henry, 130 n Bond 
Carter H. John, nightman, 161 n Fremont 
Carter Henry Clay, receiving teller Mechan- 
ic's Bank, dw 54 Saratoga 
Carter James, commissary department, 94 a 

Carter James H. salesman. Mansion House 
Carter James M. assist. Md. Collegiate Insti- 
tute, 118 e Baltimore 
CARTER JOHN W. family grocer, 61 Cam- 
den, dw 94 Columbia 
Carter Joseph, shoemaker, 10 e Fayette 
Carter John, grocer, 200 e Lombai-Q 
Carter Rev. J. P. principal Md. Collegiate 
Institute, 118 e Baltimore 

J. HEJVRY GX£S£:, Commlaslon Mercliant, for the aole of Flour, Grain, Seeds, tSic. 
Ro«eudiae Cement and Caictued Plaster constantly on hand, HI Spear's Wlxarf. 




Carter John, cooper, 121 Hamburg 
Carter Joseph, cooper, 121 Hamburg 
Carter Josiah, laborer, 125 William 
Carter John M. private secretary Governor 

of Md. 324 w Lomdard 
Carter John, shoemaker, 36 Leadenhall 
Carter Lydia, variety store, 94 Columbia 
Carter Mrs. Mary C. 324 w Lombard 
Carter Mrs. Mary, 77 St. Paul 
Carter Martin, laborer, 1 President 
Carter Mrs. Mary A. , Van Buren, nr. Jeffer- 
son, Homestead 
Carter Oscar C. sailmaker, 68 Barre 
Carter Rebecca, 71 n Central av 
Carter Rebecca, 60 s Chapel 
Carter Robert, clerk. Van Buren near Jeffer- 
son, Homestead 
Carter Robert D. clerk, 68 Barre 
Carter Robert E. treasurer Greenmount Cem- 
etery, 52 n Calvert 
Carter Samuel, saddler, rear of 332 Mulberry 
Carter Urban, shoemaker, 34 n Shroeder 
Carter Wm H. carpenter, 124 Lexington 
Carter Wm, J. clerk, 239 n Eden 
Carter Wm. M. laborer, 294 Cross 
Carter Wm. S. engineer, 294 Cross 
Carter Wm. H. sailmaker, 111 Smith's wharf, 

dw 22 n Fremont 
Carter Wm. tailor, 156 s Eutaw 
Carter W. W. bookkeeper, 72 n Front 
Carty Thos, laborer, 167 s Chapel 
Carty Wm, H. livery stables, 299 s Charles 
Carvalho R. N. child's furnishing store, 22 

Carver Sarah S. 94 Mullikin 
Carver Wm. bricklayer, 178 Mulberry 
Cary John B. coal oil refiner, Russell near 

Cary P. (Brawders & C.) 10 St. Mary 
Cary Thomas, carpenter, 202 Bank 
Cary Wilson M. seminary, 233 n Eutaw, dw 

269 Eutaw 
Cary Wm. F. agent for Dr. S. S. Fitch, 45 

n Gay 
Casby Andrew, laborer, 137 e Eager 
Caseres Mrs. Mary E. 13 n Exeter 
Case Thos. J. bookkeeper, 156 w Lombard 
Casey Abraham S. blacksmith, 206 Harford 

av, dw 247 e Biddle 
Casey Catharine, confectionery, 14 s Durham 
Casey Mrs. Ellen, milliner, 41 Portland 
Casey John, laborer, 14 s Durham 
Casey John, boilermaker, 155 Peirce 
Casey John, tinner. 111 Ensor 
Casey James, laborer, 23 Bank 
Casey James, grocery, 164 s Durham 
Casey Mary, grocery, 65 French 
Casey Peter, laborer, 20 Gould la 
Casey Susan, 189 e Baltimore 
Casey Thomas J. harness maker, 1 Hillen 
Casey Wm. sweep master, 84 Hillen 
Cashman Jeremiah, laborer, 24 Dolphin 
Cashmyre Miss Francis, proprietress Hia- 

wathe Hall, 5 s Eden 
Cashmyre Henry, cooper, 5 s Eden 
Cashmyre Philip, cooper, 11 s Eden 
Cashmyre Peter, laborer, 162 s Caroline 
Caskey David W. carpenter, 398 e Monument 
Caskey John, butcher, Butcher's Row, Penna 

av extended 
Caskey John W. ship carpenter, 113 Wil- 
Caskey Joseph, stair builder, 396 Franklin 

Caskey Robert, carpenter and stair builder, 

193 n Fremont 
Caskey Samuel, boiler maker, Hudson al 

near Federal 
Caspari Anna, periodical depot, 129 n How- 
ard, dw 387 Lexington 
caries, n e cor Baltimore and Calhoun 
Caspari Charles, (Chas. & Wm. C.) 44 n Gay 
caries, cor Biddle and Penna av 
caries, 44 n Gay 
Caspari Wm. C. (Chas. & Wm. C.) cor Bid- 
dle and Penna av 
Casper John, laborer, 29 n Dallas 
Casper John, musician, 293 e Eager 
Cassady Anne, 10 Jefferson 
Cassady Eugene, tinner, 135 Pearl 
Cassady John, carpenter, 114 Dolphin 
Cassady Owen, grocery, 91 Pine 
Cassady Thomas, bricklayer, 75 n Fremont 
Cassard Francis, (Gilbert C. & Son,) 183 

CASSARD F. W. commission merchant, 
bacon, pork, &c., 61 South, dw 55 McCulloh 
CASSARD G. & SON, provision dealers, 407 

and 409 w Baltimore 
Cassard George, com. mer. and provisions, 

46 South, dw 389 w Lombard 
Cassard Gilbert, com. mer. West Falls av, 

dw 644 w Lombard 
Cassard James D. clerk, 644 w Lombard 
Cassard Jesse L. clerk, 120 German 
Cassard John, (G. C. & Son,) 119 German 
Cassard Lewis A. oysters, 780 w Baltimore 
Cassard Lewis R. 289 w Lombard 
Cassard Lewis, (G. C. & Son,) 120 German 
Cassard Lewis, 120 German 
Cassard Mrs. Sarah, 119 German 
Cassard Thomas, (G. C. & Son,) Bait. co. 
Cassell Edward W. bricklayer, 302 Saratoga 
Cassell George, bricklayer, 23 McHenry 
Cassell George R. bricklayer, 231 w Biddle 
Cassell Henry P. bricklayer, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell John S. painter, 106 n Schroder 
Cassell Joseph, carpenter, 280 Saratoga 
Cassell Martha Ann, tailoress, e of Clinton, 

Cassell Rebecca, boarding, 67 s Eutaw 
Cassell Samuel C. bricklayer, 67 s Eutaw 
Cassell Thomas, painter, 56 n Pine 
Cassell Wm. H. bricklayer, 3 Grundy 
Cassidy Brian, grocery, 102 e Monument 
Cassidy Charles, shoemaker, 10 n Greene 
Cassidy Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 144 n Eutaw 
Cassidy George, bar tender, 91 Pine 
Cassidy James, boots and shoes, 33 w Pratt 
Cassidy John, laborer, 9 L. McElderry 
Cassidy J. grocery, 2 Greenmount av 
Cassidy Luke, grocery, s e cor Harford av 

and Madison 
Cassidy Luke, mason, 32 Morton al 
Cassidy Martin, liquor store, s e cor Hillen 

and Exeter, dw 179 n Exeter 
Cassidy Mrs. Mary M. 6 Pearl 
Cassidy Owen, grocery, 82 Greenmount av 
Cassidy Patrick, plasterer, 24 Valley 
Cassidy Patrick, 222 Lexington 
Cassidy Patrick, tavern, 15 Fish Market space 
Cassidy Patrick, grocery, 52 s Frederick 
Cassidy Sarah Francis, dressmaker, 6 Pearl 
Cassidy Thomas, hackman, 21 Mullikin 

G£0. S. PAGE & BRO.. Manufacture 
WUai-f. C. 

■s of Roofs and Roofing materials, 111 Smitli'S 
HART SMITH, Ajceiit. 




Cassidy Thomas, roofer, 408 s Charles 

Cassin John H. clerk, 69 w Biddle 

Cassin Mrs. Mary, 69 w Biddle 

Casteii Charles, shoemaker, 90 n Exeter 

Caster Henry, machinist, 176 s Caroline 

Caster Henry, machinist, 170 s Caroline 

Castine Emanuel M. liquor and cigars, 10 s 

Gay, dw 41 Holland 
Castle John, desk maker, 160 Raborg 
Castle Thomas M. tavern, 65 Centre Market 

space, dw 133 w Lombard 
Castelberg Jacob, watchmaker and jeweler, 

126 n Gay 
Caswell Robert B. ship builder, 54 Henrietta 
Cate Araon, lumber yard and steam sash fac- 
tory, n 6 cor East Falls av and Fawn, dw 
101 Park 
Cathcart A. Roszell, clerk. Fell's Point Sav- 
ings Bank, 5li.< s Broadway 
Cathcart Chas. it. bookkeeper Bank of Com- 
merce, dw 83 s Broadway 
Cathcart George H. carpenter, cor Mulberry 

and Strieker 
Cathcart Robert, (R. & W. H. C.) 51)^ s 

Cathcart Robert & W. H., block and pump 

makers, 113 Thames 
CATHCART ROBERT, U. S. provost mar- 
shal for 2d district Md., office s w cor Exeter 
and Watson, dw 51}^ s Broadway 
Cathcart Robert, Jr., clerk, 51^^ s Broadway 
Cathcart Wm. H. (R. & W." H. C.) 83 s 

Cathedral (Roman Catholic) cor Mulberry 

and Cathedral 
Cathell Daniel W. letter carrier, 92 s Eden 
Cather George R. attorney, 143 s Paca 
Cather James R. carpenter, 61 n Poppleton 
Cather Robert W. carpenter, 143 s Paca 
Cather Wm. carpenter, 143 s Paca 
Gathers James, (John C. & Bro.) 39 n Gay 
Gathers John & Bro., booksellers, 36 w Bal- 
Gathers John, (J. C. & Bro.) 36 w Baltimore 
Catlm Capt Frank, 223 Light 
Caton Adam, huckster, 336 n Howard 
Caton Mrs. Catharine, confectioner, 144 Dover 
Caton John, laborer, rear of 14 Hudson 
Caton John P. tailor, 71 Richmond 
Caton M. E. grocery, 120 Garden 
Caton Patrick, laborer, 7 Grace ct 
Catons John, locksmith, 26 Neighbor 
Baltimore, near Mount, Wm. W. Orndorff, 
Cator Benjamin F. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 

173 St. Paul 
Cator Levin R. mariner, 57 William 
Cator Mrs. Mary, 57 William 
Cator Robinson W. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 

•175 St. Paul 
Catrup Samuel P. printer, 41 Jackson 
Catrup Samuel H. carpenter, 41 Jackson 
Catsenstein Moses, cigars, tobacco, &c., 24 

w Baltimore 
Catzenstein Henry, tobacconist, 128 Aisquith 
Catterton Wm. J. blacksmith, 248 Cross 
Catton Levi, second hand dealer, 13 May 
Caughey Benjamin & Co. groceries and liquors, 

9 Penna av 
Caughey Henry W. clerk, 150 St. Paul 
Caughey Michael P. bookkeeper, 150 St. Paul 
Caughey Michael, 20 Aisquith 

Caugney Noah W. (Noah Walker & Co.) a 

e cor Calvert and Monument 
Caughey S. Hamilton, (Noah Walker & Co.) 

156 St. Paul 
Cauley Patrick, 9 Pleasant al 
Caulfield James, dry goods, 140 w Biddle 
Caulfield Robert, bookkeeper, 130 Garden 
Caulk Elizabeth, 63 Holland 
Caulk James T. boiler maker, 279 s Charles 
Caulk Mrs. Mary J. 64 Gough 
Caulk Susan, 44 Jackson 
Caulk Wm. J. shoemaker, 94 e Fayette 
Causey Rosanna T. seamstress, 210 German 
Causmelle John, produce dealer, 263 n Eden 
Cavanaugh Dennis, tavern. Forest near Gay 
Cavanagh Bridget, 10 Holland 
Cavanagh Peter, baker, 19 e Madison 
Cavano George, butcher, 4 n Fremont 
Cavano Lewis H. cigar maker, 21 Ogston 
Cave Charles, 103 n^Exeter 
Cavenaugh Edward, carpenter, 38 Ross 
Cavenaugh John, laborer, Smith al near Walsh 
Cavenaugh Miles, carter, rear 205 Bank 
Caverner John, laborer, 604 w Pratt 
Cavnaugh Peter, laborer, 32 n Oregon 
Cavnigh Martin, drayman, 245 Columbia 
Cavy Thomas J. blacksmith, 199 Ramsay 
Cawdey Michael, grocer, 78 Chesnut 
Cawlay Roderick, laborer, s e cor O'DonneJl 

and Patuxent 
Cazier Robert W. mariner, 15 s Bond 
Cecil James, 459 Lexington 
Cecil Edward, at tobacco warehouse, 56 Lea- 

Cella John, boarding, 66 President 
Ceneven Peter, bootmaker, 136 Burgundy al 
Centre Market, Baltimore, opposite Harrison, 

to Pratt 
Central Presbyterian Church, s w cor Saratoga 

and Liberty 
Ceregho Francis, boarding, 62 President 
Ceregho Joseph , 62 President 
Cernoske Michael, wagoner, 972 w Baltimore 
CESATI ANGELO, stencil cutter, 1151^ w 

Lombard, dw 103 
Cesati Mrs. S. mantilla maker, over 103 w 

Chabot Gabriel H. clerk American office, 164 

n Howard 
Chaffinch Elisha W. undertaker, 102 s Eden 
Chaffinch Samuel G. cigar maker, 12 Gough 
Chaffinch Wm. W. carpenter, 224 Bank 
Chaffman Charles F. tailor, 18 Brune 
Chaftman George, boiler maker, Lanvale la 

near Charles 
Chaillfou Augustus, brush maker, 286 Ais- 
Chaillou Barbara, 9 Russell 
Chaillou Eugene S. laborer, 9 Russell 
Chaistv Dr. Edward J. 158 Mulberry 
CHAISTY E. J, jr. plumber and gas fitter, 

158 Mulberry 
Chalk Elias, laborer, Mount Royal, foot of 

Chalk James A. soldier, 120 Preston 
Chalk Levi, grocer, 37 Grundy 
Chalk Wm. H. engineer. Mount Royal, foot 

of McMcchin 
Chalmers Anne, confectionery, 95 Penna. av 
Chalmers James, cabinet maker, 95 Penna. av 
Chalmers Philemon S. tailor, 26 Ross 
Chamberlain , clothes cutter, 226 n Caro- 

WM. P. AVEBB, marine, PJre nnd I.lffi Insumnce Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Idfe Insurance Co., Newark, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 





Chandley John H. soldier, 732 w Baltimore 
Chaney Andrew W. shoemaker, 44 e Balti- 
more, dw 94 e Fayette 
Chaney Benjamin, police, 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Mrs. Elizabeth, 143 n Fremont 
Chaney Floyd, wholesale dry goods, — w 

Baltimore, dw 359 n Eutaw 
Chaney Henry C. moulder, 521 w Lombard 
Chaney James T. moulder, 193 n Dallas 
Chaney Sarah A. 39 e Monument 
Chaney Valletter S. 73 n Schroeder 
Chaney Wm. shoemaker, 39 e Monument 
Chaney Wm. printer, 778 w Baltimore 
Channell Madeline, 98 n Howard 
Chapman Allen A. (Kirkland, Chase & Co.) 

40 McCulloh 
Chapman -Andrew G. attorney, 53 w Fayette, 

dw 38 n Calvert 
Chapman Catharine, boarding, 230 w Pratt 
Chapman Greenbury, shoemaker, 81 n Pop- 

Chapman Henry, milkman, Greenmount av 

near Point la 
Chapman Jas. B. machinist, 221 e Lombard 
Chapman Dr. John S. s w cor Calhoun and 

CHAPMAN JOHN LEE, Mayor of Balti- 
more, dw 41 Stiles 
Chapman Jonathan J. glass, 43 s Charles, dw 

141 e Baltimore . 
Chapman Jonathan J. clerk at provost mar- 
shal's office, 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Mrs. Lucretia, 40 McCulloh 
CHAPMAN NICHOLAS P. agricult'l im- 
plements, 145 w Pratt, dw 146 Dolphin 
Chapman Ruth A. 375 Penna. av 
Chapman Sarah, seamstress, 615 Light 
Chapman Mrs. Susanna, 81 n Poppleton 
Chapman William A. boatman, 128 n Broad- 
Chappell A. E. lamp and oil store, 185 Han- 
Chappell Francis W. 269 w Fayette 
Chappell John M. 189 Saratoga 
Chappell Louisa 0. lamps, ]85 Mulberry 
Chappell Mrs. Mary, 269 w Fayette 
Chappell Philip S. chemical works, foot of 

Cross s side basin, dw 235 w Lombard 
Chappell Thos. ship carpenter, 195 Aisquith 
Charles Andrew, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Charles Benjamin F. hatter, 96 s Ann 
CHARLES BENJAMIN, prop, agent and 

collector, l.'^5 Broadway, dw 96 s Ann 
Charles Charles, (C. & Thompson,) 17 e 

Charles David, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Charles Geo. C. clerk, 47 n Exeter 
Charles Marcel, jeweler. Mansion house 
Charles Sophia, 22 Abbott 
Charles Street Methodist E. Church, n e cor 
Charles and Fayette, parsonage 20 Eutaw 
Charles & Thompson, restaurant, 17 e Pratt 
Charles Thomas J. hatter, 203 s Broadway, 

and leader East Baltimore military band 
CHARRON J. B.& CO. agents and import- 
ers of wines, brandies, &c. n e cor Lombard 
and Hanover 
Charron John B. (J. B. C. & Co.) 281 Lex- 
Chase Alexander H. tobacconist, 141 w Bid- 

jr. HEWItY GIESE, CnmmlsMlon Merclnant, for tUe sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 31 Spear>a WTiarf. 

Chamberlain Edward, bricklayer, 67 s Eutaw 
Chamberlain Eli, bookkeeper, 117 e Monu- 
Chamberlain Fernando, morocco dresser, 340 

e Eager 
Chamberlain John E. messenger Grand Lodge 

I. 0. 0. F. 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain John C. boots and shoes, 285 w 

Chamberlain John W. clerk, 579 Lexington 
Chamberlain John A. blacksmith, 588 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Chamberlain John, shoemaker, 23 s Oregon 
Chamberlain Phil, tailor, 226 n Caroline 
Chamberlain Wm. blacksmith, 588 Penna. av 
Chamberlaine Henry, jr. cashier Chesapeake 

bank, 170 Preston 
Chamberlaine Richard, 168 n Calvert 
Chamberlane Philip, tailor, 226 n Caroline 
Chamber Jacob, blacksmith, 96 St. Peter 
Chambers Anthony S. reporter Daily Gazette, 

81 n Eutaw 
Chambers Mrs. Charlotte, seamstress, 68 n 

Chambers George, machinist, 109 w Fayette 
Chambers Geo. M. clerk, 109 w Fayette 
Chambers Helen M. teacher, 109 w Fayette 
Chambers Rev. J. T. 328 Madison av 
Chambers James, laborer, 186 Burgundy al 
Chambers James, police, 166 Washington, 

F. H. 
Chambers John, carpenter, 5 Bevan 
Chambers John T. laborer, 5 Bevan 
Chambers Peter W. 93 East 
Chambers Robert, Lieut, police, Henrietta 

near Hanover 
Chambers Robert M. plasterer, 26 n Oregon 
Chambers Samuel, police. Eastern av, rear of 

Mission Chapel 
Chambers Wm. grain inspector, 54 s Repub- 
Chambers Wm. conductor. In Republican 
Champayne Henry R. coach maker, 84 Ger- 
man, dw 23 n Poppleton 
Champayne Wm. R. carpenter, 170 Vine, dw 

10 Chatsworth 
Champayne Wm. R. jr. coach painter, 10 

Champness Mrs. Joshua, 74 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Chance Edward, conductor, 13 Grundy 
Chance Mrs. Frances Ann, grocery, 491 w 

CHANCE JAMES R. auctioneer, over 220 

w Baltimore, dw 350 Lexington 
Chance James L. clerk, 350 Lexington 
Chance Levin, mariner, 22 Henrietta 
Chance Marinas, deputy sheriff, 491 w Lom- 
Chancey Eliza, 191 n Exeter 
Chanceaulme Martin F. carver, 103 n Caro- 
Chanceaulme Richard P. bookkeeper at How- 
ard house, dw 52 e Fayette 
CHANDLEE EDWIN, dentist, 15 s How- 
Chandler Geo, W. wagoner, 410 Light 
Chandler Mrs. Irene, nurse, 54 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Chandler John, bookkeeper, 79 Lee 
Chandler Kennard, clerk, 79 Lee 
Chandler Nelson, cle#k, 79 Lee 
Chandler Wm. F. moulder, 410 Light 




Chase Algernon S. (Rice, C. & Co.) 187 St, 
• Paul 

Chase Bazillai, bookbinder, 141 e Biddle 
Chase Benj. F. painter, 64 Thames 
Chase Charles W. oyster packer, 200 Han- 
Chase Chas. F. bookkeeper, 69 w Biddle 
Chase Daniel, (Kirkland.C. & Co.) 253 Mad- 
ison av 
Chase Frank D. bookbinder, 141 w Biddle 
Chase Geo. B. clerk, 239 e Baltimore 
Chase Hannah M. 132 Pearl 
CHASE HANNIBAL H. brickmaker, cor 

Beason and Lowman, dw 305 w Fayette 
Chase Henry, bookbinder, 10 Diamond 
Chase Isaac McKim, pattern maker, 141 w 

Chase Isaac H. ladies shoemaker, 253 n 

Chase Jeremiah T. clerk, 75 n High 
Chase John, ship smith, 38 Philpot 
Chase Josiah B. clerk, dw Fountain hotel 
Chase Mrs. Mary A. 141 w Biddle 

Chase , marmer, 37 Low 

Chase Mary A. 200 Hanover 

Chase R. W (J. R. Gloninger & Co.) 42 

Chase Thorndick, 337 e Baltimore 
facturers' and machinists' warehouse, 6 s 
Chase Wells, (W. C. & Gehrmann,) 282 

Chason Joseph, mariner, 272 e Pratt 
Chason Peter A. boatswain U. S. N., 272 e 

Chasteau Armand, gilder, 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Mary E. 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Thomas E. clerk, 93 n Broadway 
CHATARD DR. F. E. 30 n Charles 
Chatard Mrs. Frederick, 70 w Centre 
Chatard L.T. (McLane & Co.) 43 St. Paul 
Cheir Ann M. 95 s Paca 
Cheir Margaret 95 s Paca 
Chenoweth Benj. T. machinist, 290 e Lom- 
Chenoweth Geo. E. manufacturer reaping 
machines and agricult'l imple'ts, 1 Swan, 
dw 223 e Fayette 
Chenoweth Geo. E. 8 n Bond 
Chenoweth Horace, car driver, 55 George 
Chenoweth Mrs. Mary, 283 n Eutaw 
Chenoweth Richard, policeman, 37 Garden 
Chenoweth Thomas, artist, 295 s Charles 
Chenoweth Wm. cooper, 300 e Lombard 
Chenoweth Wm. carpenter, 122 n Poppieton 
Cheny Grafton, (Toner & Co.) 34 Orchard 
Cherry Ann, gaiter binder, 122 Vine 
Cherry David H. soldier, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Edward, tobacconist, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Dr. M. J. dentist, 45 Hanover 
Cherry James W. printer, 115 Mulberry 
CHERRY DR. T. F. dentist, s w cor Balti- 
more and Liberty 
CHESAPEAKE BANK, s e cor North and 

Chesapeake Sugar Refinery, 4 and 5 O'Don- 

neli s wharf 
Chesobrough Andronicus, clerk, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Capt. Robert C. 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Lieut. Col. Wm. H., Assistant 
Adj't Gen., headquarters, dw Eutaw house 
Chesley Wm. grocer, Clifton village 

Chesney Benjamin, wheelwright, 18 n Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Chesney Jesse F. printer, 135 e Pratt 
Chesney John W. carpenter, 29 McElderry 
Chesney Saml. speculator, 87 Greenraount av 
Chesney Wm. carpenter, 88 Gough 
Chesnut Mrs. Mary E. 94 s Bond 
Chesnut R. Washington, inspector custom 

house, dw 345 e Baltimore 
CHESNUT WM. & CO. wholesale grocers 
and commission merchants, cor Pratt and 
Chesnut Wm. (W. C. & Co.) 104 e Balti- 
Chesser Mrs. Harriet, tailoress, 291 s Charles 
Chesser Furnell, boatman, 347 s Charles 
Chestnut Elizabeth, 94 s Bond 
CHESTNUT & MARSH ALL, cork dealers, 

40 s Calvert 
Chestnut Samuel, (C. & Marshal,) 36 Spring 

Chester Michael, gardener, Harford av near 

Point lane 
CHESTER WM. shoeing smith, 9 Pleasant, 

dw 11 
Cheston Galloway, 39 s Sharp 
Cheveral Mrs. Ann, 172 s Broadway 
Chew James W. clerk U. S. court, dw 92 n 

Chew Robert, clerk, 203 w Fayette 
Chew Robert W. bookkeeper, 46 Pearl 
Chew Dr. Samuel, prof, at University of Md. 

70 n Paca 
Chichester Mrs. Susan, 144 Harford av 
Chick Michael, tailor, 240 s Eutaw 
Chickering Eldridge C. bookseller and sta- 
tioner, 226 w Pratt 
ChiflFelle Julia, s e cor Madison and Park 
Chiffelle Sophia, s e cor Madison and Park 
Chiffra Godfrey, grocery, 85 Eastern av 
Chew John, whitewash, 2 Raborg 
Childers Mrs. Eliza, 24 L. church 
Childers Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 83 St. Peters 
Child Samuel, office 29 n Gay, dw 51 St. Paul 
Child Saml. jr. (Cortlan & Co.) 71 McCulloh 
Childs Benj. E. bookkeeper, 13 n Fremont 
Childs Daniel V. soldier, 69 s Eutaw 
Childs Elizabeth, 156 German 
Childs Edward W. trunk maker, 395 w Pratt 
Childs Geo. T. carpenter, 395 w Pratt 
Childs Jesse D. clerk, 395 w Pratt 
Childs John W. clerk, 1 Orchard 
Childs Mrs. Mary, tavern, 67 President 
Childs Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 83 St. Peters 
Childs Mrs. Sarah H. 395 w Pratt 
Childs Saml. J. E. bricklayer, 395 w Pratt 
Childs Samuel, soldier, 1 West 
Childs Samnel, clerk, 156 German 
Childs Samuel, salesman, 156 German 
Childs Wm. H. machinist, 395 w Pratt 
Childs Zachariah, police, 177 Orleans 
Chinoweth Elizabeth, tailoress, 233 n Eden 
Chinoweth John, tinner, 99 Ensor 
Chinoweth R. polifte, 37 Garden 
Chipiey Charles A. clerk, 48 Conway 
CHIPMAN GEORGE, wood and willow- 
ware dealer, cor Calvert and Lombard, dw 
88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Marcus M. bookkeeper, 88 e Balti- 
Chisam Mrs. Ann E. 24 s Bond 
Chisholm Ann E. seamstress, 24 s Bond 
Chisholm Amanda M. milliner, 19 Hill 

GEO. S. PAG£ & BRO., Manufacturers of Roofa and Roofings materials. 111 Smltli'* 
Wlnarf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




Chisholm Henry, boiler maker, 19 Hill 
Chisholm Jas. W . mariner, 160 Bank 
Chisholm Sarah M. tailoress, 19 Hill 
Chism Richard, dry goods, 229 Lexington 
Chiout John furn. wagoner, 182 s Caroline 
Chrisman Henry, cutter, 120 s Caroline 
Chrismer Mrs. Priscilla, doctress, 53 Har- 
ford av 
Chrisner Joseph, driver, 435 Saratoga 
Chrispin John, clerk, 19 n Calvert 
Christ Church Asylum for female children, 27 

Christ Church, (Episcopal,) cor. Gay and 

Christ Christopher, cooper, 151 s Register 
Christ John, .butcher, 121 Centre and 32 Bel- 
air mkts. dw Bait. co. 
Christ Mrs. Rosina, 296 Raborg 
Christhilf Henry, cedar cooper, 168 Pearl 
Christlif George H. mechanical dentist, 107 

Penna. av 
Christian Commission for the relief of sick 

and disabled soldiers, 77 w Baltimore 
Christian Richd. grocery, 287 Eastern av 
Christian Richd. jr. bricklayer, 287 Eastern av 
Christie Andrew J. glass blower, Stockholm 

w of Eutaw 
Christie Henry, weaver, 66 Union 
Christie James J. glass blower, Stockholm w 

of Eutaw 
Christie James J. glass blower, Stockholm w 

of Eutaw 
Christie Jas. soldier, Garrison la near Fred- 
erick av 
Christie James, foundryman, 7 Bennet 
Christie Michael, blacksmith, 5 Preston 
Christieani Wm. laborer, 43 Grundy 
Christman Lebanon, engineer, 138 Preston 
Christmas John, watchman, 145 Penna. av 
Christopher Aquilla, puddler, 162 s Wolfe 
Christopher Jane, 86 North 
Christopher James T. plasterer, 23 n Fremont 
Christopher John, gunsmith, 9 n Fremont 
Christopher Joseph, police, 41 Orchard 
Christopher Mitton, painter, 3 w Pratt dw401 

n Gay 
Christopher Nicholas, agent, 126 e Pratt 
Christopher Oliver, salesman, 15 Warner 
Christopher R. W. dry goods, 168 Lexing- 
ton, dw 502 w Baltimore 
Christopher Thos. B. pedler, 132 Mullikin 
Christopher Thos. mariner, 51 s Caroline 
Christopher Thos. plasterer, 158 Franklin 
Christopher William (W. C. & Co.) 502 w 

Christopher Wm. & Co. tailors, 502 w Balti- 
Christopher Wm. (Wm. C. & Co.) 240 Sara- 
Christopher Lieut. Woollen, 225 e Pratt 
Christwell Levi, machinist, N. C. R. R. n of 

Northern av 
Christwell Mrs. Leah, N. C. R. R. n of 

Northern av 
Christy Arthur, 156 w Lombard 
Chronberg Henry, boxmaker, 43 Perry 
Chrone John, 131 Hillen 
Chrone John jr. clerk, 103 Hillen 
Chroner Conrad, butcher, Harford av near 

city limits 
Chronmiller Catherine, 46 Hanover 
Chrystal John, grocer, 226 n Gay 
Chumfish , laborer, 2 Neighbor 

Chubb Caroline, 142 n Charles 
Chunn Dr. James T. 181 w Madison 
Church of Ascension, (Prot. Epis.) Lexing- 
ton near Pine 
CHURCH & BROWN, junk dealers, 4 

Wall near Dugan 's whf. 
Church Edward J. lumber, s w cor Aisquith 

and Monument, dw 218 Aisquith 
Church Henry S. groom, 153 s Bond 
Church Jas. A.(C. & Brown) 139 n Central av 
Church James, bricklayer, 336 e Lombard 
Church Home and Infirmary (Epis.) Broad- 
way, between Baltimore and Fayette 
Church Mrs. Sarah, boarding, 476 w Lombard 
Church Thomas, clerk, 309 e Madison 
Church Wm. G. machinist, 62 Grundy 
Church of the Holy Cross (German Roman 

Cath.) West near William 
Church of Holy Innocents (Episcopal) n w 

cor Chase and Eden 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Mosh- 

er between Biddle and Ross 
Church St. John (Bapt.) Barre w of L. Greene 
Church of the United Brethren in Christ, cor 

Scott and St. Peter 
Churchner Ambrose, laborer, 256 Eastern av 
Churchill Lorey, silver plater, 10 Mercer, dw 

227 n Eutaw 
Ciampi Rev. Antony F., S. J., president of 

Loyola College, Loyola place 
Cickel Geo. shoemaker, 240 w Biddle 
Cimeham Henry, gas fitter, 15 Thomsen 
Cinnamon Martha, seamstress, 364 n Howard 
cers and attorneys, 59 w Fayette 
Cinnamond Geo. R. (C. & Browning) 59 w 

Circle Henry, ship carpenter, 123 s Register 
Circuit Court for Baltimore city, 2nd floor 

Court House 
Cissel Benj. C. police, 29 e Baltimore 
CITIZENS' BANK, n e cor Pratt and Han- 

Hall, 2d floor 
CITY HALL,Holiday,nofFayette, in which 
are the JVlayor's office, City Collector's, Reg- 
ister's, Commissioner's, Appeal Tax Court, 
Comptroller's, City Surveyor's, Fire In- 
spector's, Police Commissioners 'and Health 
City Jail, cor Madison and the Falls 
City Yard, Fort av. s side Basin 
City Yard, old fish house whf. s side Basin 
Clabaugh E. A. liquor distiller and dealer^ 38 

South, dw 8 n Carey 
Clabaugh E. A. 8 n Carey 
Clabaugh & Co. distillers, cor Ostend and 

Clabaugh Geo. wholesale liquor dealer, 372 

w Baltimore, dw Fountain Hotel 
Clabaugh John, carpenter, 95 Mulberry 
CLABAUGH WM. H. proprietor Fountain 

Hotel, 5 Light, dw 315 Lexington 
Clabby Honora, grocery, 29 Hillen 
Clachey James, coach trimmer, 163 Hoffman 
Clackner Elizabeth, 32 n Eden 
Clackner Capt. Joseph, marine surveyor, s w 

cor Gay and Lombard, dw 1 Aisquith 
Clackner Matthew, clerk, 7 Aisquith 
Clagett Mrs. Eliza, 145 e Lombard 
Clagett John T. 145 e Lombard 
Claggett Elizabeth A. shop, 22 President 

WM. P. lYSBB, Marine, Fire and Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit IJf« Insurance Co., Newark, H. J.,'* 89 Second Street. 




Claggett Elizabeth, milk, President cor Stiles 
Claggett Louis H. 54 n Greene 
Claggett Mrs. Mary, 257 w Madison 
Claggett Thomas J. 54 n Greene 
CLAGGETT WM. & CO. brewers, e Lom- 
bard, adj. Falls, dw Wm. C, Bait. co. 
Claggett William, 22 President 
Claggett William, driver, President cor. Stiles 
Clam burg A. F. tobacconist n Broadway near 

Clampitt Wm. H. brass finisher, n e cor Paca 

and Mulberry 
Clampitt Elias, brass and bell founder, 96 n 

Calvert, dw 304 Aisquith 
Clancy Jeremiah, porter, 202 n Eutaw 
Clancy John 162 n Calvert 
Clancy John, clerk, 30 e Baltimore 
Clancy Margaret, seamstress, 67 French 
Clancy Mary, intelligence office, 202 n Eutaw 
Clapp Ann, 140 n High 
Ckpp George C. hatter, 64 Hillen, dw 6 Jef- 
Clapseld Francis, blacksmith, 144 Mulberry 
Claridge George W. police, 163 Hamburg 
Claridge Henry R. police, 204 n Central av 
Claridge James R. clerk, 35 s Exeter 
Claridge James R. clerk, 41 w Pratt 
Claridge John, painter, 161 Hughes, 
Claridge John, tinner, 72 s Eden 
Claridge Wm. H. clerk, 35 s Exeter 
Clark Amelia, 226 n Howard 
Clark Mrs. Avis M. 256 n Eden 
Clark Ambrose, machinist, 138 Penna. av 
Clark Allen, clerk, 61 St. Paul 
Clark Albert H. canvasser, 312 Saratoga 
Clark Ann, dairy, 87 Lexington, 
Clark Augustus, blacksmith, 140 Henrietta 
Clark Benjamin D. 52 Barre 
Clark Benj. soldier, 81 Harmony la 
Clark Benj. shoemaker, 81 Harmony la 
Clark Benj. J. bacon, 121 n Bond 
Clark Bernhard, carpenter, 15 Pleasant, dw 

n Exeter 
Clark Cainell, shoemaker, 277 s Charles 
Clark Charles H. pilot, 110 s Bond 
Clark Charles G. boiler maker, 48 McMechin 
Clark Catherine, tailoress, 178 Lemmon 
Clark Daniel H. shoemaker, 6 Orleans 
Clark Elizabeth, 312 Saratoga 
Clark Mrs. Eliza, 24 Spring row 
Clark Mrs. Eva, 75 W. Biddle 
CLARK GABRIEL D. importer watches 
and jewelry, cor Calvert and Water, dw n 
e cor Monument and Hargrove al 
Clark George A. mariner, 179 Hanover 
Clatk George A. shoemaker, 53 McElderry 
Clark George, mariner, 171 n Spring 
Clark George W. livery stable, German, dw 

391 w Fayette 
Clark Henry (Levi Ferry & Co.) 37 Lee 
Clark Henry H. ambrotypist, 5de Lombard 
Clark Henry A. machinist, 2 Btncer 
Clark Houston, laborer, 61 s Durham 
Clark James, furniture, 224 Lexington 
Clark James, watchman, 356 e Fayette 
Clark James, lock manufac. 147 w Fayette 
Clark J»mes, laborer, 59 s Durham 
Clark James A. produce dealer, 34 e Eager 
Clark James, (Jas. Murray & Co.) 50 Warren 
Clark James B. clerk, 52 Barre 
Clark James, carpenter, 100 n Schroeder 
Clark James D. cooper, 13 Commerce, dw 41 
s Exeter 

Clark James R. (Matthew B. C. & Bro.) 249 

n Eutaw 
Clark James S. carpenter, 159 n Exeter 
Clark Mrs. Joanna, boarding, 40 e Baltimore 
Clark John, engineer, 153 Montgomery 
Clark John H. restaurant and livery stable, 46 

e Lombard 
Clark John, tobacconist, 112 Aisquith 
Clark John M. constable, 47 Buren 
Clark John S. machinist, Washington road 
Clark John S. ship carpenter, 173 e Pratt 
Clark John, president. Citizens' Bank, 42 n 

Clark John H. cooper, 124 s Ann 
Clark John W. mariner, 277 s Charles 
Clark John, porter and ale agt. 71 s Fremont 
Clark John H. sailmaker, 57 L. Montgomery 
Clark John W. lamplighter, 165 Hughes 
Clark James, clerk, 69 Hollins 
Clark John N. clerk, 239 n Gay 
Clark John W. machine carp. 31 s Poppleton 
Clark Jonathan T. ship carp. 25 Henrietta 
Clark Jonathan T. sparmaker, 99 Hamburg 
Clark Joseph, huckster, 380 Harford av 
Clark Joseph, carpenter, 137 Greenmount av 
Clark Joseph C. hackman, 185 Ensor 
Clark Laurence, grocers, n w cor Chew and 

Clark Laurence, express driver, 240 Aisquith 
Clark Lemuel (C. C. & R. H. Hyatt & Co.) 

Maltby house 
Clark Lester S. soldier, 479 Belair av 
CLARK LEWIS & CO. commission and 

auction store, 180 w Baltimore 
Clark Levin P. patent hydrants, over 44 Holi- 
day, dw 33 n Exeter 
Clark Lewis (L. C, & Co.) Grundy nearMc- 

Clark Levi, carpenter, 218 Hollins 
Clark Lucretia E. 67 St. Paul 
Clark Martin, pedler, 17 Park 
Clark Martin, laborer, 51 Haubert 
Clark Mary, matron, 37 Hill 
Clark Matthew, bookkeeper, 295 n Caroline 
Clark Matthew B. (Matthew B. C. & Bro.) 

272 w Fayette 
Clark Matthew B. & Bro. flour merchants 

378 w Baltimore 
Clark Matthew, laborer, 50 n Front 
Clark Noah, hydrant maker, 33 n Exeter 
Clark Patrick, quarryman. Falls road, n of 

Northern av 
Clark Peter, laborer, 80 s Poppleton 
Clark P. 137 Greenmount av 
Clark Peter, tailor, 201 Eager 
Clark Peter, laborer, 392 s Charles 
Clark Rebecca, provision deal. 117 Mulberry 
Clark Robert, soldier, 479 Belair av 
Clark. Robert T. police, 132 s Paca 
Clark Robert Y. clerk, 52 Barre 
Clark Robert, mate, 271 Light 
Clark R. S. (Hunt, C. & Co.) 53 w Pratt 
Clark Samuel G. clerk, 19 L. Constitution 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 14 Tripolet al 
Clark Samuel G. clerk, 190 Constitution 
Clark Sarah, 87 Chesnut 
Clark Sarah, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Sarah, 389 w Fayette 
Clark Sebastian, 87 Lexington 
Clark Stephen J. clerk, 117 Mulberry 
Clark Sylvester, moulder, 124 e Eager 
Clark Teresa E. 88 n Eden 
Clark Teresa, huckstress, 71 Garden 

J. HENRY OIESE,. Conunlaslon Merchant, for the gale of Flour, Graliij Seeds, Sic. 
Rosendal* Cement and Calcined Pla«t«r constantly on Itand, HI Spear'a MSTbtacf. 




Clark Thomas C. soldier, 81 Harmony lane 
Clark Thomas F. finisher, 313 s Charles 
Clark Thomas S. & Son, sailmakers, 128 Du- 

gan's wharf 
Clark Thomas, tinner, 243 Hollins 
Clark Thomas S. jr. clerk, 5 n Front 
Clark Thomas, laborer, IOC Greenmount av 
Clark Thomas S. (T. S. C. & Son) 83 e Pratt 
Clark Timothy, laborer, 67 James la 
Clark Wheeler, 31 s Poppleton 
Clark Wm. G. sail and awning maker, Jack- 
son near Polk, Homestead 
Clark Wm. engineer, 37 Grundy 
Clark Wm. T. ship joiner, 36 Barre 
Clark Wm. T. ship carp. 97 s Washington, 

Clark Wm H assistant editor "The Sun," 133 

Clark Wm. A. machinist, 9 s Republican 
Clark Wm. H. (T. S. C.& Son,) 283 Hollins 
Clark Wm. C. shoemaker, 185 Orleans 
Clark Wm. J. pattern makers, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Wm. mariner, 292 n Eutaw 
Clark Wm. F. soldier, 479 Belair av 
Clark Wm. H. carpenter, 9 s Carey 
Clark Zachariah, pilot, 1 s Wolfe 
Clarke Addison, bookkeeper, 56 w Biddle 
Clarke Andrew, drayman, 136 Peniia. av 
Clarke Anthony, grocer, 191 Gough 
Clarke Ashur, ladies' seminary, 61 Saratoga, 

adjoining Athenaeum, dw 56 w Biddle 
Clarke Austin, 340 e Pratt 
Clarke Mrs. Bridget, 90 s Fremont 
Clarke Eliza, shoebinder, 226 Henrietta 
Clarke Henry E. 56 w Biddle 
Clarke James, laborer, 176 Dover 
Clarke John G. (C. & Jones,) Baltimore Co. 
Clarke John A. 487 Lexington 
Clarke John T. bacon inspector, 30 Hillen 
Clarke John, grocery, 237 Gough 
Clarke John T. mariner, 217 e Pralt 
Clarke John, shoemaker, 176 Dover 
Clarke John, rigger, 79 Block 
CLARKE & JONES, candy manufacturers 

and fruit dealers, 20 Light. — [See page 25 

Clarke Joseph H. professor of languages, 25 

Barnet, dw 20 Mulberry 
Clarke Martin, grocery, 128 Gough 
Clarke Mrs. Mary, 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Michael, laborer, 279 Forrest 
Clarke Patrick, drayman, 35 Hillen 
Clarke Phoebe D. 56 w Biddle 
Clarke Ray S. mariner, 20 s Broadway 
Clarke Robert A. grocer, 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Samuel T. salesman, 104 n Greene 
Clarke Mrs. Sarah, 84 s Caroline 
Clarke S'ephen, carpenter, 108 s Castle al 
Clarke Mrs. Temperance G. 280 w Fayette 
Clarke Thomas, laboi-er, 176 Dover 
Clarke Thomas, 14 n Calhoun 
Clarke Rev. Wm.F. treasurer Loyola College, 

cor Calvert and Madison 
Clarke Wm. cooper, 121 William 
Clarke Wm. (McDougall & C.) 59 e Pratt 
Clarke Mrs. Wm. B. 40 Mt. Vernon place 
Clarkson Alfred, bricklayer, 97 n Central av 
Clarkson Geo. L. shoemaker, 97 Central av 
Clarkson Joseph & Son, machinists, 75 n 

Clai-kson Joseph, (J. C. & Son,) 22 e Monu- 
Clarkson M. C. clerk, 114 n Greene 

Clarkson Wm. W. (Joseph C. & Son,) 22 e 

Clarvoe Mrs. M. A. boarding house, 171 w 

Clary Mrs. 13 Pleasant 
Classen Benjamin, clerk, 155 s Sharp 
Classen Harman, flour and feed dealer, 145 s 

Sharp, dw 155 
Classen Henry W. hay dealer, s Howard, dw 

138 Lee 
Claus Frederick, tailor, 11 Albemarle 
Claus Henry, paver and regalia maker, 70 s 

Clauss Nicholas, mariner, 286 s Ann 
Claussen Peter, mariner, 330 Canton av 
Clatchie James M. coach trimmer, 163 w Hoff- 
Clautice Ann, dry goods deal. Ill Penna. av 
Clautice Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 88 Stirling 
Clautice Edward, plumber, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Francis, huckster, 274 Greenmount 

Clautice Francis, provisions, 69 w Pratt, dw 

Eager near Valley 
Clautice George, wheelwright and blacksmith, 

153 Penna. av. dw 151 
Clautice George J. huckster, 88 Stirling 
Clautice George jr., wheelwright, 151 Penna. 

Clautice Henry, huckster, 148 Hillen 
Clautice Henry C. shipsmith, 51 Granby 
Clautice John W. huckster, Harford av. near 

Point la 
Clautice Joseph, tailor, 238 e Madison 
Clautice Joseph, tinner, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Mrs. huckstress, 17 Harford av 
Clautice Peter, blacksmith, s e cor Portland 

and Emory, dw 110 s Paca 
Clautice Wm. coachmaker, 220 w Biddle 
Clavell Capt Edward, mariner, 182 Gough 
Clavell Mrs. Maria, variety store, 246 e Lom- 
Claver Peter, carpenter, 30 Liberty al 
Clay George M. engineer, 48 n Schroeder 
Clay Henry, 237 s Bethel 
Clay John D. cabinet maker, 230 German 
Clayland Mrs. Mary E. 12 McCuUoh 
Claypoole, James, clerk, 52 n Republican 
Claypoole Capt. John, mariner, 232 Aisquith 
Claypoole Septimus, clerk, 79 Ensor 
Clayton Alfred S. butter depot, 82 Hanover, 

dw 135 s Paca 
Clayton Edward W. tavern, 119 Camden 
Clayton James, trunk maker, 406 Lexington 
Clayton John T. carpenter, 165 e Madison 
Clayton J. P. 23 n Calvert 
Clayton Samuel, 53 Conway 
Clayton Samuel S. 20 Cathedral 
Clayton Wm. S. bricklayer, 7 w Biddle 
Clazey Albert J. moulder, 82 s Republican 
Cleary Ellen, trimmings, 53 Hanover 
Cleaveland Sylvester, clerk, 171 n Exeter 
Cleishum Martin, porter, 15 Buren 
Clemant Thomas, copper smelter, Hull near 

Fort av 
Clemens Augustus D. (C. H. Mann & Co.) 

76 St. Paul • 

Clemens John, cooper, 238 Harford av 
Clement Thomas, copper smelter, St. Charles 

hotel, Locust Point 
Clements Emily, 241 e Pratt 
Clements John F. master mariner, 304 s 

GEO. S. PAGE Si BRO., Manufacturers of Roofs ni»d Roofing Slaterials, IH Smitb's 
W^harf. C. HART SariTH, Ageut. 




Clements John S. superintendent Barnum's 

hotel, 117 Aisquith 
Clemm Carl, soap maker, Fulton near Pratt 
Clemm Joseph E. & Co. commission mer- 
chants, 73 South 
Clemm Joseph E. (J. E. C. & Co.) 73 South 
Clemm Peter S. carpenter, 35 n Sharp, dw 49 

Clemm Wm. watchman in Chesapeake Bank, 

dw 206 Aisquith * 
Clemm Wm. E. printer, 206 Aisquith 
Clemment John W. mate, 33 s Ann 
Clemmons John R. tobacconist, 81 Penna. av 
Clemmons Wm. clerk, 558 Penna. av 
Clems Peter S. carpenter, 49 Walsh 
Clemsen Wm. seaman, Atlantic whf. Canton 
Clendenen James W . , Guy 's JMonument house 
Clendenen Mary A. milliner, 110 Lexington 
Clendinen Joseph, porter, 13 s Bond 
Clerken John, laborer. Northern avenue near 

Cleveland A. J. music teacher, 16 s Calhoun 
Cleveland George W. wheelwright, 50 s Pop- 

Clezy James, machinist, 163 Montgomery 

Clezy Mrs. Margaret, , 163 Montgomery 

Click Christian, trimmer, 14 n Liberty 
Clickner Samuel A. shoe cutter, 191 Lee 
Cliff Frances M. dress maker, 34 Warren 
Cliffe John F. 68 n Caroline 
Clifford Charles, machinist, 23 Comet 
Clifford Ellen, 125 e Eager 
Clifford John, 148 German 
Clifford Roland, wood turner, 197 e Madison 
Clifford Samuel, George near Fremont 
Clifford Sylvester, jr., bacon deal. 195 Hollins 
Clifford Sylvester W. 195 Hollins 
Clifford Sylvester, drayman, 21 Sterrett 
Clifford Sylvester, collector and property 

agent, 421 w Pratt 
Clifford Thomas E. laborer, 293 Eastern av 
Clifford Wm. carter, 12 Neighbor 
Clift John W. mariner, 5 Hope al 
Clift Sarah E. 5 Hope al 
Clifton Mrs. Alphonsa, boarding house, 49 St. 

Clifton James A. salesman, 49 St. Paul 
Clindenberg Louis, tailor, 67 Hampstead 
Cline Anthony, (C. & Scott,) 262 e Lombard 
Cline Christopher, shoemaker, 179 s Ann 
Cline David L. clerk. Mansion house 
Cline Elizabeth, 12 s Dallas 
Cline Ely, moulder, 517 Saratoga 
Cline George H. police, 45 Warren 
Cline Geo. sergeant police, Warren near Light 
Cline Hugh, pattern maker, 79 Henry 
Cline James P. master's mate U. S. N., 295 e 

Cline & Scott, brick manufacturers. Canton 
Clinton Edward, gas fitter, 297 Columbia 
Clinton Jewett, bricklayer, 2 Preston 
Clinton John, laborer, 31 Elizabeth la 
Clinton Wm. H. conductor, 304 Light 
Clipper Delia, 71 Johnson 
Clipper George, ship carpenter, 71 Johnson 
Clipper Koon, laborer, 71 Johnson 
Clipper»Wm. ship carpenter, 386 Light 
Clishup Martin, laborer, 15 Buren 
Clismaer Henry, carter, 3 Friendship 
Cloak Patrick, drayman, 37 Hillen 
Cloarty John T. moulder, 17 Gittings 
Cloarty Sarah, tailoress, 17 Gittings 
Cloffenstein Jacob, baker, 438 w Lombard 

Cloffenstein Philip, 438 w Lombard 
CLOGG GEORGE S. boot maker, 2 s Cal- 
vert, dw 1 s Broadway. — [See p. 7 Mvertise- 
Cloman Eliza, washerwoman, 72 s Republican 
Cloman Emanl. C. shoemaker, 723 Republican 
Cloney Robert, tailor, 71 York 
Clonin Mrs. Mary, laundress, 46 Boyd 
Clopin John, butcher, 1 Townsend 
Cloriset Martin, tailor, 80 Chew 
Close Alexander, (C. & Bro.) Kirby's la. op- 

fosite Townsend 
OSE & BRO. dry goods commission mer- 
chants, 4 German 
Close James, 4 German 
Close Mary, 376 Lexington 

Close , 376 Lexington 

Close Nicholas, grocery, 139 Gough 
Clotworthy Alexander, furniture dealer, 76 n 

Clotworthy Charles A. clerk, 76 n Howard 
CLOTWORTHY & FLINT, wholesale drug- 
gists, 339 w Baltimore 
Clotworthy Wm. P. (C. & Flint,) 234 Madi- 
son av 
Clotworthy Wm. laborer, 562 Saratoga 
Clotzok Christopher, tailor, 56 s Bethel 
Cloud Benjamin, laborer, 83 Cross 
CLOUD CHARLES F. eating house, 415 w 

Cloud Daniel, banker, 176 w Baltimore, dw 17 

Clouk Mrs. Sarah, 219 Washington, F. H. 
Clouse Edward C. tailor, 4 n Poppleton 
Clowdsly John H. huckster, 14 s Sharp 
Club Wm. butcher, 77 Belair market, dw Bal- 
timore Co. 
Clunan Timothy, laborer, 73 Hull 
Clunet John B. 234 n Howard 
Clunet Victor, secretary American Fire Insu- 
rance Co. of Baltimore, dw 234 n Howard 
Clunet Victor S. clerk, 234 n Howard 
Cluskey John, actor, 40 e Baltimore 
Coake George, shoemaker, 190 Burgundy al. 
Coakley Ann J. tavern, 122 n Gay 
COAKLEY & BROTHER, leather and shoe 

trimmings dealers, 18 s Calvert 
Coakley Daniel, (C. & Bro.) 122 n Gay 
Coakley John, 18 s Calvert 
Coakley Michael, (C. & Bro.) 18 s Calvert 
Coal Oil and ParafRne Co. of Baltimore, works 

s w corWest and Leadenhall 
Coale E. H. dry goods, 67 Lexington 
Coale Mrs. Edward J. 45 Mulberry 
COALE GEORGE B. sec'y Merchants' Mu- 
tual Insurance Co., Commercial buildings, 
Gay, dw 77 Park 
COALE ISAAC, JR. & BRO. comm. mer- 
chants, 17 and 19 Hanover 
Coale Isaac, jr. (I. C jr. & Bro.) 94 w Mon- 
COALE JAMES CAREY, agent for N. Y. 
board of underwriters and Lloyd's, 56 Ex- 
change place, dw Eutaw House 
Coale Joseph, machinist, 47 w Biddle 
Coale Joseph M. machinist, 47 w Biddle 
Coale Mary A. 45 Mulberry 
Coale Misses Sarah and Olivia, milliners, 

39 n Gay 
Coale S. Robinson, (F. Stabler & C.) 190 w 

Coale Thos. E. (Isaac C. jr. & Bro.) 84 Mc- 

WM. P. WEBB, marine, Fire and Ufe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Idfe Inaurance Co., Newark, If. J.," 89 Second Street. 

COA 81 


Coale Wm. E. Jr. bookkeeper, custom house, 

Catonsville, Balto, co. 
Coale Capt. Wm. E. sr., U. S. A., president 
Exchange bank, Second, adjoinuiff Post 
Office, dw 50 s Sharp 
Coates & Bro. proprietors Locust Point Roll- 
ing Mills 
Coates Dr. C. E. (C. & Bro.) 189 St. Paul 
Coates Geo. W. P. (C. & Bro.) 189 St. Paul 
Coates James A. confectioner, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates John, lumber merchant, 355 w Pratt, 

dw 262 w Lombard 
Coates, Robt. E. painter. Sharp, dw 173 Barre 
Coates Robert E. painter, 5 n Sharp, dw 173 

Coath John, restaurant, 19 Centre Market 

Coath Thomas J. 56 Granby 
Coath William, bookkeeper, 44 e Lombard 
Coath Thomas J. 44 e Lombard 
Coats Ezra, coachsmith, 126 Ensor 
Cobb Charles H. (Josiah C. & Son) 1 Park 
Cobb Edward R. E. bookkeeper, 31 n Liberty 
Cobb George W. 337 w Lombard 
Cobb George F. salesman, 337 w Lombard 
Cobb Josiah & Son, groceries and provisions, 

31 n Liberty 
Coberth Lloyd H. engineer, 169 Montgomery 
Coblens Lazarus, 126 German, dw 87 Columbia 
Coblens Samuel, horse trader, 141 German 
Coburn John W. clerk, 19 n Gay 
Goburn Margaret, 3 Slemmer's al 
Coburn Thomas, stone mason, 58 Buren 
Coburn Susan, bonnet and fancy store, 19 n 

Cochran Andrew, shoemaker, 17 Stirling 
Cochran Charles, of P. O. depart. Washing- 
ton, 165 Hanover ^ 
Cochran Henry W. (Cunningham & C.) 74 e 

COCHRAN JAMES E. grocer and comm 
merchant, 84 Light st whf dw 18 Holland 
Cochran John D. (T. J. C. & Co.) 13 Ais- 

Cochran Michael, blacksmith, 382 Hanover 
Cochran Mrs. Mary E. 74 Peirce 
Cochran Thomas A. clerk, 74 e Baltimore 
Cochran S. Morris, attorney, 9 law buildings, 
dw Charles between Saratoga and Mulberry 
™t'1"^^'''™"^' H- *^'^''^' 610 w Lombard 
COCHRAN THOMAS J. & CO. ice dealers, 

138 s Exeter 
Cochran Thomas J. (T. J. C. & Co.) 74 e 

Cock George D. (H. J. Werdebaugh & Co.) 
58 s Paca -^ 

COCKEY & CO. lumber com. merchants, 

n e cor Canton and East Falls av 
Cockey C. W. 83 n Calvert 
Cocke y Emily, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Mrs Eliza, 130 St. Paul 
Cockey John C. clerk, 50 w Fayette 
Cockey Dr. J. C. 2 s Exeter 
Cockey John G. (C. & Co.) Baltimore Co. 
Cockey Wm. H. carpenter, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. H. (C. &Co.) Baltimore Co. 
Cocknll Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway 
CODD EDWARD J. & CO. engineers and 

machinists, 259 s Caroline 
Codd Edward J. (E. J. C. & Co.) 92 s Bond 
Codd Mrs. Eliza, 205 e Pratt 
Codd Mrs. Matilda, 302 e Lombard 
Codd Simon, laborer, 3 e Monument 

Codd Wra.H. butcher, 74s Washington, F.P 
Codman Willard, clerk, 105 w Fayette 
Codori John A. butcher, 123 Centre and 48 

Belair market, dw 87 Greenmount av 
n V; ^\?- ^^ookkeeper, 168 Mulberry 
Coe Mrs. Margaret E. 74 n Greene 
Coe Theodore, tinner, 361 e Monument 
Lottey John, laborer. Falls road near North- 
ern av 
Coffay Thomas, keeper of hacks, s w corner 

Lager and Morton al 
^o^eld G.C. H. 296 n Howard 
Coffield John, laborer, 873 w Pratt 
^°f " ^'^'■'''^ ^- mariner, 97 s Ann 
Coffroth George R. (C, Miller & Co.) 221 

Madison av ^ 

COFFROTH, MILLER & CO. commission 
merchants and dealers in tobacco, cigars 
and snuff, 330 w Baltimore 
Cofran Mrs. Eliza, Strieker s of Pratt- 
Cofran James, machinist, 23 Scott 
Coffee Patrick, laborer, 28 Hillen 
Coggins Charles, coach maker, 245 e Madison 
Coggins David, soldier, 106 e Madison 
Ooggins George, paper carrier, 106 e Madison 
Coggms Henry, soldier, 106 e Madison 
Coggins John W. paper carrier, 84 n Bond 
Coggins John,- hay dealer, McKim, dw 37 

Greenmount av 
Coggins Robert, paper carrier, 95 n Bond 
Coggins Rev. Thomas, agent Association Im- 
proving Condition Poor, 39 Greenmount av 
.Coggins Wm. paper carrier, 376 e Monument 
Coghlan Edward, 39 Hillen 
Coghlan Jane, dressmaker, 39 n High 
Coghlan Richard, clerk, 37 Hillen 
Cogswell George A. carpenter, 473 Franklin 
Cogswell James, hat manufacturer, 241 e 

Cohen Chas. (C. «&.Weisbein) 53 German 
Cohen Eleazer, bookkeeper, 157 Lexington 
Cohen Emanuel, clothier, 21 w second 
Cohen Gershou, second-hand clothier and 

furn. dealer, 6 and 8 Harrison 
Cohen Hannah, 182 e Baltimore 
Cohen Herman, deal, firearms, over 6 and 8 

Cohen Israel, stock broker, 7 South,, dw 195 

St. Paul 
Cohen Jacob I. jr. president Bait. Fire Ins. Co 

dw 115 n Charles 
Cohen Jos. P. jeweler, 108 n Exeter 
Cohen Joseph, (C. & Lyon) 108 n Exeter 
Cohen Dr. Joshua I. 115 n Charles 
Cohen & Lyon, jewelers, n w cor Baltimore 

and Gay 
Cohen Lewis, tailor, 221 Light 
Cohen Levi, tailor, 40 n Spring 
Cohen Lewis J. 232 Saratoga 
Cohen M. eutler, 180 Lexington 

Cohen Moses,drygoods, 269 w Baltimore, and 

store and dw 153 Lexington 
Cohen Col. M. I. 115 n Charles 
Cohen M. tailor, 221 Light 
Cohen Simon, dry goods dealer, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Samuel, clerk, 22 n Eutaw 
Cohen & Weisbein, Havana and domestic 

cigars, 21 w Fayette 
Cohle John, laborer, 2 Boulden al 
Cohn Moritz, Q.. Master's desk, 76 n Calvert 
Cohn N. A. 107 e Baltimore 
Coignard Antonio, conf. and chocolate manuf 

166 Saratoga 

HE^Y GIESE, Commission Merchant, for tJ.e s^e^a^l^^l^;v,r~^,;^Se:^^^r&^ 
K«sendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on Itand, »l Spear's Wharf. 




Coignard Mrs. C. D. French teacher, 166 

Coilen John, carpenter, 89 Warner 
Coilon Thomas R. conductor, 89 Warner 
Coilen Wm. H. carpenter, 89 Warner 
Colahan Catharine, grocery, Lerew al. n of 

Colahan Edward, Tyson al. n of Mulberry 
Colbert Augustus F. clerk, 35 n Exeter 
Colbert Alice, sewing machine, 125 n Eutaw 
Colbert Julia, sewing machine, 125 n Eutaw 
Colbert Lewin A. architect and contractor, 

383 w Fayette 
Colbert Mathias, machinist, 57 Portland 
Colbert Patrick, 108 Barre 
Colbert Robert N. mariner, 296 e Lombard 
Colbert Sophia, sewing machine, 125 n Eutaw 
Colburn Dr. A. W. act. asst. surg. U. S. A., 

166 s Paca 
Colburn Ann Maria, 23 Central av 
Colburn Hervey, laborer, Falls road near 

Northern av 
Colburn Dr. H. dentist, 78 n Paca 
Colburn Mary E. tailoress, 283 s Sharp 
Colburn Thomas, laborer, 113 York 
Cole Annie, 33 Hamilton 
Cole Alexander, soldier, 3 May 
Cole Benjamin, huckster, 69 n Spring 
Cole Chas.B. carpenter, Lombard near Chester 
Cole Charles, F. A. bookkeeper, 94 Chew 
Cole Cornelius M. 98 n Exeter 
Cole Edwin C. (Wm. G. Craft & Co.) 138 n 

Cole F. 0. clerk, Gilmorn of Saratoga 
Cole F. Carter, hatter, 62 n Greene 
Cole & Frey, tinware manuf. 1 n Exeter 
Cole George B. (Pope & C.) 138 n High 
Cole George H. pilot, Lombard near Chester 
Cole George, carpenter, 128 n Exeter 
Cole George W. junkshop, 59 Forrest 
Cole Henry C. painter, 75 Hollins 
Cole Henry M. teacher, 220 e Monument 
Cole Henry, oyster dealer, 252 e Monument 
Cole Hiram, wood corder, 89 e Fayette 
Cole James, 205 Mulberry 
Cole Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 96)^ Hanover 
Cole Jane, 3 May 
Cole Jarret, 80 s Exeter 
Cole John E. provisions, 859 w Baltimore 
Cole John H. (Geo. W. Howard & Co.) 178 

w Lombard 
Cole John R. grocer and tea dealer, 50 and 52 

n Eutaw, dw 62 n Greene 
Cole John, carpenter, 128 n Exeter 
Cole, John H. teamster, 25 May 
Cole John 39 s Schroeder 
Cole John A. clerk, 62 n Greene 
Cole Joshua, tinner, 75 Hollins 
Cole Capt. Joseph B. surveyor of vessels and 
cargoes, office 3 w cor Gay and Lombard, 
dw 7 s Ann 
Cole Joseph, carpenter, 127 Ross 
Cole Leander H. clerk, 62 n Greene 
Cole Lewis Hiram, salesman, 20 Light 
Cole Lewis M. general ticket agent B. & 0. R. 

R. Co. dw 204 w Lombard 
Cole Lewis P. miller, Calverton Mills near 

Cole Mary Jane, seamstress, 142 n Central av 
Cole Mrs. laundress, 7 Truxton 
Cole Mary, 175 e Baltimore 
Cole Dr. Merryman, 102 n Exeter 
Cole Michael, laborer, 12 Forrest 

Cole Philip, ship joiner, 108 Gough 

Cole Richard, bricklayer, 64 Chew 

Cole Samuel C. (C. & Frey) 127 n Broadway 

Cole Selah, carpenter, 128 n Exeter 

Cole Thomas B. machinist, 39 Stirling 

Cole Wm. H. leather dealer, 20 Water, dw 3 

n Front 
Cole Wm. printer, 128 n Exeter 
Cole Wm. H. bookkeeper City Coil's office, 

92 Preston 
Cole Wm. pile driver, 18 n Bond 
Cole Capt. Wm. B. 7 s Ann 
Cole Wm. H. bookkeeper, 92 Preston 
Cole Wm. B. 204 n Central av 
Cole Wm. blacksmith, 167 e Eager 
Cole Wm. tailor, 18 n Bond 
Cole Wm. L. plasterer, 281 e Madison 
Cole Wm. R. & Co., dealers in hats, caps and 

straw goods, 274 w Baltimore 
Cole William R. (W. R, C, & Son) 153 w 

Cole Wm. H. sr. attorney, 5 e Baltimore, dw 

s Front 
,Cole Wm. P. (Wm. R. C. & Co) 138 n High 
COLE WM. janitor Washington Monument, 

dw 18 n Bond 
Cole Wm. H. leather dealer, 20 Water, dw 

3 n Front 
Cole Wm. laborer, 10 Grundy 
Cole Wm. H. clerk, 142 Lexington 
COLE WM. H. hardware commission mer- 
chant, 35 s Charles, dw 75 Cathedral 
Colehouse Mrs. Susan A. 6 s Caroline 
Colein John F. engineer, 132 Johnson 
Coleman Wm. H. messenger Adams express, 

79 William 
Coleman Wm. W. bookkeeper Farmers and 

Planters Bank, 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Virginia F. 82 Mulberry 
Coleman Amelia, 14 Josephine 
Coleman Alexander, soldier, 16 Wyeth 
COLEMAN & BAILEY, ship chandlers, 105 

and 107 Thames 
COLEMAN & CO. grocers and commission 

merchants, s w cor. Franklin and Paca 
Coleman Charles R. cashier Mechanics' Bank, 

58 w Biddle 
Coleman Charles R. butcher, 224 William 
Coleman Charles L. mariner, 55 Block 
Coleman Charles R. jr. bookkeeper, 58 w 

Coleman Charles W. trimming store, cor 

Fayette and Eastern av 
Coleman Captain Geo. A. (C. & Bailey) 116 

Coleman Charles, painter, 195 Fierce 
Coleman Mrs. Chapman, 127 n Charles 
Coleman Charles W. tobacconist, 122 s Bond 
Coleman & Cleaveland, junk, 47 Thames 
Coleman Edward, laborer, 1 Lancaster 
Coleman Edw. pump maker, Baltimore near 

Wolfe, dw 129 Gough 
Coleman Edw. B. watchman, 145 Penna. av 
Coleman Erastus W. 82 Mulberry 
Coleman Eliza H. seamstress, 5 Mosher 
Coleman Ellis C. cordwainer, 186 Orleans 
Coleman Francis, bell hanger, 60 Walsh 
Coleman George E. (Pearson & C.) 73 Mc 

Coleman George, machinist, 17 Orchard 
Coleman George D. barkeeper, Eutaw House 
Coleman Henry, tailor, 156 s Eden 
Coleman Henry, painter, 375 Hamburg 

GEO. S. PAGK Si BRO.,. MantUactarers of Roofs and Roofing materials. 111 Smltli'a 
WharC C. HART SBHTH, Agent. 




Coleman James, tobacconist, 351 e Monument 
Coleman James T. soldier, 27 Dewberry al 
Coleman James, hackman, 3 s Bond 
Coleman Joseph, bricklayer, Phila. road near 

city limits 
Coleman John W. butcher, 25 Smith 
Coleman John G. boiler maker, 22 Orchard 
Coleman Lewis, engineer, 46 McMechen 
Coleman Lewis, glazier, 63 Frederick 
Coleman Mary A. E. confec. 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Mrs. Martha, 498 w Pratt 
Coleman Morgan, (C. & Co.) 94 n Paca 

Coleman Adams express, 79 Williams 

Coleman Mrs. laundress, 7 L. McElderry 
Coleman Noah, driver, 175 Mullikin 
Coleman Richard, blacksmith, 146 German 
Coleman Patrick, harness maker, 11 Parkin 
COLEMAN R. B. proprietor Eutaw House 
COLEMAN & ROGERS, chemists and drug- 
gists, 173 w Baltimore 
Coleman Samuel, shipsmith, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Sarah, 262 e Pratt 
Coleman Mrs. Sidonia, 195 Ross 
Coleman Summerfield, farmer, 498 w Pratt 
Coleman Thos. W.(C.&Cleaveland) 730 s Ann 
Coleman Wm. H. 119 n Broadway 
Coleman Wm. H. stocking weaver, 144 n Gay 
Coleman Wm. shipsmith, 119 n Broadway 
Coleman Wm. engineer, 355 w Lombard 
Coles Jas.Wm. clerk Sun office, 89 e Fayette 
Coles Wm. ladies shoemaker, 34 n Greene 
Colfer John, carpenter, 173 n Caroline 
Colflesh George, coachmaker, 101 German, 

dw 170 w Fayette 
Colgan Charles, drayman, 11 House's ct 
Colgate Charles, policeman, 167 Vine 
Colgate Thomas, soldier, 177 n Dallas 
Coll Ellen, 148 Saratoga 
Colladay Charles R. (J. M, C. & Bro.) 465 

w Fayette 
Colladay Joseph M. (J. M. C. & Bro.) 495 w 

COLLADAY J. M. & BRO. grocers and pro- 
vision dealers, 461, 463 and 465 w Fayette 
Collard James, trunkmaker, 12 n Oregon 
Collech Louis, porter, 151 n Eutaw 
Collector of Internal Revenue for 2d District 
of Maryland, James L. Ridgely, collector, 
563^ e Baltimore 
Collenberg Theodore, shoemaker, 44 s Bond 
Colley Alfred, carpenter, Liberty road near 

Pennsylvania av 
Colley Mrs. Jane, Liberty road near Penn- 
sylvania av 
COLLEY JOHN W. carpenter and builder, 
rear 324 Hollins, d w cor Strieker and Hollins 
Colley Robert A. butcher, 339 Mulberry 
Colley Wm. H. carpenter, 64 Raborg 
Collier Charles E. gas meter inspector, 94 

Collier Henry, blacksmith, 410 w Lombard 
Collier James, blacksmith, 34 Greenmount av 
Collier Richard J. shoemaker, 19 Sterrett 
Collily Ann, housework, 19 Sterrett 
Collinger Edmund, currier, 48 Harrison 
Collings Wm. R. butcher, 115 Centre and 91 
Belair markets, dw Point lane near Green- 
mount Cemetery 
Collins Ann, tailoress, 68 Harford av 
Collins Ann, dressmaker, 203 e Fayette 
Collins Capt. A. D. Mansion house 
Collins Benjamin, combmaker, 54 sPoppleton 
Collins Bridget, 12 Concord 

Collins Catherine, grocery, 345 Penna. av 
Collins Mrs. Caroline, 160 s Fremont 
Collins Chas. puddler, Aliceanna near Cannon 
Collins Charles S. (C, Heath & Co.) 385 w 

Collins Dennis, 127 Elliott 
Collins Emma C. tailoress, 67 Henrietta 
Collins Emma, tailoress, 67 Henrietta 
Collins Elizabeth, fancy work, 20 Orchard 
Collins Emeline, tavern, 75 Thames 
Collins Eliza, 121 Raborg 
Collins Francis, 94 n Exeter 
Collins Francis, grocery, 406 s Charles 
Collins Dr. Geo. T. office 42, dw 46 Richmond 
Collins George, shipsmith, Philpot near Will, 

dw 165 s Washington, F. P 
Collins Geo. T. D. peddler, 133 Huds,on 
Collins George R. huckster, 180 Gough 
Collins George W. wagoner, 156 n Spring 
Collins George H, painter, 311 Kastern av 
Collins George W. tinner, 160 s Fremont 
Collins Geo. W. blacksmith, 29 Orchard 
Collins Henry, brickmaker, 488 Light 
Collins Henry, carpenter, 277 Ross 
Collins Henry, drover, 52 Boyd 
COLLINS, HEATH & CO., stove, range and 

furnace manufacturers, 22 Light 
Collins Isaac, carpenter, 20 Orchard 
Collins, James F. miller, Calverton Mills, 

near Almshouse 
Collins James, blacksmith, 42 Albermarle 
Collins Jas. J. milkman, Harford av near city 
CoUins James B. wood and coal, 88 North, 

dw 69 Aisquith 
Collins James, tinner, 14 w Fayette 
Collins Jeremiah, porter, 2 Smith 
Collins John, 13 Holland 
Collins John, 119 Harford av 
Collins John M. drover, 558 w Lombard 
Collins John, miller, Calverton Mills, near 

Collins John H. trunkmaker, 121 Raborg 
Collins John, laborer. Mount Royal 
Collins John, laborer, 341 Penna av 
Collins Rev. Joseph S. 28 w Baltimore 
Collins Joseph, laborer, 11 Abbott 
Collins Levi, cooper, 26 Warner 
Collins Margaret, furniture deal. 49 Harrison 
Collins Mrs. Margaret, 88 s Republican 
Collins Mrs. Mary, 411 Saratoga 
Collins Mary A. huckstress, 180 Gough 
Collins Michael, machinist, 21 McHenry 
Collins Patrick, President near Stiles 
Collins Patrick, boarding house, 53 President 
Collins P. J. porter, 18 Mosher 
Collins Patrick, new and second hand furni- 
ture dealer, 83 Harrison 
Collins Patrick, laborer, rear 44 French 
Collins Phillip J. puddler, 57 Canton 
Collins Robert, carpenter, 40 George 
Collins Sarah A. 50 n Ciiarles 
Collins Dr. Stephen, 36 n Calvert 
Collins Mrs. Susan, 227 Mulbery 
CoUins Thomas M. clerk, 19 Jackson 
Collins Thomas H. clerk, 430 Lexington 
Collins Timothy M. drayman, 26 Hillen 
Collins Wm. E. puddler, 57 Aliceanna 
Collins Wm. H. engineer, 476 w Lombard 
COLLIIVS WM. H. attorney at law, 34 St, 

Paul, dw 36 n Calvert 
Collins Wm. H. brick maker, 403 Light 
Collins Wm. E. carpenter, 411 Saratoga 
Collins Wm. H. furniture dealer, 39 Harrison 

IVM. P. IVEBB, Marine, Fire and I<ife Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent <' Mutual 
Benefit Uife Insurance Co., Newark, ST. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Collins Wm. R. butcher, Point la nearGreen- 

mount Cemetery 
Colliiigwood Geo. varnisher, 12 Rose 
Collison Charles W. mariner, 120 s Eden 
Collison Edward, laborer, 141 Sterling 
Collison & Hichew, carpenters, 14 s Durham 
Collison Jas. R. lamplighter, 200 n Broadway 
Collison Thos. W. (C. & Hichew) 34 s Ann 
Collison Wm. draper and tailor, 7 s Sharp dw 

180 s Paca 
Collmus Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
Collopy John, drayman, 519 w Baltimore 
Collopy Wm. laborer, 17 n Amity 
Colmary Capt. Abraham L. mariner, 37 Lee 
Colmary Mary, 90 n Eutaw 
Colmary Nathan A. collector, 90 n Eutaw 
Colohan, John, shoemaker, 24 s Sharp 
Colp Jacob, clerk, 8 Brad alley 
Colson Sarah L>. tailoress, 157 s Hughes 
Colsten Dr. Henry, U. S. A. 91 s Sharp 
Colston Joseph H. cigar maker, 446 Walsh 
Colt George, bricklayer, 144 Holiday 
Coltart John A. pattern maker, 37 French 
Colter Andrew J. laborer, 91 Preston 
Colter Margaret, 129 Vine 
Colter Samuel, brass finisher, 40 Ross 
Colton Frederick, confectionery, 100 Hillen 
Colton Geo. (G. C. & Co.) 357 e Baltimore 
Colton George & Co. property agents and 

collectors, 28 w Second 
Colton H. H. stocking weaver, 10 Ensor 
Colton John, stone cutter, 70 Mulberry 
Colton John, stocking manuf. 235 w Pratt 
Colton John, well digger, 126 Dolphin 
Colton John H. hackman, 70 Mulberry 
Colton Wesley H. clerk, 357 e Baltimore 
Colton Wm. property agent, 51 w Fayette, 

dw 329 Ross 
Columbia Street Church (M. E.) Columbia 

e of Fremont 
Colup Hartman, tailor, 109 McElderry 
COLVIN RICHARD, 77 e Baltimore 
Colvert Sarah, 183 Aisquith 
Comber Bernard, Clinton s of Boston 
Comber Mrs. Sarah, 262 s Eutaw 
Combert Joseph, tailor, 160 Ensor 
Comegys Benjamin, insurance agent, over cor 

Baltimore and Charles, dw 102 s Sharp 
Comegys Henry C. sutler, 122 w Biddle 
Comegys Samuel, laborer, 171 Lee 
Comely Charles H. clerk Q.M., 40 Courtland 
Cometic Antonius, mariner, 59 s Howard 

s w cor Howard and German 
Commercial Buildings, n e cor Gay and 

cor of Fayette and Holiday — [See .flppejidix] 
Commons Francis, grocery, 50 Davis 
Compton John A. runner Merchants' Bank, 

dw Baltimore Co 

Sam'l Maccubbin, comptroller 
Comte Mrs. Ann, 81 s High 
Conaboy James, hackman, 22 Tyson alley 
Conain Louis, merchant, 45 Granby 
Conal Morris, marble polisher, 80 Holiday 
Conant Samuel W. clock maker, 163 n Cen- 
tral av 
Conant Samuel W. jr. G2 n Front 
Conattz Thos. Broadway near Orleans 
Conaway Charles R. painter, 149 n Bond 
Conaway Solomon, police, 845 w Pratt 

Conaway Wm. E. cigar maker, Fayette near 

Condell Charles B. engineer, 34 Lemon 
Condlen Michael, hostler, Maffett's stables, n 

Condon Wm. H. silver plater, 198 Chestnut 
Conine Alfred S. s w cor Frederick and Fa- 
yette, dw 234 n Charles 
Conine Wm. C. s w cor Charles and Eager 
Conkling Julius, furn. wagon, 254 n Caroline 
Conklin Joseph, mariner, 201 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Conklin Capt. Michael, 88 s Exeter 
Conklin Wm. H. jr. bookkeeper, lG7s Broad- 
Conkling Capt. Wm. H. 167 s Broadway 
Conkling William H. of custom house, 157 

s Broadway 
Conlan Michael, machinist, 108 Barry 
Conley Mrs Catharine, 28 Lloyd 
Conley James, laborer, 18 French 
Conley James, boot-fitter, 129 n Front 
Conley John, laborer, 4 Rock 
Conley L. laborer, 22 s Chapel 
Conley Michael, laborer, Goodman al 
Conley Oliver, laborer, Arch row near Falls 

Conlin Mary, grocery, 8 Foundry 
Conlon Andrew J. printer, s e cor Barre and 

Conly John, laborer. Northern av nr McMe- 

Conly Patrick, laborer, 22 Walnut al 
Conn Jane, 47 n Central av 
Conn John, fisherman, 213 s Durham 
Conn Robert, tanner, 131 n Fremont 
Conn Thomas P. provisions, 269 Mulberry 
Conn Wm. D. 18 n Strieker 
Conn Wm. grocer, 101 Franklin 
Connell Dennis, laborer, 7 Hillen 
Connell Ellen, 19 Hillen 
Connell Francis A. clerk Superior Court, dw 

9 Barnet 
Connell James, carpenter, 784 w Baltimore 
Connell John, laborer, 25 e Madison 
Connell Mary, confectionery, 25 Barnet 
Connell Samuel, carter, 92 s Spring 
Connell Mrs. Susan, 87 s Spring 
Connellee Elizabeth, boarding, 42 n Calvert 
Connelly Mrs. Catharine, cor Frederick av 

Connelly Dominick, laborer, 14 Armistead la 
Connelly Edward, harness maker, 253 s Paca 
Connelly Edward, 136 Garden 
Connelly Isaac, cooper, 16 Ramsay 
Connelly James, moulder, 190 n Exeter 
Connelly Jas. C. restaurant, 82 s Howard, 

dw Conway bet Eutaw and L. Paca 
Connelly JTohn, laborer, 53 King 
Connelly John, laborer, 14 Armistead la 
Connelly John, restaurant, 162 n Calvert 
Connelly Martin, laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
Connelly Michael, miller, 253 s Paca 
Connelly Michael, tavern, n w cor Frederick 

and Fulton 
Connelly Michael, laborer, cor Charles and 

Connelly Patrick, (McCreary & C.) 300 e 

Connelly Patrick, porter, 127 Elliott 
Connelly Wm. shoemaker, 38 Rock 
Conner Barnet, lumber wag'r, 24 Welcome al 
Conner Bernard, 14 Block 

r. HE.VRY CIKSE, Cf»mml«»«on Merclmnt, tflnr fne scJc of Flour, Gmln, Seeds, &c. 
RoHenOole Cement and Colctnod Floater constautly on Iiond, HI Spear's "Wlxarf, 




Conner Daniel, laborer, 140 s Castle al 
Conner Eugene, laborer, Mullikin near Bethel 
Conner Mrs. Emily, grocer, 85 St. Peters 
Conner Francis, laborer, 7 Webster al 
Conner Henry, hostler, 507 Belair av 
Conner James, laborer, 157 Aliceanna 
Conner James W. laborer, 85 St. Peters 
Conner James E. clerk, 644 w Baltimore 
Conner James, laborer, 8 Scott 
Conner John, laborer, 108 Hillen 
Conner John, laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Conner Mrs. John, watchmaker and jeweler, 

46 w Baltimore 
Conner John, laborer, 133 s Chapel 
Conner Joshua, confectioner, 345 Mulberry 
Conner Matthew, carpenter, 97 Watson 
Conner Michael, laborer, 12 n Oregon 
Conner M. milliner, 558 Lexington 
Conner Patrick, laborer, 37 Cambridge 
Conner Richard J. K. bricklayer 170 George 
Conner Rodger, laborer, 35 w Lombard 
Conner Roger, laborer, 247 Forrest 
Conner Rebecca, confectioner, 644 w Baltimore 
Conner Thomas, painter, 271 e Monument 
Conner Thomas W. collector, 644 w Baltimore 
Conner Thomas, laborer, 124 Vine 
Conner Thomas, drayman, 12 Haw 
Conner William, 29 n Greene 
Conner William W. carpenter, 558 Lexington 
Conners Patrick, laborer, 10 L. Broadway 
Connoles Peter, pedler, 2 Mulberry ct 
Connolly Ann, tavern, 9 Fish Market space 
Connolly Andrew, soldier, 22 s Fremont 
Connolly Dominick C. soldier, 22 s Fremont 
Connolly Edward, shoemaker, 95 n Eden 
Connolly Ellis, fisherman, 209 Cross 
Connolly Geo. carver, 54 Somerset 
Connolly Harry, laborer, 3 President al 
Connolly Mrs.' Hannah, 224 Lexington 
Connolly Hugh, coachman, 14 St. Mary 
Connolly James, ship joiner, 159 Bank 
Connolly James, carter, cor Aliceanna and 

Connolly James, mariner, 11 Pleasant 
Connolly James, laborer, 364 s Charles 
Connolly James F. tinner, 538 w Pratt 
Connolly James H. & Co., boots and shoes, 

496 w Baltimore 
Connolly John, laborer, 52 Dewberry al 
Connolly John, cooper, 22 s Fremont 
Connolly John T. paper hanger, 22 s Fremont 
Connolly John F. marble dealer, 181 e Eager 
Connolly John, laborer, 109 Ensor 
Connolly Mrs. Maria, 538 w Pratt 
Connolly Mary, 107 w Fayette 
Connolly Michael, academy, s e cor Fayette 

and Eutaw, dw 169 Saratoga 
Connolly Michael, tavern, 122 s Hojvard 
Connolly Wm. H. machinist, 538 w Pratt 
Connolly Peter, laborer, 42 Morton al 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 126 Vine 
^ Connolly Patrick, laborer, 22 St. Mary 
Connolly Patrick, tanner, 54 Somerset 
Connolly Robert, stair builder, 23 e Madison 
Connolly Sarah C. fancy goods, 5 s Greene 
Connolly Sarah, confectioner, 22 s Fremont 
Connolly Wm. mariner, 54 Somerset 
Connolly Wm. A. pattern maker, 177 n Ex- 
Connolly William, porter, n w cor East and 

Connoly Pat. coppersmith, 300 e Monument 
Connor Ella, 16 Edward 

I Connor Dr. 29 s Broadway 
Connor Henry, cattle driver, 24 Mount 
Connor Mrs. Mary, 117 Stirling 
Connor Thomas, laborer, 220 Penn. av 
Connors James, machinist, 93 York 
Connover John, news dealer. High near 

Connow Thomas, porter, 130 "Vine 
Conoway Francis A. ship joiner, 218 e Pratt 
Conoway James, machinist, 241 HoUins 
Conoway John N. moulder, 241 Hollins 
Conoway John, canvasser, 221 Mulberry 
Conoway Wm. laborer, 241 Hollins 
Conrad Ann, confectionery, 269 L. Hughes 
Conrad Christopher F. butcher, 282 Penn. av 
Conrad Christian, confectioner, 253 Frankhn 
Conrad Frederick, blacksmith, 459 n Gay 
Conrad John F. plasterer, 253 Franklin 
Conrad John, laborer, Clinton near Elliott 
Conrad Julius, hair dresser, 3 s Frederick 
Conrad Louis T. cooper, 269 L. Hughes 
Conrad Philip, carter, 108 Hill 
Conrad Wm. laborer, 135 s Spring 
Conrades August, shoemaker, 403 Saratoga 
Conrads Peter L. laborer, 130 Low 
Conradt Geo. M. s w cor High and Fayette 
Conradt Geo. F. (Walsh & C".) 23 n Calvert 
Conroy Catharine, 1 Arcade al 
Conroy Eliza, cook Academy Immaculate 

Conception, 7 Hollins 
Conroy John, carter, 466 Harford av 
Conroy John, porter, 66 Essex 
Conroy John, laborer, 360 s Charles 
Conroy Martin, 212 n Central av 
Conroy Michael, blacksmith, 212 n Central av 
Conroy Michael, wagoner, 98 Albemarle 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, 360 Ostend 
Conroy Patrick, tavern, 259 Greenmount av 
Conroy Thomas, carpenter, 3 Elliott 
Conroy Thomas, laborer, rear of 58 n Eutaw 
Conry Jane R. dress maker, 16 Barnet 
Conry John, porter, 66 Essex 
Conry John, 510 Lexington 
Conry Kate, 4 L. Barclay 
Conry Michael, laborer, 4 L. Barclay 
Conry Thomas, huckster, 31 n Paca 
Conry Wm. hackman, 46 Hillen 
Consans Lawrence, blacksmith, 17 Sterrett 
Considine Mrs. Bridget, huckstress, 190 Lex- 
Considine Catharine, huckstress, rear of 58 n 

Consman Andrew, grocery, 89 Hampstead 
Constable Catharine, 659 Lexington 
Constable Clias. B. carpenter, 185 e Eeiger 
Constam Aaron, second-hand goods, 137 s 

Constam Henry, clerk, s w cor Lexington and 

Constance George, shoemaker, 145 Stirling 
Constance Harman, tailor, 319 e Madison 
Constance Joseph, tailor, 243 Greenmount av 
Constance Joseph, tailor, 319 e Madison 
Constance Mrs. Teresa, 319 e Madison 
Constance Theodore, plumber, 186 n Caroline 
Constantine Daniel, ship carp'ter, 95 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Constantine Richard, keeper Mount Royal 

Reservoir, near toll gate, Falls road 
Constitutional Presbyterian Church, s e cor 

Greene and German 
Constitution-st Presbyterian Chapel, 44 Con- 

GEO. S. PAGE & BRO., Manufacturers of Roofs and Roofiiis Blateriala, 111 Smith's 
-Wbarf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




Conti Peter, fruit stand, s e cor Baltimore 

and Frederick 
Conti Santins, statuary, &c. 121 Eastern av 
Convalescent Soldiers Headquarters, 121 Cam- 
Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Sis- 
ters of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 
Convent de Notre Dame, a e cor Eager and 

Converse Emily, 243 n Eutaw 
Converse John H. attorney, 243 n Eutaw 
Conway Benjamin F. 25 Fawn 
Conway Barbara, 123 Chesapeake 
Conway Charles, laborer, 232 William 
Conway Charles, blacksmith, 361 Columbia 
Conway Deglan, laborer. Falls road near toll 

Conway Edward, soldier, 102 s Bond 
Conway Frank, machinist, 243 HoUins 
Conway George, laborer, 88 Dolphin 
Conway George, huckster, 33 Shakspearc 
Conway James, clerk, 26 Stiles 
Conway James, ship carpenter, 72 Johnson 
Conway James, clerk, 26 Stiles 
Conway Jane, grocery, 127 Gough 
Conway Jane, grocery, 55 Lancaster 
Conway John, fisherman, 76 Dorsey al 
ConwayJohn H. & Bro. groceries and teas, 

n e cor Ensor and Chesnut 
CONWAY JOHN R. & SON, wholesale 
grocers and commission merchts,3l Cheap- 
Conway John R. (J. R. C. & Son) 93 St. Paul 
Conway John H. (J. H. C. & Bro.) 107 e 

Conway John W. 175 German 
Conway John W. plumber, 3 s Greene 
Conway Jos. B. engineer, foot of G. Hughes 
Conway Lawrence, 5 Wills 
Conway Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 134 Hol- 

Conway Owen, laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
Conway Patrick, (John H. C. & Bro.) n e 

cor Chesnut and Ensor 
Conway Patrick, tavern, 3 Centre Market 

Conway Richard H. (John R. C. & Son,) 93 

St, Paul 
Conway Samuel, fisherman, 83 Johnson 
Conway S. police, 845 w Pratt 
Conway Thos. 34 Rock 
Conway Wm. edge tool maker, Campbell bet 

Hudson and Lancaster 
Conway Wm. E. cigar maker, 102 s Bond 
Conway Wm. fisherman, 76 Dorsey al 
Coogan James, laborer, 602 w Pratt 
Coogan Mrs. Margaret, 90 s Poppleton 
Coogan Patrick, laborer, 90 s Poppleton 
Cook Addison S. blacksmith, 182 William 
Cook Alex. G. A. shoemaker, 244 n Caroline 
Cook Capt. Alexander, 97 Granby 
Cook Allen, Wolfe near Fayette 
Cook Anthony, florist, Mulberry opp. Oregon 
Cook Mrs. Anne, 399 s Charles 
Cook Bern. F. machinist. Federal n of Cathe- 
Cook Bcnj. F. machinist, 803 w Baltimore 
COOK BENJAMIN M. boot and shoe dealer, 

803 w Baltimore 
Cook Catharine, 4 Spruce al 
Cook Catharine, tailoress, 42 Dewberry al 
Cook Chas. A. blacksmith, 416 Harford av 
Cook Chas. W. S. saddler, 71 Lee 

Cook Charles, clerk, 75 e Baltimore 
Cook Columbus, 51 n Carey 
Cook Daniel, car driver, 186 Bethel 
Cook Daniel, cedar cooper, 45 Portland 
Cook David W. propr. livery stables, 124 

Ensor, dw 204 e Eager 
Cook David, clerk, 368 e Monument 
Cook Eber F., Northern av e of Charles 
Cook Mrs. Eliza, 272 e Pratt 
Cook Elizabeth, grocery, 221 Aliceanna 
Cook Mrs. Elizabeth, 188 Stirling 
Cook Eleanor, 188 Stirling 
Cook Emily J. 162 e Monument 
Cook Frederick, butcher, 48 Franklin al 
Cook Frederick, jr. butcher, 68 Centre, 45 
Lexington, and 26 Hanover markets, dw 
244 Montgomery 
Cook Mrs. Frederick C. 123 Garden 
Cook Frederick, butcher, 244 Montgomery 
Cook Francis, (Foley & Cook,) 144 Franklin 
Cook George, wheelwright and blacksmith, 

cor Scott and Columbia, dw Scott 
Cook George, cabinetmaker, 22 New Church 
Cook George, grocer, 74 n Exeter 
Cook George W. dentist, 67 n Charles 
Cook George L. carpenter, 344 Mulberry 
Cook G. Louis, porter, 69 n Pine 
Cook Harriet, boarding, 218 w Pratt 
Cook Mrs. Harriet, 385 Mulberry 
Cook Henry C. clerk, 15 Commerce 
Cook Henry F. clerk, 76 w Baltimore 
COOK H. W. & CO wholesale grocers and 

commission merchants, 15 Commerce 
COOK & HERRING, china, glass and 

queensware, 9 s Charles 
Cook Mrs. Henrietta, vest maker, 18 Warner 
Cook H. tavern, 241 Aliceanna 
Cook Henry, butcher, Calverton road, near 

cattle scales 
Cook Henry, cabinet maker, 27 Gough 
Cook Henry A. guard at the penitentiary 75 

Cook Henry W. (H. W. C. &Co.) 16 Hollins 
Cook Henry, 62 n Broadway 
COOK ISAAC P. bookseller and stationer, 

76 w Baltimore 
Cook Isaac P., Register of Wills, Record office, 

dw 76 w Baltimore 
Cook James, pedler, 3 L. Constitution 
Cook James H. Quartermaster, 5th Maryland 

Regiment, 126 n Exeter 
Cook Jasper, agricultural implement maker, 

83 Hamburg 
Cook John H. (C. & Spedden) 42 Warren 
Cook John, blacksmith. 42 Dewberry 
Cook John, huckster, 33 n Amity 
Cook John F. machinist, 10 n Schroeder 
Cook John F. printer, 37 Ensor 
Cook Jolm F. sergeant police, 8 n Bond 
Cook John, paper carrier, 374 e Monument 
Cook John, fisherman, 460 Light 
Cook John J. police, 456 Saratoga 
Cook J. K.& Moore, block and pump makers, 

17 Philpot 
Cook John H. engineer, 87 Mount, near Ca- 
Cook John H. undertaker, 707 w Baltimore 
Cook John H. block and pump maker, Gough, 

cor Eden 
Cook Joseph B. cabinet maker, 707 w Balti- 
Cook Mrs. Josephine, dressmaker, 146 e 

"WM. P. "WKHB, Mnrine, Fire and JAfe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 

Rcnefit Ijiic Insurance Co., NeirarU, IV. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Cook Joel M. police, 216 Columbia 

Cook Joseph, shoemaker, 96 St. Peters 

Cook Mrs. Lucy, 38 Josephine 

Cook Joseph M. (H. W. C. &. Co.,) 16 Hol- 

Cook Mrs. Margaret, 483 e Baltimore 
Cook Mary, 144 n Eden 
Cook Matthias, huckster, 226 Frederick av 
Cook Michael, huckster, 32 n Schroeder 
Cook Robert A. clerk, register of wills office, 

61 Chew 
Cook Robert, (C. & Herring) 60 McCulloh 
Cook Robert McK. pilot, 129 s Exeter 
Cook Samuel G clerk, 119 e Baltimore 
Cook Samuel C. shoemaker, 399 s Charles 
Cook Silas, mariner, 57 n Eden 
Cook Stephen D. mariner, 8 Gough 
Cook & Spedden, grocers and eommission 

merchants, 165 Light st wharf 
•Cook Sylvester, shoemaker, 177 e Eager 
Cook Thomas, laborer, 125 s Chester 
Cook Thomas A. clerk, 60 McCulloh 
Cook Thomas, clerk, 61 Chew 
Cook Wm. W. L. student, 15 Commerce 
Cook Wm. grocer, s e cor Pratt and Caroline 
Cook Wm. George, soldier, 114 n Schroeder 
Cook Wm. foundryman, 287 Hanover 
Cook Wm. J. cigar maker, 27 Gough 
Cook Wm. potter, 460 w Lombard 
Cook Wm. hostler, 250 Franklin 
Cook Wm. B. printer, 3 w Biddle 
Cook Wm. laborer, 21 Port 
Cook Wm. S. coachsmith, 24 Holliday 
Cook Wm. H. tinner, 222 s Charles 
Cooke Andrew J. clerk, 194 Mulberry 
Cooke Charles W. 24 w Second 
Cooke George L. porter, 69 n Pine 
Cooke Geo. (Wm. C. & Sons,) 52 Franklin 
Cooke Henry W. cashier Adams' Express 

Co. 620 Lexington 
Cooke John, cotton factory, 151 Garden 
Cooke Dr. Theodore, 122 s Charles 
Cooke Warren E. cabinet photographs and al- 
bums, 278 w Baltimore, dw Charles, near 
Northern av 
Cooke Wm. & Sons, commission merchants, 

82 Light St wharf 
Cooke Wm. (Wm. C. & Sons,) 52 Franklin 
Cookes Mary, 41 s Washington, F. P. 
Cooksey John, ship carpenter, 310 Aliceanna 
Cooksey Mary G. 284 e Baltimore 
Cooksey Mary, 344 Eastern av 
Cooksey Thomas H. machinist,344 Eastern av 
Cool Gotleib, machinist, 674 w Pratt 
Cooley Geo. A. boat builder, 220 Eastern av 
Cooley Mrs. Mary, 79 n Oregon 
Cooley Wm. soldier, 1 McMechen 
Coombes R. J. printer, 128 w Baltimore 
Coon A. pedler, 149 e Fayette 
Coon Louis C. tobacconist, 377 w Pratt 
Coohan Daniel, clothier, 79 Centre Market sp 
and 119 w Baltimore, dw 70 Centre Market 
Coonan Dr. John N. 70 Centre Market space 
Coonan Elizabeth, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan John, gas fitter, 218 s Wolfe 
Coonan Joseph E. clerk, 70 Centre Market sp 
Coonan Michael 1. clothier, 119 w Baltimore, 

dw 70 Centre Market space 
Cooney Christopher, shoemaker, 13 n Pop- 

Cooney James, cooper, 148 Gough 
Cooney Lawrence, grocery, 13 n Poppleton 

Cooney Michael, barkeeper Union hotel, s w 

cor Pratt and Charles 
Cooney Michael, tailor, 10 n Greene 
Cooney Thomas, printer, 13 n Poppleton 
COOPER EDWARD K. shipping and guano 
merchant, over s w cor South and Water, 
dw 10 s Broadway 
Cooper Edward R. porter, 132 s Fremont 
Cooper Mrs. E. 180 Madison av 
Cooper Capt. Edward K. 10 s Broadway 
Cooper Capt. Edward 0. 10 s Broadway 
Cooper Mrs. Electa, 180 Madison 
Cooper Francis, teamster, 170 Eastern av 
Cooper George W. engineer, 793 w Baltimore 
Cooper George W. ship joiner, 106 s Castle al 
Cooper George F. painter, 145 Gough 
Cooper Rev. George W. 101 n Bond 
Cooper George, 107 e Pratt 
Cooper George, laborer, 17 Pleasant al 
Cooper Henry, police, 73 Hamburg 
Cooper Mrs. George, lager beer, 107 e Pratt 
Cooper Hugh A. (C. & Slicer,) 161 s Broad- 
Cooper Hugh W. clerk, 182 Saratoga 
Cooper James, shoemaker, 146 German 
Cooper James C. machinist, 1st tollgate Falls 

Cooper John, laborer, 83 Cambridge 
Cooper John, brushmaker, 41 French 
Cooper John, huckster, 153 s Regester 
Cooper John, moulder, 127 s Exeter 
Cooper John, tavern, s w cor Fish Market sp 

and Concord 
Cooper John H. pilot, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper John W. ship joiner, 67 Gough 
Cooper John W. printer, 329 n Gay 
Coope Lloyd N. carpenter, 224 Lee 
Coope Thomas, tinner, 127 s Exeter 
Cooper Margaret, 3 e Madison 
Cooper Mary A. 127 s Exeter 

Cooper (C. & Seltzer,) cor Chester and 

Cooper Mary, seamstress, 130 s Wolfe 
Cooper Mary, seamstress, 56 Jefferson 
Cooper Mary, 139 s High 
Cooper Philip, pilot, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper Miss Priscilla, 215 n Greene 
Cooper & Seltzer, butchers, 20 Fells' Point 

Cooper Samuel, Beech Hill, Saratoga exten'd 
COOPER & SLICER, marine railway and 

ship builders, s w cor Philpotand Wills 
Cooper Thomas G. carpenter, N. C. R. R. 

near Reservoir 
Cooper Thomas, laborer, 61 s Bethel 
Cooper Thomas, 1st toll gate. Falls road 
Cooper William, moulder, 85 McElderry 
Cooper Wm. H. varnisher, 142 Raborg 
Cooper William, machinist, 84 Luzerne, Can- 
Cooper Wm. tavern, n w cor Caroline and 

Canton av 
Coos John, laborer, 296 Canton av 
Coote Thomas, clerk, 26 e Pratt 
Cope Charles, collar maker. Falls road, near 
* Northern av 

Copeland Mrs. Dorothea, 297 w Lombard 
Copeland Robert, huckster, 24 Townsend 
Coppenbach Christian, glass blower, 85 Wil- 
Copper James H. ladies shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Copper Joshua T. wheelwright, Philadelphia 
road , near city limits 

J. HEPfRY GIESE, Commission MercJiant, for tUe sale of Flour, Graim, Seeds, &c. 
Rosendole Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 31 gear's Wliarf. 


Copper Norris, shoemaker, 128 n Caroline 
Copper Samuel, agent, 174 Franklin 
Coppinger John D. clerk N. C. R. R., Frank- 
lin House 
Coram Joseph, shoemaker, 146 Hollins 
Coram Wm. H. shoemaker, 146 Hollins 
Corbell Peter, 58 Harrison 
Corbell William, broker, 37 s Exeter 
Corbert Edward, laborer, 113 York 
Corbett Emanuel, shipping merchant, over 37 

w Pratt, dw 89 William 
Corbett Isaac, umbrellas and india rubber, 93 

w Baltimore 
Corcoran John, gardener, 399 w Pratt 
Corcoran Michael, blacksmith, Goodman al 

near Cross, dw 382 Hanover 
Corcoran Patrick, shoemaker, 62 Lancaster 
Corcoran Stephen, grocery and liquors, 95 

McElderry's wharf 
Corcoran Thomas, grocer, 89 McElderry 
Cord James, woodsawyer, 43 Warren 
Cordery James C. cabinetmaker, 403 s Charles 
Cordery Mrs. Sarah, 356 e Baltimore 
Cordery Wm. H. 64 w Fayette 
Cordray Henry, piano maker, 66 n Pine 
Cordray Maria, 86 e Pratt 
Cordray Mary, boarding, 136 Lexington 
Cordray Mary B. Carey, near Saratoga 
Cordray William, clerk, 137 Lexington 
Corey Henjamin J. saddler, 123 n Eutaw 
Curey Eliza, 123 n Eutaw 
Corey Elizabeth, 123 n Eutaw 
Coriel Isaac, custom house, 631 w Lombard 
Corkin James, laborer, 176 Washington, F. H . 
Corklin Cornelius, laborer, 39 Haubert 
Corkran Benjamin W. paying teller Farmers 

and Merchants Bank, 78 Lee 
Corkran Francis S. naval office, dw Luther- 

ville, Baltimore co 
Corkran Wm. clerk to naval officer, 172 Hano- 
Corkrin Capt. Wm. 247 Montgomery 
Corletto Mrs. Ann, boarding, 196 s Ann 
Corletto Eliza, 196 s Ann 
Corletto Wm. H. mariner, 196 s Ann 
Corman Stephen A. shoemaker, 49 n Popple- 
Corn and flour exchange, 77 and 79 South, 

Henry M. Warfield, president 
Cornelius James, wagoner, 16 Somerset 
Cornelius John D. huckster, 133 Hillen 
Cornelius Nicholas, huckster, 64 Greenmount 

Cornelius Nicholas, grocer and commission 

merchant, 165 Forrest, dw 163 
Cornelius Mrs. Rebecca S. 202 s Charles 
Cornelius Richard, of Farmers and Planters 

Bank, dw 376 w Fayette 
Cornell George, brick machine maker, 234 

Lee, dw236 
Cornell Mark, (C. & Son,) 255 w Lombard 
Cornell Michael, carpenter, 13 Morris al, dw 

242 w Madison 
CORNELL & SON, produce commission 

merchants, 70 South 
Cornell Capt. Stephen, U. S. Revenue, 31 s 

Eden • 

Cornell Wm. C. (C. & Son,) 255 w Lombard 
Corner B. Mezick, (James C. & Sons,) 50 

Corner George W. (James C. & Sons,) 20 n 

Corner Henry C. clerk, 122 St, Paul 

8 COS 

Corner James & Sons, shipping and commis- 
sion merchants. Corner's wharf, foot of 
Frederick st dock 
Corner John, moulder, 217 e Pratt 
Corner Sarah, 309 e Baltimore 
Corner Sol. miller and flour merchant, Spear's 

wharf, dw 122 St. Paul 
CORNER THOMAS Jr., clerk, s e corner 

Monument and Park 
Corner Thomas, (James C. & Sons,) s e cor 

Monument and Park 
Corner William H. 89 n Paca 
Corner William, machinist, 139 s Eden 
Corney John, carpenter, HI e Monument 
Corney Patrick, gardener, 22 Cross 
Cornig Henry, shoemaker, 170 e Fayette 
Cornman John, carpet weaver, 36 s Regester 
Corns John, puddler, 340 Eastern av 
Corns Jacob F. feed, 8 Frederick av, dw 958 

w Baltimore 
Corns John, puddler, 340 Eastern av 
Corns Thomas, farmer, 166 e Pratt 
Corns Wm. grocery, 166 e Pratt 
Cornthwait Robert, police, 160 Scott 
Cornthwait Oliver, miller, 170 e Lombard 
Cornthwait Wm. R. bookkeeper, 47 n Gay 
Cornwell Lucius J. clerk, 108 Hanover 
Corper Michael, tinner, 265 e Madison 
Corprew Mose, boiler maker, 386 w Lombard 
Corprew Thos. boiler maker, 253 Eastern av 
Corprew Thos. boiler maker, 253 Eastern av 
Correar Mathew 0. machinist, 108 n Caroline 
Correll Mrs. Annie, millinery, 566 w Baltimore 
Correll Abraham, clerk, 566 w Baltimore 
Correll Charles E. grocery, 404 w Lombard 
Corrie Margaret, mantua maker, 155Pennaav 
Corrie Dr. James, dentist, office with Bryson 

Gill & Son, 56 s Sharp, dw 237 Saratoga 
Corrigan John, laborer, 2 Fort av 
Corrigan Daniel, shoemaker, 107 Harford av 
Corrigan Edward, grocer, cor Bethel and Mul- 

Corrigan Francis, machinist, 4 n Wolfe 
Corrigan John, stone mason, 24 Neighbor 
Corrigan Michael, huckster, 107 Mullikin 
Corrigan Mary, 21 Richmond 
Corrigan Patrick, chandler, 9 s Washington 
Corser Charles F. agent agricultural imple- 
ments, 90 and 92 s Charles, dw 49 Lee 
Corson A. Eliza, M. D. 110 e Fayette 
CORTLAN & CO., importers of housekeep- 
ing goods, table cutlery, fancy hardware, 
&c., 216 and 218 w Baltimore.— [See Mver- 
tisement front of Business Directonj.] 
Cortlan James sr., Charles near Northern av 

(C. & Co.) 153 St. 
purveyor U. S. A. 

389 ^ 

Cortlan James 
Corum James C. 


Corwine Elizabeth, seamstress, 19 Green- 
mount av 
Cosar Nicholas, scourer, 32 Hanover 
Cosgrove Mrs. Ann, 235 Gough 
Cosgrove John P. clerk, 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove John, ship joiner, 82 Richmond 
COSGROVE J. HENRY, grocer, 82 Rich- 
Cosgrove Mrs. Margaret, 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove Mary E. saleswoman, 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove Michael, laborer, 214 Wolfe 
Cosgrove Patrick, laborer, 119 s Chapel 
Co.sgrove Patrick, huckster, 193 Holhns 
Cosgrove Sarah A. 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove Thomas, fireman, 235 Gough 

GEO. S. PAGK & BRO., Mannfactnrers of Roofs and Roofing DIatertals, 111 Smith's 
Wharf. C. HAKT SUDTH, Agent. 



Coskery Mra. Bridget, 99 Peirce 
Coskery Dr. Felix S. 188 n Calvert 
Coskery Rev. Henry B. 106 n Charles 
COSKERY HENRY J. apothecary, s e cor 

St. Paul and Fayette, dw 188 n Calvert 
Coskery James, draymen, 38 e Eager 
Coskery Mary E. tailoress, 78 s Fremont 
Coskery Oscar, clerk, 188 n Calvert 
Coss Charles, butcher, 557 w Fayette' 
Coss George M. (C. & Leach) 50 n Schroeder 
Coss George, (C. & Leach) 50 n Schroeder 
Coss & Leach, photographists, over 159 w 

CostlVIrs. Rebecca, 138 Gough 
Costello Edmund, laborer, 112 Ramsey 
Costello James, hostler, 97 MuUikin 
Costello John, stonemason, 207 Orleans 
Costello John F. plumber, 124 s Regester 
Costello Michael, shoemake.i, 83 North 
Costello Michael, laborer, Clinton 
Costello Thomas, 23 Mosher 
Costello Wm. house, sign and ship painter, 

78 s Regester, dw 124 
Costen James Z. clerk, 8 East 
Coster Joseph, laborer, 19 Rock 
Coster Joseph, clerk, 27 Hill 
Coster Thomas H. currier, 32 Hillen 
Costigan Wm. superintendent dredging ma- 
chine, 297 e Pratt 
Costolay Patrick J. (Gruver & C.) 182 w 

Cothe Conrad, tinner, 231 Mulberry 
Cotrel FrancisT. bookkeeper, 866 w Baltimore 
Cotrel Mrs. Sarah, 866 w Baltimore 
Cotter Honora, 10 French 
Cotter John, (C. & Nunan) 203 e Lombard 
Cotter Jane, 182 n Exeter 
Cotter Mary A. 66 Decker 
Cotter & Nunan, brandies, wines, &c., 8 w 

Cotter Nicholas, carpenter, 66 Decker 
Cottinger Misses, school, 146 n Howard 
Cottingham Thomas, blacksmith, 38 Grant, 

dw 222 Montgomery 
Cottman Eliz'bth M. boarding, 142 n Charles 
Cottman Mrs. E. G. 93 e Pratt 
Cottman Herman S. clerk»B. & 0. R. R., 142 

n Charles 
Cottman James H. clerk, 142 n Charles 
Cottman James S. (Boggs, C. & Co. j 73 St. 

Cottrell Daniel G. fireman, 17 Perry 
Cottrell James W. painter, 298 n Eutaw 
Cottrell Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 298 n Eutaw 
Couchman George H. carpenter, 547 e Fayette 
Coughlain John, 18 Block 
Coughlan Cornelius, laborer, 81 Stirling 
Coughlan John J. 64 s Exeter 
Coughlan James, laborer, 634 w Pratt 
Coughlan Mrs. Joanna, grocery, 81 Stirling 
Coughlan Patrick, wagoner, 176 s Central av 
COUGHLAN WM. bottler, 169 and 171 s 

Central av, dw 64 s Exeter 
Coughlin Elizabeth, confectionery, 14 East 
Coughlin James, laborer, 116 Cuba 
Coughlin John, laborer, 16 Concord 
Coughlin Mary, restaurant, 11 Cuba 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, 2 Rock 
Coughnet Mary, tailoress, cor City av and 

Cougle Thomas W. 131 e Lombard 
Coulburn Stephen D. com. mer. 79 South, 

dw 661 w Fayette 

Couley Mrs. 9 Somerset 

Coulson Andrew F. painter, 220 s Wolfe 

Coulson Charles E. mariner, 220 s Wolfe 

Coulson John B. soldier, 570 Lexington 

Coulson Robert, clerk, 570 Lexington 

Coulson Thomas H. bookkeeper, 82 e Pratt 

Coulson Wm. 570 Lexington 

Coulter Alexander, teller Merchants Bank, 

64 w Biddle 
Coulter Mrs. Ann, 98 n High 
Coulter A. B. clerk, 116 St. Paul 
COULTER & CO. provision dealers, 53 and 

55 Light, and 2 and 4 Ellicott 
Coulter Esther, 164 w Biddle 
Coulter George T. broker, 58 Exchange place, 

dw 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Henry, (C. & Co.) 570 w Fayette 
Coulter James L. tobacconist, 178 Preston 
Coulter James J. pilot, 91 s Chester 
Coulter John C. (C. & Co.) 570 w Fayette 
Coulter John P. collector, 178 Preston 
Coulter Miffln, general assistant Merchants 

Bank, 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Mary A. 34 Henrietta 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113 n Eutaw 
Coulter Wm. garbage carter, 404 West 
Coultner Patrick, shop, s e cor Bond and 

Councell J. F. 421 Lexington 
Councill Ruth T. tailoress, 38 Aisquith 
Counselman Frederick, mariner, Henry near 

G. Hughes 
Counselman George F. gunsmith, rear of 31 

Counselman Jacob H. lieut. U. S. A., 131 

Counselman Robert W. conductor, 13 Gilmor 
Counselman Robert A. 75 Pearl 
Counselman Wm. H. measurer at Custom 

House, dw 652 w Lombard 
Countess Joseph, carter, 837 w Pratt 
COUPLAND RICHARD, hatter,60 s Charles 

dw 65 s Fremont 
Courleander B. music teacher, 294 w Lombard 
Court House, Baltimore city, cor Calvert and 

Court of Common Pleas, Court House, 2nd 

floor, John C.King, judge, James D. Lowry, 

chief clerk, office basement of Record office 
Courtenay David, clerk to Board of Engineers, 

203 Franklin 
Courtner Stephen, pen maker, 37 Albemarle 
Courtney E. S. (C. & Son) 215 Madison av 
Courtney George, blacksmith, 275 e Monu- 
Courtney James A. 183 w Hoffman 
Courtney Jas. A. (C. & Son) 2]5 Madison av 
Courtney Jas. boiler maker, 22 Spring row 
Courtney Stephen, gold pen maker, over s e 

cor Second and South 
Courtney Wm. T. beef butcher, 41 Belair 

market, dw 151 Greenmount av 
Courtney Wm. drayman 2 Thompson 
Courtney Wm. T. veal butcher, 33 Centre 

market, dw 153 Greenmount av 
COURTNEY & SON, tobacco commission 

merchants, 65 s Gay 
Courts Edward, riiachinist, 124 n Poppleton 
Courts George W. butcher, 286 Penna av 
Courts John, engineer, 300 Franklin 
Courts James, butcher, 124 n Poppleton 
Couse Conrad, butter store, 252 n Central 


WM. P. AVEBB, Marine, Fire nnwl Life Insurance Agent and BroJter. Agent "Mntnal 
Benefit lafe Insurance Co., Newnrlc, ST. J,," 89 Second Street. 




Cousins John, oak cooper, 49 Commerce, dw 

Penna av near Fremont 
Cousins Wm. J. clerk, cor Liberty road and 

Coutz Frederick, paver, 133 n Central av 
Cover Benj. butcher, 201 Orleans 
Covert Alfred, soldier, 525 Saratoga 
Covert A. H. Fountain Hotel 
Covington Henry, carpenter, 169 Aisquith 
Cowan Daniel, clerk city jail, 284 n Howard 
Cowan Edward, hackman, 445 w Fayette 
Cowan Thomas, hacks, 24 s Poppleton 
COWAN WM. H. attorney, 51 w- Fayette, 

dw 18 Aisquith 
Coward Margaret, 185 n Howard 
COWARD THOMAS R. grocer and com. 

merchant, 114 Light-st. wharf, dw 90 n 

Coward Mrs. Estelle M. 208 Conway 
Cowen Abraham, scourer, llli<< Lexington, 

dw Mansion' house 
Cowen Bcnj. S. glass cutter, 72' Henrietta 
Cowen Cavalier, glass blower, 72 Henrietta 
Cowen Wm. photograper, 60 e Baltimore 
Cowen Wm. A. glass blower, 72 Henrietta 
Cowen Wm. A. soldier, 72 Henrietta 
Cowles Geo. W. (W. C. & Son) 186 n Calvert 
Cowles Henry M. teacher, 220 e Monument 
Cowles John W. 186 n Calvert 
Cowles W. & Son, china and glassware, 25 s 

Cowles Loyal, salesman^ 280 Lexington 
Cowman & Brother, trimmings, hosiery and 

gloves, 59 n Howard 
Cowman & Co. hosiery and trimmings, 71 

Cowman Charles H. (H. Snowden & Co.) 

126 Bolton 
Cowman Emily (C. & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman Edward, (C. & Bro.) 23 George 
Cowman John H. clerk, 326 e Pratt 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 115 Mulberry 
Cowman Martha, (C. & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman Mary Ann, 110 n Eutaw 
Cowman Nicholas, boiler maker,126 s Charles 
Cowman Richard, police, 224 Aisquith 
Cowman Saml. jr., (C. & Bro.) 59 n Howard 
Cowman Saml. sr., (C. & Bro.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman & Snowden, dentists, 3 n Liberty 
Cowman Wm. T. (C & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowpiand Capt. Wm. S. (Edward J. Codd 

& Co.) 92 s Bond 
Cox Amos A. stonemason, 521 Lexington 
Cox Ann, 70 Jefferson 
Cox Mrs. Anna M. 333 w Pratt 
Cox Charles, painter, 25 Thompson 
Cox & Brown, commission merchants, 10 

Bowjy's wharf 
COX Surgeon C. C. medical purveyor U. 

S. A., head quarters, cor Fayette and Cal- 
vert, dw 23 McCulloh 
Cox Esau L. police, 336 e Pratt 
Cox Dr. E. Gover & Co., apothecary, n w 

cor Pino and Baltimore 
COX ELISHA, coach and livery stables, n e 

cor Bank and Bethel, dw 88 Bank 
Cox Capt. E. W. Hand Tavern 
Cox Dr. E. Gover, (Dr. E. G. C. & Co.) 92 

n Paca 
Cox Geo. A. grocer, 103 Hanover 
Cox Henry N. clerk, 36 w Biddle 
Cox Isaac & Co. hats and caps, 190 w Balti- 

Cox Isaac, (I. C. & Co.) 600 w Baltimore 
Cox James E. painter, 287 e Eager 
Cox James L. cigar maker, 164 Ensor 
Cox James H. broker, n e cor Baltimore and 

North, dw 58 n Greene 
Cox JenningsS. bookkeeper, Jefferson avnear 

Northern av 
Cox John, yeast maker, 110 Mullikin 
Cox John, printer, 312 n Eutaw 
Cox John, carpenter, 220 e Monument 
COX JOHN R. & POPE, grocers, s w cor 
Fayette and Howard.— [See p. 27 Mverlise- 
Cox John R, (J. R. C.& Pope,) 92 n Paca 
Cox Joseph. (Freeland & Hall,) 226 n 

Cox Luther J. jr. (C. & Brown, ^ 5 HoUins 
Cox Mary, confectionery, 229 w Biddle 
Cox Mrs. Mary, grocery, 110 Mullikin 
Cox Mary E. tailoress, 91 Jefferson 
Cox Mrs. Margaret, Indian vegetable medi- 
cine, 158 e Baltimore 
Cox Melchor, stone mason, 599 w Lombard 
Cox Michael, laborer, 6 Centre 
Cox Perry, upholsterer, 73 Columbia 

Cox ,27 Hollins 

Cox Richard, clerk, 58 n Greene 

Cox S. Edward, runner Citizens' Bank, 58 n 

Cox Susan, 104 n Caroline 
Cox Thomas, hackman, 30 Harford av 
Cox Wm. H.226n Charles 
Cox Wm. H. merchant tailor, 606 w Balti- 
Cox Wm. A. clerk, 103 Hanover 
Cox Wm F. bookkeeper, 95 n Bond 
Cox Wm. Perry, receiving teller Citizens 

Bank, dw 58 n Greene 
Coxon Francis, potter, 165 Eastern av 
Coy Dr. Byron F. dentist, 141 Washington 

Coy Frederick, chair grainer, 151 e Madison 
Coy John, machinist, 70 William 
Coyle Bernard F. butcher, 240 Penna. av 
Coyle Catharine, grocery, 2 Centre 
Coyle Henry H. photographer, 62 Conway 
Coyle Hugh J. clerk, 101 Franklin 
Coyle Hugh J. clerk, 105 Saratoga 
Coyle James B. bookkeeper, 62 Conway 
Coyle John, ship carpenter, Hamburg near 

Coyle John, carver and gilder, 105 Saratoga 
Coyle Mary A. milliner, 240 Penna. av 
Coyle Dr. Terrance P. dentist, n w cor Park 

and Saratoga 
Coyle Wm. clerk Adams Express, 284 Frank- 
Coyne Jeremiah, carpenter, 26 n Poppleton 
Coyne John, laborer, 221 Bank 
Coyne Michael, laborer, 51 Haubert 
Coyne Peter, laborer, 77 s Poppleton 
Coyne Timothy, laborer, 196 Chesapeake 
Cozine James, grocer, n w cor Madison and 

Cozine Wm. gilder, 64 Harford av 
Crabbe John E. R. Carey near Saratoga 
Crabbs Frederick, oyster packer, 418 w Lom- 
Crabster John, watchman, Lanvale la near 

Craf George, wheelwright, 145 n Central av 
Craft Ann S. 38 s Eutaw 
Craft Charles, butcher, 77 Preston 

J. HEWR.Y aiESE, Commission Mercliant, for ttie sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roaendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on Hand, 81 Spear's "Wliarf. 




Craft Charles, machinist, 186 George 
Craft Charles H. mail agent, 87 s High 
Craft Daniel Parker, hatter, 374 n Gay 
Craft Geo. B. 38 s Eutaw 
Craft George, laborer, 3 Mount 
Craft George, furn. wagon, ]60 Henrietta 
Craft John, stone mason, 151 n Eutaw 
Craft John Crew, upholsterer, 295 Hollms 
Craft Nicholas, shoemaker, 51 Diamond al 
Craft Peter, furn. wagon, 158 Henrietta 
Craft Wm. G. & Co. hat manuf.. Bethel ct 

opp. Bethel colored church, Saratoga 
Craft Wm. G. (W. G. C. & Co.) 24 n Lib- 
Cragg John, cotton spinner, 352 Ostend 
Cragg John, jr. glass blower, 352 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, steamboat inspect. 265 w Fay- 
Cragg Robert, glass blower, 352 Ostend 
Craggs Wm. cracker baker, 131 e Lombard 
Craig Alex, mariner, 47 w Lombard 
Craig Catharine, 192 East 
Craig Ellen, grocery, cor Falls road and 

Northern av 
Craig Horatio E grocer, 159 Ross 
Craig James, finisher, 568 w Lombard 
Craig J Morell, clerk, 611 w Lombard 
Craig John, type caster, 350 e Monument 
Craig Josiah, huckster, 175 G Hughes 
Craig Levin S. 65 Henrietta 
Craig Oliver B. clerk, 159 Ross 
Craig Robt. (Armstrong & C.) 366 w Fayette 
Craig Thomas W. huckster, 223 w Fayette 
Craig Wm. carpenter, 139 n Fremont 
Craiger Peter, butcher, Winans row 
Craller Crilier, laborer, 10 Barnes 
Crapin Capt. Samuel, 87 Orleans 
Grain Jeremiah, laborer, 632 w Pratt 
Grain Peter W. attorney, s w cor Calvert and 

Bank la, dw Barnum's hotel 
Cramblitt Francis, blacksmith, 122 s Chester 
Cramblitt Geo. H. soldier, 142 Vine 
Cramblitt John, bricklayer, 157 Chesapeake 
Cramblitt Stephen, paper hanger, 140 Vine 
Cramblitt Stephen P. bricklayer, 142 Vine 
Cramblitt Thomas A. carpenter, 297 Saratoga 
Cramblitt Wm. F. soldier, 142 Vine 
Cramer Andrew, wheelwright, 8 Bank 
Cramer Charles, tinner, 454 w Pratt 
Cramer Francis, carpenter, 219 Canton av 
Cramer Frederick, furniture, 162 s Broadway 
Cramer George, shoemaker, 149 Chesnut 
Cramer George, musical instrum't maker, cor 

Light and Montgomery 
Cramer Gottleib, tailor, 89 s Bethel 
Cramer J. N. clerk, 11 Cheapside 
Cramer Joseph, moulder, 14 McHenry 
Cramer Michael, laborer, Dallas near Gough 
Crampton Mrs. C. V. boarding, 77 n Eutaw 
Crampton Mrs. Mary, 409 s Charles 
Crane A. Fuller, (Wm. C. & Son,) 235 n 

Crane A. Fuller, jr. clerk, 235 n Eutaw 
Crane Benj. (B. C. & Co.) 228 n Charles 
CRANE BENJAMIN & CO. wholesale deal- 
ers in silk and straw goods, 249 w Balti- 
Crane Charles, (Benj. Crane & Co.) 228 n 

Crane Charles, bricklayer, 4 Centre Market 

Crane Mrs. Elizabeth, 68 Granby 
Crane James, conductor, 60 s Republican 


Crane Capt. James, command 't Fort Federal 

Hill . , , 

Crane Lieut. Col. Joseph G. commis y sub- 
sistence, headquarters,- dw Eutaw house 
Crane Loren P. clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Crane Patrick, blacksmith, 47 n Exeter 
Crane Patrick, horse shoer, Falls turnpike 
near tollgate ^ 

CRANE WILLIAM & SON, hide and 
leather dealers, s e corner Cheapside and 
Crane William (W. C. & Son,) 100 w Lom- 
Cranford James, 83 Washington, F. H. 
Crangle Bartus, ink manuf. 199 n Dallas 
Crangle Mrs. Isabella, 81 s Greene 
Crangle Jas. E. wagon master U. S. A. 

Crangle James B. printer, 199 n Dallas 
Crangle James, clerk, 81 s Greene 
Cranmer Chapel, (Episcopal,) cor Mullikin 

and Spring 
Cranwell Geo. W. cabinet maker, 15 s Ore- 
Cramlitt Francis, furnace builder, 122 s Ches- 
ter ^ 
Crasser Christian, cap maker, 334 w Pratt 
Crate Sophia, milk, Gorsuch av near Polk 

Craton Patrick, carpenter, 28 Morris al 
Craumer Francis M. clerk N. C. R. R. 116 

Greenmount av 
Craven Thomas, laborer, 127 s Greene 
Craver John S. police, 225 Henrietta 
Crawford Annie, fancy goods, 42 Hanover 
Crawford Anna, 138 w Lombard 
Crawford A. A. clerk P., W. & B. R. R. dw 

Spring row 
Crawford Andrew, wheelwright, 17 s Carey 
Crawford Austin, brickmaker, 468 Light 
Crawford Belle, actress, 197 n Exeter 
Crawford C. cooper, 8 Fountain 
Crawford Charles E. draughtsman, 28 n Lib- 
Crawford Daniel, bacon, 31 n Fremont 
Crawford Dixon, livery stable, 289 n Eutaw 
Crawford Elizabeth, grocery, 59 s Ann 
Crawford Henry, ship carpenter, 59 s Ann 
Crawford Jacob, carpenter, 57 s Paca 
Crawford James W. chair ornamenter, 107 

Crawford James B. clerk, 11 Franklin 
Crawford John A. mariner, 389 Canton av 
Crawford John C. clerk, 107 McElderry 
Crawford John L. 34 Cathedral 
Crawford John, ship carpenter, 59 s Ann 
Crawford Mary, teacher, 57 s Paca 
Crawford Patrick, grocer, 41 Amity 
Crawford Robt. K. huckster, 302 Saratoga 
Crawford Robt. M. bookkeeper, 198 w Bal- 
Crawford Rachel D. 34 Cathedral 
Crawford Richard H. clerk National Fire Ins. 

Co. 302 Saratoga 
Crawford Thomas, printer, 224 e Lombard 
Crawford Thomas, stone cutter, 101 Preston 
CRAWFORD WM. H. &. CO. prop's Spice 
Mills, warehouse 62 South, spice mill s w 
cor Union al and Dallas 
Crawford Wm. M. jeweler, Orleans near 

Chester . 

Crawford Wm. M. jeweler, 7 n Frederick, 
dw Baltimore co. 

OK0, S. PAGE & BRO., Manufacturers of Roofs and Roofii»g Materials, 111 SmitH's 
WTiarf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




CRAWFORD WM. agent Phila. W. & B 

R. R. s e cor High and Trinity 
Crawford Wm. R. clerk, 74 Barre 
Crawford Wm. H. (Wm. H. C. & Co.) 188 

Hoffman ' 

Crawford Wm. C. police, 9 n Bond 
Crawford Wm. H. carpenter, 107 Vine 
Crawford Wm. H. H. brickmaker, 468 Light 
Crawle Alphenis, mate, 67 s Bond 
Crawley Thomas laborer, 81 North 
Crawling Frederick, laborer, 95 Eastern av 
Crawling Philip, laborer, 95 Eastern av 
Cray Mrs. Amelia M. nurse, 75 Warner 
Crazier F A. laborer, 267 Aisquith 
Cready Henry, carter, 4 Bayer 
Creager George, tailor, 298 n Central av 
Creager Peter, butcher, Winans row 
Creager Wm. G. Winans row 
Creagh Henry A. ship carpenter, 128 s Broad- 

Creagh John, stone cutter, 137 Conway 
Creagh John, 174 Park ^ 

Creamer Anthony, moulder, 230 s Sharp 
Creamer Alexander, saddler, 317 Aisquith 
Creamer Caspar, 214 s Charles 
Creamer David, clerk, 49 Hillen 
Creamer David, 127 e Monument 
Creamer Frederick, flirniture, 162 s Broadway 
Creamer Henry shoemaker, 70 s Fremont 
Creamer Jacob, blacksmith, 176 w Biddle 

HoTlins coach-spring maker, 100 

Creamer John, laborer, 212 s Charles 
Creamer John, locksmith, HI Raboro- 
Creamer John, grocer, 40 Philpot " 
Creamer John, laborer, 81 s Durham 
Creamer Joseph, milkman, 214 s Charles 
Creamer Joseph F. clerk Sheriff's office, 136 

e Monument ' 

Creamer Mrs. J. grocery, n w cor Ensor and 

Creamer Pascal, ship carp'r, 277 Aliceanna 
Oreamer Thomas, commis'n merchant, 131 n 

Creamer Thomas H. 283 n Gay 
Creamer Wm. lumber mercht. 62 n Broadway 
Crebbs C W. S. gas fitter, 81 n Caroline ^ 
Creegan Felix, laborer, 247 Forrest 
Creegan Joseph, currier, s e cor French and 

Cressman Jacob N. cigar packer, 27 n Hiffh 
Creery Ann T. 336 Saratoga ^ 

Creery Catharine, 107 Mulberry 
Creery Wm. R. teacher, 336 Saratoga 
Creig Barney, hostler, Bull Head tavern, 
rront ' 

Creighton Mrs. Elmina, 225 Montgomery 
L-reiguon Geo. W. cigar maker, 25 Perry 
Creighton Capt. Henry, 216 Barre 
Creighton Henry T. painter, 379 Light 
Creighton James, mariner, 71 William 
Creighton Michael, tavern, 39 Centre Market 

Creighton Mrs. Mary A. 77 Lee 
Creighton Robert, ship carpenter, 391 s Eutaw 
Creighton Rev. Samuel, 100 Chew 
Creighton Wm. B. clerk, 48 Fawn 
Cremen John F. collector, 69 n Poppleton 
Crcmen John E. jeweler, 69 n Poppleton 
Creny Mary J. fancy store, 135 n Eutaw 
Creny Margaret S. 135 n Eutaw 
Crr^sy Geo. N. agent Md. Tract depostory, 
4b Conway ' 

Crescent Coal Oil Co. of Baltimore, s w cor 
West and Howard, office 62 s Gay, Henry 
R. Wilson president 
Crevingston Geo. A. brakesman, 504 w Pratt 
CrewMaryA. 68 8 Chapel 
Crew Wm. J. carpenter, 126 Raborg 
Crey A oysms L. clerk, 70 Buren 
Crey Elizabeth Mary, 70 Buren 

"^7o """y ^- restaurant, 3 e Madison, dw 
70 Buren 

Creyton Thomas, carter, Strieker s of Pratt 
Crich Charles, coal heaver, 236 Chase 
Crichton Malcolm (Wm. C. & Son,) 36 

Mount Vernon place 

CRICHTON WM. & SON, grain, flour, 

guano, and commis. merchants, 1 Wood 

cor Bowly's whf ' 

Crichton Wm. (Wm. C. & Son,) 36 Mount 

Vernon place 
Crichton Wm. president Corn and Flour Ex- 

change. Monument near St. Paul 
Crider Charles A. ehair maker, 154 Pine 
Crilley Mrs. Elizabeth, huckster, 153 3 Fre- 
Crim Henry C. blacksmith, Calhoun a of 

Cnmmel Jacob, cutter, n e cor Mullikin and 

Crimmel Mrs. Susan, grocery, n e cor Mulli- 
kin and Dallas 
Crimmins Timothy, teacher, 123 Division 
Cripps J. T. nightman, 425 n Gay 
Cripps Richard H. 6 Thomsen 
Cripps Thomas J. laborer, 6 Thomsen 
Cripps Thonrias, of planing mill, 6 Thomsen 
Crisall Geo. W. boot maker, 174 e Lombard 
Crise George, clerk, 228 Madison av 
Crise John L. property agent, 228 w Madison 
Crisp Charles, tobacconist, 42 Thames 
Crisp Charles E. cigar maker, 253 Gou<-h 
Crisp Elijah, painter, 89 n Greene 
Crisp Joseph, tobacconist, 42 Thames 
Crispeire Frederick, tailor, 297 s Paca 
Crispin J. H. clerk, Calvert between Fayette 

and Lexington 
Crispins Henry, fisherman. Fort av near 

Crispins Peter, laborer, 87 Washington, F H 
Criss Michael, 1 Hanover 
Crist Elizabeth, fancy goods, 94 s Exeter 
Crist Jacob, drayman, 98 Eastern av 
Crist Wm. cabinet maker, 252 n Caroline 
Cristman Christopher, tailor, 14 Walker 
Critzer Sebastian, furn. wagoner, 132 Orleans 
Critzman Otto, iron worker, rear of 179 s Ann 
I Critzman Wm. painter, 188 Eastern av 
Crochen Mary, 2 Slemmers al 
Crockard John, stone cutter, 202 n Fremont 
Crockett Benton H. boarding, 73 s Charles 
Crocker Emanuel, 293 n Caroline 
Crocker Mrs. Eliza, 466 Saratoga 
Crocker Samuel G. 293 n Caroline 
Crockett Charles, soldier, 73 s Charles 
Crockett Daniel, huckster, 15 Goodman al 
Crockett James, shoemaker, 50 Boyd 
Crockett John W. carpenter, 339 Mulberry 
Crockett Nehemiah, shoemkr. 362 Lexino-ton 
Crockett Theodore, locksmith, 1 Grace ct 
Crockett Wm. brakesman, 52 s Schroeder 
Crockett Wm. H. turner, 8 Jefferson 
Crockett Walter C. bricklayer, 362 Lex- 
Crodan Edward, carter, 95 McElderry 

Benefit JAU Imurance Co., Wewnrk, N. J.," 89 Second Street! 




Crody James, grocery, 9 Park 

Croft James, 118 Pine 

Croft Mrs. Mary A. 140 n Fremont 

Crofoot Caufield, brickmaker, 893 w Pratt 

Crogan Thomas, laborer, 35 French 

Croghan Thomas, porter, cor. Madison and 

Croghan Patrick, tavern, 16 East Falls av 
Croghen Peter, laborer, 8 Slemmer al 
Crombie Albert D. (Ammidon & C.) 275 

Cromenberger Joseph, barkeeper, 34 e Pratt 
Cromer Andw. carter, cor Fremont and Ham- 
Cromer Daniel, soldier, 14 Wyeth 
Cromer Mrs. Elizabeth, 14 "Wyeth 
Cromer John, wagoner, 14 Wyeth 
Cromer Margaret, 14 s Eutaw 
CROMER THOMAS W. tobacconist, 341 
w Baltimore, dw s w cor Lombard and 
Crommelin & Kane, bankers, 4 North 
Crommelin Theodore (C. & Kane) 77 n Eutaw 
Cromwell Mrs. Anna, 29 McHenry 
Cromwell Anna, tailoress, 160 Gough 
Cromwell George H. cabinet maker, 46 s 

Broad way 
Cromwell Jacob G. baggage master, B. & 0. 

R. R. 24 Brune 
Cromwell Jacob G. cabinet makr. 438 Walsh 
Cromwell John E. sailmaker, 354 e Fayette 
Cromwell John, police, 31 Scott 
Cromwell Capt. John G. 183 Conway 
Cromwell Joseph, collector, 126 Grundy 
Cromwell Joseph, sailmaker, 115 Bank 
Cromwell Joshua (J. C. & Son,) 136 s Ann 
Cromwell Joshua, jr. sailmaker, 160 Gough 
Cromwell Joshua & Son, sailmakers, 127 

Cromwell Levi, gunsmith, 265 s Ann, dw 118 

Cromwell Oliver H. 297 Aisquith 
Cromwell Oliver H. 288 Aisquith 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmaker, 288 Aisquith 
Cromwell Richard, farmer, 89 n Paca 
CROMWELL RICHARD, agricultural and 
horticultural implement manuf. and seeds- 
man, 46 and 48 Light, dw 89 n Paca 
Cromwell Wm. carpenter, 202 Eastern av 
Cronan Charles P. painter, 4 Humes 
Cronan Mary, grocer, 134 Vine 
Crone Edward, tavern, 75 n Gay 
Crone Frederick A. 401 w Pratt 
CRONE WILLIAM C. Wee Drop restau- 
rant, 15 n High 
Crone Wm. C. deputy sheriff, 15 n High 
Croney Philip, cigar maker, 28 s Caroline 
Croney Philip H. cigar maker, 58 s Caroline 
Cronhardt Charles, jeweler, &c., 88 n Gay, 

dw206 ' 

Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 29 Ensor 
Cronin Rev. C. C. 92 Lee 
Cronin Deary, laborer, 4 French 
Cronin Jeremiah, hackman, 34 Addison 
Cronice Mrs. Mary 0. 56 n Liberty 
Cronnelley Mary, confectioner, 17 French 
Cronvelt George, laborer, 15 Albemarle 
Crook Mrs. Ann E. 676 Saratoga 
Crook Columbus S. (Wm. H. Crawford & 

Co.) 174 Preston 
Crook Charles C. 404 Saratoga 
Crook Daniel, clerk, 51 Harford av 
Crook Mrs. Emma, 190 n Eutaw 

Crook Francis A. (George Sanders & Co.) s 

w cor Madison and Townsend 
Crook Francis A treas. Balto. Equitable So- 
ciety, dw s w cor Madison and Townsend 
Crook Francis M. auditor Adams' Express, 

575 Lexington 
Crook George W. 196 Madison av 
Crook Geo. W. M. boots, shoes and gaiters, 

69 w Baltimore 
Crook Henry, clerk Bank of Baltimore, dw 

51 Harford av 
Crook Jane A. 205 w Lombard 
Crook Joseph, (J. C. & Son,) 404 Saratoga 
Crook Philip, corresponding clerk Bank of 

Baltimore, 51 Harford av 
Crook Sallie, 190 n Eutaw 
Crook Mrs. Walter, jr. 205 w Lombard 
Crook Walter J. (W. C, jr.) 205 w Lombard 
CROOK WALTER, JR. dealer in upholstery 
and paper hangings, 220 w Baltimore, dw 
205 w Lexington,— [See page 16 Mvertise- 
Crook William W. finisher, 18 s Fremont 
Crook William, carpenter, 267 e Biddle 
Crook Capt. Wm. S. 85 s Eden 
Crooks Joshua, hay, 315 Mulberry 
Crookshanks Charles S. ship joiner, Mill, dw 

130 s High 
Cropp Wm. plasterer, 222 Peirce 
CROPPER THOMAS J. grocer and com- 
mission merchant, 55 South, dw 17 s High 
Cropper Reuben, boiler maker, 34 Williamson 
Crosby Capt. Charles T. 127 Orleans 
Crosby Mrs. Charlotte Hudson al near Fred- 
Crosby George W. soldier, 101 Mount 
Crosby James, carpenter, 171Greenmount av 
Crosby Joseph, 62 s Greene 
Crosby Lewis, engineer, 161 n Central av 
Crosby Miles, hostler, 184 Dover 
Crosby Thomas H. shoemaker, 18 Willow 
Crosby Wm. C. (E. L. Palmer & Co.) 62 s 

Crowshaw John, agent Three Tuns Hotel 
Croskup Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 92 Albe- 
Cross Adam, 86 Eastern av 
Cross Rev. Andrew B. 161 n Calvert 
Cross Andrew, laborer, 110 Hollins 
Cross Cyril, sheet iron worker, 98 Granby 
Cross Cyrus, cabinetmaker, 17 Scott 
Cross David H. painter, 169 Hoffman 
Cross David, wheelwright, Hillen bet. East 

and Forrest, dw 113 n Exeter 
Cross Edward, rigger, 216 s Wolfe 
Cross Edward T. soldier, 302 w Lombard 
Cross E. J. D. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw 

161 n Calvert 
Cross E. M. & Co. publishers Baltimore City 

Business Directory, 110 w Baltimore 
Cross George T. boot maker, 98 Granby 
Cross George R. clerk, 13 n Exeter 
Cross H. L. shoe store, 234 Lexington 
Cross John W. carpenter, 483 Saratoga 
Cross John, milk dairy 101 s Ann 
Cross Jonathan, agent Amer. Tract Society, 

302 w Lombard 
Cross Joseph H. M. carpenter, 21 L. Sharp, 

dw Greene and Lexington 
Cross J. D. clerk, 113 n Exeter 
Cross Latrobe, bookkeeper, tobacco ware- 
house, 84 Hanover 
Cross Mary, 198 Forrest 

J. HEIVRY GIESE:, Commission Merclxant, for the sale or FIotot, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, dl Spear's TVliarf. 




Cross Richard K. (Wm, S. C. & Bro.) 161 n 

Cros3 Mrs. Sarah, 57 n Poppleton 
Cross Samuel B. blacksmith, 69 and 75 s 

Howard, dw 139 Camden 
Cross Samuel J. coach maker, 139 Camden 
Cross Thomas, laborer, 67 Watson 
Cross Thos. W. bricklayer, 57 n Porpleton 
Cross Truman, cashier Com. and Farmers' 

Bank, dw 9 s Howard 
CROSS WM. S. & BRO., lumber, stave and 

general commission merchants, n e cor East 

Falls and Eastern avs 
Cross Wm. S. (W. S. C. & Bro.,) 161 n 

Cross William, painter, 98 Lancaster 
Crosswell Captain John W. mariner, 61 s 

Washington, F. P. 
Crossman Jacob H. grocer, 118 Lexington 
Crossley James T. bacon, .31 n Greene, dw 

Crothers Amos, police, 505 Saratoga 
Crothers David, coal dealer, 70 North, dw 28 

s Spring 
Crothers Robert, carpenter, 62 Courtland, dw 

28 s Spring 
Crotty David, gardener, 261 n Eden 
Crou Richard, wagoner, Dover w of Fulton 
Crouch Mrs. Ann Elizabeth, seamstress 32 

Crouch A. B. shoemaker, 141 Hamburg 
Crouch David, iron moulder, 261 s Charles 
Crouch Capt. Geo. W. 227 Montgomery 
Crouch Isabella, 150 e Eager 
Crouch John W. boiler maker, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch Mrs. Margaret, 226 s Charles 
Crouch Stewart, soldier, 341 s Sharp 
Crouch Thos.D. blacksmith, 206 Montgomery 
Crouch William, printer, 150 e Eager 
Croucher George, mariner, 1 Wills 
Croughan John, currier, 129 Harford av 
Crouse John, blacksmith, 40 Liberty al 
Crouse Joseph A. shoemaker, 381 Franklin 
Crouse Rebecca, seamstress, 148 George 
Crout Hezekiah, tin and sheet iron worker, 

48 Penna. av. dw 246 
Crouther John, carpenter, 216 n Eutaw 
Croutzberg William, cigar maker, 41 Brown 
Crow Ezekiel, shoemaker, 9 French 
Crow Fredk. cabinet maker, 23 Albemarle 
Crow Jane, grocery, 109 Aisquith 
Crow John T. editor, 42 Bolton 
Crow Lennox, laborer, 262 s Ann 
Crow Malachi, clerk, 113 Hillen 
CROWDER A. N. grocer, cor Conway and 

Crowder Flemming, coach trimer, 165 Orleans 
Crowe John, clerk N. C. R. R. 103 Hillen 
Crowe Michael, porter, 113 Hillen 
Crowe Michael, porter, 26 Conway 
Crowell John, cooper, 363 s Sharp 
Crowl Isabella, confectionery, 475 Belair av 
Crowler John, carpet weaver, 84 s Spring 
Crowley Dennis, sawyer, 322 Forrest 
Crowley Fredk. shoemaker, 556 Penna. av 
Crowley F. C. contractor, 32 Columbia 
Crowley Mrs. Honora, grocery, s e cor Car- 
oline and Lombard 
Crowley Jacob G. sutler, 197 Lee 
Crowley James, periodical dealer, 116 w Bal- 
timore, dw 224 e Monument 
Crowley James, laborer, 132 s Chester 
Crowley John, painter, 7 Baker 

Crowley Mrs. Mary A. tailoress, 143 s Fre- 
Crowley Wm. A. letter carrier, 15 Columbia 
Crowley Wm. S. clerk Quarter Master, 123 

n Gay 
Crowley Wm. S. cigars and tobacco, 123 n 

Crown P. Anthon, cigar maker, 401 w Pratt 
Crown Marion A. clerk, 93 n Pine 
Crown Mrs. Matilda 93 n Pme 
Crownfield Mrs. Anna J. 98 Hanover 
Crownfield Herman F. attorney, 1 Courtland 
Crownholtz John, tinner, Chase nr Central av 
Crowther Amos W. police, 505 Saratoga 
Crowther Benj. P. stone mason, 304 Johnson 
Crowther James, stone mason, Mount Royal 
Crowther Josh, stone mason, 247 w Hoffman 
Crowther Llewellyn, salesman, 21 n Calvert 
Croyeau Augustin, French goods, 171 w Bal- 
timore, dw s w cor Eutaw and Fayette 
Crozier Charles, hatter, 198 s Broadway 
Crozier James, moulder, 46 McElderry 
Crozier John R. 96 Gough 
Crozier Margaret A. teacher, 108 s Caroline 
Crozier Wm. sailmaker, 118 s Caroline 
Cruden James, furn. wagon, 371 Franklin 
Cruikshank J. A. apothecary, 173 Penna. av 
Crumbacker, telegraphist, 128 Hoffman 
Crumbacker Ephraim, clerk, 128 Hoffman 
Crumm Mary F. upholstress, 302 n Howard 
Crunimer Alex, engineer, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Dan'l, draughtsman, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Eliza A. 12G e Madison 
Crummer Henry, clothing cutter, 82 Park 
Crummer Nathan J. grocer, 76 Hillen 
Cruse Andrew, cigar maker, 74 n Caroline 
Cruse Charles, engineer, 43 s Schroeder 
Cruse Edward, boatman, 97 Lancaster 
Cruse Mrs. Elizabeth, 70 Eislein 
Cruse Geo. W. cigar maker, 74 n Caroline 
Cruse Henry H. pop business, 341 s Bond 
Cruse Isaac, clerk, 235 Hanover 
Cruse John H. 5 n Caroline 
Crusen Edw. machinist, 523 w Lombard 
Crusen Mrs. Sarah, 504 Light 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 235 Hanover 
CRUSSE JOHN, tavern, 81 Boston, and coal 

and wood yard cor Boston and Leakin 
Cryan John, hostler, 79 s Poppleton 
Cubel Fredk. W. harness mak. 96 Leadenhall 
Cuddy Isaac, 191 Orleans 
Cudv Mrs. Sarah, 101 West 
Cuff' Patrick, grocery, 38 Block 
Cugle John (C, Sickel & Co.) 191 St. Paul 
CUGLE, SICKEL & CO. fancy goods and 

notions, 285 w Baltimore 
Cuhard Cornelius, laborer, 502 w Pratt 
Culbertson C. D. Quarter Master U. S. A. 

49 Lexington 
Culbertson J. G. police, 60 n High 
Culbertson Isaac, clerk, 60 n High 
Culbertson Louisa, 60 n High 
Culin Adam V. coal dealer, Fayette near 

Cullahan Thomas, laborer, 13 Fall 
Cullan James, 125 Ensor 
Cullan Mrs. Mary, cane worker, 27 Armi- 

stead la 
Cullen Catharine, tavern, 81 Forrest 
Cullen Isabella, 119 s Castle 
Cullen James, shoemaker, 140 German 
Cullen Mrs. Mary ,cupper and leecher, 34 s 

GEO. S. PAGE & BRO., Mannfactnrers ot Roors and Roofing Itlaterlals, 111 Smltli's 
AVbarf. C. HART SMITH, Ag^cnt. 




Cullen Mary, cupper and leecher, 10 s Bond 
Cullen Michael, laborer, 190 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Cullen Patrick, grocer, s e cor Madison and 

Cullen Patrick, laborer, 45 w Lombard 
Cullen Thomas, clerk, 28 Hanover 
Cullen Thomas, bootmaker. Union hotel, s w 

cor Pratt and Charles 
Cullender George, mariner, 67 Albemarle 
Culley Edward, laborer, 98 Harford av 
Cullimore & Austin, ship smiths, 1 and 3 

Cullimore John, (C. & Austin,) 217 Bank 
Cullimore Mrs. John, boarding, 193 e Pratt 
Cullimore Mrs. Rebecca, 242 Light 
Cullington Thos. cigar maker, 15 w Lombard 
Culling Caroline, laundress, 170 w Fayette 
Culling Geo. W. miller, 170 w Fayette 
Cullison Geo. W. pilot, 301 e Lombard 
Cullison George E. bricklayer, 228 Bank 
Cullison James M. ice cream, 182 Madison av 
Cullison Maria, 228 Bank 
Cullison Noah, feed, 87 Penna. av 
Cullison Thomas W. carpenter, n e cor Lom- 
bard and Ann 
Cullison Wm. H. stone mason, Falls road 

near tollgate 
Culpepper Daniel W. 108 s Sharp 
Cullum Ann, trimmings and confectionery, 

62 Greenmount av 
CULLUM NELSON, flour, feed &c., 13 w 

Lombard, dw 187 e Monument 
Culnan Samuel, comb maker, 465 n Gay 
Culver Chas. engineer, 103 n Caroline 
Culver John, blacksmith, 84 e Madison 

R. H. Phipps agent, L. P. 
Cumberland Charles, 20 Hampstead 
Cumming Miss Jane, Young Ladies' Literary 

Institute, 7 n Carey 
Cumming Wm. A. tobacconist, 189 w Balti- 
more, dw 34 9 Sharp 
Cummings Alex. 44 Spring row 
Cummings Henrietta, teacher, 140 Hanover 
Cummings James, laborer, 119 Pierce 
Cummings James, ship carpenter, 94 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Cummings James, blacksmith, 12 Stiles 
Cummuigs John, laborer, e Fayette extended 
Cummings John, milkman, e Fayette extended 
Cummings Lewis H. tinner, 171 Garden 
Cummings Mrs. Margaret, 171 Garden 
Cummings Mrs. Mary, 12 Stiles 
Cummings Margaret, 118 s Ann 
Cummings Mary, 116 s Ann 
Cummings Patrick, bricklayer, 17 High 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 193 s Castle al 
Cummings Mrs. Rosanna, seamstress, 120 n 

Cummings Mrs. Rose, candies, 439 Saratoga 
Cummins Rev. George D. 283 Madison av 
Cummins John G. fruiterer, 48 n Exeter 
Cummins John W. carpenter, 48 n Exeter 
Cummins Capt. Jonathan, 160 German 
Cummins Robt. P. bricklayer, 230 n Bond 
Cummins Thomas, laborer, 9 Falls 
CUMMISKEY EUGENE, attorney, 43 St. 

Cumpe Conrad, blacksmith, 23 s Bethel 
Cundiff Capt. Wm. mariner, 37 Lee 
Cunio Andrew, confectioner, s w cor Douglass 
and Forrest 

Cunnigan John, laborer, 101 Plum al 
Cunningham And. coach painter, 291 e Mad- 
Cunningham Barney, laborer, rear of 197 

Cunningham Dr. Chas. T. D. 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Charles, broommaker, 42 Ross 
Cunningham Cornelius N. shoemaker, 212 

furnaces, tinware, &c., 53 s Calvert, and 
Cheapside s of Lombard 
Cunningham E. H. clerk, 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Edward, bricklayer, 291 e Ma- 
Cunningham Elizabeth S. 231 Franklin 
Cunningham Geo. A. sup't at planing mill, 

67 s Eden 
Cunningham Geo. W. mariner, 360 Franklin 
Cunningham Capt. Isaac H. mariner, 5 Perry 
Cunningham Capt. Jas. mariner, 9 House ct 
Cunningham Jas. stone mason, 99 n Caroline 
Cunningham J. H. commissary clerk, How- 
ard House 
Cunningham James, 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham James M. clerk, 91 e Fayette 
Cunningham James, 267 n Dallas 
Cunnigham James, hackman, n w cor German 

and Pine 
Cunningham Jane, 78 Chesnut 
Cunningham John E. A. (C. & Cochran) 207 

e Madison 
Cunningham John, grocery, 413 s Charles 
Cunningham John, switch tender, 73 s Reg- 
Cunningham John B. 93 French 
Cunningham John D. propt'r of hacks, 278 

Cunningham Geo. A. painter, 1 King, dw 55 

Cunningham John, laborer, 221 Boston 
Cunningham Mary, 40 Valley 
Cunningham Mary 93 French 
Cunningham Mary, tavern, 21 Boston 
Cunningham Mi's. Mary, Townsend near 

Cunningham Mrs. Mary A. 222 Dover 
Cunningham Mrs. Mary, grocery, 142 n 

Cunningham Merriken B. agricultural imp't 

maker, 91 e Fayette 
Cunningham Mortimore, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Michael, machinist, 142 n Eutaw 
Cunningham Michael, laborer, 192 Holiday 
Cunningham Nich. laborer 1 New Church 
Cunningham Peter, laborer, 304 Ross 
Cunningham Sam'l, hackman, 327 Harford av 
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, 18 Lemmon al 
Cunningham Thomas A. clerk, U. S. subsist- 
ence department, dw Howard House 
Cunningham Thomas, blacksmith, 38 Grant, 

dw 222 Montgomery 
Cunningham Thos. B. carpenter, 91 e Fayette 
Cunningham Thomas A. coal agent, 22 w Se- 
cond, dw n w cor Madison and Calvert 
Cunningham Wm. H. flour, feed and lime, 
s w cor Ensor and East, dw 290 n Caroline 
Cunningham William C. carpenter, 184 e 

Cunningham Wm. R. clerk. Chase w of Bond 
Cunningham Wm. A. police, 149 n Caroline 
Cunningham William W. druggist, 195 n 
Central av 

WM. P. WEBB, Marine, Fire and Ufe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Life Insurance Co., Neivark, N. J.," 

' Mutual 




Cunz John W. clerk, 70 Decker 
Cupp Daniel, tailor, 81 s Spring 
Cupp Michael, laborer, 190 Eastern av 
Curlett Edward W. plasterer, 196 Gough 
Curlett Elias M. soldier, 120 Lee 
CURLETT JOHN & SON, coachmakers, 33 

Curlett John, jr., (Smith & C.) 185 St. Paul 
Curlett John (J. C. & Son,) Calvert near 

CURLETT LEWIS G. commission mer- 
chant, s w cor Camden and Charles, dw 
20 Lee 
Curlett Mary, 125 Mullikin 
Curlett Thos. coach painter, 204 Gough 
Curlett Wm. (J. C. & Son,) 79 McCulloh 
Curley Bernard, laborer, 66 Essex 
Curley H. R. druggist, 2 s Howard, dw Bal- 
timore Co 
Curley Hubert, laborer, 34 Morton al 
Curley James, architect, 83 Park 
Curley James W. hardware, 17 n Howard, 

dw Baltimore Co 
Curley James A. clerk, 169 w Biddle 
Curley John T. bookkeeper, Baltimore Co 
Curley John, liquors, 202 Cathedral 
Curley Dr. Joseph H. cashier People's Bank, 

dw 24 s Strieker 
Curley Kieran, 202 w Madison 
Curley Louis, laborer, 288 e Monument 
Curley Mary E. Ross extended 
Curley Margaret, 29 Centre Market space 
Curley Rachel, tailoress, 41 Abbott 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 59 York 
Curley Wm. boiler maker, 88 Grundy 
Curns Pv.ev. James, 95 s High 
Curran Charles, lamps and oils, 210 n Gay, 

dw 36 Greenmount av 
Curran Edward, laborer, 149 Aliceanna 
Curran Francis, laborer, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Francis, Clinton 

Curran James, machinist, 36 Greenmount av 
Curran Joanna, 310 Light 
Curran Mary, dress maker, 16 Scott 
Curran Margaret, laundress, 35 e Monument 
Curran Mary, 1 Webster al 
Curran Nicholas F. pattern maker, 310 Light 
Curran Patrick, laborer, 44 Cooksie 
Curren Edward, laborer, 61 Centre Market 

Curren Edward, laborer, 24 Block 
Curren Matthew, carter, 179 s Central av 
Currey Francis, engineer, 171 s Chapel 
Currey James H. assist, surgeon, U. S. A. 

Fort McHenry 
Currey John, 44 Chew 
Curry Eliza, boarding, 28 Hanover 
Curry Geo. W. baker, 423 w Pratt 
Curry Hugh, dyer, 4 Franklin la 
Curry John T. shoemaker, 194 e Madison 
Curry John, 253 e Fayette 
Curry John laborer, 16 e Madison 
Curry Levi H. clerk at tobacco warehouse, 

84 Hanover 
Curry Dr. Patrick S. 54 French 
Curry Wm. carpenter, 115 s Bond 
Curry Wm. H. blacksmith, 170 Eager 
Cursa F. soldier, 331 s Bond 
Curtain Henry G. clerk, 253 e Biddle 
Curtain Henry, butcher, 16 Centre, 20 Lex- 
ington, and 16 Richmond markets, dw Har- 
ford av near city limits 
Curtain Johanna, huckstress, 15 Diamond 

Curtain James, butcher, Harford av near city- 
Curtain James, butcher, 14 Centre Market, 

dw Baltimore Co 
Curtean Samuel, oak cooper, Ellicott nr Lom- 
bard, dw 204 n Eden 
Curtin Mary, dress maker, 88 Saratoga 
Curtin Patrick, bar tender, 552 w Baltimore 
Curtin Susan, dress maker, 88 Saratoga 
Curtis Albert, tailor, 230 German 
Curtis Rev. A. A. 328 Madison av 
Curtis Chas. A. blacksmith, 54 Dolphin 
Curtis Henry A. cutter, 230 German 
Curtis James, bookkeeper, 125 w Fayette 
Curtis John, huckster, 15 Albert al 
Curtis John D. cabinet maker, 230 German 
Curtis Peter, laborer, 239 Lemmon 
Curtis John A. turner, 49 Pine 
Curtz Louisa, tailoress, 101 Orchard 
Curvan Frances, 96 e Eager 
Curvel Charles, bricklayer, 81 Garden 
Curvel John, bricklayer, 290 n Eutaw 
Curvel Sarah, 81 Garden 
Curveill Samuel T. police, 167 Greene 
Curviil Elizabeth, 96 e Eager 
Curvill Margaret, 96 e Eager 
Curviil Wm. sailmaker, 73 s Regester 
Cushaw John, cigar maker, 217 Mulberry 
Cushaw Rachel, 183 Lexington 
Cusick Mary, 161 Aliceanna 
CUSHINGS & BAILEY, booksellers and 

stationers, 262 w Baltimore 
Cushing David, (C. & Ehlen,) 97 w Fayette 
CUSHING & EHLEN, coal dealers, 36 w 

Cushing Frank C. clerk, 207 w Lombard 
Cushing Henry M. 207 w Lombard 
Cushing Mrs. Jane, 354 w Lombard 
Cushing John, 207 w Lombard 
Cushing John, s w cor Lombard and Paca 
Cushing John, jr., s wcor Lombard and Paca 
Cushing Joseph, (Whitney, C. & Co.) 60 s 

Cushing Joseph, jr., (Cushings & Bailey,) 99 

w Fayette 
Cushing Joseph M. (Cushings & Bailey,) 99 

w Fayette 
Cushing Richard C, duarter Master, U. S. 

A., 207 w Lombard 
Cushing Wiley, clerk, 99 w Fayette 
Cushraan Catharine, seamstress, 47 Chesnut 
Cusker Thomas, ship carpenter, 320 Canton av 
CUSTOM HOUSE, (U. S.,) n w cor Lom- 
bard and Gay 
Gusty Mrs. Mary, 7 Rock 
Custy John, grocery, 88 s Howard 
Custy Michael, 364 s Charles 
CUTAIAR FRANCIS, cigars and tobacco, 

427 Saratoga 
Cutler Chas. S. clerk, 193 w Biddle 
Cutler Sm.ith, carpenter, 308 Johnson 
Cuttle Geo., Caroline near Biddle 
Czarnowsky Francis, glazier, 664 w Baltimore 

Daberaskt John, locksmith, 119 Lexington 
Dabres Edw. shoemaker, 198 w Fayette, dw 

Dadds Mrs. Mary A. 118 William 
Dade & Dorsey, tobacco com. merchants, 128 

s Charles 
Dade Robert, (D. & Dorsey,) 14 Pearl 

HENRY GIESE, ComjulBsion Merchant, for tlie sole of Flour, Ornln, Seeds, Ac. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on Iioud, 21 Spear's Wharf. 




Daegler Gotleip, tailor, 325 e Lombard 
Daferner Fredk. druggist, 11 George al 
DafRn Benj. cutler, 2 Holiday, dw 44 n High 
Baffin Charles C. D. engineer, 229 w Fayette 
Daffin Robert, surveyor, 244 e Monument 
Dagan Wm. 223 Madison av 
Daheiser Caroline, 55 Jefferson 
Dahle Charles F. 28 n Front 
Dahle John H. C. boarding, 95 n Gay 
Dahl Jacob, tavern, 88Penna. av 
Dahl Jacob, grocer, 11 Union 
Dahler George, laborer, 9 Watson ct 
Dahler Henry, mariner, 44 s Gist 
Dahler John, laborer, 14 Callender al 
Dahlweiner Mrs. Annie, seamstress, 18 Booth 
Dahm Peter, messenger Adams Express Co., 

213 Barre 
Daicker John, tavern, 34 n Liberty 
Daiger Charles H. clerk, 313 Garden 
Daiger Edward, restaurant, Madison av near 

Druid Hill, dw 209 n Eutaw 
Daiger Francis A. varnisher, 144 German 
Daiger Fred, hardware dealer, 324 w Pratt 
Daiger Joseph, collector, 199 n Eutaw 
DAIGER MATTHEW A. cabinet maker, 74 

s Broadway 
Daiger Wm. H. clerk city collector's office, 

43 n Eden 
Dail Daniel, carpenter, 4 Tripolet al, dw 126 

Dail D. H. salesman, 285 w Baltimore 
Dailey Anth. (A, D. & Bro.) 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey A & Brother, tinners and stoves, 759 

w Baltimore 
Dailey Miss Catharine, dress maker, 751 w 

Baltimore ■ 
Dailey Ellen , 37 Saratoga 
Dailey Elizabeth, 17 Chase 
Dailey Ellen, dress maker, 17 Chase 
Dailey Ephraim V. surgical instruments, 68 n 

Dailey Edward H. brushmak. s w^cor Charles 

and Lombard, dw 68 n Calvert 
Dailey E. painter and varnisher, 66 Ensor 
Dailey Jacob, carpent. rear 197 Montgomery 
Dailey James, grocer, Fort av. near Hull 
Dailey John, (A. D. & Bro.) 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey John, sailmaker, 143 s Spring 
Dailey John, blacksmith, 225 Columbia 
Dailey Mary E. dressmaker, 17 Chase 
Dailey Mark, laborer, 58 Tyson 
Dailey Owen, grocery, 85 n Dallas 
Dailey Peter, glass blower, Stockholm near 

Dailey Thomas H. cigar maker, 15 Townsend 
Dailey Thomas, machinist, 9 VVillow 
Daily Isabella, dressmaker, 56 Holland 
Daily John A. teacher, 56 Holland 
Dailey James, baker, 751 \v Baltimore 
Daily Mary, 86 e Madison 
Daily Marg't, rear 13 Central av 
Daily Sarah, grocery, 73 s Spring 
Daily Thomas, saddles and harness, 41 South, 

dw 16 s Calvert 
Dailey Wm. varnisher, 66 Ensor 
Daily Wm. F. surgical instrument maker, 11 

Light, dw 105 w Fayette 
Daingerfield John B. clerk, 29 Pleasant 
Dainner Michael, bark mill, 223 s Bond 
Dairs Henry, wooden ware, 464 w Baltimore, 

dw 49 n Pine 
Dais John, mariner, 181 e Lombard 
Daisel Simon, butcher, 186 s Caroline 

Dale Mary, 515 Saratoga 

Dale Robert, car painter, 515 Saratoga 

Dale Robert, police, 280 Mulberry 

Dale Samuel, carpenter, 274 Mulberry 

Dale Samuel, laborer, 515 Saratoga 

Dale Sarah A. 169 Hanover 

Daley Francis, laborer, 241 Hamburg 

Daley Henry, marble polisher, 82 HoHday 

Daley Jacob, 194 e Fayette 

Daley James, carter, 33 New Church 

Daley Joseph, collector, 24 Jackson 

Daley Michael, porter, 4 Garden 

Daley Mary, seamstress, 101 n Pine 

Daley Peter, laborer, 29 Neighbor 

Daley Michael, horse shoer, 45 Harford av 

Dalhouer Joseph, cabinet maker, 145 s Exeter 

Dail Austin, (A. D. & Co.) 72 Cathedral 

Dail, Austin & Co. dry goods commission 

merchants, 22 Hanover 
Dail Daniel, forwarder, 62 s Poppleton 
Dail Mrs. James, Penna. av. near toll-gate 
Dail John, laborer, Fulton s of Pratt 
Dail Joseph E. salesman, 155 Park 
Dallam Edward B. (Fitzgerald, Booth & Co.) 

72 Courtland 
Dallam Joseph W. clerk P. 0. 23 n Calvert 
Dallam Joseph W. clerk, 276 w Fayette 
Dallam W. L. teacher, 20 n Eutaw 
Daller Christopher, organ builder, 53 Fawn 
D'Almaine Geo photographer, 91 w Balti- 
more, dw 5 s Exeter 
Dalrymple Alexander, insp. custom house, 

dw 152 Barre 
Dalrymple Dr. Augustine J. 330 e Pratt 
Dalrymple Mrs. Agnes, 204 n Exeter 
Dalrymple Rev. Edwin A., D. D., prest. Uni- 
versity of Md., 32 Mulberry, dw 195 w 
■ Lombard 
Dalrymple George W. clerk, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple, James A. clerk, 152 Barre 
Dalrymple Jcan'te, dress maker, 204 n Exeter 
Dalrymple John, machinist, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Robert, clerk, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Thos. carpenter, 7 L. Constitution 
Dalrymple Wm. F. 69 w Second, dw 113 Park 
Dalrymple Dr. Wm. D. 143 n Eutaw 
DALSHEIMER DAVID, boots and shoes, 
178 and 192 Lexington, and wholesale boots 
and shoes, over 269 w Baltimore 
Dalsheimer Sylvan, bookk'er, 178 Lexingtoii 
Dalton John, watchman, 53 French 
Dalton Maurice, tailor, 190 e Lombard 
Daly Eugene, restaurant. Wine, bet. Charles 

and Light 
Daly John, blacksmith, 184 Columbia 
Daly Mrs. M. A. dress maker, 295 Saratoga 
Daly Thomas, laborer, 271 Hanover 
Daly Michael, 4 Garden 
Damar Christian, lab. 226 Washington, F. H. 
Damast Philip, laborer, 202 Montgomery 
Damer Andrew, cabinet maker, 38 Marion 
Darner John S. Howard house 
Damer Sebastian, huckster, 127 Mulberry 
Dameron Wm. boot cutter, 62 s Sharp 
Damm August, 8 s Gist 
Damm John, laborer, 264 L. Church 
Dammann, P. W. & E. imp. of cloths and 

hosiery, 19 Hanover 
Dammann F. Wm. (F. W. & E. D.) cot Fre- 
mont and Lanvale 
Dammann Ernest, (F. W. & E. D.) Chats- 
worth opp. Hoffman 
Dammann Dr. Lewis H. 379 Saratoga 

OBO. S. PAGE & BRO., Mannfectturera of Roofs and Roofing Materials, 111 SmtOl'S 
Wbaxf. C. HART SOUTH, Agent. 




Damme Sophia, boot and shoe dealer, 214 a 

Dampf J. H. & Co. photographers, over 105 

w Baltimore 
Dampf J. H.(J. H. D. & Co.) 105 w Baltimore 
Danberger David, confectioner, 36 Franklin 
DANDELET FRANCIS, Bait. Brewery, n e 
cor Conway and Hanover, dw 107 Hanover 
Dandelet Francis, (D. & Feuillan) 124 n 

Danehar Daniel, laborer, 125 Chesapeake 
Daneker Charles W. shipsmith, 5 Poultney 
Daneker David, machinist, 224 Montgomery 
Daneker Edwin, librarian South Bait. Me- 
chanics Library, 143 Cross 
Daneker Edwin T. millwright, 143 Cross 
Daneker Henry, sheet iron worker, 224 Mont- 
Daneker John F. millwright, 20 Poultney 
Daneker John J. deputy sheriff, 143 Cross 
Daneker Orman A. clerk, 110 Aisquith 
Danels Bolivar D. jr., attorney and consul 
Venezuela, .57 w Fayette, dw 214 n Charles 
Danels John D. jr. (Claggett& Co.) Charles 

near Chase 
Danfelser Adam, cooper, 172 s Central av 
Danfelser Martin, shoemaker, 4 Cotton row, 

Danforth F. L. printer, 144 w Baltimore 
Daniel Aug. varnisher, 44 Leadenhall 
Daniel Andrew, shoemaker, 191 Vine 
Daniel Augustus, varnisher, 96 Henrietta 
Daniel Mr. and Mrs. collegiate institute for 
young ladies, 241 n Eutaw, Hamilton terrace 
Daniel Robert, of collegiate institute for young 

ladies, 241 n Eutaw, Hamilton terrace 
D \1S(IEL WM. attorney at law, 67 w Fayette 

dw 41 s Sharp 
Daniel Wm. 41 s Sharp 

Daniels George W. chair maker, 374 e Eager 
Daniels Giles, cigar maker, 171 Stirling 
Daniels Howard, architect, 120 Bolton 
Daniels Howard, architect, 172 Cathedral 
Daniels Mrs. Martha, seam's, 18 Lemmon al 
Daniels Capt. Wm. B. mariner, 223 Aisquith 
Dankmcyer Fred'k, baker, 830 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Theodore, baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Danks George H. puddler, 460 Walsh 
Dannafelt Adam, cooper, 172 s Central av 
Dannanberger Isaac, tailor, 64 Chesnut 
Dannenberg Mrs. Louisa, 339 Lexington 
DanYieman George, weaver, 271 s Ann 
Dannenfelser Philip, grocer, 222 Aliceanna 
Dannebaum Samuel, 118 Lee 
Dannettel Henry L. cabinet maker, 182 Lee 
Dannettel John H. carpenter, 10 New Church 
Danninger John, drayman, 297 s Sharp 
Danskin Washington A. jr. photographer, 

137 w Hoffman 
Danskin Washington A. (D. & Co.) 137 w 

DANSKIN & CO. gentlemen's furnishing 

store, 155 w Baltimore 
Danz Edward, cap maker, 20 President 
Darby Benj. F. bookkeeper, 319 w Fayette 
Darby Benj. (D. & Co.) 319 w Fayette 
DARBY & CO. steam candy manufacturers, 

296 w Baltimore and 1 n Liberty 
Darby David, (D. & Co.) 531 w Fayette 
Darby Franklin, (D. &Co.)319 w Fayette 
Darby Montilion, machinist, 456 w Lombard 
Darby Philin, clerk, 632 w Fayette 
Darby Wm. machinist, 310 Aisquith 

Dare G. George, (D., Sproston & Co.) 32g 

Dare Dr. George H. 29 s Eutav/ 

Dare Margaret, 161 Hanover 

Dare, Sproston & Co. commission merchants, 
95 s Charles 

Dare Wm. H. clerk, 183 s Paca 

Daring George, shoemaker, 204 s Wolf 

Darkice Wm. shoemaker, 396 Harford aT 

Darley Wm. F. wheelwright, 310 Aisquith 

Darling Edward, tador, 146 Saratoga 

Darling Eliza, 157 Forrest 

Darling F. Taylor, dry goods dealer,»157 For- 
rest, dw 134 n Exeter 

Darling James, sexton Monument M. E. Ch. 
dw 40 Stirling 

Darling James, gardener, Point lane 

DarUng James, tinner, 90 Aisquith 

Darling James T. carpenter, 291 n Howard 

Darling John, bricklayer, 90 Aisquith 

Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 

Darling Mary A. 291 n Howard 

Darmstall Wm. 202 s Chapel 

DARRAUGH DANIEL & CO. imp. shoe 

findings and leather, 16 s Calvert 
Darraugh Daniel, (Daniel D.&Co.) 28 s Broad- 
Darraugh R. J. (D. D. & Co.) 13 n Caroline 
Darrell Charles, (John Biggar & Co.) Centre 

near Charles 
Darrell Stewart, (J. C. Yates & Co.) over n 

w cor Gay and Pratt 
Darrington Mrs. Mary E. 37 s Broadway 
Darrow Peter, pic. frame maker, 250 Hanover 
Dart John R. collar maker, 358 e Monument 
Darwick Conrad, carpenter, 100 n Pine 
Darwick Mrs. Fredericka grocer, 100 n Pine 
Dasch John, stove jobber, 99 Dallas 
Dasch John P. tavern, 189 Hollins 
Dasch Petur, laborer, 194 s Bond 
Dash John, weaver, 171 Peirce 
Dashall John F. tavern, 271 n Gay 
Dashield Wm. H. caulker, 54 Cross 
Dashields Mrs. Ellen, 76 McElderry 
Dashields John, painter, 8 Gould's la 
Dashiell Mrs. Ann, 50 Bank 
Dashiell Charles E. carver, 50 Bank 
Dashiell Emily W. 287 n Howard 
Dashiell George H. painter, 150 Bank 
Dashiell James T. mariner, 150 Bank 
Dashiell Rev. John H. school, 198 w Biddle, 

dw 287 n Howard 
Dashiell John B. carver, 150 Bank 
Dashiell John J. 287 n Howard 
Dashiell Levin F. rope maker, lis Washing- , 
ton, F. P. ' 

Dashiell Matilda, 273^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Dr. Nicholas Leeke,207 s Broadway 
Dashiell Rolicrt, last maker, 110 s Caroline 
Dashiell Rufus, drayman, 107 s Bethel 

DASHIELL S. K. Collects Claims 
in any part of the State ; Eents 
of all kinds; Sells Real Estate; 
and transacts business generally, 
Office and dw. 32 St. Paul n of 
Payette. References: Enoch Pratt, 
Thos. Donaldson, Wm. H. Collins. 

Dashiell Wm. 0. clerk, 27)^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Wm. R. bricklayer, 50 Holland 

WBI. P. 

'ATEIBD, r.Iarinc, i'~'irc nixtl Lilf<; Inaitmnce Agent nnil Broker. Agent 
Benellt IA£e Insurance Co., JSevrarU., ]V. J.," 80 Second Strset. 




Datz H. laborer, 333 s Bond 
Daubert Louis, shoemaker, 94 Raborg 
Daughaday John T. undertaker, 70 n Exeter 
Daughaday Joseph, police, 41 Milliman 
Daugherty Elizabeth, 3 Slemmer alley 
Daugherty James M. printer, 80 Harford av 
Daugherty Mrs. John W. 16 Jackson square 
Daugherty Wm. H. police, 786 w Baltimore 
Daum Lorentz, tailor, 78 s Wolf 
Dauman George, basket maker, 183 s Bond 
Daumelin George, wood sawyer, 80 Somerset 
Dausch Anthony, stevedore, 347 e Lombard 
Dausch G. P. stevedore, 151 s Ann 
DAUTERICH HENRY, lager beer saloon, 

s e cor Fayette and Ann 
Dauterich John, lager beer, 98 n Central av 
Daveney Robert J. drayman, 31 Milliman 
Davenport Joseph, teacher, 1 Greenmount av 
Davenport Mrs. Susan, 230 w Pratt 
Davey Patrick, laborer, 5 Fall 
David Margaret, variety store, 33 s Front 
Davids Garret B. inspector of iron clads, 171 

w Fayette 
Davidson A. B. importer and dealer in cloths 
and cassimeres, over 1 Hanover, dw 246 w 
Davidson Charles N. clerk, 258 w Fayette 
DAVIDSON CLARK Y. gas fitter, 15 n Li- 
berty, dw 30 Holiday 
DAVIDSON F. H. hardware, 160 Franklin, 

dw 26 George 
Davidson Francis, 119 n Central av 
Davidson Frederick, dw 26 George 
Davidson Mrs. H. A. 207 Hanover 
Davidson James H. painter, 467 n Gay 
Davidson James W. huckster, 329 Harford av 
Davidson James H. painter, 128 e Lombard 
Davidson John G. clerk, 276 e Baltimore 
Davidson John F. clerk, 258 w Fayette 
Davidson Mary, seamstress, Strieker s of Pratt 
Davidson Samuel G. rope maker, cor point la 

and Harford av 
Davidson Dr. Samuel A. 67 s Charles 
Davidson Wm. B. painter, 166 n Spring 
Davidson William T. (Adams & D.) 142 n 

Davies Edward, carpenter, 26 Grundy 
Davis A. carpenter, 31 n Exeter 
Davis Adam, laborer, 37 s Bethel 
Davis Albert, shoemaker, 114 Low 
Davis Albin P. machinist, 10 s Republican 
Davis Albert, carpenter, 10 Hill 
Davis Amos M. cooper, 388 Hanover 
Davis Ann E. dressmaker, 495 Belair av 
Davis Mrs. Ann, 485 w Baltimore 
Davis August, tailor, 70 Harrison 
Davis Archibald T. tinner, 326 Franklin 
Davis Rev. Benjamin M. Clinton s of Boston 
Davis Benj. coach maker, 235 n Cent;-al av 
Davis Benj. mariner, 181 Hughes 
Davis Benj. cop. smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Davis Bradford A. sailmaker, 63 s Bond 
Davis Charles A. constable, 10 n Republican 
Davis Charles H. pilot, 209 Bank 
Davis Charles, butcher, 46 s Exeter 
Davis Charles H. clerk, 22 Jackson 
Davis Dr. Charles, 83 n Greene 
Davis Mrs. Caroline, 246 Saratoga 
Davis Charles C. shoemaker, 336 Franklin 
Davis Catherine, laundress, 161 East 
Davis Charles W. silversmith, 209 e Lombard 
DAVIS CHARLES W.. bookkeeper, 134 

Davis Christopher C. B. baggage master, B. 

&0. R. R. 143 Camden 
Davis Cyrus, printer, 22 Jackson 
Davis Daniel, laborer, 363 e Eager 
Davis David, carpenter, McElderry ct. dw 

149 n Central av 
Davis Elizabeth, 4 Necessity alley 
Davis Edward, shoemaker, 199 w Fayette 
Davis Edwin R. hatter, 21 s Eutaw 
Davis Elizabeth, 24 French 
Davis Edward E. carpenter, 59 L Montgomery 
Davis Edward, carpenter, 26 Granby 
Davis Edw. jr. carpenter, 59 L. Montgomery 
Davis Frederick, turnkey. Middle District, 

Holiday near Saratoga 
Davis Frederick, coachsmith, 60 e Holiday 
Davis Frances, tavern, 161 Eastern av 
Davis George W. police, 91 n Front 
Davis George, grocer, 107 Ross 
Davis George L.L. librarian Law Library, dw 

34 n Calvert 
Davis Geo. T. boiler maker, 160 Hughes 
Davis George W. blacksmith, 133 Cross 
Davis George iM. blacksmith, 254 Hollins 
Davis Geo. W. upholsterer, 168 n Front 
Davis George S. plasterer, 75 Pearl 
Davis George H. (Cumberland Dugan & Co.) 

42 s Eutaw 
Davis George H. clerk, 97 s Paca 
Davis Geo. A. jr. carpenter, 287 w Lombard 
Davis George, fireman, 121 Cross 
Davis George M. carpenter, 403 w Lombard 
Davis G. W. property agent, 51 w Fayette 

dw 321 Ross 
Davis Georgeanna, dressmaker, 656 Saratoga 
Davis Harriet, 168 Chesnut 
Davis Henrietta, teacher, 52 Walsh 
DAVIS H. WINTER, attorney at law, 56 

St. Paul 
Davis Henry H. blacksmith, 77 Camden 
Davis Henry, copper smelter, Clinton n of 

Davis Henry, watchman, Clinton n of Boston 
Davis Henry, wooden ware, 464 w Baltimore, 

dw 49 Pine 
Davis Howard, millwright, 349 Franklin 
Davis Hugh, fireman, 32 Abbey alley 
Davis Isabella, 29 n Fremont 
Davis Jackson, barkeeper, 130 n Front 
Uavis Jacob C. millwright, 484 Franklin 
Davis Jacob C. carpenter, 484 Franklin 
Davis James C. house carpenter, n w cor of 

Central av and Gough, dw 109 s Eden 
Davis James E. coal dealer, s w cor Bond and 

Lombard, dw 24 s Caroline 
Davis James E. carpenter, 68 Ridgely 
Davis James, lumber dealer, 136 Lee 
Davis James, stone cutter, 158 Franklin 
Davis Jane J. 113 s Castle al 
DAVIS JOHN, junk and iron dealer, 292 s 

Caroline, dw 81 Cambridge 
Davis John, stone cutter, 24 Scott 
Davis John, laborer, 206 Eastern av 
Davis John C. carpenter, 177 Hollins 
Davis John R. clerk camji Bradford, 21 Barnet 
Davis John, rigger, 219 s Ann 
Davis John W. carpenter, 102 n Bond 
Davis John, tinner, 27 Henrietta 
Davis Jolin K. coach trimmer, 321 Ross 
Davis John F. house painter, 78 s Paca 
Davis John W. office, 41 St. Paul 
Davis John, grocery, Belair av extended 
Davis John E. machinist, 21 s Oregon 

J. HEMVRY GISSB, Commission Slerclinnt, Tor tUe sale of Flour, Ornin, Seeds, SiC 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, til Spear's 'Wliarf. 




Davis John W. property agent, 69 Hill 
Davis John F. carpenter and builder, 35 n 

Sharp, dw 78 s Paca 
Davis John W. tinner, 85 Hamburg 
Davis Joseph, chairmaker, 169 e Madison 
Davis Joseph P. blacksmith, 22 s Republican 
Davis Joseph H. miller, 22 s Republican 
Davis Josiah, 115 n Broadway- 
Davis Lydia, millinery, 68 Pearl 
Davis Lewis, sugar refiner, 364 Central av 
Davis Marcus, tailor, 98 e Lombard 
Davis Mary M. 73 North 
Davis Mrs. Mary A. 363 e Eager 
Davis Mary A. coal dealer, n w cor Central av 

and Gough, dw 109 s Eden 
Davis Mary Ann, boarding house, 36 n Oregon 
Davis Mary A. 109 s Eden 
Davis Mrs. Mary A. 173 Wayne 
Davis Mrs. Margaret, 42 Franklin al 
Davis Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 2 Daw- 
son alley 
Davis Maria E. 121 s Bond 
DAVIS & MILLER, druggists, 12 n Howard 
Davis Mrs. Phoebe, 121 Cross 
Davis Ralph, pedler, 61 n Eden 
Davis Reverdy, machinist, 136 Columbia 
Davis Richard L. carpenter, 14 Ramsey 
Davis Richard T. bookkeeper, 212 Saratoga, 
Davis Robert, engineer N. C. R. R. near 

Davis Robert, weaver, 53 Chatsworth 
Davis Robert, clerk, 246 Saratoga 
Davis Stephen, shoemaker, 150 Lexington 

dw 105 w Fayette 
Davis Samuel K. 43 Courtland 
Davis Samuel S. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 69 Hill 
Davis Sarah, 21 Barnet 
Davis Mrs. Sarah, boarding, 136 Lee 
Davis Mrs. S. dressmaker, 165 e Pratt 
Davis Thomas, shoemaker, s e cor Lexington 

and Paca, dw 500 w Fayette 
Davis Thomas, porter, 44 Albermarle 
Davis Thomas, watchman, 1 Cuba 
Davis Thomas G. blacksmith, 58 Albermarle 
Davis Thomas D. smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Davis Thomas, moulder, 24 Thomsen 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 133 e Monument 
Davis Thomas, huckster, 366 Canton av 
Davis Thomas, porter, 44 Albermarle 
Davis Thomas, mariner, Wolfe near Thames 
Davis Thos. W. trunk maker, 73 Pearl 
Davis Thos. W. stone mason, 71 Cooksey 
Davis Thomas H. soldier, 106 Raborg 
Davis Thos. B. clerk, 48 Barre 
Davis Thomas, laborer, 165 e Pratt 
Davis Wesley R. 22 s Calhoun 
Davis Wm. dry goods, 81 n Howard 
Davis Wm. H. house carpenter, 143 Conway 
Davis William, clerk, Western hotel 
Davis William A. shoemaker, 255 n Eden 
Davis Dr. Wm. H. 43 Lexington 
Davis William T. (W. T. D. & CO.) 123 n 

H. painter, 104 s Washington, 

Davis Wm 

F. P 
Davis Wm, 
Davis Wm. 

Davis Wm 

ship carpenter, 84 Binney 
T. &Co., provision store, 

123 n 

H. printer, 16 Jackson 
Davis W. C. seaman, 173 Wayne 
Davis Wm. B. soldier, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. H. mate, 244 Light 
Davis Wm. plumber, 171 s Ann 

Davis Wm. J. ship carpenter, 182 William 
Davis Wm. barber, 54 Rock 
Davis Wm. mariner, 425 Canton av 
Davis Wm. daguerreian gallery, 63 e Balti- 
more, dw 349 
Davis Wm. machinist, 198 n Caroline 
Davis Wm. R. police, 161 Orleans 
Davis Wilson, machinist, 189 L. Constitution 
Davis Wilmer, 181 Hughes 
Davis Wm. waterman, 8 Covington 
DAVISON, DICKINSON & CO. civil, mi- 
ning and mechanical engineers, 58 w 
Davison Wm. J. (Wm. D. & Co.) 536 w 

Davison Wm. & Co., manufac. chemicals, 

paints, varnishes, &c., 104 n Lombard 
Davison Wm. (W. D. & Co.) 91 Saratoga 
Davner John, carter, 4 Somerset 
Davy Margaret, tavern, 47 e Monument 
Davy Patrick, laborer, 100 Hillen 
Daw Wm. T. bootmaker, 211 n Central av 
Dawes Edward B. police, 178 s Eutaw 
Dawes Capt. Joseph, 13 Orleans 
Dawes Mrs. Mary, 14 Orleans 
Dawes Francis A. sr. oak cooper. Centre al 

nearw Fayette, dw 159 w Fayette 
Dawson Charles, restaurant, 104 s Howard 
Dawson Daniel, liquors and feed, 74 Hillen 
Dawson Isaac, cabinet maker, 62 s Sharp 
Dawson James, manner, 11 n Wolfe 
Dawson Sophia, seamstress, 13 Cambridge 
Dawson Wm. H. surveyor, n e cor St. Paul 

and Fayette, dw 21 Courtland 
Dawson Philip T. assistant assessor 3d district 

99 w Baltimore, dw 48 s Broadway 
Dawson Thomas, fisherman, 24 Durst al 
Dawson T. L. shin carpenter, 13 Cambridge 
Dawson Wm. P. (Thomas R. Matthews & 

Sons,) Baltimore Co. 
Day Alexander H. ship carp. 136 s Chester 
Day Alfred G. saddler, 421 w Baltimore, dw 5 

Day Asa, cooper, 252 e Fayette 
Day Asa, cooper, 128 e Lombard 
Day Charles S. millwright, 240 e Lombard 
Day Edward H. ship carpenter, 189 Bank 
Day Mrs. Eliza, 304 e Chase 
Day Frederick, laborer, 378 s Charles 
Day George A. puddler, 18 Essex 
Day Hazen P. baker, 185 Vine 
Day Henry, mariner, 294 Aliceanna 
Day H. R., U. S. N., 143 w HoflTman 
Day John H. painter, 165 Vine 
Day Mrs. Mary S. 5 Pearl 
Day Michael, carter, 277 e Monument 
Day MiCton, conductor C. P. R. 11 Josephine 
Day Oliver F. saddler, 277 w Baltimore 
Day Samuel, at tobacco warehouse No 2, 240 

e Lombard 
Day Sarah W. tailoress, 672 Saratoga 
Day Wm H. mariner, 185 Vine 
Daymon Peter, 247 Harrison 
D'Arrilley Charles, bottler, 53 s Frederick 
Deacon John, grocery, 30 Hampstead 
Deaconhard August, carpenter, 259 Central av 
Deady Mrs. Mary, n e cor Lombard and 

Deal Catherine, huckstress, 8 Mott 
DEAL GEORGE J. butcher, 42 Institute, 25 
Lexington, and 22 Hanover markets, dw 
135 Penna. av 
Deal George, butcher, 73 Union 

GBO. S. FAOE Si BRO.. MntT^ of Roof* and Roofing Blnterlals, IH SmltH's 
AV^kJU-r. C. HART SaiilH, Agent. 

DEA . 101 


Deal George W. bricklayer, 287 e Madison 
Deal Henry, policeman, 12 Greenmount av 
Deal Henry, laborer, 9 Hammond al 
Deal John T. brass finisher, 120 Lexington 
Deal Mary, dress maker, 25 Buren 
Deal Wm. C. plumber. High near Hillen 
Deal Wm. soldier, 5 e Monument 
Deal Wm. carpenter, 23 Buren 
Dean CharJes N. coach owner, Lexington, be- 
tween Calvert and North, dw 413 w Fayette 
Dean Charles N. omnibuses, 3 s Poppleton 
Dean Mis. Frances, seamstress, 155 s Charles 
Dean James, laborer, 21 Amity 
Dean Richard, turner, 48 Holland 
Dean Thomas, carpenter, 241 Franklin 
Dean William A. wholesale dry goods, 236 w 

Baltimore, dw 22 Hollins 
Dean Wm. H. bricklayer, 435 Saratoga 
Dean Wm. 211 Ensor 
Dean Wm. secretary and treasurer Canton 

Co., cor Boston and Patuxent 
Deaner Israel, second hand store, 295 s Bond 
Deaner Michael, laborer, 223 s Bond 
Deanes James, moulder, 249 Columbia 
Dear Ann, tailoress, 198 L. Hughes 
Dear John, brushmaker, 198 L. Hughes 
Dear John T. engineer, 162 G. Hughes 
Dearing Geo. shoemaker, 204 s Wolfe 
Dearing Geo. cabinet maker, 149 s Regester 
Dearing Valentine, tailor, 30 Bank 
Dearker John, laborer, 88 York 
Dearlap August, tailor, 148 Caroline 
Dearouth Fredk. butcher, 807 w Pratt 
Deary James, laborer, 183 s Caroline 
Deary Matthew, laborer, 139 n Front 
Deatley Mrs. Margaret, 3 Watson 
Deaver Mrs. Christiana, 287 Hamburg 
Deaver George R. moulder, 91 Hillen 
Deaver James, waterman, 363 e Monument 
Deaver Jas. engineer, U. S. N., 254 Aisquith 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist, 110 Hillen 
Deaver Margaret, 382 e Monument 
Deaver Mary Ann, dress maker, 91 Hillen 
Deaver Wm. E. engineer U. S. N., 254 Ais- 

H. De B. & Co.) 

Deaver Wm. E. eng 

De Baufre Wm. H. (W 

234 e Lombard 
De Baufre Wm. H. & Co. boot and shoe store, 

84 s Broadway 
Debaugh George, painter, 536 Saratoga 
Debb James, car coupler, 105 s Poppleton 
Debeche Sophia, grocery, Fulton near Dover 
De Beet Duncan H. (Barrett «&, D.) 178 Ais- 
De Beet Wm. C. ornamental painter, 17 w 

Fayette, dw 23 e Fayette 
Debefre Mrs. Ann, 29 s Broadway 
Debon Nicholas, coach painter, 33 North 
Debois Warren, (Kleins D.) 38 Centre Mar- 
ket Space 
Debortin Andrew, grocery, 245 Hollins 
Debow Christian, tinner, 125 s Wolfe 
Debow Mrs. Ellen, John near Lanvale 
Debow Lemuel, (Barnes & D.) 318 Garden 
Deboye Ferdinand, carter, 249 s Paca 
Debring Anthony, engineer, 288 n Eutaw 
Debring Bernard, iron worker, 338 w Pratt 
Debring Bernard G. shoemaker, 156 Ross 
Debring Fredk. soldier, Fremont nr Penna. av 
Debring John, locksmith, 338 w Pratt 
Debring Rebecca A. shoe store, 133 n Eutaw 
Debuss Maurice, shoemaker, 60 Bank 
De Caindry Augustin, carpenter, 23 Elliott 

De Camp Mary J. 48 Conway 
Deck John S. bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deck Lanehant, nightman, 46 Chatsworth 
Deck Wm. grocer, 455 Saratoga 
Deckelman George, shoemaker, 99 Peirce 
Deckelman John, shoemaker, 37 Chatsworth 
Decker Addison, clerk, 42 Bank 
Decker Barbara, grocer, 58 Carlton 
Decker Baltasar, tobacconist, 14 Ensor 
Decker Charles, butcher, 35 Fell's Point mar- 
ket, dw Hudson, near Robinson 
Decker Francis, dry goods, 273 n Central av 
Decker Frederick, carpenter, v41 e Biddle 
Decker George, tailor, 41 Brown 
Decker Henry, wagoner, 120 Eislein 
Decker Henry, tailor, 19 Orleans 
Decker Jacob F. of Com. & Farm, bank, 149 

w Fayette 
Decker John G. laborer, 58 Carlton 
Decker John, soldier, 193 Argyle al 
Decker John, .309 Aliceanna 
Decker Laurin N. clerk, 170 e Madison 
Decker Wm. H. grocer, 246 Columbia 
Decombs Anna, 133 Ross 
De Coninck Amelia W. 26 Cathedral 
De Coninck Francis, clerk, 26 Cathedral 
De Cormis Edw. jr., bookkeeper, 26 Franklin 
De Cormis Edward, importer and dealer in 
wines, brandies, &c., 21 Cheapside, dw 26 
Franklin . 

DeCourcey Henry, blacksm'h, 1 Gist, Canton 
Decourse Benjamin F. shoemaker, 269 s Fre- 
De Dycker Very Rev. 101 Saratoga 
Dee Morris, machinist, 25 Lemmon 
Dee Richard, confectioner, 66 Harrison 
Deeg John, furniture car, over 232 Hanover 
Deegan Aima, 128 s Wolfe 
Deemer Joseph, blacksmith, 22 Lloyd 
Deems Edward T. moulder, 164 Scott 
Deems George W. machinist, 150 Fremont 
Deems Jacob, jr. clerk, City Collector's office, 

dw 6 Hollins 
Deems Adam W. blacksmith, 17 Sterrett 
Deems Jacol), moulder, 245 w Hoffman 
Deems Jacob C. painter, 162 Dover 
Deems James, Col. U. S. A., 292 w Fayette 
Deems Mrs. Sophia, dry goods, 193 Conway 
Deems Wm. moulder, 193 Conway 
Deearn James, clerk, .59 North 
Deer John J. engineer, 57 s Schroeder 
Deerr John, laborer, 184 s Ann 
Deeran Joseph I. clerk, 170 Ensor 
DeerinffHenry,grocery, cor Eastand Douglas 
Deering Margaret, grocery, 267 L. Hughes 
Deetien Tyark, ship chandler and grocer, 74 

and 76 Thames, dw 365 e Baltimore 
Deets Eliza, 166 East .^ tt ,• 

Deets Frederick, cabinet maker, over 46 Holi- 
day, 286 e Monument 
Deets George W. bricklayer, 13 n Wolfe 
Deets William H. clerk, 44 Portland 
Deets Wm. Henry, telegrapher, 44 Portland 
Defalgo Mrs. Susanna, 183 William 
Defenbaugh Henry, conductor, 866 w Balti- 

DEFENBAUGH JOHN, livery stables, 846 
w Baltimore, and Franklin Hall Restaurant, 
866 w Baltimore o,^xtc. . -j 

leather and oil commission merchants, 42 s 

I DSo!rBenj. (B. D. & Sons,) 105 n Charlea 

WM. P. WEBB, Marine, F«re ami Life In.arnMce Agent nncl ^^<'^*'- ^f *"' " 
Benefit Life Ii^urance Co.. Wewarl^, W. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Deford Benjamin F. (Hoffman »& D.) 105 n 

DE FORD CHARLES D. & CO. tobacco 
commission merchants and importers of Ha- 
vana cigars and leaf tobacco, 37 s Gay 
De Ford Charles D. (C. D. De F. & Co.) 289 

Madison av 
De Ford George T. (Chas. D. De F. & Co.) 

289 Madison av 
Deford Isaac (Benj. D. & Sons,) 13 Franklin 
Deford Richard S. clerk, 23 Penn 
Deford Thomas G. clerk, 23 Penn 
Deford Thomas, (Benj. D. & Sons,) 105 n 

De Ford Wm. Y. (Chas. D. De F. & Co.) 42 

Defraits Emanuel, sailmaker, 122 s Ann 
Degan Margaret, 12 Cotton row 
Degan Thomas, laborer, 2 Bennett 
Deganliart Joseph, saddler, 14 Abbott 
Degar John, laborer, 67 s Chapel 
Degaw Geo. L. coach trimmer, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thos. city scavenger, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thomas, jr. 444 w Lombard 
Degelius Martin, laborer, 61 s Regester 
Degener Charles, baker, 196 Eastern av 
Degenhardt Dorothy, tobacconist, 55 Thames 
Degenhardt George, tailor, 141 Spring 
Degler Gottleip, tailor, 28 Lloyd 
Degnan Mary, 182 L. Constitution 
Degner Charles, baker, 149 s Bond 
De Goey Charles, wharfinger. Chase's wharf, 

dw cor Thames and Philpot 
De Goey John, express wag'r. 46 Harford av 
De Goey Susan, Barnum's 
De Goey Wm. hat store, 212 w Pratt 
De Goey Wm. W. clerk, 63 n High 
Degraff George, laborer, 230 Lemmon 
Degran Peter, porter, 2 Mulberry 
Degrange Geo. W. engineer, 441 w Lombard 
De Grau Mrs. Sidney, Ramsey w of Scott 
Dehlman Christian, saddler, 326 s Sharp 
Dehmer Henry, cooper, 194 s Bond 
Dehn Dr. Theodore, 312 Mulberry 
Dehneret John, tailor, 52 Raborg 
Dehnhardt Caspar, machinist, 232 William 
Dehnhort John, tailor, 52 Raborg 
Dehoir George P. porter, 112 Vine 
Dehoff J. Henry, clerk, 353 Lexington 
DeholT Jesse, paper carrier, 112 Vine 
Dehoff John H. 353 Lexington 
Dehring Christian, shoemaker, 86 n Schrocder 
Dehringer Henry, plasterer, 6 Jasper 
Deibel George, carpenter, 59 Barrc 
Deibel Henry, cigar maker, 28 Barre 
Deibel Mrs. Margaret, 45 Marion 
Deibel Peter, baker and confectionery, 724 w 

Deibert John, laborer, 184 s Ann 
Deichelbohrer M. & Bro. butchers, 37 and 49 

Fell's Point market 
Deichelbohrer Xavier, (M. D. & Bro.) Har- 
ford av near city limits 
Deichelbohrer Michael, (M. D. «fe Bro.) Fay- 
ette near Gist 
Deichman Augustus, tinner, 25 Scott 
Deidrich Daniel, paver, cor Ann and Orleans 
Deighart John, cap maker, 114 Low 
Deil Henry ,|laborer, 211 Aliceanna 
Deirnmel Laurens, tailor, 43 McElderry 
Deiring Christopher, cooper, 172 Lee 
Deiring Mrs. Elizabeth, 172 Lee 
Deisiiiroth Jacob, ship carpenter, 60 Philpot 

Deist Martin, baker, 225 w Fayette 

Deist Michael, laborer, n e cor Canton av and 

Deist Wm. baker, 34 s Poppleton 
Deitch Wm. carpenter, 174 n High 
Deitel Andrew, tanner, 356 Penna. av 
Deiter Peter, paper hanger, 156 Raborg 
Deiter Philip, gardener, 156 Raborg 
Deiterich Daniel, laborer, n w cor Ann and 

Deiterich John, tailor, 387 w Pratt 
Deiterich Michael, laborer, 409 Light 
Deiterly Christian, bookkeeper, 126 n Caroline 
Deiterman John, butcher, 126 Hampstead 
Deithmar Peter, blacksmith, 494 w Lombard 
Deitrich Andrew, tailor, 107 West 
Deitz Caspar, butcher, 555 e Fayette 
Deltz Charles, soldier, 255 n Dallas 
Deitz Conrad, laborer, 275 a Sharp 
Deitz George H. laborer, 30 William 
Deitz Jacob, varnisher, 265 w Pratt 
Deitz John, laborer, 45 HaiTison 
Deitz John, clerk, 4 Broad al 
Deitz John, scissors grinder, 255 n Dallas 
Deitz Joseph, cigar maker, 265 n Dallas 
Deitz Kilian, shoemaker, 179 s Wolfe 
Deitz Lawrence, carpenter, 336 s Sharp 
Deitz Mrs. Louisa, 63 Hanover 
Deitz Reinhart, grocery, 115 n Eutaw 
Deitz Wm. gardener, Frederick road 
Deitz Valentine, tailor, 79 Eastern av 
Deitzel John, cooper, 284 Cross 
Delahay Mrs. A. E. millinery, 59 e Baltimore 
Delahay James C. agent, 20 George 
Delahay Jesse S. carpenter, 74 Dover 
Delahay Wm. S. tinner, 20 George 
DE LA MAR C. M. importer of Havana 

cigars, and general commission merchant, 

over 96 w Lombard, dw 34 Pleasant 
Delaney Bladen T. F. soldier, 71 Dorsey'a al 
Delaney Daniel, laborer, 20 Haw 
Delaney Capt. Edward, 127 Bank 
Delaney Mary, 25 s Bethel 
Delaney Theodore T. J. fisherman, 71 Dor- 
se y's al 
Delano Mary Ann, 233 e Pratt 
Delano Philip A. coach painter, 233 e Pratt 
Delano Wm. H. block and pump maker, 72 w 

Pratt, dw 233 e Pratt 
Delanty Wm. brickmaker, 251 Hanover 
Delany Charles, grocer, 29 Scott 
Delany James J. tailor, 61 s Eutaw 
Delany James, laborer, 91 Boyd 
Delarue Ann, 161 n Eutaw 
Delcher Edward W. huckster, 132 Bond 
Delcher George, huckster, 265 Mulberry 
Delcher James A. broker, 89 s Caroline 
Delcher John, brewer, 24 St. Peter 
Delcher John T. painter, 174 Greenmount av 
Dulcher John W. fish dealer and grocer, cor 

Harford and Central avs 
Dtlcher John S. brewer, 73 Hill 
Delcher Sarah, 89 s Caroline 
Delcher Wm. C. carpenter, 130 Scott 
Delcher W. G painter, 511 w Lombard 
Delcher Wm. J. produce deal, and commission 

merchant, 155 w Pratt, dw Broadway n of 

Delecour Wm. A. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
Dele vie Solomon, second hand clothing, 20 

Harrison, dw 24 
De La Matyr Rev. Gilbert, chaplain Fort 

Federal Hill, 295 Light 


J. HENTIY GIESK, Commission Mcrcliaiit, for tlic sale of Flour,. Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster eoustauUy on hand, »1 Spear's Wharf. 




Delger Jacob, carter, 6 Bolton 

Delias Charles, (H. F. Albert! & Co.) 30 n 

Deliua Frederick, shoemaker, 325 n Central av 
Delker John, laborer, 3 Lawrens 
Dell Mrs. Eliza, ICO German 
Dell John E. bookkeeper, 11 s Howard 
Dell Lawrence G. bookbinder, lis Howard 
Dell Thos. E, bookbinder, 16 Cowpen al, and 

over 6 n Howard, dw 11 s Howard 
Dell Wm. jr. bookbinder, 481 w Baltimore 
Dell Wm. A. bookbinder, 481 w Baltimore 
Delia Geo. W. (Start & D.) Henrietta 
Delia John Wm. carter, 163 Montgomery- 
Delia Peter P. blacksmith, 325 s Charles 
Delia Peter D. nightman, 79 Hill 
Delia Susanna R. matron hospital, 163 Mont- 
Deilehunt Wm. iceman, 68 Eastern av 
Deller George, stove blacker, 9 Watson ct 
Delievie Ury, (Liebman & D.) 54 n Front 
DELLEVIE SAMUEL, tobacconist, 20 w 

Delifelder Geo. clockmaker, 179 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Deliin John, stocking weaver, 3 Barnes 
Deloughery Dr. Edward, 138 Saratoga 
Delphey & Bro. livery stables, Howard next" 

to Franklin House 
Delphey Wm. (D. & Bro.) 162 n Eutaw 
Deltz Christian, blacksmith, 37 s Wolfe 
DeMangin Francis A. baker, 263 w Fayette 
Demer Adam, cooper, 194 s Bond 
Demeiman Jos. optician, 58 n Exeter 
Demitz Henry F. tobacconist, 118^ Light-st 

wharf, dw 21 Conway 
Demiing Geo. tailor, 19 s Washington, F. P. 
Demling Nicholas, laborer, 23 Perry 
DeMock Charles, 117 w Monument 
Demonie Greastoff, piano maker, 157 Bur- 
gundy al 
DeMortimer Edwin, 24 Pleasant 
Demmon Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 n Strieker 
Dempsey Elizabeth R. 229 n Howard 
Dempsey John M. police, 54 Leadenhall 
Dempsey Margaret, 234 e Lombard 
Dempsey Patrick, tailor, 93 Orleans 
Dempsey Richard, basket maker, 352 s Sharp 
Dempsey Thomas C. fireman, 12 Henrietta 
Dempsey Timothy, 28 n Exeter 
Dempsey Wm. saddler, 115 n Calvert 
Dempsey Wm. blacksmith, 20 Neighbor 
Dempster Geo. E. bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster John T. bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster John, paper hanger, 79 Cross 
Dempster Mrs. Mary, tavern, 161 William 
Dempster Mrs. Mary, 119 Cross 
Demuth Casper, blacksmith, 391 Canton av 
Demuth August, engineer, 160 s Spring 
Demuth Fred'k H. shoemaker, 43 James al 
Demuth Gustav, shoemaker, 1 New Church 
Demuth Geo. 0. music teacher, 97 w Biddle 
Demuth John H. bricklayer, 407 Saratoga 
Demuth Mrs. Mary F. M. 3 Rock 
Denbay Athor C. builder, Clay betw Eutaw 

and Howard 
Denges Peter, shoemaker, 437 w Baltimore 
Denges Peter, shoemaker, 22 Park 
Dengler Andrew, laborer, 202 s Durham 
Dengler Wm. tailor, 264 n Central av 
Dengle Mrs. Sophia, fancy goods, 102 Ham- 
Denhardt Conrad, tailor, 25 Gittings 

Denhardt Henry, tailor, 25 Gittings 
Denhardt Nicholas, grocer, 141 Peirce 
Denhardt Nicholas, piano maker, cor Peirce 

and Ogsden 
Denhart Casper, confectioner, 69 Portland 
Denhart Francis, brewer, Frederick av 
Denhart John, tailor, 14 Thomsen 
Denin Mrs. Cornelia, 368 w Lombard 
Denisch Sebastian, laborer, 29 Goodman al 
Denis Bro., St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 
Denison Andrew W. (D. & Bros.) 13 s Gay 
Denison & Bros, grocers, 51 w Baltimore and 

219 w Pratt 
Denison David S. clerk, 13 s Gay 
Denison Edwin, mariner, 179 Aliceanna 
Denison Henry C. (D. & Bros.) 13 s Gay 
Denison John M. (Benner; D. & Co.) 627 w 

Denison John, plasterer, 114 n Eden 
DENISOIN MARCUS & SON, grocers and 

tea dealers, 51 w Baltimore 
Denison Marcus, (M. D. & Son) 13 s Gay 
DENISON THOMAS, agent, 54 w Baltimore 
Denken Capt. Wm. mariner, 78 s Caroline 

DENMEAD A. & W. D. & SON, 
Monument Foundry, n e cor Mon- 
ument and North, and Marine En- 
gine and Steamship Builders, Bos- 
ton near Elliott.— [See p. 18 Advertise- 

Denmead Adam, (A. &,',W. D. & Son,) 147 n 

Denmead Edward, (A. & W. D. & Son,) 312 

e Baltimore 
Denmead Francis, prop, city malt house. West 

Falls av. dw 153 n Calvert 
Denmead Talbot, (A. «fe W. D. & Son,) 190 

n Calvert 
Denmead Wm. (A. & W. D. & Son,) Mel- 
ville, Baltimore Co 
Denneb August, mariner, 149 s Ann 
Denning Ann, 2 Albemarle 
Denning John, porter, 2 Albemarle 
Dennison Thos. H. book agent, 102 n Eden 
Dennis Andrew T. cooper, 15 Rock 
Dennis Benj. M. sr., paper hanger, 14 Rock 
Dennis Benj. M. of Wm. clerk, 456 Lexing- 
Dennis Chas. A. liquors, 318 Light 
Dennis Emory, paper hanger, 8 Rock 
Dennis Falden, carter, 174 Mullikin 
Dennis Francis A. shoemaker, Lexington 

near Fulton 
Dennis Frederick, ship carpenter, 105 s Wolfe 
Dennis Geo. W. paper hanger, 8 Rock 
Dennis James N. paper hanger, 8 s Schroeder 
Dennis Henry, laborer, 3 Frederick av 
Dennis James, tailor, 54 Jefferson 
Dennis John, shoemaker, 103 Harrison 
Dennis John, brushmaker, 150 Chesnut 
Dennis John, wood sawyer, 146 Penna. av 
Dennis John, barber, 146 Penna. av 
Dennis Oliver, dyer, 337 Lexington 
Dennis Sallie, seamstress, 130 s Wolfe 
Dennis Wm. laborer, 105 Preston 
Dennis Wm. H. bricklayer, 62 n Fremont 
Dennis Wm. cooper, 8 Rock 
Dennis Wm. A. carpenter, 239 Conway- 
Denny Daniel, wheelwright, 14 Gough 

GKO. S. PAGE Si BRO., Mamifactiireis of Roofs and RooOug Materials, 111 Smltli's 
Wharf. C. HART SBHTH, Agent. 




Denny Eliza C. dressmaker, Q95 s Wolfe 
Denny Mrs. E. T. 114 e Prait 
Denny George, carpenter, 12 Gough 
Denny James E. carpenter, 30 Maiden la 
Denny John, painter, 2 Mulberry 
Denny John, 45 Garden 

Denny John, (Armstrong & D.) 212 Mont- 
Denny Mrs. Margaret, gi-ocery, 117 Plum 
Denny Mary, seamstress, 78 York 
Denny Mary, 14 Gough 
Denny Owen, tavern, 52 Camden 
Denny Patrick, tavern, n e cor Frederick and 

Denny Peter, laborer, 117 Plum 
Denny Stephen T. gilder, 92 e Pratt 
Denny Thos. 0. clerk, 114 e Pratt 
Denny Wm. H. clerk, 30 Maiden la 
Denoe Thomas, grocer, 666 \v Baltimore 
Denoe Washington, clerk, 207 Hollins 
Denoe Washington B. clerk, 374 Franklin 
Denskle Valentine, blacksmith, 8 Armistead la 
DENSON ISAAC M. & BUCK, metals, furs, 

paper stock, &c. 100 Light-st wharf 
Denson Isaac M. (Isaac M. D. & Buck,) 143 

n Exeter 
DENTAL COLLEGE, over New Assembly 

Rooms, n e cor Hanover and Lombard 
Dentry Mrs. Catharine, mender of china, 40 

Dentry Henry, china mender, 552 Saratoga 
Dentz Rachel, 82 Lancaster 
Denver Thomas, soap boiler, 21 Valley 
Deorfin Jacob, tailor, 51 McElderry 
De Pass John, police, 124 Jefferson 
Depeape John, rigger, 180 s Ann 
Depfer Henry, carter. Canton av near Burke 
DEPKIN HENRY, merchant tailor, 89 w 

Lombard, dw 38 Jackson 
Depo Sarah, washerwoman, Walnut al near 

Deppish Balthaser, tailor, 261 e Eager 
Deppish Wm. J. cedar cooper, 213 e Monu- 
Deppish John, tinner, 213 e Monument 
Deppre Augustus, joiner, 267 s Ann 
Deppre Leonora, 267 s Ann 
Depsey John, tailor, 192 Hollins 
Dermody Mary, 123 s Exeter 
Dermody Michael, stonecutter, 123 s Exeter 
Derenberger G. & J. confectioners, 67 Ross 
Derenberger Geo. (G. & J. D.) 360 Franklin 
Derenberger Jacob, (G. & J. D.) 67 Ross 
Derfler Martin, laborer, 135 Eastern av 
Dering Philip, tailor, 49 n Eutaw 
DERLIN CHARLES, umbrellas, parasols, 

hats and caps, 14 s Sharp 
Derman Conrad, wagoner, 21 Preston 
De Ronceray Charles, 101 s High 
De Ronceray Louis, 101 s High 
De Ronceray Margaret, 101 s High 
Derr Christoph. wood sawyer, 20 Dewberry al 
Derr John P. Maltby House 
Derr John, porter, 101 Vine 
Derr John, clerk. 111 Vine 
Derr John P. comm. mercht., 56 Exchange 

place, dw Calvert near Eager 
Derr Samuel B. carpenter, 15 s Republican 
Derr Wm. C. police, 743 w Baltimore 
Derrickson Elizabeth, 238 Montgomery 
Deruber Christoph, soldier, 19 Perry 
Deruff Frederick, butcher, 83 Centre and 45 
Belair Markets, dw 807 w Pratt 

Dervine Wm. soldier, 15 L. McElderry 
Desch Casper, sutler, 116 Franklin 
Desch Conrad, weaver, 48 Biddle al 
Desch John H. blacksmith, 35 w Hoffman 
Descheng Fredk. shoemaker, 16 e Lombard 
Deschner Herman, shoemaker, 213 s Chapel 
DES FORGES JOHN P. antiquarian book 

dealer, and numismatist, 12 Light, dw 245 

w Fayette 
Deshon Christopher M. coal agent, 34 Pine 
Desmond Timothy, salesman, 2 President al 
Despeaux Anthony, ship carpenter, 22 Philpot 
Despeaux Anthony , jr. , spar maker, 95 Gough 
Despeaux Elizabeth, fancy store, 197 e Pratt 
Despeaux Capt. John J. 95 Gough 
Despaux Joseph D. cutter, 128 n Eden 
Despommiers Eugene, teacher of French, 

Madison near Northern av 
Desvarreaux Jas. shoe findings, 164 n Gay 
Dess Francis, cabinet maker, 264 Central av 
Dest John, tailor, 204 Cross 
Dettmar John IL. laborer, 17 China al 
Detering Fredeiick, wagon maker, 600 w Pratt 
Deters Benj. distiller, cor Light and Winans 
Detken Frederick, mariner, 108 s Ann 
Detz Chas. laborer, Francis near Madison la 
Deuber Conrad, roller, 102s Washington,F.P. 
Deubreuil Aristides, coal oil manuf. cor Lee 

and Fremont, dw 29 Camden 
Deuckhart George, baker, 166 Eastern av 
Deuport John, laborer, 184 s Ann 
Deuscher John, lager beer, 49 Columbia 
Deutch Rev. Dr. Solomon, 68 n Exeter 
Devar Peter, potter, 36 s Schroeder 
Devaugh John T. coachman. Cross w of 

Devaughn Silas, spike maker, 228 s Durham 
Devaughn Ann, 6 Gough 
Devaughn Wm. spike cutter, 6 Gough 
Devalin Hugh, smith in general,. 89 Harrison, 
Devalin John H. blacksmith, 46 n Front 
Devallon Henry, bricklayer, 5 Barnes 
Devan John, coachman, 68 Franklin 
Devan Mrs. Julia, 24 Rock 
Dever John, 115 Hollins 
Develin Henry, cooper, 154 Harford av 
Deville & Bourguet, hair dressers and wig 

makers, 141 w Baltimore 
Deville Francis, (D. & Bourguet,) Ross ex- 
Devin Mrs. Bridget, Petticoat al 
Devine Mrs. Catharine, 89 York 
Devine Charles, laborer, 89 York 
Devine Jas. A. fireman, 10 Williamson 
Devine Patrick, laborer, 253 Cross 
Devine Robert E. clerk, 266 n Lombard 
Deviney Caleb D. nail cutter, s Washington, 

F. P. 
Devinny Mary, shoebinder, 36 n Spring 
Devlin Felix P. grocery, 24 Ensor 
Devlin James, painter, 3 Lefferman al 
Devlin John, salesman, 75 Lexington 
Devlin Patrick, laborer, 121 Chesapeake 
Devoe Wm. saddler, 35 e Fayette 
Devon John, carriage maker. Cross bet. Sharp 

and Leadenhall 
Devos John, mariner, 3 Barnes 
Devries Christian, (D., Stephens & Co.) 312 

w Baltimore 
DEVRIES, STEPHENS & CO. wholesale 

dry goods, 312 w Baltimore 
Devries Wm. (D., Stephens & Co.) 115 w 


TVM. P. AVEBB, Marine, Fire nnd L.ife InsuAmce Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit LATe Insurance Co., Newark, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




DevriesWm. R. (D., Stephens & Co.) 115 

vv Monument 
Dew James, agent, 179 Saratoga 
Dew William, pattern wiaker, 51 Scott 
Dewalt Christopher, engineer, 100 William 
Dewalt Wm. H. machinist, 100 William 
Dewling Thomas, Wacksmith, 154 West, dw 

137 Cross 
Dewling Thomas, blacksmith, 137 Cross 
De W olf Benj, jobber and dealer in diamonds, 

watches, jewelry, &c. 10 Harrison 
De Wolf Levi, 10 Harrison 
De Wolf Sarah, pawnbroker, 10 Harrison 
Dexter Charles, baker, 136 Lexington 
Dezeter Adam, 260 Read 
Dheal Francis, laborer, 132 Lee 
Dhiele Lewis, teacher, 166 s Ann 
Dhomie Matthias, nail maker, 319 n Cen- 
tral av 
Dhomie Peter, nail maker, 319 n Central av 
Diamond Anton, carpenter, 275 e Eager 
Diamond Geo. H. ship joiner, 138 Gough 
Diamond James, cooper, 20 Philpot, dw 143 

s Ann 
Diamond Mary A. nurse, 74 Harford av 
Diamond Mary, 123 s Chapel 
Dibb John, huckster, 194 n Broadway 
Dibel Jacob, laborer, 4 s Carey 
Diblow Mrs. Barbara, tailoress, Chase near 

Central av 
Dick John, laborer, 315 e Lombard 
Dickebaugh Christian, sawyer, 166 s Dallas 
Dickel Conrad, silk weaver, 34 Holiday 
Dickel Geo. H. tailor, 49 German 
Dickel Henry, butcher, 53 Belair market, dw 

Belair av near city limits 
Dickel John, shoemaker, 126 William 
Dickens Henry, rope maker, 30 Gittings 
Dickerson Alfred, grocer, 221 e Pratt 
Dickerson Capt. Geo. W. stevedore, cor Pratt 

and Buchanan's wharf, dw 194 e Pratt 
Dickerson Peter, 637 w Lombard 
Dickerson Wm. clerk, 141^ a Calvert 
DICKEY CHARLES E. & CO. distillers and 
dealers in wines and liquors, 108 n Howard, 
dw C. E. D. 226 n Eutaw 
Dickey Geo. S. 9 s Eutaw 
Dickey Mrs. Sarah, 414 Saratoga 
Dickey Wm. J. manuf. of plaids, checks, lin- 
seys, &c. office 21 German, dw 309 w Fay- 
Dickhash Charles, 62 King 
Dickhaut Jacob, grocer, n e cor McElderry 

and Aisquith 
Dickinson Arthur, 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson, Bowen & Co. smoking-pipe fac- 
tory. East Falls av and Granby 
DICKINSON DAVID A. Franklin hall bil- 
liard saloon, North, dw 24 North 
Dickinson David A. (D., Bowen & Co.) 24 

Dickinson Mrs. Elizabeth, 202 s Charles 
Dickinson Gideon, carpenter, 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson Jas. A. bookkeeper, 281 s Charles 
Dickinson John S. (Whedbee & D.) 39 

Dickinson P. Eugene, clerk, 40 s Greene 
Dickinson Wm. tavern, 161 Eastern av 
Dickinson W. A. clerk, H)., s Calvert 
Dicks Preston, speculator, "cor Mount and 

Frederick aV 
Dickson Augustus, bricklayer, 882 w Balti- 

' Dickson Rev. Cyrus, 297 Lexington 
Dickson Jane, 152 Madison av 
Dickson John, butcher, 1 Hanover Market, 

dw 110 Columbia 
Dickson Dr. John, 261 Madison av 
Dickson John, tinner, 283 Saratoga 
Dickson Margaret, 29 Orchard 
Dickson Rev. Samuel M. 141 w Fayette 
Dickson Samuel T. engineer, Calhoun s of 

Dickson Sarah, 22 Biddle al 
Dicus Elizabeth, grocery, 120 Garden 
Dicus Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 10 Bolton 
Dideman John, butcher, 100 Belair market, dw 

126 Hampstead 
Didier Mrs. Edmund, 74 Cathedral 
Didier Prof. Eugene, at Loyola college 
Didier Eugene L. stenographer, 56 George 
Didier Henry, phonographist, 103 Hanover 
Didier Henry A. insurance agent, 45 Com- 
mercial buildings, dw 19 Read 
Didier Mrs. Julia, 56 George 
Dieckman John H. tavern, 108 Dugan's whf. 
Diedricks Martin, brass moulder, 31 e Fayette 
Dieffenbach Caroline, fancy goods, 440 w 

Dieffenbach Charles H. (Moore & D.) 203 

Dieffenbach Conradine, fancy goods, 460 w 

Dieffenderffer James, carpenter, 5 n Sharp, 

dw Carey near Hollins 
Diehl Charles, tailor, 143 n Bond 
Diehl Lieut. James B., U. S. A. 60 Saratoga 
Diehl John, tobacco, 312 s Charles 
Diehm John B. shoemaker, lis Schroeder 
Dirbeck Margaret, 20 Knox al 
Diering Herman F. tavern, Patterson near 

Dierker Elizabeth, milliner, 190 s Charles 
Dierker Frederick, shoemaker, 113 n Spring 
Dieschaffer Henry, tailor, 17 Butler 
Diesler Conrad, tailor, 146 s Central av 
Dieterick Louis, artist, 55 Lee 
Dieter John, paper hanger, 70 Orchard 
Dieter & Johnson, paper hangings, 28 n How- 
Dieter Mrs. Margaret, 96 Saratoga 
Dieter Valentine, (D. & Johnson,) 96 Sara- 
Dieterly Christopher, bookkeeper, 126 n Car- 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 205 w Fayette 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 354 s Charles 
Dietrich Adam , wheelwright, Harford av near 

John, dw 246 Harford av 
Dietrich Adam, jr. boots and shoes, 205 w 

Dietrich Caspar, cooper, 95 Washington, 

F. H. 
Dietrich Frederick, bookkeeper, 80 Ensor 
Dietrich Henry, agent, 150 Pearl 
Dietrich Henry, second-hand furniture, 53 

Dietrich John, boots and shoes, 205 w Fay- 
Dietrich John, shoemaker, 747 w Baltimore 
Dietrich John, tailor, 58 James al 
Dietrich John H. shoemaker, 27 Rock 
Dietrich Leinhard, weaver, 74)2 Harrison 
Dietrich Louis, sr. surveyor, 55 Lee 
Dietrich Louis, jr. artist, 55 Lee 
Dietrich Philip, shoemaker, 347 w Fayette 

J. HEIVRY GIBSE, Commission niercliailt, for the sale of Flour, Grain, 

Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, HI Spear's "Wbarf. 




Dietrich Wm. soldier, Hand tavern 
Dietrich Wm. baker, 272 Canton av 
Dietsch Ferdinand F. clerk, 2 Garden 
Dietsch Lewis C. clerk, 2 Garden 
Dietsch Philopcena, 2 Garden 
Dietz George, baker, 115 s Ann 
Dietz George, plumber, 56 w Lombard 
Dietz George, cabinet maker, 103 Camden 
Dietz George M. tailor, 3 Amity 
Dietz Henry, butcher, Garrison la near Fred- 
erick av 
Dietz Henry, furn. wagon, 200 Hollins 
Dietz Jane, dress maker, 103 Camden 
Dietz John, varnisher, 103 Camden 
Dietz John, varnisher, 5 n Central av 
DIETZ JOHN B. clothier, 204 w Pratt 
Dietz Joseph, plumber, King between Greene 

and Paca 
Dietz Lawrence D. (Lawrence''D. D. & Co ) 
]51 Franklin 

Importers and Wholesale Dealers 
in Notions, Hosiery, Fancy Goods 
and Varieties, No. 308 West Bal- 
timore street, between Howard 
and Liberty streets.— [See p. 46 Ad- 

Dietz Louis, cabinet maker, 56 w Lombard 

Dietz Mrs. 652 Light 

Dietzel Adam, tailor, 334 s Bond 

Dietzer Adam, laborer, 99 s Chapel 

Diez John, cutter, 270 Canton av 

Diffenbaugh Christopher, shoemaker 199 e 

Diffenbaugh J. night work, n e cor Strieker 

and Baltimore — [Seep. 28 Mvertisements.] 
Diffendall Alexander, baker, George al near 

Diffendall Charles, brakesman, 172 Ramsay 
Diffendall Mrs. Emily, dress maker, 90 St. 

Diffendall Mrs., George al near George 
Diffender Elizabeth, 10 Hollins 
Diffenderffer Charles, 610 Lexington 
Diffenderffer Elizabeth A. 183 n High 
Diffenderffer Geo. B. carpenter, 19 n Popple- 
Diffenderffer Harry, clerk, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer James P. carpenter, 27 s Carey 
Diffenderffer John A. 1 s Frederick 
Diffenderffer John R. druggist, 459 Lexington 
Diffenderffer Lewis A. clerk, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Dr. Michael, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Michael, jr. clerk, 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Octavius, (Chas. H. Ross & Co.) 

80 e Pratt 
Diffenderffer O. 80 e Pratt 
Diffey Mrs. Mary, 55 s Schroeder 
Diffiey John, stone mason, 40 Britton 
Digelman Wm. milkman, Harford av 
Digger Wm. shoemaker, 222 s Wolfe 
Digges Dudley, bookkeeper, 574 Lexington 
Diggs Beverly, jr. carpenter, 122 s Caroline 
Diggs Charles F. clerk, 122 Grundy 
Diggs Daniel E. printer, 7 s Eden 
Diggs Edward G. secre'y and treasu'r Balti- 
more Cemetery Co. 11 n Exeter 
Digg.s Henry, clerk, 63 s Eden 

Diggs James, clerk, 122 Grundy 

Diggs John R. fancy goods, toys, &c. 219 w 

Baltimore, dw 224 w Hoffman 
Diggs R. H.& Son, feed store, 258 s Caroline, 

dw91 s Broadway 
Diggs Capt. Wm. J". 272 s Eutaw 
Dignal Peter, drayman. Mulberry near Cal- 
Dignan Mary, grocery, 9 Comet 
Digner Hirst, rags, 42 n Spring 
Diholt Henry, cigar-box maker, 114 n Bethel 
Dill August, shoemaker, 317 s Charles 
Dill Catharine, 187 n Howard 
Dill Frederick, cooper, 295 s Sharp 
Dill John, mate, 192 s Ann 
Dillahunt John, huckster, 240 s Sharp 
Dillahunt John G. tobacconist, 167 e Balti- 
more, dw 171 
Dillahunt Mrs. Mary E. millinery goods, 171 

e Baltimore 
Dillaway Theodore, clerk, 265 w Biddle 
Dillaway Thomas, teacher, 265 w Biddle 
Dillehunt Geo. R. V. clerk, 229 Harford av 
Dillehunt John T. cheese, 229 Harford av 
Dillehunt Sarah, dress maker, 179 e Monu- 
Dillehunt Wm. cabinet maker, 229 Harford av 
Dillendollar Joseph, 362 Canton av 
Diller Philip, laborer, 320 Aliceanna 
Dillerhide Fanny, 135 n Howard 
Dilley George, street contractor, 56 Henrietta 
Dilley John, porter, L. Albemarle 
Dillfelder John G. cooper, 265 s Ann 
Dillon Edward, tailor, 33 Haw 
Dillon Jeremiah J. grocery and feed, 109 Ca- 
Dillon Mrs. Martha, 15 n Fremont 
Dilmer Mary, 129 Elliott 
Dillow John, tinner, Baltimore co 
Dily Robert, coach maker, 86 e Madison 
Dime Savings Bank, 9 n Calvert, opposite Bar- 

num's hotel 
Dimbler George, laborer, 674 w Pratt 
Dimling Conrad, butcher, 41 Hanover and 
Hollins markets, dw Frederick av near 
Dimmling Chas. F. butcher, 32 Fells Point 

market, dw Monument near Broadway 
Dimmling John, tailor, 82 e Lombard 
Dimmitt Charles E. clerk, 146 w Madison 
Dimmitt Mrs. Rebecca, 6 Bolton 
Dimmelman Henry, wheelwright, 636 Light 
Dimidrian Bro., St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 
Dimond Caroline, (Fowler & D.) 610 w 

Dinger Chas. F. tobacconist, 801 w Baltimore 
Dingfelder Anthony, shoemaker, 143 s Greene 
Dinkle Geo. carpenter, 72 Essex 
Dinnish John, shoemaker, 245 s Ann 
Dinsmore David, stevedore, Clinton s of Bos- 
Dinsmore James A. machinist, 476 Saratoga 
Dinsmore & Kyle, wholesale grocers and 

commission merchants, 156 w Pratt 
Dinsmore Margaret, 15 Stiles 
Dinsmore Mary, 83 Thames 
Dinsmore Robt. mariner, Clinton neaf Boston 
Dinstbeer Geo. porter, 10 Harmony la 
Dippel Geo. flour and feed, 103 Franklin, dw 

n e cor Dolphin and Bolton 
Dippel Mrs. John, 342 Mulberry 
Dippel Mrs. Sophia, 110 s Bond 
Dippel Sophia, confectionery, 119 Bank 

GEO. S. PAGK Si BRO., Monuf.ictwrcrs of Roof* Roofiug Materials, 111 SmiUn's 
Wliai-f. C. HART SBHTH, Asreiit. 




Dippel Wendel, cabinet maker, 254 e Pratt 
Dippel Wilhelmina, 36 Lancaster 
Dirschner John C, shoemaker, 875 w Pratt 
Disney Elizabeth, seamstress, 167 Bank 
Disney ]%s. Elizabeth, 167 Bank 
Disney Mrs. Elizabeth, 192 s Paca 
Disney George W. iron roller, 133 s Caro- 
Disney John, fireman, 54 s Shroeder 
Disney John W. painter, 160 L. Greene 
Disney John W. painter, 182 Conway 
Disney Oliver M. painter, 77 Dover, dw 182 

Disney Richard E. painter, 144 Camden, dw 

182 Conviray 
Disney Richard P. huckster, 131 Conway 
Disney Wesley, clerk Hanover market, 57 

Disney Wm. H. carter, 96 s Chester 
Distebart Geo. lock and gunsmith, 584 w 

Distle Thos. woodsawyer, 134 s Chapel 
Distler Conrad, tailor, 146 s, Central av 
Distler John C. 227 Canton av. 
Ditendaler Joseph, 362 Eastern av 
Ditman Thomas M. clerk, cor Ensor and East 
Ditman Wm. H. bookkeeper Bank of Balti- 
more, Chase e of Caroline 
Ditmyer John, rags, 113 s Chapel 
Ditter Mrs. Caroline, 88 Maiden la 
Ditter Charles, shoemaker, 119 Low 
Dittman Edward, soldier, 113>^ McElderry's 

Dittman Harman, cigar factory, over 59 ^^ s 

Charles, dw 72 Hill 
Dittman Henry, laborer, 171 King 
Dittman John H. sr. grocer, 1133-^ McElder- 
ry's wharf 
Dittman John H. jr. soldier, 11 3>^ McElder- 
ry's wharf 
Dittman John H. cooper, 207 s Eutaw 
Dittman Wm. H. clerk, Chase near Coroline 
Dittmer John H. cooper, 209 s Eutaw 
Dittrich F. & Bro. cap manufacturers, 178 n 

Gay,.dw C. D. 172 n Eutaw 
Dittrich Francis, (F. D. & Bro.) 176 n Gay 
Dittus J. Frederick, butcher, 87 Centre and 
24 Lexington markets, dw Butchers row, 
Penna. av extended 
Dittus Wm. butcher, Penna. av near North- 
ern av 
Ditzell Nicholas, laborer, 12 President 
Ditzweg Franz, shoemaker, 64 s Durham 
Diven Edward R. super't city railway cars, 

Lexington near Fulton 
Diven Edward T. plumber, 150 e Madison 
Diven Edward T. conductor, 37 s Calhoun 
Diven Geo. E. moulder, 147 Hollins 
Diven James W. conductor city railway, 

Lexington near Fulton 
Diven Josephine, seamstress, 250 n Eutaw 
Diven Margaret, seamstress, 250 n Eutaw 
Diven Sarah, grocery, 184 Canton av 
Diver Elizabeth, tavern, 151 Eastern av 
Divers Mary M. 177 n Fremont 
Diverl. Mary, 140 s Spring 
Dix Edward H. soliciting agt. 147 e Fayette 
Dix Fanny, 257 n Eutaw 
Dix J. Franklin, (D. & Steiner,) 257 n Eu- 
Dix James, laborer, 182 s Bond 
Dix John, laborer, 209 Hanover 
Dix John, puddler, 134 s Castle al 

DIX & STEINER, Importers and 
Dealers in Foreign Fruits, Cigars, 
&c., No. 112 Lombard st. 

Dix Thos. H. clerk, 93 e Fayette 

Dix Wm, S. clerk, 41 s Sharp 

Dix Wm. W. 93 e Fayette 

Dixon Bradley S. dry goods, 716 w Baltimore 

Dixon Mrs. Bridget, 36 McHenry 

Dixon Charles, 146 Preston 

Dixon Charles A. bricklayer, 136 McHenry 

Dixon Dennis B. M. clerk, 147 Hanover 

Dixon Geo. fireman, 176 McHenry 

Dixon Isaac, laborer, 18 Durst al 

Dixon Mrs. Isabella, 17 Armistead la 

Dixon James, jr. (Wm. T. D. & Bro.) 49* 

Dixon James, 17 Aisquith 
Dixon James, laborer, 182 s Bond 
Dixon John H. fireman, 176 McHenry • 
Dixon John, engineer, 560 w Baltimore 
Dixon John B. clerk, 49 Lexington 
Dixon John, painter, 36 McHenry 
Dixon John C. butcher, 117 Columbia 
Dixon Joseph, gas works, 3 Perry 
Dixon Joseph, boiler maker, 51 McHenry 
Dixon Matthew J. gilder, 36 McHenry 
Dixon Patrick, laborer, 295 s Paca 
Dixon Robert, mate, 10 Williamson 
Dixon R. W. K. commission merchant, over 

1 16 Light St wharf, dw 167 Cathedral 
DIXON THOM AS, architect, over 117 w Bal- 
timore, dw Mt. Washington, Baltimore co 
Dixon Thomas, railroad man, Grundy, near 

Dixon William, laborer, 56 McHenry 
Dixon Wm. J. T. clerk, 245 Mulberry 
DIXON WM. T. & BROTHER, wholesale 
dealers boots, shoes, hats and caps, 306 w 
Dixon Wm. T. (W. T. D. & Bro.) 49 Lex- 
Dobbin Mrs. Catharine, 56 e Baltimore 
Dobbin Eliza, laundress, 13 Comet 
Dobbin Francis M. boot maker, 125 Mulberry 
DOBBIN & FULTON, publishers Baltimore 
American and Commercial Advertiser, 128 
w Baltimore 
DOBBIN GEORGE W. attorney, 42 St. Paul 
Dobbin Joseph T. (D. & Fulton,) 56 e Balti- 
DOBBIN & CO. miners and shippers of coal, 
and agents Baltimore Coal Co. 24 w Second 
Dobbin Wm. B. (D. & Co.,) 119 n Charles 
DOBBIN JOHN, coach and livery stables, 28 

High, dw 62 
Dobbs Mary, tailoress, 12 Tripolet al 
Dobel Alois, shoemaker, 54 s Durham 
Dobel Casper, shoemaker, 282 e Lombard 
Dober Joseph, milkman, 323 n Central av 
DOBERER JOHN, Louisiana House, 199 

DOELER DANIEL, paper box manufacturer, 

49 Lewis, dw 88 n Central av 
Dobler David, clerk, 156 French 
Dobler Frederick, clerk, 156 French 
Dobler George, clerk, 163 e Baltimore 
Dobler Gustavus A. salesman, 88 n Central av 
Dobler John, bookkeeper, 158 French 
Dobson J. mariner, 377 Canton av 
Dobson John A. & Co. china, glass and 
queensware, 2 and 4 n Charles 

WM. P. WEBB, Marine, Fire and Life Insurance Agent antl Broker. Agent « Mutual 
Benefit lilfe Insurance Co., Ne-warlt, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Dobson John, painter, 229 e Fayette 
Dobson John A. (John A. D. & Co.,) 71 n 

Dobson Robert H. shoemaker, 90 Jeiferson 
Dobson Thomas H. painter, 269 e Lombard 
Dobson Wm. bricklayer, 100 Jefferson 
Dochtermann Conrad, cabinet maker, 203 

Dochtermann Regina, confectionery, 203 Light 
Dockerney Patrick, hod carrier. 111 s Castle 
Dockery Mary, laundress, 77 Orleans 
Docwra Mrs. Frances, 14 n Republican 
Dodd Daniel, engineer, 109 s Castle 
Dodd Joseph L. shoemaker, 99 n Poppleton 
Dodge George R. & Co. artists and painter's 

store, 42 w Baltimore 
Dodge Geo. R. (Geo. R. D. & Co.,) 255 n Eu- 

Dodge John W. foreman, Abbott's rolling 

Mill, 262 e Baltimore 
Dodge Mary A. 255 n Eutaw 
Dodiken John, laborer, Chappell, near Wind- 
sor mill road 
Dodson John W. soldier, 889 w Baltimore 
Dodson Richard S. bookkeeper. Fountain 

Dodson Thaddeus, C. carpenter, 87 Albemarle 
Dodson Wm. K. messenger Adams Express 

83 n Exeter 
Doefler Michael, tailor, 40 s Durham 
Doel William, baker, 120 Low 
Doell John, baker, 1 s Central av 
Doeller Christopher, oil manufacturer, 53 

Doeller G. Conrad, butcher, 11 Fella Pomt 

Market, dw cor Fourth and Dillon 
Doenges Ernt, shoemaker, 574 w Baltimore 
Doenges Philip, vinegar depot, 141 King 
Doenenfelser Ludwig, tavern, 256 s Caroline 
Doeplitz Solomon, millinery and fancy goods, 

114 Lexington 
Doering Conrad, 362 Saratoga 
Doering Henry, tavern, 20 Park 
Doerr John, tinner, 18 Ross 
Doetch Joseph, shoemaker, 66 Jasper 
Doft George, tin and sheet iron worker, 164 

Doged Mrs. Eliza, 196 e Fayette 
Doged Martin H. clerk, 196 e Fayette 
Dogge Charles, laborer, 20 Dawson al 
Doherty M. & E. dry goods, 223 Lexington 
Dohme Gustavus, clerk, 44 n Gay 
Dohme Louis, (Sharp & D.,) 263 w Pratt 
Dolack John, tailor, 25 s Spring 
Dolan Mrs. Ann D. confectionery, 907 w Pratt 
Dolan James, laborer, 907 w Pratt 
Dolan James, laborer, 89 McEIderry's wharf 
DOLAN REV. JAMES, 112 s Broadway 
Dolan John, laborer, 460 n Gay 
Dolan John, stone cutter, 30 Thomsen 
Dolan John, clerk, 212 e Lombard 
Dolan Mary Ann, seamstress, 525 w Lombard 
Dolan Morris, currier, 9 New Church 
Dolan Patrick, wheelwright, 220 Penna. av 
Dolan Patrick, 122 Harford av 
Dolch John C. blacksmith, 268 w Biddle 
Dole Christian, rags, 87 Grindall 
Doleman Matilda, 21 Eastern av 
Dolfield Alexander, clerk Franklin Bank, dw 

175 s Washington, F. P. 
Dolin John, laborer, 634 w Pratt 
Dolin Maria, washerwoman, 634 w Pratt 
Dolin Valentine, laborer, 10 s Regester 

Dohveyra Augustus, (D., Perrido «fe Co.) 

Fountain Hotel 
Doliveyra, Perido & Co. brandy, wine, gin 

and whiskey, 6 Water 
Dolivit Matilda, 57 Watson 
Doll George, laborer, 109 West 
Doll George, 97 Stirling 
Doll Lewis, curled hair, Frederick av 
Doll Michael, foundryman, 43 Elizabeth la 
Dolle George, soldier, 24 Burke 
Dolle Lawrence, grocery and liquors, 147 Sa- 
rah Ann 
Dolle Thomas, 147 Sarah Ann 
Dollinger Charles, butcher, 90 Centre market, 

dw Belair, near Baltimore cemetery 
Dollinger John, butcher, Belair market, dw 

Baltimore co 
Dolphin Francis, pork and beef inspector, 201 

Dolphin Francis W. trader, 38 Ryan 
Dolwelt Louisa, midwife, 429 w Baltimore 
Dominie John, painter, 85 Mulberry 
Domney John, plasterer, 133 n Paca 
Donahue Daniel, tailor, 20 Buren 
Donahue James E. bricklayer, 101 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Donaldson Alexander, soldier, 159 n Paca 
Donaldson Catherine, 99 n Charles 
Donaldson David, trader, 121 Jefferson 
Donaldson Dr. Frank, office 32 Franklin, dw 

Donaldson Lieut. Col. James L. depot quarter- 
master, U. S. A., headquarters Eutaw 
Donaldson John, baggage express,P. W. &B. 

R. R. 62 Fawn 
Donaldson John I. president Franklin Bank, 
and Baltimore Life Insurance Company, dw 
30 Franklin 
Donaldson John I. jr., 30 Franklin 
Donaldson Mrs. Julia A. 159 n Paca 
Donaldson Robert, fireman, 3 Henderson ct 
DONALDSON SAMUEL I. attorney, 39 St. 

Donaldson Samuel, 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson Sidnor, artist, 38 St. Paul 
Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, 129 s Exeter 
Donaldson Thomas W. collector, 62 Fawn 
Donallen Andrew, wheelwright, 382 Light 
Donat Marion, grocer, 199 s Charles 
Done Julia, 328 Madison av 
DONAVIN MATTHEW W. pharmaceutist, 

s e cor Lee and Sharp, dw 96 Lee 
Doney Stephen, laborer, 273 Dallas 
Donehue James D. ship joiner, 115 s Wolfe 
Donelson Noah J. tinner, 38 Ryan 
Donelson Wm. R. cigar maker, 132 n Bond 
Donfrey John, shoemaker, 361 n Gay 
Donges Andrew, wagoner, 333 s Charles 
Donges Linas, variety store, 333 s Charles 
Donhauser George, painter, 259 e Eager 
Donkley George W. machinist, cor Pratt and 

Donlan Anthony, tailor, 19 Slemmer al 
Donn William, sailmaker, 113 Albemarle 
Donnell Emily, 308 Canton av 
Donnell James M. machinist, 308 Canton av 
Donnell John S. 82 Cathedral 
Donnell Mary, 231 n Eutaw 
Donnell William, 231 n Eutaw 
Donnelly Alice, seamstress, 94 Harford av 
Donnelly Daniel, brickmaker, 73 Harford av 
Donnelly Daniel, bricklayer, 40 Franklin al 

HE>rRY GIESE, Commission Merchant, for the sole of Flonr, Grain, Seeds, &e. 
Rosendale Cement and Cnlctued Plaster constantly on hand, 21 Spear's Wliorf. 




Donnelly Daniel, laborer, 19 Jordan 
Donnelly Edward, porter, cor Lexington and 

Donnelly Mrs. Eliza, 283 Ross 
Donnelly Elizabeth, laundress, 116 Harford av 
Donnelly Francis A. clerk, 283 Ross 
Donnelly Hugh, soldier, 208 Lee 
Donnelly James laborer, 172 n Front 
Donnelly James, restaurant, 232 e Pratt 
Donnelly James, watchmaker, 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly James, finisher, 371 Hamburg 
Donnelly John, laborer, 464 Walsh 
Donnelly John, blacksmith, Falls road, near 

Northern av 
Donnelly John, grocer, 397 Lexington 
Donnelly Mary, 21 Foundry 
Donnelly Mary, corsetmanufacturer, 17^ L.ex- 

ington, dw 156 w Lombard 
Donnelly Michael, drayman, 7 Philpot 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 6 Swan 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 511 n Gay 
Donner Dorothea, 51 Johnson 
Donohoe Cornelius, laborer, 182 Vine 
Donohue Bernard, bonnet frames, 253 n Gay 
Donohue Bridget, huckstress, 11 Rock 
Donohue Charles, grocer, 23 Amity 
Donohue Cornelius, laborer, 60 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, 96 Ensor 
Donohue Dorothea, 51 Johnson 
Donohue Elizabeth, 111 Ross 
Donohue Mrs. Elizabeth, 226 e Fayette 
Donohue George, ship joiner, Ahceanna near 

Donohue James, coal oil, 115 Plum 
Donohue James D. ship joiner, 115 s Wolfe 
Donohue James, of custom house, 309 e Pratt 
Donohue John, salesman, 47 e Pratt 
Donohue John, grocery , cor Amity and Raborg 
Donohue John F. salesman, 126 Holliday 
Donohue Marcus L. ship joiner, 309 e Pratt 
Donohue Michael, laborer, 57 s Oregon 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, 64 n Dallas 
Donohue Patrick, watchman, 99 Granby 
DONOHUE RICHARD, shirt manufacturer, 
240 w Baltimore , dw 9 Pearl , , „ 

Donohue Thomas, coal oil, cor Leadenhall 

and West 
Donohue William, laborer, 7 Myers ct 
Donovan Bridget, 49 Guilford al 
Donovan Clarissa, 185 Lexington 
Donovan Daniel, foundryman, 151 Bank 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, 39 New Church 
Donovan James, printer, 556 w Baltimore 
Donovan Jane, 556 w Baltimore 
Donovan John, laborer, 77 Eastern av 
Donovan Mrs. Joseph S. s w cor Camden and 

Eutaw ^ , , 

Donovan Michael, laborer, 50 s Dewberry al 
DonovanMichael, mariner, 44 French 
DonovanMichael, printer, 556 w Baltimore 
Donovan Simon, pedler, 102 Bank 
Donovan Timothy, blacksmith, cor Chappell 

and Liberty road 
Doolan Mary, 75 Orleans 
Dooley Edward, nailmaker, 63 French 
Dooley John, laborer, 6 Swan 
Dooley Martin, laborer, 25 Haw 
Dooley Michael, laborer, 6 Swan 
Dooley Thomas, drayman, 206 n Exeter 
Doolittle William, clerk, 78 w Fayette 
Doonan Prof. James A. at Loyola College 
Dooner Hugh, 398 Franklin 
Dopman Julia, 223 n Ed 

Doran Michael, laborer, 43 Haubert 
tel, s w cor Pratt and Paca 
Dorbacker Wm. Three Tuns sales stables, n w 

cor Pratt and Paca 
Dore Dennis, grocery, 2 French 
Doremus Peter B. plasterer, Rose nearMosher 
Dorenberg John D. shoemaker,' 151 Conway 
Dorfer Eberhard H, tailor, 101 s Bond 
Dorgan Gustavus A. ship carpenter, 45 s 

Washington, F. P. 
Dorguth August, lager beer, 271 w Pratt 
Doringer Peter, 71 Preston 
Dorman Ann, confectionery, 75 s High 
Dorman Eliza, 124 Bank 
Dorman Mrs. Ellen, 381 Hamburg 
Dorman George T. oysters, 146 Penna. av 
Dorman James, ship carp. 290 Canton av 
Dorman Jane G. grocery, 6 Aisquith 
Dorman Hetty, 37 Orleans 
Dorman Mrs. Margaret, 26 Josephine 
Dorman Samuel, constable, 27 Josephine 
Dorman Mrs. Sarah, 62 n Dallas 
Dorman Wm. plasterer, 36 n Front 
Dorman Wm. ship carpenter, 180 Bank 
Dorme Mrs. Margaret, 65 James al 
Dormedy Sarah, 134 w Madison 
Dormoller Frank, laborer, 158 s Eden 
Dorn George, laborer, 210 Penna. av 
Dorn George, laborer, 7 Choptank 
Dorn John, cooper and lager beer, cor Caro- 
line and Bank 
Dorn John, sawyer, 315 w Pratt 
Dorn John, milk, O'Donnell near East av 
Dorn Philip, clerk, 97 w Biddle 
Dorn Wolf, laborer, 86 Albemarle 
Dornin Thomas A., U. S. N. 31 Cathedral 
Dorphley Richard W. (Wainwright & Co.) 

176 w Baltimore 
Dorr Casper, printer, 268 Hanover 
Dorr Mary, 223 s Charles 
Dorrell Geo. H. blacksmith, 226 e Monument 
Dorrer John, veterinary surgeon, Gough cor 

Central av 
Dorrett John C. pedler, 264 s Howard 
Dorrett John C. speculator, n e cor Howard 

and Hamburg 
Dorrett Wm. W. tobacconist, 163 e Fayette 
Dorrick Emily, 100 e Monument 
Dorring Frederick, laborer, 170 Henrietta 
Dorritee Charles, bookkeeper, 66 n Broadway 
Dorritee C. W. bookkeeper, 66 n Broadway 
Dorritee Elizabeth, 134 s Bond 
Dorritee Robert E. painter, 26 Hampstead 
Dorrity Joseph, bricklayer, 41 Milliman 
Dorrity Mrs. Rebeccca, 290 e Lombard 
Dorrity Richard, stone cutter, 41 MiUiman 
Dorrity Thomas, police, 104 n Bond 
Dorry Edward G. plumber and gas fitter, 18 
Thames, and n w cor Pratt and Broadway, 
dw 49 s Broadway 
Dorry Ferdinand, gas fitter, 49 s Broadway 
Dorry John A. stone cutter, 167 s Washing- 

Dorry Wm. rigger, 167 s Washington, F. P. 
Dorsch Geo. shoemaker, 21 e Fayette 
Dorsch Wolfgang, laborer, 60 s Regester 
Dorschel Wm. groceries and liquors, 46 Fell 
Dorsett John F. (Boswell & D.) 110 s Sharp 
Dorsey Allen, (Wheatley, D. & Co.) 248 w 

Dorsey Allen, feed, 88 Spear's wharf, dw 248 

w Lombard 

^^Onr^H^&BliO., Mannftctnrer, of Roof. n«cl Roofing HaterlalB, 111 B«^'» 
Xnuirf. O. HART SBITTH, Agent. 




Dorsey Algernon S. 25 n Calvert 
Dorsey Andrew, engineer, 94 s Carey 
Dorsey Bartus C. (Wheelwright, Mudge & 

Co.) 102 s Sharp 
Dorsey Benjamin H. clerk B. & O. R, R., 

Howard near German 
Dorsey Caleb, 102 s Sharp 
Dorsey Charles, carpenter, 42 s Poppleton 
Dorsey Comfort W. 36 Pleasant 
Dorsey Daniel, soldier, 85 Mount 
Dorsey Daniel W. shoemaker, 172 n Gay 
Dorsey Edwin, carpenter, 23 Decker 
Dorsey Geo. F. fireman, 176 McHenry 
Dorsey Mrs. Grace H. 13 McCulloh 
Doi-sey Geo. W. shoemaker, 249 w Hoffman 
Dorsey & Hissey, coach makers, 96 n Calvert 
Dorsey Isaac, cabinet maker, 62 s Sharp 
Dorsey James B. (Campbell, D. & Co.) 23 n 

Dorsey James, marble polisher, 45 Buren 
Dorsey James L. flour inspector, 35 Conway 
Doi'sey James, laborer, 271 Forrest 
Dorsey John F. (Boswell & D.) 119 s Sharp 
Dorsey John, laborer, 384 Hanover 
Dorsey John, tailor, Paca s of Hamburg 
Dorsey John T. shoemaker, 26 Josephine 
Dorsey John, cellar digger, 29 s Wolfe 
Dorsey John A. (Etchfson & D.) Three Tuns 

Dorsey Joseph I. granite stone cutter, 398 

Dorsey Joseph, clerk at Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Joseph S. (Middleton & D.) 201 

Dorsey Julia A. 51 e Lombard 
Dorsey Margaret 29 Durham 
Dorsey Mrs. Matilda, 42 s Poppleton 
Dorsey Mary J. 114 e Lombard 
Dorsey Michael, tailor, 104 York 
Dorsey Michael, laborer, 138 s Castle al 
Dorsey Michael, laborer, 8 St. Mary 
Dorsey Michael, grain, lime and feed, 114 

Light St. wharf, dw 131 Hanover 
Dorsey Richard, clerk, 102 s Sharp 
Dorsey Richard B. clerk at Custom House, 

n Charles st. extended 
Dorsey Richard B., jr., clerk, Charles near 

Northern av 
Dorsey Richard, soldier, 214 n Central av 
Dorsey Dr. Robert, (of Edward,) 29 n Calvert 
Dorsey Samuel, bookkeeper, 51 Courtland 
Dorsey Samuel H. bookkeeper, 51 Courtland 
Dorsey Samuel H. vinegar depot, 9 President 

dw 51 Mulberry 
Donsey Samuel A. stone cutter, 108 s Sharp 
Dorsey Sclman, bookkeeper, 396 w Lombard 
Dorsey Su.san, seamstress, 137 n Central av 
Dorsey Theodore C. clerk, 114 e Lombard 
Dorsey Thomas, carpenter, 396 w Lombard 
Dorsey Vernon, clerk B. & O. R. R. Charles 

near Northern av 
Dorsey Washington L. 169 Mulberry 
Dorsey Wm. (D. & Hissey,) 166 n Exeter 
Dorsey Mis. W. L. 169 Mulberry 
Dorsey Wm. A. produce commission mer- 
chant 68 South 
Dorsey Wm. S. clerk, 51 Courtland 
Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 70 s Ann 
Dorsey Wm. H. paying teller Western Bank, 
Dorsey Wm. J. H. (Dade & D.) 14 Pearl, dw 

413 w Fayette 
Dorson Anna, laundress, 54 n Eutaw 
Dorson Samuel, 162 s Ann 

Dorweis Eckert, painter, 70 Ensor 
Dosch George, huckster, 1 Spring ct 
Dotterweih Frederick, cigar maker, 165 Ross 
Dotterwiesk Francis P. shoemaker, Wolfe s 

of Pratt 
Dotsch Louis, photographer, 66 Chatswortb. 
Doty Mrs. S. 130 w Fayette 
Doub D. Milton, clerk, 41 n Gilmor 
Doub Ezra R. tobacconist, 1 n Calhoun, dw 

41 n Gilmor 
Doud Bartley, huckster, 7 Camden la 
Doud Francis, shoemaker, 4 McElderry 
Doud John A. M. police, 178 East 
Doud John, carter 4 L. Constitution 
Doud Michael, laborer, 13 Elliott 
Doud Thomas, blacksmith, 32 Binney 
Doud Patrick, carter, 279 s Eutaw 
Dougherty Anthony, 3 George al 
Dougherty, Chas. M. (Dougherty, Woods & 

Co.) 31 Franklin 
Dougherty Cornelius, carpenter, 222 Vine 
Dougherty Charles J. shoemaker, 95 n Eutaw 
Dougherty Daniel, carter, 184 s Washington 

F. P. 
Dougherty Dan'l, laborer, white house Canton 
Dougherty Ellen, 52 Cambridge 
Dougherty James, laborer, 56 Raborg 
Dougherty James, 181 n Eutaw 
Dougherty James, builder, 11 w Builder 
Dougherty Capt. James, 52 Lee 
Dougherty Rev. John, 25 n Front 
Dougherty John C. ship carpenter, 146 s Ann 
Dougherty John W. engineer. Lazaretto 
Dougherty Joseph, trunk maker, 66 Portland 
Dougherty Julius, discount clerk. Farmers' 

and Merchants' bank, dw 267 Saratoga 
Dougherty Julia, 50 e Baltimore 
Dougherty Margaret, 87 Hollins 
Dougherty Mrs. Margaret, 66 Portland 
Dougherty Mary A. 316 e Pratt 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary, 11 w Biddle 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 16 Garden 
Dougherty Michael, hackman, 137 n High 
Dougherty Michael, hostler, Moffits stables, 

n Howard 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Patrick, laborer, 22 Concord 
Dougherty Philip, painter, 69 n Exeter 
Dougherty Thomas, 15 n Caroline 
Dougherty Thomas, police, 104 n Bond 
Dougherty, Woods & Co. sugar refiners, n e 

cor Lombard and Concord 
Dougherty Wm. H. (Sands & D.) 50 e Bal- 
Dougherty Wm. police, 786 w Baltimore 
Doughty J. J. C. clerk, 9 n Exeter 
Doughty John C. 241 w Biddle 
Douglas August, liquors, 4 s Howard, dw 206 

w Biddle 
Douglas Harriet, 33 Chew 
Douglass James H. marine fireman, 87 Ham- 
Douglass James B. oak cooper, 217 Mullikin 
Douglass Robert, porter. May near Eden 
Douglass Robert, cooper, 11 Willow 
Douglass Susan, 67 Warner 
Douglass Susan, gaiter binder, 50 s Eutaw 
Douglass Thos. J. cooper, 138 L Greene 
Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, 352 Mulberry 
Douglass Wm. R. wagoner, 21 May 
Douglass Wm. H. cooper, 25 Brune 
Doulongin Conrad, tailor, 309 s Bond 
Doush Jacob, farmer, 151 s Ann 

WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, Fire and lilfe Xnsnrance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Iilfe Insurance Co., NeTvarls, Bf. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Doush Peter, stevedore, 151 s Ann 

Douty Caleb, adjusting clerk. Custom House, 

Fayette near Gilmor 
Dove Benjamin F. watchman, 548 w Pratt 
Dove Capt. Henry, 351 e Baltimore 
Dove Capt. Milton C, U. S. A. 92 s Ann 
Dove Capt. S. M., U. S. N., Fountain hotel 
Dove Wm. C. iron roller, 152 s Caroline 
Dover John, shoemaker, 499 w Pratt 
Dowd Michael, bar tender, 3 Centre Market 

Dowden Francis P. mariner, 194 s Ann 
Dowell George E. clerk to Quarter Master, 

63 Aisquith 
Dowell John, grocer and commission merch't, 

55 s Calvert, dw 63 Aisquith 
Dowling Ann, 183 n Eutaw 
Dowling Elizabeth, millinery, 262 n Gay 
Dowling George, tailor, 48 s Wolf 
Dowling Thomas laborer, 85 Booth 
Downey Chas. carpenter, 13 Gough 
Downey Edmund, carpenter, 13 Gough 
Downey Edward, painter, 56 Gough 
Downey James, laborer, 6 n Amity 
Downey John, 25 Abey al 
DOWNEY JOHN t^c SON, grocers and com- 
mission merchants, 133 Franklin 
Downey John, (J. D, & Sons,) 154 n Eutaw 
Downey John W. mariner, 239 Henrietta 
Downey Thomas G. (J. D. & Son,) 154 n 

Downey Wm. T. watchman, 141 Dover 
Downing Chas. F. bricklayer, 82 n Poppleton 
Downing Elizabeth, 158 w Biddle 
Downing Howell, broker, 158 w Biddle 
Downing John, laborer, 28 Addison 
Downing Margaret W. 56 s Greene 
Downing Morris W., U. S. Commissary, 56 

s Greene 
Downing Nathaniel F. bricklayer, 82 n Pop- 
Downing Wm H. bricklayer, 82 n Poppleton 
Downing Wm. laborer, 2 Russell al 
Downs Capt. Chas. G., U. S. A. 148 Barre 
Downs Mrs. Dr. 22 n Caroline 
Downs Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 154 Dover 
Dowhs Mrs. Elizabeth, 485 e Baltimore 
Downs Harris T. butcher, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs Jas. Henry, bailiff U. S. Courts, 302 

"Downs Joseph B. butcher, 484 Light 
Downs Joseph, butcher, 485 e Baltimore 
Downs Mrs, Louisa, confectionery, s w cor 

Belair av and Broadway 
Downs Samuel F. moulder, 477 Franklin 
Downs Steward D. ship carpenter, 169 Lee 
Downs Winifred, 52 Cambridge 
Downs William H. clerk, 361 Franklin 
Downs Win. bricklayer, 94 s Charles 
Doyle Ann, confectionery, 61 Clay 
Doyle Arthur, ship carpenter, 204 s Castle al 
DOYLE A. J. bookstore, 11 Penna av. dw 

282 Franklin • 
Doyle Augustus, clerk, 282 Franklin 
Doyle Bridget, 205 n Howard 
Doyle Bridget, grocery, 22 Valley 
Doyle Catharine, 136 s Howard 
Doyle Felix, soldier, 40 e Eager 
Doyle Jane G. 32 Camden 
Doyle James, grocer, n w cor Lombard aad 

Doyle James, blacksmith, 150 s Central nv 

dw 80 s Eden 

Doyle James, laborer, 547 Saratoga 

Doyle James E. blacksmith, 9 Hawk 

Doyle James, liquors, 45 s Charles 

Doyle James H. printer, 42 Park 

Doyle John, laborer, 83 n Oregon 

Doyle John, laborer, 67 Dawson al 

Doyle Dr. John A. 21 s Gay 

Doyle John, 18 Abey al 

Doyle John, laborer, 10 Hawk 

Doyle Mary, huckstress, 115 Cross 

Doyle Michael, sawyer, 46 Johnson 

Doyle Michael, messenger Adams' Express, 

1 Columbia 
Doyle M. H. printer, 35 Centre Market space 
Doyle Matthew, soldier, 80 Grindall 
Doyle Matthew, soldier, 115 Cross 
Doyle Patrick, butter, 35 Centre Market space 
Doyle Patrick, drayman, 170 Stirling 
Doyle Patrick, laborer. Falls road near North- 
ern av 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 52 Union 
Doyle Rosina, 80 Grindall 
Doyle Samuel B. clerk Adams' Express, 

Fountain hotel 
Doyle Thomas G. bookseller, 297 n Gay 
Doyle Thomas, laborer, 42 Philpot 
Doyle Thos. whip sawyer, 80 Grindall 
Doyle Thos. whip lawyer, 115 Cross 
Doyle Thomas J. sutler, 32 Camden 
Doyle Wm. 213 Vine 
Doyle Wm. H. carpenter, 349 Columbia 
Doyle Wm. J. jr., clerk, 42 Park 
Drabant Joseph, saddler, 193 Vine 
Drackser Jacob, tailor, 80 Somerset 
Drager Henry, cigar packer, 399 n Gay 
Draismcr John, shoemaker, 7 McElderry ct. 
Draite Wm. blacksmith, 405 w Pratt 
Drake Henry, shoemaker, 678 w Baltimore 
DRAKELEY & FENTON, wholesale pro- 
duce commission merchants, 387 w Bal- 
Drakeley Henry W. (D. & Fenton,) 291 w 

Drane Hugh, laborer, 26 Biddle al 
Draper Chester, tavern, 278 Light 
Draper Mary, dress maker, 278 Light 
Draper William, clerk, 22 T 
Drebing Harriet, 419 e Fayette 
Drege Jacob R. 333 Lexington 
Dregger Francis, porter, 56 Henrietta 
Dregger Theodore, 56 Hamilton 
Dreisch Joseph, porter, 52 Richmond 
Drenk Philip, shoemaker, 93 Low 
Dresch Adam, laborer, Burke, Canton 
Dreschler Frederick, tailor, 8 Spruce al 
Dreschler George, gardener. Republican n of 

Dreschler John, plasterer, 40 n Amity 
Dresboeh Wm. blacksmith, 1 Baker's ct 
Dresel Werner, consul for Prussia, Wurten- 
berg. Saxony, Baden, Bavaria, Hesse Cas- 
sel and Hesse Darmstadt, s e cor Lombard 
and Cheapside, dw 110 St. Paul 
Dresher Peter, shoemaker, 16 Willow 
Dressel Caroline, 83 Ross 
Dressel Catharine, huckstress, 289 e Monu- 
Dressel Conrad, weaver, 32 Orleans 
Dressel George, grocery, 83 Ross 
Dressel John J. baker, 204 Eastern av 
Dressel Leonhard, blind painter, 358 e Eager 
Dresser Joseph, tailor, 267 n Eden 
Dressier Emil, sutler, n w cor Chase and Bond 

jr. HKNRY GIESS, Commission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, <!ie. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaat«r constantly on hand, HI Speor'a Wharf. 




Dressier Wilhelm, 138 e Pratt 
Dreves Francis, cigar store, 16 Pine 
Drew Arthur, laborer, 18 n Poppleton 
Drew Amanda L. 160 w Madison 
Drew Mrs. Ramsey, 259 e Baltimore 
Drexel August, cigar packer, 52 w Fayette 
Drexel Harman, steam scourers, 52 w Fayette, 

dw 103 Pearl 
Drexel Henry, piano maker, 57 n Gay 
Drexel Morris, confectionery, 57 n Gay 
DREXLER JOSEPH A. provision store, 42 

n Calvert 
Drexsel John, tanner, 23 Smith 
Drey Abraham, (Lewis Lauer & Co,) 163 s 

Drey Elkan, (Lewis Lauer & Co.) 64 Conway 
Dreyer Abraham, rags, over 70 Harrison 
Dreyer Charles, tobacconist, 91 William 
Dreyer Ernst, fresco painter, 175 w Fayette 
Dreyer Fredk. box maker, 15 n Sharp 
Dreyer John F. boxmaker, 49 McHenry 
Dreyer Wm. shoe store, 160 s Broadway 
Driffreus John, laborer, 279 Columbia 
Drill James M. freight agent N. C. R. 311 

Drinker Mrs. Susan B. 145 w Biddle 
Drinks Frederick, laborer, 239 s Durham 
Drischman Charles, shoemaker, 151 s Chapel 
DriscoU Mrs. Ann, 97 s Eden 
Driscoll Ellen, grocery, 217 Chesnut 
Driscoll John, laborer, 4 Hawk 
Driscoll Richard J. tailor, 58 s Howard 
Drissell Mary, 151 s Chapel 
Driver Jacob, potter, 196 s Castle al 
Driver Silas, soldier, 350 Washington road 
Drogan Charles, cigar maker, 82 Harrison 
Drohan David, teamster, 84 s High 
Drohan Mary, grocery, 79 Franklin 
Droll Mrs. Ragina, undertaker and furniture, 

90 s Howard 
Dromer John, shoemaker, 229 s Bond 
Droney Dennis, tailor, 104 York 
Drost G. A. (D. & Sutro,) 217 w Lombard 
DROST & SUTRO, importers and wholesale 

dealers in French, German fancy goods and 

notions, 253 w Baltimore 
Droste JohnH. 78 Hill 
Droste John E. clerk, 78 Hill 
Drought Francis, carpenter, 145 Montgomery 
Drugen Hugh, clerk, 69 Hollins 
Druhe Cornelius, tailor, 52 Harrison 
Druid Hall, Patterson building, entrance 

62 Vo w Baltimore 
Drum'Sarah Ann, 250 e Pratt 
Drummer John, shoemaker, 208 Canton av 
Drummer John, laborer, 196 s Wolfe 
Drummond Levin J. watchmaker and jeweler, 

31 w Pratt, dw 15 s Exeter 
Drumpf Catharine, 34 Dewberry al 
Drumgoole Patrick H. laborer, 46 Orleans 
Drury John, stone cutter, 167 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Drury Samuel C. coachman, 5 s Fremont 
Drury Wm. rigger, 167 s Washington, F. P. 
Dryden Alexander, huckster, 53 Clay 
Dryden Mrs. Aurelia, seamstress, 240 Mul- 
Dryden Charles H. butter and produce, 51 n 

Dryden Henry, dry goods, 116 Lexington 
Dryden J. Meredith, clerk, 68 e Pratt 
Dryden Joshua, 67 n Liberty 
Dryden Joshua R. 64 n Greene 

Dryden Meredith J, (Robt. W. D. & Son) 69 

e Pratt 
Dryden Rbt. H. shoemaker, 257 n Central av 
Dryden Mrs. R. P. dressmaker, 178 Pearl 
Dryden Mrs. Ruth, 55 n Poppleton 
Dryden Robert W. & Son, commission mer- 
chants, 14 & 16 German 
Dryden Robert W, (R. W. D. & Son) 68 e 

Dryden Samuel T. bricklayer, 49 Warren 
Dryden Samuel, shoemaker, 334 w Baltimore, 

dw 11 3 Eutaw 
Dryden Wm. 342 w Fayette 
Dubel Capt. James A. 175 s Bond 
Duboy S. Warren, 10 n Schroeder 
Du Bois E. C. clerk tobacco warehouse, 141 

w Biddle 
Du Breton Hypolite, laborer, Union 

Dublin 10 Short al 

Dubree John H. carpenter, 42 w Biddle 
Dubree Geo. spoon maker, rear 16 Harrison 
Dubree Rebecca, rear 16 Harrison 
DUBREUL REV. J. PAUL, St. Sulpice 

Seminary, St. Mary's court, Penna av near 

St. Mary 
Dubreuil Aristide, (D. & Co.) 29 Camden 
Dubreuil & Co. coil oil, 29 Camden 
Dubrey Henry, cigarmaker, 279 n Central 
Ducatel Hyppolite G. 38 Mulberry 
Ducatel Joanna, boarding, 38 Mulberry 
Ducker Otto, (Radecke& Co.) 12 New Church 
Duckett Josephine, 308 Saratoga 
Duckett Robert L. carter, 294 Franklin 
Duckett Richard G. bookkeeper, 308 Saratoga 
DUDE FREDERICK W. cabinet maker, 14 

McClelland, dw 85 n Gay 
Dudderwich Henry, laborer, 256 s Durham 
Dudley Asa, carpenter, 289 Light 
Dudley Charles, blacksmith, 289 Light 
Dudley Christopher, machinist, 202 Chesnut 
Dudley Hester A. tailoress, 74 Henrietta 
Dudley Marcus L. (Porter & D.) 303 Light 
Dudley Mildred, tailoress, 1 Harden's court 
Dudley Mrs. Mary, grocery, 303 Light 
Dudley Richard, gas fitter, 55 Harford av 
Dudley Sarah, dress maker, 289 Light 
Dudley Sarah, 175 Eastern av 
Dudley Thomas, blacksmith, 217 Chesnut 
Dudley William, cooper, 75 Dawson al 
Dudrow Charles E. soldier, 40 n Poppleton 
Dudrow Geo. W. machinist, 40 n Poppleton 
DUERJOHN, importer and dealer in hard- 
ware, 8 Hanover, dw 76 Saratoga 
Duer Samuel, merchant miller, 38 Commerce, 

dw 627 w Lombard 
Duering Charles S. tobacconist, 39 n Eutaw, 

dw n w cor St. Mary and Tessier 
Duering George S. bricklayer, 347 Franklin 
Duering John S. shoemaker, 104 St. Mary 
Duff Elizabeth, 159 Chesapeake 
DUFF CAPT. HENRY, surveyor of vessels 

and cArgoes, 37 Fell, dw 351 e Baltimore 
Duff Henry, carpenter, 295 e Madison 
Duff James, soldier, 30 Jew al 
Duff James, merchant, 48 s Ann 
Duff Miss Mary, 548 Saratoga 
Duf^' Patrick, hostler No. 4 engine, 58 Holiday 
Duff Wm. lawyer, 48 s Ann 
Duffey James, laborer, 3 Littel al 
Duffey John, livery stables, s e cor Harford 

av and Chew, dw Neighbor near Harford av 
Duffy Bridget, grocery, 162 e Lombard 
Duffy Catharine, 25 Centre 

OBO. S. PXGK & BRO., Nannfacturera of Roofs nnd Rooflng material, 111 Sniltlii*s 
\nu%rt. C. HAAT KRQTH, Agent. 




Duffy Edward, attorney, 28 St. Paul, dw 307 

Duffy Francis, hostler Moffett's stables, n 

Duffy Hugh, 101 Ensor 
Duffy James, laborer, 9 n Dewberry al 
Duffy James, (M. & J. D.) 102 Cathedral 
Duffy James, grocery, 55 Holland 
Duffy James, hackman, 3 Hargrove al 
Duffy John, hostler, 119 Vine 
Duffy John, weaver, 27 Mosher 
Duffy John jr., moulder, 27 Mosher 
Duffy John, hackman, 14 Neighbor 
Duffy J. Edwin, clerk, 48 s Ann 

Duffy huckster, 84 Grindell 

Duffy Mary J. laundress, 62 Union 

Duffy M. & T. grocery and feed store, 162 

Duffy Michael, blacksmith, 32 Preston 
Duffy Michael, (M. & J. D.) 109 Cathedral 
Duffy Peter, grocery, cor Chesnut and Low 
Duffy Thomas, laborer, 2 Hammond al 
Duffly Michael, laborer, 341 Eastern av 
Dufur Geo. (D. & C.) 69 Columbia 
Dufur Orlando, 69 Columbia 
Dufur & Co. iron railing makers, Uhler's al 

near Charles 
Dugan Anthony, carpenter, 24 Hammond al 
ware commission merchants, 26 s Charles 
Dugan Cumberland, (C. D. & Co.) 31 Ham- 
Dugan Emily, 77 Centre 
Dugan John, hostler, 5 Grace court 
Dugan John, jr. laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan John, laborer, 25 s Bethel 
Dugan J. Osborne, dry goods, 129 n Gay, dw 

36 n Front 
Dugan Michael, 75 French 
Dugan Michael, butcher, 56 n Dallas 
Dugant Francis, carpenter, 215 w Biddle 
Dugas Louisa, 662 Saratoga 
Dugas Lewis C. clerk, 662 Saratoga 
Dugas Lewis C. clerk to Register of Wills, 

Pearl near Mulberry 
Dugdale Edward, John near Lanvale 
DUGDALE GEO. dealer in fertilizers, 105 

Smith's wharf, dw 279 e Baltimore 
Dugdale Wm. clerk, 279 e Baltimore 
Dugdale William, soldier. Mount near Lex- 
Dugent Eli, carpenter, 338 e Fayette 
Dugent Francis, carpenter, 215 e Biddle 
Dugent Francis, grocer, 284 e Lombard 
Duhamel James, 163 n Paca 
Duhn C. mariner, 288 s Anne 
Duhurst Benjamin, huckster, 105 Vine 
Duhurst Charles H. druggist, 27 w Pratt dw 

1 n Front 
Duhurst Henry P. president Firemen's Insur- 
ance Co., 1 n Front 
Duhurst Mrs. Mary, 1 n Front 
DUKE A. W. apothecary and druggist, 178 e 

Duke Eliza, grocery, 10 Somerset 
Duke James 0. engineer, 52 nEden 
Duke Mary, 2 Lewis 
Duke Susanna, 268 n Howard 
Dukehart Edward W. bookkeeper, 90 Lee 
Dukehart Henry, livery stables, 36 North, 

Dukehart John P. conductor B. & 0. R. R. 
dw 47 n Gay 

Dukehart John, secretary Associated Fire- 
men's Insurance Co. 47 n Gay 
Dukehart Joseph R. (J. R. D. & Co.) 151 

Dukehart Joseph R. &, Co. fishing tackle, 

twine, &c., 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Mary, 73 e Fayette 
Dukehart Robert W. hosemaker, basement 

18 Water, dw 64 e Lombard 
Dukehart Samuel T. 67 n High 
Dukehart Thomas M. bailiff Criminal Court, 

223 e Fayette 
Dukehart Valerius, (Joseph R. D. & Co.) 130 

w Baltimore 
Dukehart Wm. B. hosemaker, 64 e Lombard 
Duker Edward 0. (Radecke & Co.) 12 New 

Duker Henry, morocco dresser, 34 French 
Duker Harman, (H. D. & Co.) cor Charles 

and Uhler's al 
Duker Harman & Co., box makers, rear 216 

w Pratt 
Dulaney Mrs. Ann, 262 n Gay 
Dulaney Capt. Edward, mariner, 127 Bank 
Dulaney Dennis, wagoner, 2 Albemarle 
Dulaney Mrs. Hannah, 137 w Biddle 
Dulaney Nicholas, tobacconist, 215 Mulberry 
Dulaney Sarah, 316 Saratoga 
Dulaney Wm. tailor, 316 Saratoga 
Dulany John N. (Norris & D.) 215 Mulberry 
Dulany Walter, clerk, 59 Courtland 
Duley John C. moulder, 563 w Lombard 
Duley John R. moulder, 563 w Lombard 
Duley Mary, dress maker, 75 n High 
Duley Solomon P. machinist, 563 w Lombard 
Dulin Dr. Alexander F. 16 n Charles 
Duling John, mariner, 182 s Ann 
Dull Adam, britannia ware, Baltimore near 

Gilmor , 

Dull Caspar, boatman, 21 Gittings 
Dull Jacob, laborer, 1,30 s Central av 
Dull James M. freight agent, N. C. R. dw 311 

Dumas Eliza, seamstress, 49 Albemarle 
Dumax Benj. L. carpenter, 11 Cowpen al 
Dumax Elizabeth 0. 158 Pearl 
Dumax Elizabeth B. 158 Pearl 
Dumax Ellen L. 158 Pearl 
Dumax Sarah A. 158 Pearl 
Dumber John F. collar maker, 215 w Fayette 
Dumber Joseph, shoemaker, 13 Diamond 
Dumbolton Mrs. Ann, 571 Lexington 
Dumbolton Frank A. clerk, 571 Lexington 
Dumbolton George, with T. J. Carson, 204 w 

Baltimore, dw 571 Lexington 
Dumer Henry, carp. 63 Washington, F. H. 
Duniler Conrad, junk dealer, 22 s Register 
Dumler John, currier, 83 Johnson 
Dumler Joseph, currier, 84 Park 
Dumler Matthias, cooper, 263 s Paca 
Dumphy Patrick, baker, 244 Mulberry 
Dunau Louis, clerk, 354^^ w Lombard 
Dunan Louis (Drakeley & Feptdn) 387 w 

Dunan W. G. cashier Quartermaster's office, 

8 s Gay 
Dunbar Mrs. George T. 35 Hamilton 
Dunbar Dr. John R. W. 151 w Lombard 
Dunbar Wm. W. bailiff Criminal Court, 35 

Dunberry Christian, cooper, 190 s Bond 
Dunbrow Simon, laborer, 82 s Chapel 
Duncan Mrs. Anna, 22 Rock 

WM. P. WEBB, Marine, Fire and tAfe Insiinmce Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Ldfe Insurance Co., Newark, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 





Duncan Adam, 340 n Eutaw I 

Duncan Alexander, U. S assessor, Frederick I 

road near first loll gate 
Duncan Archibald, mariner, 36 Thames 
Duncan Barney, laborer, Clinton 
Duncan David, clerk, 47 w Lombard* 
Duncan Eliza, produce, 47 w Lombard 
Duncan Emily, 132 Cathedral 
Duncan Geo. W. brushmaker, 155 G. Hughes 
Duncan Helen, 132 Cathedral 
Duncan James W. magistrate, 289 s ]}ond 
Duncan Jane, 132 Cathedral .i 

Duncan John F. junk, 146 s Bond 
Duncan James, grocery, 289 Saratoga 
Duncan Joseph W. clerk, N. C. R. R., dw 

Baltimore co 
Duncan Joseph , ship carpenter, 47 w Lombard 
Duncan Jos. W. coach trimmer, 144 Dolphin 
Duncan Mrs. iVIary, 64 Camden 
Duncan Mrs. Mary, 155 G. Hughes 
Duncan Margaret, 132 Cathedral 
Duncan N. J. H. mariner, 47 w Lombard 
Duncan Patrick, laborer, 136 s Castle 
Duncan Capt. Peter, 33 s Bond 
Duncan Thomas M. engineer, 47 s Oregon 
Duncan Timothy, carter, 534 w Pratt 
Duncan William, engineer, 156 e Lombard 
Duncas "Francis, laborer, 64 Boston 
Dundorf Jacob, laborer, rear 214 Canton av 
DundortT Adam, carpenter, 1 Ogston 
Dungan Abel S. miller, 130 w Fayette 
Dungan Francis D. 268 w Fayette 
Dungan Henry G. bookkeeper, 268 w Fayette 
Dungan Jesse, machinist, 306 Franklin 
•Dungan Joshua T. cutter, 244 w Fayette 
Dungan Lewis, propr. scows, s w cor Pratt 

and South, dw Balto. co 
Dungan Martin L. machinist, 191 L. Consti- 

Dungan Patterson, clerk, 357 w Fayette 
Dungan Ruth, 187 Franklin 
Dungan Wilkinson, shoes, 357 w Fayette 
Dungan Wm. W., U. S. N. 378 e Baltimore 
D'UNGER DR. ROBERT, eclectic physi- 
cian, 616 w Baltimore 
Dunham Charles A. attorney, 65 Pearl 
Dunhauser J. 60 s Register 
Dunigan James C. A. ship joiner, 135 Bank 
Dunigan Mary L. confectionery, 150 n Eden 
Dunigan Patrick, 207 Bank 
Dunigan Patrick, Clinton 
Dunigan Thos. ship joiner, 100 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Dunigan William, 191 Bank 
Dunikin Bridget, 261 Forrest 
Dunkel George B. attorney, 600 Lexington 
Dunk^r John C. H. box maker, 8 Jackson ct 
Dunkorly George L. watchcase maker, 29 w 

Fayette, dw 178 e Pratt 
Dunkerley John, butcher, 670 w Pratt 
Dunkerly Richard, machinist, 670 w Pratt 
Dunlap Dr. Albert, 158 Franklin 
DUNLAP C. LEWIS, family grocer, 13 w 

Baltimore, dw Barnum's hotel 
DUNLAP CHARLES, grocer, s w cor How- 
ard and Lexington, dw 249 Saratoga 
Dunlap George W. soldier, 184 Cross 
Dunlap Hugh, sand excavator, n w cor Sara- 
toga and Gilmor 
Dunlap Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, Three 

Tuns hotel 
Dunlap Mary J. gaiter binder, 184 Cross 
Dunlap Thos. H. police, 127 Hamburg 

Dunlap Wm. clerk, 96 n Central av 
Dunlevy James, blacksmith, 236 n Bond 
Dunlevy John, laborer, 114 Buren 
Dunlevy Thos. C. livery stables, 9 n Fred- 
erick, dw42 3 Sharp 
Dunlop Mrs. Anna 167 Conway 
Dunlop Robert S. clerk B. «fc 0. R. R. 167 

Dunn Daniel H. bookkeeper, 376 w Lombard 
Dunn Daniel, carter, 115 Preston 
Dunn Edward, carter, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn Edward, grocery, 116 North 
Dunn Mrs. Francis, 11 Amity 
Dunn George W. huckster, 38 Warren 
Dunn Helen, grocery, 145 s Chester 
Dunn James, lumber. Spring Garden wharf, 

dw 159 Conway 
Dunn James, daguerreotypist, 59 n High 
Dunn John, butcher, 34 McHenry 
Dunn John, mariner, 59 n High 
Dunn John, hackman, 39 Chew 
Dunn John, stove moulder, 53 Scott 
Dunn John, conductor, 2 Preston 
Dunn Joseph, huckster, 10 n Greene 
Dunn Joseph, huckster, 81 York 
Dunn Joseph, shoemaker, 1 Gelston ct 
Dunn Joseph, shoemaker, 109 Elliott 
Dunn Mrs. Mary, 4 Albemarle 
Dunn Martin, shoemaker, 20 n Poppleton 
Dunn Matthew, laborer, 220 Preston 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, 1 Pleasant al 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, 3 Grace ctjj 
Dunn Paul, laborer, 74 Richmond 
Dunn Richard, rigger, 57 s High 
Dunn Robert, laborer, 83 York 
Dunn Robert W. moulder, 38 Warren 
Dunn Mrs. Sarah, 98 s Bond 
Dunn Susannah, 133 William 
Dunn Thomas, furniture wagoner, 66 Boyd 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 66 n Dallas 
Dunn Thomas, 115 Preston 
Dunn Timothy, carter, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn Walston, laborer, 86 Albemarle 
Dunn Wm. laborer, Clinton s of Boston 
Dunnell Thomas, soldier, 35 Abbott 
Dunnett Wm. plumber, n e cor Eutaw and 

Madison, dw 58 George 
Dunnigan Elizabeth, tailoress, 59 Lancaster 
Dunnigan Thos. ship joiner, 100 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Dunnigan Wm. Thos. soldier, 59 Lancaster 
Dunning George, laborer, 18 Fulton 
Dunning John B. chief clerk Provost Marshal, 

dw Washington House 
Dunning Mrs. Mary, 475 Franklin 
Dunning Wm. S. restaurant, 753 Penna. av 
Dunning Wm. S. butcher, 184 Forrest 
Dunning Wm. S. bricklayer, 148 Pearl 
Dunnington Ann, 211 n Eutaw 
DUNNINGTON WM. A. proprietor steam 
plaster mill, lower end of G. Hughes, near 
the Basin, dw 43 McCulloh 
Dunnock Samuel R. 56 Barre 
Dunovan Jeremiah, clerk U. S. commissary, 

74 s Paca 
Dunovan Mrs. Julia, 74 s Paca 
Dunovan Mary A. dressmaker, 74 a Paca 

Dunphy John, 1 Wills 
Duns Ca 

^atharine, 205 s Paca 
Duns John, 205 s Paca 
Dupuy Charles H. French teacher, 132 n 

Durr Francis, shoemaker, 10 Chew 

J. HE>nR,T GrCSE, Coniinis«iion MercUant, ft>r the wale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Kosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, SI Spear'a "Wlnarf. 




DURAND JOHN H. rope manufac. n e cor 
Eden and Johns, and 132 w Pratt, dw Caro- 
line near Biddle 
Durand Thomas W. commission merchant, 

Pratt, dw Gay near Eager 
Durborow Alfred A. clerk, 359 Lexington 
Durborow Hammond, coalagt. 359 Lexington 
Durby Joseph, blacksmith, 3 Valley 
Durding John T. grocery, 464 Light 
Durding Leander A. printer, Windsor Mill 

Durham Albert, furniture wagoner, 262 East- 
ern av 
Durham Ann, upholstress, 302 n Howard 
Durham Columbus P. 167 German 
Durham Mrs. Catherine, 167 German 
Durham Charles W. chair painter, 349 Lex- 
DURHAM & McKEEVER, proprietors of 
Linden livery stables, 140, 142, 144 and 146 
Durham Mrs. Rhoda, grocery, 15 New 
Durham Wm. tailor, 172 William 
Durham Wm. J. cigar maker, 164 s Wolfe 
Durham Wm. D. (Durham & McKeever) 302 

n Howard 
Durham Wm. S. waterman, 91 Johnson 
Durham Wm. laborer, 91 Johnson 
During David T. 13 Harmony la 
During J. George, cabinet maker, 149 s Re- 

Durkee Christopher, shoemaker, 375 s Eutaw 
Durkee Henry H. police, 163 Orleans 
Durkee Capt. John, 29 s Broadway 
Durkee Mrs. L. R. 138 Saratoga 
Durnell Mrs. Ann, millinery, 129 Saratoga 
Durning Mary, grocer, 147 n Central av 
Durocher A. H. dancing mas'r, 317 w Fayette 
Durst Catherine Y. teacher, 191 Hanover 
Durst Fredk. soldier, 350 Washington road 
Durst John V-. 191 Hanover 
Durst John F. finisher, 191 Hanover 
Durzinger Martin, laborer, Cannon near 0'- 

Dusham Wm. shoemaker, 75 Block 
Dushane Albert J. clerk, 323 w Lombard 
Dushane Geo. H. carpenter, 336 w Lombard 
Dushane James A. clerk, 336 w Lombard 
Dushane John T. druggist, 559 w Fayette 
Dushane John of V. 336 w Lombard 
DUSHANE JOHN A. commission paper 

dealer, 40 s Charles, dw 76 s Sharp 
Dushane Col. Nathan T. (U. S. A.) 57 n Paca 
Dushane Valentine, bookkeeper, 163 w Lom- 
Dutch Fredk. tailor, 284 s Charles 
Dutrow C. F. 1 Guilford, dw 83 n Eutaw 
Dutrow Charles, soldier, 125 Raborg 
Dutrow John W. 204 Hollins 
Dutrow Mrs. Margaret, 29 n Republican 
Dutrow Robert H. engineer, 125 Raborg 
Dutton George, ex-sheriff, (John T. Mitchell 

& Co.) 594 Lexington 
Dutton John R. provisions, 227 Bank 
Dutton John, lime inspector, 223 Aisquith 
Dutton John R. coal agent, 25 s Eden, dw 24 

Spring row 
Dutton Mary A. 325 e Pratt 
Dutton Capt. M. P. 3 s Ann 
Dutton Thos.W. bookseller, 162)^6 Baltimore 
Dutton Wm. H. H. clerk, 325 e Pratt 
Duttousch Bernard, tailor, 122 Saratoga 
Duttousch Nicholas, tailor, 122 Saratoga 

Duttousch Xavier, tailor, 122 Saratoga 
Duvall Alfred, civil engineer, 7 Penn 
Duvall Algernon J. clerk, 254 Hollins 
Duvall Ann E. boarding house, 27 n Calvert 
Duvall Mrs. Adeline, 9 Hollins 
Duvall Benj. blacksmith, 254 Hollins 
Duvall Capt. Charles, 175 s Bond 
Duvall Charles, salesman, Howard house 
Duvall Charles, clerk, 91 s Sharp 
Duvall E. G. (D., Keighler & Co.) 365 Eutaw 

Duvall Edward, bookkeeper, 9 Hollins 
Duvall Mrs. Elizabeth, 197 w Fayette 
Duvall Fielder C. ship, clerk tobacco ware- 
house No. 1, 84 Hanover 
Duvall George W. salesman, 96 MuUikin 
Duvall George W. clerk, 248 w Baltimore 
Duvall George W. shoemaker, 77 Hillen 
Duvall George, clerk, 36 s Greene 
Duvall Henry, (D. & Iglehart,) 13 Hollins 
DUVALL & IGLEHART, gro. and produce 

merchants, 128 Light st whf 
Duvall Jacob S. clerk, 32 Hanover 
Duvall James K. pattern mak. 86 Harford av 
Duvall James E. carpenter, 96 MuUikia 
Duvall John H. 229 n Charles 
Duvall John M. clerk, 54 s Sharp 
Duvall James L. H. clerk, 3 Hollins 
Duvall John R. 197 w Fayette 
Duvall Mrs. L. E. 61 St. Panl 
Duvall Mis. Matilda, 568 w Baltimore 
Duvall Nathan T. shoemaker, 164 n Fremont 
Duvall Richard, cooper, 3 Scott 
Duvall Rieman, clerk, 197 w Fayette 
Duvall Thos. J. ladies' shoemaker, 96 Mul- 

Duvall Wm. M. clerk, 61 St. Paul 
Duwees Eliza, butter dealer, 141 n Exeter 
Duwees John C. moulder, 141 n Exeter 
Dwen Peter S. clerk B.&O.R.R. 88 n Calvert 
DWINELLE Dr. JAMES, 117 s Broadway 
Dwyer Daniel, bricklayer, Calverton Mills, 

near Almshouse 
Dwyer Jeremiah, laborer, 10 South 
Dwyer John, basket maker, 97 n Eutaw 
Dwyer Michael, blacksmith, 99 n Central av 
Dwyer Patrick, porter, 22 Ramsey 
Dyer Benj. grocer, 487 w Baltimore, dw 3 Penn 
Dyer John, laborer, 239 Forrest 
Dyer J. (Penn & D.) over s e cor Exchange 

Place and Commerce 
Dyer Levi R. machinist, 2 Ramsay 
Dyer Thomas J. shoemaker, 52 n Eutaw 
DYER WALTER, grocer, s w cor Lexing- 
ton and Paca, dw 26 n Pine 
Dyke Joseph, gardener, Madison av near 

Northern av 
Dykes Josephus, shoemaker, 335 Saratoga 
Dykes John, bookkeeper, 32 s High 
Dykes Mrs. Wm. 32 s High 
Dyott John, wheelwright, 209 n Central av 
Dyrnforth Meyer, furs, 169 Light st. wharf 
Dysart Moses A. collector, 150 Aisquith 
Dytter John, carpenter, 40 s Bethel 

Eachus Edwin, dry goods, s w cor Pratt and 
Hanover, dw Penna. av near Northern av 
Eagan Joseph J. printer, 196 Saratoga 
Eager Henry, 35 China 
Eager Chas. F. 74 Beason 
Eagle Adam, tailor, 47 Abbott 

GEO. S. PAGE Si BRO., Manufacturers of Roofs and Roofing Materials, HI Smltb'8 
Wliarf. C. HAXCT S]>IITH, Agent. 




Eagle Artillery Armory, 244 Canton av 
Eagleston Abram, wood dealer, cor Wall and 

Dugan's whf, dw 321 w Lombard 
Eagleston Chas. bacon dealer, n e cor Orleans 

and Castle al 
Eagleston Jonathan T. soldier, n e cor Orleans 

and Castle al 
Ealey Wm. H. ship carpenter, 118 Bank 
Eam'es Edward, tailor, 56 Tyson 
Eames Wm. A. supt. card manuf. 128 s Paca 
Eareckson C. Federal, clerk, 4 n Bond 
Eareckson Dr. Edwin, 77 n Eutaw 
Eareckson George W. clerk, 88 s Bond 
Eareckson Henrietta, 88 s Bond 
Eareckson J. R. n e cor Baltimore and Frede- 
Eareckson P. S. n e cor Baltimore and Frede- 
EARECKSON V.O. lumber merchant, West 

Fall av, dw 100 e Pratt 
Earend Francis, vinegar, 45 Aliceanna 
Earhart George W. 242 Penna. av 
Earhart Jacob B. rectifier, 250 w Biddle 
Earhart J. M. 288 Aliceanna 
Earick Frederick, street waterer, 45 Preston 
Earland Mrs. Frances, 39 Henrietta 
Earl John, at Miller's Hotel 
Earl Mrs. Frances huckster, 62 Ramsay 
Earl Frank, machinist, 55 e Madison 
Earl Samuel, shoemaker, 5 Arch 
Earl Thomas, engineer, 448 w Lombard 
Earle Emma, 132 Penna av 
Earle Wm. B. clerk, 54 Saratoga 
Earles James H. cigar maker, 144 Vine 
Earley Samuel, carpenter, 330 Franklm 
Earlougher Mary, 6 s Exeter 
Earlougher John M. clerk at Barnum's, 170 

Early Bernard J. tailor, 55 n Gay 
Early Eugene 55 n Gay 
Early John D. 16 n Eutaw 
Early John D. jr. clerk, 16 n Eutaw 
Early Joseph I. attorney, 5 Courtland 
Early Thos. (Thompson & E.) 53 e Madison 
Earp James, puddler, s Chester near Bank 
Earp John, shoemaker, 327 w Lombard 
Easman John, huckster, 644 Penna av 
Easman Mrs. Mary, 646 Penna av 
Earnest Ann, 186 n Calvert 
Earnest Elizabeth, 120 Hollins 
Earnshaw Thomas, 66 s Poppleton 
Easley John T. boat builder, 317 Eastern av 
Easley Thomas, boat builder, 183 s Ann 
Easley Wm. ship carpenter, 121 s Bond 
Easom John Henry, laborer, 75 Cross 
Eason Wm. halter, 177 Stirling 
East Baltimore Club, 200 e Pratt 
East Baltimore Methodist Prot. Church n e 

cor of Aisquith and Fayette 
East Caleb J. butcher, 98 Lexington and 12 
Hollins St. markets, dw Pratt nr Frederick rd 
Easter Charles, Liberty road, Baltimore co 
Easter Hamilton, (H. E. & Co.) Liberty road, 

Baltimore co 
EASTER HAMILTON & CO. importers, 
jobbers and retailers of dry goods, 199,201, 
and 203 w Baltimore 
Easter James H. (Hamilton E. & Co.) a e cor 

Eutaw and Biddle 
Easter James W. (Hamilton E. & Co.) 303 

Easter John jr. (Hamilton E. & Co.) 266 n 

Easter Dr. John, dentist, 113 w Fayette 
Easter Michael, laborer, 188 Burgundy al 
Easter Peter, brickmaker, 32 Elizabeth la 
Easterbee Sarah, 8 Gough 
Easterday J. M. shoemaker, 230 s Ann 
Eastern Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, 

s e cor Eastern av and Bethel. 
Eastern Dispensary, n e cor of Central av and 

Eastern Female High School, n e cor Aisquith 

and Mullikin 
Eastern Hay Scales, corner Monument and 

Eastern Spring, bounded by Pratt, Lombard, 

Eden and Spring 
Easterlow Alexander, carter, 297 Aliceanna 
Easily John, mariner, 311 e Pratt 
Eastman 1. B. & Co. ship and commission 

merchants, over 70 w Lombard 
Eastman I. B. (I. B. E. & Co.) 94 Saratoga 
Eastman Henry W. machinist, 67 Columbia 
EASTMAN Dr. LEWIS M. 343 Lexington 
Easlon Amelia, 263 s Dallas 
Easton Charles P. hardware, 767 w Baltimore 
Easlon Robert, mariner, 145 Cross 
Eastwick Edward P. supt. Md. sugar refine ry 

Courtland near Pleasant 
Eastwood Ann C. 31 Jefferson 
Eastwood George H. mariner, 45 Sterhng 
Eastwood Jas. cabinet maker, 56 Franklin al 
Eaton Albert, mate, 223 Ann 
Eaton Brothers & Co. dry goods commission 

merchants, 9 s Charles 
Eaton Chas. J. M. 52 Mount Vernon place 
Eaton Capt. Caleb, 75 William 
Eaton Eleanora, 140 Gough 
Eaton George N. (E. Bros. & Co.) 54 Mount 

Vernon place 
Eaton Hooper C. (E. Bros. & Co.) 54 Mount 

Vernon place 
Eaton Isham, laborer, 155 William 
Eaton Robinson, pohce, 183 s Chester 
Eaton Mrs. Susan, laundress, 187 L. Hughes 
Eaton Wm. H. shoemaker, 327 Aisquith 
Eaverson Geo.W. (E. & McCord) 72 Aisquith 
EAVERSON & McCORD, hat manufac- 
turers, 47 s Charles 
Eaves James C. mariner, 271 s Dallas 
Eaves Andrew, iron roller, 242 s Dallas 
Ebaugh David F. ladies shoes, 220 n Eutaw 
Ebaugh Henry, watchmaker. 111 n Gay 
Ebaugh Henry, cigar maker, 554 w Baltimore 
Ebbco-hauser Henry, tobacco, 256 Canton av 
Ebberts Lemuel, cigar maker, 50 s Republican 
Ebberts Sylvester, boiler mak. 554 w Lombard 
Ebbison Albert, sail maker, 17 Henrietta 
Eben Henry B cigar maker, 201 Orleans 
Eber Andrew, farmer. 111 Hill 
Eberhart Christian, roller, 224 Castle al 
Eberhart Mrs. Eliza, 292 Cross 
Eberhart Mrs. EHza, 24 Williamson 
Eberhart George B. tinner, 283 s Sharp 
Eberhart Henry, brick maker, 134 HcHenry 
Eberhart John, 58 Portland 
Eberhart Joseph A. grocer, n w cor Aisquith 

and Stirling 
Eberhart Louis, laborer, 51 Portland 
Eberhart Louis, laborer, 12 Sterrett 
Eberle Joseph, stoves & tin ware, 108 Orleans 
Eberlein Michael, tavern, 200 Lexington 
Eberling August, gardener, cor Franklin and 

Eberly Frederick, laborer, 11 May 

\V3I. p. WEBB, Itlarine. Fire and JAfe Insurance Agent and Broker, 

Benefit lATe Tnsnrance Co., Newark, IV. J.." S9 Second Street. 

Agent "SIntnal 




Eberstine Peter F. police, 42 Essex 
Ebei-stine Frederick L. rigger, 42 Essex 
Ebert Charles, umbrella maker, 6 s Durham 
Ebert Frederick, laborer, Cross near Johnson 
Ebert Frederick, tailor, 124 Henrietta 
Ebert John L. cooper, 126 s Eden 
Ebert John C. piano maker, 297 s Sharp 
Ebert Chas. glass blower, 365 s Eutaw 
Ebert Peter, tailor, 66 s Central av 
Ebert Octavius, com. mercht. 10 Spear's whf. 

dw 62 w Centre 
Ebert 0. A. (0. A. E. & Co.) 62 w Centre 
Ebei-t O. A. & Co. flour, grain and produce, 

10 Spear's whf. 
Ebert Wm. glass blower, Stockholm nr Eutaw 
Eberts George H. blacksmith, 555 w Lombard 
Ebner Martin, shoemaker, 196 Hollins 
Ebsworth Daniel, carpenter, 18 Lloyd 
Ebsv/orth David, 20 Lloyd 
Ebsworth Thomas J. 20 Lloyd 
Eccleston James, shoemaker, cor Bond and 

Eccleston Wm. soldier, 154 n Spring 
Eceberger John, clerk, 7 Columbia 
Eck August, tailor, 9 McElderry 
Eck Charles, laborer, 9 L. McElderry 
Eck George, brewer, 104 s Caroline 
Eck Henry, tobacconist, 220 Canton av 
Eck Henry, turner, 11 L. McHenry 
Eck Henry, tobacconist, 17932 s Broadway 
Eck Margaret, 275 Orleans 
Eckart C. blacksmith, 199 Argyle al 
Eckart Frederick, baker, 36 s Republican 
Eckart Wm. upholsterer, 3 Camden 
Eckel Conrad, baker, cor Fayette and Dallas 
Eckel Wm. J. clerk Ericsson line office, 30 

Greenmount av 
Eckehnann Herman R.shoemaker, 10 w Lom- 
Eckelmann Herman H .cigar maker ,10_w Lom- 
Eckelmann Herman S. grocer, 45 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Eckert Adam, laborer, 281 e Monument 
Eckert B. carter, 25 Neighbor 
Eckert Conrad, laborer, 60 Dorsey al 
Eckert Jacob, furniture wagoner, 218 Ham 

Eckert Gotleib, cooper, 58 Bank 
Eckert John, engineer, 165 Hoffman 
Eckert Lewis, shoemaker, 233 s Wolfe 
Eckert Louis, cabinet maker, 6 Dewberry al 
Eckert Louis, shoemaker, 349 s Charles 
Eckert Louis, jr. shoemaker, 349 s Charles 
Eckert Mrs. Teressa Ann, furniture wagons 

to hire, 119 n Paca 
Eckert Henry, cutter, 349 s Charles 
Eckes Henry, lager beer saloon, 84 Gough 
Eckes John, laborer, 58 Eastern av 
Eckhard Mrs. Mary, 211 Cross 
Eckhardt Charles, baker, 239 n Gay 
Eckhardt Conrad, tavern, 86 Harrison 
Eckhardt Conrad, grocery, 5 Pine 
Eckhardt Henry L. boiler maker, 24 Abey al 
Eckhardt John, carter, 51 n Spring 
Eckhardt John W. sr. laborer, 24 Abey al 
Eckhardt John W. jr. laborer, 24 Abey al 
Eckhardt L. carver and gilder, 40 n Frederick 
ECKHARDT & SEIFERT, bottlers,40 Ches- 

Eckhardt Wm. carver and gilder, 58 n Gay, 

dw 300 w Pratt 
Eckhart Henry, cooper, 470 Saratoga 

Eckhorn Theodore, grocery, 71 Granby 
Bckler John, shoemaker, 181 s Caroline 
Ecklerstine Jacob, laborer, 49 Bank 
Eckman Geo. T. wagoner, 880 w Baltimore 
Eckman John H. grocery, 26 Booth 
Eckstein George, paver, 514 Penna. av 
Eckstein George, porter, 49 Preston 
Eckstein Louisj paver, 514 Penna. av 
Eckstein Wm. laborer, 295 Penna. av 
Eckstein Wm. huckster, Shad al near Greene 
Ecksturm Henry, moulder, 32 Fountain 
Ecton John, soldier, 108 Dolphin 
Eddel John, coppersmith, 5 Cuba 
Eddelman Charles H. police, 487 e Baltimore 
Edel John W. & Co. butter dealers, 257 Har- 
ford av 
Edel John W. (J. W. E. & Co.) 257 Harford 

Edel Philip, tailor, 335 e Eager 
Edel Samuel T. (John W E. & Co.) 257 

Harford av 
Edeler Geo. saddler, 350 w Pratt 
Edeler Wm. saddler, 350 w Pratt 
Edell Henry, tailor, 258 n Gay 
Edelman Charles, moulder, 419 w Lombard 
Edelman Jacob, carter, 171 s Eden 
Edelman John F. sergeant police, 385 Har- 
ford av 
Edelman John, foundry man, 60 Dorsey 's al 
Edelman Philip M. gardener, 872 w Baltimore 
Edelman Thos S. soldier, 385 Harford av 
Edelman Valentine, weaver, 68 Eislein 
Edelman Valentine, carpet weaver, 61 Centre 

Market Space 
Eden Alex, butcher, 714 Lexington 
Eden John W. butcher, 173 Ramsay 
Eden Mark, cheese dealer, 149 Aisquith 
Eden Richard, paper agent, 219 e Monument 
Eden Thos. boilermaker, 123 Hamburg 
Edes Mrs. Mary A. 173 Garden 
Edgar Geo. W. 144 Hanover 
Edgar Peter, mate, 190 s Ann 
Edgar Capt. Thos. mariner, 54 s Exeter 
EdgarWm. H ,U.S. N.,4Hill 
Edgerton Mrs. Anna, 140 Bank 
Edkins Francis, (Leach & E.) 52 Philpot 
Ed ling John, piano maker, 3 Charlton 
Edlinger Frederick, clerk, 49 Albemarle 
Edmeades Wm. T. (Barth & E.) 617 w Lom- 
Edmonds Catherine, 46 w Bond 
Edmonds Mrs. Hannah B. regalia maker, 475 

w Pratt 
Edmonds Mrs. Mary D. 166 w Biddle 
Edmonds Mrs. Rebecca, Carey near Saratog-a 
Edmonds Samuel & Bro. grocers, n w corner 

Pearl and Lexington 
Edmonds Samuel (S. E. & Bro.) Carey near 

Edmonds Capt. Thos. H. 162 German 
Edmonds Wm. E. (W. E.& S. E.) 259 Sara- 
EDMONDS WM. E. & S. grocers, s w cor 

Le:!iington and Greene 
Edmondson Albert P. sailmaker, 17 Henrietta 
Edmondson Mrs. Eleanor, 83 William 
Edmondson Col. H. L. 605 w Fayette 
Edmondson Capt. Jas. mariner, 318 Light 
Edmondson Capt. James, 83 VV'illiam 
EDMONDSON JOSEPH A. grocer and com- 
mission merchant, 29 Cheapside, dw Charles 
street extended 
Edmondson Matilda, teacher, 214 s Charles 

P. WEBB, Mnrine, Fire nrnl Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Bi-nclit lijfe Insiirance Co., IVewarU, 1V« J.," 89 Second Street. 




Edmondson Matilda, teacher, 53 Lee 
Edmondson Samuel B. mail agent B. & O. R. 

R., 186sPaca 
Edmondson Capt. Saml. P. mariner, 318 Light 
Edmondson Winder W. clerk, 56 Barre 
Edmunds James R. collection clerk Western 

Bank, 166 w Biddle 
Edrick John, carpenter, 359 e Monument 
Edward Patrick, machinist, John nr Reservoir 
Edwards Mrs. Amanda, 203 e Monument 
Edwards Anna, 21 Foundry- 
Edwards B. F. engineer, 115 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Edwards Charles R. soldier, 13 Bevan 
Edwards David, laborer, 74 Beason 
Edwards Elizabeth, 47 Ross 
Edwards Elizabeth, 170 Gough 
Edwards Eliza, 64 s Caroline 
Edwards Emory G. clerk, 139 Conway 
Edwards Geo. machinist, 120 G. Hughes 
Edwards Hiram, master mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards James, huckster, 59 L. Hughes 
Edwards James J. mariner, 108 s Sharp 
Edwards John T. caulker, 13 Bevan 
Edwards John T. caulker, 186 Montgomery- 
Edwards John, boiler makfer. 30 Warren 
Edwards Joseph H. watchman, 13 Bevan 
Edwards Mary E. boarding, 108 s Sharp 
Edwards Margaret, confectionery, 195 e Pratt 
Edwards Mrs. Capt. Richard, 44" n Broadway 
Edwards Richard G. huckster, 47 Warren 
EDWARDS RICHARD, Jr. agent for East- 
ern and Western glass manufacturers, over 

24 s Charles, dw. s e cor St. Paul and Sara- 
Edwards Samuel H. huckster, 6 e Second 
Edwards Samuel W. painter, 359 Light 
Edwards Sophia L. music teacher, 47 Ross 
Edwards Thomas, powder vermin destroyer, 

101 Eutaw 
Edwards Thomas, carpenter, 4 n Wolfe 
Edwards Thomas J., (Quartermaster U. S. A., 

50 Stiles 
Edwards Wm. M. teller Mechanic's Bank, dw 

54 w Biddle 
Edwards Rev. Wm. B. pastor Fayette st. M. 

E. church, dw 296 w Fayette 
Edwards Wm. police, 134 Garden 
Edwin Bro. St. Alphonsus, 79 Saratoga 
Effing Barney, huckster, 135 Low 
Effing John, huckster, 107 Low 
Egan Catherine, laundress, 197 Saratoga 
Egan Michael, horseshoer, corner Light and 

Egan Timothy, laborer, rear of 7 French 
Egan Wm. J. salesman, 212 n Caroline 
Egbert Dr. Daniel, 46 Saratoga 
Ege Michael M. agent for almshouse, dw 199 

w Fayette 
Egenton Margaret, 57 George 
Egert Wm. upholsterer, 3 Camden la 
Egerton A. Dubois, mineral water saloon, 99 

w Baltimore, dw 194 Preston 
Egerton Calvert, watches and jewelry, 148 w 

Baltimore, dw 278 e Baltimore 
Egerton Charts C. (E. & Keys,) 143 St. Paul 
EGERTCJN JOHN B. banker and broker, s 
e cor South and Exchange Place, dw 143 St. 
Egerton Samuel E. clerk, 53 Courtland 
gerton & Keys, horse and carriage sale ba- 
zaar, cor North and Saratoga 

J. HE!VRY GIESE, CommlDslon Merclinnt, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaitt«r coustAiitly on hand, 31 Spear'8 AVItar£ 

Egerton Wm. A. clerk, 53 Courtland 
Eggars Harman, barkeeper, 7 s Schroeder 
Eggemann Henry, grocery, 432 n Gay 
Egger Henry, tobacconist, 167 Ross 
Egger Henry, cigar maker, Ross, 2d door 

from Hoffman 
Eggers Henry, shoemaker, 181 Conway 
Eggleston Edwin C. gas fitter and plumber, 121 

n High 
Eggleston Edwin, gas fitter, 121 n High 
Eggleston Ephraim, laborer, Aliceanna near 

Eggleston Joseph W. carpenter, 26 Peirce,dw 

212 Mulberry 
Eghlert George, painter, 81 Peirce 
Egner Charles, clerk, 5 Harrison 
Egner Lewis, butcher, 91 Lexington market, 

dw 10 Calverton road 
Ehken Andrew, laborer, 233 Gough 
Ehlen Ellen, nurse, 35 Orchard 
Ehlen Geo. W. clerk, 137 n Paca 
Ehlen Henry W. (Foltz & E.) 137 n Paca 
Ehlen John H. 137 n Paca 
Ehlen John F. (Cushing & E.) 320 Lexington 
Ehlen Thomas A. hackman, 137 n Paca 
Ehlers Aaron, confectioner, 177 e Monument 
Ehlers Mrs. Annie, confectionery, 299 n Eden 
Ehlers Bernard, Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, 

192 e Monument 
Ehlers Charles, cigar maker, 299 n Eden 
Ehlers Henry, grocery, 206 e Madison 
Ehlers Capt. John D., U.S.A. 192 e Monument 
Ehlers John D. wood engraver, over 117 w 

Ehlers Lewis, groceries and feed, 378 Light 
Ehlers Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 6 Gould's lane 
Ehles John, cooper, 181 s Bond 
Ehlies Henry, 193 s Paca 
Ehlman John, laborer, 183 s Chapel 
Ehmann Gottfried, butcher, 21 Belair market, 

dw Monument near Castle al 
Ehrhardt Albert, teacher, 227 Saratoga 
Ehrhardt Anna R. 754 Penna. av 
Ehrhardt John, laborer, 3 Port St., Canton 
Ehrhardt Mrs. Margaret, 252 s Eutaw 
Ehrlich Alexander, pedler, 47 Hampstead 
Ehrlich Jacob, furniture dealer, 245 n Gaj? 
Ehrm Adam, laborer, 492 Penna. av 
EHRMAN & BARDROFF, coal and wood, 

23 Fell 
EHRMAN & BERSCH, steam planing, floor- 
ing and saw mill and box makers, 210 s 

Ehrmann Frederick, (E. & Bardroff,) 338 s 

EHRMAN GEORGE M. flour and produce 

commission merchant, n wcor Howard and 

Pratt, dw 20 s Greene 
Ehrman George, grocery, 81 Mulberry , 
EHRMAN JACOB, carpenter, 1 n Sharp, 

dw 20 s Greene 
Ehrman John, lumber insp. 74 Albemarle 
Ehrman John, clerk, 29 Haubert 
Ehrman John, (E. & Bersch,) 140 Lee 
EHRMAN LEWIS, grocer and ship chand- 
ler, cor Niciiolson and Towson 
Ehrman Wm. dry goods, 166 Franklin 
Ehrwig Frederick F. agricultural implements, 

143 Raborg 
Eibner Frederick, teacher, 40 Holiday 
Eich Henry, cigar maker, 282 J^ Mulberry 
Eich Henry, tavern, 89 n Gay 
Eichberg Helen, 113 s Sharp 




Eichberg Lewis, butcher, 87 Lexington, dw 

Penna. av, near tollgate 
Eichelberger Albert, clerk, 177 Mulberry 
Eichelberger Charles, painter, 451 Franklin 
Eichelberger Emanuel W. lumber merchant, 

cor Pratt and Greene, dw 99 s Paca 
Eichelberger Geo. L. soldier, 282 Mulberry 
Eichelberger James F. tobacconist, 139 Frank- 
lin, dw 282 Mulberry 
Eichelberger James S. tobacconist, 282 Mul- 
•Eichelberger John M. painter, 451 Franklin 
Eichelberger John M. soldier, 451 Franklin 
Eichelberger John, soldier, 282 Mulberry 
Eichelberger John S. clerk, 282 Mulberry 
Eichelberger Otho W. liquors, 1 s Howard, 

dw 41 n Galvert 
Eichelberger Philip, laborer, 20 EUins 
Eichelberger William, wines, &c, 36 Gilmor 
Eichenberger George, shoemaker, 29 Lee 
Eichenbroat Henry, laborer, over 78 Centre 

Market space 
Eichenbuk August, laborer, 4 Gist 
Eichengreen Moses, second hand furniture, 

154 Low 
Eichholtz Simon S. 147 n Paca 
Eichhorn Charles F, music teacher, 801^ s 

Eichinger George, liquors, 29 Brown 
Eichinger Lewis, baker, 39 Tessier 
Eichman Charles, soldier, 238 Hanover 
Eichman Julius C. (Hopkins & E.,_) 128 e 

Eichner Andrew, cooper, Lemmon w of Scott, 

dw 365 w Lombard 
Eichner Charles, butcher, Western Cemetery 

Eichner David, butcher, 114 Centre Market, 

dw Western Cemetery la 
Eichner John, butcher, 58 Lexington and 27 
Hollins St Market, dw Garrison la near 
Frederick road 
Eichner Jacob, shoemaker, 49 Harrison 
Eichner MargareWa, laundress, 494 Penna av 
Eichorn Frederick, music teacher, 317 e Lom- 
Eichorn Martin, butcher, cor Fayette and Gist 
Eichstrom Christian, boxmaker, 19 Hall al 
Eickhoff Catherine, lager beer, 43 North 
Eickberg Louis, butcher, 424 Penna av 
Eickler Charles, cutter, 157 German 
Eickler George, woodsawyer, 81 Orleans 
Eidel Edward, laborer, 88 Raborg 
Eidel Frederick, furniture wagon, 142 e Lom- 
Eidel Gotleib, porter, 4 n Howard 
Eideremiller Christian, drayman,412s Charles 
Eidmann Daniel, huckster, 600 Penna av 
Eifert John, shoemaker, 40 Marion 
Eigelberner Thomas F. (Shorey & E.) 55 

Eigenbrodt Daniel, gardener, 233 s Bond 
Eigenbrodt Henry, watchman, 56 s Caroline 
EIGENBROT CHRISTIAN, lager beer, 277 

s Sharp 
EigenraugFredk. harness maker, 142 Forrest 
Eighurst George, shoemaker, 142 Harford av 
Eigis Henry, welldigger, 151 n Eden 
Eiglidinger Theresa, midwife, 201 w Biddle 
Eigner John, tailor, 9 n Dallas 
Eil Andreas, tailor, 30 Barnes 
Eilan David, watchmaker and jeweler, 29 n 

Eiland Jacob, cooper, 106 West 
Eilau Wliliam, grocer, 113 s Ann 
Eilermann John H. carter, 94 w Pratt 
Eilert Mrs. Mary, 33 s Eden 
Eill George, sawyer, 151 William 
Eimhold George, cooper, 39 Brown 
Einbrods Charles, confectioner, 105 Paca 
Einhorn Edward, turner, 120 Ramsey 
Einolf Kuhn, shoemaker, 62 Portland 
Einstein Abraham, (Z. E. & Bros.) 66 s Eutaw 
Einstein Gabriel, cloth cutter, 40 s Caroline 
Einstein Samuel, tobacconist, 195 w Pratt, dw 

23 Conway 
Einstein Z. & Brothers, over 288 w Baltimore 
Einwaechter Adam, grocei-y, 6 n Fremont 
Einwaechter Alexander, wheelwright and 

blacksmith, 116 Columbia 
Eisel George, carter, 141 Johnson 
Eisel George, butcher, 84 Lexington market, 

dw 38 Dolphin. 
Eiseman Bernard', meat, 63 Orleans 
Eiseman Bernard, butcher, 85 n Eden 
Eiseman Moses, salesman, s w cor Eden and 

Eisenberg Andrew, blacksmith 152 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Eisenbrandt Christopher H. musical instru- 
ments, 78 w Baltimore 
Eisenhard Anton, britaunia ware, 14 Ensor 
Eisenhardt Christian, shoemaker, 72 Portland 
Eisenhardt John, tobacconist, 114 n Eutaw, 

dw 271 Franklin 
Eisenhauser Francis, grocery, 218 n Central 

Eiser John, tinner, 41 Johnson 
Eiser Mrs. Margaret, 41 Johnson 
Eiser Michael, shoemaker, 41 Johnson 

Eisfeld Mrs. dry goods, 218 s Bond 

Eisfeld L. shoemaker, 82 s Spring 

Eising Adolph, laborer, 29 TJiames 

Eisler John, saddler, 60 e Fayette 

Eising Emanuel, (Nordlinger & Co.) 118 

Eisman Albert, wheelwright, 504 Penna av 
Eisman George, umbrella maker, 57 Orchard 
Eisman Moses, shoemaker, 7 Second and 34 

Centre Market space, dw 90 Harrison 
Eisman Rachel, 504 Penna. av 
Eisonroth Elizabeth, Slemmer's al . 
Eistor John, 111 West 
Eitel Mary E. 297 s Sharp 
Elder Rev. A. J., St. Mary's Seminary, Penn- 
sylvania av near St. Mary 
Elder Allen, 11 Holland 
Elder Ann, 8 s Republican 
Elder Benjamin, machinist, 453 Franklin 
Elder B. S. 57 w Biddle 
Elder Charles M. clerk, 98 e Baltimore 
Elder Francis W. (White & E.) 80 w 

Elder James, carpenter, 46 s Oregon 
Elder John T. painter, 89 w Biddle 
Elder John T. wheelwright, 77 s Carey 
Elder Lawrence, porter, 29 s Front 
Elder Mary Ann, bakery, 79 Hillen 
ELDER SAM'L & CO. flour merchants, 32 

n Howard, dw S. E. 156 n Howard 
Eleech John, fruit stand, cor Baltimore and 

Hanover, dw 57 Park 
Elderdice Rev. James M. pastor s Baltimore 

M. P. Church, 400 Light 
Elderkin James K. silversmith, 437 w Fayette 
Eldridge Mrs. Ann, 183 St. Paul 

GKO. S. PAGS Si BRO., manufacturers of Roofs and Roofing Slaterials, 111 Smltb'a 
Wliarf. C. HART SBnTH, Agent. 




Eldridge Robert, baker, 108 e Pratt 
Eldridge Wni. D. police, 161 Chestnut 
Eley Jesse F. bookkeeper, 22 Pcnn 
Elfenhaus Charles, grocer, 198 Canton av 
Elgent Atem, laborer, 288 Johnson 
Elgler Edward, teacher, 291 s Sharp 
Elgert John, feed store, 116 Orchard 
Elgert John, shoemaker, 37 Bank 
Elgert George, milkman, Van Buren near 

Jefferson, Homestead 
Elgert , laborer, Van Buren near Jef- 
ferson, Homestead 
Elgonor Edw. teacher, 281 Hanover 
Eliel Solomon, (E. & Mayer,) 220 w Pratt 
Eliel & Mayer, boot and shoemakers, 220 w 

Elias Joseph, furniture dealer, 55 Penn. av 
Elingsworth Eliza, tailores, 218 e Lombard 
Eline Francis, huckster, 179 Conway 
Elkman Harman, grocer, s e cor Aliceanna 

and Windsor 
Ellender Frederick, bricklayer, 15 Orleans 
Ellender Frederick, tin and sheet iron worker, 

350 Harford av 
Ellender George W. butcher, 103 Belair mar- 
ket, dw 73 Forest 
Ellender Mary, 11 Orleans 
Ellender Sarah, 11 Orleans 
Ellerbroke Harman, coppersmith, Hanover s 

of Camden 
Ellerbrook Lewis, shoemaker, 13 Clay 
Ellet Edward, wagoner, near Belvidere bridge 
Ellet John, drayman, 205 Lemmon 
Ellet Mrs. Matilda, milk dealer, 219 Wash- 
ington, F. H 
Ellicott Andrew, 157 St. Paul 
Ellicott Benj. H. 325 Lexington 
Ellicott Benjamin, broker, 24 Barnet 
Ellicott Charles L. 193 n Howard 
Ellicott Charles F. 24 Barnet 
Ellicott David B. clerk, 193 n Howard 
Ellicott Eugene H. clerk, 24 Barnet 
Ellicott Elias, clerk, 642 Lexington 
ELLICOTT EVAN T. dwelling and office, 

174 w Lombard near Eutaw 
Ellicott Evan T.jr. (H. Wm. E. & Bro.) 157 

St. Paul 
ELLICOTT H. WM. & Bro. iron manufac- 
turers, s side Basin 
Ellicott H. Wm. (H. Wm. E. & BRO.) 157 

St. Paul 
ELLICOTT & HEWES, produce commis- 
sion merchants, butter, cheese, &c., 67 w 
Lombard, Exchange place 
Ellicott Henrietta, 24 Barnet 
Ellicott John, 249 e Monument 
Ellicott Lindly, farmer, 193 n Howard 
Ellicott Mr.s. Louise, Eager near St. Paul 
Ellicott Thomas P. (Wm. M. E. & Sons,) 3 

Spear's wharf 
Ellicott Wm. M. (W. M. E. & Sons,) 193 n 

Ellicott Wm. M. & Sons, commission mer- 
chants, 3 Spear's wharf 
Ellicott Wm. M. jr. (W. M. E. & Sons,) 

3 Spears wharf 
Ellicott Wm. C. 24 Barnet 
Ellinger Jacob, cattle dealer, 541 n Gay 
Ellinger John F. restaurant, s e cor Lee and 

Ellinger Lawrence, shoemakar, 72 Preston 
Ellinger Samuel, clothier, 297 w Baltimore, 
dw 212Mullikin 

Ellinger Samuel, cattle dealer, 212 Mullikin 
Ellinger Mrs. Wm. restaurant, 38 w Fayette 

Elliott Maj. A. W. paymaster U. S. A., 86 s 

Elliott Ann, grocery, 5 Abbot 
Elliott Benjamin, laborer, 127 n Bethel 
Elliott Curtis, engineer, 3 n Poppleton 
Elliott Daniel, brickmkaer, s Clement near 

Elliott Edward, notion store, 126 Lexington 
Elliott Ellen, dressmaker, 18 Orchard 
Elliott Edward, carpenter, 111 Orleans 
Elliott George, shoemaker, 296 Mulberry 
Elliott Geoi-ge, fireman, 3 n Poppleton 
Elliott Geo. T. tavern. Bell al 
Elliott Henry A. & Bro. apothecaries and 

druggists, 286 Lexington 
Elliott Henry (H.A. E. & Bro.) 286 Lexington 
Elilott Henry, painter, 184 Lexington 
Elliott James, bricklayer, 265 n Central av 
Elliott James T. huckster, 330 Aisquith 
Elliott Jno. T. orna. painter, 8 n Caroline 
Elliott John, carpenter, 290 e Madison 
Elliott John, miller, Federal near Cathedral 
Elliott James, moulder, 19 Gittings 
Elliott James, brakesman, 3 n Poppleton 
Elliott James T. mariner, 127 n Bethel 
Elliott Jno. B. soldier, 127 n Bethel 
Elliott James, soldier, 24 May 
Elliott John, piano tuner and teacher, 135 w 

Elliott Joseph M. soldier, 184 Lexington 
Elliott Joseph, carpenter, 2 Webb 
Elliott Joseph, driver, 57 Granby 
Elliott Joseph S. ship carp. 81 Hampstead 
Elliott Lorinda, tailoress, 54 Johnson 
Elliott Mary Jane, 184 Lexington 
Elliott Nathan J. clerk, 8 n Caroline 
Elliott Robert, carpenter, 228 e Monument 
Elliott Robert, laborer, ] 68 n Spring 
Elliott Robert 0. caqpenter, 21 Mott 
Elliott Robert, police, 7 Bolton 
Elliott Richard L. carpenter 195 n Dallas 
Elliott Thomas, huckster, 332 Franklin 
Elliott Thos. C. soldier, 24 May 
Elliott Thomas J. butcher, 16 Choptank 
Elliott Thomas C. police, 358 Eastern av 
Elliott Wesley, brickmaker, 217 Washington 

F. H 
Elliott Wm. soldier, 24 May 
Elliott Wm. shoemaker, 190 e Madison 
Elliott Prof. Wm. jr. 307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. H. carpenter, 98 Pearl 
Elliott Wm. H. painter, 36 Maiden la 
Elliott Rev. Wm. letter carrier, 307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. soldier, 290 e Madison 
Elliott Wm. telegraph operator, 129 s High 
Elliott Wm. W. mariner, 8 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. (H.A. E. & Bro.) 286 Lexington 
Ellis Alex. B. 101 w Biddle 
Ellis Benj. ship carpenter, 105 s Bond 
Ellis Charles W. clerk city passenger railway, 

196 Madison av 
Ellis Christian, cigars, 18 Gough 
Ellis Elizabeth R. 24 Frnnch 
Ellis Edward, laborer, 222 Chesnut al 
Ellis George, carpenter, 433 n Gay 
Ellis Isabella, grocery, 615 Light 
Ellis James, morocco dresser, 67 Hillen 
Ellis John, soldier, 4th Md., 71 Pearl 
Ellis John C. H. horse dealer, 192 Madison av 
Ellis Joseph, tailor, 8 McElderry p 

■WBl. p. "WEBB, Marino, J'lre and Life Insiimnce Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Life Insnrance Co., Newark, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Ellis Mrs. Mary, C. 121 Pierce 

Ellis Mary, 64 s High 

Ellis Thomas, (E. & Cairns,) 327 Lexington 

ELLIS & CAIRNS, wholesale and 
retail dealers in Foreign and Do- 
mestic Liquors, Wines, Porter, 
Ale and Cider, and Agents for 
Robison's Improved Phosphate 
of Lime, equal to Peruvian 
Guano, 14 S Gay.— [Sec page 10 Ad- 

Ellis William, ship carpenter, Orleans near 

Ellison Archibald, silversmith, 246 Cross 
Elmes Martin, shoemaker, 68 Hampstead 
Elmes Wm. shoemaker, 68 Hampstead 
Elmor Lewis, vinegar depot, 2 O'Donnell's 

Elmore Carrie, 8 Park 

Elmore Chas. A. railroad agent, 396 Franklin 
Elmore James, butcher, 14 Hanover, dw 495 

e Baltimore 
Elmore Richard B. mariner, 5 Abbey's al 
Eloffe Charlotte, milliner, 88 Franklin 
Elphring Mrs. Elizabeth, 488 Lexington 
Elrick Henry, cooper, 382 s Charles 
Elseroad David, stone cutter, 171 Hanover 
Elseroad John W. engineer, 151 s Fremont 
Eisner Collin, veterinary surgeon, 378 e 

Eisner Charles F. clerk, 378 e Monument 
Elton Charles W. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Elton Elizabeth, dry goods, 1 s Ann 
Eltvator Jacob, tailor, 164 Pearl 
Elward Thos, laborer, 221 Boston 
EltonheaJThomas, watchmaker, 29 n Exeter 
Eltonhead, Wm. T. salesman, 242 w Fayette 
Ely Charles B. furniture wagon, 129 s Chester 
Ely Charles W. (Maynard, E. & Rose,) cor 

Gay and Exeter 
Ely Mrs. Elizabeth, 165 Lee 
Ely Enoch N. 185 s Ann 
ELY & GOLIBART, Canton steam saw mills, 

Hudson, s e cor Lawrence* 
Ely James, laborer, 127 s Chester 
Ely Jesse P. bookkeeper, 26 Penn 
Ely John C. 185 s Ann 
Ely John, foreman, Murdooh's "work shop, 

Penitentiary, dw 61 Ensor 
Ely John B. bridge and wharf builder, 203 e 

ELY JOHN N. bridge and wharf builder, 143 

s Broadway 
Ely Joseph, carter, 87 n Amity 
Ely Mahlon S. ladies' shoe store, 170 n Gay 
Ely Mary F. seamstress, 29 Low 
Ely Samuel, mariner, 76 s Washington, F. P 
Ely Wm. N. (E. & Golibart,) 185 s Ann 
Ely Wm. T apothecary, s e cor Saratoga and 

Calvert, dw 11 n Calvert 
Ely Wm. F. fireman, 71 Granby 
Elzas Louis, second-hand clothing, 32 Har- 
Elzas Samuel, soldier, 65 Harrison 
Elzey J. C. clerk, 14)^ s Calvert 
Elzey Letitia, boarding, 14U s Calvert 
Enealls J.W. 1 17 German 
Emanuel Church of Evang. Association, s 

Greene n of German 

Emanuel Church, (Prot. Epis.) cor Read and 

Emanuel Chapel, (Prot. Epis.; 121 Grundy 
Emanuel George, trunk maker, 11 Chesnut 
Embler Charles, rigger, 277 s Ann 
Emick Geo. wagoner, 76 n Ann 
Emick John W. soldier, 311 Harford av 
Emick Mrs. Maria, 311 Harford av 
Emick Wesley E. bricklayer, 3 s Schroeder 
Emke Andrew, laborer, 48 s Register 
Emelius Henry, boat builder, 244 Eastern av 
Eraerich Abraham, boots and shoes, 16 Har- 
Emerich Charles, laborer, 122 s Bethel 
Emerich Conrad, salesman, 234 s Charles 
Emerich John P. (Flynn, E. & Merrill,) 196 

e Monument 
Emerich John P. coach lace weaver, 196 e 

Emerich John, laborer, 29 James la 
Emerich John, laborer, 325 Hanover 
Emerich John, shoemaker, 145 Raborg 
Emerich Lewis, watchmaker, 28 Harrison 
Emerich Ludwig, box maker, 135 Raborg 
Emerich Philip, shoemaker, 4 and 28 Harri- 
son, dw 28 
Emerick Conrad, wheelwright, 205 Ensor 
Emerick Thomas H. clerk, Orchard between 

Ross and Madison 
EMERICK WILLIAM H. boot and shoe 

maker, 9 n Eutaw 
Emerson Edwin, tinner, 144 Camden, dw 495 

w Pratt 
Emerson Capt Wm. L. sr., mariner, 112 s 

Emerson Capt. Wm. L. jr., mariner, 112 s 

Emery John B. granite yard, s w cor How- 
ard and West, dw 70 s Paca 
Emge Henry, lithographer, 241 n Dallas 
Emge Philip, 212 Sterling 
Emiche Andrew, carpenter, 519 Lexington 
Emich Columbus W. (J. H. Perkins & Co.) 

136 n Howard 
Emich Charles, soldier, 3 s Schroeder 
Emich Daniel J. jeweler, 191 e Baltimore 
Emich Daniel J. 487 w Baltimore 
Emich John V. salesman, Gilmor near 

Emilius George, clerk, 244 Eastern av 
Emling August, tailor, Jefferson near Van 

Buren, Homestead 
Emling Mrs. S. tailoress, Jefferson near Vau 

Buren, Homestead 
Emmal August, cabinet maker, 219 Conway 
Emmart Adolphus, (E. & Quartley,) Grundy 

near McMechin 
Emmart Charles, painter, 240 e Madison 
Emmart David, conductor, 104 n Paca 
EMMART & QUARTLEY, sign and banner 

painters, 276 w Baltimore 
Emmart John, carpenter, 218 n Eutaw 
Emmart John M. conductor N. C. R. R., 218 

n Eutaw 
Emmart Jarrett T. blacksmith, 123 Vine 
Emmart Lloyd W. engineer, 540 w Balti- 

Emmart Michael, carpenter, cor Fayette and 

Emmart Sidney, 185 Mulberry 
Emmart Thomas, tinner, 123 Vine 
Emmart Vernon S. clerk, 104 n Paca 
Emme Wm. tailor, 12 n Washington 

WM, P. WEBB, Marine, Fire aiid lAfe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit JAfe Insurance Co., NeTrarlc, BT. J.," S9 Second Street. 




Emmel Conrad, baker, 11 s Bond 
Emmel John , confectioner, 283 Canton av 
Emmerich Christian, shoemaker, 18 South, 

dvv 657 w Lombard 
Emmerson Capt. Wm. boatman, 112 s High 
Emmerson Wm. L, mariner, 112 s High 
Emmich John, Gilmor near Franklin 
Emmizer John, laborer, 141 Johnson 
Emmons Capt. Geo. F., U. S. N., Hoffman 

opposite Bolton 
Emory Ambrose, salesman, 96 Park 
Emory Ann, 242 s Ann 
Emory Arthur, (E. & Jones,) Washington, 

D. C. 'J ^ > 

Emory Arthur, Fountain Hotel 

Emory Dr. August W. 65 e Baltimore 

Emory Catharine, 134 Lancaster 

Emory Catharine, seamstress, 134 Lancaster 

Emory Mrs. Catharine, 62 n Fremont 

Emory Catherine D. 320 w Fayette 

EMORY DANIEL C. H. attorney, 47 St. 

Paul, dw Baltimore Co 
Emory Hopper, attorney, 46 Franklin 
Emory Henry, carpenter, 3 Biddle al 
Emory Institute, 138 w Biddle 
Emory John W. conductor, 126 Boyd 
Emory John, tailor, 203 w Biddle 
Emory Dr. J. K. B. office 18 Courtland, dw 

78 Franklin 
Emory John, laborer, 8 Gold ct 
Emory John K. B. clerk, 75 Lee 
EMORY & JONES, substitute brokers, 2 Law 

Buildings, St. Paul 
Emory M. E. Church, Pennsylvania av near 

Emory Mrs. Maria, 325 Lexington 
Emory Philomen B. cashier, 75 Lee 
Emory Samuel, bricklayer, 19 Hollins 
Emory Thomas H. bookkeeper 163 w Lom- 
Emory Wm. H. com. mer. 6 Wood, dw 78 

St. Paul 
Emory Wm. H. 75 Lee 
Emrich Conrad, porter, 234 s Charles 
Emrich George, tfarber, 179 Conway 
Emrich John, wheelwright, 75 McHenry 
Emrich John, flour andYeed, 122 Columbia 
Emrich John P. (Flynn, E. & Murrill,) 194 e 

Emrick Andrew, turner, 49 Clay 
Emrine Andrew, stevedore, 4 Anthony 
Encelbright Martin, porter, 284 s Bond 
Enckhausen Henry, clerk, 79 Walsh 
Endrach Andre, mariner, 72 Granby 
Endley Francis, brushmaker, 109 Peach al 
Endley Francis H. brushmaker, 109 Plum 
Eney Benj. F. shoemaker, 18 s Oregon 
Eney Eliza, seamstress, 700 w Pratt 
Eney Jeremiah^ shoemaker, Calverton Mills, 

near Almshouse 
Eney Jeremiah, blacksmith, 18 s Oregon 
Eney Oliver N. paper hanger, 485 w Lombard 
Eney Thos. R. shoemaker, 14 s Oregon 
Enge Henry, lithogrtipher, 271 n Dallas 
Engehausen Anna E. tavern, 75 Park 
Engel Catharine, confectioner, i2 Ensor 
Engel Conrad, baker, 843 w Baltimore 
Engel David L. salesman, 151 Lexington 
Engel George, gunsmith, cor Eden and May 
Engel Henry, lager beer, 17 Harrison 
Engel Henry, grocery, 2i^ s Exeter 
Engel Jacob, steward, 12 Ensor 
Engel John, cor Eden and May 

Engel John, cooper, 53 Leadenhall 

Engel Lazarus, second-hand clothing, 234 s 

Engelbach Emanuel, tavern, 75 Hanover 
Engels Wm. livery stable, 63 s Caroline 
Engels Sarah, 119 Vine 

Engell John George, shoemaker, 580 w Balto. 
Engellbrecht H. shoemaker, 25 Lancaster 
Engellbrecht Martin, 78 Central av 
Engelhampst Frederick W. tailor, 42 Portland 
Engelhardt Constantine, umbrella maker, 6 s 

Engelhardt Elizabeth, midwife, 6 s Durham 
Engelhardt Henry, boot and shoe maker, 252 

w Pratt 
Engelhardt Mary, grocery, 89 Gough 
Engelhaupt Adam, clothier, 46 and 48 w Pratt, 

dw 102 s Exeter 
Engelhaupt Amelia, grocery, 183 Raborg 
Engelhaupt John, salesman, 102 s Exeter 
Engelking Frederick, tailor, 119 Stirling 
Engelman Gustav, boot fitter, 26 n Frederick 
Engelmen Margaret, tailoress, 525 Canton av 
Engelmyer Solomon L. undertaker, 66 Park 
Engelsman Catharine, over 63 w Second 
EnE^en George, shoemaker, 211 s Durham 
Engers Philip, tailor, 12 s Durham 
Engerbrandt Henrietta, tavern, 154 Eastern av 
England Christian, shoemaker. Falls road, 

near toll gate 
England Eliza J. 94 Grundy 
England Francis W. plumber, 171 Gough 
England James R. 58 e Fayette 
England John H. carpenter, 94 Grundy 
ENGLAND JOSEPH T. general ticket agent 

B. & 0. R. R. 40 Conway 
England Julia, boarding, 12 s High 
England Mary, bakery, 228 n Gay 
England Mary, confectionery, 228 n Gay 
England Robert A. laborer, 94 Grurfdy 
England Wm. scavenger, 53 Preston 
England Wm. G. soldier, 69 Richmond 
Englehart John, porter, 5 Smith's al 
Engle Casper, laborer, 172 s Wolfe 
Engle Frederick, laborer, 160 McHenry 
Engle John O. wagoner, Belair av near city 

Engle Wm. J. hostler, 63 s Caroline 
Engleberg Lewis, dyer, 88 n Caroline 
Engles Henry, police, 6 Townsend 
Englehardt John, tailor. Chase near Central av 
Englehart Ann, rear of 44 French 
Englehaupt Philip, foundryman, 183 Raborg 
Englemeyer Joseph, tailor, 212 Stirling 
Englemeyer Wolfgang, laborer, 78 Somerset 
Englen Mary A. 24 Abbott 
Englert John A. stove mounter, 5 Smith al 
Engler August, (Graf & E.) 182 n Futaw 
English John, milkman, Payson near Pratt 
English Patrick, carter, 160 s Chapel 
English Samuel, clerk B. & 0. R. R. 94 n 

English Second Lutheran Church, w Lom- 
bard w of Greene 
English John, 48 n Eden 
Enke Cliarles, shoemaker, 39 Albemarle 
Enke Ludwig, artist, 123 w Baltimore, dw 35 

Ennalls John W. salesman, German w of 

Ennis Mrs. Eliza, 22 Wyeth 
Ennis Mrs. Mary, 14 s Republican 
Ennis Mitchell, laborer, 12 Grove 

<J. H£:;VRY GIESK, Commission merchant, for the sole of li^our. Grain, Seeils, &c> 
Roseudale Cement nud Calcined Piaster constantly on hand, HI Spear's M^liarf. 




Ennis Joseph T. blacksmith, 14 s Republican 
Ennis Thomas H. carpenter, 19 St. Mary 
Eno Richard ,<"baker, 96 n Caroline 
Enot Harman, tailor, 17 Walker 
Enright Charles J. carpenter, 76 Hanover 
Ensey Lot, (L. E. & Son,) 311 w Fayette 
EiVSEY LOT& SON, wholesale grocers and 

commission merchants, s w cor Baltimore 

and Eutaw 
Ensey Richard F. (Lot E. & Son,) 488 Lex- 
Ensor Abram, bricklayer, 119 n Exeter 
Ensor Charles, rope maker, 109 s Wolfe 
Ensor Columbus A. soldier, 119 n Exeter 
Ensor Columbus, painter, 33 French 
Ensor Edward, ship joiner, 249 n Bond 
Ensor Hiram, carpenter, 96 Lee 
Ensor James, (E. & Linaweaver,) 1 n Front 
Ensor James W. ship carp'r, 92 Hampstead 
Ensor Jesse A. painter, 228 Lemmon 
Ensor John C. carpenter, 459 Franklin 
Ensor John, rope maker, 109 s Wolfe 
ENSOR & LINAWEAVER, gangers, 61 w 

Ensor Wm. tinner, 483 n Gay 
Entler Julia, 24 Pine 
Entres Jacob, tailor, 106 Lancaster 
Entz Andrew, (Entz & Bash,) 198 Saratoga 
ENTZ & BASH, booksellers, 35 n Charles 
Entz Mrs. Henrietta, 40 n Poppleton 
Eormeister George, bacon, 679 Penna. av 
Episcopal Reading Room, s w cor Charles 

and Fayette 
Epron Peter, shoemaker, 453 n Gay 
Epstein Wm. H. shoemaker, 127 n Gay 
Eppern Louis, shoemaker, 118 s Regester 
Eppley James M. (E. & Bro.) 213 n Howard 
Eppley Julius A. (E. & Bro.) 236 n Howard 
EPPLEY & BROTHER, flour and produce 

commission merchants, s e cor Howard and 

EPPLE WM. apothecary, n w cor Light and 

Epping Lewis, tailor, 207 s Bond 
Eppler Conradt, shoemaker, 70 n Caroline 
Epp Charles, cooper, 47 Goodman al 
Erbe Henry, drayman, 35 Cross 
Erben Franklin H. carpenter, 33 Rock 
Erberstein Adolph, tailor, 161 e Lombard 
Eberlein Anton, cigars, 67 Granby 
Erck Daniel F. butcher, 65 Chatsworth 
Erben John, blacksmith, 57 Greenwillow 
Erdbreck Harmon, cigar maker, 19 Conway 
Erdbrink Henry, clerk, 19 Conway 
Erdhardt Hugh, watchmaker and jeweler, 

1371^ Lexington 
Erdman Mrs. Susan, 233 Harford av 
Erek Wm. H. cigar manuf. s e cor German 

and Liberty, dw 168 w Biddle 
Erhard Wm. shoemaker, 168 Vine 
ERICH DR. AUGUSTUS F. 110 s Broadway 
Erich Charles, tailor, 81 n Bethel 
Erie George, soldier, 296 Raborg 
Erling Wm. shoemaker, n e cor Wolfe and 

Ermold John, drayman, 54 n Pine 
Ermold Mrs. Catherine, 179 Conway 
Ermold John C. pattern maker, 215 w Pratt 
Ernreich Mrs. Catherine, 27 Watson 
Ernst Andrew, laborer, 270 s Dallas 
'Ernst Daniel, gardener, 966 w Baltimore 
Ernst Frederick, cooper, 636 Light 
Ernst Geo.(H. Koehler & Co.) 248 w Fayette 

Ernst Henry, cigar maker, s w cor Ann and 

Ernst Joseph, basket maker, 45 James al 

Ernst Ludwig, tailor, 275 s Sharp 

Ernst Mary, 68 Raborg 

Ernstberger Francis, barber, 191 w Pratt 

Erpenbeck Henry, restaurant, 219 s Broad- 

Erst August, cigar maker, 141 e Lombard 

Ert Geo. carpenter, 154 s Bond 

Ertel Caspar, laborer, 13 Jackson ct 

Ertenbreckt John L. wheelwright, 418 Can- 
ton av 

Ervin Charles, tanner, 5 Orchard 

Erwin Wm. stone cutter, 127 Harford av 

Esberry Hannah, 320 w Fayette 

Eschbach Fredk A. street contractor, cor. 
Smith and Chatsworth 

Eschbach Rev. Edmund, 157 n Calvert 

Eschbach John, contractor, 46 Richmond 

ESCHBACH JOHN E. Contractor 
for Grading and Paving Sewers, 
Railroads and Turnpikes, oflaee 
Basement Chesapeake Bank, dw 
63 Cathedral. 

Eschbaugh Henry, laborer, Vincent near Bal- 
Escherick Anton, gunsmith, 477 w Baltimore 
Escherick Ferdinand, gunsmith, 477 w Balti- 
Escherick Francis, gunsmith, 477 w Balti- 
Escott Edward, baker, 27 Centre Market and 

19 Fish Market space 
Esender James, hardware, 171 Lexington, dw 

1 Peari 
Esender Dr. James, 1 Pearl 
Esender James, butter, 262 s Broadway 
Esender Theodore, carpenter, 149 s Fremont 
Esherick Charles, locksmith, 142 n Gay 
Esherick Charles, cooper, 168 William 
Esherick August, cooper, 168 William 
Esherick Thomas, custom house, 6 n Caroline 
Eskridge Wolfred T. laborer, 338 Eastern av 
Esler Edward, teamster, 142 Scott 
Esmer Christopher, carpenter, 242 Lee 
Esmer Mrs. Ernestine, 242 Lee 
Esmer Reinhart, soldier, 242 Lee 
Esper John, laborer, 171 Orleans 
Espey Wm. P. cooper, 239 s Ann 
Espey Wm. S. cooper, 189 s Ann 
Este Maj. Wm. M. aid-de-camp headquarters, 

dw Eutaw house 
Eselman Peter, cigar maker, 49 Albemarle 
Essenger Thomas, carpenter, 121 Hollins 
Essert George, carter, 49 Chatsworth 
Essert George, nightman, 50 Chatsworth 
Essex Mrs. Nancy, Light near Gittings 
Essig Fredk. butcher, Penna. av near North- 
ern av 
Estabrook Endor, clerk, 98 Lee 
Esterley Frederick, laborer, 79 n Amity 
Esterley Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 n Amity 
Estlack Hiram, printer, 95 Jefferson 
Etchberger Capt. James, mariner, 342 e Bal- 
Etchberger James S. clerk, 342" e Baltimore 
Etchberger Mary, 128 s Bond 
Etchberger Sarah, 17 Gough 

OKO. S. PAGE & BRO., Mamifacturers of Roofs and Roofing Materials, 111 SmitK's 
Wharf. C. HART SBHTH, Agent. 




Etchberger Wm. Charles, printer, 342 e Bal- 
Etchison Frederick, saddler, 1 Parkin 
ETCHISON & DORSEY, leaf tobacco and 
general produce commission merchants, 104 
s Charles 
Etchison Perry G. (E, & Dorsey,) Three 

Tuns tavern 
Etheridge W. H. dentist, 21 s Broadway 
Etlein Paul, blacksmith, 267 s Bond 
Etler Martin, carpenter, 30 n Bond 
Etmon Margaret, nurse, 31 King 
Etting Misses, 270 Lexington 
Etzel Eged, school teacher, 34 s Ragester 
Etzel Joseph, scissors grinder, 224 s Dallas 
Euker Frank, carter, 284 s Bond 
Euler Ernst, shoemaker, 184 e Baltimore 
Eurig Conrad, tailor, 88 s Dallas 
Eurshon Melchoir, slops, Bevan near Cross 
Eustie Margaret, tavern, 21 Concord 
EUTAW HOUSE, n w cor Baltimore and 

Eutaw. R. B. Coleman, proprietor 
Eutaw Street (M. E.) Church, cor Eutaw ct 

and Eutaw-st 

Eutaw and Fayette 
Evangelical Church, cor Short and McElderry 
Evans Able, miller, McHenry near Fulton 
Evans Alfred D. agent, 157 n High 
Evans Amos police, 35 s Carey 
Evans Andrew J. pilot, 86 s Ann 
Evans Andrew J. carpenter, 28 n Oregon 
Evans Charles H. druggist, 226 Mulberry 
Evans Charles H. clerk, 52 n Calvert 
Evans Chas. M. hack owner, n e cor Calvert 

and Pleasant 
Evans Chas. D. gaiter fitter, Calhoun s of 

Evans Chas. W. clerk, 134 n Gay 
Evans Daniel, sutler, 446 w Lombard 
Evans Daniel T. pilot, 148 s Ann 
Evans Dan'l E. boiler maker, 183 Hollins 
Evans Dan'l W. bricklayer. 228 Bank 
Evans David G. druggist, 18 Jackson square 
Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, 509 w Lombard 
Evans Elizabeth, dress maker, 1551^ s Sharp 
Evans Evan, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Evans Frederick, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Evans Frederick, safe maker, 494 w Pratt 
Evans Rev. French S. deputy naval officer, 

293 w Pratt 
Evans George & Co. coopers, 22 Patterson 
Evans Geo. W. flour and feed, n w cor Bal- 
timore and Republican 
Evans George, (G. E. & Co.) 84 e Baltimore 
Evans Geo. W. engineer, 66 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Evans Geo. T. coach trimmer, 24 Stirling 
Evans Geo. W. soldier. 111 William 
Evans Geo. W. jr. clerk, cor Baltimore and 

Evans Hampton, fireman, 54 s Schroeder 
Evans Hannah B. teacher, 43 n Gilmor 
Evans Henry, copper smelter, Fort av 
Evans Henry, oyster packer, 134 s High 
Evans Hiram S. mariner, 19 Williamson al 
Evans Hugh D. attorney, 360 n Eutaw 
Evans Isaac, sr., 96 e Fayette 
Evans Isaac, jr., exchange broker, 162 w Bal- 
timore, dw 96 e Fayette 
Evans Jacob H. machinist, 7 Orleans 

EVANS JOB & SON, carpenters and builders, 
17 and 19 Garden, dw J. E. 211 n Howard 
Evans John, carter, 12 s Chester 
Evans John, lamp lighter, 152 n Dallas 
Evans John A. plasterer, 4G9 w Fayette 
Evans Thos. copper smelter, St. Charles 

Hotel, L. P. 
EVANS JOHN, manufacturer of tin ware 
and dealer in housekeeping articles, 18 w 
Baltimore, dw 29 n Eden.— [Seep. 29 Mver- 
Evans John B. painter, 92 w Centre 
Evans Joseph, bootmaker. 111 William 
Evans Joseph, fisherman, 181 Hughes 
Evans Joseph, leather dealer, 56 n Eden 
Evans Josh J. carpenter, 239 Hollins 
Evans Joshua, finisher, 157 Montgomery 
Evans Mrs. Julia, 6 s Chester 
Evans Margaret, 57 Block 
Evans Mrs. Mary J, seamstress, 7 Russell 
Evans Mrs. Maria, boarding, 52 n Calvert 
Evans Mary A. confectioner, 27 Short 
Evans Mrs. Mary, dairy, 135 Hollins 
Evans Mary, 205 e Monument 
Evans Mary E. 51 Fawn 
Evans Mary J. 92 w Centre 
Evans Maybury, messenger Adams Express, 

19 Jackson 
Evans M. express, 106 e Pratt 
Evans Noah, substitute broker, 61 Centre 

Market space, dw 55 n Frederick 
Evans Randolph, grocery, Harford av near 

city limits 
Evans Mrs. R. boarding, 11 Grundy 
Evans Rich'd B. photographer, 144 e Madison 
Evans Reese (Wm. T. Davis & Co.) 123 n 

Evans Mrs. Sarah, St. Charles hotel, L. P. 
Evans Samuel M. custom house inspector, 

127 s Bond 
Evans Sarah, 155)^ s Sharp 
Evans Thomas, copper smelter, St. Charles 

hotel, L. P. 
Evans Thomas, carpenter, 28 n Oregon 
EVANS THOMAS H. & CO produce com- 
mission merchants, 80 and 82 Light-st. 
wharf. — [Seep. 38 Mvertisements.] 
Evans Thomas H. (T. H. E. & Co.; 64 Wil- 
Evans Thorns, 87 s Wolfe 
Evans Thomas, carpenter, 24 Stirling 
Evans Thomas, shoemaker, 688 w Pratt 
EVANS THEODORE W. salesman, 52 n 

EVANS Dr. THOMAS B. druggist, s e cor 
Ann and Aliceanna, dw 18 Jackson square 
Evans Thomas G. (Job E. & Son,J 211 n 

Evans Thomas J. wharfinger, office foot of 

Bond, dw 66 s Washington, F. P. 
Evans Wm. pattern maker, 157 Montgomery 
Evans Wm. M. bookkeeper, 705 Lexington 
Evans Wm. H. plasterer, 509 w Lombard 
Evans Wm. grocer, cor Lexington ad Greene, 

dw 259 Lexington 
Evans Wm. Warrington, dentist, 79 n Charles 
Evans Wm. cashier of custom house, 1 n Cal- 
Evans Wm. H. shoemaker, 13 Walker 
Evatt Edward, gun and locksmith, 35 Light 
Evatt Mary, dress maker, 79 n Howard 
Eveland John, tavern, 5 West Falls av 
Everatt Nancy, 207 s Durham 

WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, Fire and JAte Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent «< Mutual 
Benefit Ufe Insurance Co., Nevrark, W. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Eyll John, shoemaker, 151 Dover 
Eyser Ulrich, harness maker, 99 n Paca 
Eytel Jacob, cooper, 26 Leadenhall 
Eytel Mary, grocery, 26 Leadenhall 


Fabel John, shoemaker, 89 s Regester 

Faber Bernhardt, 10 s Liberty 

Faber Frederick, laborer, 468 Canton av 

Faber George, cigar maker, 256 s Sharp 

Faber Henry, tailor, 376 s Charles 

Faber John, carpenter, 9 Elliott, Canton 

Faber Wm. cigar maker, 168 George 

Fabrill Francis J. blacksmith, 35 Barnes 

Fach Jacob, boot and shoemaker, 5 Penna. av 

Facius Gustavus, teacher, 39 n Calvert 

Fadeley James, tinner, 152 w Eager 

Fadeley Rebecca, tailoress, 152 e Eager 

Faehtz E. F. M. soldier, 413 n Central av 

Paering Adam, cooper, Charles near Cross 

Pagan Alice, 21 Foundry 

Pagan Jane, 65 Mulberry 

Pagan Patrick, coachman, 21 Foundry 

Pagan Robert, grocer, 235 Columbia 

Pager Cornelius, laborer, Boston e of Clinton 

Pager Fredericka, 25 n Schroeder 

Pager Joseph, cabinet maker, 25 n Schroeder 

Pagret Francis, carpenter, 3 New Church 

Fagret Lucille, 3 New Church 

Faherty Mary, 203 Eastern av 

Paherty Michael, laborer, 149 Aliceanna 

Fahey James, laborer, 20 n Oregon 

Fahey Michael, brewer, 76 York 

Fahey Thomas, tailor, 170 Front 

Pahlen Chas. H. (Lawrence D. Dietz& Co.) 

86 n Howard 
Pahnestock Derick, (Brooks, P. & Co.) 300 

w Lombard 
Pahnestock Geo. W. clerk, 19 n Republican 
Pahnestock Peter, 300 w Lombard 
Pahnestock, Mrs. Susan, 321 Ross 
Pahy Martin, laborer, 90 Dolphin 
Paid Henry, laborer, 420 Light 
Faid John,' tinner, 420 Light 
Fair Alexander, shoemaker, 202 L. Hughes 
Fairall Wm. H. blacksmith, 130 s Fremont, 

dw 40 St. Peter's 
Pairbank A. J. agent, 56 s Poppleton 
Pairbank Chas. 204 Saratoga 
Pairbank Chas. E. clerk, 361 w Lombard 
Pairbank Chris, shoemaker, 26 May 
Fairbank George K. provisions, 377 Franklin 
PAIRBANK HENRY, Gen. Wayne Inn, n 
w cor Baltimore and Paca, and livery and 
sale stables, Paca near Baltimore 
Fairbank John, conductor, B. & 0. R. R. 361 

w Lombard 
Fairbank John P. clerk Genl. Wayne Inn 
Pairbank Samuel G. carpenter, Gen. Wayne 

Pairbank Thomas J. clerk, Gen. Wayne Inn 
Fairbanks Charles, flour and feed, 421 w Bal- 
timore, dw 204 Saratoga 
HOUSE, 246 w Baltimore, George H. Gill- 
man, agent. — (Seep. 48 Mvertisements.] 
Fairbanks Henry T. carpenter, 325 Franklin 
Fairbanks Wm. J. ship carp. 193 s Fremont 
Fairchild Mrs. Nancy, 64 Camden 
Fairchild Wm. merchant tailor, 319 e Eager 
Fairley Thomas, florist, Ross near Lanvale 
Fairley Michael, 19 Mosher 

J. HEiratY GIKSK, Commission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Piaster constantly on band, SI Spear's AVharf. 

Everhart Charles, machinist, Hamburg near 

Everhart Geo. machinist, 138 e Lombard 
Everhart Geo. G. salesman. Hand Tavern 
Everhart Jacob, tobacconist, 42 Ross 
Everhai-t Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 245 Con- 
Everhart Martin, cigar maker, 92 s Howard 
Everhart Wm. H. baggage express agent, 92 

s Howard 
Everest Mrs. 296 e Lombard 
Everett Caroline, 195 s Chapel 
Everett Elizabeth, seamstress, 15 n Wolfe 
Everett George L. sailmaker, 119 s Bond 
Everett John H. grocery, 265 n Bond 
Everett James T. constable, 119 s Bond 
Everett James, laborer, 157 s Chapel 
Everett Joseph, cigar maker, 39 n Central av 
Everett Thomas H. police, 119 s Bond 
Evering Bernard, clerk, 91 s Wolf 
Everist John M. cooper, 108 Holiday, dw s 

Everist Joseph, cooper, 263 e Monument 
Everist Joseph J. cooper, 357 n Gay 
Everist John M. cooper, 74 s High 
Everitt Elizabeth, s ecor Gough and Durham 
EverittMary A. 39 Garden 
Everitt Peter, laborer, 29 L. Church 
Everitt Thos. S. harness maker, 39 Garden 
Everitt Wm. soldier, 29 L. Church 
Everitt John, shoemaker, 18 n Durham 
Evei'line John, butcher, 183 Eastern av 
Evers Ann, confectionery, 249 Canton av 
Evers Henry W. shoemaker, 228 Washing- 
ton, P. P. 
Eversman Frederick, 81 s Bond 
Eversman John G. 309 s Charles 
Eversmyer Frederick, carter. Gist near Essex 
Eversmyer Henry, carter, Gist near Essex 
Evesson IVIiss J . dress maker, 146 Saratoga 
Evoy Ellen, 361 n Howard 
Ewald Martin, saw grinder, 58 s Charles 
Ewaldt August, (James Meyer & Co.) 105 

Penna av 
Ewalt John, tailor, 2 Clagget al 
Ewalt Philip, carter, 22 Hampstead 
Ewalt Sam'l A. oyster can factory, 519, w 

Ewalt Samuel A. tinner, 519^^ w Baltimore, 

dw 50 n Poppleton 
Ewart Wm. bookkeeper, 19 n Calvert 
Ewatt John, clerk, 22 Hampstead 
Ewell Fannie B. 134 Mulberry 
Ewell John, clerk, 205 Hanover 
Ewell Mildred 134 Mulberry 
Ewell Thomas, shipsmith, 76 Hamburg 
Ewig John, restaurant, 147 Camden 
Ewen Jeremiah, harness maker, 82 Peirce 
EWING DR. JAS. H. druggist, 280 w Bal- 
timore, dw 461 Lexington 
Ewing John J. shoemaker, 246 n Eden 
Ewing Samuel W. shoemaker, 246 n Eden 
Ewing Thos. W. agent Methodist Protestant 

publications, 318 Aisquith 
Ewings Thomas, clerk, 88 s High 
change buildings, entrance Second and Lom- 
bard, Geo. U. Porter, secretary 
Ey Geo. laborer, 133 Canton av 
Eyerly Jacob S. printer, 367 Lexington 
Eyde Joseph, carpenter, 259 Aisquith 
Eyles Wm. H. soldier, 256 Greenmount av 
Eyll Geo. shoemaker, 29 Lee 




Fairmount (M.E.) Chapel, Chester nr Orleans 
Faite John, confectioner, 78 Park 
Faithful Edw. J. bricklayer, 89 Chatsworth 
Faithful Joseph, 216 Mulberry 
Faithful Wm. T. apothecary, n e cor Repub- 
lican and Fayette 
Falarsdean Octave J. currier, 7 Bevan 
Falck Casper W. laborer, 348 s Charles 
Falck Frederick, clerk, 348 s Charles 
Falck George W. mariner, 348 s Charles 
Falck John B. clerk, 348 s Charles 
Falck Rachel, grocer, 348 s Charles 
Falck William C. clerk, 348 s Charles 
Falconer A. Smith, clerk, 152 n Eutaw 
Falconer Alexander, 3 McCulloh 
Falconer Mrs. John, 3 McCulloh 
Falconer Wm. huckster, 44 Hammond al 
Fales George E. moulder, 63 Eastern av 
Fales Mrs. Ellen, 134 s Ann 
FALES SQUIRE M. iron foundry, Cathedral 

extended, dw 117 Preston 
Falger James, shoemaker, 46 Carlton 
Falk John F. gun maker, 460 w Pratt 
Falkner James, laborer, 86 York 
FALKENSTEIN FRED'K, confectioner, 

«&c. 257 Light 
Fallis Ellen, 122 Ensor 
Fallan Mrs. washerwoman, 65 York 
Fallan Daniel, 333 s Sharp 
Fallen Michael, laborer, 91 n Bethel 
Fallen Wm. mariner, 339 s Sharp < 
Fallon Bridget, tavern, 109 Boston 
Fallon Dominick, laborer, 61 Hillen 
Fallon N. stone cutter, 120 Garden 
Fallon James, laborer, 20 Valley 
Fallon John, weaver, 32 Rock 
Fallon Mary, 86 n Front 
Fallon Patrick, cooper, 21 Addison 
Fallon Peter, tavern, 216 Lexington 
Fallon Thomas, 142 Holiday 
Falls Moor N. prest. Baltimore Steam Packet 

Co. 279 Madison av 
Falls Moor S. clerk Adams Express, 164 w 

Falls Mrs. Sarah, Calvert near Eager 
Falls William K. attorney, 279 Madison av 
Falvary Mrs. Catharine, 131 s Fremont 
Falvary Michael, stone mason, 131 s Fremont 
Fambach Fredericka, 63 Bank 
Famback Andrew, bar tender, 42 St. Peter 
Fangman Anthony, cigar maker, 105 s High 
Fangmayer John L. s e cor Baltimore and 

Fankliauel Henry, tobacconist, 206 Lexington 
Fannan John, laborer, 21 New Church 
Fannarn Mary, cor Falls road and Northern av 
Fanning Anna, seamstress, 47 Fawn 
Fanning John, carpenter, 190 e Baltimore 
Fanning Julia, 47 Fawn 
Fanning Louis, tailor, 117 n Bond 
Fanning Mrs. Maria, variety store, 190 e 

Fanning Mary, shop, 117 n Bond 
Fanning Thomas, laborer, 16 Gould la 
Fanning Thomas, soldier, 190 e Baltimore 
Fannon Luke, laborer, 6 Hubbard al 
Fansy Patrick, laborer. Falls road near toll- 
Fantom Nathan A. shoemaker, 153 e Monu- 
Fantom Wm. T. laborer, 120 Orleans 
Farber Henry J. (Stellman, Hinrichs & Co.) 
260 Lexington 

Farber Henry, blacksmith, 396 a Charles 
FARBER JOHN M. groceries and liquors, 

s e cor North and Pleasant 
Farber John H. clerk, s e cor North and 

Fardwell Isaac, jr., carpenter, 62 Henrietta 
FARDY JOHN T. & BRO., ship builders 

and steam marine railway, south side of 

Basin, foot of Montgomery, and cor Hughes 

and Covington 
Fardy John T. (J. T. F. & Bro.) 69 McCulloh 
Fardy Matthew J. (J. T. F. & Bro ) 153 s 

Fare Josejjh, laborer, Henry near Hughes 
Farin Daniel, foundryman, 148 Stirling 

FAIilNGER CHARLES, manufac- 
turer of Soap and Candles, 14 Con- 
stitution St., and 5 Liberty al. 
Has always on hand Mould Can- 
dles, Brown, Yellow, Salt Water, 
Chemical, Olive and Fancy Soaps, 
which he will sell on the most 
liberal terms. Dw. 14 Constitu- 
tion. — [See page 38 Mvertisements.] 

Farland Abraham, mariner, 192 s Castle al 
Farland John F. sailmaker, 81 Smith's wharf, 

dw 100 e Pratt 
Farland Robert, sailmaker, 172 Bank 
Farland Wm. sailmaker, 17 n Caroline 
Farlay Wm. tailor, 297 North 
Farley Edward, baker, 76 s Broadway 
Farley Geo. 236 Lemmon 
Farlin J. W. grain commission merchant, 117 

Smith's wharf, dw Fountain hotel 
Farlow John T. grocer, 330 e Baltimore 
Farmer Burkett, shoemaker, 78 Somerset 
Farmer Geo. M. sutler, 163 Mulberry 
FARMERS' HOTEL, n w cor Hillen and 

Farmer John, mariner, cor Dallas and Lan- 
Farmer Elizabeth A. 189 Penna av 

n w cor South and Lombard 

17 South 
Farmer Margaret, china store, 21 n Eutaw 
Farmer Patrick, machinist, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Rosanna, seamstress, 71 Park 
Farmer Terrence, grocery, 92 Stirling 
Farnandis Walter, jr., attorney, 1 Spurrier's 

ct, Lexington, dw 13 n Carey 
Farnandis Edward, 48 Hanover 
Farnandis Mrs. Walter, 48 Hanover 
Farnen Jas. clerk, 131 William 
Farnen John, china packer, 131 William 
Farnen Michael, laborer, 131 William 
Farnen Peter, 131 William 
Farnen Peter, groceries, flour and feed, n w 

cor Regester and Bank, dw 106 Bank 
Farnsworth Joseph, baggage master, Calvert 

Station, 274 n Eutaw 
Farquhar Geo. A. 27 Chatsworth 
Farquhar John C. clerk, 27 Chatsworth 
Farquhar Wm. P. jeweler, 27 Chatsworth 
Farquharson Mrs. Ann, 42 e Lombard 
Farquharson Catharine, 42 n Broadway 

GEO. 8. PAGK <Ss BRO.. Manufecturer* of Roofs and Roofing Slaterlals, 111 Smith's 
Whari; C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




Farquharson Francis L. saddle and harness 

maker, 17 s Calvert, dw Maltbjr House 
Farr Alexander, laborer, 149 Stirling 
Farr Joseph, laborer, 149 Stirling 
Farran Joseph F. salesman, Lombard w of 

Farran J. S. oyster packer, 329 Canton wharf 
Farrel Patrick, ship carpenter, 20 e Lombard 
Farrel Thos. soldier, 20)^ s Front 
Farrell Anastasia, grocery, n e cor Fayette 

and East 
Farrell Bridget, grocery, 71 Watson 
Farrell Bridget, 43 President 
Farrell Edward, carpenter, 409 Lexington 
Farrell George, moulder, 29 McHenry 
Farrell George, laborer, cor Low and Exeter 
Farrell Jeremiah, laborer, 28 Boyd 
Farrell John, laborer, 33 Neighbor 
Farrell John, shoemaker, 3 Webb 
Farrell Julia, 2 West Falls av 
Farrell Mrs. Margaret, 28 Boyd 
Farrell Nicholas, caulker, 18 Armistead la 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, I Rose al 
Farrell Patrick, tinner, 17 Diamond 
Farrell Peter, waiter, 130 w Baltimore 
Farrell Peter, laborer, 8 Hubbard al 
Farrell Thos. 1 Morris al 
Farren Joseph F. clerk, 412 w Fayette 
Farrier John, laborer, 70 n Schroeder 
Farring Augustus H. saddler, 38 Milliman 
Farringer Mary, tailoress, 133 Forrest 
Farringtes James, laborer, 178 L Constitution 
Farris Baldo, restaurant, n w cor Pratt and 

Grant, dw 88 s Charles 
Farroll Dennis, carter, 9 Webb 
Farron R. B. room clerk, Maltby House 
Farson Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 s Ann 
Farson George W. ship carver, 47 s Ann 
Farson John S. pump maker, 47 s Ann 
Farson Samuel F. (Charles H. Ross & Co.) 

209 e Fayette 
Fasbender Chas. P. watchmaker, 301 w Pratt 
Fasijender Marion J. watchmaker, 255 w Pratt 
Easing Henry, tailor, 85 e Lombard 
Fassel George, mattress maker, 297 Penna. av 
Fatchs Frederick, coach trimmer, 140 Cross 
Fatchs Mary, confectionery, 140 Cross 
Faucctt Richard, omnibus driver, 188 n Spring 
Faucht Mary, 271 e Eager 
Faul Gustavus, printer, 29 Harrison 
Faulkner Alfred B. clerk, 283 w Fayette 
Faulkner M. tavern, 52 Montgomery 
Faulkner Thos. huckster, 124 Orleans 
Faupel Jacob, cloth cutter, 152 n Caroline 
Fausman George, cigar maker, 131s Fremont 
Faust John, (J. F. & Bro.) 17 Barnet 
Faust Henry, (J. F. & Bro.) 26 Barnet 
FAUST J. & BRO. boots, shoes, &c. IG s 

Faust Michael, cooper, 340 s Sharp 
Fauth John, soldier, 186 e Baltimore 
Favier John, millwright, 488 Lexington 
Favier Mrs. Mary A. 21 s Bond 
Favier Peter A. machinist, 21 s Bond 
Favier Susan A. grocery, 488 Lexington 
Favre Hypolite, currier', 40 Harrison 
Fawcett James, shoemaker, 14 Low 
Fawcett Christopher, supt. Union Protestant 

Infirmary, Division, dw 17 Mosher 
Fawcett Owen S. actor, 18 Exeter 
Fawcus Catharine, huckstress, 28 Anthony 
Fawkes Mrs. Frances, 49 n Pine 
Faxenberg Valentine, carpenter, 3 e Fayette 

Faxon Eben, architect, 26 n Charles, dw 71 
St. Paul 

Fay Anna, laundress, 23 High al 

Fay Charles, tinner, 158 Pearl 

Fay Charles, tinner, 139 Bank 

Fay Fordice, currier, 52 Granby 

Fay Gustav, piano maker, 64 L. Pleasant 

Fay Dr. Geo. W. 31 s Eden 

Fay Henry, dry goods and clothier, 48 and 50 
Centre Market space 

Fay John M. harness maker, 52 Granby 

Fay Mrs. Mary, 123 Conway 

Faye James R. clerk, 22 s High 

Fayette Street (Methodist Episcopal) Church, 
Fayette near Fremont 

Feadley Henry, mariner, 141 s Ann 

Fearis Thomas, collector, 55 Granby 

Fearis Sarah, 55 Granby 

FEAST JOHN E. (Samuel F. & Sons,) 

Franklin near Gilmore 
Feast John, florist, 295 Lexington 
Feast Samuel, jr. (Samuel F. & Sons,) n e 

cor Franklin and Gilmor 
FEAST SAMUEL & SONS, florists and 
nurserymen, n w cor Franklin and Gilmor, 
and 55 n Charles, dw S. F. sr., Cockeys- 
ville, Balto. Co. 
Feber Dederick, tavern, 272 s Broadway 
Fecht August, boiler maker, 24 St. James 
Fecht Kuneg, tailoress, over 31 s Wolfe 
Fechtig George F. cor Fayette and Central av 
Federal Hill Glass Works, G. Hughes near 

Fedou Francis, tailor, 107 n Calvert 
Feehan Martha, 299 Eastern av 
Feehan Patrick, hod carrier, 3 Willow 
Feely John, laborer, 328 Republican 
Feenan Patrick, laborer, 1 Jenkins al 
Feeney Catharine, laundress, 134 Vine 
Feeney James, tinner, 185 n Howard 
Feeney James C. plumber, 185 n Howard 
Feeney John, laborer, 109 Hill 
Feeney Patrick, plasterer, 300 s Sharp 
Feeney Peters, plasterer, 300 s Sharp 
Fefel John, huckster, 1 s Republican 
FEFEL JOSEPH, JR. restaurant and board- 
ing, 11 n Eutaw 
Fefel Joseph, sr. 797 w Baltimore 
Fefill John, (iVlahless & F.) 81 William 
Fegan Owen, drayman, 66 n Exeter 
Fegelien Joseph, potter, 110 s Durham 
Fehe Martin, laborer, 151 n Bethel 
Fehle John, tailor, 223 e Madison 
Fehsenfeld Louis, tobacconist, 77 Thames 
Fehte August, coach trimmer, 96 Hillen 
Fehy Anna, grocery, 6 Dawson al 
Fehy John, laborer, 6 Dawson al 
Feihte Carl, tailor, 25 Central av 
FEICHTMAN S. (Fiteman) stoves, tinware 

and house lurnishing goods, 80 n Eutaw 
Feichtman S. stoves and tinware 80 n Eutaw 
Feidler George, tailor, 5 New 
Feig Andrew, tailor, 23 n Caroline 
Feig Ferdinand A. tailor, 23 n Caroline 
FEIG GEORGE A. butter, 15 Brown 
Feige August, tavern, 49 n Frederick 
Fell Wm. cabinet maker, 62 Vine 
Feinour Dr. Thomas, 496 w Fayette 
FeinOur John, white washer, 93 Low 
Feistenheimer Burkhard, cigar maker, 173 e 

Felber & Adams, hoisery, 217 s Broadway 
and 251 w Baltimore 

AVM. P. ^VEBB, Marine, Fire nud I.i)Pe Insnmnce Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Life Insui-ance Co., JVewark;, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Felber Edw. stocking weaver, 193 s Broadway 
Felber Lewis (F. & Adams) cor Aliceanna 

Feld John, stevedore, 14 Barnes 
Feldenheimer Joseph, clerk, 33 e Lombard 
Felder Conrad, lab'r, 221 Washington, F. H. 
Felder Fredk. driver, 140 s Caroline 
Felder John H. barrels, 144 s Central av 
Felder John, tally keeper, 146 s Central av 
Feldhaus Bernard, shoemaker, 21 Short 
Feldhaus Charles, salesman, 95 Hanover 
Feldhaus Ferdinand A. tobacconist, 28 e 

Feldhaus John, porter, Hanover 2 doors from 

Feldkemp Harman, lager beer, 753 Light 
Feldman Henry, tobacconist, 262 Hanover 
Feldman John D. drayman, 163 s Regester 
Feldner Fredk. carter, 145 William 
Felger Henry, barrels, 144 s Central av 
Felger Michael, cooper, 146 s Register 
FELGNER F. W.' merchant tailor, 14 St. 

Paul, dw Garden near Druid Hill 
Felker Henry, sugar refiner, 235 e Lombard 
Fell Mrs. Frances A. 204 s Ann 
Fell Mrs. Mary, 227 Harford av 
Fellar Casper, tailor, 19 Walker 
Feller Charles, porter, 5 Gough 
FELLER CHARLES, oak cooper, 139 s 

Caroline, dw Caroline btw Bank and Gough 
Feller Charles, cooper. Ills Caroline 
Feller George, cooper, 38 Bank 
Feller George, paper hanger, s w cor Saratoga 

and Park 
Feller Valentine, grocery, s w cor Saratoga 

and Park 
Fellers George, coppersmith, 26 Madison 
way, btw Canton and Eastern avs. west side 
Fell's Point (M. E.) Chapel, s e cor Chapel and 

Eastern av 
Fells George, carpenter, 250 Franklin 
Feltbrush Henry, tailor, 265 n Central av 
Feltbusch Charles, carpenter, 165 n Central av 
Felte George, laborer, 73 Grindall 
Felter John, clerk, 144 s Central av 
Felthouse Wm. H. tin and sheet iron worker, 

62 Hamburg 
Feltmeyer Wm. butcher, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Feltman Geo. laborer, rear 163 s Register 
Feltman Henry, laborer, 223 s Bethel 
Feltner Adam, carter, 63 James al 
Female Gramm|ar School No. 1, s w cor 

Greene and Fayette 
Female Primary School No. 3, s w cor 

Greene and Fayette 
Fenby Theodosia, dry goods, 137 n Gay 
Fenby Wm. farmer, 695 Lexington 
Fendal Thomas, chair painter, Jefferson near 

FENDALL & CO. groceries, liquors and 

feed, 447 n Gay 
Fendall E. H. (F. &Co.) n e cor Gay and 

Fendall Mrs. S. Emily, 494 Franklin 
FENDRICH BROS, tobacconists, 155 For- 
rest and 49 South 
Fendrich Charles, (F. Bros.) n e cor Aisquith 

and Chew 
Fendrich David, cooper, 394 n Gay 
Fendrich Joseph, (F. Bros.) n e cor Aisquith 

and Chew 

J. HE.\1R.Y GIKSE, Commission Mercliant, for tlic sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, <bc. 
Roaeudole Ceu&eut and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, HI Spear's Wlkart. 

Fenge John, tailor, 45 Perry 

Fenhagen James C. coal and wood, 143 n 

Gay, dw 93 s Eden 
Fenlon Wm. J. shoemaker, 105 Stirling 
Fenne Bernard, blacksmith, n w cor Etiger 
"^^and Stirling 

Fennell Maurice, clerk B.& O. R. R. 131 Co- 
Fennell Wesley, lumber agent, Mill-st, dw 42 

Fennerman Dedrick, groceries and provisions, 

36 s Poppleton 
Fenneman Ferdinand, grocer, 272 Canton av 
Fenner Geo. shoemaker, 105 L. Greene 
Fenner Henry, shoemaker, 235 Hamburg 
Fenner John, laborer, 201 William 
Fenner Wesley, v/^harfinger, 42 Fawn 
Fenney David, laborer, 107 Ensor 
Fennich Henry, carter, 123 Orleans 
Fcnon Matthew M. blacking manufacturer, 

18 Mercer 
Fensel Francis, tailor, 373 Penna. av 
Fensel Mary Ann, trimmings, 373 Penna. av 
Fensley Wm. boots and shoes, 85 s Broad- 
way, dw 141 
Fent Henry W. dyer, 132 Hamburg 
Fenton Aaron, (Urakeley & F.) 307 w Fay- 
Fenton Mary, seamstress, 28 St. Mary 
Fcrbee Napoleon, mariner, 37 Hill 
Ferbinger Catharine, 186 s Howard 
FERCIOT PETER, wine and commission 

merchant, 17 Courtland 
Ferciot Sophia, fluting and crimping, 17 

Ferdner John, confectioner, 10 Fell 
Ferguson Andrew, carpenter, 167 L. Greene 
Ferguson Mrs. Ann, 45 Marion 
Ferguson Mrs. Arabella, dress maker, 85 


Ferguson Caroline, 61 n Calvert 
Ferguson Catharine, dress maker 459 w Bal- 
Ferguson David B. 85 n Eutaw 
Ferguson Mrs, Eliza, confectionery, 458 w 

Ferguson Mrs. Elizabeth, 33 Harmony la 
Ferguson Geo. H. 61 n Calvert 
Ferguson Geo. H. clerk, Hollins near Calhoun 
Ferguson Geo. C. shoemaker, 208 e Lombard 
P'erguson Henry, tailor, 208 e Lombard 
Ferguson Hugh H. machinist, 55 e Madison 
Ferguson J. Henry, 169 w Lombard 
Ferguson John, grocer, 267 Mulberry 
Ferguson Margaret, boarding, 55 e Madison 
Ferguson Mrs. Margaret, confectionery, 224 

n Eutaw 
Ferguson Mrs. Matilda, 169 Lee 
Ferguson Nehemiah, 69 McElderry 
Ferguson Robt. conductor N. C. R. R. 224 n 

Ferguson Thomas, agent, 283 s Charles 
Ferguson Wm. tinner, 7 s Oregon 
Ferguson Wm. 327 Franklin 
Ferguson Wm. carpenter, 458 w Baltimore 
Fergusson Chas. (F. & Tyson,) 17 Hollins 
Fcrgusson Mrs. Rhoda, 112 Chester 
FERGUSSON & TYSON, wholesale grocers 
and commission merchants, 121 w Lombard 
Fcrgusson Theodore G. carpenters, 102 Carey 
Fergusson & Tyson, grocers, 301 w Lombard 




Ferhohap John, shoemaker, 169 s Caroline 
Fermith Henry, laborer, 2 Russel 
Fernan Bernard, cooper, 184 Gough 
Fernbacher Mrs. Dorothy, 18 Peach al 
Fernbacher John, cooper, 18 Peach al 
Ferner Geo. shoe cutter, 105 L. Greene 
Fernetti Ernest F. barber, 21 e Pratt 
Fernhehner Samuel, butcher, 242 Aliceanna 
Ferrandini Cipriano, hair dresser, Calvert, 
under Brrnum's hotel, dw 250 e Baltimore 
Ferree Alexander, shoemaker, 165 L. Greene 
Ferrell Elisha, iron moulder, 63 Elliott 
Ferreli Capt. Joshua, mariner, 321 e Pratt 
Ferrell Capt. Thos. mariner, 303 e Pratt 
Ferril Charles, laborer, 57 n Schroeder 
Ferris Baldo, eating saloon, 154 1.< w Pratt, 

dw 88 s Charles 
Ferrton Wm. H. copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Ferry Elizabeth, 43 s Greene 
Ferry J. & Co. wholesale liquor and com- 
mission merchants, 51 Lie;ht 
Ferry John, (F. & Co.; 43 Lee 
Ferry M. J. agent, 85 w Fayette 
Fersch Michael, cooper, 245 L. Hughes 
Ferster Mrs. Christiana, 122 Eislein 
Ferster Matilda, 297 Happy al 
Ferterling August, sawyer, 166 s Bond 
Feschter Gottleib, painter, 274 e Pratt 
Fesel John, laborer, 49 s Schroeder 
Fesler E. A. (Chas. Kirsch & Co.) 364 n Gay 
Fesper Charles, cabinet maker, 117 Hill 
Fesschargh Frederick, shoemaker, 234 Light 
Fessman Philip, confectioner, 353 s Charles 
Fester Christopher, laborer, 206 Penna av 
Fet John, butcher, 909 w Pratt 
Fetsch John T. stone cutter, 337 s Charles 
Fette Henry, shoemaker, 11 Warner 
Fetter John, tailor, 105 e Lombard 
Fetter Martin, tailor, 61 Gough 
Feuerestine Lewis, cooper, 59 Johnson 
FEUILLAN & BANDELET, French steam 

dyers and scourers, 124 n Howard 
Feuillan John, (F. &Dandelet,) 124 n How- 
Feuss Andrew, clerk, 21 s Liberty 
Feuss Andrew C. bookkeeper, 21 s Liberty 
Feuss Henry C. clerk, 21 s Liberty 
Feuss Helen, 21 s Liberty 
Fey Augustus, piano maker, 46 L. Pleasant 
Fey Ferdinand, tailor, 82 s Molfe 
Fichet Mrs. Margaret, 67 Watson 
Fick August, mining engineer, 40 Holiday 
Fick Edward, clerk, 40 Holiday 
Fick Erhart, tailor, cor Bethel and Walker 
Fick George A. shoemaker, 104 Cross 
Fick Wm. G. tavern, 57 Thames 
Fickenscher John, laborer, 101 n Schroeder 
Fickenscher Henry, shoemaker, 91 Harrison 
Fickey Andrew, 98 Park 
Fickey Frederick, jr. 83 n Liberty 
Fickey Frederick & Son, 250 w Baltimore, 

dw F. F, 83 n Liberty 
Fidler Michael, engineer, 280 Central av 
Fieck John, piano maker, 39 Portland 
Fiege Henry, laborer, 116 s Register 
Field A. 4 s Fremont 
Field Abiathar, oysters, 309 w Lombard 
Field Abiathar W. oysters, 309 w Lombard, 

dw 4 Hollins 
Field Henry W. laborer, 244 s Eutaw 
Field John A. jr. (at Hamilton Easter& Co.) 
651 w Fayette 

Field Lewis, second hand goods, 58 Short 
Field M. B. agent. Spear's whf, dw 25 s Bond 
Fieldhouse Arnold J. tobacconist, n w cor 

Monument and Eden 
Fieldman Bernard, tailor, 65 Mulliken 
Fields Alexander, brass finisher, 46 Liberty al 
Fields Caroline, 65 s Wolfe 
Fields Charles L. car driver, 65 s Wolfe 
Fields James, mariner, 266 e Pratt 
Fields James, cooper, 95 n Caroline 
Fields James, 209 e Baltimore 
Fields James, mariner, 103 s Sharp 
Fields James, laborer, 46 Liberty al 
Fields John H. police, 134 Lee 
Fields Mary, tailoress, 46 Liberty al 
Fields Martha, 42 Booth 
FIELDS MITCHELL B. storage warehouse, 

118 Spear's whf. dw 25 s Bond 
Fields Samuel, 218 w Pratt 
Fields Wm. H. wheelwright, 135 s Fremont 
Fields Wm. M. sheet iron worker, 123 n Bond 
Fier Folding, laborer, 470 Canton av 
Fier Henry, stevedore, 97 Thames 
Fierheller Godfrey, baker, 22 Thomson 
Fifer And. laborer, 160 S. Washington, F. P. 
Fifer Christian, lager beer, 372 s Eutaw 
Fifer Christopher, engineer, 8 Bolton 
Fifer Elizabeth, 137 Eastern av 
Fifer Godfrey, coach trimmer, 80 Mount 
Fifer George, laborer, 355 Cathedral 
Fifer John, carter, 4 Harmony la 
Fifer John G. paver, 38 Liberty al 
Fifer Nicholas, coach trmimer, 355 Cathedral 
Fifer Robert, soldier, 355 Cathedral 
Figg Sarah, seamstress. Miles' ct 
Figgs Wm. laborer, 296 Cross 

Figgs , laborer, 25 Lee 

Fighelly Wm. milkman, Clinton near Elicott 
Filbert George, shoemaker, 388 n Gay 
Filbert John A. clerk, 104 n High 
Filbert Micliael, grocery, 384 n Gay 
Filbin Patrick, laborer, 123 Elliott, Canton 
Filbin Patrick, laborer, 52 Elliott 
Filbin Patrick, laborer, 181 Vine 
Filchner Christian, laborer, 16 Abey al 
File H. tinner, 127 Ross 
Files Joseph, tavern, 2 Hawk ' 
Files Wm. ship carp. 33 Cambridge, Canton 
Filger George, laborer, 2 Biddle al 
Filling Henry, finisher, 553 Saratoga 
Filling Henry, shoemaker, 1 Russell 
Filling John, carter, 200 Cross 
Fillinger James L. clerk, 3 Courtland 
Fillinger John M. oyster packer, 23 Orchard 
Fillinger Mrs. Mary M. 3 Columbia 
Fillinger Paul, shoemaker, 50 s Schroeder 
Fimister Mrs. Rhoda, 91 s Sharp 
Finatz John, confectionery, 77 Richmond 
Finch Kliza A. G. , Mosher near Foster al 
Finch Geo. bookbinder, Mosher near Grundy 
Finch James, cigar maker, 88 Mulliken 
Finch James, police. Mulligan near Bond 
Finch John, bricklayer, 65 n Poppleton 
Finch Mary Ann, shoebinder, 101 Jefferson 
Finck Henry, printer, 181 Ensor 
Findlay Charles, sec'y and treas. Rowlesburg 
Lumber and Iron Co. 30 South, up stairs, 
dw Baltimore Co. 
Findley Mrs. Hester, 77 Dawson al 
Fink Adam, cabinet maker, 56 Greenmount av 
Fink Alfred J. carpenter, 197 Fremont 
FINK & BROTHER, grocers and commis- 
sion merchants, s w cor Franklin and Eutaw 

OIBO. S. PACtB & BRO., Mam^ifactwrers of Rooft and Roofing materials, IH SuOtti's 
Wbax9r. C. HART SMITH, Agent. ' 




Fink Bernard, cor Washington and Aliceanna 

Fink Edmund, laborer, 46 Lancaster 

Fink Elizabeth, milliner, 71 Ross 

Fink George, turner, 177 Raborg 

Fink H. S. (F. & Bro.) 85 Franklin 

Fink Mrs. Henry, Frederick road, near Snake 

Fink Henry, tailor, 205 Canton av 
Fink Henry, shoemaker, 83 Eastern av 
Fink John, shoemaker, 184 s Chapel 
Fink John H. printer, 381 Ensor 
Fink Joseph, (F. & Bro.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Peter, cabinet maker, 36 L. McElderry 
Fink Mrs. Rose, 85 Franklin 
Fink Wilhelm, cabinet maker, 30 Abbott 
Finke Frederick, varnisher^247 s Paca 
Finke John, painter, 15 Elizabeth la 
Finke Mrs. JVIargaret, 247 s Paca 
Finkeldey Henry J. currier, 355 s Charles 
Finkernecht Jacob, laborer, 909 w Pratt 
Finknauer Henry, cabinet maker, 106 n Cal- 
Finlay James, clerk, 134 Pine 
Finley Francis, tobacconist, s e cor Exchange 

Place and South, dw 260 e Monument 
Finley James J (Lannahan & F.) Biddle, 2d 

door n of Eutaw 
Finley James, drayman, 186 McHenry 
Finley Jane, 35 Aisquith 
Finley John J. shoemaker, 158 e Madison 
Finley John F. clerk, 2 St. Mary 
Finley Mrs. Mary E. 317 Ross 
Finley Mary Ann, seamstress, 40 Preston 
Fin-ley Thomas, shoemaker, 84 Granby 
Finli-y Thomas, confectioner, 230 Saratoga 
Finn Mrs. Catherine C. seamstress. 111 St. 

Finn John, laborer, 107 Plum 
Finn John, tailor and scourer, 60 Eastern av 
Finn Michael, laborer, 186 s Central av 
Finn Patrick, carter, 45 President 
Finnan Bernard, grocery, 104 n Culvert 
Finnagen Bernard, blacksmith, 9 Webster 
Finnagen Patrick, laborer, 42 Valley 
Finnan Martin, wagoner, 43 Centre Market 

Finnan Patrick, grocery, 31 Harford av 
Finnegan Catherine, 58 Preston 
Finnegan Charles, 211 Lexington 
Finnegan Henry, sutler, w Baltimere, near 

Finnegan Lawrence, sexton St. John's 

Church, Eager st near the church 
Finnegan Michael, teamster, 2 Centre 
Finnegan Michael, carpenter, 22 Albert al 
Finnegan William, tailor, 55 Clay 
Finnen Bridget, 120 Harford av 
Finney Alexander, plumber, 168 n Eden 
Finsley Bangartz, tailor, 14 St. James 
Fint Gustav, butcher, 104 Penna av 
Fintling William, tailor, 146 Penna av 
Finstenralt Henry, laborer, 73 Perry 
Finshjnralt Mrs. Betty, second hand store, 73 

Fiqui t Dominic, 813 w Baltimore 
Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, at the Old 

City Hall, Holiday near Saratoga 
Firebaum John, news carrier, 25 w Pratt 
Fire Commissioners office. City Hall 
Fire Department, Alpha No. 1, Paca near 

Fire Department, Home No. 2, Barre near 

Fire Department, Comet No. 3, 32 e Lombard 
Fire Department, Caleb Cushing No. 4, North, 

cor Lexington 
Fire Department, Thomas Swann, No 5, Ann 

near Gough 
Fire Department, Hope, No. 6, intersection of 

Gay and Ensor 
Fire Department, Baltimore, No. 7, Eutaw 

cor Ross 
Fire Department, Hook and Ladder, No. 1, 

Harrison near Baltimore 
Fire Department, Hook and Ladder, No. 2, 

Paca near Fayette 
Fire Department, Hook and Ladder, No. 3 

Harrison near Baltimore 
Fire Inspector's Office, city hall, F. H. B. 

Boyd, inspector. 
South and Second, Henry P. Duhurst, 
president. — [See page 35 ^dverlisements.] 
Firman Mark, boiler maker, 144 Harford av 
Firnan Adelbert, silver plater, 253 West 
Firnstein Valentine, boot and shoemaker, 40 

n Eutaw 
Firral Catherine, grocery, 40 Haw 
Firoved David, grocer, 232 Franklin 
Firoved John, grocer, 53 s Schroeder 
First Baptist Church, n e cor Sharp and Lom- 
First English Lutheran Church, Lexington, 

between Park and Howard 
First German Reformed Church, Second, be- 
tween South and Gay 
First Independent Church, n w cor Franklin 

and Charles 
First Presbyterian Church, n w cor Park and 

Firstcnhaffer, milk, Clinton near Elliott 
Firth Jonas, coach maker, 9 Grundy 
Firwhaber John, 14 Fountain 
Fischback Elizabeth, 202 Cross 
Fischback Ernst, cigar maker, 202 Cross 
Fischelly William, laborer, 123 Elliott 
Fischer Casper, foundryman, Clinton, Canton 
Fischer Charles, tailor,' 131 Franklin 
Fischer Charles, grocery, s w cor Aisquith 

and Eager 
Fischer Christian, lager beer, 20 n Frederick 
Fischer Christian, army sutler, 177 w Pratt 
Fischer Christopher, carpenter, 211 s Eutaw 
Fischer A. whitewasher, 201 s Wolfe 
Fischer Arthur J. (F. & Bro.) 103 w Baltimore 
Fischer & Brother, central photographic gal- 
lery, over 103 w Baltimore 
Fischer Emanuel, dry goods, n e cor Eden and 

FISCHER ERNST, staves, hoop poles, &c. 

Eutaw near Lee, dw 83 Grindall 
Fischer Francis M. stoves and tin ware, 14 w 

Fischer Frederick, brass founder, 41 Gittings 
Fisclier Frederick, tin and sheet iron worker, 

14 w Lombard 
Fischer Frederick, carpenter, 192 Conway 
Fischer George, grocery, n e cor Mullikin and 

Fischer George, painter, 21 Armistead la 
Fischer Geo. boot and shoemaker, 65 North 
Fischer George J. 103 w Baltimore 
Fischer Godfrey, tailor, 160 s Eden 
Fischer Gotluib, butcher, 422 Penna av 
Fischer Gotleib, pork butcher, 56 Belair mar- 
ket, dw Harford av, near ropewalk 

"WM. P. IVKBB, Mariiie, Fire and lilfe Insuranice Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit lA/e Injturance Co., Newark, N. J,," S9 Second Street. 





Pif3cher Jacob, porter, 145 s Greene 
Fischer John, tailor, 101 Orchard 
Fischer John R. clerk, 134 s Paca 
Pftcher John, piano maker, 133 Dover 
Fischer Joseph, farm laborer, 172 Lee 
Fischer Henry, shoemaker, 423i> w Pratt, dw 

77 Aisquith 
Fischer Josephine, washerwoman, rear 134 

Fischer John, butcher, 50 s Central av 
FISCHER LOUIS C. attorney, 31 Lexing- 
ton, dw 237 w Pratt 
Fischer Mrs. dressmaker, 140 e Pratt 
Fischer H. Philip, shoemaker, 131 Franklin 
Fischer Rose, seamstress, 207 Aliceanna 
Fischer William, laborer, 224 s Paca 
Fischer William, laborer, 123 Elliott 
Fischer William, blacksmith, 25 York, dw 83 

Fischer Wm. tin and sheet iron worker, 14 w 

Fischer William, butcher, 8 Townsend 
Fischer Wm. F. (F. & Bro.) 103 w Baltimore 
Fish George W. shin joiner, 11 s Bond 
FISH COL. WM. S., U. S. Provost Marshal 
for Maryland, office cor Eutaw and Cam- 
den, dw Eutaw House 
Fishack John, stone cutter, 275 Franklin 
Fishbaugh George H. laborer, 60 Johnson 
Fisher Abraham, (F. & Bro.) 64 w Baltimore 
FISHER ADAM & SON, grocers, 25 Penna. 

Fisher Adam, (A. F. & Son,)190 Pearl 
Fisher Albert, tinner, 92 n Gay 
Fisher Alexander, tailor, 74 Harrison 
Fisher Andrew, laborer, 299 Aliceanna 
Fisher Mrs. Ann, 105 n High 
Fisher Annabella, 119 w Monument 
Fisher Antone E. (F. & Bro.) 55 w Baltimore 
FISHER & BROTHER, booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 64 w Baltimore, Thomas H. Denni- 
son, agent 
Fisher Mrs. Catherine, 147 Peirce 
Fisher Mrs. Catherine, 8 Pearl 
Fisher Charles, stove and tin ware, 92 n Gay 
Fisher Charles, laborer, cor Exeter and East- 
ern av 
Fisher Charles, piano maker. West nr Eutaw 
Fisher Charles, tailor, 15 e Lombard 
Fisher Charles T. butter, 129 Columbia 
Fisher C. P. engineer, N. C. R. R., Howard 

Fisher Daniel, tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fisher Elizabeth, 40 Warren 
Fisher Mrs. Eleanor, confectioner, 18 e Balti- 
Fisher Mrs. Elizabeth, 309 Saratoga 
FISHER MRS. ELIZABETH, proprietress 

of "Our Home" restaurant, 34 e Pratt 
FISHER E. & BROTHER, French steam 
scouring, 131 w Fayette, and 55 w Baltimore 
Fisher E. (E. F. & Bro.) 139 w Baltimore 
Fisher Frederick, tinner, 36 n Liberty 
Fisher Frederick, tailor, 38 Portland 
Fisher Mrs. Fredericka, 60 s Eutaw 
Fisher Frederick, tinner, 139 Bank 
Fisher Frederick, tailor, 240 n Eden 
Fisher George F. boots and sboes, 64 n Gay, 

dw 56 n High 
Fisher George, shoemaker, 45 n Eutaw 
Fisher Geo. W. tinner, 56 Aisquith 

Fischer Henry, cigar maker, 39 n Liberty 
Fisher George, laborer, Biddle al 
Fisher, Geo. W. bricklayer, 38 n Strieker 
Fisher George W. (Adam F. & Son,) 190 

Fisher George W. carpenter, 164 Hanover 
Fisher Godfrey, tailor, 79 Bank 
Fisher Harry, (Wm. F. & Son,) n e cor St. 

Paul and Eager 
Fisher Henry, (H. & Otto F.) 60 s Eutaw 
Fisher Henry, laborer, 43 Cross 
Fisher Henry & Otto, barbers, 90 s Eutaw 
Fisher Henry, clerk, 50 n Bond 
Fisher Isaac H. S. printer, 75 Hill 
Fisher Isaac, blacksmith, 330 Raborg 
Fisher James, caulker, 40 Warren 
Fisher James, (F. & Bro.) 64 w Baltimore 
Fisher Jacob, laborer, 145 s Greene 
Fisher Jacob L. laborer, 330 Raborg 
Fisher James I. (Rd. D. F. & Co.) 32 Pleasant 
Fisher James M. clerk, 11 Barnett 
Fisher Capt. James B. 52 Warren 
Fisher Jefferson, 23 n Calvert 
Fisher Joseph, confectionery, 169 Hughes 
Fisher Otto, (Henry & Otto F.) 60 s Eutaw 
Fisher Robert B. caulker, 40 Warren 
Fisher William, blacksmith, 83 Henrietta 
Fisher Capt. Wm. L. 52 Warren 
Fisher Wm. A. plasterer, cor Camden and 

Fisher John bookbinder, 107 Bond 
Fisher John, soldier, 247 s Dallas 
Fisher John, piano maker, 133 Dover 
Fisher John H. (Wm. F. & Sons,) St. Paul, 

1 door n of Eager 
Fisher John, laborer, 270 s Bond 
Fisher John, carter, 242 Cross 
FISHER JOHN, gardener, Harford av. near 

city limits 
Fisher John, tailor, 5 New Church 
Fisher John A. shoemaker, 4 Comet 
Fisher John M. carter, 169 Hollins 
Fisher John G. tailor, 160 s Eden 
Fisher John C. paper hanger, 13 Ogston 
Fisher John W. housebuilder ' 

Fisher Julius, tailor, 63 Bank 



Fisher Leonard, soldier. Falls av. near North- 
ern av 
Fisher Louisa, tavern, 185 and 187 Eastern av 
Fisher Mrs. Margaret A. 129 Columbia 
Fisher Mrs. Martha, 153 Peirce 
Fisher Mary, 119 w Monument 
Fisher Nicholas, laborer, 70 Union 
Fisher & O'Conner, paper warehouse, 123 

Fisher Parks, clerk, n e cor Eager and St. 

Fisher Peter, huckster, 155 Gough 
FISHER RICHARD D. & CO. ship and 

commission nuM-chants, 4 s Gay 
Fisher Richard D. (Rd., D. F. & Co.) 58 St. 

Fisher Robert A. 32 Pleasant 
Fisher Mrs. Sarah A. 75 Hill 
Fisher Samuel, machinist, 95 Mount 
Fisher Solon, commission merchant, 14 Bow- 

ly's wharf, dw Howard house 
Fisher T. A. 5 Lancaster 
FISHER WM. H. tobacconist, n w corner 

Greene and Lexington, dw 31 n Pine 
Fisher Win. L. salesman, 250 Madison av 
FISHER WM. & SUNS, stock brokers, 34 


J. HENRY GIESE, Commission Mercliaiit, for the sale of F.lowr, Grnin, Seeds, &9. 
Rogeudole Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 31 Speor'a 'Wliarf. 




Fisher Wm. tailor, 90 n Caroline 

Fisher Wm. A. attorney, 43 St. Paul, dw n e 

cor St. Paul and Eager 
Fisher Wm. (F. & O'Conner,) 234 n Eden 
Fisher Wm. (W. F. & Son,) n e corner St. 

Paul and Eager 
Fisher Wm. H. printer, 56 n High 
Fisher Wm. Y. carpenter, 192 Penna av 
Fishpaugh Henry, farmer, 20 Rosb 
Fishpaw John, laborer, 911 w Pratt 
Fishpaw John G. boiler maker, 24 n Amity 
Fislage George, 130 s Fremont 
Fisler Bernhard, furnituie, 243 s Ann 
Fissal Machias, butcher, 40 Haw 
Fissler A. soldier, 245 s Ann 
Fister George, laborer, 426 Canton'av 
Fister John, carpenter, 36 George 
Fitch Mrs. Mary L. 110 Saratoga 
Fitchen John, shoemaker, 3 Park 
Fiteman S. stores and tinware, 80 n Eutaw, 

dw 33 Marion 
Fites Henry, musician, 171 s Eden 
Fithe August, coachmaker, 96 Hillen 
Fitston John, butcher, Harford av near city 

Fitz John, laborer. 111 Dover 
Fitzberger Henry, blacksmith and bell hanger, 

102 Lexington, dw 116 Garden 
Fitzberger Martin, cooper, 145 s Caroline 
Fitzenberry Henry, laborer, 96 Leadenhall 
FITZGERALD, BOOTH & CO. commission 

and shipping merchants, 6 s Gay 
Fitzgerald D. grocer, 35 Cambridge 
Fitzgerald Ellen, 74 s Republican 
Fitzgerald James, ropeniaker, 492 Light 
Fitzgerald John, tavern, 67 Thames 
Fitzgerald M. seamstress. West near William 
Fitzgerald Mary, 16 Grant 
Fitzgerald Richard B. consul for Chili and 

Peru, 6 s Gay, dw 190 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Richard B. (F., Booth & Co.) 190 

Fitzgerald Thomas, tailor, 67 Buren 
Fitzgerald Thomas B. 86 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Wm. laborer, 112 e Lombard 
Fitzgerald Wm. shoemaker, 33 Orchard 
Fitzgerald Wm. F. finisher, 492 Light 
Fitzgibbon James D. clerk, 129 Granby 
Fitzhugh Peregrine, (Mathews & F.) 83 St. 

Fitzhugh Thomas, painter, 34 Little Church 
Fitzpatrick Alice, dressmaker, 70 w Biddle 
Fitzpatrick Andrew, 72 Centi-e Market space 
Fitzpatrick Andrew, 26 Gough 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, drayman, 61 n Exeter 
Fitzpatrick Bridget, grocery, 84 Dolphin 
Fitzpatrick Catharine, dressmk'r, 288 n How- 
Fitzpatrick Darby, laborer, 179 Vine 
Fitzpatrick George, ropemaker, Howard av 

near city limits 
Fitzpatrick Hannah, 70 w Biddle 
Fitzpatrick Hugh, laborer, Albert al 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Joanna, 293 Saratoga 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 27 Chase 
Fitzpatrick John, propriet'r Vauxhall Gar- 
dens, 223 Light 
Fitzpatrick John W. bricklayer, 466 Light 
Fitzpatrick Mary, 134 w Madison 
Fitzpatrick Mary, 2 Gelston court 
Fitzpatrick Mary, dressmaker, 70 w Biddle 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, grocery, 8 s Chester 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, tailor, 58 s Howard 

Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, 7 e Second 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, 179 n Fremont 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, drayman, 186 n Exeter, 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, 61 Hillen 
Fitzpatrick Peter, liquor dealer, 221 Cathedral 
Fitzpatrick Peter, grocery, 142 e Eager 
Fitzpatrick Philip, foundry man, 24 Wel- 
come al 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, wagoner, 48 Conway 
Fitzpatrick Wm. laborer, 305 William 
Fitzsimmons Christian, grocer, 178 s Howard 
Fitzsimmons James, laborer, 65 Perry 
Fizone Jacob F. milk, 472 Penna av 
Flack George N. butcher, 80 Centre market, 

dw York road, Baltimore co 
Flack George W. (Lcntz& F.) 142 Mulberry- 
Flack H. H. clerk, 168 w Lombard 
Flack Jacob, tinnei-, 68 Camden 
Flack James W. (T. J. F. & Sons) 52 s High 
Flack Joseph, porter, 179 n Eutaw 
Flack J. S. 0. (T. J. F. & Sons,) 46 s High 
Flack Thos. J. & Sons, foreign and domestic 

liquors, cor Bowly and Guilford 
Flack Thos. J. (T. J. F. & Sons,) 168 w 

Fladung Bernard, lager beer. Butcher Hill, 

between Fayette and Hampstead 
Fladuing Martin, grocer, 71 Mullikin 
Flaeschmin Adolph, tailor, 113 Hill 
Flaharty Edward, lamplighter, 48 Albemarle 
Flaharty Wm. E. carpenter, 49 e Fayette 
Flaherty Bartholomew, tavern, 259 Hanover 
Flaherty B. laborer, 27 Armistead lane 
FLAHERTY EDWARD, wharf builder and 
spar maker, 168 Bank. [See page 29 -Adver- 
Flaherty Mrs. Elizabeth, 121 Bank 
Flaherty James, laborer, 47 York 
Flaherty John, ship carpenter, 178 s Ann 
Flaherty John A. printer, 87 n Pine 
Flaherty Martin, spar maker, 328 Eastern av 
Flaherty Michael, watchman, 256 n Eutaw 
Flaherty Michael, carpenter, 5 Reservoir al 
Flaherty Mrs. Margaret, Falls av near North- 
ern av 
Flaherty Mary, 102 s Register 
Flaherty Martin, laborer, 7 Pleasant al 
Flaherty Matthias, laborer, 136 Vine 
Flaherty Miles, laborer, 23 Cannon 
Flaherty Patrick H. painter, 46 Tiiames, dw 

57 s Ann 
Flaherty Peter, laborer, 140Raborg 
Flaherty Sarah, 136 Vine 
Flaherty Thomas, laborer, 259 Hanover 
Flalierty Thomas, blacksmith, 901 w Pratt 
Flaherty Thomas, laborer, 30 Binney 
Flaherty Wm. E. carpenter, 49 e Fayette 
Flamm Magdalene, confectioner and balcer, 

88 Lexington 
Flamm Magdalena, grocery, 132 Holland 
FLAMM PETER, confectioner and baker, 

88 Lexington 
Flamm Wm. baker, 72 e Fayette 
Flanagan Catharine, 18 Ellins 
Flanagan Charles G. clerk, 160 e Baltimore 
Flanigan Andrew M. E. E. mariner, 55 s Paca 
Flanigan James, porter, 52 King 
Flanigan Patrick, laborer, 6 Bevan 
Flannagan Andrew, mariner, 149 e Lombard 
Flannagan John, engineer, 4 Mott 
Flannagan Patrick, carter, 125 Albemarle 
Flannagan Thomas, carter, 125 Albemarle 
Flannary James, blacksmith, 19 Boulden al 

GE:0. S. PAGK 6i BRO., r.Iaitulfacturers of Roofs nud Roofiug Materials, 111 Smitli's 
■Wluxt. C. HART S.IHTH, Agent. 




Flannary John, cellar digger, 15 Mosher 
Flannery H. dressmaker, 85 Lexington 
Flannery Patrick, laborer, 372 Ostend 
Flannigain Andrew, 133 n Calvert 
Flannigain Andrew, jr., 133 n Calvert 
Flannigain Benjamin, 133 n Calvert 
Flannigain Theodore R. 133 n Calvert 
Flannigan Joseph, clerk, 30 n Front 
Flarity John, 9 Wyeth 
Flascher Nathan, second-hand dealer, 145 

Flather Edward, painter, 291 Forrest 
Flaurhaus John, box maker, 49 Marion 
Flaven Catharine, tavern, 47 s Frederick 
Flaxcomb Wm C. engineer, 8 n Schroeder 
Flayharty Joshua, police, 54 Harford av 
Fleck Joseph, boiler maker, 20 s Amity 
Fleckenstem Peter, laborer, 167 e Lombard 
Fleckenstine Jacob, cooper, 36 Thames 
Fleckenstine John, laborer, 201 Aliceanna 
Fiedderman J. H. tailor, 99 n Howard 
Fleehearty Hugh, watchman, 214 e Madison 
Fleeheart}'- John T. clerk, 214 e Madison 
Fleishell John A. moulder, 352 e Lombard 
Fleishell Mary Ann, 342 e Lombard 
Fleischer Emanuel, auction goods, 2 Hanover, 

dw 155 Barre 
Fleischer John, laborer, 204 e Pratt 
Fleischmann John, lager beer, 17 Dover 
Fleischman Geo shoemaker, 22 Douglass 
Fleischman Rgichel, 156 s Broadway 
Fleischman Moses, butcher, 18 Fell's Point 

market, and provision store and dwelling, 

155 s Bond 
Fleischman Moses, butcher, 218 Canton av 
Fleishman Philip, laborer, over 19 Cambridge 
Flemiger John, shoemaker, 40 s Bond 
Fleming Andrew, cake stand. Union Reading 

Rooms, 106 s Paca 
Fleming Geo. C. clerk, 519 w Fayette 
Fleming Dr. J. R. apothecary, n e cor Fay- 
ette and Poppleton 
Fleming Samuel B. plumber, 148 n Eutaw, dw 

137 w Madison 
Fleming Wm. S. druggist, n e cor Baltimore 

and Pearl, dw 519 w Fayette 
Flemm John, shoemaker, 60 York 
Flemming Amos, laborer, Liberty road near 

Pennsylvania av 
Flemming Catharine, cook, 40 Conway 
Flemming Emanuel, tailor, 81 Chatsworth 
Flemming F. A. bookkeeper, 1 e Lombard 
Flemming Henry (Oliver & F.) 40 Hillen 
Flemming Henry, laborer, Liberty road near 

Pennsylvania av 
Flemming James, shoemaker, 121 n Gay 
Flemming James R. 142 Lexington 
Flemming John, 59 s Frederick 
Flemming Doct. J. P. 122 n Green 
Flemming Patrick, tavern, 59 s Frederick 
Flemming William, tavern, 38 Centre Market 

Flemming Wm. F. 115 s Bond 
Flemming Wm. H. shoemaker, 90 Ensor 
Flemming Wm. tavern, 57 s Frederick 
Flemmings John, 65 Albemarle 
Flenning Michael, laborer, 42 Albemarle 
Flentze George, shoemaker, 61 Harrison 
Flentze Wm. shoemaker, 14 e Baltimore 
Flerty Martin, spar maker, 328 Eastern av 
Fletcher Henry C. clerk, 14}^ s Calvert 
Fletcher John, rope maker, 448 Light 
Fletcher John T. rope maker, 448 Light 

Fletcher Jeremiah H. tailor and clothier, 140 

w Pratt, dw 318 n Gay 
Fletcher Mary Ann, 110 s Caroline 
Fletcher Philip F. baker, 163 Penna av 
Fletcher Thos. B. Fulton near Pratt 
Fletcher Wm. G. gunsmith, 138 Cross 
Fleury Joseph, carver, 6i}.2 s Howard 
Flick Wm. N. cigar niaker,''92 Hollins 
Flicker Henry, tinner, 372 Saratoga 
Flicker Mrs. Minnie, tin store, 89 n Fremont 
Flicker Mrs. Margaret S. 372 Saratoga 
Flickerstein Lewis, soldier, 39 George 
Flinn David, stonemason, 86 Richmond 
Flinn Michael, engineer, 8 n Oregon 
Flinn Morris, laborer, 125 Dover 
Flinder Charles, 38 w Fayette 
Flinspach Ferdinand W. currier, 122 Light-st 

wharf, dw 77 e Fayette 
Flint Frederick, shoemaker, 297 n Eden 
Flint Sarah A. 136 Cathedral 
Flint Wm. bookkeeper, 136 Cathedral 
Flitch John, tinner, 117 e Pratt 
Flock Andrew, tavern, 253 s Bond 
Flodund Conrad, shoemaker, 25 St. James 
Flogga Wm. laborer, 18 Walsh 
Flood James, laborer, 82 Grindall 
Flood Mary Ann, 628 w Baltimore 
Florecke John, cedar cooper, 11 Somerset 
Floress John, tailor, 11 James al 
Floss Sarah, dry goods and millinery, 196 s 

Flouen James, mariner, 236 Light 
Flour Inspectors Office, n w cor German and 

Floyd Charles T. carpenter, 127 Garden 
Floyd Clement, ship carpenter, 40 Cross 
Floyd Douglas, blacksmith, 15 Pearl 
Floyd Eliza Ann, huckster, 60 Pearl 
Floyd Joseph, hatter, 227 Light 
Floyd Robert F. harness maker, 126 Hamburg 
Floyd Wm, J. coachmaker, 160 Division 
Fluery Julia A. seamstress, 620. w Baltimore 
Fluharty James, boots and shoes, 23 n Gay, 

dw 44 Granby 
Fluharty Thomas J. bookkeeper, 44 Granby 
Fluharty William R. bookkeeper, 348 w Fay- 
Flusher Henry, Garrison lane near Frederick 

Flusky John B. tavern, 41 w Lombard 
Flynn Bartholomew, laborer, rear 195 Mont- 
Flynn Catharine, 322 n Howard 
Flynn Ellen, grocery, 3 Elliott, Canton 
turers of machinery, coach lace, 55 Holiday 
Flynn Edw'd, mariner, 97 Cambridge, Canton 
Flynn Mrs. Ellen, 18 Sterrett 
Flynn Ehzabeth, 66 L. Monument 
Flynn James, plumber, 220 Vine 
Flynn James, waterman, 2 Eastern av 
Flynn James, laborer, 171 Greenmount av 
Flynn James, grocery, 51 Elliott 
Flynn James, (F., Emrich & Murrill,) 178 e 

Flynn John, laborer, 66 L. Monument 
Flynn John A. tinner, 190 Conway 
Flynn John, grocer, 103 French 
Flynn John, engineer, Eutaw house 
Flynn John, shoemaker, over 72 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Flynn John J. tailor, 160 Vine 
Flynn John, bookkeeper, 29 w Pratt 

WM. P. 'WEBB, Marine, Fire and Life Ins^iiiiice Agent and Brolter. Agent 
Benefit lilfe Insurance Co., Newarls, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 





Flynn Lawrence, boiler maker, 184 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Flynn Mary, seannstress, 97 Cambridge 
Flynn Matthew, laborer, 105 EUicott 
Flynn Michael, wellborer, 78 s Durham 
Flynn Morns, laborer, Dover near Paca 
Flynn Morris, carpenter, cor Chesnut st and 

Halfmoon al 
Flynn Patrick, grocery, 84 Holiday 
Flynn Wm. puddler, 52 Aiiceanna, Canton 
Foard Addison K. 175 Garden 
Foard Chas. D. conductor B. & O. R. R. 26 

Foard Joseph 0. (F. & Rogers,) 308 Madi- 
son av 
Foard Josiah, police, 134 n High 
Foard Mrs. K. 308 Madison av 
Foard & Rogers, shipping and commission 

merchants, 16 Bowly's whf 
Foard Wm. G. 308 Madison av 
Foble & Forman, ornamental plasterers and 
manuf. of plaster ornaments, cor Preston 
and Morris al 
Foble Henry, (F. & Forman,) 374 w Lom- 
Foble Henry, jr. tobacconist, 374 w Lombard 
Focht Andrew, rag dealer, 255 Aiiceanna 
Focht Henry, garbage carter, 316 s Howard 
Focke Capt. Charles W. 318 e Baltimore 
Focke Edward L. trimmings and furnishing 
goods, 252 w Baltimore, dw 333 w Lombard 
Foegel Francis, blacksmith, 385 s Charles 
Foegel Christian, 189 s Caroline 
Foehring Lewis, clothing cutter, 117 n Bond 
FOERTSCH JOHN, groceries and liquors, n 

w cor Elliott and Chesapeake, Canton 
Fogel Lanehart, tailor, 40 Maiden la 
Fogeler John, brickmaker, 410 West 
Fogerty John, laborer, Fort Covington 
Fogerty John, laborer, 72 Essex 
Fogerty Michael, laborer, Fort Covington 
Fogk Henry, weaver, 17 Jasper 
Fogle Henry H. clerk, 56 Essex 
Fogle Henry H. clerk. 111 Lexington 
Fogle John, stevedore, 228 s Ann 
Fogler John, cabinet maker, 37 Buren 
Fogt Henry, milk, 316 s Howard 
Fuke Caroline, laundress, 57 Gough 
Poland David, carpenter, 180 s Chapel 
Folensbee J. V. clerk Calverton Hotel, Cal- 

verton road 
Foley Ann, crockery dealer, 130 Forrest 
Foley Ann, 120 s Washington, F. P. 
Foley & Cook, wines and liquors, 144 Franklin 
Foley Dan'l J. (D. J. F. & Bro.) 72 St. Paul 
Foley Dennis, cabinetmaker, 92 Hillen 
FOLEY D. J. & BRO. wholesale grocers and 
commission merchants, and agents forHaz- 
zard's Powder Co. 50 South 
Foley Francis, clerk, s w cor Baltimore and 

Foley John, coachsmith, 33 Barnes 
Foley John, clerk, S47 e Pratt 
Foley Mrs. Maria, 271 e Baltimore 
Foley Mrs. Martha, 347 e Pratt 
Foley Matthew J. (D. J. F. & Bro.) 123 

Foley Matthew, 43 Mulberry 
Foley Michael, moulder, 6 Donnel near Clin- 
Foley Michael, (F. & Cook,) 144 Franklin 
Foley Patrick, drayman, 216 Chesnut 
Foley Peter, laborer, 196 Canton av 

Foley S. J. 546 Lexington 

FOLEY REV. THOMAS, 106 n Charles 

Foley Wm. F. clerk, 271 e Baltimore 
Folger Geo. porter, 94 Raborg 
Folger Martin, laborer, 7 Choptank 
Folk Conrad, tailor, 182 s Durham 
Folk Jacob, carpenter, 153 s Durham 
Folkes John, tailor, 14 Lancaster 
Folkes Mrs. Mary, 123 Conway 
Folkman Wm. shoemaker, 65 Portland 
Folks Geo. F. carpenter, over 15 n Sharp, dw 

122 Mullikin 
Folks John, carpenter, 185 n High 
Foil Henry, mariner, 212 s Wolfe 
Foil Nicholas, sawyer, 78 Grindall 
Follmutz Jacob, shoemaker, 21 n Dallas 
Folmer John, tavern, 93 Elliott 
Folminger John, shoemaker, 40 s bond 
Follner Charles, tailor, 54 n Eutaw 
Foln Virginia A. dress maker, 42 s Caroline 
Folp Henry, brickmaker, 51 Johnson 
Foltz & Ehlen, restaurant, 5 Lovelv la 
Foltz Geo. W. (F. & Ehlen,) 5 Lovely la 
Foltz Jacob 0. clerk, 47 Marion 
Foltz John, laborer, 145 s Exeter 
Foltz John, laborer, 272 s Bond 
Fonbach Wm. whip maker, 5 Spring ct 
Fonce George, brickmaker, 294 West 
Fonder Richard, painter, cor Gay and Harri- 
son, dw 115 n Caroline 
FONERDEN DR. JOHN, Mtedical Superin- 
tendent Maryland Hospital, dw Monument 
near Broadway 
Fones Richard, grain, 76 Washington, F. H. 
FONTAINE JOHN L. merchant tailor, 215 

w Pratt, dw Hfo s Calvert 
Fontz Jacob, butcher, 354 Ostend 
Fontz Jacob, mariner, 646 Light 
Foos Charles, fireman, 739 w Baltimore 
Foos Delia, nurse, 214 n Eden 
Foos Edward A. bricklayer, 143 s Bond 
Foos James, carpenter, 327 Ross 
Foos John C. tinner, 135 Peirce 
Foos John, bricklayer, 48 n Exeter 
Foos John, tailor, 135 Peirce 
Foos Thos. P. bricklayer, 327 e Monument 
Foos Wm. gunsmith, 12 Callender al 
Foos Wm. painter, 370 e Monument 
Foos Wm. A. bricklayer, 102 s Castle al 
Foose Henry, bricklayer, 41 Mullikin 
Foot Elizabeth, dress maker, 41 Stirling 
Foot John P. pilot, 187 Orleans 
Foote Philip, pedler, 75 Mullikin 
Foran James, butcher, 44 Belair and 78 Cen- 
tre markets, provision store 181 and 183 
Forbes Henry, clerk Commissary depart. 130 

w Fayette 
Forbes James II., Quartermaster's clerk, 130 

w Fayette 
Forbes JTames S. carpenter, s w cor Eutaw 

and Hoffman, dw 328 n Eutaw 
Forbes Rev. Mathias L. agent, 20 s Strieker 
Forbes Matilda, actress, 40 e Baltimore 
Forbes Wm. mariner, 356 e Fayette 
Ford Adam, teamster, 23 n Schroeder 
Ford Mrs. Anne E. 45 Pearl 
Ford Mrs Amelia H. 278 e Lombard 
Ford Andrew, laborer. Central av near Chase 
Ford Augustus, collector, 554 w Baltimore 
Ford Caroline, 186 w Hoffman 
Ford Columbus W. commission merchant, 32 
. Light, dw Grundy near McMechin 

J. HE.VUY OIESJB, Commission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
RoHeudale Cement and Calcined Piaster constauUy on hand, !81 Spear's "Wliaif. 




Ford Charles T. watchman, 286 Hanover 

Ford Prof. Daniel, at Loyola College 

Ford Edward C. sergeant police, 223 Orleans 

Ford Edwin, laborer, 58 William 

Ford Elizabeth, 470 Lexington 

Ford George, soldier, 481 Belairav 

Ford Geo. iVI. messenger custom house, cor 

Gilmor and Windsor Mill road 
FORD JOHN T. proprie'rHolliday-st Thea- 
tre, dw cor Gilmor and Liberty road 
Ford John, tailor, 16 Fish Market space 
Ford John, laborer, 31 King 
Ford John D. book store, 291 n Gay 
Ford John, porter, 400 Harford av 
Ford John, cigar maker, 356 e Eager 
Ford John, 280 e Monument 
Ford John R. cigar maker, 356 e Eager 
Ford John S. mariner, 99 Gough 
Ford Joseph Y. 289 Hollins 
Ford Josiah, police, 164 n Gay 
Ford Martin, mariner, 212 s (Chapel 
Ford Patrick, laborer, 50 O'Donnell 
Ford Samuel, laborer, 240 Hollins 
Ford Thomas, laborer, 5 Rose 
Ford Thos. C. clerk, 291 n Gay 
Ford Thos. C. clerk Ericsson steamboat line, 

3 Light-st wharf 
Ford Thomas, blacksmith, Mt. Royal hill 

near the reservoir 
Ford Thomas, mariner, 293 s Durham 
Ford Thos. J. wheelwright. Brown's hotel, 

119 n High 
Ford Wm. "R. blacksmith, 87 Hampstead 
Ford Wm. H. shoemaker, 194 George 
Ford Wm. H. merchant tailor, 31 n Howard, 

dw 427 w Fayette 
Fordenbacher Charles, box maker, 21 s Lib- 
Foreman Caroline, washerwoman, 100 Ham- 
Foreman Geo. W. machinist, 362 e Fayette 
Foreman Henry C. shoemaker, 97 n Spring 
Foreman J. Wesley, bricklayer, 167 n Caro- 
Foreman Joseph F. at stables City Passenger 

R. R., 141 Gough 
Foreman Philip J. carpenter, 109 Mullikin 
Forhan Rev. Patrick, prefect of schools, at 

Loyola College 
Fork John, shoemaker, 160 Dover 
Forman A. D. & Co. wood and coal, 513 w 

Forman A. D. (A. D. F. & Co.) 475 w Fay- 
Forman Henry C. (A. D. F. &Co.) Fayette 

near Carlton 
Forman Evan M. plasterer, 9 Holland 
Forman Henry C. (A, D. & H. C. F.) 541 

w Fayette 
Forman John, carpenter, 140 George 
Forman Joseph, shoemaker, 312 e Fayette 
Forman Joseph R. gatekeeper Greenmount 

Forman Joseph H. clerk, 475 w Fayette 
Forman Joshua, carpenter, Philadelphia road, 

near city limits 
Forman Leander, plasterer, 49 n Greene 
Forman Valentine, (Foble and F.) 413 Walsh 
Forney Geo. M. bookkeeper, 626 w Lombard 
FORNEY HENRY S. house furn'ing goods, 

13 n Howard, dw 165 Madison av 
Forney Isaac C. carriage trimmer, 169 n Fre- 

Forney Jacob, watchmaker, 455 w Fayette 
Forney Jackson, stone cutter, 186 e Madison 
Forney Jemima, 70 n Exeter 
Forney John H. laborer, 42 Ross 
Forney Wm. C. clerk, 4 n Strieker 
Forniker Mark, laborer, 26 Barnes 
Fornoff Geo. tailor, 24 Hampstead 
Fornoff P. laborer, 6 Essex 
Fornshil Charles, tinner, 115 s Castle al 
Forrest Alexander, laborer, 50 Raborg 
Forrest Dulany A. seaman U. S. N. 277 w 

Forrest Francis, blacksmith, 664 w Pratt 
Forrest Henry, carpenter, 307 e Madison 
Forrest James H. machinist, 3 Henrietta 
Forrest Joshua, porter, 108 w Baltimore 
Forrest John H. police, 40 Constitution 
Forrest Mrs. Julia, 100 s Castle al 
Forrest Leonard, blacksmith, 7 Henrietta 
Forrest Mrs. Mary, 50 Raborg 
Forrest Mary L. boarding, 98 e Baltimore 
Forrest Mrs. Mary T. 277 w Lombard 
Forrest Mathias, engineer, 100 s Castle al 
Forrest Samuel, grocer, 52 Orleans 
Forrest Thomas J. paper hanger and uphol- 
sterer, 48 s Broadway 
Forrestell Mrs. Bridget, nurse, 120 Scott 
Forrester Alexander, tavern, s w cor McEi- 

derry and Spring 
Forrester Allen E. justice of peace, 28 St. 

Paul, dw 192 Ross 
Forrester Benj. F. jr. clerk, 89 Chatsworth 
Forrester Benj. F. carpenter, 338 n Eutaw 
Forrester Charles T. carpenter, 338 n Eutaw 
Forrester George, carpenter, 189 Montgomery 
Forrester Geo. jr. ferryman, 189 Montgomery 
Forrester James, bricklayer, 47 Milliman 
Forrester James, blacksmith, 26 Albert al 
Forrester James, laborer, 147 Dolphin 
Forrester John G. carpenter, 220 e Monument 
Forrester John, engineer, 457 w Lombard 
FORRESTER JOHN F. & CO. country pro- 
duce, 135 Franklin, dw J. F. F. 129 Ross 
Forrester Julia A. grocery, 149i.< w Hoffman 
Forrester Patrick, laborer, 190 West 
Forrester Robert, porter, 79 Franklin 
Forrester Wm. tinner, 368 s Eutaw 
Forrester Wm. H. marble cutter, 120 e Mon- 
Forrester Wm. H. carpenter, 149}^ w Hoff- 
Forster Michael, shoemaker, 90 s Regester 
Forsterlind Francis, saddler, 25 e Baltimore 
Forstmann Charles, butcher, 366 Penna. av 
Forsyth Alexander, bricklayer, 5 Brune 
Forsyth Alexander W. laborer, 39 Tyson 
Forsyth Alexander, gardener, 78 Division 
Forsyth Alex. D. caulker, 215 Montgomery 
Forsyth Alex. M. plumber, 35 Holland 
Forsyth Mrs. Charlotte E. 137 e Lombard 
Forsyth David, carpenter, 138 Preston 
Forsyth David J. police, 114 Preston 
Forsyth Emanuel, tobacconist, 168 Penna. av 
Forsyth Franklin, baggage mast. B. & 0. B.. 

R. 216 Mulberry 
Forsyth Francis, clerk, 42 n Pine 
Forsyth Gerard, tobacconist, 5 Brune 
Forsyth James, drayman, 60 n Dallas 
Forsyth James J. cooper, 126 Hamburg 
Forsyth Jarrett M. tobacconist, 103 n Paca, 

dw 3 Brune 
Forsyth John A. wood, 215 Montgomery 
Forsyth Julia Ann, 5 Brune 

GEO. S. PAGB «Ss BRO., Mainiihcturers of Roofs nnd Roofing Blaterlals, 111 Smltb': 
Wharf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




Forsyth L. Edw. painter, 52 n Fremont 
Forsyth Marthan, 39 Tyson 
Forsyth Robt. T. boiler maker, 8 Williamson 
Forsyth Robert, gas fitter, 35 Holland 
Forsyth Thomas G. bricklayer, 41 Hoffman 
Forsyth Wm. H. wood, 220 Montgomery 
Forsyth William, horses, 82 Pierce 
Fort Leander A. carpenter, 123 w Biddle 
FORT McHENRY foot of Fort av 
Fort Peter, laborer, 177 s Eden 
Fortier Peter M. 39 n Gilmour 
Fortling Leonard, bricklayer, 343 Saratoga 
Fortling Mrs. Sarah, 271 Saratoga 
Forinian Adam, carpenter, 224 Dover 
Fortman Bernard, laborer, 106 West 
Fortman Mainard, cab. maker, 38 Leadenhall 
Fortmann Henry, waterman, 64 Light 
FORTNER NATHAN, engineer, Boston nr 

Fortner Thos. house carp. 354 Eastern av 
Fortney Rebecca, 231 William 
Fortune Mary M. boarding, 9 Barnet 
Fortune Thomas, lime burner, 79 n High 
Forwood William L. 231 n Eden 
Fosbenner Ann, 171 Hanover 
Foslenner Alexander, carpenter, J 71 Hanover 
Fosbenner Wm. G. bricklayer, 59ia Lee 
Fosler George, carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Fosler Jabe, carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Fosler Uriah, carpenter, 9 n Wolfe 
Fosner Catherine, seamstress, 4 Harmony la 
Fosner Henry, butcher, 4 Harmony la 
Foss Charles M. tin and sheet iron ware, 10 

n Eutaw, dw 243 Franklin 
Foss Jacob, laborer, 180 William 
Foss John N. butcher, 19 Fell's Point itiarket, 
dwbtw Lancaster andHudson,nr Robinson 
Foss Wm. M. cabinet furniture, 30 n How- 
ard, dw 28 
Fossett John, collector, 67 s Caroline 
Fostburg H. 44 Thames 
Foster Catherine, McHenry near Fulton 
Foster David B. plumber, 115 w Biddle 
Foster David C. printer, 10 n Caroline 
Foster Donaldson K. 180 Preston 
Foster Dorothea A. 26 Henrietta 
Foster Emily A. 189 e Pratt 
Foster Francis S. ship joiner, 174 Bank 
Foster Franklin W. engineer, 160 Hughes 
Foster Henry H. engineer, 174 Preston 
Foster Jacob, shoemaker, 50 Hampstead 
Foster Capt. James W. 23 Henrietta 
Foster John T. 218 w Pratt 
Foster John, shoemaker, 44 Thames 
Foster John, soldier, 148 Raborg 
Foster John, jr. soldier, 148 Raborg 
Foster J. Nelson, dep. provost marshal, 3d 
district, office 26 Holiday, dw 115 Aisquith 
Foster Joseph C. artist, 536 Lexington 
Foster Mrs. Mary, 97 s Poppleton 
Foster Mary E. tailoress, 41 L. Constitution 
Foster Misses Mary F. and Susan W., insti- 
tute for young ladies, 56 n Greene 
Foster Margaret, 125 n Front 
Foster Samuel, carter, 239 s Paca 
Foster Thomas Y. horses, 168 German 
Foster Wm. J. grocer, 36 Gough 
Foster Wm. T. in Mayor's office, 242 n Eden 
Foster Wm. T. commission agent, 70 Ex- 
change place, dw 232 n Eutaw 
Foster Wm. stage carpenter, 84 Harford av 
Foster Wm. shoemaker, 79 Chesnut al 
Foster Wm. J. iron finisher, 103 s Poppleton 

Foster Wm. S. bricklayer, 128 Pine 
Foudriat Pierre, scourer and fluter, 64 Lex- 
Foulds James H. boatbuilder, 53 s Eden 
Foulk Elizabeth, 140 e Madison 
Foulk Rev. John S. 130 Mulberry 
Foulk Wolfgang, tailor, 157 s Fremont 
Foulks Robert, machinist, 223 Conway 
Foulner Michael, laborer, 265 Aliceanna 
Fountain Edward C. mariner, 81 Gough 
Fountain George W. sailmaker, 262 Mulberry 
FOUNTAIN HOTEL, Wm. H. Clabaugh, 

propr. Light near Baltimore 
Fountain James A. J. 171 n Howard 
Fountain Mrs. Mary A. 25 Scott 
Fountain Marcy, jr. clerk, 15 Columbia 
Fountain Robt. conductor, 476 w Lombard 
Fountainbath George, butcher, Chester near 

Fourth Presbyterian Church, s w cor Fayette 

and Carey 
Fouse Henry D. tinner, 211 n Bond 
Foust John, shoes, 16 a Charles, dw 17 Bar- 
Fowble Abraham, (F. & Miller,) 259 w Fay- 
Fowble & Miller, carpenters, 18 Vine 
Fowble Wm. carpenter, 219 Fayette 
Fowble Wm. carpenter, 132 Pearl 
Fowl Nicholas, sawyer, 78 Grindall 
Fowler Mrs. Catherine, s e cor Baltimore and 

Fowler Captain, 141 n Eden 
Fowler Christian, laborer, 182 s Chapel 
Fowler D. (Ryan & F.; Maltby house 
Fowler & Dimond, lamps and oil, 610 w Bal- 
Fowler David, attorney, 31 Lexington, dw 

Balto. CO 
Fowler David Q. clerk Adams' exp. dw 665 

Fowler Edward H. clerk, 153 Hughes 
Fowler Evan M. officer at Penitentiary, dw 

147 e Monument 
Fowler Edwin C. city collector's office, 180 

FOWLER FRANCIS, wire worker, cor Fay- 
ette and Liberty, dw Calhoun near Lom- 
Fowler George, huckster, 233 Canton av 
Fowler Henry H. shoemaker, 140 Harford av 
Fowler Isaac, huckster, 350 n Gay 
Fowler James H. painter, 530 Saratoga 
Fowler Jeremiah, 112 Orleans 
Fowler Jeremiah J. P. carpenter, 112 Orleans 
Fowler Jeremiah, supervisor B. & 0. R. R. 

590 w Pratt 
Fowler John, huckster, 81 n Broadway 
Fowler John R. clerk, 134 s Paca 
Fowler John (Neimyer & F.) Gilmor near 

Fowler John P. bookkeeper, 180 w Baltimore 
Fowler John H. (F., Zeigler & Co.) Balti- 
more CO 
Fowler J. Thomas, laborer, 721 w Pratt 
Fowler Julia Ann, tailoress, 158 n Exeter 
Fowler M. J. (Ryan & F.) Maltby house 
Fowler Mrs. Margaret, 109 Ross 
Fowler Matilda, nurse, 222 e Lombard 
Fowler Olivia M. C. (F. & Dimond) 610 w 

Fowler Philip W., McCulloh near Madison la 
Fowler Robt. (F., Zeigler & Co.) Balto. co 

AVM. P. 1VEBB, Alarine, Fire and liife Insui-nnce Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit Life Insiirance Co., NewnrU, N. J.," 89 Second Street- 




Fowler Rezin, carpenter, 563 w Lombard 
Fowler Samuel L. (F. & Dimond) 610 w 

Fowler Samuel, huckster, 396 n Gay 
Fowler Samuel, carter, 211 n Eden 
Fowler Mrs. Sarah, 175 Lee 
Fowler Susan, tailoress, 158 n Exeter 
FOWLER THOMAS, grocer and hardware 

dealer, 175 and 177 e Baltimore 
Fowler Wm. wagon master, 485 w Pratt 
Fowler Wm. H. carpenter, 48 Holland 
Fowler Capt. Wm. H. 12 Gough 
Fowler Capt. Wm. C. mariner, Broadway nr 

Fowler Wm. W. hatter, 22 s Eutaw 
Fowler, Zeigler & Co., flour and general com. 

merchs. 91 and 93 s Charles 
Fowner James, butcher, 89 Lexington mkt., 

dw Butchers' row, Penna. av. extended 
Fox Andrew, porter, Columbia near Fremont 
Fox Charles, tobacconist, 302 w Baltimore 
Fox Mrs. Eulice C. 308 w Lombard 
Fox Mrs. Frances, 3 Pine 
Fox George, soldier, 76 Booth 
Fox Henry, car driver, Frederick av 
Fox Hiram E. tobacconist, 187 w Baltimore, 

dw 529 w Fayette 
Fox Jacob, milkman, 228 s Paca 
Fox James, grocery, 31 Douglas 
Fox Jesse, miller. Homestead, Baltimore co 
Fox John A. porter, 73 Eislein 
Fox John D. huckster, rear of Ramsey 
Fox John, sawyer, 21 Preston 
Fox John, shoemaker, 226 s Eutaw 
Fox John, laborer, 253 s Durham 
Fox John, laborer, 10 Comet 
Fox Lewis C. soldier, 76 Booth 
Fox Michael, laborer, 4 Swann 
Fox Meyer, butcher, 211 s Wolfe 
Fox Moses, butcher, 134 e Hampstead 
Fox Nicholas, furn. wagoner, 139 Franklin 
Fox Patrick, laborer, 13 Tyson al 
Fox Samuel, butcher, 266 s Bond 
Fox Stephen P. ladies' shoemaker, 510 w 

Baltimore, dw 479 
Fox Theodore B. teacher, 28 Hanover 
Fox Thomas, shoemaker, 207 Lee 
Fox Thomas, carter, 45 Park 
Fox Wm. gardener, 76 Booth 
Fox Wm. T. cutter, 126 w Baltimore 
Foxcroft Nicholas, grocery, 46 Chesnut 
Foxwell Charles L. bookkeeper Bank of Bal- 
timore, 169 n Calvert 
Foxwell Capt. George W. 48 Warner 
Foxwell Henrietta, tailoress, 70 s Caroline 
Foxwell John, ship carpenter, 181 Bank 
Foxwell Joseph, ship carp. 12 Binney, Can- 
Foxwell Margaret, tailoress, 222 e Lombard 
Foy Frederick, teacher, 904 w Baltimore 
FOY JAMES, gunsmith and hardware mer- 
chant, 64 s Calvert, dw 61 Hill 
Foy James H jr clerk, 76 Hill 
Foy John H. shoemaker, 116 MuUikin 
Foy Mary, 14 Gough 
Foy Mary, 57 s Chapel 

Fraas Fredk. shoemaker, Clinton n of Elliott 
Fraatz Louisa, grocery, 255 e Eager 
Fraebisch Philip, pedler, 302 e Monument 
Fraebisch Mrs. Rachel, seed, hand furniture, 

302 e Monument 
Fraelieh John, laborer, 654 Light 
Frailey Elzina M. 215 n Howard 

Frailey Francis, railroad contractor, 103 s 

Washington, F. P. 
Frailey Leonard, 173 w Fayette 
Fraley John, huckster, 87 s Regester 
Fralich Betier, tailor, rear of 300 Aliceanna. 
Framan Simon, clothier, 346 w Pratt 
Frame David, millwright, 171 Barre 
Frames Edw. carpenter, 284 Greenmount av 
Frames Geo. A. (J. P. F. & Bro.) n w cor 

Gay and Aisquith 
Frames Geo. A. (J. P. F.& Bro.) 282 Green- 
mount av 
FRAMES J. P. & BRO. apothecaries and 

druggists, 328 n Gay 
Frames James P. (James P. F. & Bro.) 270 

Greenmount av 
Frames John M. 270 Greenmount av 
France Andreas, tailor, 206 Stirling 
France John, mariner, 261 s Ann 
France John, 4 Parkin 
France John G. tailor, 11 L. Paca 
France Thos. agent Mount Olivet Cemetery 

Company, 382 w Fayette 
France Thos. A. chair maker, 209 Ross 
Francis Christopher, 67 Holland 
Francis Ferdinand, baker, 281 Eastern av 
Francis James, 168 Ensor, 
Francis Jesse M. carpenter, 67 Holland 
Francis John, paper carrier, 108 s Eden 
Francis John, jr. carpenter, 109 s Bond 
Francis Mary J. 253 s Broadway 
Francis Robt. brickmaker, 41 Aisquith 
Francis Robt. butcher, 461 e Baltimore 
Francis Thomas, jr. baker, 120 s Ann 
Francis Thomas H. clerk, cor Aisquith and 

Francis Thos. W. baker, Philadelphia road 

near city limits 
Francis Wm. J. commissary U. S. A. n w 

cor Washington and Baltimore 
Franciscowisch Ludwig, 94 s Sharp 
Franciscus Peter, tavern, 51 s Frederick 
Franck Benjamin, 208 n Eutaw 
Franck Charles, goldsmith, 41 Harrison 
Franck Geo. C. (Geo. C. F. & Son) 97 w 

Franck Geo. C. jr. 97 w Biddle 
Franck Geo. C. & Son, tobaccdnists, 97 w 

Franck Henry, grocer, 56 Clay 
Franck M. V. B. (Geo. C. F. & Son) 97 w 

Franck Wm. 97 w Biddle 
Franey Maris, 78 n Caroline 
Frank Aaron, (L. & A. F. & Co.) 94 e Bal- 
Frank Alexander, clerk, 96 e Baltimore 
Frank Capt. And. U. S. N., 304 e Baltimore 
Frank Ashur, 101 e Lombard 
Frank Charles, ice wagoner, 32 President 
Frank Charles, porter, 88 s Bethel 
Frank Christian L. grocery, 33, and lager 

beer, 31 Cross 
Frank Christian, piano maker, 431 Lexington 
Frank Christian, shoemaker, 250 s Eutaw 
Frank Chris. L. restaurant, 45 Brown 
Frank David, dry goods, 195 n Gay 
Frank Ernest, lager beer, n e cor Townsend 

and Gilmor 
Frank Ernestine, 154 East 
Frank Frederick, sutler, 251 Rollins al 
Frank George, potter, 105 Eastern av 
Frank George, 241 w Fayette 

J. HHlVIiY GIESE, CommlBsion Mercliant, for the sale ot Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseiidale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantljr on hand, ^1 Spear's Wliarf. 




Frank Geo. M. junk dealer, 51 Thames 
Frank Gotleib, cigar maker, 420 Hanover 
Frank Henry, boots and shoes, 193 n Gay 
Frank Henry, pedler, 159 n Eden 
Frank Henry, baker, 259 e Lombard 
Frank Henry C. box maker, 30 s Regester 
Frank Henry, drayman, 20 Harmony la 
Frank Henry, 82 Cambridge 
Frank Henry, tailor, 55 Fawn 
Frank Jacob, fancy goods and grocery, 178 

Eastern av 
Frank Jacob, second-hand dealer, 59 s Bond 
Frank Jacob, baker, 248 Hanover 
Frank John, merchant. Hand tavern 
Frank John, cabinetmaker, 120 s Central av 
Frank John, laborer, 205 s Washington, F.P. 
Frank John, laborer, 16 Fountain 
Frank John P. cooper, 26 n Dallas 
Frank John, shoemaker, 88 n Schroeder 
Frank John A. second-hand clothier, 35 Bid- 
die al 
Frank John A. engineer U. S. N. 304 e Bal- 
Frank John, cigar maker, 240 Henrietta 
Frank John G, piano maker, 28 Hamburg 
Frank John H. barber, 90 Eastern av 
Frank John G. baker, 163 William 
Frank John, dry goods, 352 Light 
Frank John, laborer, 147 Johnson 
Frank Capt. John T. 45 s Ann 
Frank Joseph, shoemaker, 124 s Durham 
Frank Joseph, laborer, 271 L. Hughes 
Frank Kaufman, clothier, 243 s Broadway 
Frank Luther R., U. S. N. 304 e Baltimore 
Frank Leon, (L. & A. F. & Co.)124 e Balti- 
Frank L. & A. & Co. dealers in ready-made 

clothing, 287 w Baltimore 
Frank Leopold, laborer, 21 St. James 
Frank Lewis, grocer, 67 n Eden 
Frank Mary, 738 w Baltimore 
Frank Michael, porter, 149 L. Greene 
Frank Capt. Milton B. 32 s Ann 
Frank Moses, junk, 145 s Bond 
Frank Nathan, brass and iron, 105 Orleans 
Frank N. tailor, 110 w Pratt, dw 123 e Lom- 
Frank Oscar T. 45 s Ann 
Frank Philip, laborer, 212 Vine 
Frank Samuel, butcher, 42 Fell's Point mar- 
ket, dw Aliceannanear Broadway 
Frank Samuel, bookkeeper, 94 e Baltimore 
Frank Sarah, 57 n Eden 
Frank Simon, (S. F. & Co.) 96 p Baltimore 
Frank Simon, butcher, 202 Aliceanna 
Frank Simon & Co. importers and jobbers of 

dry goods, s e cor German and Hanover 
Frank Solomon, boots and shoes, 157 Lexing- 
ton, dw 193 n Gay 
Frank Wm. baker, 185 Bank 
Frank Wm. baker, 160 s Broadway 
Frank Wm. W. clerk, 32 Albemarle 
Frank Wilhelm, grocer, 106 Gough 
Franke Carl, jeweler, 45 Harrison 
Franke Frederick Wm. groceries and liquors, 

186 e Lombard 
Franke John C. cab. maker, 120 n Central av 
Frankel & Brother, merchant tailors, n e cor 

Centre Market Space and Pratt 
Frankel L. (F. & Bro.) 70 e Lombard 
Frankel Philip, (F. & Bro.) 70 e Lombard 
Frankenstein Samuel, butcher, 47 Fell's Point 
market, dw 933 w Pratt 

Franklin B. bookkeeper, 71 n Eden 
Franklin Buildings, east side North, near Bal- 
Franklin Mrs. Catherine, Henry near Hughes 
Franklin David G. paper box maker, 21 Har- 
H. P. C. Wilson, agent 
Franklin Geo. paper box maker, 21 Harrison 
Franklin Hall, Eastern av near Bond 
Franklin Henry, pedler, 146 e Fayette 
Franklin Henry, jeweler, 537 w Lombard 
Franklin House, n w cor Howard and Frank- 
Franklin Isaac, clothier, 95 and 99 Conway 
Franklin Inn, 50 Hillen 
Franklin John, carpenter, 24 s Paca 
Franklin Joshua, millwright, 257 Mulberry 
Franklin Joshua D. cigar maker, 275 w Pratt 
Franklin Lewis A. shipping and comnii-ssion 

merchant, over 59 s Gay 
Franklin Margaret, milliner, 73 Lexington 
Franklin Rebecca, 215 s Ann 
Franklin Samuel D. bricklayer, 273 e Lombard 
Franklin Street Meth. E. Church, cor Franklin 

and Poppleton 
Franklin Street Presbyterian Church, corner 

Franklin and Cathedral 
Franklin Square Baptist Church, Calhoun, bet 

Lexington and Saratoga 
Franklin Wm. gilder, 24 s Paca 
Frantz Charles, tailor, 35 Hampstead 
Frantz John, tailor, 70 Somerset 
Frantz Lewis, laborer, 188 William 
Frantz Peter, second hand dealer, 206 s Bond 
Frantz Michael, cooper, 168 s Ann 
Franz Charles, shoemaker, 267 Aisquith 
Franz Ferdinand, baker, 35 s Regester 
Franz Henry, apothecary, 199 Frederick av 
Franz John, ironworker, 332 e Lombard 
Franz J. tavern, 36 Fell 
Eraser David, engineer U. S. N. 211 Barre 
Fraser F. S. manner, 254 s Ann 
Eraser Fredk. laborer, rear of 300 Aliceani a 
Fraske Charles, colporter Tract Society, 149 

Frater Richard, clerk Adams Express, 117 n 

Fraund John, locksmith, 40 Pearl 
Fraunt John, charcoal burner, 6 Trinity 
Frautman Adolph, findings, 467 Baltimore 
Fraty Andrew', mariner, 2 Pleasant al 
Fray Samuel, brakesman, 366 Canton av 
Fray Wm. machinist, 177 Canton av 
Frayley John, 119 Chesapeake 
Frazer Anthony, clerk, 72 Columbia 
Frazer David R. student, 72 Columbia 
Frazer Geo. P. 190 Preston 
Frazer Walter, 58 Fawn 
Frazer Wm. R. clerk, 72 Columbia 
Frazier Mrs. Ann, confectionery, 22 Green- 
mount av 
Frazier Mrs. Catherine A. 119 s Bond 
Frazier Charles H. police, 70 Bank 
Frazier Chas. W. car driver, 330 Eastern av 
Frazier Edward H. nut and washer manufac- 
turer, 134 Thames, dw 332 e Baltimore 
Frazier Edward E. 25 s Caroline 
Frazier Elihu, police, 128 s Carey 
Frazier Fanny, teacher, 114 Hanover 
Frazier George, ship carp. 409 e Fayette 

GKO. S. page: & BRO., ManufRcturcrs of Roof>i nnd Roofing Materials, 111 Smltln's 
WTiarf. C. HART SSHTH, Agent. 




Frazier Capt. James, president of Fell's Point 

Savings Bank, 346 e Baltimore 
Frazier Jas. F. carpenter, 3 Raborg 
Frazier John, engineer U. S. N., 47 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Frazier John A. teamster, 702 w Pratt 
Frazier John, baker, 301 Franklin 
Frazier Capt. John L. mariner, 89 n Eden 
FRAZIER JOHN M. attorney, 74 Courtland 
Frazier Jos. B. turner, n w corner Bond and 

Aliceanna, dw 108 n Bond 
Frazier Julia Ann, tailoress, 27 Brune 
Frazier Mary, 31)^ s Bethel 
Frazier Rebecca, teacher, 114 Hanover 
Frazier Wra. H. salesman, 92 e Madison 
Frazier Wm. A. blacksmith, 63 York 
Frazier Wm. hatter, 92 e Madison 
Freaner John E. salesman, 6 n Charles 
Freatz Joseph, barber, 28 s Bond 
Freburger Edward, bricklayer, 7 Sterrett 
Freburger James M. bricklayer, 7 Sterrett 
Freeh John N. 202 Mulberry 
Freck Adam, tailor, cor Hampstead and Bond 
Freck Frederick, baker, 167 e Fayette 
Frecker Henry, tailor, 322 Canton av 
Freckman Joseph, Eutaw hall, 68 s Eutaw 
Frede Anton, shoemaker, 58 Mulberry 
Fredel George, barber, 187 s Sharp 
Fredel Margaret, lamps, &c., 187 s Sharp 
Fredenburg Mary, seamstress, 510 Penna av 
Frederick Alexander, shoemaker, Jefferson nr 

Frederick Alphonse J. clerk, 60 Mulberry 
Frederick Charles, mariner, 267 s Wolfe 
Frederick Charles, tinner, 26 Preston 
Frederick Christian, tailor, 13 n Gay, dw 26 
Frederick Christopher, tailor, 145 n Central av 
Frederick Mrs. Elizabeth, 435 Lexington 
Frederick Ernest, barber, 116 s Ann 
Frederick Frederick, shoemr. 178 s Central av 
Frederick Frederick, tailor, 13 Holiday 
Frederick George, hostler, 34 Union 
Frederick Geo. N. butcher, 84 Centre and 40 

Belair markets, dw Baltimore Co, 
Frederick George, architect, 60 Mulberry 
Frederick Henry, clerk, 69 Walsh 
Frederick Henry, baker, 259 e Lombard 
Frederick Henry, baker, 8 s Ann 
Frederick Jacob, ice dealer, 206 Madison av., 

dw Baltimore Co. 
Frederick John, blacksmith, cor Canton av 
and Choptank, dw Canton av nr Choptank 
Frederick John, 381 w Pratt 
Frederick John, butcher, 51 Belair market, dw 

Harford av near city limits 
Frederick John M. clerk, 60 Mulberry 
Frederick John L. cedar cooper, 181 n Paca 
Frederick John, laborer, 200 Montgomery 
Frederick Lawrence, cedar cooper, 110 Frank- 
lin, dw 181 n Paca 
Frederick Lainhart, (F. & Reisenwaber,) 280 

n Gay 
Frederick Lloyd, carpenter, 195 Fremont 
Frederick Mrs. Mary, 381 w Pratt 
Frederick Michael, locksmith, 65 Park 
Frederick & Reisenwaber, woodenware deal- 
ers, 280 n Gay 
Frederick Michael, cabinet maker, 206 s Ann 
Frederick Peter, cabinet maker, 14 Harford av 
Frederick Richard PI. carpenter, 301 Franklin 
Frederick Mrs. Sarah, 106 Chew 
Frederick Thos. machinist, 96 s Carey 
Frederick Wm. clerk, 100 Barre 

Frederick Wm.. shoemaker, Jefferson near 

Frederick Wm. C. cooper, 33 Mosher 
Fredericks C. H. carpet weaver, 68 Orleans 
Fredericks Harman, soldier, 97 Stirling 
Free John, cooper, cor Eutaw and Montgom- 
ery, dw 241 Conway 
Free Mrs. Mary, 241 Conway 
Free Milton A. G. plumber, 641 Conway 
Free Wm. shoemaker, 195 Preston 
Freeberger Julia, grocery, 50 Low 
Freeburger Alex, caulker, Johnson near West 
Freeburger Andrew J. machinist, 294 s Sharp 
Freeburger Andrew, fish dealer, 62 Ramsay 
Freeburger Benj. machinist, 533 w Lombard 
Freeburger Eliza, 168 G. Hughes 
Freeburger Jacob H. huckster, 203 Conway 
Freeburger James H. bricklayer, 477 Saratoga 
Freeburger Joseph, horse dealer, 32 s Paca 
Freeburger Lewis, second-hand clothier, 31 

Freeburger Peter, bricklayer, 59 Clifton al 
Freeburger Sarah, 62 s Charles 
Freeburger Wm. R. millwright, 168G. Hughes 
Freeburger Wm. carpenter, 113 Plum 
Freeburger Wm. J. tinner, 19 Union 
Freeburger Wolf, tavern, 32 s Paca 
Freeland Albert, clerk, 2 McCulloh 
Freeland Mr.i. Ann, 251 w Hoffman 
Freeland Edward H. bookkeeper, 61 St. Paul 
FREELAND, HALL & CO. grocers and 

commission merchants, 143 w Pratt 
Freeland John, 284 Hollins 
Freeland Robert, (Thos. I. Hall & Co.) n w" 

cor St. Paul and Pleasant 
Freeland Thomas H. (F., Hall & Co.) 2 

Freeman Mrs. Ann, 460 w Baltimore 
Freeman Benj. 57 Aliceanna 
Freeman Caroline, seamstress, 111 s Bond 
Freeman Charlotte E. 93 s Broadway 
Freeman Christian, second-hand furniture, 

507 w Baltimore 
Freeman Edward D. bookkeeper, 628 w Fay- 
Freeman Ira, 140 Division 
Freeman James, laborer, 7 Watson ct 
Freeman James, carpenter, 507 w Baltimore 
Freeman John, clerk, 260 Saratoga 
Freeman John T. shoemaker, 174 McHenry 
Freeman John, clerk, 279 w Pratt 
Freeman Levin, carpenter, 185 n High 
Freeman Mrs. Mary Ann, 450 w Baltimore 
Freeman Moses, 169 Eastern av 
Freeman Samuel B. tobacconist, 188 Madi- 
son av 
Freeman Dr. Sylvanus, 325 e Pratt 
Freeman Wm. T. block and pump maker, 

cor Caroline and Thames, dw 70 s Eden 
Freer Anton, cooper, 45 James al 
Freese Julia, 8 Barnes 
Freeze Michael, laborer, 16Armistead la 
Fregman Conrad, piano maker, 105 Franklin 
Frei Albert, 112 e Fayette 
Frei Joseph, puddler, 9 Port 
Freick Charles, 264 Eastern av 
Freidel George, laborer, 86 s Wolfe 
Freidenheim Benj. pedler, 78 n Eden 
Freidenreich Abraham, (Springer & F.) 68 n 

Freidenreich Abraham, 135 Saratoga 
Freidenreich Aaron, sr. 22 Albermarle 
Freidenreich Faust, 139 Saratoga 

Wm. p. ^;VEIJ3, r.iai-ine, l-^.i-e nnd Life Insnrnnce Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit lille Insurance Co.,.NeTvar]£, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Freidenreich Leon, shirts and collars, over 

332 w Baltimore, dw 22 Albermarle 
Fredewald George, carter, cor Potomac and 

Freidline Robert, upholsterer, 63 Ensor 
Freidman Abraham, shoes, 60 Centre Market 

space, dw 5 w Lombard 
Freiss J. A. 94 Thames 
Preise Mrs. Etha, 153 Burgundy al 
Freidenstein Fred'k, machinist, 4 Plowman 
Freisheim Chas. watchmaker, 153 w Madison 
Freitag John L. cigar maker, 656 Light 
Freitag Louis, cigar store, 656 Light 
Freiteh Joseph, barber, 28 s Bond 
French Andrew J. police, 108 n Eden 
French Charles, tailor, 63 n Exeter 
French Charles D. carpenter, 636 w Baltimore 
French Charles, coal oil, 90 s Bond 
French Conrad, ferryman, 94 Albermarle 
French Cornelius, huckster, 166 L. Green 
French Dominic, painter, 70 Chew 
French Capt. Darius, 18 Jackson 
French Capt. E. W., U. S. A. 31 s Eden 
French E. E. umbrella factory, 6 e Baltimore 
French Capt. E. W. assistant provost Mar- 
shal, Howard House 
French George, 593 Pennsylvania av 
French Geo. W. plasterer, 317 e Monument 
French Jasper, laborer, 13 s Register 
French John, laborer, 169 s Chapel 
French Joseph J. brass finisher, 241 n Eden 
French Martin Van B. butcher, 62 Belair 

market, dw 41 Valley 
French Richard, boot fitter, 12 Anthony's ct 
French Wm. engineer, 91 Mount 
French Wm. clerk, Chase near Bond 
Frenie Charles, bakery, 450 Saratoga 
Frenie George, brewer, 146 Pennsylvania av 
Freise Dr. Bernard, 220 Aliceanna 
Frese John F. to bacconist, 53 Aisquith 
Frese J. Henry ,shoemaker, 32 e Fayette 
Fresh Julia Ann, Brown al near Low 
Frenzky Paul, piano maker, 130 Henrietta 
FreshourWm. H. clerk, 438 w Fayette 
Fresius Adolph. clerk, 105 Hanover 
Fresmon Joseph, grocer, 129 Hill 
Fretwell Geo. M. milk dealer, 417 w Pratt 
Fretz John, milkman, Chester n of Madison 
Freund Henry J. shoemaker, ^ n Schroeder 
Freund John, painter, 40 Albemarle 
Freund Mary, 40 Albermarle 
Freundel John, 223 s Charles 
Frew James, police, 183 n Exeter 
Frew John, hostler, 184 Dover 
Frey Charles, teacher, 20 n Liberty 
Frey Charles, baker, 303 n Entaw 
Frey Charles G. baker, 14 Preston 
FreyC. S. (Cole & F.) 9 Greenmount av 
FREY E. & S. wholesale druggists, 314 w 

Frey George H. laborer, 170 Canton av 
Prey George W. engineer, 154 Hollins 
Frey George, hair dresser, 79 Mulberry 
Frey Gotleib, milk, 221 s Eutaw 
Frey J. & J. manufacturers of husk mat- 
tresses, 7 Greenmount av and 11 n Gay 
Frey Jacob, carpenter, 222 s Paca 
Frey James H. (E. & S. F.) 75 n Paca 
Frey James L. (J. & J. F.) 9 Greenmount av 
Frey Jacob, tailor, 11 Spring ct 
Frey John J. (J. & J. F.) 182 e Monument 
Frey John, porter, 4 Barnes 
Prey John, shoemaker, 108 Stirling 

Frey John B. plaster and husks, 11 Green 

mount av 
Frey Peter, cabinet maker, 91 Eastern av 
Frey Samuel W. (E. & S. F.) 75 n Paca 
Freyby Ferdinand, butcher, 68 Hanover Mar- 
ket, dw Penna. av near tollgate 
Frick Ambrose, butcher, 344 Canton av 
FRICK & BALL, commission merchants, 

tobacco &c. 57 Exchange place 
Frick Mrs. Charles, 103 Park 
Frick E. A. & Co. flour and produce commis- 
sion merchants, 165 North 
Frick E. A. (E. A. F. & Co.) 239 n Howard 
Frick Frank, (F. & Ball,) 111 w Monument 
Frick George P. dry goods, 2 German, dw 

n w cor Grundy and Mosher 
FRICK WILLIAM F. attorney, over 82 w 

Fayette, dw 61 Franklin 
Fricke Frederick, 30 Edward 
Fricker John, carver and gilder, 74 Harford av 
Friday Henry, laborer, Light extended 
Friday Wm. tailor, 199 s Chapel 
Fried Conrad, laborer, 369 Canton av 
Fried Henry, clothier, 88 Harrison 
Fried Lewis, shoemaker, 6 and 30 Centre 

Market space, dw 6 
Friedburger Henry, clerk, 201 Conway 
Friedel Frederick, shoemaker, 21 Hampstead 
Friedel Jnhn C. shoemaker, 73 n Gay 
Friedel Peter, tobacconist, 84 Pearl 
Friedenberg George, wheelwright, 510 Penna. 

Friedenwald Dr. Aaron, 65 e Fayette 
Friedenwald Jonas, clerk, 111 e Baltimore 
Friedenwald Joseph, (Wiesenfeld & Co.) 16 

Friederich John, watchmaker, 182 e Baltimore 
Friederich John, cabinet maker, 206 s Ann 
Friederich Lewis, cigar maker, 17 Conway 
Friedhoffer Dr. John G. 79 n Central av 
Friedlein Robert, upholsterer, 1 Saratoga 
Friedman Frederick, watch materials and 

jewelry, 63 w Second 
Friedman Henry, laborer, 180 s Caroline 
Friedman Samuel, shoes, 3 and 5 w Second 
Friedmann Moses, 169 Eastern av 
Friedmann Menka, clothier, 241 w Pratt 
Priedrich Christian, carpenter, 59 n Frederick 
Friedrich John M. salesman, 60 Mulberry 
Friedrich Peter, stoves, 275 Aliceanna 
Friend Alfred, (Friend, Ricketts & Co.) 42 

Friend Alfred, jr., salesman, 42 Mulberry 
Friend Conrad, iron worker, 360 Canton av 
Friend Richard, 42 Mulberry, 
Friend, Ricketts & Co. wholesale dealers in 

foreign fruits, 79 Smith's wharf 
Friends' Meeting House, (Eastern district,) 

n e cor Aisquith and Fayette 
Friends' Meeting House, (Western district,) 

Lombard e of Eutaw 
Friends' Meeting House, (Orthodox,) cor 

Courtland and Saratoga 
Friends' Meeting House, corner Aisquith and 

Fries Francis L. tailor, 1 St. Paul, dw 22 n 

Friese Charles, currier, 213 Canton av 
Friese George D. 20 s Eutaw 
Friese Jacob, soldier, 137 Peirce 
FRIESE JOHN, cutlery, surgical and dental 

instrument maker, 142 w Fayette, dw 34 


J. H£\RY GmSE, Conuttiaston merchant, for the «ale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, <Scc> 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster conatautly on hand, $31 Spear's IVharf. 




Friese Philip C. attorney, 14)^ Mansion 

House, Fayette, dw 294 n Howard 
Frietigman Bernard, laborer, 158 Chesnut 
Fringer George, soldier, 574 Penna. av 
Fringer Martha, teacher, 574 Penna. av 
Fringer Nicholas, butcher, 574 Penna. av 
Frisbie Catharine, 122 Gough 
Frisbie Wm. mariner, 172 s Broadway 
Frisby Andrew, wagoner, 442 n Gay 
Frisby Ferdinand, butcher, above tollgate 

Reisterstown road 
Frisch John W. wagoner, 46 Greenmount av 
Frisch Christian, vinegar depot, 141 n High 
Frischholz John, laborer, 20 Knox al 
Frischman George, carpenter, 88 s Castle al 
Frish John, porter, 116 n Fremont 
Friske Wm. grocery, n e cor Bond and Barnes 
Frist James, coachmaker, 260 n Central av 
Frist John, coachmaker, Marion near Eutaw, 
Fritch Bernard, provisions, s w cor Wolfe and 

Canton av 
Fritch Frank, laborer, 107 Lancaster 
Fritschner Charles H. tailor, 273 s Charles 
Fritts Wm. bricklayer, 222 e Pratt 
Fritz Andrew, laborer, 149 Johnson 
Fritz Catharine, 99 Penna av 
Fritz Conrad, glass blower, 76 Leadenhall 
Fritz Frederick, machinist, 112 Low 
Fritz Henry, lager beer saloon, Belair av near 

Baltimore Cemetery 
Fritz Harriet, confectionery, 266 Aisquith 
Fritz .lohn, cabinet maker, 10 Lancaster 
Fritz John, laborer, 8 Shakspeare 
Fritz John, glass blower, Stockholm w of 

Fritz Lawrence, cabinet maker, 290 s Sharp 
Fritz Sophia, laundress, 494 Penna. av 
Fritz Valentine, cooper, 163 Columbia 
Fritze Michael, blacksmith, Harford av near 

Gorsuch av, dw Washington, Homestead 
Fritzegeis George, cabinet maker, 137 s Spring 
Fritziges Frederick, laborer, 24 s Regester 
Frizell Robert J. stone cutter, 118 Hoffman 
Frizzell Mrs. Agnes, 118 Hoffman 
Frizzell Elizabeth, dressmaker, 551 w Bal- 
Frizzell Nimrod, milk, 543 Saratoga 
Frizzell Rebecca, groceries and feed, 554 w 

Frizzell Richard T. tobacconist, 382 Franklin 
Frobesser Henry, laborer, 246 Columbia 
Frobisch Gotleib, stocking weaver, 155 Stirling 
Frock Benjamin, soldier, 36 Burke 
Froehlich Geo. cabinet maker, 339 Canton av 
Froeschlein Andrew, 18 Tyson 
Fro mm Augusta, grocery, 867 w Pratt 
Fromme Fred. W. lithographer, 96 e Lombard 
Fronck George, laborer, 199 s Castle al 
Front Street Theatre, cor Front and Low 
Frosch Jacob, laborer, 64 Albemarle 
Frost Byron, police, 3 e Chase 
Frost Henry, Union Hat Co., n w cor Gay 

and High 
Frost John W. painter, 279 Hanover 
Frost Thomas, blacksmith, 3 Chase 
Frost Thomas S. pedler, 3 Chase 
Frost Wm. prop'r High street hotel, 4 s High 
Fruckman Wm. teacher, 308 Light 
Frush Ferdinand, 46 s Caroline 
Frush Jacob, laborer, 46 s Caroline 
Frush Leonard, huckster, 74 s Bethel 
Frush Luther M. flour and feed, 576 Penna. 

av., dw292 Madison av 

Frush & Snyder, flour and feed dealers, 95 

Frush Wm. W. (F. & Snyder,) 348 n Eutaw 
Frush Wm. W. grocer and produce dealer, 

576 Penna. av., dw 292 Madison 
Frush Wm. 292 Madison av 
FRY GAUNTLET, shipping agent, office 

103 Thames, dw 64 s Bond 
Fry Capt. John H. mariner, 136 s Broadway 
Fry John, mariner, 136 s Broadway 
Fry Joshua, shoemaker, 83 North 
Fry Wm. carpenter, 224 e Fayette 
Fryar Charles, tailor, 195 Vine 
Frye Joseph, bonnet com. merchant, over 19 

s Charles, dw 638 Lexington 
Fryer Andrew, shoemaker, 67 Bethel 
Ffyer Conrad, laborer, 199 Vine 
Fryer Henry, bootfitter, 3 Baker ct 
Fryer Henry, 168 s Regester 
Fryer James, looking glass and picture frame 

manufacturer, 206 w Baltimore, dw 25 s 

Fryer Patrick, shoemaker, 140 Mullikin 
Fryer Peter, huckster, 6 Carlton 
Fryer Thomas, grocer, n w cor Fayette and 

Fuchs Aloes, tailor, 242 e Ea^er 
Fuchs Moses, butcher, 55 Fells Point mar- 
ket, dw Hampstead near Baltimore 
Fuchs N. 287 s Durham 
Fuchs Henry, shoemaker, 387 w Pratt 
Fuchs John, tailor, 60 Bank 
Fuchsluger Jacob, tailor, 32 S. Durham 
Fugate Anne, seamstress, 148 n Exeter 
Fugitt George T. painter, 108 Jefferson 
Fugitt Rev. James P. 119 n Gay 
Fuhr Michael, tailor, 127 w Lombard 
FUELLING JOHN, restaurant, 54 s 

Fuld Abraham, rag dealer, 8 Orleans 
Fuld A. 163 n Gay 
Fuld Ephraim, pedler, 218 Canton av 
Fuld Isaac, tobacconist, 34 Ensor 
Fuld John, shoemaker, 80 w Pratt, dw 62 

Centre Market Space 
Fulda Bernard F. dry goods, 64 s Ann 
Fulda Franklin, shoemaker, 249 Light 
Fulford John R. clerk, 12 e Lombard 
Fulhold John, shoemaker, 346 Canton av 
Fulk Jacob, helper, 128 s Regester 
Fulkmouth Casper, carter, 232 s Dallas 
Full Michael, butcher, 11 Albert al 
FuUam Francis, laborer, 45 s Schreeder 
Fullam Joseph, finisher, 45 s Schroeder 
Fullbauer Chas. laborer, 47 Lancaster 
Fullencamp John H. grocery, 573 w Lombard 
Fuller Andrew, tailor, 57 Centre Market space 
Fuller Elizabeth, variety store, 157 n Gay 
Fuller Henry, tailor, 57 Centre Market space 
Fuller H. Joseph, machinist, 119 n Bond 
FULLER JAMES, head miller Monument 

Mills, North near Madison, dw 73 Grundy 
Fuller Mrs. Jane, 73 Grundy 
Fuller John M. clerk, 97 Eastern av 
Fuller John B. plumber, 271 e Lombard 
Fuller Capt. Josiah R. 130 s Broadway 
Fuller Joseph, porter, 204 German 
Fuller Joseph, salesman, 206 German 
Fuller Joshua K. 17 Grundy 
Fuller Philip, blacksmith, 28 e Lombard 
Fuller Philip, wheelwright and blacksmith, 10 

and 12 East Falls av, dw 107 s Exeter 
FULLER Rev. Dr. RICHARD, 97 Park 

GEO. S. PAGia & BRO., J>Iaixufacture£-s of Roofs nnd Roofing materials. 111 Smitli's 
Wbarf. C. HART S9IITH, Afcent. 




PULLER WILLIAM, (successor to 
Frank H. Millar,) dealer in Tin 
Plate, Sheet Iron, Wire, &c. Con- 
stantly on hand— Block Tin in 
Pigs and Bars, Pig and Bar Lead, 
Spelter, Stamped Tin Ware, Hoop 
Iron, Round Iron, Sheet Zinc, 
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Sheathing 
Copper, Block Tin Pipe, Kettle 
Ears, Tinned and Black Rivets, 
Copper Bottoms, Brass Kettles, 
Wrought Iron Bake Pans, Stove 
Trimmings, Tinman's Tools, Ma- 
chines, &c., 29 Light, dw 219 

FuUerow John, shoemaker, 344 Canton av 
Fullerton Belle, 265 n Howard 
Fullerton George, clerk, 265 n Howard 
Fullerton Susannah, 265 n Howard 
Fullerton Thomas D. clerk, 614 w Fayette 
Fullerton Wm. J. clerk, 265 n Howard 
Fullmore Lewis, baker, 297 n Central av 
Fulmer Thomas, confec'r, 263 e Lombard 
Fulton Albert K. clerk, 21 n Calhoun 
Fulton Alexander, telegraph agent, 552 w 

Fulton Chas. C. (Dobbin & F.) 21 n Calhoun 
Fulton Davtd C. (Carlin & F.) 4 Hano- 
Fulton Edward, clerk fire dept. 105 Gough 
Fulton Edrington, editor Baltimore American, 

37 Fawn 
Fulton Henry, machinist, 25 n Oregon 
Fulton James, (Brooks, F. & Co.) 346 w 

Fulton James, tobacconist, 102 Ross, dw s e 

cor Greene and Saratoga 
Fulton John W. blacksmith, 219 w Biddle, 

dw 221 
Fulton James, cigar maker, 49 n Greene 
Fulton John B. H. 176 Preston 
Fulton Dr. Robert, ofiice 53 s Sharp, dw 47 

Fulton Thomas, switchman, 187 East 
Fulton John, huckster, 302 Mulberry 
Funderheider Henry, lab. 103 Cambridge 
Funk David, roller, 128 s Regester 
Funk Eliza Ann, dressmaker, 211 w Biddle 
Funk E. H. 182 Aliceanna 
Funk George, blacksmith, 147 s Regester 
Funk Henry, grocery, 293 n Central av 
Funk Henry, helper, 147 s Regester 
Funk Jacob, helper, 128 s Regester 
Funk Jacob, gardener, 89 Johnson 
Funk Jacob, keeper 1st tollgate Reisterstown 

Funk Joseph W. carpenter, 416 w Fayette 
FUNK JOHN J. butcher, 65 Centre and 9 
Lexington markets, dw Penna. av at tollgate 
Funk Louis, tailor, 21 Gough 
Funk Michael, cabinet maker, 30 s Eden 
Funk Rudolph, baker, 445 w Lombard 
Funk Wm. boot crimper, 3 New Church 
Funk Wm. carpenter, 416 w Fayette 
Funkenstein Joseph, butcher, 933 w Pratt 
Funkhouser Elijah, clerk, 14}^ s Calvert 
FUNTERBOUGH Dr. S. astrologer, 7 Foun- 

Furgerson Wm. M. boiler maker, 263 e Mad- 
Furlong Elizabeth, 55McHenry 
Furlong Rev. Henry, 329 e Baltimore 
Furlong John, of Wm., bookkeeper, Towns- 
end, between Bolton and Garden 
Furlong John, porter, 1 Ringgold al 
Furlong John, laborer, 2 Barney 
Furlong John, laborer, 4 Ulrick 
Furlong John W. painter, 120 n Schroeder 
Furlong Mrs. Josephine, 159 Greenmount av 
Furlong McKendree C. 329 e Baltimore 
Furlong Mary A. dry goods, 27 e Baltimore 
Furlong Richard, laborer, 130 Greenmount av 
Furlong Thos. laborer, 95 Cambridge, Canton 
Furlong W. G. clerk, 27 e Baltimore 
Furman Wm. 1 Gough 

Furner Frank, blacksmith, Chase near Cen- 
tral av 
Furney Andrew J. stone cutter, 186 e Madison 
Furney John S. boiler maker, 140 McHenry 
Furr John E. machinist, 81 McHenry 
Furschel Joseph, shoemaker, 323 e Lombard 
Furst Joseph, carpenter, 119 Ross 
Furster Susan, confectionery, 213 Eastern av 
Fury James, police, 15 n Howard 
Fuscther Joseph, shoemaker, 176 s Dallas 
Fuscz Joseph, laborer, 159 e Lombard 
Fushman John, tanner, 310 Mulberry 
Fuss John, tavern, 530 w Baltimore 
Fuss John, watchman, 131 Peirce 
Fusselbaugh Robt. G. clerk, 168 n Gay 
Fusselbaugh Wm. H. B. dealer in oils, paints, 

paper hangings, &c., 168 n Gay 
FUSSELL J. & CO. ice cream and country 
produce dealers, Saratoga building, Sarato- 
ga, near Calvert 


Gabel Benj. J. plasterer, 376 n Gay 
Gabel Caspar, soldier, 55 Leadenhall 
Gabel Elizabeth, laundress, 5 Walnut al 
Gabel George, currier, 65 Portland 
Gabel John, tailor, 34 n Dallas 
Gabel Peter, shoemaker, 702 Penna av 
Gabert Leonard, laborer, 88 s Chapel 
Gable Aristello, stone cutter, 8 Somerset 
Gable Caroline, 129 n Bond 
Gable Henry, milk, 355 Hamburg 
Gable Henry, 376 n Gay 
Gable John, clerk, 94 w Monument 
Gable John, boiler maker, 271 s Fremont 
Gable Mrs. John, 94 w Monument 
Gable Mary, 190 s Caroline 
Gable Robert, boiler maker, 391 a Eutaw 
Gable Wm. cigar maker, 4 n Regester 
Gable Wm. 129 n Bond 
Gable Wm. stone cutter, 8 Somerset 
Gable Wm. laborer, 391 s Eutaw 
Gablein John A. cooper, 256 Hamburg 
Gabriel Augustus, night man, 363 w Pratt 
Gabrio Henry, tavern, 29 n Greene 
Gachel Catharine, 187 s Chapel 
Gadd Luther C. shoemaker, 21 Henrietta 
Gadd Luther C. engineer, 21 Henrietta 
Gaddess Alexander, proprietor steam marble 
works, cor Sharp and German, and 25 Ger- 
man, dw 288 Mulberry 
Gade John, lace weaver, 85 e Pratt 
Gado Michael, basket maker, 26 s Eutaw 
Gaeble Paul, butcher, 85 Centre and 14 Fell's 
Point market, dw Monument near Castle al 

■WM. P. wn^BB, Marine, Fire nixl Life Insurance Agent nnd Broker. Agent 
Benefit Life Insurance Co., NcTrarU, RT. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Gaebler Carl, shoemaker, 121 s Spring 
Gaede B'redcrick, carver, 155 e Lombard 
Gaeg Adam, blacksmith, 142 e Lombard 
Gaelile Henry, piano manuf. n e cor Eutaw 
and Fayette, and 19 n Eutaw, dw Baltimore 
Gaehle Henry F. piano maker, 58 Walsh 
Gachle Mary D. 346 w Lexington 
Gaelbraithe Wm. machinist, 30 Warner 
Gaesz Leonard, laborer, 17 Elliott, Canton 
Gafer Wm. shoemaker, 41 Abbott 
Gaffey John, laborer, Jenkins la, rear Green- 
mount cemetery 
Gaffikan Hannah, 46 Short 
Gaffken Clement, machinist, 91 Orleans 
Gaffney Thomas, tailor, 17 Neighbor 
GaffordMrs. Lavinia, confectioner, 466 w 

Gaffy Michael, carter, 8 Haw 
Gagan Patrick, carter, Court near Bank and 

Gagan Patrick, laborer, 186 s Central av 
Gagan Thomas, cellar digger, 146 Cathedral 
Gagel Andrew, mead, 170 s Bond 
Gage W, L. clerk, 101 s Washington, F. P. 
Gaghen Patrick, laborer, 186 s Central av 
Gahagan Wm. laborer, 356 s Charles 
Gahan John, porter, Frederick near Pratt 
GAHAiN PATRICK, boot and shoe store, 

88 w Baltimore 
Gahm George L. blacksmith, 78 Leadenhall 
Gaier Catharine, 126 Chesnut 
Gaier John, laborer, 159 s Dallas 
Gaierty Patrick, milkman, 270 Division 
Gaigley John C. butcher, 64 n Uregon 
Gaihold George, tinner, 158 Chesnut 
Gail Emil, tinner, 55 Penna av 
Gail Edward W. clerk, 26 Pearl 
Gail George, shoemaker, 334 Mulberry 
Gail George W: (G. W. G. & Ax,) 57 Barre 

GAIL G. W. 8z AX, (Christian,) To- 
bacco Manufacturers and Impor- 
ters of Pipes and Cigars, 28 Barre. 

[See ^fidvertisement in front of Business Direc- 

Gail John B. boiler maker, 31 York 

Gailbraith G. clerk N. C. R., Howard house 

Gaines Elijah, police, 223 Hollins 

Gaines John, teacher, 9 Peach al 

Gaines Margaret, dressmaker, 19 s Eutaw 

Gaither Fletcher, watchman, 338 Aisquith 

Gaither George R. merchant, 20 German, dw 

38 Cathedral 
Gaither Greenbury, harness and trunk maker, 

173 w Pratt, dw 89 n Calvert 
Gaither Hannah, 38 Cathedral 
Gaither Mrs. Mary H. 96 s Paca 
Gaither Rachel, 104 s Exeter 
Gaither Thomas B. Custom House officer, 

120 e Pratt 
Gaither Vachel, clerk tobacco warehouse No. 

2, 104 s Exeter 
Galbraith John Clifton, bookkeeper, 45 s High 
Galbreth Samuel, watchman Savings Bank of 

of Baltimore, 185 e Fayette 
Gale Henry, 170 s Bond 
Gale Joseph H. jeweler, 46 s Caroline 
Gale Elizabeth, boarding, 777 w Baltimore 
Gale Peter, 121 Elliott 

Gale Robt. W. 175 McCulloh 
Gale Samuel C. 185 Garden 
Gale Miss Susan, 168 Preston 
Galeon Peter, laborer, 65 n Frederick 
Gabon Andrew, shoemaker, 74 s Central av 

shoemaker, 95 n Eutaw 
Gallagher Mrs. Ann, 63 Camden 
Gallagher Bernard, laborer, 42 French 
Gallagher Bridget, President near Stiles 
Gallagher Catherine, 183 n Eutaw 
Gallagher Charles, sutler, 67 n Paca 
Gallagher Dr. Charles R. Deckernear North- 
ern av 
Gallagher Charlotte, dressmaker, 20 Orchard 
Gallagher Edward, stone cutter, 293 Saratoga 
Gallagher Edward, caulker, 183 s Castle al 
tile college, over 207 and 209 w Baltimore, 
dw 28 n Pine.— [See p. 40 Mvertisements.] 
Gallagher Lieut. Col. Francis, attorney, 32 

St. Paul 
Gallagher Francis T. carpenter, Orange al nr 

Gay, dw 15 n Exeter 
Gallagher Francis, laborer, 124 Holiday 
Gallagher Francis, laborer, 24 Lemmon 
Gallagher James, hackman, 18 Garden 
Gallagher James, 42 Clay 
Gallagher Jas. tavern, Falls road nr tollgate 
Gallagher James, laborer, 20 Slemmer's al 
Gallagher John B. clerk, 171 n Paca 
Gallagher John, gardener, 10 Walnut al 
Gallagher John G. blacksmith, 498 Penna. av 
Gallagher John, carpenter, 142 n Eutaw 
Gallagher Joseph, hackman, 22 Garden 
Gallagher Mrs. 45 Cooksie 
Gallagher Mrs. Martha, 171 n Paca 
Gallagher Mary, 12 Decker 
Gallagher Mary, 42 Clay 
Gallagher Owen, laborer, 9 Rock 
Gallagher Patrick, hackman, nr Liberty Road 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, cor Fort av and 

Gallagher Patrick, finisher, 267 s Charles 
Gallagher Thomas, ladies and gents, boot and 
shoe manufac'r, s w cor Paca and Saratoga 
Gallagher Thomas, lab. Haubert nr Marriott 
Gallagher William, 86 Boyd 
Gallaway Augusta, 176 Harford av 
Gallaway Goldsmith, painter, 123 s Eden 
Gallaway Greenbury, sailmaker, 30 a Bond 
Gallaway Jesse E. baggage master B. & 0. 

R. R. Co. 49 Scott 
Gallaway Mary, 123 s Eden 
Gallaway Mrs. Margaret, 475 w Pratt 
Gallaway Thos. 681 w Baltimore 
Gallaway Wm. clerk, 176 Harford av 
Gallaway James PI. fisherman, 178 William 
Gallaway Vincent, blacksmith, 63 Clifford al 
Gallaway William, engineer B. & 0. R. R., 

138 McHeury 
Gallissaire John, silver plater, 7 St. Paul, dw 

117 Saratoga 
Gallissaire M. dressmaker, 117 Saratoga 
Galloway John T. shoemaker, 68 n Broadway 
Galloway Samuel T. mariner, 303 William 
Galloway Thomas, carpenter, 7 n Sharp, dw 

681 w Biddle 
Galloway Wm. G. machinist, 23 Scott 
Gallup John F. cabinet maker, 280 e Fayette 
Gallup John W. carpenter, 280 e Fayette 
Galster Frederick, lager beer, 133 n Bond 
Gait Albert, gas fitter, 84 Ensor 

J. HSiVItY ai!i:SS:, Commission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grnln, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Planter couatautly on. hand, Hi. Spear'a Whart. 




Gait Capt. Henry, 98 s Eden 

Gait Henry, jr. mate, 98 s Eden 

Gait Mrs. Jane, 96 Hillen 

Gait Dr. John M. 146 e Pratt 

Gait Thomson, 116 e Pratt 

Gait Capt. Washington, mariner, 112 e Pratt 

Galvin John, teacher, 96 n Schroeder 

Galvin William, drayman, 98 Hiilen 

Gambach Christian, sugar refiner, 65 Centre 

Market space 
Gambel Thomas B. private officer, 154 e Eager 
Gambell Robert P. carpenter, 104 Ensor 
Gamber Dr. John, 109 n High • 
Gamble Bridget, washerwoman, 50 s Dew- 
berry al 
Gamble George, 63 Boyd 
Gamble George, (Holland & G.) s e cor of 

McHenry and Amity 
Gamble Rev. James, 69 e Pratt 
Gamble James P. grocery, 288 e Madison 
Gamble Mrs. James, 77 Eastern av 
Gamble Mrs. Jane, grocery, cor Caroline and 

Gamble Launcelot, 75 s High 
Gamble Mrs, Mary, tavern, 186 McHenry 
Gamble Patrick, laborer, 50 s Dewberry al 
Gambrall Barney, laborer, 38 Valley 
Gambrall Eliza, seamstress, 32 Harford av 
Gambrall George J. soldier, 32 Harford av 
Gambrall Samuel, coach painter, 248 n Caro- 
Gambrall Dr. Theodore C. 32 Harford av 
Gambrill Mrs. Amelia, grocery, 122 Pearl 
Gambrill Augustin, clerk, 129 Division 
Gambrill Charles A. (Wm. E, Hooper & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Gambrill Charles A. (C. A. G. & Co.) 56 

Mount Vernon Place 
GAMBRILL C. A. & CO. merchant millers, 

32, 34 and 36 Commerce 
Gambrill boot and shoemaker, 22 Green- 
mount av 
Gambrill Horatio N. (Wm. E. Hooper & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Gambrill Launcelot, ship, clerk tobacco ware- 
house No. 2, 49 Hanover 
Gambrill Henry W. (Wm. E. Hooper & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Gambrill Joseph T. 374 Franklin 
Gambrill Marion, 9 Louis 
Gambrill Nicholas, mariner, 81 Thames 
Gambrill Thomas, grocery, 162 Pine 
Gammie George, butcher, 36 Belair market, 

dw 200 Harford av 
Gammie James, carpenter, 200 Harford av 
Gandy John, huckster, 188 L. Constitution 
Gangueback John, mariner, 264 s Ann 
Ganly Michael, laborer, 39 Block 
Ganne Joseph W. clerk, n w cor Montgomery 

and William 
Ganner Joseph, liquors, &c., 210 Light 
Gannon Mary, laundress, rear of 110 Dugan's 

Gannon Thomas, engineer, 6 n Amity 
Gannon Thomas, fireman Eutaw House, dw 

22 Amity 
Ganser John, butcher, Fremont nearPenna. av 
Ganss Herman, speculator, 275 n Gay 
Ganss Mrs. Rosy, milliner, 275 n Gay 
Ganster Peter, clothing cutter, 92 s Castle al 
Gant George, blacksmith, 126 Franklin 
Gantner John M. shoemaker, 145 Vine 
Gantzmuller Bernard, paver, 205 s Chapel 

Ganzhorn Michael, shoemaker, 24 Chesnut 
Gapetz Philip, shoemaker, 145 Dolphin 
Garber Frederick, bricklayer, Frederick av. 

near city limits 
Garber Henry S. (J. Hyland & Co.) Maltby 

Garber Michael, cabinet maker, 134 s Caroline 
Garbade Wm. boot fetter, 22 East 
Garber Uriah, shoemaker, 20 s Republican 
Garden Henry, engineer, Fort av near Low- 
Gardiner Francis D. (G., Stuart & Co.) 20 

Gardiner Geo. W. tinner, 266 Mulberry 
Gardiner Isaac, sailmaker, lOfi s Eden 
Gardiner John T. painter, 99 w Baltimore, 

dw 222 Chesnut 
Gardiner & Middleton, produce commission 

merchants, 37 Cheapside 
Gardiner Peter, laborer, 199 Eastern av 
Gardiner, Stuart & Co. wholesale and retail 

grocers, 37 Cheapside 
Gardiner Thomas, huckster, 170 Pearl 
Gardner Alderson, wheelwright, 192 Cross 
Gardner Alfred S. (Gover & G.) 301 w Lom- 
Gardner Almore, police, 25 Hampstead 
Gardner Andrew, tailor, 47 n Spring 
Gardner Andrew J. clerk, 266 Mulberry 
Gardner Augustus M. butcher, 97 Centre 

market, dw 754 Penna. av 
Gardner B. F. (Taylor & G.) 191 w Fayette 
Gardner Bernard, cooper, 258 Lee 
Gardner Charles, shoemaker, 97 Thames 
Gardner Christopher, carpenter, 311 w Pratt 
Gardner Clara, tavern, 318 s Bond 
Gardner Conrad, carter, 171 William 
Gardner Daniel, fisherman, 7 L. Gough 
Gardner Deliah, band-box maker, 143 Ham- 
Gardner Eliza A. milliner, 161 Lexington 
Gardner Mrs. Elizabeth, confectionery, 311 

w Pratt 
Gardner Mrs. Elizabeth, 182 n Central av 
Gardner Elias N. flour and groceries, 149 n 

Howard, dw Eutaw house 
Gardner Ephraim, oak cooper, 301 w Lom- 
GARDNER FRANCIS, lager beer, 8 n High 
Gardner Fred'k, cigar maker, 199 Eastern av 
Gardner George, laborer, 9 West Falls av 
Gardner Geo. A. draughtsman, 311 w Pratt 
Gardner Geo. VV. tinner, 266 Mulberry 
Gardner Geo. jr. teller Fells Point Savings 

Bank, 159 s Broadway 
Gardner George, clerk, 159 s Broadway 
Gardner George, car driver, 9 Bolton 
Gardner Henry, sugar refiner, 16 Fountain 
Gardner Isaiah, 175 s Charles 
Gardner James, (G. & Matthews,) Balti- 
more CO 
Gardner James C. bricklayer, Philadelphia 

road near city limits 
Gardner James, shoemaker, 64 Ensor 
Gardner James, sailmaker, 106 s Eden 
Gardner James F. shoemaker, 58 Lexington 
Gardner James, mariner, 151 s Regester 
Gardner James, cigar maker, 182 n Central av 
Gardner James, iron finisher, rear of Oak 

near Hudson 
Gardner John G. 175 s Charles 
Gardner John T. painter, rear of 99 w Balti- 
more, dw 222 Chesnut 

OBO. S« PAGB Si BRO., Maniifnctnrera of Roof« nnd Roofing Materials, 111 Smitb's 
Wbarf. C. HART SHaTO, Agent. 




Gardner John, laborer, 7 L. Gou^h 
Gardner John, laborer, 49 St. Mary 
Gardner John, laborer, 197 s Washington, 

P. P. 
Gardner John M. painter, over cor Fayette 

and Holiday, dw 69 North 
Gardner John, shoemaker, 232 Lexington 
Gardner Joseph, moulder, 143 Hamburg 
Gardner Joseph, cigar maker, 49 St. Mary 
Gardner Josiah, machinist, 139 Ross 
Gardner Leonard N. hardware, 102 Franklin, 

dw 92 n Paca 
Gardner Lizzie, 244 s Dallas 
Gardner Lovelace N. clerk, 92 n Paca 
Gardner Mrs. Maria, 20 s Broadway 
Gardner Marinda, 6 Stirling 
Gardner Mary E. (S. S. & M. E. G.) 301 w 

Gardner Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 143 Hamburg 
Gardner Mary Ann, tailoress, 143 Hamburg 
Gardner Michael, painter, 248 Bank 
GARDNER & MATTHEWS, builders, 179 

w Lombard 
Gardner Peter, ship carpenter, 199 Eastern av 
Gardner Robert, junk store, n e cor Hillen 

and Chesnut 
Gardner S. S. & M. E. children's clothing, 

62 Lexington 
Gardner S. S. (S. S. & M. E. G.) 301 w Lom- 
Gardner Theodore, clerk, 255 w Fayette 
GARDNER THOMAS H. clerk of Criminal 

Court, dw Howard house 
Gardner William, sergeant police, gas house 

yard, Spring Garden 
Gardner Wm. R. clerk, 191 w Fayette 
Gardner Wm. H. P. tinner, 266 Mulberry 
Gardner Wm. T. tinner, 122 L. Greene 
Gardner Wm. carpenter, 123 n Eden 
Gardner Wm. drayman, 101 n Spring 
Gardner Wm. G. (W. G. G. & Co.) 301 w 

GARDNER WM. G. & Co. oil and lamps, 

1 s Liberty. — [See p. 16 Mvertisements.] 
Gardner Wm. blacksmith, 15 Perry 
Gareis Christian, cupper, leecher and barber, 

190 e Monument 
GAREY HENRY F. attorney, 85 w Fayette, 

dw 90 s Sharp 
Garhard Henry, cooper. 111 s Caroline 
Garhmens Frantz, wheelwright. 111 Saratoga 
Garing Andreas, paver, 218 e Eager 
Garing Wm. H. chair maker, Wolfe near 

Garlach John, tailor, 90 s Eutaw 
Garlan George, mariner, 83 Thames 
Garland Capt. James D. 134 s Ann 
Garland Capt. J. S., U. S. A. 15 n Strieker 
Garland James, coal oil refiner, 10 Ramsay 
Garland James, jr. iron railing manufacturer, 

10 Ramsay 
G*.rland James, cedar cooper, 10 Ramsay 
Garland Joseph, ship joiner, 16 Hamburg 
Garland Joseph, ship shriner, 84 Grindall 
Garman Joseph W. letter carrier, 246 Hollins 
Garmer John H. shoemaker, 187 s Bond 
Garmhaussen Elizabeth, 36 St. Mary 
Garmhaussen John, shoemaker, 36 St. Mary 
Garner George, painter, 4 Plowman 
Garner Jacob, tailor, 15 Baker ct 
Garner Thomas, carpenter, 176 Vine 
Garnett Benj. M. 205 Madison av 
Garnett G. F., Hollins near Carey 

Garrett August, laborer, 370 Cross 
Garrett Benj. H. carpenter, 15 Townsend 
Garrett Mrs. Elizabeth, 50 n Paca 
Garrett George, copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Garrett Henry S. (R. G. & Sons,) s w cor 

Monument and Cathedral 
Garrett James, laborer, 234 s Castle al 
Garrett James H. finisher, 159 s Chester 
Garrett James P. dry goods, 212 Hanover 
Garrett John, bricklayer, 31 Cambridge 
Garrett John, groceries and feed, n e cor Bank 

and Chapel 
GARRETT JOHN W. (R. G. & Sons,) 
president B. & 0. R. R. dw 50 Mount Ver- 
non place 
Garrett Joseph, driver, 141 s Chapel 
Garrett Levi, laborer, 151 s Chester 
Garrett Margaret, seamstress, Donnelly ct 
Garrett Mary, over 183 Bank 
Garrett Richard S. porter, 30 Elbow la 
Garrett Richard, puddler, 362 Eastern av 
Garrett Richard, machinist, over 183 Bank 
GARRETT ROBERT & SONS, merchants, 

.34 n Howard 
Garrett Wm. A. tavern, 239 s Broadway 
Garrett Wm. shearer, 114 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Garrigan Philip, Webster al 
Garring James, chair maker, 43 Chatsworth 
Garring Wm. chair maker, 36 n Bond 
Garrish Benj. brickmaker, 21 n Wolfe 
Garrish Wm. bricklayer, 181 s Washington, 
Garrison Arthur, wagoner, 116 n High 
Garrison Mary Jane, 35 Chatsworth 
Garrison Samuel Jeff'erson, 224 Mulberry 
Garrison Samuel, grocery, 44 Carlton 
Garrison Thomas, soldier, 35 Chatsworth 
Garrison Thomas, ship carpenter, 238 e Pratt 

F. P. 
Garrison William A. 71 Hollins 
Garritee Wm. L. property agent, 231 Aisquith 
Garrity John, wheelwright, 55 Pearl 
Garrott Mrs. Nancy, 98 s Paca 
Garrott William, stock dealer, 98 s Paca 
Garth John A. laborer, 91 King 
Garthe August, (Q. & Lowenstein,) 
Garthe Christiana, 283 Hanover 
Garthe & Loewenstein, slaters, cor Hanover 

and Cross 
Gartling' Mary, Philadelphia road near city 

Gartside Henry, jr. machinist, Fremont near 

Penna. av 
Gartside Henry, sr. machinist, Fremont near 

Penna. av 
Gartside James, machinist, 256 Franklin 
Garven David, laborer, 18 Pleasant al 
Garvey Edward, (Lindsey & G.) Howard 

Garvey Francis, wheelwright, 113 Saratoga 
Garvey James, hack stables, 156 n Calvert 
Garvey John, 148 n Front 
Garvey Patrick, huckster, 173 Stirling 
GARY JAMES S. president Alberton Cotton 

Mills, 24 German 
Garwick Jacob, laborer, 46 Dewberry al 
Garwood Clayton, shoemaker, 28 s Republi- 
Gasering Christopher, laborer, Philadelphia 

road near city limits 
Gaskill Elijah C. Register Custom house, n g 

cor Hollins and Calhoun 

Tm, p. WKISB, marine, Ftrc and IA&> Ineramnce Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Idf^ Insurance Co., Ne-fvork, TS. J.,'* 89 Second Street. 

GARMKNDIA C. G. DE, commission mer- 
chant, and importer of wines, brandies, ci- 
gars, &c., 18 Commerce, dw 103 n Chailes 




Gaskiu Robert, blacksmith, 31 Ryan 
Gaskins Charles H. sailmaker, 179s Castle al 
Gaskins Mrs. Samuel S. 59 n Greene 

19 South, Joseph Brown, Sec'y. 
Gas Works, Holiday near Saratoga, and 

Spring Gardens 
Gasner C. sawyer, 272 s Ann 
Gass Henry, carpenter, 162 Peirce 
Gassar John, 24 Fountain 
Gassaway Edward, seaman, 247 Hanover . 
Gassaway Elizabeth, 44 Brune 
Gast;away Henry, 164 Garden 
Gassaway Mrs. Louisa, 63 L. Montgomery 
Gassaway Samuel, cigar maker, 63 L. Mont- 
Gaston Henry, shoemaker, 204 Garden 
Gatchell George, tailor, 499 w Baltimore 
Gatchell Mrs. Hannah Ann, 7 s Exeter 
Gatchell Hugh McElderry, 38 Mulberry 
Gatchell Joshua L. carpenter, 704 Saratoga 
Gatchell Mrs., Lombard near Liberty 
Gatchell Wm. H. attorney, 51 w Fayette, dw 

38 Mulberry 
Gately John, jr. coach painter, 142 e Eager 
Gately Michael A. tinner, 176 Greenmountav 
Gately Michael, laborer, 107 York 
Gates Baker, carpenter, 116 s Bond 
Gates Ezra, 166 s Sharp 
Gates Francis, grocer, 86 n Paca 
Gateu Charles H. machinist, 93 Columbia 
Gateu Conduce, millwright, 93 Columbia 
Gateu George C. clerk, 93 Columbia 
Gates John L. laborer, 15 Lanvale 
Gates Lemuel, boiler maker, 183 s Chapel 
Gates Thomas D. carpenter, 16 s Bond 
Gatzencr Lena, 86 Albemarle 
Gaito Dominico, barber, 11 s Gay 
Gaubatz Christopher, tavern, 114 Thames 
Gaubert Julius, fruit preserver, 106 n Caroline 
Gauer Christopher F. cooper, 368 Cross 
Gauges Anna, grocery, 116 n Poppleton 
Gauges Joseph, gardener, 116 n Poppleton 
Gauhan Anthony, laborer, 339 s Sharp 
Gauiono Alonzo, clerk, 37 e Pratt 
Gaul Wilhelmina, seamstress, 169 s Bond 
Gaule Michael, grocery, 92 Franklin 
Gaule Stephen S. milk, 101 Mulberry 
Gauline Joseph C. sign painter, 60 Holland 
Gauline Mary Ann, 60 Holland 
Gault & Brother, granite cutters, 432 w Pratt 
Gault Lieut. J. Emory, acting Ass't Adjutant 

General, headquarters, dw Eutaw House 
Gault Cyrus, (G. & Bro.) 335 w Lombard 
Gault Matthew, (G. & Bro.) 312 w Lombard 
Gaunt John, bricklayer, 390 n Gay 
Gaunt Samuel, huckster, 33 Jefferson 
Gauseman Henry, grocery, 12 Wayne 
Gauss Frederick, laborer, 3 Green's ct 
GAUSSOIN EUGENE, superintendent Bal- 
timore & Cuba Go's smelting works, 89 n 
Gautroii John B. currier, 72 Mercer 
Gaven Mary, second hand dealer, 483 Lex- 
Gavendor Patrick, smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Gaverle Abraham, butcher, Chester n of Ma- 
Gavin Annie, 14 Union 
Gavin Matthew, drayman, 105 York 
GAVET CAPT. JAMES, 174 Mulberry 
Gawne John, bootmaker, 149 Montgomery 
Gawtbrop Benj. F. shoemaker, 803 w Pratt 

Gawthrop Geo. D. clerk, 146 Dolphin 
Gawthrop Wm. H. shoemaker, 163 Lexing- 

ington, dw 184 n Eutaw 
Gay James, 123 Bank 

Gaydecke Francis, shoemaker, 122 Green- 
mount av 
Gayland Noah, laborer, 652 w Pratt 
Gayle Capt. Benjamin R. 81 s Ann 
Gayle Capt. Joseph R. 77 s Ann 
Gayle Robert E. carpenter, 143 Bank 
Gaynor Patrick, drayman, 5 French 
Gaynoy Thos. laborer, 361 Forrest 
Geagan Michael, grocer, 297 w Pratt 
Gear Charles, saddler, 7 s Greene 
Gearhardt Peter, laborer, 185 s Sharp 
Gearhardt Valentine, carter, 35 Peach al 
Gearhart John, laborer, 118 e Fayette 
Gearhart John, moulder, 222 German 
Gearhart Miles, shoemaker, 20 n Amity 
Geary Charles, (G. & Weale, 92 Saratoga 
Geary & Weale, watches and jewelry, 177 w 

Gease G. Henry, shoemaker, 5 Hoffman 
Gebb George, butcher. 24 Belair Market, dw 

Jenkins' la, near Greenmount av 
Gebauer Frederick, tailor, 26 e Fayette 
Gebel Jacob, confectioner, 501 w Pratt 
Gebelein George, butcher, 93 Belair Market, 

dw Castle al near Monument 
Gebge Henry, laborer, s Ann 
Gebhard Chas. E. portrait painter, 6 Barnet 
Gebhardt Gotleib, 125 Gough 
Gebhardt James, carpenter, 164 Harford av 
Gebhardt John, blacksmith, 224 s Bond 
Gebhardt Peter, cigar maker, 224 s Bond 
Gebhardt Thomas, tailor, 46 s Wolfe 
Gebhardt Wm. F. wheelwright, 119 e Madison 
Gebhart Frederick, bootmaker, 5)4 n High 
Gebhart James, laborer, 5 e Central av 
Gebrantes Henry, tailor, 315 e Madison 
Geddes Adam, tailor, 240 w Fayette 
Geddes Alex, painter, 62 Holiday 
Geddes Charles, engineer, 89 Greenmount av 
Geddes Edward McC. soldier, 220 German 
Geddes Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 24 n Pop- 
Geddes Geo. W. soldier, 220 German 
Geddes James A. bricklayer, 220 German 
Geddes James W. roofer and sheet iron work- 
er, 62 Holiday, dw 92 Mulberry 
Geddes John, teamster, 3 Baker 
Geddes Mrs. Mary, 220 German 
Geddes Wm. frame maker, 288 German 
Geding Martin L. dep. marshal, 20 s Paca 
Geekie Chas. W. liquors and billiard saloon, 

123 w Baltimore, dw 25 Courtland 
Geekie G. W. 25 Courtland 
Geer Alfred S. carpen. 61 Cambridge, Canton 
Geers Herman, painter, 95 Cambridge, Canton 
Gees Mrs. Ann B. 325 n Eutaw 
Gees B. F. (Wm. A. Boyd & Co.) 133 w 

Biddle , 

Gees Francis A. clerk, 125 w Biddle 
Gees Olivia C. trimming store, 125 w Biddle 
Gees Thomas B. plasterer, 325 n Eutaw 
Gegan Jos. sr., prof, of music, 128 n Charles 
Gegan Joseph, jr., clerk, 128 n Charles 
Gehan Lawrence, laborer, Liberty road, near 

Penna av 
Gehirck Charles, tobacconist, 16 Orleans 
Gehraber Conrad, shoemaker, 74 Lewis 
Gehring Charles, jeweler, 7 Ensor 
Gehring Conrad, laborer, 92 s Wolfe 

J. HEIVRY GIESC, Commission Mcrclxant, ibr the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, «S«5. 
Roseudsde Cement and Calcined Plaxter conatauUy on luukd, HI Spew's "Wliarf. 




Gehring George, tinner, 110 Pine 

Gehring John G. jeweler, 194 n Gay, dw 7 

Gehring Michael, tailor, 31 Centre Market sp. 
Gehrmann Charles, (J. G. & Co.) 84 n Gay 
Gehrmann August, tobacconist, 71 Thames 
Gehrmann George, cigar maker, Wolfe near 

GEHRMANN JULIUS & CO. tobacconists, 

84 n Gay 
Gehrmann J. Alonzo, (Wells, Chase & Co.) 

267 Lexington 
Gehrmann Julius, (J. G. & Co.) 84 n Gay 
Gehrmer Fredk. box maker, 1 Hughes 
Geidt Philip, shoemaker, 13 Albemarle 
Geier Joseph, liquor store, 322 s Bond 
Geigan John Henry, expressman, ]03 Hollins 
Geiger Charles, baker, 115 s Regester 
Geiger Conrad, baker, 68 s Caroline 
Geiger Edmund L. H. stove and tin dealer, 88 

n Howard, dw 61 
Geiger Geo. M. cabinet maker, 1 Spring ct 
Geiger John, confectionery, 16 e Pratt 
Geiger John, cooper, 145 s Caroline 
Geiger Wm. hatter, 1 n Eden 
Geiger Wm. baker, 19 s High 
Geigher Charles, cigar maker, 28 Wills 
Geigher Geo. soap boiler, 125 Elliott, Canton 
Geiglein John, grocery, 107 n Eutaw 
Geilfus Theodore, tailor, 249 e Biddle 
Geir August, shoemaker, 394 Hanover 
Geirlich G. 303 Aliceanna 
Geis Adam, stone cutter, 94 St. Peters 
Geis John, laborer, 47 Barnes 
Geis Peter, furn. wagoner, 163 Sterling 
Geis Valentine, confectioner, 18 Fell 
Geis Valentine, tailor, 279 n Central av 
Geisel Christopher, carp. 247 e Biddle 
Geisel Christopher, tailor, 32 Josephine 
Geisendaffer Luther N. printer, 127 n Fremont 
Geisendaffer Mrs. Mary C. 281 Saratoga 
Geisenger Adam, rag picker, .509 Canton av 
Geiser John, tailor, 45 e Fayette 
Geisler John, painter, 54 n Central av 
Geisler John, laborer, 13 Spruce al 
Geismer Adam, shoemaker, 71 s Chapel 
Geiss John, blacksmith, 268 Division 
Geiss Mrs. Margaret, grocery, cor of Bond 

and Jefferson 
Geiss Nicholas, tinner, 112 s Howard 
Geisz Henry, shoemaker, 96 Hillen 
Geiwitz George, artist, 7 Albemarle 
Gckler Wm. G. clerk, 78 Lexington 
Gelhar Ernst, cabinet maker, 100 e Lombard 
Gelbart John, baker, 9 L. Paca 
Gelhausen John B. printer, 96 Holiday 
Gelleight Peter, woodsawyer, 510 Pensa. av 
Geller Peter, shoemaker, 166 Sarah Ann 
Gelston Hugh D. planing mill, 197 s Caroline, 

office Washington hall, 5 e Baltimore, dw 

near Calverton mills, Baltimore Co. 
Gelston Hugh, office, 5 e Baltimore, dw 155 

St. Paul 
GELSTON V. DeL. agent Calverton Carpet 

Co. 5 e Baltimore, dw 155 St. Paul 
Gemm Henry, cigar maker, 35 s Bethel 
Gemmell Alexander, clerk, 121 n Charles 
GEMMELL THOMAS, miner and shipper 

of coal, 44 w Second, dw 121 n Charles 
Gemmell Walter, police, 535 Lexington 
Gemeny Benj. carpenter, 132 s Chester 
Gempf George, carpenter, 55 n Amity 
Gempp John, grocer, 153 Peirce 

GemundtChas. (Pasquay & G.) 7 Harrison 
Gengnagel Henry, butcher, 86 Hampstead 
Gengnagel Jacob, sr., butcher, 34 and 36 Fell's 

Point market, dw 86 Hampstead 
Gengnagel Jacob, jr., butcher, 86 Hampstead 
Gengnagel Sophia, dressmaker, 148 Henrietta 
Genenpbunti Solomon, driver, 85 Columbia 
Gens Charles, professor of music, 344 Lex- 
Gensenvich Rudolph, cigar maker, 108 Raborg 
Gent Henry, ship carpenter, 12 Hamburg 
Gent John, melter, 137 Henrietta 
Gent Thos. D ship carpen. 22 Hamburg 
Gentry Haden, telegraph oper. 44 s High 
Gentry Wm. D. telegraph oper. 44 s High 
Genzer John, cooper, Frederick av near city 

Geoghegan Catherine, tailoress, 81 Hill 
Geoghegan Miss Henrietta, vestmaker, 235 n 

Geoghegan Miss Isadora, vestmaker, 235 n 

Geoghegan Philemon, ship carpentrr, Johnson 

near West 

George Alfred, lumber merch. 108 n Greene 
GEORGE ANDREW J. glassware dealer, 41 

s Charles, dw 235 e Baltimore 
George Ann, tailoress, 142 Hamburg 
George Charles W. lumber merchant, 108 n 

George Conrad, 170 s Wolfe 
George Ezekiel C. laborer, 326 Raborg 
George Francis G. fresco painter, 341 Franklin 
George George W. printer, 163 n Caroline 
George Henry, clerk, 710 w Baltimore 
George Henry, shoemaker, 225 Light 
GEORGE ISAAC S. wholesale and retail 
dealer in boots shoes, &c. 80 Centre Mar- 
ket Space, dw 214 e Baltimore 
George James, farmer, 162 n Howard 
George Jas B. sr. collector, 208 e Baltimore 
GEORGE & JENKINS, provision and com- 
mission merchants, 48 South 
George John M. clerk, 208 e Baltimore 
George J. Brown, clerk, 214 e Baltimore 
George John Henry, clerk, 760 w Baltimore 
George John, confectioner, Philadelphia depot 
George John B. brakesman, 421 w Lombard, 
George Margaret, trimmings, 72 Richmond 
George Matlhias, milkman, O'Donnell, near 

city av 
George Moses L. confectioner, 70 w Baltimore 
George Philip T. (G. & Jenkins,) 7 Franklin 
George Samuel K. jr. 71 Mt. Vernon place 
George W. George, engineer, 213 n Bond 
George Samuel K. com. merchant, 50 s Gay, 

dw 71 Mount Vernon place 
George Stephen, carpenter, 72 Richmond 
George Stephen & Son, lumber, 37 n Greene 
George Thos. J. bookkeeper, 208 e Baltimore 
George Wm. S. sr., carpenter, 1 George 
George Wm. S. jr., clerk, 1 George 
George William, laborer, 80 Albemarle 
George William H. W. waterman, 142 Ham- 
George's Creek Coal & Iron Co. 19 South, up 

stairs, A. H. Stump, president 
Georghegan John R, machinist, 130 Conway 
Georgius Frederick, painter, 50 Pearl 
Georgius Gustavus F. barber, 17 Holiday, 
dwSi^n High 

OKO. S. PAGK & BROm Manufacturers of Roof* and Roofing Ivlaterials, 111 Smitbll 
WTiarf. C. HART S3UTH, Agent. 




Gephart George C. butcher, Fremont near 

Penna. av 
Gephardt John, tailor, 147 s Bethel 
Gephardt John, tailor, 191 s Chester 
Gephardt Valentine, laborer, 241 s Wolfe 
Gephart John, laborer, 47 President 
Gephart John, jr., tobacco, cigars, &c., 320 

w Baltimore, dw 303 w Lombard 
Gepperich James, 84 s Wolfe 
Geraghty Michael F. attorney, 5 Courtland 
Gerahty Mrs. Peter, 78 Block 
Gerahty P. J. spar maker, 78 Block 
Gerathy Mary, 251 s Wolfe 
Gerber Anna B. 237 Hamburg 
Gerber Christian, carpenter, 126 s Paca 
Gerber Ignatz, laborer, 38 Durst al 
Gerbur John C. oilman, 89 s Carey 
Gerbrich Joseph, grocery, 307 Cathedral 
Gerbrick John W. engineer, N. C. Railway, 

Mount Royal, foot of McMechin 
Gerbrick Mary, 4 George 
shipping and commission merchants, 143 w 
Gerding George, foundryman, 531 Canton av 
Gere Rev. John A. 69 s Broadway 
Gerhald Henry, saddle tree maker, 190 e 

Gerhard Christ, shoemaker, 15 L. McElderry 
Gerhard Jacob, nightman, 134 Hamburg 
Gerhard John A. laborer, 21 L. McElderry 
Gerhardt Henry, tailor, 85 McElderry's whf. 
Gerhart George, 150 Burgundy al 
Gerhold Charles, tailor, 164 n Eden 
Gerhold George, shoemaker, 10 Baker 
Gerhold George, shoemaker, 169 n Eden 
Gerin Mrs. Rebecca A. 544 Saratoga 
Gerity John, laborer, 102 St. Peter 
Gerke Charles, furs, 60 Lexington 
Gerken Mrs. 24 Thames 
Gerken VVm. J. grocer, 76 Boyd 
Gerkman August, tailor, 61 Bank 
Gerlach Mrs. Margaret, 271 e Monument 
Germ Frederick, gunsmith, 33 e Lombard 
German Anne M. 172 p Broadway," 
German Baptist Church, Calhoun nrSchroeder 
German Benj. C. jr. provisions, n e cor Mad- 
ison and Spring 
German Benj. wheelwright, 70 n Broadway 
German Chas. B. shoemaker, 228 e Lombard 
German Chas. F. bakery, 33 n Frederick 
German Catholic People's Gazette, over 114 

w Baltimore 
German Evangelical Reformed Church, Con- 
way near Sharp 
German Evangelical Reformed Church, n e 

cor St. Peter and Scott 
German and English School, s e cor Penna av. 

and Mosher 
German George, shoemaker, 104 s Bond 
German H. 352 s Caroline 
German Isaac S. broom maker, 16 Haw 
German Jacob K. tavern, 248 Broadway 
Gorman Job, chair maker, 223 n Central av 
German John, sail maker, 252 e Lombard 
German John, police, 12 n Caroline 
German John, laborer, 17 Elliott 
German Joseph, photographer, over 234 Lex- 
German Joseph S. 39 n Exeter 
German Lutheran Reformed Church, cor Sar- 
atoga and Holiday 

German Lutheran Church, 234 Eastern av 
German Mary, confectionery, 228 e Lom- 
German Mary, 21 Block 
German M. E. Church, cor Penna. av and 

German Methodist Reformed Church, 139 s 

Germania Mannergor Rooms, over 147 w 

German Reformed Church, Calvert s of Sara- 
Germania Society, (German Club,) 165 w 

German n Geo. P. 33 n Frederick 
Germann Herman, butcher. Western Ceme- 
tery la 
Germer John Henry, shoemaker, 6 Burke, 
Germershausen Francis G. shoemaker, 269 n 

Central av 
Germershausen Louis, grocery, 114 Vine 
Gerner George, painter, 4 Plowman 
Gernet Jacob, laborer, 308 Johnson 
Gerneth Bartholomew, laborer, 20 Fountain 
Gernhardt Herman T. glass stainer, over s e 

cor Fayette and Holiday, dw 162 Aisquith 
Gernhart Jacob, cabinet maker, 37 L. McEl- 
Gerns Lydia, seamstress, 114 Vine 
Gerns Wm. S. soldier, 114 Vine 
Gerrish Wm. 502 w Fayette 
Gerwick John, laborer, 16 Callendar al 
Gerz Henry, shoemaker, 137 Low 
Gesang Adam, tailor, 211 s Bond 
Gesford Geo. coach smitli, 21 Stirling 
Gesford Wm. 328 Franklin 
Gestenberg p. M. 265 Aliceanna 
Gest Edward, soldier, 188 Lemmon 
Gest Mrs. Rebecca, 188 Lemmon 
Gessner Barbara, grocery, 325 Canton 
Gessner John N. grocery, 44 Greenmount 

Gessler Francis X. piano maker, 44 Clay 
Getlien Pauline, dress maker, 202 s Bethel 
Getierman Louis, baker, 166 n Eden 
Gettier Augustus J. carpenter, 150 Division 
Gettier Charles A. messenger Adams Express, 

357 Pennsylvania av 
Gettier Charles A. messenger Adams Express, 

571 Saratoga 
Gettier Cor. E. messenger Adams' Express, 

357 Pennsylvania av 
Gettier Edmund P. cooper, 45 Mosher 
Gettier Edward P. painter, 237 w Biddle 
Gettier Henry, turner, 57 Biddle al 
Gettier Henry, turner, 237 w Biddle 
Gettier Jacob, 271 Saratoga 
Gettier Jacob, huckster, 158 s Bond 
Gettier John L. carpenter, 102 Hoffman, dw 

Gettier John T. tinner, 271 Saratoga 
Gettier John L. 237 w Biddle 
Gettier Jos. A. leather inspector, 139 Mc- 

Gettier Margaret, 104 Ross 
Gettier Wm. P. tobacco and cigar dealer, 25 

w Pratt 
Gettier Wm. H, painter, 237 w Biddle 
Gettier Wm. V. bricklayer, 9 Grundy 
Gettisch Conrad, laborer, 255 Aliceanna 
Gettman Adam, laborer, 2 Shakspear 
Gettslich Chas. E. clerk, 311 Franklm 
Getty David A. 86 a Eden 

WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, F^re and Ufe Insurance Agent and Brolcer. Agent 
Benefit UA Insurance Co., Newark, IV. J.," 80 Second Street. 





Getty Eliza, 141 Saratoga 

Getty Francis, 69 n Paca 

Getty James, 221 w Lombard 

Getty James F. clerk, 69 Paca 

Getty James, dry goods, 105 n Gay, and 67 

n Howard, dw Lombard between Paca and 

Getz Andrew, tailor, 50 Short 
Getz Adam J. paver, 2 Hulls la 
Getz Anse, grocery, 220 s Caroline 
Getz Charles S. artist, 579 Lexington 
Getz Charles, (E. A. Keene & Co.) 266 e 

Getz Christian, grocer, cor Eutaw & Henrietta 
Getz Conrad, tailor, 259 n Eden 
Getz Conrad, barber, 127 s Broadway 
Getz Conrad, tailor, 264 s Ann 
Getz Earnest, 74 Lewis 
Getz Earnest, printer, 37 Low 
Getz Frederick, shoemaker, 29 May 
Getz George, cutter, 108 s Caroline 
Getz Henry, sawyer, 257 Eastern av 
Getz Jacob, laborer, 69 s Chapel 
Getz John, saddle and harness, 176 n Gay, 

dw 259 n Eden 
Getz John, driver, 12 L. Broadway 
Getz John M. carpenter, 173 Aisquith 
Getze Augustus, stoves and tinware, 286 n 

Getzendener Charles, soldier, 3 China 
Getzer Frank, shoemaker, 106 Gough 
Getzgow Michael, tailor, Central av near 

Getzinger Mrs. Magdalene, seamstress, 86 

Geyer Adam, tailor, 71 s Fremont 
Geyer August, grocery, 233 e Lombard 
Geyer Edw. G. (G. & Wilkins,) 239 w 

Geyer & Wilkins, ship, and commis. mer- 
chants, 122 w Lombard 
Geyer Margaret, laundress, 43 Johnson 
Geyser Frantz, fruit dealer, 3 Spring ct 
Ghalor George, switchman, 192 s Eutaw 
Ghee Henry, trunkmaker, 76 Mulberry 
Ghering Joseph, drayman, 412 s Charles 
Ghequiere Mrs. Cecibee, 133 Pearl 
Ghequiere Miss Sarah, seamstress, 306 n 

Gibaney Christopher, drayman, 84 Richmond 
Gibaney Elizabeth, 84 Richmond 
Gibaney Sarah, 84 Richmond 
Gibaney John, stone cutter, 154 Cathedral 
Gibel Frederick, laborer, 27 Fell 
Giardin Emile, jeweler, 130 L. Greene 
Gibbius John, machinist, 162 Raborg 
Gibbon Patrick, light house builder, 176 L. 

Gibbons Mrs. Ann, 75 Hill 
Gibbons Austin, puddler, 35 Burke. Canton 
Gibbons Mrs. Eliza, 256 Madison 
Gibbons Hubbard, laborer, 4 Addison 
Gibbons Rev. James, pastor St. Bridget's 

Church, cor Cannon and Hudson 
Gibbons James S. porter, 18 Rock 
Gibbons John, carter, n e cor Elliott and 

Gibbons John, laborer, 226 German 
Gibbons Mrs. Mary Ann, 18 Rock 
Gibbons Nicholas, laborer, Clinton 
Gibbons Stephen, steward at Maltby House 
Gibbons Sarah A. milliner, 48 e Baltimore 
Gibbons Wm. clerk. 17 n Caroline 

Gibbons Wm. tailor, 226 German 

Gibbs Edward A. 37 McCulIoh 

Gibbs Mary A. 539U w Fayette 

Gibbs Sarah Ann, 197 Forrest 

Gibbs Wm. cigar maker, 197 Forrest 

Giblin Andrew, barkeeper, 14 Buren 

Giblin Daniel, laborer, 70 McKim 

Gibmyer Frederick, laborer, 383 Canton av 

Gihney Geo. J. (G. & Hall,) 685 Lexington 

Gibney Hall & Co., com. merchants, 90 

Spears' wharf 
Gibaney James, drayman, 84 Richmond 
Gibney John, cabinet maker, 481 Lexington 
Gibney Dr. Richard, dentist, 32 n Gay 
Gibson Andrew, barkeeper, 14 Buren 
Gibson Rev. Alexander E. 202 Eastern av 
Gibson A. F. bookkeeper, 90 Saratoga 
Gibson A. F. 90 Saratoga 
Gibson Anna T. boarding, 144 w Baltimore 
Gibson Mrs. Annie E. 122 e Baltimore 
GIBSON & BOHANNAN, lock manuf. 1 

Gibson Charles C. (G. & Co.) 149 w Biddle 
GIBSON & CO., auctioneers, over 7 n Charles 
Gibson Chas. T. (G. & Bohannan,) 411 n 

Central av 
Gibson David, mariner, 175 Central av 
Gibson George, printer, 4 Ensor 
Gibson Geo. W. laborer, Hunter al near John 
Gibson George, (G. & Co.) 119 s Charles 
GIBSON Dr. GEORGE S. 116 Park 
Gibson Dr. G. S. jr. 116 Park 
Gibson Henry, tile maker, near Reese's iron 

Gibson Henry B. clerk, 90 Saratoga 
Gibson Henry W. painter, 70 Ross 
Gibson Mrs. James, principallngleside Semi- 
nary, near Catonsville, Baltimore co 
Gibson James A. tinner, 9 Mott 
Gibson James Wm. clerk, 5 McElderry 
Gibson James S. soldier, 212 German 
Gibson Jane, 57 e Monument 
Gibson John R. stevedore, 292 e Monument 
Gibson Joseph, printer, 130 e Madison 
Gibson Mary, 260 n Howard 
Gibson Mary, 121 Park 
Gibson Margaret, Vincent near Baltimore 
Gibson Patrick, cashier Bank of Baltimore, 

dw 9 Cathedral 
Gibson Rezin S. 4 s Broadway 
Gibson Robert, rigger, 222 Eastern av 
Gibson Samuel, watchmaker, 2 Watson ct 
Gibson Thos. L. laborer, Hunter al near John 
Gibson Capt. Wm. 267 e Pratt 
Gibson Wm. confectioner, 746 w Baltimore 
Gibbons Wm. L. waterman, 49 n Caroline 
Gick John, carpenter, 287 n Central av 
Giddart John, huckster, 158 s Bond 
Giddeghen Charles, laborer, 5 Orchard 
Giddings Marshal, porter, 51 Chesnut 
Giefel Mrs. Barbara, tailoress, 6 West al 
Gierty Patrick, 250 n Howard 
Gies John, car driver, 202 Stirling 

GIESE J. HENRY, Commission 
Merchant for the sale of Flour, 
Grain, Seeds, and all kinds of 
Country Produce, 21 Spear's whf. 

)|^= Agency for sale of Rosendale 
Cement and Calcined Plaster. 
Dw. cor. Eager and Calvert. 

J. HENRY GIESE, Coinuussion Mercliant, for tJie sale of F-lour, Grain, Seeds, &e. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, ai Speor'a Mnuact. 




Giesener John, laborer, 245 s Dallas 
Gieske Chas. clerk, 33 Conway 
Gieske Gustav, (G.& Niemann,) 98 Hanover 
Gieske & Niemann, leaf tobacco commission 

merchants, 120 s Charles 
Giesler George, fisherman, 2 Gould la 
Giesler John" A. cutter, 283 w Pratt 
Giesler John, instrument maker, 283 w Pratt 
Giesregen Paulus, carpenter, 108 s Spring 
Giesrehn Fredk., baker, 120 Greenniount av 
Giest Henry, brickmaker, 903 w Pratt 
Gilford Mrs. Hugh, 82 s Bond 
Gilford James J. carpenter, 188 e Fayette 
Giglein John A. lager beer, Madison near 

Northern av 
Gilbert Albert G (G. H. Reese & Bro.) 163 

w Lombard 
Gilbert Aquilla, carpenter, Kimmel al near 

Saratoga, dw 98 Pearl 
Gilbert Edward, coach trimmer, 75 Aisquith 
Gilbert Georgiana, milliner, 75 Aisquith 
Gilbert Jarrett N. clerk, 20 s Paca 
Gilbert Joseph M. clerk, 98 Pearl 
Gilbert Lewis, provisions, 212 n Howard, 

dw 68 w Biddle 
Gilbert Lew'is, tinner, 34 n Amity 
Gilbert Wm. B. shoemaker, 152 Columbia 
Gilbert Wm. H. agent York road Passenger 

Railway, office cor East and Ensor, dw 15 

s Caroline 
Gilbrcg, John, boot fitter, 5 Elizabeth la 
Gilchrist James, drayman, 279 w Pratt 
Gilchrist John, drayman, 105 York 
Gilda Anna, 104 w Fayette 
Gildea Francis, bricklayer, 31 St. Mary 
Gildea John H. (John F. Forrester & Co.) 

29 St. Mary 
Gildea John, huckster, 29 St. Mary 
Gildea John, laborer, 207 Vine 
Gildea Maria, seamstress, 11 Penna. av 
Gilder Lawrence L. soldier, 27 s Pacu 
Gildersleve Geo. (G. & Whitridge,) Charles 

n of Eager 

and bill brokers, 61 w Second 
Giles Augustus, 34 n Calvert 
Giles Geo. W. laborer, Marriott nr. Haubert 
Giles Henry M. 93 Garden 
Giles John, tanner, 141 s Fremont 
Giles Joseph, cooper, 116 s Fremont 
Giles Joseph, tailor, 223 s Bond 
Giles Mary A. tavern, 149 Eastern av 
Giles Mary J. 163 Ross 
Giles Wm. oak cooper, 453 Franklin 
Giles Wm. F. judge U. S. District Court, 17 

Gilford Thos. carpenter, 58 Mullikin 
Gilfos Theodore, tailor, 249 e Biddle 
Gilfoyle Patrick, laborer, 12 Rose 
Gilgartner Louis, sone cutter, 70 s Bond 
Gilliooley Patrick, laborer, 14 Buren 
Gilhooly Mrs. Mary, 22 Morris al 
Gill Absalom, shoemaker, 82 Peirce 
Gill Mrs. Angelica, 256 Madison av 
Gill Andrew, stone cutter, 26 Scott 
Gill Bryson & Son, dentists, cuppers and 

leechers, 56 s Sharp 
GILL Dr. BRYSON J. dentist, 212 n Eutaw 
Gill Chas. M. ( Bryson G.& Son,) 56 s Sharp 
Gill Daniel D. attorney, n w cor Fayette and 

St. Paul, dw 4 Garden 
Gill Elisha, ship carp. 27 Philpot 
Gill Edward, trader, 265 n Eden 

Gill Elizabeth R. confectionery, 455 n Gay 

Gill Elisha P. grocer, Aliceanna near Cannon 

Gill Ely A. (Saml. H. G. & Bro.) 56 s Sharp 

Gill Frederick Y. soldier, 14 Durst al 

Gill George, driver, 195 s Chapel 

Gill George, fisherman, 123 s Wolfe 

GILL GEORGE M. attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 

227 n Charles 
Gill Henry, typefounder, 131 Harford av 
Gill Mrs. Jane M. cupping and leeching, 212 

n Eutaw 
Gillen James, plumber, 96 Holiday 
Gill James R. carpenter, Wolfe near Pratt, 

dw 176 Bank 
Gill John, tavern, 23 Lemmon i 

Gill John C. bricklayer, 150 n Fremont 
Gill J. L. D. 13 n High 
Gill Mrs. Julia, 5 n Fremont 
Gill Luther, saddler, 336 w Pratt 
Gill Maria M. 175 n Eutaw 
Gill M. Gillet, (Martin Gillet & Co.) 160 w 

Gill Nich. cooper, 444 Lexington 
Gill Noah, cooper, 419 n Gay 
Gill 0. M. 62 St. Paul 
Gill Owen A. (Martin Gillet & Co.) 160 w 

Gill Peter, tinner, Eastern Hotel, Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Gill Stephen, laborer, 202 s Wolfe 
Gill Samuel H. & Brother, dentists, n w cor 

Hanover and Lombard, dw S. H. G. 56 s 

Gill Wm. E. cooper, 308 Franklin 
Gill Dr. Wm. F. dentist, 214 w Biddle 
Gill William L. teller Merchant's Bank, 41 

Gillan Patrick, cooper, 61 e Monument 
Gillan Patrick, laborer, 84 French 
Gillard James, laborer, 207 Lemmon 
Gillard Wm. H. whip maker, 113 Pearl 
Gillapsey Robert, painter, 23 St. Mary 
Gilbee Catherine, 30 Townsend 
Gillegan Edward, ship carp. 340 e Lombard 
Gillelan William J. carpenter, 79 Preston 
Gillen James, plumber, 96 Holiday 
Gillen Michael, huckster, cor Boyd & Amity 
Gillen Wm. baker, 90 Holiday 
Giller Charles, tinner, 289 Franklin 
Giller Francis, tailor, 162 Stirling 
Gillery John, laborer, 20 Stiles 
Gillespie Patrick, laborer, 98 Chesapeake 
Gillespie Wm. copper plate engraver, over 

220 w Baltimore, dw 467 w Fayette 
Gillet Geo. M. (G. M. G.& Co.) 60 w Biddle 
GILLET GEORGE M. & CO. tea, 56 s Gay 
GILLET MARTIN & CO. tea, 38 w Lom- 
Gillett John, railroad agent, 108 e Monument 
Gilley Charles, mariner, 166 e Lombard 
Gilley Capt. Isaac F. mariner, 166 e Lombard 
Gilley Wm. T. mariner, 166 e Lombard 
Gilliel Mrs. Ann C. doctress, 69 Harford av 
Gilligan Patrick, huckster, 549 Saratoga 
Gillin James, cooper, 61 e Monument 
Gillin Patrick, hackman, 34 Marion 
Gillingham Capt. Christopher, 136 s Paca 
Gillingham David, car driver, 233 e Madison 
Gillingham E.D. engraver, Gilmor nr Saratoga 
Gillingham Edw. conductor B. & 0. R. R. 

dw 136 s Paca 
Gillingham Geo. H. bookkeeper, dw Howard 


GBO. S. PAGE Si BRO.. Mnnurnctwrcr* of Rooftj and Roofing Materials, 111 SJOoltlL's 
Wlxnrf. C. HART SJIITH, Ageut. 




Gillingham Geo. 0. clerk, 322 Madison av 
Gillingham Henry R. machinist, 136 s Paca 
Gillingham James, miller, 483 Belair av 
Gillingham Mary A. tailoress, 21 Cullender al 
Gillingham Wm. baggage agt. B. & 0. R. R. 

17 Warren 
Gillman Geo. H. agent for Fairbank's scales, 

246 w Baltimore 
Gilman John S. (Horace Abbott & Son) 67 e 

Gilman Dr. Judson, 172 Saratoga 
Gillmeyer Geo. S. watchman, 11 TownsenS 
Gilmor Charles S. Northern av nr Charles 
Gilmor Charles, agent Baltimore Co's coal, 

dw 108 Park 
Gilmor House, Monument square 
Gilmor Robert, jr. attorney, 20 Law Buildings, 

dw 108 Park 
Gilmor Wm. jr. stock broker, 49 Exchange 

place, dw 108 Park 
Gilmor William, 47 Franklin 
Gilmore James, drayman, 94 Warren 
Gilmore John, clerk, 38 Chatsworth 
Gilmore Letitia, grocery, 85 Hillen 
Gilmore Mrs. Louisa, 38 Chatsworth 
Gilmore Mrs. Nancy C. 3 Aisquith 
Gilmore Richard J. clothing cutter, 204 s Ann 
Gilmore Robert, moulder, 85 Hillen 
Gilmore Mrs. Rachel, 147 German 
Gilmore Thos. laborer, 4 Phoenix row, Hillen 
Gilmour Mrs. Andrew M. 239 w Pratt 
GILMOUR JAMES D. confectioner and ba- 
ker, n e cor Madison and Eutaw 
Gilmour Franklin M. confectioner and baker, 

239 w Pratt 
Gilpin Albert, clerk, 163 w Lombard 
Gilpin Bern. (Canby, G. & Co.) Halto. co 
Gilpin John W. barrels, 80 Cross 
Gilroy Catherine, cook, 56 Raborg 
Gilroy John, soap maker, 3 Stiles 
Gimper Wm. F, sugar refiner, 55 Granby 
Ginder Andrew, laborer, 2 Wyeth 
Ginder Peter, tanner, 370 e Eager 
Gingkel John, tailor, 80 s Wolfe 
Ginsel Henry, drayman, 96 s Eutaw 
Ginter Francis, shoemaker, 15 Scott 
Ginter John A. carpenter, 281 Ross 
Ginter John, laborer, 33 Biddle al 
Ginthel Henry, tailor, 239 Lee 
Giorgie Signer, professor music, 16 Valley 
Gipe George, huckster, Jefferson nr Broadway 
Gipson Edw. laborer, 50 Caroline 
Gipprich Antony, photographer, 84 s Wolf 
Gipprich Joseph, clothing cutter, 84 s Wolfe 
Girardin Emile, jeweler, 130 s Greene 
Girdin Henry, laborer, 49 Canton av 
Girvin Catherine, 295 Franklin 
Girvin James, 149 n Paca 
GIRVIN J. M. ship, commission merchant, 

23 Spear's whf. dw 278 Paca row 
Girvin Robert, gas fitter, 17 Goodman al 
Girvin Wm. G. clerk, 295 Franklin 
Gisen John, hackman, 104 Franklin 
Gisengetter Wm. car driver, 219 s Broadway 
Gissel Wm. tailor, 281 Hanover 
Gishel Conrad, cigar maker, 169 Columbia 
Gith Philip, shoemaker, 21 e Fayette 
Gist Jos. (G. & Wells) 306 w Lombard 
f Gist Mary, 25 Orleans 

Gist Nicholas R. attorney, 108 Aisquith 
Gist Wm. salesman, 64 e Lombard 
Gist & Wells, produce and commission mer- 
chants, 126 and 128 s Eutaw 

Gist W. L 306 w Lombard 

Gittings Catherine, 45 Garden 

Gittings Edw. S. moulder, 50 n Fremont 

Gittings James (D. Levering <t Co.) s e cor 

McMechin and Grundy 
GITTINGS JOHN S. & CO. bankers, 29 

South. — [See p. 35 Jdvertiseinents.] 
Gittings John S. (John S. G. & Co.) presi- 
dent Chesapeake Bank, office 13 North, dw 
149 St. Paul 
Gittings John L. wagoner, 105 n Spring 
Gittings Lambert & Co. com. and ship, mer- 
chants, 58 Buchanan's whf 
Gittings Lambert (L. G. & Co.) 61 Mt. Ver- 
non place 
Gittings Richard J. (A. W. Machen & R. J. 
Gittings,) State's attorney for Baltimore co. 
47 St. Paul, dw Baltimore co 
Gittings Richard, 123 North 
Gittings Wm. wagoner, 107 n Spring 
Gittings Wm. engineer, 386 Light 
Giustiniani Rev. Joseph, pastor Church of 
Immaculate Conception, n e cor Mosher 
and Ross 
Given Nicholas, 207 Aliceanna 
Glaab George, shoemaker, 57 Holland 
Gladding Capt. Alfred, 209 Hanover 
Gladding Lavinia, boarding, 209 Hanover 
Glady Henry, barber, 49 Thames 
Gladston And. J. bricklayer, 212 Harford av 
Gladston Chas. A. bricklayer, 208 Harford av 
Gladston Mrs. Rebecca, 212 Harford av 
Glaen Anthony, locksmith, 63 Pearl 
Glaenzer Chas. F. grocer, 832 w Baltimore 
Glaeser Catherine, 203 s Bond 
Glaeser Fredk. shoemaker, 201 s Bond 
Glaeser Jacob, shoemaker, 638 Light 
Glaeser John, shoemaker, 203 s Bond 
Glaer George, laborer, 130 French 
Glaghorn John, shoemaker, 15 Armistead la 
Glanding David, carpenter, 322 w Fayette 
Glanding Mrs. Mary, 322 w Fayette 
Glann Joseph, bricklayer, 150 Hillen 
Glann Samuel J. carpenter, 63 n Caroline 
Glanville Arthur J. clerk, 247 n Caroline 
Glanville James 0. salesman, 247 n Caroline 
Glanville James W. collector, 247 n Caroline • 
Glanville Robert B. clerk N. C. R. R. 247 n 

Glanville Thomas, shoemaker, 509 Saratoga 
Glas Conrad, lager beer saloon, 370 Penna. av 
Glase John, laborer, Clinton, Canton 
Glaser Henry, shoemaker, 68 McElderry 
Glaser Henry, shoemaker, 165 e Fayette 
Glaser John, laborer, 30 Burke 
Glasgow Mrs. Ann B. 256 w Fayette 
Glasgow James, bookkeeper, 25 n Calvert 
Glass Chas. F. clerk, Fremont nr. Penna. av 
Glass Emory, shoemaker, 165 Hughes 
Glass George, cooper, 74 s Central av 
Glass George, baker, 239 Light 
Glass Henry, laborer, 161 s Eden 
Glass James A. police, 122 s Eden 
Glass John, laborer, 249 s Bethel 
Glass Sarah Ann, 208 Forrest 
Glass Wm. D. harness maker, 129 s Fremont, 

dw 172 Columbia 
Glasser Catharine M. dressmak. 105 s Dallas 
Glasser Frederick, baker, 105 s Dallas 
Glasshoff Mrs. Teresa, laundress, 17 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Glassman John, laborer, 342 Canton av 
Glatthaer Lewis, cooper, 336 s Sharp 

■WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, Fire and I.ife Insnranee Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Ufe Insurance Co., Newark, IV. J.," 89 Second Street. 





Glattseur John, soldier, Dover near Fulton 
Glauber Jacob, 47 Harrison 
Gleasar Frederick, shoemaker, 201 s Bond 
Gleasar John, shoemaker, 203 s Bond 
Gleaser John, shoemaker, 204 Bank 
Gleason Catherine, laundress, 60 Lewis 
Gleason Catherine, seamstress, 250 n Eutaw 
Gleason David A. carpenter, 250 n Eutaw 
Gleason Martin, tailor, 11 Hillen 
Gleason Michael laborer, 11 Hillen 
Gleason Wm. H. sutler, Fulton nr Fayette 
Glebert Zalastend, shoemaker, 237 Light 
Gleeson Mrs. Bridget, n w cor Front and 

Gleichman John, tailor, 144 s Caroline 
Gleichman Wm. laborer, 232 s Caroline 
Gleir Martin, dancing master, 30Granby 
Glen Alexander, grocery, 257 e Monument 
Glen Jeanette, grocery and liquor, 231 e Mon- 
Glen John, laborer, 197 n Eden 
Glenn Alexander, ship carp. 294 e Lombard 
Glenn Benj. ship carp. 75 s Washington, F.P. 
Glenn Elijah B. 273 e Baltimore 
Glenn Elijah B. jr. (Samuel G. & Bro.) 273 e 

Glenn Mrs. F. butcher, 31 Belair market, dw 

Ensor near Forrest 
Glenn John, cooper, 192 Hanover 
Glenn John, soldier, 2 L. Barclay 
Glenn Joseph, sweep master, 211 e Pratt 
Glenn Margaret F. dress maker, 64)^ Lex- 
Glenn Mrs. M. F. 49 w Biddle 
Glenn Patrick, laborer, 30 Morton al 
Glenn Samuel & Bro. imp. and wholesale 

dealers in cutlery, 52 Light 
Glenn Samuel (S. G. & Bro.) 273 e Baltimore 
Glenn Samuel W. artist, 56 Bond 
Glenn Samuel B. shipsmith, 71 Gough 
Glenn William, grocery, 2.38 Bank 
GLENN WILLIAM W. attorney at law, 6 

n Calvort, dw 153 n Charles 
Glenn Wm. M. ship joiner, 71 Gough 
Glennan John, waiter, 74 Franklin 
Glennon Thomas, porter, 78 n Greene 
Glestman Wm. laborer, 2.32 s Caroline 
Glichrran John, tailor, 144 s Caroline 
Glichman Frederick, teacher, 130 s Dallas 
Giick Caspar, laborer, 271 Aisquith 
Glinn Lieut. James G. 12 Holiday 
Glin John, carter, 385 e Eager 
Glindy Capt. Wm. U. S. N.,20] w Fayette 
Glock Adam, shoemaker, 181 s Bethel 
Glock Adam, laborer, 175 s Dallas 
Glocker Emanuel J. clerk, 64 Columbia 
GLOCKER & NORRIS, conveyancers and 

property agents, 63 w Fayette 
Glocker Theodore W. clinical clerk at Balti- 
more Infirmary 
Glocker Theo. (G. & Norris,) 98 Saratoga 
Glodell Mrs. 287 Franklin 

liquors, cigars and groceries, 7 n Charles 
Gloninger John R. (J. R. C. & Co.) 47 Mul- 
Glonk Christian, shoemaker, 20 s Peirce 
Glosler Ernest, tailor, 274 s Charles 
Gloster John, soldier, 114 McEldcrry 
Gloss Balthus, baker, 26 Hampstead 
Glover James, boiler maker, 84 s Carey 
Glover John W. boiler maker, 324 William 
Glover Joseph, 105 s Caroline 

Glover Thomas, boiler maker, Aliceanna near 

Glover Thomas A. boiler maker, 481 Light 
Gluck Adam, cooper, 26 Plea.sant al 
Gluck Henry C. grocery, n e cor Chew and 

GLUCK WM. tin and sheet iron store, 79 and 

81 n Gay, dw 135 
Gluckstein Alois, shoe store, n e cor Mulberry 

and Eutaw 
Glutz John, weaver, 444 Saratoga 
Glynn Lieut. J. Gabriel, asst. act. adj't gen'l. 

head quarters, dw Eutaw House 
Gminder Jacob, military ornaments, &c. 10)^ 

s Calvert, dw 153 s Sharp 
Gnan Henry, carpenter, 17 s Washington, 

F. P, 
Gniesmer Henry, broom maker, 45 Lancaster 
Gneiss John, laborer, 220 s Durham 
Gnosphelius Nathaniel, periodicals, 831 w 

Gobright Covington G. clerk, 100 n Greene 
Gobright Joseph S. coachmaker, 341 Ross 
Gobright Wm. H. editor, 37 n Gilmor 
Gocking Anton, carpenter, 345 Canton av 
Goddard Charles, patent medicines, 59 n Lib- 
Godey Henry, clerk, 41 Hanover 
Godey Thomas, hatter, 41 Hanover 
GODEY THOMAS, cabinet manufacturer, 

54 Hanover, dw 41 
Godfrey George, police, 236 n Gay 
Godfrey John, furniture wagoner, 152 George 
Godfrey John, wagoner, 590 Penna av 
Godfrey Sarah, 12 McElderry 
Godfrey Samuel, tailor, 12 McElderry 
Godfrey Thomas, 15 Albemarle 
Godman Adam Q. druggist, cor Gay and Bal- 
timore, dw 66 n Eden 
Godman Adeline, confectionery, 94 Aisquith 
Godman Mrs. Amavinta, vest maker, 71 s 

Godman Clemens, shoemaker, 94 Aisquith 
Godman George R. butcher, 898 w Baltimore 
Godman John, butcher, Frederick road, near 

Paradise Hotel 
Godman Sarah A., Clifton, Baltimore co 
Godman Thomas W. butcher, 64 Centre, 73 

Lexington and 72 Hanover markets, dw 898 

w Baltimore 
Godman Thos. S. butcher, 26 Calverton road 
Godman William, butcher, 153 Chatsworth 
Godman Wm. H. provision store, 61Penna. av 
Godtart George L. cooper, 67 n Gay 
Godwin Mrs. Ann, 188 Conway 
Godwin H. Hackeit, clerk, 107 s Sharp 
Godwin Capt. Jeremiah, mariner, 172 Orleans 
Godwin Littleton, trunk maker, 188 Conway 
Godwin Michael, laborer, 183 s Spring 
Godwin Mrs. Sarah J. boarding, 274 n Eutaw 
Godwin Thos. S. draughtsman, 94 e Fayette 
Godwin Walter, clerk, 104 William 
Godwin William, jr., commission merchant, 5 

Wood, dw 107 s Sharp 
Godwin Wm. W. clerk, 107 s Sharp 
Goebe Michael, laborer, 85 s Regester 
Goebel Ludwig, tailor, 11 Clay 
Goebel Philip, shoemaker, 338 Mulberry 
Goepel Henry, dry goods, 164 s Eutaw 
Goepert Christian, harness maker, 251 s Bond 
Goertz Frederick W. confectioner, 185 s Sharp 
Goertz Hugo, piano maker, 306 Franklin 
Goeting Philip, tailor, 148 Camden 

J. HESTRY GIESE:, Commission Mercliant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, <&o. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, SI Spear's MSTbart. 




Goetz George, lager beer, 64 s Howard 
•Goetz John G. baker, 843 w Baltimore 
Goetz John A. G. stoves and tin ware, 19 

Goetz John W. L. painter, 37 Bevan 
Going Alvah, machinist, 104 w Biddle 
Goft Adam, wood sawyer, 26 Knox al 
Gogel Charles, express messenger, 405 n Gay 
Goghegan Henry, varnisher, 433 w Pratt 
Goggin Richard, mariner, 33 Fell 
Goh Ferdinand, lager beer, 7 Calverton road 
Gohlinghost Harman, tavern, cor of Bond and 

Gohlinghorst John G. tavern, 66 Light 
Gohlinghorst John G. 32 w Lombard 
GOHLINGHORST JOHN H. restaurant, 5 

Gohn John B. currier, 154 Light 
Gold Abraham, (R. Kraus &Co.) 47 Granby 
Gold Bernard, shoemaker, 32 Maiden la 
Gold Joseph, brickmaker, cor Fulton and 

Gold Mrs. Mary E. 185 Conway 
Goldbeck Wm. carpenter, 86 s Castle al 
Golden Ann, huckstress, 30 Harford av 
Golden James, laborer, 13 Webster al 
Golden John, laborer, 168 Greenmount av 
Golden Richard, laborer, 15 Carlton 
deries, laces, &c. 163 w Baltimore 
Goldenberg Reuben, (G. & Weinberg,) 65 n 

Goldenberg Seligman, clerk, 23 s Sharp 
Goldenburg & Co. millinery, 52 n Howard 
Goldenburg Jacob, 121 n Howard 
Golder Mrs. Archibald, 127 w Fayette 
Golder J. C. at P. Tiernan & Sons, 12 w 

Golder Mary T. millinery, 76 Lexington, dw 

16 St. Paul 
Golder Robert, jr., (G. & Unduch) 495 w 

GOLDER & UNDUCH, importers and deal- 
ers in paper hangings, 33 Hanover, (east 
Golder Wm. W. bookkeeper, 127 w Fayette 
Golderman Sophia, grocery, 56 Ensor 
Goldheim Lazarus, pedler, 44 n Central av 
Goldise John S. butcher, 388 Penna. av 
Goldman Benjamin, clothier, 4 Centre Market 

space, dw 9 s Frederick 
GOLDMAN EDWARD, embroideries, mil- 
linery and fancy goods, 490)^ w Baltimore 
Goldman Isaac, 48 s Eutaw 
Goldman Leman, butcher, 96 Centre and 46 
Belair markets, dw Harford av nr city limits 
Goldman Louis, clothier, 803'2 Centre Market 

space, dw 11 Lloyd 
Goldman William, tailor, 49 n Spring 
Goldsborough Charles H. flour store, Forrest 

near Hillen, dw 118 n Broadway 
Goldsborough Charles W. at Baltimore Infir- 
Goldsborough John T. engineer, 296 Light 
Goldsborough John W. cabinet maker, 81 


and feed store, 161 Forrest 
Goldsborough Dr. Leander, apothecary, 90 

Goldsborough Louis D. printer, 90 Pearl 
Goldsborough Martin, agricultural commis- 
sion merchant, 49 Courtland 

Goldsborough Wm. J. clerk Farmers and 

Planters' Bank, 118 n Broadway 
Goldschmidt Sol. shoemaker, 123 s Bethel 
Goldsman Michael, wagoner, 3 Hampstead 
Goldsmith Aaron L. cigars, tobacco, &c., 8w 

Goldsmith Charles, shoemaker, 30 e Baltimore 
GOLDSMITH E. importer and manufactur- 
er of Havana, German and domestic cigars, 
20 s Charles 
Goldsmith Elijah S. bookkeeper, 149 Park 
Goldsmith Eliza, 149 Park 
Goldsmith Harman, butcher, 81 Centre and 

102 Belair Markets, dw 11 Gist 
Goldsmith Herman, pedler, 5 Watson 
Goldsmith Jacob, 310 e Monument 
Goldsmith Jacob, 143 Chesnut 
Goldsmith John S. second hand stoves, &c, 

38 Douglas 
Goldsmith John T. 247 e Madison 
Goldsmith Jonas, teacher, 25 n Eden 
Goldsmith Lewis A. 25 Orchard 
Goldsmith Lipman, clerk, 223 w Pratt 
Goldsmith Morris, glazier, 43 Harrison 
Goldsmith Mrs. Rachel, dry goods, 445 n Gay 
Goldsmith Reuben S. dry goods, 208 Aliceanna 
Goldsmith Samuel, butcher, 70 Hanover mar- 
ket, dw 11 Choptank 
Goldsmith Saml. shoemaker, 120 Burgundy al 
Goldsmith Samuel H. 85 n Calvert 
Goldsmith Solomon, jr., clerk, 208 Aliceanna 
Goldsmith William, tailor, 49 n Spring 
Goldstein Aaron, ink maker, 221 n Central av 
Goldstine Mendel, painter, 62 Clay 
Goldstrom Abraham, pedler, 76 n Eden 
Goldstrom M. hats and caps, 248 Aliceanna 
Golibart J. & Co. teas, wines and groceries, 

205 w Pratt, dw J. G. 10 s Broadway 
Golibart Mrs. Mary D. 156 e Pratt 
Golibart Simon R. (Randolph, G. & Co.) 324 

e Baltimore 
Golibart F. L. clerk, 238 w Pratt 
Golibart Joseph, (Ely & G.) 10 s Broadway 
Golring Conrad, plumber, 247 s Dallas 
Golmbeirski G. grocer, 261 s Ann 
Gomigen Joseph, tailor, 426 w Baltimore 
Gonce John T. laborer, 24 Ross 
Gonder Wm. tobacconist, 167 Franklin 
Gontrum Peter, shoemaker, 92 Aisquith 
Gontrum Wm. C. boiler maker, 39 York 
Good John B. furniture, 50 Harrison 
Good N. laborer, 301 Aliceanna 
Goodacre Daniel, clerk, 85 Albemarle 
Goodall Alice, seamstress, 129 e Eager 
Goodall Margaret, 129 e Eager 
Goodbrad George, butcher, Western Ceme- 
tery lane 
Goode Wm. F. importer of brandies, wines, 

&c., 188 Pearl 
Goodey Frederick, milkman, Franklin near 

Goodhand James B. carpenter, 87 n Calvert 
Goodhand John, (Tucker & Smith,) 17 n 

Goodhen George W. 58 n Spring 
Goodison Mrs. Fanny, dressmaker, 182 Han- 
Goodloe T. W. salesman, 116 German 
Goodman Aaron, clothier, 75 and 105 n How- 
ard, dw cor Clay and Howard 
Goodman Isaac, second hand dealer, 62 Har- 
Goodman Jacob, machinist, 37 Scott 

GSO. S. PAGE <Si BRO., Manulacturers of Roofs and Roofing Materials, IH Smltb's 
WTxarf. C. HART SBHTH, Agent. 




Goodman John B. butcher, s e cor Chester 

and Madison 
Goodman John, tailor, 208 s Eutaw 
Goodman Joseph, cap maker, 299 w Pratt 
Goodman Joseph, clothier, 10 Centre Market 

Goodman Josiah, clothier, 22 Centre Market 

Goodman John, soldier, 147 Dover 
Goodman Lewis, second hand dealer, 68 Har- 
Goodman Lewis, rags, 145 Orleans 
Goodman Mary, 29 Abbott 
Goodman Mrs. Maria, 241 s Paca 
Goodman Samuel, tailor, 128 e Lombard 
Goodman Seigel, teacher, 84 Harrison 
Goodman Thomas, laborer, 68 n Central av 
Goodman Thomas, dry goods, 29 Hollins 
Goodman Winnebald, tailor, 115 McElderry 
Goodmoth Jacob, rags, 85 Bank 
Goodrick George W. carpenter, over 69 w 

Goodrick Thomas T. carpenter, 156 n Eutaw 
Goodspeed Mrs. R. R. 179 Garden 
Goodwerdser John, tailor, 88 Chesnut 
Goodwin Charles, cashier Franklin Bank, 209 

w Lombard 
Goodwin James, engineer, 255 Gough 
Goodwin James, bar tender, 415 w Baltimore 
GOODWIN THOMAS, dry goods commis- 
sion merchant, 12 Hanover, dw 29 Hollins 
Goodwin Richard B. (G. & Stevens,) 27 Stiles 
GOODWIN & STEVENS, ship builders, 

Philpot near drawbridge 
Goodwin Thomas, shoemaker, 48 Buren 
Gootee A. S. 99 s Washington, F. P. 
Gootee George S. clerk, 99 s Washington, 

Goran James, laborer, 15 Hull 
Gorbelornel Herman, 239 Mulberry 
Gordan Wm. A. machmist, 62 n Liberty 
Gordon Bazil F. med. student, 133 n Charles 
Gordon Mrs. Basil B. 133 n Charles 
Gordon Catharine, huckstress, 150 Green- 
mount av 
Gordon Daniel, engineer, 84 Granby 
Gordon David, baker, 72 Albemarle 
Gordon Eliza, 185 s Washington, F. P 
Gordon George W., Judge of Appeal Tax 

Court, 105 s Eden 
Gordon George J. 98 e Baltimore 
Gordon George B. silversmith, over 46 Holi- 
day, dw 276 Greenmount av 
Gordon Hezekiah, stone cutter, 72 Albemarle 
Gordon Isaac N. printer, 96 Lee 
Gordon J. Henry, silversmith, 278 Green- 
mount av 
Gordon Jas. A. bricklayer, 19 Constitution 
Gordon Dr. James W. W. 545 w Fayette 
Gordon James, (Zimmers & G.) 106 German 
Gordon John, laborer, 143 e Lombard 
Gordon Joseph, shoemaker, 36 Orleans 
Gordon Joseph, cooper, 102 n Fremont 
Gordon Josiah, cigar maker, 304 Mulberry 
Gordon Martin, laborer, 19 Pleasant al 
Gordon Wm. F. cabinet maker, 488 Franklin 
Gordon Wm. chair painter, 41 French 
Gordon Wm. 76 Saratoga 
Gordsciiell PVed'k D. butcher, 10 Townsend 
Gordshell Dr. George W. 163 n Fremont 
Gordy Julia, 10« s High 
Gore Jacob W. blacksmith, 231 Hollins 
Gore John W. carpenter, 133 Hoffman 

Gore Philip M. puddler, 231 Hollins 

Gore Thomas, 92 Saratoga 

Gorgas Dr. Ferdinand J. F. office 79 n Charles, 

dw 78 n Fremont 
Gorges John, cigar maker, 112 s Sharp 
Gorges John, piano maker, n e cor Paca and 

Gorman Bryan, grocery, 79 Richmond 
Gorman Christian, 79 Richmond 
Gorman Henry, blacksmith, 214 Raborg 
Gorman James W. merchant, 395 w Fayette 
Gorman James, carter, 4 Centre 
Gorman James, laborer, Falls road at North- 
ern av 
Gorman John, shoemaker, 73 n Amity 
Gorman John, 79 Richmond 
Gorman John O. laborer, 30 w Biddle 
Gorman John, fruit, 60 s Howard 
Gorman Mary, dressmaker, 681 Mulberry 
Gorman Matthew, clerk, 79 Richmond 
Gorman & Lyles, shipsmiths, 145 McElder- 
ry 's wharf 
Gorman Wm. E. sailmaker, 97 n Caroline 
Gorman Wm. (G. & Lyles,) 91 s Washing- 
ton, F. P. 
Gorman Wm. conductor P. W. & B. R. R. 

50 Barre 
Gormley John, tinner, Paca near German, dw 

343 Lexington 
Gormley Thomas J. painter, 122 Mulberry 
Gormley Mrs. Thomas J. milliner, 122 Mul- 
Gornall Mary A. grocery, 53 North 
Gornall Richard, brass finisher, 53 North 
Gornell John, coppersmith, n e cor Mosher 

and Federal 
Gorsuch Artridge, 289 e Eager 
Gorsuch Jehu, hardware, cor Gay and Front, 

dw 78 n High 
Gorsuch John H. clerk, 100 n Eutaw 
Gorsuch John T. conductor City Pass. Rail- 
way, 276 Aisquith 
Gorsuch Levin, oyster dealer, 247 Canton av 
Gorsuch Mrs. washerwoman, 185 s Chapel 
Gorsuch Nicholas, hatter, 65 Holland 
GORSUCH PEREGRINE, conveyancer, 32 

St. Paul, dw 227 Aisquith 
Gorsuch Robert, clerk tobacco warehouse 

No. 5 
Gorsuch Robert, clerk, Gilmor near Franklin 
Gorsuch Ruth B. 31 Jefferson 
Gorsuch Thomas J. tailor, 106 e Fayette 
Gorsuch Wm. G. carpenter and builder. Clay- 
near Liberty, dw 100 n Eutaw 
Gorter G. 0. consul for Belgium and commis. 
merch. 52 s. Gay, dw Relay House, B, &, 
0. R. R. 
Gorton AlonzoM. clerk, 274 Hollins 
Gorton Mrs. Caroline M. 274 Hollins 
Gorton Wm. S. nightman, 147 s Ann 
Gortz Hugo, piano maker, 306 Franklin 
Goslin George, mariner, 42 n Bond 
Gosling Mary, 140 e Lombard 
Goslin T. H. clerk, 206 e Monument 
Goslin Upton S. blacksmith, 91s Poppleton 
Goslin Wm. S. com. merchant, 51 South, dw 

206 c Monument 
GOSMAN ADAM J. druggist, n e cor Bal- 
timore and Gay 
Gosman Bartholomew, cooper, 170 s Ann 
Gosmanjohn, baker, 349 e Eager 
Gosman John, co)ifectioner, 239 n Caroline 
Gosnell Charles, clerk, 169 w Lombard 


WM. P. WEBR, Murine, Fire and Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Beneflt JUfe Insumnce Co., KfeTvark, If. J.," 80 Second Street. 




Gosnell Elizabeth, Hudson al near Federal 
Gosnell Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 125 n Fre- 
Gosnell Enoch, clerk, 202 Forrest 
Gosnell Francis M. carpenter, 45'3 w Lombard 
Gosnell Geo. T. carpenter, 365 Franklin 
Gosnell Geo. W com. merch. 201 e Madison 
Gosnell Geo. laborer, cor Northern av and 

Gosnell James, machinist. Federal near Cathe- 

Gosnell Jesse P. carpenter. 111 Preston 
Gosnell John T. silver plater. Liberty near 

Baltimore, dw 29 Chatsworth 
Gosnell Luther R. conductor, 126 Boyd 
Gosnell Matthew T. clerk, 122 w Fayette 
Gosnell Philip H. merch't tailor, 82 n Paca 
Gosnell Philip, tailor, 82 n Paca 
Gosnell Mrs. Rebecca, 144 Preston 
Gosnell Rufus B. conductor, 126 Boyd 
Gosnell Sarah J. tailoress, 202 Forrest 
Gosnell Susan, 13 Josephine 
Gosnell Thomas T. machinist, 138 McHenry 
Gosnell Thomas, carpenter, 210 e Madison 
Gosnell Walter E. conductor, 126 Boyd 
Gosnell Washington L. carpenter, 453 w 

Gosnell Wm. clerk Adam's Express, 7 Carey 

Waverley terrace 
Goss Job, 30 Brune 
Goss Robert, farmer, Bloomingdale road, near 

Goss Thomas, overseer af Almshouse 
Goss Winfield S. 314 n Eutaw 
Gossage Columbus S. mariner, 198 s Charles 
Gossage John, carpenter, 153 n Caroline 
Gossman George, 92 Orchard 
Gossman Philip, laborer, 282 Aliceanna 
Gossnell Geo. painter, 314 Harford av 
Gosweiler Daniel, lime, 85 Preston 
Goszman John, baker, 63 Ensor 
Gotlieb Philip, butcher and provisions, cor 
Jefferson and Dallas, dw cor Madison and 
Castle al 
Gotz Henry, tavern, 220 s Caroline 
Gott Jackson C. architect, 31 n Paca, dw 526 

Gott J. C carpenter, 32 n Paca, dw 526 Lex- 
Gott John, hackman, 4 Phenix Row, Hillen 
Gott Mrs. Thos J. 221 Saratoga 
Gott Mrs. Mary, 9 Ogston 
Gott Wm. carpenter, 155 Hoffman 
Gotte Carson, confectioner, 123 Eastern av 
Gottleben Peter, shoemaker, 255 n Eden 
Gotthardt August, 310 s Charles 
Gotthelf Abraham M. furuiture, 766 w Balti- 

n e cor Madison and Castle al 
Gottlehuet Mrs. Eva, 153 Burgundy al 
Gottschalk Adam, butcher, 209 Washington, 

Gottschalt Henry, tobacconist, 113 Penna. av 
Gotz John, laborer, rear 194 Aliceanna 
Goudy Stephen F. 52 Greenmount av 
Gough Mrs. Cassandra, 472 Lexington 
Gough Dr. Dixon, 70 s Sharp 
Gough F. grocer, 126 Holiday 
Gough Harry D. 25 n Calvert 
Gough Harry D. weigher of live stock, west- 
ern cattle scales, dw 276 w Fayette 
Gough James, blacksmith, 18 Hillen 

Gough Joseph H. harness maker, 72 n Fre- 
Gough Robert, foundryman, 138 Hudson 
Gough Thomas W. clerk, 472 Lexington 
Gough Wm. laborer, 18 Albert al 
Gould Alexander, jr. real estate broker, 72 

Second, dw Catonsville, Balto. Co. 
Gould Benj. F. real estate broker, 72 Second, 

dw Fayette between Carey and Calhoun 
Gould Columbus W. printer, 162 n High 
GOULD, DUKES & CO. commission mer- 
chants, 81 Exchange place 
Gould Capt. Edward, mariner, 148 s Bond 
Gould Edmund, salesman, 335 e Pratt 
Gould Mrs. Francis, 40 s High 
Gould George, clerk, 156 w Lombard 
Gould James, chronometers, watches, &c. 169 

w Baltimore, dw 38 Franklin 
Gould James A. (Marriott & G.) 17 n Strieker 
Gould John H. clerk Sun office, dw9 s Greene 
Gould John G. 335 e Pratt 
Gould Capt. Theodore P. 160 e Eager 
Gould Thomas N. (G., Dukes & Co.; 91 w 

Gould Wm. Wallace, real estate broker, 72 

Second, dw Franklin near Calhoun 
Gould .Wm. Wallace , Fayette between Carey 

and Calhoun 
Gould Zaccheus, clerk, 7 Poultney 
GOULEY LOUIS, Jr.. vegetable medicine 

dealer, 60 w Baltimore, dw 35 s High 
Gourley George, laborer, 76 Richmond 
Gourley Capt. James, 18 n Eden 
Gourley James, 48 n Bond 
Gousha Napoleon B. carpenter, 123 Chew 
Gover Charles P. clerk, 7 n High 
Gover George P. clerk, 5 Aisquith 
Gover Geo. P. assistant cash receiver. City 

Collector's office, 5 Aisquith 
Gover & Gardner, commission merchants, 13 

Gover Philip, (P. G. & Co.) Harford Co. 
GOVER PHILIP & CO., exchange brokers, 
nwcor Baltimore and Harrison. — [Seepage 
26 Advertisements.] 
Gover Robert, 180 Madison av 
Gover Robert, clerk, 5 Aisquith 
GOVER SAMUEL H. auctioneer and com- 
mission merchant, 84 w Baltimore, dw 7 n 
Gover, Henry T. (G. & Gardner,) 385 w 

Government Forage Department, 122 s Eutaw 
Gowan Wm. laborer, 362 Ostend 
Gowdey James, salesman, Fountain hotel 
Gowdrey John, Fountain hotel 
Gower John, carter, 60 Hamburg 
Gowrey Michael, laborer, 77 s Poppleton 
Grabacher Simon, gardener, city limits near 

Grabe Henry, cooper, 353 s Charles 
Grabe John, shoemaker, 194 s Wolfe 
Grabner Henry, stevedore, 291 s Wolfe 
Grace C. A. 179 n Howard 
Grace Church, (Episcopal,) n e cor Park and 

Grace Jacob A. 291 n Howard 
Grace James C. bookseller, 39 s Frederick 
Grace John C. tailor, 92 York 
Grace Teresa A. 82 s High 
Gracey Benjamin M. clerk, 113 Aisquith 
Gracey Henry, 55 Aisquith, 
Gracey Hugh, bricklayer, 159 e Monument 

J. HEIVRY GIESB, Commission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &X. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 31 gear's "Wharf. 




Gracey Robert, carter, 15 Greenmount av 
Gracey Thomas, laborer, 21 Barnes 
Gracie Wm. laborer, 46 Albemarle 
Grades Mrs. Percy, 108 s High 
Gradle Andreas, whitewasher, 296 Aliceanna 
Gradwohl Catharine, 222 Canton av 
Gradwohl Martin, ship carp. 222 Canton av 
Grady James, freight agent Baltimore Steam- 
packet Co. 8 Garden 
Grady John, 249 s Dallas 
Grady John, shoemaker, 15 Pine 
Grady Mary M. J. 31 Buren 
Graef Conrad, tavern, 126 w Lombard 
Graef Frank, laborer, 149 Johnson 
Graef Peter, tobacconist, 91 n Caroline 
Graefle Frederick, clerk, 557 w Baltimore 
Graennen John, tailor, 13 Mott 
Graf & Engler, foreign exchange and bill bro- 
kers, over 18 w Second 
Graf Frederick B. vice consul for Sweden and 
Norway, over 18 w Second, dw 87 St. Paul 
Graf Frederick B. (G. & Engler,) 87 St. Paul 
Graf George, coachmaker, 145 Central av 
Grafe Clements, laborer, 87 Patuxent 
Grafee Edward, cabinet maker, 9 Clay 
Graff Araminta, 66 s Ann 
Graff E. Beatty, attorney, Strieker 
Graff Rev. James J. clerk P. 0. 294 Hollins 
Graff Henry, cigars, 57 Albemarle 
Graff John, cooper, 331 s Bond 
Graff Laura, 156 w Biddle 
Graff Louis, cap maker, 40 Portland 
Graff Peter, shoemaker, 276 s Dallas 
Graff Thos. R. ship joiners, 154 Gough 
Graff Wilhelm, 115 n Eutaw 
Grafflin Geo. W. 77 South, dw 296 w Lombard 
Grafflin Geo. W. clerk, McCulloh near Dol- 
GRAFFLIN JACOB W. lumber and trenails, 
corner of Canton and Falls avs. dw McCul- 
loh near Dolphin 
GRAFFLIN JOHN C. proprietor Baltimore 
bag factory, 77 and 79 South, dw 238 Madi- 
son av 
Grafflin Joseph, deputy sheriff, 12 e Grundy 
Graft Christian, tailor, 509 Belair av 
Graft Thomas, butcher, 17 Rock 
Grafton Rev. C. C. 12 Cathedral 
Grafton McHenry, (Meixsel & G.) Decker 

near Northern av 
Grafton Samuel H. tobacconist. Division near 

Graham Alexander, carpenter, 400 s Charles 
Graham Amanda, 40 e Fayette 
Graham Amelia J. boarding, 76 Saratoga 
Graham Andrew, tobacconist, 337 n Gay, dw 

87 Aisquith 
Graham Mrs. Ann, teacher, 400 s Charles 
Graham Mrs. Ann M. 161 s Broadway 
Graham Mrs. Ann, 86 Preston 
Graham Anne, hat trimmer, 14 Gough 
Graham Benjamin, police, 356 s Central av 
Graham Maj. Campbell, 64 Franklin 
Graham Daniel, (W. & D. G.) Ill Jefferson 
Graham Edward, bottler, under s e cor Lom- 
bard and South, dw 169 n Central av 
Graham Capt. G. R. (J. A. Applegarth & Co.) 

104 Johnson 
Graham Geo. H. shoemaker, 51 Hill 
Graham Hugh, carter, 15 Greenmount av 
Graham James, engineer, 82 Luzerne, Canton 
Graham James J. clerk, 242 n Howard 
Graham James, pattern maker, 198 Conway 

Graham Jeanette, 242 n Howard 
Graham Jesse, shoemaker, 151 n Exeter 
Graham John C. shipsmith, 45 Fawn 
GRAHAM JOHN, ^oap and candle manu- 
facturer, s w cor Caroline and Canton av 
Graham John, baker, 349 Forrest 
Graham John, brass moulder, 349 Forrest 
Graham John, laborer, 11 Fall 
Graham John C. boot fitter, 31 May 
Graham John, painter, Saratoga near Charles, 

dw 248 Aisquith 
Graham John, news dealer, 514 w Baltimore 
Graham John T. clerk office medical purveyor, 

52 s Sharp 
Graham John, potter, 103 Jefferson 
Graham Joseph R. H. bookkeeper, dw Malt- 
by house 
Graham Mannus, painter, 183 Bank 
Graham Marietta W. 86 w Hoffman 
Graham Mary, 183 Bank 
Graham Matilda, 187 n Howard 
Graham Michael, huckster, Harforii av near 

cjty limits 
Graham Molly, 90 Chester 
Graham Peter, wood dealer, s e corner Boston 

and Chester, dw 130 s Chester 
Graham Robert C. carpenter, 50 n Schroeder 
Graham Sarah A. 71 s Ann 
Graham Wm. oil and lamps, 379 w Pratt 
Graham Wm. H. agent Brown Bros. & Co. 

54 Cathedral 
Graham Wm. furniture, 138 Franklin, dw 

109 Jefferson 
Graham Capt. Win. 130 n Charles 
Graham Wm. (W. & D. G.) 109 Jefferson 
Graham W. & D. furniture manufacturers, 

11, 13 and 15 Edward 
Grahame Richard W. clerk, 81 w Baltimore 
Graigna John, laborer, 92 East 
Grain John M. furn. wagoner, 205 Gough 
Graly John, laborer, 117 s Durham 
Gramer John, gas fitter, 10 Greenwillow 
Grammer John A. crockery, 9 Columbia road 
Granby Chapel, (Prot. Epis.) n e cor MuUi- 

kin and Spring 
Grandemann Henry, shoemaker, 72 Hanover 
Grandeman Carl, porter, 112 Hamburg 
Graninger Elizabeth, confectionery, 15 Court- 
Graninger J. E. shoemaker, 15 Courtland 
Granger Charles T. hackman, 109 Saratoga 
Granger Henry, 185 w Lombard 
Granger John F. confectioner, 109 Saratoga 
Granger John, paper carrier, 45 St. Mary 
Granger John F. jr. painter, 109 Saratoga 
Granger Levin H. wood, 27 Warren 
Granger Matthew, tobacconist, 109 n Howard 
Granger Mrs. Nancy, 27 Warren 
Granger Nathan, shoemaker, 31 L. Church 
Granger Nathan J. shoemaker, 31 L. Church 
Granger Wm. laborer, 234 s Sharp 
Granger Wm. caulker, 85 Peirce 
Granger Wm. H. tobacconist, 117 n Howard 
Granger Wm. H. brickmaker, 225 Hanover 
Grannan Barney, machinist, 39 Valley 
Granniss & Taylor, oyster pack-ers, Alice- 
anna, foot of Chester 
Granite Ferdinand, cabinet maker, 100 s Ann 
Granruth Mary A. 2C5 s Bond 
Granruth Wm. mariner, 265 s Bond 
Grant Mrs. Alice, 494 w Baltimore 
GRANT & BRO. commission merchants, 101 
w Lombard 

GEO. S. PAGK Si BROm Mnimfacttirers or Roofs nnd Roofing Blateiinls, 111 Smltt's 
IVharf. C. HART SMITH. Agent. 




Grant Catherine, 20 Mott 

Grant J. Hope, bookkeeper, 241 w Baltimore 

Grant John M. assist. U. S. assessor 15th 

ward, 102 Hanover 
Grant Joseph W. ship carpenter, 139 s Wash- 
ington, F. P. 
Grant Michael, carter, 23 Stirling 
Grant Rachel^ 161 s Washington, F. P. 
Grant Robert, gas fitter, 30 s Broadway- 
Grant Wm. pattern maker, 282 n Eutaw 
Grant Xenophon, hatter, 494 w Baltimore 
Grantz John C. clerk, 51 Stiles 
Granz John, laborer, 148 William 
Granzer John, tailor and scourer, 6 Bank la 
Grape Andrew, carpenter, 133 e Monument 
Grape Andrew, trunk maker, 133 e Monu- 
Grape Geo. S. principal public school No. 9, 

dw 137 e Monument 
Grape Jacob, bacon, 119 Hillen, dw 97 
Grape John, wood, 36 Granby 
Grape John T. clerk, Chase near Caroline 
Grape John W. tinner, 234 n Central av 
Grapps John, barber, 138 e Fayette 
Grasey Wm. carpenter, 58 Mullikin 
Grashael August, tailor, 27 McElderry 
Grass John, laborer, 37 Fawn 
Grass John, paper hanger, 148 Raborg 
Grass Philip, tanner, 70 n Fremont 
Grasshoff Fried. 126 Fremont 
Grate Catherine, seamstress, 71 Ross 
Gratel Conrad, rags, 126 Stirling 
Grattan Adelia, boarding, 14 w Baltimore 
Grattan Thos. L. gas fitter and plumber, 8 

North, dw 14 w Baltimore 
Gratton Geo-, gift bookstore, n w cor Holiday 

and Baltimore, dw Front n of Fayette 
Gratwohl Martin, ship carpenter, 222 Can- 
ton av 
Gratz John, cooper, 222 s Bond 
Gratz Koon, carpenter, 10 Shakspear 
Grau August, tailor. Gay st. extended 
Grau B. cooper, 265 Hanover 
Grau Charles, clerk, 17 Brown 
Grau Francis, shoemaker, 96 n Dallas 
Grau Paul, laborer, 310 s Charles 
Grau Thomas, shoemaker, Belair av near city 

Grau Wm. H. machinist, 896 w Pratt 
Graue Herman H. (Wm. Wilkens & Co.) 

168 s Sharp 
Grauer Ignatius, dry goods, 179 n Gay 
Grauer Saml. tobacconist, 646 w Baltimore 

and 170 w Pratt, dw 646 w Baltimore 
Grauh Lawrence, tailor, 20 President 
Grauling Henry, tailor, 375 s Charles 
Graupner Frederick, shoemaker, 47 e Fayette 
Gravenstebe Henry, cigar maker, 120 e Lom- 
Gravenstine Jas. H. wire worker, 18 s Exeter 
Graves Mrs. Clara, 7 Park 
Graves Dr. John J. ofiice 36 s Charles, dw 

Windsor Mill road 
Graves Thomas, lO&s High 
Gravier Mde. P. teacher of French and danc- 
ing, 97 St. Paul 
Gravier Samuel, tobacconist, 646 w Baltimore 
Gray Adams, ship master, 362 e Baltimore 
Gray Mrs. Adelaide, milliner, 45 s Caroline 
Gray Alexander P. shoemaker, 68 e Fayette 
Gray Andrew, (Kelsey &G.) 362 e Baltimore 
Gray Ann L. 164 w Lombard 
Gray Ann, 8 Temple 

Gray Ann, 110 Hamburg 

Gray Mrs. Ann, 48 Mulberry 

Gray August, laborer, 29 Eastern av 

Gray Benj. F. tailor, 497 w Pratt 

Gray Bernard, tavern, 46 Buren 

Gray Charles E. brickmaker, 142 s Paca 

Gray David W. (Pearce & G.) 72 McCuUoh 

Gray Mrs. Emeline, 231 e Lombard 

Gray E. jr. jeweler, 222 Barre 

Gray Ezekiel, jeweler, 222 Barre 

Gray Ezekiel, bottler, 2 n Strieker 

Gray Francis E. painter, 140 Bank 

Gray Francis W. cracker agent, 190 s Bond 

Gray Geo. W. clerk, 19 s Bond 

Gray Rev. G. T. 51 Eastern av 

Gray H. Otis, clerk, 27 n Calvert 

Gray Henry H. bottler, 2n Strieker, dw 224 

Gray Henry C. bookkeeper, 288 e Pratt 
Gray Howard P. sail maker, 362 e Baltimore 
Gray Hugh, tallow chandler, 103 n High 
Gray J. Albert, clerk, 362 e Baltimore 
Gray James, carter, 298 s Charles 
Gray James Thos. carter, 298 s Charles 
Gray James A. painter, 138 Bank 
Gray James E. shoemaker, 50 Henrietta 
Gray James, carpenter, 304 Hollins 
Gray John, agent, 359 n Gay 
Gray John, huckster, 92 Gough 
Gray John T. shoemaker, 10] Chew 
Gray J. Joseph, sailmaker, Kerr's wharf, dw 

50 s Broadway 
Gray Jonathan J. carpenter, 329 Aisquith 
Gray Lewis, painter, 110 Hamburg 
Lexington, Charles Marean, agent, dw s w 
cor Lexington and Charles 
Gray Mrs. Mary A- 139 Dover 
Gray Mary Ann, confectionery, 83 n Front 
Gray Patrick, drayman, 109 Dover 
Gray Patrick, laborer, 109 Dover 
Gray Richard , hay packer, 693 Lexington 
Gray Thos. J. cabinet maker, 48 Mulberry 
Gray Thomas, laborer, 124 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Gray Vincent, tailor, 497 w Pratt 
Gray Wm. brakesman, 664 w Pratt 
Gray Wm. hackman, 182 n Exeter 
Gray Wm. 52 n Calvert 
Gray Wm. stock dealer. Miller's hotel 
Gray Wm. M. (Sheckels & Gray,) 113 n Fre- 
Gray Wm. E. paper hanger, 198 Garden 
Gray Wm. hatter, 16 Thomsen 
Graydon Charles, carter, 156 n High 
Grayson John, 235 Conway 
Greacen John, sr., salt dealer, 83 Exchange 

place, dw Baltimore Co. 
Greacen John, jr., clerk, Baltimore Co. 
Greaser G. piano maker, 50 s Oregon 
Greaser John, laborer, 195 Canton av 
Greasley Jacob F. butcher, 18 Hanover mar- 
ket, dw Penna. av. near Northern av 
Greamer Jacob, carter, 238 s Dallas 
Greamer Valentine, brewer, office 277 s Ann 
Greasman Wm. carpenter, 179 s Ann 
Greasen Louis, nightman, 269 Eastern av 
Greason Augustus, piano maker, 50 s Oregon 
Greason Mrs. Eliza, 252 Lee 
Greason Thos. huckster, 204 German 
Greaves Teresa, confect. 252 Montgomery 
Greaves Wm. laborer, 252 Montgomery 
Greb Peter, grocer, 170 n Howard 

WBi. p. IVBBB, Marine, Fire and Ufe Insnnmee Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Uf« IiMnnuice Co.* N*w«Tk, V. J.»" 69 8«cond Street. 




GREBLE BENJAMIN, stone and earthen- 
ware manufacturer, 76 Ensor, dw 26 Har- 
ford av 
Grc'ble Geo. laborer, over 161 w Pratt 
Greble Wm. police, 124 Chew 
Grebner Adam, laborer, 60 Central av 
Grebner John, laborer, 89 e Pratt 
Greely Patrick, laborer, 2 Diamond 
Greely Patrick, laborer, 78 s Chapel 
Gremm Elias, barber, 46 Ensor 
Green Amon, cotton manufacturer, 70 Hillen 
Green Mrs. Agnes, dressmaker, 55 Centre 

Market space 
Green And. (G. & Hoffman,) 219 Peirce 
Green Andrew, huckster, 383 n Gay- 
Green Mrs. Anna, huckster. Shad al nr Greene 
Green Mrs. Anna, Saratoga near Calhoun 
Green Ann, 107 s High 
Green Augustus W. clerk, 169 n Howard 
Green Catherine, tailoress, 157 n Fremont 
Green Charles A. (G.& Hobbg,) 167 s Paca 
Green Charles B. grocer, n w cor Gay and 

High, dw 130 n High 
Green Clement, shoemaker, 170 George 
Green Caroline B. 402 w Lombard 
Green Cordelia, confectionery, 140 Aisquith 
Green Cornelius, barber, 31 and 68 w Pratt, 

Green Edward J. clerk, s w cor Madison av 

and St. Mary 
Green Eliza, seamstress, 208 Forrest 
Green Mrs. Elizabeth, 215 Conway 
Green George T. house and sign painter, 51 

South, dw 200 e Fayette 
Green George W. (Linthicum, G. & Son) 257 

Green George M. carpenter, 146 Ross 
Green Henry, sr. (Blackiston & G.) dw 5 s 

Green Henry, jr. police, 5 s Schroeder 
Green Henry H. currier, 194 Lexington, dw 

41 Pearl 
Green Henry L. gas fitter, 11 Falls 
Green Henry, carpenter, 5 s Schroeder 
Green Henry, undertaker, Baltimore nr Fre- 
mont, dw 5 s Conway 
Green & Hoffman, coachmakers, 167 w Lom- 
Green Horace, A. printer, 101 n Front 
Green Jacob, lime and hair, 44 Buren, dw 292 

e Chase 
Green Capt. James, restaurant, s w cor Light 

St whf and Barre 
Green James P. coppersmith, 357 e Fayette 
Green James H. boiler maker, 104 Granby 
Green Jas. boatman, 58 s Washington, F. P. 
Green Capt. James, 123 Gough 
Green John W. soldier, 38 w Eager 
Green John, laborer, 6 e Foundry 
Green John, printer, 16 s Carey 
Green Capt. John M. grocery and com. mer- 
chants, Light, dw 136 n Exeter 
Green John, paver, 15 Sterrett 
Green John, scavenger, 38 William 
Green John N. soldier, 10 s Oregon 
Green John, moulder, 162 Conway 
Green J. P. coppersmith, 307 e Fayette 
Green J. J. manuf. of mill picks and facing 
hammers, Centre 4 doors w of Holiday, 
dw 119 Grundy. 
Green Josephine, seamstress, 74 Mulberry 
Green Joseph (Linthicum, G. & Son,) 257 

Green Joseph, huckster, 257 Columbia 
Green Joseph, bricklayer, 108 n Bond 
Green Joseph D. blacksmith, 75 Gough 
Green Joseph N. carpenter, 25 Carlton 
Green Joshua H. machinist, 120 Jefferson 
Green Joseph, laborer, 200 L. Constitution 
Green Joshua, rectifier of liquors, 220 Mul- 
Green Louis, grocer, 51 Chatswijrth 
Green Lydia A. 238 n Howard 
Green Mary Ann, 101 n Front 
Green Mary, tailoress, 208 Forrest 
Green Mrs. Maria, 64 Camden 
Green Mrs. Nancy, 119 Ross 
Green Patrick, laborer, 45 s Dewberry al 
Green Philander, bookkeeper, 317 Saratoga 
Green Rebecca, seamstress, 255 Forrest 
Green Rebecca, 200 L. Constitution 
Green Richard C. cooper, 49 Commerce, dw 

167 s Paca 
Green Richard M. blacksmith, 296 n Eutaw 
Green Samuel, butcher, 64 Belair market, dw 

Point la nr Greenmount Cemetery 
Green Samuel, shoemaker, 131 e Lombard 
Green Samuel, huckster, 120 n Dallas 
GREEN THOMAS T. tavern, 56 Thames 
Green Thomas M. (G. & Yoe) 93 Aisquith 
Green Thomas, carpenter, 151 Ensor 
Green Thomas, laborer, 45 s Dewberry al 
Green Thomas, grocer, 93 Aisquith 
Green Thomas, mariner, 386 w Eager 
Green Wm. F. tailor, 222 w Pratt 
Green Wm. F. carpenter, 150 Ross 
GREEN WILLIAM P. restaurant, 48 e 

Green Capt. Wm. H. mariner, 107 s High 
Green Wm. H. conductor, 16 s Republican 
Green Wm. H. sutler, 140 Aisquith 
Green Wm. H. conductor B. & 0. R. R. 211 

Green Wm. moulder, Conway nr Greene 
Green & Yoe, grocers, 88 w Baltimore 
Green Zach. ship carp. 151s Washington, F.P. 
Greenawald Michael, grocery, 252 s Bond 
Greenbaum Isaac & Sons, dry goods, 200 and 

216 s Broadway 
Greenbaum Isaac, tailor and clothier, 146 w 

Pratt, dw 103 e Lombard 
Greenbaum Moses, clerk, 168 French 
Greenbaum Marks, (Siegel, G. & Schmidt,) 

260 w Pratt 
Greenbaum Meyer, clothier, s w cor Forrest 

and French, dw 168 French 
Greenbaum Nathan G. grocer, 157 Orleans 
Greenbaum Wolfe, grocery, 417 Saratoga 
Greener J o.'ieph, regulator at Camden Station, 

142 McHenry 
Greener Henry, lithographer, 2 Jefferson 
Greenfield Aquilla H. hardware, 167 Lexing- 
ton, dw 261 Saratoga 
Greenfield Caleb W. hardware merchant, 

Baltimore co. near Catonsville 
Greenfield Edward, carpenter, 50 Jefferson 
Greenfield Harriet M. 261 Saratoga 
Greenfield Isaiah, ship joiner, 89 s High 
Greenfield Rachel, nurse, 11 Harmony la 
Greenfield Thomas K. ship joiner, 89 s High 
Greenhood Aaron, baker, 80 Harrison 
Greenize Lewis, baker, 183 w Biddle 
Greenley Ann M. 75 Lee 
Greenley Wm. E. police, 178 n Caroline 
Greenmount Avenue, (M. E.) Church, n w 
cor Greenmount av. and Eager 

J. HKIVRY GIESE, Commission Merchant, for the sale ot Flonr, Grain, Seeds, «Ssc. 
RoseucUae Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 81 Spear'a Wharf: 





Greensfelder & Bro. fancy goods, 25 n Howard 
Greeiisfelder Bernard, 41 Granby 
Greensfelder Henry, clothier, 11] e Lombard 
Greensfelder Joseph, (G.& Bro.) 143 Saratoga 
Greensfelder Moses,Novelty Ruffle Company, 

7 n Liberty 

Greensfelder Mary, 279 s Bond 

Greensfelder Simon, 10 s Exeter 

Greensfelder Sam '1, (G. & Bro.) 213 Saratoga 

Greensteen Simon, dry goods, 190 s Broad- 

Greentree Andrew D. painter, 373 Franklin 
Greentree Mrs. Catharine, 373 Franklin 
Greentree Dr. Hiram, apothecary and drug- 
gist, and coroner, cor Garden and Preston 
Greentree Jacob, clothier, 84i^ Centre Market 

Greentree Mary, 59 n Eutaw 
Greenwald Benj. clerk, 72 s Eutaw 
Greenwald Mrs. Hannah, varieties, 72 s 

Greenwall Conrad, shoemaker, 75 Somerset 
Greenwalt Ernest, laborer, 183 s Ede^n 
Greenway Edward M. jr., n w cor Mount 

Vernon and Washington places 
Greenway Edward M. sr., cor Mt. Vernon 

and Washington places 
Greenway Mrs. Wm. T. 17 Mulberry 
Greenwell Ann, Allen's al near Central av 
Greenwell Mrs. Kate, 135 n Bethel 
Greenwood Chas. H. carpenter, 149 s Chester 
Greenwood Frank, trader, 394 Lexington 
Greenwood George Z. com. mer., 1 Bowly's 

wharf, dw 233 Hanover 
Greenwood Harriet A. 394 Lexington 
Greenwood Wm. D. clerk, 230 e Monument 
Greenwood Wm. hatter, 181 n Central av 
Greenwood Wm. S. hat agent, over 2 Light, 

dw s w cor Monument and Central av 
Greer Alexander, sexton St. Paul's Church, 

8 Mulberry 

Greer Benj. clerk, 49 Fawn 
Greer John, huckster, 204 Forrest 
Greer John J. clerk, 169 Madison av 
Greer Mary, 169 Madison av 
Greer Robert A. accountant, 40 n Fremont 
Greer Robert, shoemaker, 162 Chesnut 
Greer Sophia, 49 Fawn 
Greer Thomas W. baker, 49 Fawn 
Greer Wm. furrier, 62 e Pratt 
Grefe Louis, grocer, 51 s Paca 
Gregbanstide Henry, cigar maker, 120 e Lom- 
GREGG ANDREW & CO. wholesale gro- 
cers, 109 and 111 Franklin 
Gregg Andrew A. (Bayfield & G.) 155 n 

Gregg J. Newton, clerk, 255 w Fayette 
Gregg James, (Andrew G.&Co.)58 Franklin 
Gregg Jno. (Andrew G. & Co.) 126 n Charles 
Gregg John H. clerk, 255 w Fayette 
Gregg Mahlon, tinner, s e cor Pleasant and 

Gregg Robert, 43 Holiday 
Gregg Mrs. Susan, tailoress, 227 Henrietta 
Gregg Wm. N. clerk, 255 w Fayette 
Gregory Ann R. 220 s Charles 
Gregory David, laborer, 160 s Wolfe 
Gregory Henry D. tobac conist, cor Hughes 

Quay and Light, dw 196 s Charles 
GregoryJno. W. marine fireman, 30 Henrietta 

Gregory Henry N. painter, Jefferson, e of 

Gregory Joseph H. D. tobacconist, 201 Light, 

dw 196 s Charles 
GregoryJno. B. police, 74 Washington, F.H. 
Gregory Joseph, ship carpenter, 57 Milliman 
Gregory Martha, variety store, 119 Gough 
Gregory Mrs. Mary, 51 Harmony la 
Gregory Samuel, bricklayer, 296 s Paca 
Gregory Thomas 0. cigar maker, 14 Henrietta 
Gregory Wm. ship carpenter, 137 s Eden 
Gregory Wm. plasterer, 102 Hollins 
Greif Levi, tailor, 213 s Broadway 
Greine Emanuel, butcher, rear 418 Saratoga 
Greiner Mrs. Elizabeth, 460 Lexington 
Greister Joseph, shoemaker, 15 Jasper 
Greit Harman, huckster, 490 w Lombard 
Gremmel John, butcher, 119 Centre Market, 

dw Harford av near city limits 
Griplich Lewis, shoemaker, 35 s Caroline 
Grensfelter Samuel, fancy store, 25 n How- 
ard, dw 213 Saratoga 
Grepp Valentine, sawyer, 78 Grindall 
Grese Barbara, grocery, 74 n Fremont 
Grese Caspari, cabinet maker, 74 n Fremont 
Gresen Louis, night worker, 269 Eastern av 
Gresham John, ordnance department, 291 e 

Gresham John, jr. , japanner, 291 e Pratt 
Greshoff Francis A. gold and silversmith. 
Wine bet. Light and Charles, dw 2 Watson 
Gresley Chas. butcher. Butcher's row, Penna 

av extended 
Grfctzen Adam, tailor, 19 e Lombard 
Grevele Mrs. Henrietta, 66 s High 
Grever Louis, tailor, 47 w Biddle 
Greves Wm. porter, Montgomery, e of Han- 
Greenzeback Chas. shoemaker, 240 s Sharp 
Grew John S. rope maker, 359 s Sharp 
Grewe Lewis F. coppersmith, 98 s Carey 
Grewe Mrs. Mary, 98 s Carey 
Grewe Sarah J. tailoress, 98 s Carey 
Greaf Catherine, dry goods, 263 s Ann 
GREY LIEUT. THOMAS, adjutant 2d U. 
S. artillery and chief quartermaster 2d left 
brigade, 8th army corps, Fort McHenry 
Grib John, carter, 525 Canton av 
Gribban Patrick, bottler, 91 Albemarle 
Grice Edward G. clerk, 53 s Broadway 
Grice Eliza, 53 s Broadway 
Grice Joseph P. druggist, 53 s Broadway 
Gridley John, engineer, 129 n Eden 
Grieb Andrew, tailor. 111 n Bethel 
Griebel Nicholas, tailor, 31 Goodman al 
Grieff Michael, cooper, Bevan near Cross 
Griefzue Christian, cigar maker, 79 Cantonav 
Griefzue John, carpenter, 47 Bank 
Grieneisen Adam, cutter, 31 Conway 
Grier Eleanor, 187 n Howard 
Grier Margaret, 187 n Howard 
Gries Antony, 255 e Pratt 
Gries Christopher, tailor, 32 Josephine 
Gries John, laborer, 155 s Eden 
Gries John G. wood and twist turner, 15 

Grant, dw 542 w Pratt 
Griesbeck Conrad, tailor, 74 s Bond 
Griese Adam, shoemaker, 54 Gough 
Grieser Adam, cooper, 113 Albemarle 
Griest George, driver Harden 's exp. 58 Hill 
Griest Geo. C. clerk, 58 Hill 
Griest Moses, com. merchant, 88 Light st 
whf. dw 58 Hill 

GE:0. S. PAGK & BRO., Manufacturers of Rooft and Roofing aiateriiOs, 111 Smith's 
Wharf. C. HART SIHITH, Agent. 




GrifEn Charles H. butcher, 34 Somerset 
Griffin Clara, seamstress, 27 Edward 
Griffin Edwin, painter, 404 w Fayette 
Griffin Geo. W. cabinet maker, 25 sSchroeder 
Griffin George, millwright, 17 Armistead la 
Griffin George, machinist, 381 Light 
Griffin Henry C. 13 Penn 
Griffin Henry C. bookkeeper city collector's 

office, dw 13 Penn 
Griffin James, grocery, 29 w Chase 
Griffin James, shoemaker, 95 n Eden 
Griffin James, printer, 73 Eastern av 
Griffin Joanna, dressmaker, 314 Harford av 
Griffin Joanna, washerwoman, 29 Strieker al 
Griffin John M. tailor, 204 Hanover 
Griffin John, plasterer, 367 Saratoga 
Griffin Luke, tavern, 10 Fish Market space 
Griffin Mary J. grocery, n w cor Caroline and 

Madison ^ 

Griffin Michael, laborer, 103 Vine 
Griffin Michael, laborer, 23 Ringgold al 
Griffin Robert B. jr. (R. B. G. & Son) 228 

Griffin Robert, plasterer, 24 McElderry 
Griffin Robert B. (R. B. G. & Son) 225 

Griffin Robert J. carpenter, 213 Barre 
GRIFFIN ROBERT B. & SON, boots, shoes, 

hats, caps and bonnets, over 17 s Charles 
Griffin Mrs. Susan, 95 n Eden 
Griffin Thomas J . plumber, 135 n Eutaw 
GRIFFIN THOMAS W. conveyancer and 
justice of the peace, 170 s Broadway, dw 
n e cor Pratt & Choptank 
Griffin Thomas D. clerk, 150 s Paca 
Griffin Timothy, fruit, 10 Orleans 
Griffin Wm. butcher, 481 e Baltimore 
Griffin Wm. clerk, 156 w Lombard 
Griffing Daniel, cigar maker, 74 w Baltimore 
Griffiss Anthony, iron roller, 472 Canton av 
Griffiss Mrs. Eliza, 148 e Baltimore 
Griffiss Phoebe, Clinton s of Boston 
Griffiss Sarah Ann, 36 Chesnut 
Griffiss Thomas J. broker, 170 Cathedral 
Griffith Allen, laborer, 143 s Fremont 
Griffith Ann, 40 n Front 
Griffith Basil, huckster, 128 L. Green 
Griffith Mrs. Barbara, 521 w Fayette 
Griffith Catherine, trimmings, 33 Harrison 
Griffith Charles G. 384 w Fayette 
Griffith Charles, clerk, 43 Columbia 
Griffith Daniel, shoemaker, 66 s Regester 
Griffith Edwin L. lumber, 136 Hughes 
Griffith Francis P. slater, 26 Lloyd 
GRIFFITH G. S. imp. and job. of carpets, 
&c., 77 w Baltimore, dw 157 n Calvert — [See 
page 43 Mvertisements] 
Griffith George A. printer, 193 Forrest 
Griffith G. Sapp, salesman, 13 n Gay 
Griffith Geo. M. produce, 52>^ Pearl 
GRIFFITH & GRIFFITH, merchant tailors, 

2 Light 
Griffith Howard, clerk, 14 s Strieker 
Griffith Hiram D. engineer, 35 Stiles 
Griffith Israel, sr. over s e cor Baltimore and 

Sharp, dw 43 s Sharp 
Griffith Israel, jr. over 1 s Sharp, dw 43 
Griffith Israel, carpenter, 31 Pearl 
Griffith Isaac, hay dealer, dw Charles near 

Northern av 
Griffith Isaac, produce, 52)^ Pearl 
Griffith James, shoemaker, 81 n Pine 
Griffith Mrs. Jane B. (G. & G.) 187 e Eager 

Griffith John A. (G. & G.) 40 n Front 
Griffith J. Howard, attorney, 33 St. Paul 
Griffith John M. (Bruster & Co.,) 49 n Paca 
Griffith John, laborer, 3 Foster al 
Griffith Margaret, teacher, 43 Columbia 
Griffith Margaret, tailoress, 138 Roborg 
Griffith Mortimer C. clerk tobacco warehouse. 

No. 3, 69 Camden 
Griffith Philemon, tobac.insp. warehouse No. 

3. dw 84 Hanover 
Griffith Paul, laborer, 12 Buren 
Griffith Priscilla A. 136 Hughes 
Griffith Robt. H. (Kelly, Hazen & Co.) 24 

Griffith R. R. jr. commission merchant and 
dealer in fish, 14 Commerce, dw 195 Garden 
Griffith Richard W. carpenter, 174 e Monu- 
Griffith R. R. sr. guano and phosphate of 
lime agent, over s e cor South and Exchange 
place, dw 81 McCulloh 
Griffith Rebecca M. teacher, 136 Hughes 
GRIFFITH SAMUEL C. brandies, wines, 

&c., 57 s Calvert 
Griffith Samuel, clerk pension office, 199 

w Fayette 
Griffith Sophia M. 225 w Biddle 
Griffith Teresa, 107 n Caroline 
Griffith Thomas, produce, 193 Forrest 
Griffith Wm. plasterer, 349 w Lombard 
Griffith Wm. cooper, 299 n Eutaw 
Griffith Wm. E. huckster, 274 Greenmount av 
GRIFFITH WM. H. upholsterer and paper 

hanger, 13 n Gay 
Griffith Wm. 316 Forrest 
Griffith Wm. T. car driver, 225 w Biddle 
Griffith Wm. 388 Franklin 
Griffith Wm F. jeweler, 136 Hughes 
Griffith Wm. A. R. salesman, 35 Cheapsida 
Griggs James E. pilot, 91 s Bond 
Griggs John J. machinist, 144 s Bond 
Griggs William, pilot, 150 s Bond 
Grim Edward J. carpenter, 45 n Poppleton 
Grim Edward 0. carpenter, 45 n Poppleton 
Grim Henry, porter, 41 Centre Market space 
Grim John, baker, 296 s Bond 
Grim Joseph, laborer, 551 s Bond 
Grim Wm. D. collector N. C. R R. 323 n 

Grimel John, butcher, 26 Belair market, dw 

Harford av near rope walk 
Grimes Mrs. Ann, 149 s Washington, F. P. 
Grimes Charles E. lamps and oil, 63 Lexing- 
ton, dw 292 
Grimes Edward, janitor City Hall, 492 w Bal- 
Grimes Elijah J. carpenter, 236 Preston 
Grimes Elizabeth, 46 Hanover 
Grimes Hugh, paver, 72 French 
Grimes John H. clerk, 126 n Eden 
Grimes Richard, rigger, 149 s Washington 
Grimes Susanna, ]26 n Eden 
Grimm Amelia, confectioner, 263 Hanover 
Grimm Elias, barber, cor Forrest and Ensor, 

dw 189 e Madison 
Grimm John, cabinet maker, 544 w Baltimore 
Grimm Joseph, truss maker, 194 Light 
Grimm Ludwig, tailor, a e cor Central av and 

e Lombard 
Grimm Louis, soldier, 544 w Baltimore 
Grimm Mary A. confectionery, 189 e Madison 
Grimm Sophia, confectionery, 544 w Baltimore 
Grimshaw Solomon, 81 n Liberty 

Vm, p. W£BB, :>Iaiine, Fire and lilfe Xnanmnce Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit lAtto Ixmranee Co.* JUvtmriL, Jf. J.," 89 Second Street. 





Grimm Mary A. confectionery, 189 e Madison 
Grimm Sophia, confectionery, 544 w Baltimore 
Grimshaw Solomon, 81 n Liberty 
Grin Henry, porter, over 41 Centre Market 

Grindail John T. carpenter, 179 Montgomery 
Grindall William, cook, 696 w Pratt 
Grindail William, machinist, 95 Mount 
Grindel Anton, tailor, 36 Park 
Gringle Elizabeth, 189 Aiscjuith 
Grinkleback Ernst, machinist, 167 Raborg 
Grinnell Chas. A (G. & Jenkins,) 2 Cathedral 
GRINNELL & JENKINS, wholesale boots, 

shoes, hats, &c., 275 w Baltimore 
Grinsfelder & Brother, millinery and fancy 

goods, 25 n Howard 
Grinsfelder Joseph G. (G. & Bro.) 1 13 Saratoga 
Grinsfelder Samuel, (G. & Bro.) 113 Saratoga 
Grisman Christian, carpenter, 227 e Fayette 
Grisman Theodore, tailor, 154 Raborg 
Grisson James G. soldier, 74 Preston 
Griswold Rev. Benj. B. 598 w Fayette 
Griswold Chester, 260 Hollins 
Grintz Ferdinand, shoemaker, 71 Hanover 
Grintzen Adam, tailor, 19 e Lombard 
Grob Conrad, laborer, 121 MuUikin 
Grobe William, tailor, 14 s Fremont 
Grodendick Arnold, painter, 21 Park 
Groenninger Joseph, grocer, 8 n Fremont 
Groeter H. laborer, 9 Lancaster 
Groff Francis, 255 Lexington 
Groif Jacob, teamster, 242 s Eutaw 
Groff Jacob B. baker, and confectioner, nw 

cor Madison and Howard 
Groff John, cooper, 20 Bevan 
Grogan Thomas, laborer, 66 McKim 
Grogan Thomas W. steward, 110 s Wolfe 
Groh Jacob, cooper, 58 James al 
Groh George, tailor, 64 s Carey 
Groh Michael, tailor, 64 s Carey 
Grol Charles, locksmith, 433 Lexington 
Grolton Louis, brewer, Belair av ext 
Groman Ernest F. cigar maker, 401 w Pratt 
Groman Wm. tailor, 162 s Broadway 
Gronan Edward, clothier 123 s Broadway 
Gronau Conrad, cabinet maker, 316 s Dallas 
Gronau Wm. tailor, 123 s Broadway 
Grone Wm. shoemaker, 415 Saratoga 
Groner John, laborer, 173 King 
GRONEBERG EDWARD, watchmaker and 

jeweler, 70 e Baltimore 
Groom Henry, carpenter, 65 Boyd 
Groomes James, soldier, 131 n Spring 
Grooms Charles E. P. grocery, 238 n Caroline 
Grooms Thomas, plasterer, 95 Mullikin 
Grooms Wm. H. soldier, 30 Gough 
Grooms Wm. L. jr., police, 111 e" Madison 
Grooms Wm. sr., plasterer, 113 e Madison 
Groover Michael, shoemaker, 270 n Central av 
Gropp Mrs. Dorothea, 97 s Spring 
Groppe Joseph, blacksmith, 164 Stirling 
Groscup Frederick I. clerk, 239 e Baltimore 
Groscup John G boiler maker, 300 s Charles 
Grosscors Herman H. bookkeeper, 4 s Greene 
Groscup Mrs. Jane, 239 e Baltimore 
Groscup George, 232 Aliceanna 
Groscup Wm. H. clerk, 239 e Baltimore 
Grose August, shoemaker, 199 s Durham 
Groskopf Michael, cooper, 288 s Durham 
Groskopf Michael, grocer, 346 e Lombard 
Grosmack Johannes, laborer, 159 s Eden 
Gross Andrew, laborer, 59 Ellicott, Canton 
Gross Armgate, shoemaker, 148 s Regester 

Gross Charles, clerk, 283 w Fayette 

Gross Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 65 n Poppleton 

Gross George R. cigars, 17 w Baltimore 

Gross Jacob, commission merchant, 106 n High 

Gross Jacob, piano maker, 59 s Paca 

Gross John 1. real estate broker, over 17 St. 

Paul, dw 99 Aisquith 
Gross John F. shoemaker, 80 Warner 
Gross Nicholas, tailor, 98 n Caroline 
Gross Peter, stone mason, 231 s Paca 
Gross Silas, laborer, 146 s Regester 
Gross William, stone mason, 231 s Paca v 
Gross Wm. S. com. merchant, 172 e Eager 
Grosser Henry, tailor, 63 s Durham 
Grosshans Mary, 2 Frederick av 
Grossman George, confectioner, 23 Penna. av 
Grossman John, tailor, 295 n Dallas 
Grote Jane, tailoress, 144 Ross 
Grote John, tailor and clothier, 89 n Front 
Grote Harman, cabinetmaker, 93 Lexington 
Groth Henry, barber, 253 s Ann 
Grothaus Geo. F. clothior, 11 w Baltimore, 

dw 243 e Baltimore 
Grothe Christian, bookkeeper, 44 Somerset 
Grought George, wheelwright, 464 n Gay 
Grouk John, laborer, 529 Canton av 
Grouse Adam, laborer, 31 Lee 
Grothaus Christian, clothier, 14 w Pratt 
Grothaus Wm. clerk, 14 w Pratt 
Grotjohn Agnes, fancy goods, 417 w Baltimore 
Groiivenac Christopher, cigars and confec- 
tionery, 270 s Sharp 
Grove Benj. F. 257 n Howard 
Grove Daniel L. (G. & Nelson) 679 Lexington 
Grove David, fireman, 494 Lexington 
Grove Daniel L. (G. & Neilson,) 679 Lex- 
GROVE FRANCIS & CO., wholesale gro- 
cers and produce commission merchants, 19 
Grove Francis, (F. G. & Co.) 110 n Greene 
GROVE FRANCIS, wholesale and retail 
manufacturer and dealer in cigars, tobacco 
and snuff, 159 Franklin 
Grove Francis, 110 n Greene 
Grove Jacob F. clerk, 259 e Baltimore 
Grove James J. 74 s Exeter 
Grove Mary L. 185 L Constitution 
Grove & Neilson, flour, feed and produce 

dealers, 132 w Howard 
Grove Mrs. Rosetta, 97 Pearl 
Grove Wm. R. student, 138 n Exeter 
GROVER & BAKER, fam. sewing machines, 
181 w Baltimore, James Atlee, agent — [See 
page 9, Mvertisements] 
Grover Eliza, 101 Hamburg 
Grover James, 101 Hamburg 
Grover James, Black Horse tavern, 111 n 

Grover at Adams Exp. 168 Aisquith 

Grover Mrs. Miranda, tailoress, 383 e Eager 
Groverman Anthony, com. merchant, 57 s 

Calvert, dw n e cor Charles and Eager 

feed, 374 w Baltimore, dw 2 n Carey 
Groverman Henry, jr., flour and feed, 545 w 

Baltimore, dw 2n Carey 
Groverman Michael D. clerk, 2 n Carey 
Groverman Henry, 9 n Carey 
Groves Mrs. Charlotte Ducket, dress maker, 

106 Pine 
Groves Geo. W. mariner, 124 Johnson 
Groves Capt. Wm. H. mariner, 105 s Wolfe 

J. HENRT GIESE, Commission merchant, for tfce sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, i 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on luind, 31 Spear's Wliarf. 




Groveling Frederick, cooper, Clinton near 

Grownow Wm. tailor, 162 s Broadway 
Grubb Mrs. Elizabeth, 198 Saratoga 
Grubb Geo. W. cooper, Franklin, dw 150 n 

Grubb John, shoemaker, 259 s Broadway- 
Grub b John, cooper, 37 Mosher 
Grubb Richard B. morocco dresser, 415 n 

Grubb Richard B. jr. clerk, 415 n Gay 
Grubb Mrs. Sarah, 161 Hollins 
Grulib Samuel J. Amer. Telegraph Co. 247 

Grubb Washington A. lieut. police, 239 

Grubb Wm. A. sutler, 179 Lee 
Grubbs Thomas B. salesman, 12 Williamson 
Grube Louis, tavern, 100 Light st wharf, dw 

3 Spring ct 
Gruber Felix, carpenter, 164 Penna. av 
Gruber Jacob, jeweler, 71 Orleans 
Gruber Jacob, tinner, 200 s Sharp, dw Wil- 
liam between Warren and Hamburg 
Gruber Mathew, cooper, 218 s Bond 
Grue Christina, 165 Stirling 
Gruh Geo. laborer, 49 Aliceanna, Canton 
Grubine Emanuel, tinner, 139 Ross 
Grucminger Henry, case manufacturer, 76 

Gruetter Frederick L. oak cooper, 310 and 

312 Montgomery, dw 222 s Sharp 
Gruetter Jacob, 212 s Sharp 
Grund Christian, upholsterer, 428 w Fayette 
Grunder Henry, laborer, Henry near Hughes 
Grundy Byrom, 90 Saratoga 
Gruiiebaum Joshua, salesman, 64 Aisquith 
Grunebaum Mandel, baker, 193 e Eager 
Gnuiebaum Mark, ('Siegel, G. & Schmidt,) 

Pratt 2d door from Sharp 
Grunebaum Samuel, dry goods dealer, 204 

s Broadway 
Gruner George, cabinet maker, 256 e Eager 
Gruner Martin, tailor, 110 French 
Grunewald Geo. laborer, Albermarle near 

Gruiicwaldj John, laborer, 24 Shakspear 
GRUPY FRAJNCIS H. hide and leather dea- 
ler, 42 s Calvert and 23 Grant, dw cor 

Chase and Eden 
Grupy Jacob, leather dealer, 132 n Gay 
Grupy Sarah B. 879 w Pratt 
Gruss Wm. Arbeitcr Hall, dw 179 Lexington 
Gru.sher Henrietta, 68 MuUikin 
Gruver & Costolay, coopers, 120 and 148 

Gruver Wm., U. S. dep. marshal, HI Pearl 
Gruiiig John, shoemaker, 348 William 
Gruver George W. (G. & Costolay,) 274 

Gruver Jacob, junk, 96 William 
Gruver William H. bailiff U. S. Courts, 26 

Gun id Ghas. H. car driver, 12 w Townsend 
Guixrt George, machinist, 468 Penna av 
Guckiirt John, wagoner, 148 s Eden 
Guckert John, jr. carpenter, 181 s Eden 
Gudbcrlet August, tobacconist, 89 Penna. av 
Gudberlet August, tobacconist, 203 Lexington 
Gude Cliristian, morocco dresser, 34 French 
Gudo Fredk. milk, Franklin near Schrocdcr 
Gude Henry B. variety store, 359 w Baltimore, 

dw 151 w Madison 

Gude Justus C. (Schwartz & G.) 82 s Paca 
Gudeman Jacob, laborer, 179 s Bethel 
Guenther John H. shoemaker, 170 Sarah Ann 
Guerand Francis, French dyer, 257 e Balti- 
Guerlh Henry, cigar maker, 179 Lexington 
Guertler Friederich, butcher, 19 Belair mar- 
ket, dw 245 w Eager 
Guest J. Wesley, cashier Citizen's Bank, dw 

over n e cor Pratt and Hanover 
Guest Mahala C. boarding, 42 Lexington 
Guest Richard S. bookkeeper, 148 s Sharp 
Guest Richard S. clerk, 364 w Fayette 
Guest Samuel, cashier City Collector's office, 

Lexington w of St. Paul 
Guggenheimer Saml. 175 e Lombard 
Guggenheimer Simon, tailor, 19 Light, dw 26 

s Paca 
Guider Adam, laborer, 142 Mullikin 
Guider John F. tailor, 193 e Madison 
Guiest George, stove brickmaker, 2 Fulton 
Guifoyle Thos. tinner, Jew al near Madison 
Guifcr Fredk. tailor, 361 e Eager 
Guild Chas. H. salesman, 384 Lexington 
Guildener Hannah, 58 n Liberty 
Guilford Copper and Gold Mining Co. 34 w 

Second, up stairs 
Guillard John, grocer, 178 Hanover 
Guillard John, jr. soldier, 178 Hanover 
Guinsheim A. 97 w Biddle 
Guise Andrew, blacksmith, 37 Central av 
Guise Lewis, shoemaker, 160 n Caroline 
GCITEAU Rev. SHERIDAN, agent for Sun- 
day School and Tract Depository, 73 w 
Fayette, dw Baltimore co. 
Gullory George, laborer, 201 Bethel ct 
Gummel G. Gottleib, cabinet maker, 502 

Penna av 
Gumes Ella, trimming store, 652 w Baltimore 
Gumlock Peter, carter, 83 Ramsay 
Gump Samuel G. tobacconist, 145^ Centre 

Market space 
Gump Mary, dry goods, 176 e Baltimore 
Gumpert Mrs. Mary, huckstress, 221 Scott 
Gumpman Michael, porter, lager beer, 175 

Gumpmin Conrad, laborer, 20 Preston 
Gunby Caroline L. milliner, 2 s Poppleton 
Gunby Capt. Francis A. 281 e Lombard 
Gunby James W. mariner, 128 s Ann 
Gunby John H. mariner, 128 s Ann 
Gunby John, mariner, 277 e Lombard 
Gunby Joseph D. mariner, 128 s Ann 
Gunby Maria, 128 s Ann 
Gunby Stephen, sailmaker, 128 s Ann 
Gundell John, furn. wagoner, 91 Harrison 
Gundersdorf August, shoemaker, 674 w Bal- 
Gundersdorf Christian, boot and shoemaker, 

277 Saratoga 
Gundy Capt. F. A. 272 e Lombard 
Gundlach Charles, shoemaker, 145 Columbia 
Gundlach Geo. shoemaker, 145 Columbia 
Gundlack Chas. liquors, 300 Montgomery 
Gunkel John, tailor, 67 s Regester 
Gunler Charles, laborer, 12 Henry 
Gunler John, laborer, 12 Henry 
Gunler Louisa, confectionery, 12 Henry 
Gunn Bernard, carter, 128 Burgundy al 
Gunn Edward, laborer, rear of 16 Concord 
Gunn Hugh, sawyer, 4 Slemmer al 
Gunn Mrs. 172 Columbia 
Gunnell Wm. T. coach trimmer, 98 Jefferso 

GSO. a. PAGK 6i BRO., Moimfacturers «f Il<K»f« niid RooUug Materials, 111 Smitli'8 
Wlnarf. C. HART SAIITH, Agent. 




Gunner Patrick, laborer, 46 French 
Gunnerman John, laborer, 60 s Regester 
Gunning Thos. grocer, 17 Liberty al 
Gunnison Wm 213 w Hoffman 
Gunselman John A. tailor, s Durham near 

Gunst John P. glass blower, 343 Penna. av 
Gunther Andrew, tailor, 52 Harrison 
Gunther August, tavern, n e cor Low and 


GUNTHER CHAS. Grand Stamp- 
ing and Pinking Depot, No. 22 
East Baltimore-st. between Front 
and High streets, Baltimore, Md. 
Ladies can select from 50,000 
Patterns, all of the newest styles. 

GUNTHER CONRAD, dentist, 183 e Balti- 
Gunther Frederick, laborer, 3 Choptank 
Gunther John, porter, 22 New Church 
Gunther Martin, barber, 271 n Howard 
Gunther Mary E. 156 Garden 
Gunther Nicholas, laborer, 468 Canton av 
Gunther Theodore, 137 Henrietta 
Gunther Wm. grocer, 103 s Dallas 
Gunther Wm. shoemaker, 85 Henrietta 
Guntz Adam, driver, 200 s Chapel 
Gurke Ferdinand, shoemaker, 33 n Paca 
Gurlac August, shoemaker, 273 Orleans 
Gurley J. B clerk to provost marshal, Wash- 
ington house 
Gurney Jas. mariner, 285 Aliceanna 
GURNEY NATHAN G. marine engineer, 

333 Light 
Gurry James, grocer, 527 Saratoga 
Gurthuef Wm. blacksmith and wheelwright, 

418 Saratoga, dw 87 n Poppleton 
Gurwick John P. laborer, 672 w Pratt 
Qusdorff Alex, dry goods, 655 w Baltimore 
Gusman John, cooper, 213 Eastern av 
Guste Louis, grocer, cor Fremont and Lee 
Guste Louis, jr. tinner, 202 s Fremont 
Gusty Frederick, cabinet maker, 252 n Caro- 
Gusty Patrick, carpenter, 7 Rock 
Gutberllet Charles, cigar maker, 273 s Dallas 
Guth Gustav, cigar maker, Broadway near 

Guthlein Nicholas, hosiery, 226 s Broadway 
Guthrie Joseph, mariner, 220 Bank 
Guthrie Mrs. Susan, 19 s Ann 
Guthridge John F. telegraphist, 38i^w Balti- 
Guthrow Chas. brush maker, 277 n Gay 
Guthermuth Gerhard, confectioner, 56 Cam- 
Gutman Joel, dry goods, 20 n Eutaw, dw 22 
Gutman John B. butcher, 8 Fells Point mar- 
ket, dw cor Madison and Chester 
Gutman Lewis, 99 Franklin 
GUTMAN MOSES & CO. clothiers, 331 w 

Baltimore, dw Moses G. 22 Barre 
Gutman Rachel, 99 Franklin 
Gutmut George, laborer, 6 Harmony la 
Gutmut John, paver, 6 Harmony la 
Gutsmuth Siegel, rags, 85 Bank 
Gutt John, laborer, 28 s Poppleton 
Guttenberg Jacob, pedler, 116 Conway 

Guy Dixon, tailor, 16 Stiles 
Guy James, drayman, 46 n Bond 
Guy James, laborer, 46 n Bond 
Guy Jane, 16 Stiles 
Guy Joseph, ship carpenter, 48 n Bond 
Calvert and Fayette, Wm. Guy & Co. pro- 
Guy Moses, ship carpenter, 46 Montgomery 
Guy Robt. J. dry goods, 122 Lexington 
Guy Wm. & Co. propr. Monument house, 

13 and 15 n Calvert 
Guy Wm. ship carpenter, 16 Stiles 
Guyer John J. boot maker, 137 e Monument 
Guyther Henry, pilot, 118 e Pratt 
Guyton B. Augustus, clerk, 187 Washington, 

F. H. 
Guyton Beale S. (G. & Hyde,) 249 w Lom- 
Gaiyton Chas, F. grocer, 83 Chew 
Guyton Elisha, clerk water engineer's office, 

83 Chew 
Guyton Eliza, tailoress, 102 Scott 
Guyton Elizabeth E. millinery, 80 n Howard 
Guyton & Hyde, dry goods merchants, 62 

Guyton Mrs. Jane, 102 Scott 
Guyton John, clerk, 83 Chew 
Guyton Joseph, edge tool maker, 102 Scott 
Guyton Wm. furniture, 78 n Howard 
Guyton Wm. L. carpenter, 83 Chew 
Gwin Mrs. Emma, 209 Ross 
Gwin Timothy, laborer, 644 w Pratt 
GWINN CHARLES J. M. attorney, 41 St. 
Paul, dw s w cor Mount Vernon place and 
St. Paul 
Gwinn Chas. W. blacksmith, 113 n Fremont 
Gwinn Joseph E. mariner, 50 s Exeter 
Gwyn John R. 207 n Howard 
Gwynn Mrs. Eliza, 75 n Charles 
Gwynn James W. clerk, 163 w Lombard 
Gwynn Robt. draughtsman, 453 w Fayette 
Gwynn Thomas, laborer, 36 Morton al 
Gwynn Wm. 163 w Lombard 


Haacke C. Wm. grocer, 82 i 

Haacker Julias, carriage maker, 372 n Gay 

Haas Ann, butcher, 52 Harrison 

Haas Casper, laborer, 60 Aliceanna 

Haas Gotleib, cabinet maker, 112 n Eden 

Haas Jacob, stock dealer, 207 Chesnut 

Haas Judas, 72 Harrison 

Haas Martin, glass blower, 38 Abey al 

Haase Herman, shoemaker, 157 e Fayette 

Habbersett John, carpenter, 178 n Eden 

Habbersett Wm. carpenter, 149 Greenmount 

Haber Francis H. tailor, 189 e Lombard 
Haberstroh Jacob, tailor, 477 Saratoga 
Habercus Geo. car driver, 276 s Bond 
Haberkam Geo. laborer, 61 Shakspear 
Haberkamp John, milkman, 76 s Central av 
Haberkorn Anton, laborer, 27 Granby 
Haberlander Rupert, 20 Aliceanna 
Habersham A. W. (H. & Barrett,) 38 Bolton 

porters and Dealers in Teas and 
East India Goods, 53 Exchange 

WM. P. "WEBB, Marine, Fire aiwl Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit Ufe Insurance Co., Newark, N. J,," 89 Second Street. 




Habel Solomon, shoes, 27 n Gay 
Habighorst Chas. F. clerk, 60 e Baltimore 
Habil John, tailor, 188 s Dallas 
Hable Herman, grocer, n w cor Orleans and 

Hable Lewis, sexton, 47 Watson 
Habler Conrad, cabinet maker, 16 New 

Habliston John M. cashier Sun office, dw 521 

w Fayette 
Habourcreaux Charles, (PaulPferdner &Co.) 

38 e Fayette 
Hachtel Christian, grocer, 43 Orchard 
Hachtcl Geo. grocer, 45 Orchard 
Hachtel John L. grocery, 11 Brune 
Hachtel John C. bookkeeper, 151 Ross 
Hack Andrew A. 321 Lexington 
Hack Fredk. A. provision merchant, 375 w 

Baltimore, dw 326 Lexington 
Hack George, laborer, 149s Washington,F.P. 
Hack George W. soldier, 68 n Caroline 
Hack Capt. George W., U. S. A. 44 n Pine 
Hack Louis, shoemaker, 382 Lexington 
HACK OLIVER F. attorney, 7 Counsellor's 

hall, Lexington, dw 138 w Hoffman 
Hack Wm. E. 321 Lexington 
Hacker Chas. tavern, 132 Saratoga 
Hacker Henry, lager beer, 178 e Baltimore 
Hacker Jacob, foundry man, 16 Burke, Canton 
Hacker John Z. laborer, 27 Morris al 
Hacket Jas. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 136 St. Paul 
Hackett Florida, seamstress, 134 n Central av 
Hackett Hannah J. 19 Barnet 
Hackett Josephus, bricklayer, 56 Leadenhall 
Hackett John, bricklayer, Wolfe near Fayette 
Hackett Michael, laborer, 23 Bevan 
Hackett Patrick, laborer, 55 King 
Hackett Zachariah, engineer, 65 s Schroeder 
Hackman Lewis, grocer, 425 Saratoga 
Hackman Wm. H. tavern, 110 Light st whf, 

dw 36 Marion 
Hackney Eleanor S. seamstress, 185 Forrest 
Hackney Mary E. tailorcss, 42 George 
Hacokins Mrs. Sarah, baker, 274 Light 
Hadaway James H. boiler maker, 40 n Eden 
Hadaway Wm. H. tobacconist, 63 Camden, 

dw 51 s Eutaw 
Haddnway John Q. A. sales'n,296 w Fayette 
Haddaway Albert, steam, pilot, 151 Aliceanna 
Haden Catherine, grocer, 33 China 
Haden Francis, laborer, 29 Elizabeth la 
Haden Michael, carter, 33 China 
Hadel Mrs. Amelia, 17 n High 
Hadel Wm. bookkeeper, 544 Saratoga 
Hadley Mrs. Deborah, 495 e Baltimore 
Hadrick Catherine, 224 s Bond 
Haddock James, hucks-ter, 24 s Dewberry al 
Haefner Christian A. teacher, 120 e Fayette 
Haeffner John, tailor, 170 Stirling 
Haegl Riemond, shoemaker, 30 G. Hughes 
Ha( Iman George, cooper, 28 Bevan 
Haenig Anton, tailor, 267 e Eager 
Haenig Mrs. Barbara, tailoress, 269 e Eager 
Haenig Stephen, tailor, 269 e Eager 
Haesloop John, mariner, 42 Marion 
Haitische George, laborer, 17 Cambridge 
Hafenc, Wm. tavern, cor Lancaster and Bond 
Hafirkorn William, musician and musical in- 
strument maker, 246 Hanover 
HAFFCKE CHARLES, restaurant, 5 South 
Haffrr George, restaurant, Frederick road, 

near city limits 
Haffie Bridget, tavern, 64 President 

Haflner Joseph, cigar maker, 688 w Baltimore 

Haffrin Hugh, drayman, 39 Liberty al 

HafiVin Matthew, laborer, 32 Liberty al 

Hafler Nicholas, cooper, 168 s Central av 

Hagel John, laborer, 332 Mulberry 

Hagan Ann, 5 Bank 

Hagan Bernard, car driver, 502 w Pratt 

Hagan Mrs. Catherine, 32 s Mount 

Hagan Daniel, street contractor, 8 s Chester 

Hagan Daniel, laborer, cor McKim and Eager 

Hagan Maggie, ]5 Lewis 

Hagard George, cabinet maker, 181 Conway 

Hagan Edward, 1 Welch al 

Hagan Florida, seamstress, 193 s Charles 

Hagan Hugh, carter, 1 Centre 

Hagan John H. bookkeeper, 132 n Howard 

Hagan John, laborer, 26 Morris al 

Hagan John W. cigar maker, 192 s Eutaw 

Hagan John, laborer, 176 Greenmount av 

Hagan Michael, teamster, 32 s Mount 

Hagan Patrick, carpenter, 45 Fawn 

Hagan Wm. E. baggage master B. and O. R. 

R., 19 s Fremont 
Hagar Jacob C. cooper, 219 n Caroline 
Hagedorn Henry, shoemaker, 28 Ross 
Hagelgans John, tailor, 109 s Regester 
Hagelin Charles M. light house keeper, 58 s 

Hagelkans John, tailor, 109 s Regester 
Hageman Vincent, tobacconist, Frederick road 

near city limits 
Hagen Ellen, 32 w Biddle 
Hagen Michael, laborer, 424 Hanover 
Hagen Patrick, carpenter, 45 Fawn 
Hagen Peter, laborer, 424 Hanover 
Hager August, tailor, 46 L. Pleasant 
Hager Jacob C. cooper, 125 Orleans 
Hagerdol Saml. laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Hagerty Edwd. tea dealer, over 89 Harrison 
Hagerty Elizabeth, 33 Chesnut 
Hagerty James D. conductor, 29 George 
Hagerty James S. (E. V. Keen & H._) cor 
Exeter and Pratt 
, Hagerty John, laborer, 158 s Chapel 
Hagerty Michael, blacksmith, cor Baltimore 

and Dewberry al., dw 46 Boyd 
Hagerty Susannah, 29 George • 
Hagerty Wm. T. conductor, 29 George 
Hagerty Wm. miller, 124 Holiday 
Hagger & Bro nautical and mathematical in- 
struments, 72 w Pratt 
Hagger Charles E. (H. & Bro.) 75 s Exeter 
Hagger James, (H. & Bro.) 32 e Pratt 
Haggerty Andw. J. paper hanger, 33 Chesnut 
Haggerty James, carter, 18 Liberty al 
Haggerty John, bricklayer, 592 w Saratoga 
Haggerty John, collector, 269 w Pratt 
Haggerty Levi, cooper, 30 Jackson 
Haggerty Mrs. 228 Hollins 
Haggerty Patrick, blacksmith, 31 Ryan 
Hagiston John, brakesman, 156 McHenry 
Hagly Anthony, hackman, 55 Mulberry 
Hagly Henry, cigar maker, 55 Mulberry 
Hagner .Adam, boiler maker, 269 Hanover 
Hagner Fredk. stone cutter, 155 Dover 
Hagner Wm. engineer, 110 Dolphin 
Hague Mrs. Rachel, 50 s Bond 
Hahl Martin, laborer, 424 Canton av 
Hahn Catherine, laundress, 21 Smith 
Hahn Carl, laborer, 186 Canton av 
Hahn Charles O. salesman, s e corner Calvert 

and Lexington 
Hahn Christopher, cooper, 360 Canton av 

T. HEVRY rJIESE, Commission Merclnant, for the sale of Flowr, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roaendale Cement and Calciiked Plaster constantly on hand, ^1 Spear's "Wluurf. 




Hahn Edward, butcher, 209 Orleans 
Hahn Elizabeth, tailoress, 134 Saratoga 
Hahii Elizabeth, (S. & E. H.,) 57 n Liberty 
Hahn Ferdinand, tailor, 123 w Lombard 
Hahn George A. gunsmith, 124 MuUikin 
Hahn George, laborer, 150 Raborg 
Hahn George, laborer, 23 Elizabeth la 
Hahn Harry G. butcher, 101 Eelair market, 

dw 124 Mullikin 
Hahn Henry, locksmith, 157 Henrietta 
Hahn Henry, 57 n Liberty 
Hahn Henry J. laborer, Payson near Pratt 
Hahn Henry, clerk, 193 e Monument 
Hahn Hurman, lager beer, n e cor Fayette and 

Hahn James F. telegraph operator, 67 Barre 
Hahn John, laborer, 214 s Chapel 
Hahn John H. cabinet maker, 6 Emory 
Hahn John jr. clerk, 57 n Liberty 
Hahn John, lager beer, 134 Saratoga 
Hahn John Daniel, butcher, 88 Lexington and 

5 Hollins St. mkts. dw Beltshoover la near 

Frederick road 

Hahn , clerk, 23 n Calvert 

Hahn Ludwig, piano maker, 19 Jackson ct 
Hahn Michael, shoemaker, 60 Central av 
Hahn S. & E. milliners, 57 n Liberty 
Hahn Sarah (S. & E. H.) 57 n Liberty 
Hahn Wm. P. butcher, 203 Orleans 
Hahn Wm. P. bacon, 209 Orleans 
Hahn "Wm. butcher, 76 Centre Market, dw 

124 Mullikin 
Hahneman John F. grocer, 15 Sterrett 
Haight Grove, 110 Ensor 
Haight Wm. cigar maker, 154 Ensor 
Hain A. 260 s Ann 
HAIN CHRISTIAN, merchant tailor, 179 w 

Pratt, dw 73 s Paca 
Hain James, butcher, 79 n Bond 
Hain Wm. box maker, 279 s Bond 
Haine Christian tailor, 73 Columbia 
Haine Jas. laborer. Falls road nr Northern av 
Haine John, laborer. Falls road near Northern 

Haines Alfred F. provisions, 243 Light 
Haines Benj. F. coal, 333 w Fayette, dw 20 

n Fremont 
Haines Catherine, huckster, 45Hillen 
Haines Ephraim, commission merch. 110 n 

Howard, dw 513 w Fayette 
Haines Frederick, mariner, 66 Holland 
Haines George A. cigar maker, Pratt near 

Haines Lewis, soldier, 45 Hillen 
Haines Wm. H. conductor city cars, 24 Ross 
Haines Winfield T. clerk, 20 n Fremont 
Hainke August, baker, 51 President 
Hair Margaret, 249 s Wolfe 
Haire Ephraim, laborer, 125 Peirce 
Haire Mrs. Sarah Ann, 125 Peirce 
Haise John, tavern, 302 s Bond 
Halbach Charles, cutlery and hardware, 94 n 

Halbert Mary A. 185 e Baltimore 
Halbig Paul, hay, cor St. Paul and L. Monu- 
ment, dw 45 St. Mary 
Haldeman John A. fireman, 285 n Eutaw 
Haldeman Mrs. Louisa, 285 n Eutaw 
Hale Annie M. 51 n Liberty 

Hale , carpenter, 211 Hanover 

Hale Charles W. chair maker, 143 s Fremont 
Hale George C. principal floating school, ship 

Ontario, West Falls av. dw 21 s Sharp 

Hale Mrs. Sarah A. 150 n Eutaw 
Hales James, mariner, Albert al 
Hadley Ann, pedler, 56 Chesnut 
Haley Michael, laborer, 83 s Wolfe 
Haley Nicholas, shoemaker, 36 Forrest 
Haley Oliver, 3 Meyer ct 

Halfpenny Robert, mariner, e Fayette_ext 

Halfpenny Samuel W. gunsmith, e Fayette 

Hall Ann, laundress, 76 Mulberry 
Hall Augustus A. printer, 99 Chew 
Hall Alex, bricklayer, 288 Harford av 
HALL AMASA C. shipping merchant, 81 

Smith's wharf, dw Eutaw house 
Hall Artaxerxes, boiler maker, 337 Light 
Hall & Bringman, book and job printers. Mu- 
seum building, over 148 w Baltimore 
Hall Carter A. & T. H. com. merchts. 4 Cam- 
den, dw C. A. H. 220 w Lombard 
Hall Clayton, bookkeeper, 45 Courtland 
Hall Mrs. Caroline, 30 Milliman 
Hall Catherine, seamstress, 36 Edward 
Hall Charles E. clerk, 244 6 Biddle 
Hall Charles, clerk, 130 n Bond 
Hall Charles, clerk, 89 n Eutaw 
Hall Charles, clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Hall D. Sprigg (Robert T. Keys & Co.) 83 

Hall David, 120 Jefferson 
Hall De Russey, 146 Orleans 
Hall Delilah, dressmaker, s w cor Orleans and 

Hall Edward, plumber,. 326 Canton av 
Hall Edward, carpenter, 194 n Broadway 
Hall Edward, 153 s Caroline 
Hall Eliza S. 45 Lexington 
Hall Eliza, 133 s Exeter 
Hall Elias, shoemaker, 227 Cathedral 
Hall Mrs. Elizabeth, 370 w Lombard 
Hall Erastus Q. blacksmith, 318 William 
Hall Francis J. shoemaker, 302 n Gay 
Hall Freeborn G. pilot, 417 n Gay 
Hall F. Walters (Thomas I. H. & Co.) 

210 n Howard 
Hall G. H. (Carter A. & T. H. H.) dw 220 

w Lombard 
Hall George, cooper, 312 s Charles 
Hall George, com. mercht. 274 e Lombard 
Hall George H. clerk, 35 Stiles 
Hall George H. M. bookkeeper. 111 s Exeter 
Hall G. W. S. & Co. merchants, 65 Second 
Hall George W. S. (G. W. S. H. & Co.) 65 

Hall George, shoemaker, 10 Walnut al 
Hall Henry W. brakesman, 2-J6 Preston 
Hall Capt. Henry L. mariner, 41 s High 
Hall Henry, soldier, 206 Vine 
Hall Hester, 60 s Bond 
Hall Mrs. Isabella, boarding, 28 North 
Hall Isabella, 74 Saratoga 
Hall Capt. Israel, 130 n Bond 
Hall Jacob T. clerk P. 0. 106 Hollins 
Hall James P. 2d bookkeeper Merchants' 

Bank, dw 222 w Hoffman 
Hall James, organ builder, 216 Lexington, 

dw 528 
Hall James (Freeland, Hall& Co.) 35 n Cal- 
HALL DR. JAMES, colonization agent, 65 
Second, dw nr Relay house B. & 0. R. R. 
Hall James, barkeeper, 26 German 
Hall James, fire department, 74 Lexington 
Hall James, Fayette near Fulton 

GEO. S. PAGES Si BRO., Manufacturers of Roofs and Roofing Materials, 111 Smith's 
\iriiarf. C. HART SBIITH, Agent. 




Hall James L. clerk, 244 e Biddle 

Hall James B. n e cor McElderry and Caroline 

Hall James, soldier, 68 n Ann 

Hall James, laborer, 89 Hughes 

Hall Dr. J. Thomas, U. S. A. 362 n Eutaw 

Hall Jesse K. rope maker, Harford av north 

of Point la 
Hall John, mariner, 245 e Pratt 
Hall John, sr. seaman, 180 Montgomery 
Hall John, jr. seaman, 180 Montgomery 
Hall Julia, 125 n Eutaw 
Hall James, laborer, 1 Henrietta 
Hall Job Henry, painter, 113 Hamburg 
Hall John, mariner, 245 e Pratt 
Hall John, grocery, 162 n Cai-oline 
Hall John H. jr., (Skinner & H.) s w corner 

Caroline and McElderry 
Hall John, laborer, Harford av near Point la 
Hall John B. (Gibney, H. & Co.) 76 Sara- 
Hall John D. shoemaker, 148 e Lombard 
Hall John R. painter, 297 s Charles 
Hall John H. butter store, 308 n Gay 
Hall John W. clerk, 15 s Caroline 
Hall Joseph, policeman, 172 L. Greene 
Hall Joshua M., U. S. navy agent, 323 e Bal- 
Hall Levin J. billiard room, over 189 w Balti- 
more, entrance on Light, dw 98 e Baltimore 
HALL & LONEY, general com. and shipping 

merchants, 56 Buchanan's wharf 
Hall Marcalona, tailoress, 20 Stirling 
Hall Maria, dry goods, 406 Saratoga 
Hall Mrs. Maria W. 103 Conway 
Hall Mrs. Mary Jane, 42 Saratoga 
Hall Nelson M. blacksmith. 111 n Paca 
Hall Owen D. shoemaker, 241 n Central av 
Hall Rev. Richard C. 45 Lexington 
Hall Richard, cabinet maker, 196 e Baltimore 
Hall Robert E., U. S. mail agent, 77 n Eutaw 
Hall Robert L. tavern, foot of Mill 
Hall Robert, tailor, 12 n Gay, dw 244 e Biddle 
Hall Robert, conductor city R. R., 243 Pratt 
Hall Samuel, tailor, 149 n Bethel 
Hall Samuel J. cutter, 99 Chew 
Hall Sarah, 57 Block 
Hall Sarah, 57 Preston 

Hall Silas, (J. W. Peed & Co.) 65 Albemarle 
Hall Mrs. Sophia J. seamstress, 528 Lex- 
Hall Theodorick, police, 121 Ensor 
Hall Thomas A. stage manager Holiday street 

Theatre, 61 w Centre 
Hali Thomas I. & Co. tobacco and general 
commission merchants, over 143 w Pratt, dw 
T. I. H. Anne Arundel Co. 
Hall Thomas H. (Carter A. & T. H. H.) 220 

w Lombard 
Hall Thomas, painter, 130 n Bond 
Hali Thomas, carter, 36 William 
Hall Thomas W. jr. attorney, 17 Barnet, dw 

38 Mount Vernon place 
Hall Thomas W. sr. stock and bill broker, 51 

Second, dw 45 Courtland 
Hall Wells R. clerk, 253 e Lombard 
Hall Wm. A. tin and sheet iron worker, 134 

L. Greene 
Hail Wm. S. tailor, 240 n Bond 
Hall William H. (H. «fe Bringman,) 27 Har- 
ford av 
Hall Wm. T. (H. & Loney,) 45 Lexington 
Hali Wm. W. merchandise broker, Exchange 
place, dw 103 Conway 

Hall Wm. A. clerk, s w cor Orleans and Caro- 
Hall Wm. 403 n Ce»tral av 
Hall Wm. G. varnisher, 557 Saratoga 
Hall Wm. huckster, 87 Lee 
Hall Wm. W. laborer, 43 Centre Market 

Hall Wm. 403 n Central av 
Hall Wm. P. shoemaker, 308 Aisquith 
Hallamyer Francis, tailor, 257 n Caroline 
Hallamyer Joseph, tailor, 258 n Caroline 
Hallaman John, laborer, 33 n Dallas 
Halle Simon H. tailor, 154 Franklin 
Hallen Wm. caulker, 96 Eastern av 
Haller Abner, carpenter, 114 Boyd 
Haller Adam, musician, 30 n Caroline 
Haller Andrew, laborer, 8 n Ann 
Haller Ezra, pattern maker, 186 Ramsay 
Haller George P. conductor, 186 Ramsay 
Haller John, shoemaker, 139 Stirling 
Hallet JohnT. 61 Stirling 
Haliiday James, driver Harnden's ExpreaS, 

n e cor Dolphin and Penna. av 
HALLIDAY ROBERT, nurseryman and flo- 
rist, n e cor Penna. av and Dolphin 
Hallmeyer Joseph B. cutter, 190 n Central av 
Hallock Daniel W. machinist, 27 s Republican 
Hallock Zerubabel, paper hangings, 264 n 

Hallwig Oscar, artist, 86 Hill 
Hallworth Hannah, 165 Eastern av 
Halmas Henry, tailor, 6 Lewis 
Halmkim John G. painter, 22 Carlton 
Halpen Thomas, laborer, 75 s Caroline 
Hftlstead John, Chesapeake Bark Mill, City- 
Block, near drawbridge, dw 70 Block 
Halton Margaret, grocery, 364 e Monument 
Halwadt Mrs. Sarah, 57 e Fayette 
Halzer Michael, tailor, 3 Barnes 
Ham Catharine, laundress, 31 Goodman al 
Ham John F. carpenter, 161 Gough 
Ham John H. jeweler, 669 Lexington 
Hamacher John F. tailor, 127 Hill 
Hamack Geo. boots and shoes, 217 n Gay 
Haman Jacob, shoemaker, 7 Scott 
Hambecher Henry, shoemaker, 150 Raborg- 
Hamber Henry, laborer, 216 s Durham 
Hamberg Herman, cooper, 421 Canton av 
Hamblet Friend M. shoemaker, 199 Orleans 
Hambleton Hugh, bricklayer, 123 Dover 
Hambleton J. Douglass, attorney, 43 St. Paul, 

dw27 Calhoun 
Hambleton Thomas B. sailmaker, 6 Bowly's 

wharf, dw 104 e Pratt 
Hambleton Thomas E. president of Maryland 
Fire Insurance Co. of Baltimore, dw 27 
Hambright W. A. 38 Courtland 
Hamburg John, tailor, 361 s Bond 
Hamburg K. 92 e Fayette 
Hamburg Louis, 92 e Fayette 
Hamburg Valentine, 22 Hull la 
Hamburger Aaron, dry goods, 181 n Gay- 
Hamburger Abraham, dry goods, cor of Eden 

and MuJlikin 
Hamburger Herman, painter, 166 s Bond 
Hamburger Isaac, clothier, 185 s Broadway 
Hamburger & Bros. clothiers, 203 s Broadway 
Hamburger Louis, (H. & Bros.) 203 s Broad- 
Hamburger L. millinery, 173 n Gay 
Hamburger Luther, dry goods, 123 e Pratt 
Hamburger M. clothier, 235 s Broadway 

VPTtt. P. IVKBB, Marine, Fire and lilfe Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit UXe Insurance Co., Ne-wark, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Hamburger Matilda, second hand clothier, 10 

Hamburger Matilda, second hand clothier 30 

Hamburger Moses, 30 Harrison 
Hamburger Morris, painter, 89 Orleans 
Hamburger Wm. laborer, 30 Cross 
Hamburger Valentine, lager beer brewer, 79 

s Ann 
Hamedoch Mrs. Christine, 257 Hamburg 
Hamel Dr. Earnest F. 155 s Bond 
Hamel George, tailor, 24 Holland 
Hamel George, baker, n e cor Hamburg and 

Hamel Joseph, tinner, 250 s Bond 
Hamel John, tinner, 250 s Bond 
Hamel John, brickmaker, 186 Cross 
Hamelin Mrs. Emeline, 250 e Biddle 
Hamell Patrick, grocer, 110 Dugan's wharf 
Hamer Marcella, shirt maker, 128 e Fayette 
Hamer Wm. H. shoemaker, 56 n Howard, 

(^w 51 Hanover 
Hameit John R. clerk, 97 e Pratt 
Hamill Alexander, (A. & W. J. H.) 125 n 

Hamill Alex. T. miller, 228 n Central av 
Hamill Catharine M. confectionery, 6 Comet 
Hamill & Co., lamps and oils, 125 n Gay 
Hamill Hugh, huckster, 196 Columbia 
HAMILL JAMES H. oil and lamp store, s 

e cor Franklin and Paca, dw 215 Saratoga 
Hamill John, laborer, 196 Columbia 
Hamill Levi, cigar maker, 145 s Ann 
Hamill Patrick, cellar digger, 89 Richmond 
Hamill Robert, shoemaker, 6 Comet 
Hamill Robert J. B. clerk, 143 n Paca 
Hamill Robert W. lamps and oils, 64 Hanover 
Hamill Thomas, feed, 64 Harrison, dw 67 
HAMILL A. & W. J. coal oil works, n e cor 

Canton av and Eden 
Hamill Wm. J. (A. & W. J. H.) 9 Aisquith 
Hamilton Alexander, teacher, 118 Mulberry 
Hamilton Ann, 592 w Saratoga 
Hamilton Caleb B. carpenter, 437 w Lombard 
Hamilton Caleb B. jr. paper hanger, 66 n Eu- 

Hamilton Charles, messenger Bank of Balti- 
more, Exeter Hall, Baltimore Co 
Hamilton Chas. R. tavern, foot of Concord, 

dw 95 Albemarle 
Hamilton EliT. J. clerk, 13s Howard 
Hamilton Mrs. Prances, 87 William 

HAMILTON GEO. W. Manufactu- 
rer and Dealer in Tobacco, Cigars, 
Pipes, &c., 112 Pratt-st., between 
Commerce and South, dw 162 

Hamilton Geo. W. tobacconist, 280 w Pratt 
Hamilton Geo. laborer, 68 McKim 
Hamilton Henry, clerk, 184 George 
Hamilton Hester, 40 s Poppleton 
Hamilton J. M. Southgate, clerk, 181 Frank- 
Hamilton James B. police, Madison near 

Hamilton James, soldier, 904 w Baltimore 
Hamilton James A. bricklayer, 90 Hollins 
Hamilton James, bacon, 197 e Monument 
Hamilton James, (H. & Jones,) 240 w Pratt 

Hamilton John, machinist, 102 Dolphin 
Hamilton John W. painter, 19 Ogston 
Hamilton John A. G17 w Fayette 
Hamilton John, shipping clerk, 52 n Bond 
Hamilton John, confectioner, n w cor How- 
ard and Lexington, dw 61 n Charles 
Hamilton John, tailor, 30 Somerset 
Hamilton John, ice dealer, John near Reser- 
Hamilton Joseph E. carpenter, 311 Aisquith 
Hamilton & Jones, furniture, 240 w Pratt 
Hamilton Margaret 350 s Caroline 
Hamilton Margaret, 40 s Poppleton 
Hamilton Mrs. Mary T. confectionery, 50 

Hamilton Mrs. Maria L. 92 n Greene 
Hamilton Mary C. 168 n Howard 
Hamilton Mary A. (Stork & H.) 152 East 
Hamilton Mary C. 64 Courtland 
HAMILTON MRS. M. A. milliner, 61 n 

Hamilton Mrs. Mary, 40 s Poppleton 
Hamilton Mary, 132 Garden 
Hamilton Mrs. Mary, milk, 904 w Baltimore 
rtiission merchant, 27 s Frederick, dw 49 St. 
Hamilton Maxwell, brickmaker, 24 s Paca 
Hamilton Peter, stone cutter, 226 e Pratt 
Hamilton Richard, ship carpenter, 281 s Bond 
Hamilton Robert, groi-er, 70 Camden, dw 123 

Hamilton Robert, coach painter, 205 Vine 
Hamilton Robert, carpenter, Eutaw near Ger- 
man, dw 40 s Poppleton 
HAMILTON SILAS M. coal dealer, s w cor 

Baltimore and South, dw Baltimore Co 
Hamilton Thomas, carter, 343 e Eager 
Hamilton Thos. laborer, s e cor O'Donnell and 

Hamilton Thos. nightman, 62 McKim 
Hamilton Wm. Campbell, attorney 13 Court- 
land, dw 79 Mulberry 
Hamilton Rev. Wm. 356 Franklin 
Hamilton Wm. machinist, 202 Garden 
Hamilton Wm. auction and com. mercht, 64 
and 66 s Charles, dw York road near city 
Hamlen Wm. C. mariner, Hamburg near 

Hamlen Wm. Hamburg near William 
Hamlin Rev. B. B. 244 Madison av 
Hamlin Thomas S. stone cutter. Fort Coving- 
Hammac Mrs. Emma, 31 Pine 
Hammal Caroline, grocery, 80 Henrietta 
Hammal Frederick, milkman, 80 Henrietta 
Hamman Anthony, (Ostendorf & H.) 272 n 

Hammann Henry, butcher, 33 Fell's Point 

market, dw 359 e Baltimore 
Hammann Jacob, cabinet maker, 10 Etna la 
Hammann John, groceries, flour and feed, 

359 e Baltimore 
Hammann John A. (Ostendorf & H.) 272 n 

Hammann Michael, carver, 240 Canton av 
Hammann Philip, plumber, 136 s Bond 
Hammar Andrew, whip and cane maker, 5 

Hammel Geo. cigar maker, 304 Canton av 
Hammel Jacob, cooper, 9 Harford av 
Hammel Jacob, jr. baker. 9 Harford av 

J. HEIWRY GIESE, Commission MercUant, for tlie sale ot Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on liaud, 31 Spear's WTiarf. 




Hammel James, tailor, Hunter al near John 
Hammel James, lamps, s e cor Franklin and 

Paca, dw 215 Saratoga 
Hammel John, huckster, 140 s Washington, 

Hammel Peter, soldier, Columbia near Scott 
Hammel Valentine, cooper, 113 Caroline 
Hammel Wm. coach painter, 9 Harford av 
Hammell Patrick, grocery, 179 s Caroline 
Hammer Christian, laborer, 339 Canton av 
Hammer Christian, tailor, 80 Mulberry- 
Hammer Eliza, boarding, 104 Franklin 
Hammer Francis H. salesman, 104 Franklin 
Hammer John A. hat store, 99 n Howard, 

dw 104 Franklin 
Hammer Mrs. 203 w Fayette 
Hammer Michael, tinner, 71 s Bond 
Hammer Peter, millwright, 103 n Eutaw 
Hammer Peter G. bookkeeper, 120 s Eutaw 
Hammer Sarah, 103 n Eutaw 
Hammerbacher Daniel, cooper, 26 Bevan 
Hammerbacher Geo. cooper, 169 Hamburg 
Hammerbacher John, cooper, 82 Leadenhall 
Hammerbacher John, cooper, rear of 20 Bevan 
Hammerbacher Leonard, grocery, 25 Bevan 

Hammerly Frederick, shoemaker, 70 Granby 
HAMMERSLEY DAVID L. confectioner, 

26 n Greene 
Hammersley Wm. N. clerk, 104 Conway 
Hammerslough Lewis, dry goods, 155 Lex- 
Hammett John R. clerk, 97 e Pratt 
Hammett Capt. Joseph A. 116 Barre 
Hammon Charles, mariner, 175 s Wolfe 
Hammon Mrs. Francis, boarding, 202 s Ann 
Hammond IVliss Agnes, 282' w Fayette 
Hammond Mrs. Ann, 548 w Fayette 
Hammond Ann, tailoress, 78 n Exeter 
Hammond Mrs Annie B. 35 Pearl 
HAMMOND, BROTHER & CO. real estate 

brokers, 29 St. Paul 
Hammond Mrs. Catharine C. 204 Mont- 
Hammond Charles, 282 w Fayette 
Hammond Charles H. book keeper Western 

Bank, dw 168 Cathedral 
Hammond Christopher, mariner, Clinton s of 

Hammond David, hack driver, 134 Ross 
Hammond Edward, conductor, 548 w Fayette 
Hammond Eliza, 118 Pearl 
Hammond Fred'k, custom house, 204 Mont- 
Hammond George G. clerk, 779 w Baltimore 
Hammond Henry P. (H, & Smith,) 138 e 

Hammond Jesse L. F. (H., Bro. & Co.) 12 

Hammond John, marble polisher, 196 Co- 
Hammond John A. watchman, B. & 0. R. R. 

128 Lee 
Hammond John, hackman, 88 Cathedral 
Hammond John, butcher, 106 Hampstead 
Hammond John D. saddle and harness maker, 

348 w Baltimore, dw Baltimore Co. 
Hammond John D. carpenter 140 Raborg 
Hammond John, machinist, 7 Hoffman 
Hammond John T. (H., Bro. & Co.) 29 St. 

Hammond John L. (H., Bro. & Co.) 12 Barnet 

Hammond J. Thomas, (J. T. H. & Bro.) 

Baltimore Co. 
Hammond J. Thomas & Brother, brokers and 

commission agents, 29 St. Paul 
Hammond Joseph, laborer, 233 s Caroline 
HAMMOND LLOYD, groceries, flour, feed 

and lime, n w cor Charles and West 
Hammond Marcus, caulker, 48 Montgomery 
Hammond Michael, carpenter, 35 Pearl 
Hammond Michael, clerk, 7 Hoffman 
Hammond Dr. Milton, homeopathist, 284 

Hammond Nathan C. 324 w Fayette 
Hammond & Smith, house carpenters, 8 Grant 
Hammond Miss Susan, 282 w Fayette 
Hammond Thomas W. saddler, 324 w Fayette 
Hammond Wm. printer, 88 St. Peter 
Hammond Rev. Wm. S. 324 w Fayette 
Hammond Wm. L. (H., Bro. & Co.) 29 St. 

Hamon Leopold, cigar maker, 66 Park 
Hampbe Adam, 65 e Monument 
Hampe Adolph, scale maker, rear of 12 Light 
Hampe Francis, 92 n Pine 
Hampson A. J. grocer, 81 n Charles 
Hampson Edwin, hatter, 193 w Baltimore, dw 

121 n Eutaw 
Hampson Isabella, teacher, 97 Garden 
Hampson James S. salesman, 81 n Charles 
Hampson Joseph, bricklayer, Philadelphia 

road near city limits 
Hampson Mary, lace mender, 97 Garden 
Hampton Dorothea, seamstress, 76 Ross 
Hampton Jesse B. carpenter, 25 s Poppleton 
Hampton John A. E. carpenter, 165 Columbia 
Hampton Robert B. bricklayer, 562 w Lom- 
Hampton Susan, seamstress, 76 Ross 
Hamson George H. police, 24 Sterrett 
Hamson Richard, police, 75 Hamburg 
HAN AN BERNARD, tavern, 29 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Hanan Francis W. butcher, 118 Centre Mar- 
ket, dw Potomac 
Hanan George F. butcher, 120 Centre Mar- 
ket, dw Concord near Lombard 
Hanan H. Murray, clerk, 11 Courtland 
Hanan J. S. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 11 

Hanan John, attorney and U. S. Commis- 
sioner, 11 Courtland 
Hanan Owen, laborer, 38 Morton al 
Hanauer Henry, shoemaker, 99 Hampstead 
Hanaway Samuel, tavern and wagon yard, 

132 HiUen 
Hance James, apothecary, 82 Columbia 
Hance Seth S. apothecary, 108 w Baltimore, 

dw 185 Loyola place, n Calvert 
Hanchen Michael, laborer, 69 Goodman al 
Hanck Charles, tobacconist, 129 Conway 
Hanck Charles, jr., tobacconist, 129 Conway 
Hancock Albert R. clerk, 188 w Biddle 
Hancock Absalom, collector, 325 e Baltimore 
Hancock Charles A. 325 e Baltimore 
Hancock Mrs. Elizabeth, confectionery, 107 

Hancock F. M. 325 e Baltimore 
Hancock Henry C. engineer, Johnson near 

Hancock Henry K. sheet iron worker, 30 East 
HANCOCK JOHN F. apothecary, n w cor 

Baltimore and Caroline 
Hancock John T. artist, 26 Brune 

CJKO. S. PAGE & BRO., Manufacturers of Roofti ami RooUug Materials, HI Smith's 
Wliarf. C. HART SBIITH, Agent. 




Hancock Mi-s. Susan, 15 Brown 

Hand Alexander, boot maker, 65 n Eutaw 

Hand Henry, clerk, 193 e Monument 

Hand Henry, turnkey Eastern District, 176 

Hand John, engineer, 54 s Schroeder 
Hand John H. police, 176 Gough 
Hand James, butcher, 79 n Bond 
Hand Margaret, principal of female primary 

school No. 24, dw 176 Gough 
Hand S. G. general com. and shipping mer- 
chant, 101 Smith's wharf, dw 94 Saratoga 
HAND THOMAS B. tinner, 33 e Baltimore, 

dw 193 e Fayette 
Hand Thomas J. & Co. shipping and commis- 
sion merchants, .56 s Gay, ud stairs 
Hand Thomas J. (T. J. H. &'Co.) 56 s Gay 
Hand Thomas R. bookkeeper, 38 Pennsylva- 
nia av 
Hand Tavern, 42 n Paca, near Lexington 
Handley Anthony, shoemaker,^ 3 Leadenhall 
Handley Hugh, laborer, 127 Chew 
Handley Kate, laundress, 3 Leadenhall 
Hands Eliza, 138 Pine 
Hands Francis M. coach painter, 138 Pine 
Hands Lafayette W. 58 e Lombard 
Handt William, harness maker, 45 Henrietta 
Handy Charles C. police, 370 Franklin 
Handy Edward H. police, 370 Franklin 
Handy Joseph J. soldier, 20 s Schroeder 
Handy Thomas P. clerk, 183 St. Paul 
Handy S. J. K. clerk custom house, 356 w 

Handy Samuel J. K. attorney, Eager near 

Lovegrove al 
Handy Dr. Wm. W. 183 St. Paul 
Hanegan Frederick, tinner, 38 Church 
Hancker Lavniia, 117 Chew 
Haney Charles M. conductor from Washing- 
ton to New York, 107 Conway 
Hanf Jacob, laborer, 12 Baker 
Hanfowan L. barber, 264 s Broadway 
Hanftling George, shoemaker, 152 Henrietta 
Hanglc Martin, shoemaker, 235 e Eager 
Hank Rev. J. Newman, 90 William 
Hank Dr. J. W. F. Biddle2doors w of Gar- 
Hankey Andrew J. weigher, 116 e Pratt 
Hankey Joseph, coal dealer, 31 e Lombard 
Hanlan John, 405 s Charles 
Hanley Edward, laborer, 75 Hillen 
Han ley Mrs. Mary, 23 Ringgold al 
Hanley M. dressmaker, 7 s Greene 
Hanley Patrick, laborer, 5 Scott 
Hanley Timothy, laborer, 30 Boyd 
Hanline Mauritz, paints, &c. 221 s Bond 
Hanlon Bernard, engineer, 5 Willow 
Hanlon Christopher, laborer, 88 Raborg 
Hanlon Eliza, grocery, 7 Lancaster 
Hanlon Thomas, furn. dealer, 18 Chesnut 
Hanly Patrick, laborer, 11 Be van 
Hann Henry C. bricklayer, 59 McHenry 
Hann Jacob, bricklayer, 59 McHenry 
Hann James H. 45 n Strieker 
Hann John H. cooper, 426 w Lombard 
Hanna Beersheba, school teacher, Pratt near 

Hanna Chas. F. clerk, 28 Pleasant 
Hanna Frederick, artist, 183 Lexington 
Hanna George, furniture repairer, 66 Hillen 
Hanna James, tailor, 23 w Lombard 
Hanna John, tobacconist, 7 n Calvert, dw 28 

Hanna Robert, cabinet maker, 449 n Gay 
Hanna Samuel, stone cutter, 122 Chew 
Hanna Wm, importer tobacco, cigars, &c. 7 
n Calvert and n w cor Baltimore and St. 
Paul, dw 28 Pleasant 
Hanna Wm. E. clerk, 28 Pleasant 
Hannagan Thomas, furn. wagoner, 209 Vine 
Hannagan Frederick C. 38 L. Church 
Hannah James H. shoemaker, 5 n Frederick 
Hannahan Brian, stone mason, 85 n Fremont 
Hannam Uriah G. coach maker, 201 Ross 
Hannaman Henry, engineer, 76 Mount 
Hannaman Mrs. Lida, 131 Camden 
Hannan Bernard, tavern, 25 Centre Market 
Hannan Francis, butcher, nr Elliott, Canton 
Hannan George, butcher, 122 Concord 
Hannan Henry, clerk, 114 n Bond 
Hannan Henry M. stevedore, 103 Raborg 
Hannan John, butcher, rear of 84 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Hannan Owen, laborer, 38 Morton 
Hannan Patrick, tailor, 21 w Lombard 
Hanne Henry, furn. wagoner, 202 s Bond 
Hannegan Fredk. tinner, 158 n High 
Hannegan Martin, drayman, 9 Young 
Hannege Brottas, laborer, 58 Durst al 
Hanney Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 123 Camden 
Hannibal Henry, lager beer saloon, 51 Harri- 
Hannies Adolph, upholsterer, 107 Pearl 
Hanning Fredk. laborer, 85 Washington, 

F. H. 
Hanomel Valentine , oak cooper, 1 13 n Caroline 
Hanover Street S. S. Mission Chapel, cor of 

Hanover and Hamburg 
Hanrahan John, stone mason, 197 Vine 
Hanrahan Maurice, porter, 21 Perry 
Hanrahn Henry, laborer, 38 n Amity 
Hanrahn Thos. grocer, 38 n Amity 
Hans John, painter, 41 Columbia 
Hanshaw John G. clerk, 487 Lexington 
Hanson Amelia, 301 s Bond 
Hanson Ambrose, shoemaker, 121 Chew 
Hanson Barbara E. provisions, cor Eager and 

Hanson Elias, soldier, 100 e Madison 
Hanson Geo. H. shoemaker, 292 e Madison 
Hanson Gearhart, tailor, 62 King 
Hanson John N. shoemaker, 292 e Madison 
Hanson John, tinner, 189 e Fayette 
Hanson Louisa, 32 s Sharp 
Hanson Michael, laborer, 137 West 
Hanson Nicholas, carpenter, 55 Milliman 
Hanson Neil, blacksmith, cor O'Donnell and 

Hanson Peter, rigger, 263 s Wolfe 
Hanson P. W. clerk B. & O. R. R. 70 Bolton 
HANSON PETER, tin ware and house fur- 
nisher, 32 e Baltimore 
Hanson Randall, shoemaker, 121 Chew 
Hanson Thomas H. furniture, 35 and 37 s 

Calvert, dw 227 e Baltimore 
HANSON WILLIAM E. wholesale butter 

dealer, n w cor Eager and Aisquith 
Hanson T. P. rigger, 180 Aliceanna 
Hanson Thomas, milk^m e cor Canton av and 

Hanson William H. saddler, 383 Saratoga 
Hanthorn John, clerk, 133 s Paca 
Hanz August, locksmith, 174 Aliceanna 
Hanzsche & Co. English and German book 
and job printers, over sw cor Light and Bal- 

WBl. P. WEBB, Marine, Fire and Life Insurance Agent and Brolier. Agent 
Benefit Life Insurance Co., Newark, IV. J.," 89 Second Street. 

'■ Mutual 




Hanzsche E. (H. & Co.) 202 Saratoga 
Hanzsche Frederick A. English and German 
book and job printer, over 232 w Baltimore, 
dw 181 Saratoga 
Hanzsche H. (H. & Co.) Fountain Hotel 
Hanzsche Theodore, clerk, 202 Saratoga 
Hapisy John, paper hanger, 192 n Central av 
Happel Henry, tailor, 156 n Caroline 
Happel John, plasterer, 166 Peirce 
Happel John, carpenter, 136 n Bond 
Happel John, cigar maker, 80 s Eutaw 
Happel Peter, boiler maker, 12 Booth 
Happhy Joanna, grocery, 73 Eastern av 
Happoldt Henry H. painter, 261 Franklin 
Happs Peter, laborer, 95 Washington, F. H. 
Harand Henry, porter, 315 e Lombard 
Harbach Francis M. barkeeper. Fountain 

Harback Charles, saddler, 245 w Bond 
Harback Samuel, painter, 245 n Bond 
Harback Stephen, saddler, 245 n Bond 
Harbaugh Anna M. confectionery, 121 n Cal- 
Harbaugh Charles L. W. clerk, 19 s Oregon 
Harbaugh Gustavus, machinist, 285 Ross 
Harbaugh George, shoemaker, 352 o Eager 
Harbaugh Jas. 0. chairmaker, 121 n Calvert 
Harbaugh Jerome, coachmaker, 19 s Oregon 
Harbaugh Thomas. H. chairmaker, 186 e 

Harbaugh Thomas, shoemaker, 285 Ross 
Harbaugh Winfield, clerk, 285 Ross 
Harbold Charles, cabinetmaker, 90 s Howard 
Harbst Frederick W. carpenter, 444 Walsh 
Harburger Asher, clerk, 48 Granby 
Harburger Emanuel, tailor, 48 Granby 
Harburger Sigmund, cloth cutter, 48 Granby 
Harburn John, huckster, 31 Warner 
Harce Andrew, porter, 18 Davis 
Hardcastle Elizabeth, milliner, 110 Ross 
Hardcastle Marcus L. janitor University of 

Maryland and collector, 110 Ross 
Hardcastle Jane E. dressmaker, 110 Ross 
Hardcastle John, commercial agent, 143 Han- 
Harden Joseph, conductor, 449 w Lombard 
Harden John S. (Hopkins, H. & Kemp,) 31 

Harden Richard, horses, 2 n Greene 
Harden Rev. Wm. 308 e Baltimore 
Harderetz James, clerk, 92 Pearl 
Hardertz Mrs. Henry, 11 Cathedral 
HardersLer Abraham, sailmaker, 59 Centre 

Market space 
Hardester & Bokee, lamp and oil store, 321 w 

Hardester David, engineer, 200 Forrest 
Hardester David, machinist, 6 Walker 
Hardester George E. engineer, 200 Forrest 
Hardester John, engineer, 36 Henrietta 
Hardester Thomas H. (H, & Bokee,) 250 

Hardesty Caroline D. 31 s Bond 
Hardcsty Charles R. 251 n Eutaw 
Hardesty Mrs. E. 31 Cathedral 
Hardesty George W. brass foundry, 44 Holi- 
day, dw Bull's Head tavern, Front n of Gay 
Hardesty Hannah S. matron Aged Women s 

Home, n w cor Lexington and Calhoun 
Hardesty James H. 251 n Eutaw 
Hardesty James H. 92 Pearl 
Hardesty James, clerk, 92 Pearl 
Hardesty John, carpenter, 24 s Caroline 

Hardesty John H. 251 n Eutaw 
Hardesty Martha J. 251 n Eutaw 
HARDESTY RICHARD C. attorney, 67 w 

Fayette, dw 126 St. Paul 
Hardesty Richard S. 126 St. Paul 
Hardesty Richard, clerk, 16 McElderry 
Hardesty Sarah L. 251 n Eutaw 
Hardesty Thomas H. mariner, 72 s Washing- 

ington, F. P. 
Hardesty Thomas H. lamp and oil store, 250 

Hardey Hilleary E. clerk, 6 n Calvert 
Hardie Emily E. 172 Saratoga 
Hardin Richard A. shoemaker, 163 Orleans 
Harding C. laborer, 287 n Eutaw 
Harding Geoi-ge, carpet weaver, 259 n Eden 
Harding Henry, huckster, 6 Baker 
Harding James, carpenter, 25 McClellan's al. 

dw Mansion House 
Harding Mary, dressmaker, 37 n Liberty 
Harding William H. agricultural implement 

manuf. s w corBarre and Light, warehouse 

33 Grant, dw 27 Camden 
Harding Joseph, laborer, 353 Cathedral 
Hardisty Anna M. 36 s High 
Hardtner Mrs. Catharine, confectioner, 132 

Hardtner Jacob, laborer, 132 Columbia 
Hardtner J. Leonard, Adams express stables, 

10 Davis 
Hardwick Henry T. paper carrier, 58 Green- 
mount av 
Hard wick Wm. C. grocery, cor Bond and 

Hardy Capt. Benjamin R. 96 s Ann 
Hardy Geo. W. plowsmith. 111 Hamburg 
Hardy Geo. 62 s Ann 
Hardy Henry, pilot, 62 s Ann 
Hardy Capt. Geo. L. 35 Gough 
Hardy Hugh M. carter, 95 Boyd 
Hardy James C. fireman, 40 s Schroeder 
Hardy John T. pilot, 96 s Ann 
Hardy John W. clerk, Ross near Hoffman . 
Hardy John W. watchman, 107 L. Greene 
Hardy Mrs. Margaret R. n w cor Fayette and 

Hardy Randolph, fireman, 62 s Ann 
Hardy Samuel, brakesman, 144McHenry 
Hardy Summerfield, 392 w Lombard 
Hardy Wm. finisher, 30 s Poppleton 
Hare John H. portrait painter, 8 Harford av ' 
Hare Michael, grocery, 331 Cathedral 
Hare William, portrait painter, 8 Harford av 
Harford Avenue (M. E.) Church, cor Har- 
ford av and Biddle 
Harford Geo. R. cabinet maker, 484 Lexington 
Haragon Ellen, confectionery, 365 w Pratt 
Hargley John A. machinist, 164 McHenry 
Hargrove Wm. H. painter, s w cor Greene 

and Baltimore 
Harig Albert, laborer. Port near Aliceanna 
Harig Bernard, (J. & B. L. H.) 67 Hill 
Harig Henry, tailor, 288 s Ann 
Harig John B. 94 Hill 
Harig Joseph, (J. «fe B. L. H.) 66 Hill 
Harig J. & B. L. hardware and stoves, 72 Hill 
Harig John F. machinist, 202 Hanover 
Harker Charles, garbage cart, 8 Hagar ct 
Harker James H. bricklayer, 313 Forrest 
Harker John J. carpenter, 214 Harford av 
Harker John V. tavern, 101 Greenmount av 
Harker Julia Ann, 162 Greenmount av 
Harker Dr. Richard M. J. 77 Hillen 

jr. HENRY GIESE, Commlgslon merchant, for the sole of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, SI Spear's WTiarf. 




Harker Samuel, shoemaker, 59 Booth 
Harker William, Gen. Wayne Inn 
Harkins Charles, hostler, 9 Perry 
Harkins Maurice, laborer, 22 Jew al 
Harkins Neal, shoemaker, 88 Hollins 
Harkness Mutary, milkman, 517 Franklin 
Harkness Sarah, grocery, 107 n Fremont 
Harkness Thomas, grocery, n w cor Frank- 
lin and Fremont 
Harkinhine John, laborer, 79 Mullikin 
Harkum James, painter, 70 William 
Harlan George, jr. soldier, 9 Armistead la 
Harlan George S. clerk, 128 Cathedral 
Harle Bernhard, laborer, 56 Durst al 
Harle Louis, shoemaker, 342 w Pratt 
Harley James K. artist, over s w cor Charles 

aad Fayette, dw 26 s Caroline 
Harlow Branch B. bookkeeper, 161 w Biddle 
Harlow Bridget, 23 Concora 
Harlow Isaac, shoemaker, 19 Mercer 
Harlow Reuben, shoemaker, 265 West 
Harman Ann, 58 Davis 
Harman Charles M. clerk, 214 w Fayette 
Harman Casper, carter, 143 s Bethel 
Harman Catherine, lamp and oil store, 153 

Harman Christian, cooper, 17 Albemarle 
Harman Christoph, tailor, 217 Hamburg 
Harman Daniel, cutter, 137 Lexington 
Harman Elizabeth K. teacher, 118 Mulberry 
Harman Enos, keeper Carroll's Point bridge 
Harman Frederick C. clerk, 60 s Paca 
Harman George, (Isaac Cox & Co.) 60 s 

Harman Rev, Henry M. principal Light st 

Institute, dw 54 s Sharp 
Harman Helena, 11 Chase 
Harman Jacob, 34 McElderry 
Harman John, ship carpenter, 100 Orleans 
Harman John, expressman, 156 Orleans 
Harman Joseph, broom maker, 47 Jackson 
Harman Joseph, laborer, 305 Aliceanna 
Harman Mary, boarding, 105 Hanover 
Harman Mary, baker, 47 Jackson 
Harman Michael, 17 Abbott 
Harman Paul, cigar maker, 57 Boyd 
Harman Peter, potter, 193 Mullikin 
Harman Philip, porter, 20 Albermarle 
Harman Samuel, brickmaker, 33 Conway 
Harman Wm. H. clerk, 5 Columbia 
Harming Adam, tailor, 245 Eastern av 
Harmyer Anthony, grocer, 88 French 
Harmon Charles, mariner, 175 s Wolfe 
Harmon Mrs. Eliza, 117 s Bond 
Harmon Robert, clerk, 117 s Bond 
Harmon Solomon, second-hand store, 59 n 

Harms Harman, tavern, 22 Commerce 
Harms John, cigar maker, 22 Commerce 
Harn George, shoemaker, 43 Tessier 
HARNDEN EXPRESS, s w cor Baltimore 

and Sharp, Jno. Q. A. Herring, agent — [See 

front page of Cover] 
Harnes Wm. J. 336 Aliceanna 
Harney E. R. young ladies' seminary, 596 w 

Harney Luke, laborer, 21 Albert 
Harold John, cooper, 135 William 
Harp Edward, huckster, 168 s Broadway 
Harp Ellen, 205 s Wolfe 
Harp Wm. trader, 81 Bank 
Harperish Frank, laborer, 166 s Wolfe 
Harpel Christian, sawyer, 103 Marion 

Harper Ann M. dressmaker, 36 French 
Harper Benton, Harford av near city limits 
Harper Eliza, trimmings, 67 n Eutaw 
Harper Elizabeth, vest maker, 120 HofFman 
Harper Ellen, laundress, 34 Jew al 
Harper Emily L. 10 Cathedral 
Harper Frederick, cigar maker, 118 Raborg 
Harper James, bar tender, 49 s Frederick 
Harper Capt. Jas. L. mariner, 65 s Bond 
HARPER JOHN W. bill poster, basement 3 
North, dw 193 n Caroline— [S«£ page 15 
Harper Joshua A . plasterer, Harford av near 

city limits 
Harper Capt. Noble, mariner, 149 s Bond 
Harper Presbury, shoemaker, 193 n Caroline 
Harper Samuel B. lamp lighter, Harford av 

near city limits 
Harper Thos. R. tinner, Harford av near city 

Harper Wash, cigar maker, 232 Mulberry 
Harper Wm. shoemaker, 67 n Eutaw 
Harper William W. painter, 237 Chesnut al 
HARR CHARLES E. (late Fetting,) watch- 
maker, 285 e Baltimore 
Harr F. cigars, 313 Aliceanna 
Harr Herman, clothier, 115 n Howard 
Harr John, laborer, 141 s Wolfe 
Harr John, tailor, 101 Lombard 
Harr John, laborer, 15 St. Mary 
Harr Peter, collector, 28 St. Paul, dw 190 e 

Harr Peter, printer, 15 St. Mary 
Harrer Godfrey, baker, 78 s Wolfe 
Harregal John G. laborer, 256 e Madison 
Harres Joseph, cigar maker, 203 Chesnut 
Harrigan Anthony, laborer, 235 Gough 
Harrigan Andrew, collector, 223 n Eden 
Harrigan David, laborer, 82 Eastern av 
Harrigan Jeremiah, laborer, 53 French 
Harrigan Mrs. Julia, grocery, 168 Columbia 
Harrigan Peter, laljorer, 168 Columbia 
Harrigan Thomas W. tailor, 196 Harford av 
Harrington Abraham B. 10 Mulberry 
Harrington Mrs. A.M. music teacher, 137 

Harrington Ann, glass and queensware, 60 3 

HARRINGTON & BOGUE, importers and 
dealers in tailors' trimmings, &c., over n e 
cor of Baltimore and Charles 
Harrington Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 324 Mulberry 
Harrington Elisha, property agent and collec- 
tor, 79 Second, dw 101 w Biddle 
Harrington Elisha, jr. fH. & Mills,) 101 w 

Harrington Geo. W. engineer, 342 Eastern av 
Harrington Henry L. (H. & Bogue,) Maltby 

HARRINGTON & MILLS, looking glass 
and frame manufacturers, and furnishing 
goods, 140 w Baltimore 
Harrington James, grocery, 126 s Sharp 
Harrington Joshua, restaurant, 21 Ensor 
Harrington Jeremiah, laborer, 165 s Chapel 
Harrington Jno. P. carpenter, 106 n Bond 
Harrington Mrs. Louisa, tailoress, 487 w 

Harrington Mary Ann, 253 Gough 
Harrington Robert, soldier, 80 s Republican 
Harrington Thomas, huckster, 61 e Monu- 
Harrington Wm. mariner, 142 Hughes 

GBO. S. PAG£ & BRO., ManuTactiirers of Roofs and Roofiug Slaterlals, HI Smltli's 
Wharf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 




Harriss Abraham, furrier, 65 n High 

Harris Alexander, 93 McCulloh 

Harris Benj. machinist, Clinton near Elliott, 

Harris Benjamin G. (Neale, H. & Co.) 23 

Harris Buelah, dry goods, 140 Lexington 
Harris Charles W. chairmaker, 135 nBond 
Harris Champion, laborer, 58 William 
Harris Edward B. weigher, 6 Bowly's wharf, 

dw s w cor Hollins and Fulton 
Harris Eleanor E. 6 e Baltimore 
Harris Eliza, 48 East 
Harris Elizabeth, dressmaker 122 s Sharp 
Harris Frederick A. tinner, 129 s Sharp 
Harris George, brass finisher, 120 Lexington 
Harris Dr. George, 140 Lexington 
Harris Geo. blacksmith, 195 Conway 
Harris Geo. M. umbrellas, 6 e Baltimore 
Harris Geo. W. (Sweeney & H.) Carey, be- 
tween Lexington and Saratoga 
Harris Henry W. (Samuel H. & Sons,) 

Decker, near Northern av 
Harris Hicks, 140 Lexington 
Harris James, 190 East 
Harris James, fisherman, 20 e Lombard 
Harris James, moulder, 30 s Republican 
Harris James B. carpenter, 30 Gough 
Harris James T. bricklayer, 118 Jefferson 
HARRIS J. MORRISON, attorney. Spur- 
rier's ct, Lexington near St. Paul,'dw Har- 
ford road Baltimore co 
Harris John, stone quarrier, s e cor Grundy 

and Townsend 
Harris John, wagoner, 76 William 
Harris Joseph, furniture cars, 1 Garden 
HARRIS JOSEPH, merchant tailor, 52 n 

Harris Kate C. machine stitcher, 109 Hillen 
Harris Lethe Ann, 755 w Baltimore 
Harris Margaret, 203 Chesnut 
Harris Mrs. Mary, 76 William 
Harris Matthias, blacking manufacturer, 118 

Harris Mehitabel, 109 Hillen 
Harris Orville, engineer, 89 s Sharp 
Harris Phebe, dressmaker, 135 n Bond 
Harris Richard, bookkeeper, 46 s Eutaw 
Harris Richard, car driver, Calhoun s of 

Harris Robert, printer, 133 n Bethel 
Harris R. Hopkins, (Samuel H. & Sons,) 

Decker near Northern av 
Harris Robert, furniture car, 310 n Eutaw 
Harris Rodney, laborer, 9 Dawson al 
Harris Samuel, (S. II. & Sons,) Decker near 

Northern av 
Harris Capt. Samuel, mariner, 6 Townsend 
HARRIS SAMUEL & SONS, bankers, 196 

w Baltimore 
HARRIS SAMUEL, Jr. stock broker, base- 
ment Chesapeake Bank, dw Guy's hotel 
Harris Samuel, architect and measurer, 141 w 

Harris Mrs. S. G. 298 w Fayette 
Harris Thomas C. (Samuel H. & Sons,) 

Decker near Northern av 
Harris Wesley R. hatter, 50 n Eden 
Harri.s Wm. D. ship joiner, 44 Philpot, dw 

300 e Pratt 
Harris Wm. gunsmith, 4 Henrietta 
Harris Wm. smelterer, Clinton nr Canton 
Harris Wm. coal heaver, 58 William 

Harris William C. clerk to provost marshal, 

Washington House 
Harris Dr. W. A. Fountain hotel 
Harrison Basil, huckster, rear 73 Hanover 
Harrison Benj. F. 105 St. Paul 
Harrison Benjamin, clerk, 113 German 
Harrison Benj. H. carpenter, 1 n Central av, 

dw 149 e Baltimore 
Harrison Caroline, 51 Warren 
Harrison Mrs. Caroline, 40 Columbia 
Harrison Catherine, 143 Mulberry 
Harrison Charles S. bookkeeper, 40 Columbia 
Harrison Charles S. bookkeeper, 57 s Gay 
Harrison Charles E. varnisher, 312 Canton av 
Harrison Charles T. ship carp. 170 Bank 
Harrison Charles, jr. 1st bookkeeper Mer- 
chants' Bank, dw Baltimore co 
Harrison Mrs. Daniel E. paints, &c., 194 e 

Harrison Eleanor, 67 Pearl 
Harrison Eveline, 67 Pearl 
Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth E. 196 Saratoga 
Harrison Francis A. clerk, 196 n Caroline 
Harrison Francis, upholsterer, 106 n Bond 
Harrison Francis J. comb maker, 197 n~ " 
Harrison Geo. L. commis. merchant, 6 0'- 

Donnell's whf, dw Lanvale near Bolton 
Harrison George H. police, 24 Sterrett 
Harrison Henry G. currier, 164 n Spnng 
Harrison Henry, plasterer, 114 n Eden 
Harrison James H. clerk N. C. R. R. Sus- 
quehanna hotel 
Harrison John, bricklayer, 222 s Caroline 
Harrison John, painter, 222 s Caroline 
Harrison John A. painter, 15 Slemmer al 
Harrison John H. police, 316 Canton av 
Harrison John 0. ship carp. 34 Johnson 
Harrison Julia, 17 Chew 
Harrison Lewis B. clerk, 40 Columbia 
Harrison Lucretia, 34 Johnson 
Harrison Margaret E. boarding, 19 Lexing- 
Harrison Mary A. 29 s Howard 
Harrison Mary, 369 n Gay 
Harrison Maria L. bookstore, 86 Hanover 
Harrison Murray, 43 n Strieker 
Harrison Park, hatter, 169 Greenmount av 
Harrison P. H. tobacconist, 41 Clay, dw 16 

Harrison Rev. Peyton, 90 Read 
Harrison Richard H. police, 75 Hamburg 
Harrison Robt. G. (Atwell &H.) 302 e Lom- 
Harrison R. S. S. clerk at John S. Gittings & 

Co. 29 South 
Harrison Dr. Samuel A., Charles, 2 doors n 

of Eager 
Harrison Susanna, huckstress, 699 w Balti- 
Harrison Thos. R. ship carpenter, 64 Gough 
Harrison Thomas, hostler, 12 Sterrett 
Harrison Thomas, 43 n Strieker 
Harrison Wm. E. C. salesman, 86 Hanover 
Harrison Wm. agent Canton Co. office cor 
Boston and Patuxent, dw n w cor Eager 
and St. Paul 
Harrison Wm. G. 378 Eutaw place 
Harrison Wm. E. shoemaker, 84 s Charles 
Harrison Wm. N. book agent, 26 Second, dw 

219 w Biddle 
Harrison Wm. H. stone cutter, 381 Penna. av 
Harrison Wm. H. carpenter, 244 n Eden 
Harrison Z. G. clerk, 149 e Baltimore 

WBI. P. WEBB, Marine, Fire and Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit liife Insurance Co., Newark, IV. J.," 89 Second Street, 





Harritage Chas. coach trimmer, Central av 

near Chase 
Harrod Wm. T. shoemaker, 137 s Regester 
Harryman Ann M. 28 s Caroline 
Harryman Benj. P. printer, 207 e Monument 
Harryman C. C. druggist, 158 e Pratt 
Harryman Joshua, police, 395 Canton av 
Harryman Josiah, butcher, 90 Belair market, 

dw 207 e Monument 
Harryman Julia Ann, 82 n Exeter 
Harryman Martha, seamstress, 94 s Regester 
Harryman Thomas, furn. wagoner, 242 n 

Harryman Walter, police, 158 e Pratt 
Harryman Wm. 53 s Bond 
Harryman Wm. laborer, 92 s Regester 
Har Sinai Temple, (Jewish Reformed,) High 

between Fayette and Low 
Harssa Wm. blacksmith, 90 York 
Harstall Peter, laborer, 179 s Bethel 
Hart Mrs. Ann, Belair av extended 
Hart Alexander, carpenter, 710 w Saratoga 
Hart Asa, carpenter, 185 Aisquith 
Hart Catharine, tailoress, 1 Harden ct 
Hart Christian, laborer, 27 Albemarle 
Hart Edward, laborer, 5 Pleasant 
Hart Elizabeth, 55 Garden 
Hart Elizabeth, 93 s Chapel 
Hart Francis C. coal, cor Biddle and Cathe- 
dral, dw 55 Garden 
Hart Francis, jr. machinist, Mount Royal, 

foot of McMechin 
Hart Jacob, tailor, 138 e Fayette 
Hart James, blacksmith, 115 s Castle al 
Hart James, Adams' express, 205 Lexington 
Hart James, clerk, 55 Garden 
Hart John H. upholsterer, 456 w Baltimore 
Hart John, huckster, 88 Hamburg 
Hart Levi, clothier, 11 w Second, dw 77 e 

Hart Margaret, dry goods, 1563^ Lexington. 
HART MARX M. wood engraver, over 220 w 
Baltimore, dw 156)^ Lexington. — [See p. 
20 Jldvertisements] 
Hart Mary C. 221 Orleans 
Hart Michael, laborer, 264 s Howard 
Hart Rachel, 20 e Pratt 
Hart Mrs. Rebecca P. 40 McHenry 
Hart Robert M. clerk, Fayette near Gilmor 
Hart Samuel, grocer, 59 North 
Hart Sarah J. dress maker, 402 n Gay 
Hart Stephen F. clerk, 62 Walsh 
Hart Tobias, clothier, 11 w Second, dw 77 e 

Hart Thos. mariner, 107 York 
Hart Wm. tailor, 118 s Chapel 
Hart Wm. clerk, 55 Garden 
Harteveld Adolph, china, glass and queens- 
ware, 506 w Baltimore 
Hartegan Mrs. Catherine, nurse, 47 McHenry 
Hartel Catherine, huckstress, 213 s Bethel 
Hartel John M. paper boxes, 219 w Balti- 
more, dw 84 e Lombard 
Harten John, carter, 100 Dolphin 
Harter John C. soldier, 6 Baker ct 
Hartfelder F'red'k, shoemaker, 226 s Charles 
Hartgens Christopher, grocer, 13 Penna. av, 

dw 301 Saratoga 
Hartigan Morris, boss coal heaver, 83 s Pop- 
ple ton 
Hartjens Christopher, (Jas. E. Cadow&Co.) 

301 w Saratoga 
Hartlauer Henry, huckster, 164 L. Greene 

Hartley Geo. ship joiner, 45 Burke 
Hartley John, car driver, 130 s Regester 
Hartley John W. laborer, 123 Hamburg 
Hartley Mrs. Rachel, 254 Franklin 
Hartley Thos. carter, 473 Saratoga 
Hartley Wm. T. ship carpenter, 181 s Ches- 
Hartline Henry, laborer, 41 Tessier 
Hartlove Chas. H. brickmaker, 246 Warner 
Hartlove Enoch, brickmaker, 156 s Fremont 
Hartlove John, car driver, 343 Eastern av 
Hartlove John W. brickmaker, 302 Johnson 
Hartlove Mrs. Mary A. 166 Scott 
Hartlove Wesley, brickmaker, 106 Washing- 
ton, F. H. 
Hartlove Wm. brickmaker, 269 William 
Hartmaier Richard, butcher, 33 Lexington 

market, dw 55 w Hoffman 
Hartman Capt. Adam, U. S. A., 226 Henri- 
Hartman Alfred Z. teacher, 103 Columbia 
Hartman Andrew, labor. Henry near Hughes 
Hartman Dr. Andrew, 176 Aisquith 
Hartman Augustus, furn. wagoner, 287 s 

Hartman Caspar, at sugar refinery. 111 n 

Hartman Charles, printer, 29 Holiday 
Hartman Charles, cabinet maker, 261 n Eden 
Hartman Charles, tavern, 30 Thames 
Hartman Conrad, shoemaker, 157 Dover . 
Hartman Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 256 e 

Hartman Francis, fisherman, 231 William 
Hartman Francis W. laborer, 48 Raborg 
Hartman Francis, marble worker, 48 Raborg 
Hartman Frederick, tailor, 56 s Oregon 
Hartman Frederick, tinner, 313 e Lombard 
Hartman Frederick, foundryman, 18 Foun- 
Hartman Frederick, shoemaker, 156 Cross 
Hartman Frederick, shoe store, 66 n Gay, dw 

171 Aisquith 
Hartman Frederick, foundryman, 2 Fountain 
Hartman Geo. cabinet maker, 261 n Eden 
Hartman Geo. laborer, 196 Eastern av 
Hartman Geo. J. shoemaker, Belair av ext'd 
Hartman Gotleib, laborer, 62 Albemarle 
Hartman George, shoemaker, 678 w Baltimore 
Hartman Henry, (H. & Strauss,) 179 w Fay- 
Hartman Henry, cooper, 136 e Pratt 
Hartman Henry, tailor, 57 Union 
Hartman Henry, cooper, 284 s Bond 
Hartman Isaac, tailor, 4 s Gay, dw 28 n Gay 
HARTMAN JACOB P. merchant tailor and 
clothier, 197 w Baltimore, dw 278 w Fayette 
Hartman John, laborer, 180 s Caroline 
Hartman John, shoemaker, 116 Hollins 
Hartman John, carter, 141 e Lombard 
Hartman John, carter, 41 Short 
Hartman John & Son, boot and shoe makers, 

678 w Baltimore 
Hartman John (J. H. & Son) 678 w Balti- 
Hartman John, jr. (J. H. & Son) 116 Hollins 
Hartman Mrs. Louisa, 5 Josephine 
Hartman Leon, 179 w Fayette 
Hartman Maria, variety store, 120 s Sharp 
Hartman Maggie, seamstress, 65 Walnut al 
Hartman Michael, laborer, 6 Green ct 
Hartman Nicholas, brickmaker, Ostend near 

J. HENRY GIESE, Conuoission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseudale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 21 Spear's 'Wharf. 




Hartman Philip, jeweler, 678 w Baltimore 
Hartman Philip, laborer, 284 Aliceanna 
Hartman Philip, tailor, 116 Hollins 
Hartman Paul, laborer, 24 Somerset 
Hartman Saml. shoemaker, 103 Columbia 
Hartman Sleon, 179 w Fayette 
HARTMAN & STRAUSS, clothiers, 326 w 

Hartman Wilton H. clerk, 278 w Fayette 
Hartmeyer, Richard, butcher, 55 w Hoffman 
Hartogensis Henry S. clothing and notions, 

36 Harrison 
Hartshorne Joshua, iron dealer, 92 w Lom- 
bard, Jw 129 w Fayette 
Hartson Leonard R. hackman, 180 Pearl 
Hartung Ferdinand, shoemaker, 58 s Re- 

Hartung John F. potter, Hull near Fort av 
Hartwig Jacob, shoemaker, 91 Granby 
Harty John, drayman, 16 Mulberry 
Hartz Simpson, dry goods, 197 n Gay 
Hartzel Benj. F. conductor, 289 Franklin 
Hartzel & Clark, livery stables, 84 German 
Hartzel David, (H. & Clark,) 342 w Lombard 
Hartzel George, 123 Pearl 
Hartzel Edwin, messenger Adams' Express, 

14 Townsend 
Hartzel Jacob F. omnibus driver, 14 Lanvale 
Hartzel Leonard, car driver, 125 Pearl 
Hartzel Leonard L. driver, 14 Lanvale 
Hartzell Jacob, restaurant, Northern av near 

Druid Hill 
Hartzell John, city car driver, 20 Orchard 
HARTZELL LEONARD, hack stables, 95 

n Paca 
Hartzell Luther, car driver, 284 Penna av 
Hartzell Wm. car driver, 67 Lancaster 
Hartzog George, broker, 22 South, dw 205 

Hartsburg Lazarus, ragman, 77 Forrest 
Harvey Andrew J. soldier, 151 Hollins 
Harvey Mrs, Ann, 51 n Strieker 
Harvey Archibald, 81 s Caroline 
Harvey Ann C. grocery, 214 Hollins 
Harvey Charles A. clerk, 214 Hollins 
Harvey Charles W. assistant supervisor R. 

R., 439 w Lombard 
Harvey Charles (Wm. T. Walters & Co.) 78 

Harvey Danl. (Wm. & D. H.) Fremont near 

Harvey Edward, shoemaker, 129 s Fremont 
Harvey Edwd. H. shoemaker, 160 s Fremont 
Harvey Ellen, 16 Gough 
Harvey Henry D. 147 Park 
Harvey Henry, laborer, 298 Johnson 
Harvey Henry P. clerk, 25 Penn 
Harvey James, jr. 283 w Lombard 
Harvey James £. plumber, 228 s Sharp 
Harvey J. W. jr. bookkeeper, 22 w Second 
Harvey John, laborer, 160 Greenmount av 
Harvey J. W. real estate broker, over 22 w 

Second, dw Baltimore Co. 
Harvey John E. 48 s Sharp 
Harvey John H. (T. H. & Son,) 23 n Greene 
Harvey John W. bricklayer, 228 s Sharp 
Harvey John, laborer, Block near Wills 
Harvey Joshua, dry goods, n w cor Hanover 

and Pratt, dw 48 s Sharp 
HARVEY JOSHUA G. & CO. provision and 

produce commis. merchants, 75 Exchange 

Harvey Joshua, jr., clerk, 48 s Sharp 

Harvey Joshua G. (J. G. H. & Co.) 250 w 

Harvey Kate, milliner, s w cor Lexington and 

Harvey Michael, laborer, cor Liberty road 

and Chapel 
Harvey Moses, soldier, 27 s Republican 
Harvey Robert W. boatman, 47 Burke 
Harvey Robert J. painter, 93 Preston 
Harvey Silas, pedler, 79 Washington, F. H. 
Harvey Thomas P. clerk, 25 Penn 
Harvey Thomas & Sons, collar makers, 33 n 

Greene, dw T. H. 23 n Greene 
Harvey Thomas P. clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Harvey Wm. P. (J. G. H. & Co.) 283 w 

Harvey Wm. & D. coal deal, and carpenters, 

130 Penna av 
Harvey Wm. (W. & D. H.) Fremont near 

Harvey Wm. H. plumber, 228 s Sharp 
Harvey Capt. Wm. mariner, 82 s Caroline 
Harwick Caspar, wood sawyer, Walnut al 
Harwood Elizabeth, 223 n Howard 
Harwood Sarah E. 53 Garden 
Harwood Susan, 159 St. Paul 
Harwood Valentine, shoemaker, 287 e Eager 
Harz Meyer, 224 Aliceanna 
Harz Michael, laborer, 209 s Bond 
Harzberg Jacob, (H. & Stiefel,) 149 s Charles 
Harzberg Levi, clerk, 185 e Lombard 
Harzberg & Stiefel, clothiers, 168 w Pratt 
Harzburg Levi, clerk, 185 s Caroline 
Harzburger S. cooper, 217 Light 
Harzinger Jacob, tailor, 185 s Broadway 
Haschert George, barber, 378 Saratoga 
Hasenbalg Harmon, druggist, 177 s Broadway 
Hasenkamp Anton, piano maker, 511 w Bal- 
'Hasener Geo. laborer. Canton av near Gist 
Hashagen Henry, tobacconist, 423 Saratoga 
Haskell Catharine, seamstress, 337 s Bond 
Haskell Mrs. Mary, 31 s Howard 

HASKELL JOHN H. Manufactu- 
rer of Cotton and "Woolen Machine 
Cards, Superior Stretched Leather 
Belting, and Leather Hose, 33 s 
Eutaw. Dw. 230 Madison av.— 
[Seep. 24 Mverlisements.] 

Hasky Henry, sr. blacksmith, 7 Lancaster, 

Haskey Frank, blacksmith, 73 s Wolfe 
Haslett George, grocer and com. mercht, n w 

cor Howard and Mulberry, dw Howard 

Haslup Geo. H. clerk, 642 w Lombard 
Haslup Mrs. Ann, 142 s Fremont 
Haslup Mrs. Catharine, cigars, 142 s Fremont 
Haslup Joseph N. coachsmith, 22 n Eden 
Haslup Mrs. seamstress, Clinton 
Hass August, cabinet maker, 28 Jasper 
Hassauer Andrew, grocery, 70 McElderry 
Hassell Christian, laborer, cor Spring and 

Hammond al 
Hasselberger John, 364 Light 
Hasselberger Mrs. Louis, 364 Light 
Hasselman John, soldier, 414 Canton av 
Hassen Michael, engineer, 156 Garden 

GEO. S. PAGK Si BRO., Maimfncturers of Roofs and Roofing Slaterlals, 111 Smith's 
Wliarf. C. HART SMITH, Airent. 




Hassenauer J. baker, 153 Eastern av 
Hassenhorst Frederick, dry goods, 641 w Bal- 

and Ciiemist, 73 Hanover 
Hasslinger John, grocery, 236 Bank 
Hasson Hugh, raker. 86 Mount 
Hasson Mrs. Mary, 64 n Broadway 
Hast Hannan, shoemaker, 4 Walker 
Hastings Amelia A., M. D., homeopathic 

medicines, &c., s e cor Saratoga and Sharp 
Hastings Joseph S. sr., (J. A. Dobson & Co.) 

Chatsworth opposite Hoffman 
Hastle Charles, brass finisher, 56 Camden 
Haswell Jas. M. clerk, 188 Penna av 
Haswell John, moulder, 74 Towson 
Haswell John H. C. laborer, 74 Towson 
Haswell John, carpenter, 188 Penna av 
Haszmann Andy, shoemaker, 96 Walker ct 
Hatch Alfred G. clerk, 27 n Calvert 
Hatch Chus. B. (C. B. H. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Hatch Chas. B. & Co., oyster packers. 111 

McElderry's wharf 
Hatch Jas. G. brushmaker, 31 s Howard 
Hatch Jane, 12 Harrison 
Hatch Samuel T. 237 n Howard 
Hatchern Benj. O. shoemaker, 241 e Fayette 
Haterman Casper, blacksmith, 143 s Central 

av, dw 142 
Hatzberger George, tailor, 6 Wyeth 
Hatter Henry, sewing machine operator, 20 s 

Hatter Martin, confectioner, 133 n Gay 
Hatter Peter, currier, 143 s Charles 
Hattle John, laborer, 124 s Durham 
Hatton Bernard, saddler, 281 n Central av 
Hatton Edward, sergeant police, 219 Orleans 
Hatton Henry, carpenter, 283 e Madison 
Hatton John, tailor, 105 McElderry 
Haubert H. C. S. 16 s Howard 
Hauck Chas. cigar packer, 129 Conway 
Hauck Bernard, laborer, 234 Dallas 
Hauck Frederick, cigar maker, 9 Sterrett 
Hauck George, police, 112 Preston 
Haucknecht Frank, wheelwright, 564 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Hauder Joseph, boiler maker, Aisquith near 

Point la 
Hauf Michael laborer, 285 s Bond 
Haugh John, laborer, 81 Grundy 
Haugh Rachael, 50 s Bond 
Haughey Benj. M. collector, 466 Walsh 
Haughy James, laborer, 235 e Chase 
Hauk Caspar, laborer, 69 Washington, F. H. 
Haum John, laborer, 176 s Regester 
Haun John, drayman, 22 Davis 
Haupp Ephey, huckster 55 s Eutaw 
Haupt Henry, tailor, Dover near Fulton 
Haapt Jacob, shoemaker, 37 n Frederick 
Haupt John C. cooper, 88 Dover, dw 90 
Haupt John M. trunk maker, 148 Dover 
Haupt Joseph, shoemaker, 123 n Bethel 
Haupt Matthias, cigar maker, 47 Orchard 
Hauptman Bernard cooper, 175 s Dallas 
Hauptman John, collector, 91 Chatsworth 
Hauptman Mrs. Emily, 91 Chatsworth 
Hauptman Mary, 91 Chatsworth 
Haurand Louisa, boarding, 64 n Gay 
Haurand Wm. jeweler, 10 Harrison 
Haus Christian, laborer, 529 Canton av 
Hausbach Adam, whip maker, 30 Liberty al 
Hause Benj. T. miller, 33 King 
Hause Frederick F. soldier, 64 Ramsay 

Hause John, laborer, 181 s Chapel 

Hause Martin, laborer, 11 Port 

Hause Rosina M. cake shop, 23 Saratoga 

Hausenwald John H. groceries and feed, 3 

Penna. av 
Hauser Henry, tailor, 68 s Bond 
Hauser Martin, laborer, 278 s Ann 
Haush George, wheelwright, 78 n Broadway 
Hausknecht Francis, grocery, 605 Penna. av 
Hausler John, tailor, 30 e Lombard 
Hausnacter Andrew, 59 Portland 
Haut Charles, hackman, 258 e Lombard 
Havey John C. steward Allston Association, 

64 Mount Vernon place 
Havelin Peter, laborer, 46 Valley 
Haverkamp Chas. H. shoemaker, 54 James al 
Haverstick L. M., U. S. commissioner of En- 
rollment 2d District, Md., office s w cor 
Exeter and Watson 
Haverstrah Christian, tailor, 21 Rock 
Haverman Frederick, coachmaker, 73 Pine 
Haw John, wheelwright, 2 e Centre 
Hawer John, drayman, 22 Davis 
Hawickhorst Henry, 414 Harford av 
Hawkens Wm. grocer, 16 Jackson 
Hawkens Wm. clerk, 16 Jackson 
Hawkins Charles, saddler, 2.53 e Monument 
Hawkins John H. clerk, 59 Marion 
Hawkins Mrs. Martha, 269 n Eutaw 
Hawkins Martha, dressmaker, 59 Marion 
Hawkins Mrs. Mary E. 628 w Lombard 
Hawkins Patrick, laborer, Clinton s of Bos- 
Hawkins Susanna, 244 e Pratt 
Hawkins Wm. com. merchant, 8 s Charles, 

dw 128 Cathedral 
Hawley Burgess, carpenter, 82 Hanover , 
Hawley Franklin, engineer, 77 n Schroeder 
Hawley Martin, (R. K. H. & Co.) 165 n Cal- 
Hawley R. K. (R. K. H. & Co.) Eutaw 

HAWLEY R. K. & CO. lumber commission 

merchants, 16 Eastern av 
Hawthorne Capt. James, mariner, 120 s Bond 
Hax Christian, (J. B. & C. H.,) 117 n Caro- 
Hax J. B. & C. contractors and pavers, 62 

and 117 n Caroline 
Hax J. B. (J. B. & C. H.) 62 n Caroline 
Hax John P. cooper, Caroline near Block, dw 

88 Block 
Hax Peter, street paver, 125 Orleans 
Haxel Wm. tailor, 66 Mulberry 
Hay Francis M. (Helfrich & H.) 313 Hollins 
Hay James, bookkeeper, 143 Mulberry 
Hay Jesse, 304 Hollins 
Hay John C. (J. C. H. & Co.) 23 n Paca 
HAY JOHN C. & CO. foreign and domestic 

liquors and cigars, 4 w Pratt 
Hay Wm. M. clerk, 309 Hollins 
Hayden Elizabeth, 175 w Biddle 
Hayden George T. architect, 175 w Biddle 
Hayden Horace W. register's clerk, 172 w 

Hayden Dr. H. Mozart, dental surgeon, 98 n 

Hayden John H. cigar maker, 130 n Exeter 
Haydenkoff Wm. cigar maker, 60 n Spring 
Haye Walter C. salesman, 18 St. Mary 
Hayes Amelia, 195 w Hoffman 
Hayes Edward, clerk, 102 e Lombard 
Hayes James H. conductor, 196 s Ann 

WM. P. "WEjSK, fliariue, !■ .nc and Life Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent 
Benefit Uie Insux-ance Co., Newark, K. J.," S9 Second Street. 

• Mutual 




Hayes James, laborer, 4 n Amity 
Hayes John M. ]95 Mulberry 
Hayes Joseph, laborer, 346 Mulberry 
Hayes Michael, chairmaker, 20 Lemmon 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, 19 n Amity 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, Falls road near North- 
ern av 
Hayes Peter D. paint store, 313 n Gay, dw 

2J3 n Eden 
Hayes Reverdy \V. painter, 148 s Bond 
Hayes Robert J. bookkeeper, 14)^ s Calvert 
Hayes Thomas, bootmaker, 102 eLombard 
Hayes Wm. laborer, 4 Gough 
Haymaker Charles, painter, 185 Orleans 
Haymaker Geo. W. carp. 19 n Poppleton 
Haymaker Mary E. boarding, 19 n Poppleton 
Haymeck Gustavus, moulder, 310 Aliceanna 
Hayne Mrs Eliza, 33 Hamilton 
Hayne Launcelot, clerk, 6 St. Paul 
Hayner Maj. T^. Z., A. A. D. C, headquar- 
ters, dw Eutaw House 
Haynes Byron H. sutler, 95 s Sharp 
Haynes Chas. bookkeeper, 222 Madison av 
Haynes D. Francis, supt. iron mills, 50 Spring 

Haynes Isabella, seamstress, 41 Albert al 
Haynes Robert, 310 s Bond 
Haynes Wm. farm manager, 53 Portland 
Haynie Mrs. Elizabeth, 142 s Ann 
Haynie Mrs. Elizabeth, 87 Hamburg 
Haynie Capt. John F. 93 s Ann 
Haynie Marian F. 65 s Bond 
Haynie Stephen W. caulker, 50 Montgomery 
Hay nil Martin, piano maker, 220 Barre 
Hays Bridget, grocery, 80 French 
Hays Charlotte, 124 Lee 
Hays David, carpenter, 124 Lee 
Hays Edward P. tinner, 89 Aisquith 
Hays Geo. M. bricklayer, 584 w Lombard 
Hays James L. butcher, 109 s Poppleton 
Hays James, (Hays & S.) 265 e Monument 
Hays James H. carver, 25 Holland 
Hays James, mariner, 48 Philpot 
Hays John B. clerk, 232 w Lombard 
Hays John, laborer, 203 Hollins 
Hays John, fireman, 51 Hillen 
Hays John, shoemaker, 63 Orleans 
Hays John B. public store keeper, 232 w 

Hays John C. cigar maker, Biddle, near L. 

Hays Mary, confectioner, 203 n Eutaw 
Hays Mrs. J. H. dressmaker, 25 Holland 
Hays Mrs. Mary A. seamstress, 3 Walker 
Hays Mrs. Mary, 89 Aisquith 
Hays Mrs. Maria, grocery, 239 Cross 
Hays & Morse, carvers, 41 Clay 
Hays Patrick, laborer, 239 Cross 
Hays Robert W. tinner, 89 Aisquith 
Hays & Sellman, wheelwrights and black- 
smiths, 92}/^ s Central av 
Hays Mrs. Susan, 151 Montgomery 
Hays Sarah, 178 w Biddle 
Hays W. M. clerk, 304 Hollins 
Hays Wm. butcher, 15 Centre and 110 Belair 

market, dw 30 French 
sale stove warehouse, 24 Light, foundry s 
w cor Pratt and Scott 
Hayward Elizabeth, dry goods, 47 s Liberty 
Hayward James, ship carpenter, 67 n Ann 

Hayward Jonas H. (H., Bartlett & Co.) n e 

cor Madison and Park 
Hayward John B. painter, 221 Muilikin 
Hayward John, musician, 132 s Chapel 
Hayward Prudence S. 119 Park 
Hayward Robert R. carpenter, 22 Abey al 
Hayward Samuel J. soldier, 22 Abey al 
HAYWARD WM. H. magistrate. Mansion 

House, cor Fayette and St. Paul, dw 320 

Hayward Wm. boatman, 71 Cross 
Hazel John, tailor, 332 Mulberry 
Hazell Henry G. carpenter, 24 Columbia 
Hazelip Benjamin M, coach trimmer, 75 n 

Hazelip Joseph N. blacksmith, 9 Swan, dw 

22 n Eden 
Hazelitt James, blacksmith, 17 Concord, dw 

57 n Eden 
Hazen Henry G.(Kelly, H. & Co.) Columbia, 

opposite Greene 

irst Henry R. (H. «fc Co.) Ellicotts 
HAZLEHURST & CO. founders and engine 
builders, Vulcan Works, cor V/'illiam and 

HAZLEHURST & PHELAN, distillers, 17 

Spear's wharf 
Hazlehurst Samuel, (H. & Phelan) 224 w 

Hazlitt Boston, (Jas. H. & Co.) 193 w Lom- 
HAZLITT JAMES & CO. importers and 

dealers in foreign liquors, 39 and 41 s Gay 
Hazlitt James, (J. H. & Co.) 193 w Lombard 
Hazzard Robert A. painter, Hughes, dw 331 

Heaase William, blacksmith, 90 York 
Head Washington, paper hanger, 702 w Bal- 
Head Quarters 8th army corps, U. S. A. n w 

cor Calvert and Fayette 
Heagy Wm. H. messenger Adams Express, 

cor Townsend and Grundy 
Hcald Howard, (Jacob H. & Co.) 162 w 

Heald Jacob, jr., clerk, 165 w Fayette 
HEALD JACOB & CO. tobacco and commis- 
sion merchants, 58 and 60 s Gay 
Heald John R. clerk Mechanics' Bank, 6 e 

cor Calvert and Fayette 
HEALD JOHN H. & CO. Patapsco tannery, 
s e cor Madison and North, and dye works 
2 Block, dw J. H. H. 70 w Madison 
Heald Wm. H. (John H. H. & Co.) 74 w 

Heald Wm. (Jacob H. & Co.) 158 w Fayette 
Healey Catharine, Falls road near Northern 

Healey Francis, laborer, 243 Hamburg 
Healey George, clerk, 233 e Baltimore 
Healey John, grocery, 26 e Pratt 
Healey John, laborer, 121 Chesapeake 
Healey Dr. James E. druggist, n w cor Balti- 
more and Eden, dw 233 e Baltimore 
Healey J. Oscar, carpenter, 23 Balderston 
HEALEY LEONARD S. coal yard, cor 
Hanipstead and Central a.r, dw 233 e Bal- 
Healey Dennis, tailor, 16 French 
Healey Mark, laborer, 183 Vine 
Healey Patrick, tailor, 33 Goodman al 
Healy John, engineer, 20 e Lombard 

J. HENRY GIESE, Commission Merchant, tor the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, jjm. 
Roaendale Cement and Calcined Piaster constantljr on hand, fit Spear's Wharf. 





City Hall, Holiday 
Healy Wm. ship carpenter, 20 e Lombard 
Heamann Geo. cigar maker, 202 Lexington 
Heamann Mrs. Mary, tavern, 202 Lexington 
Heamann Henry, 202 Lexington 
Heaney Jas. laborer, 2 n Poppleton 
Heaphy Joanna, grocery, 73 Eastern av 
Heaphy Mary, grocery, 132 s Exeter 
Heaphy Michael, laborer, 107 Plum 
Heaphy Michael, mail carrier, 3 Bank 
Heaps Catherine, tailoress,25 e Madison 
Heaps Elizabeth, caner, 59 MuUikin 
Heaps Capt. John B. 53 s Ann 
Heaps Wm. H. soldier, 53 s Ann 
Heard John, 115 n Bond 
Heard Wm. A. painter, 258 e Fayette 
Heath Ann, confectioner, 59 Greenmount av 
Heath Elisha S. (Collins, H. & Co.) 314 

Heath Francis W. iron foundry, 2 Gillingham 

al, dw 523 w Fayette 
Heath George, potter, 20 Bank 
Heath George T. barkeeper, cor Broadway 

and Belair av 
Heath Mrs. 256 e Monument 
Heath John, cabinet maker, 188 Vine 
Heath W. printer, 236 e Monument 
Heathcote Jas. locksmith, 161 Peirce 
Heaton Richard H. hatter, 40 Jackson 
Heavel Ross, coachman, 6 Garden 
Hebb John S. pilot, 166 Bank 
Hebbel Charles, baker, 160 Orleans 
Hebbel Earnest, tailor and green grocer, 71 e 

Hebbebrand Peter, grocer, 360 s Sharp 
Hebden Margaret, 3 Lancaster 
Hebden Sarah, bookstore, 151 s Broadway 
HEBDEN WILLIAM H. justice of the 

peace, 178 s Broadway, dw 151 
Hebder Martin, shoemaker, 502 Lexington 
Hebener Mary M. seamstress, 3 Armistead la 
Hebler Anton, laborer, 81 n Oregon 
Hebler Elizabeth, 152 s Bond 
Hebner Martin, cooper, Hammond al near 

Central av, dw 109 Eastern av 
Hechenthall Dr. Louis M. 662 Lexington 
Hechenthcill Louis, artist, 662 Lexington 
Hechring Herman, tavern, 60 Lancaster 
Hecht Charles, shoemaker, 315 w Pratt 
Hecht Elias, 57 n Front 
Hecht Emanuels, carpet weaver, Frederick 

road near Calverton 
Hecht Frederick, carver, 19 Chatsworth 
Hecht Godfrey, box maker, 81 Grindall 
Hecht Henry, machinist, 104 n Gay 
Hecht Mrs. Helena, 53 e Fayette 
Hecht Henry, carpenter, 19 Chatsworth 
Hecht Jacob, clothier, n w cor Centre Market 

space and Pratt 
Hecht Liebman, trader, 44 Harrison 
Hecht Moses, (H. & Putzell,) 57 German 
HECHT & PUTZELL, boots, shoes and 

hats, 302 w Baltimore and 180 Lexington 
Hecht Robert, rag dealer, 78 Granby 
Hecht Samuel, dry goods, 148 s Broadway 
Hecht Samuel, furniture, 279 Canton av 
Hecht Simon, variety store, 506 Lexington 
Heck Mrs. Amelia, 364 Saratoga 
Heck Bernard, milk, 331 s Eutaw 
Heck Charles L. bricklayer, 364 Saratoga 
Heck George C. lager beer saloon, n w cor 

Jefferson and Caroline 

Heck George, laborer, rear of 708 Penna. av 

Heck George W. shoemaker, 142 Conway 

Heck Godfrey, box maker, 81 Grindall 

Heck Jacob, carter, 116 French 

Heck John, cabinet maker, 261 Eastern av 

Heck Mrs. Louisa, 47 s Regester 

Heck Mary, 142 s Bond 

Heck Wm. tailor, 132 Low 

Heck William, bricklayer, 364 Saratoga 

Heckathorn Wm. cooper, 474 w Lombard 

Hecker John C. laborer, 46 Preston 

Heckler Anthony, brickmaker, 321 s Charles 

Heckman Frederick J. grocery, 16 Park 

Heckman , 316 s Dallas 

Heckman Samuel, butcher, 17 n Washington 

Heckmestra Henry, cabinet mak. 42 s Oregon 
Heckrotte Henry, cigar maker, 96 Ensor 
Heckrotte Henry, laborer, 309 s Bond 
Heckrotte Henry W. 92 Ensor 
Heddingkaffer Max, shoe 'kr, 208 Canton av 
Heddinger Daniel C. printer, 36 s Exeter 
Heddinger James H. printer, 36 s Exeter 
Heddinger Michael, plasterer, 71 s Bond 
Heddington Caroline V. milliner, 187 w Biddle 
Hedges Alice, 37 Orchard 
Hedges Edward, Venetian blind maker, 37 

Hec'ian P. J. (Kelly, H. & Piet,) 40 n High 
Hedian T. (Myers & H.) 94 s Broadway 
Hedley Anthony, 409 Saratoga 
Hedlin John, laborer, rear of 335 Canton av 
Hedrich Henry, tailor, 309 Eastern av 
Hedrick Geo. shoemaker, 22 May 
Hedrick John T. machinist, 72 w Biddle 
Hedrick Wm. miller. Hunter al. near Johns 
Heer Henry J, shoemaker, 186 Cross 
Heese Alfred, tailor, 124 e Lombard 
Heesh Chas. A. coachsmith, 242 e Biddle 
Hefferman Patrick, cellar digger, 169 Peirce 
Heffern Samuel, nightman, Miller's hotel 
Hcffler Nicholas, cooper, 168 s Central av 
Heffner Mrs. Christine, 224 Hamburg 
Heffner Dennis, tailor, 343 e Lombard 
Heffner Rev. Edward, superintendent. Green- 
mount av 
Heffner John, stone cutter, 12 Greenmount av 
Hefley George, painter, 118 Raborg 
Heflig John, laborer, 49 Monroe 
Heginbotham Edward, music teacher, 264 e 

Hegner John, brewer, 89 Lee 
Hehman Margaret, 316 s Dallas 
Hchiilen Adam, laborer, 5 Stockholm 
Hehring Herman, tavern, 60 Lancaster 
Hehs Henry, cabinet maker, 161 Raborg 
Heibeck Nicholas, cabinet maker, 107 Sarah 

Heickhimer H. furniture, 26 Canton av 
Heickes John, tailor, 195' Conway 
Heid John, tavern, 23 n Frederick 
Heide Frederick, shoemaker, 19 McElderry 
Heidelmyer John, tailor, 414 Canton av 
Heider Rosina, grocery, 272 Hanover 
HEIDERICK ANTON, restaurant, 17 and 19 

s Liberty 
Heiderman August H. paper carrier, 212 Con- 
Heidmuller Wm. shoemaker, 86 s Bond 
Heidrich John, well digger, 159 William 
Helen Hermann, proprietor Bremen houee, 

280 s Broadway 
Heighe Mrs. Benj. M. 44 Mulberry 

OSO. S. PAGE Si BRO., Manufacturers of Rooft and Roofing Blaterials, 111 Smlfllk'S 
Wliarf. C. HART SMITH, Agent. 





Heighouse Anthony, laborer, 84 s Wolfe 
Heigenbaugh Henry, tailor, 26 Ensor 
Heigle John J. mariner, 228 n Caroline 
Heiglenaan Matthew, wheelwright, 214 Con- 
Heiker Jacob, foundryman, 197 Canton av 
Heil Adam, laborer, 233 s Bethel 
Heiland Henry, wheelwright, 839 w Pratt 
HEILBRUN MICHAEL, dry goods, 52 

Heilginstaid William, porter, 20 Davis 
Heiliger Lewis, porter, 87 e Lombard 
Heilman August, turner, 304 e Lombard 
Heilman Conrad, tailor, 230 e Eager 
Heilman Frederick, tailor, 287 n Central av 
Heilner Rev. L. 119 e Lombard 
Heim Albert, tailor, 143 e Eager 
Heim George, shoemaker, 19 Peach al 
Heim George, porter, 224 s Charles 
Heim Jacob B (H., Nicodemus & Co.) 79 n 

Heim Joseph, porter, 52 Harrison 
Heim John, glass packer, 113 Leadenhall 
Heim John, 254 Hanover ■ 
Heim John F. butcher, 79 Centre and 40 Fells 
Point Markets, dw 2 Gist, Laudenslager's 
Heim John, laborer, 185 Gough 
Heim Margaret, 42 Orchard 
Heim Mrs. Margaret, 283 e Lombard 
Heim Michael, soldier, 16 Walsh 
HEIM, NICODEMUS & CO. importers & 
dealers in foreign and domestic liquors, 383 
w Baltimore 
Heim Philip, (Schuchmann & H.) 13 L. Mc 

Heiman cooper, 154 s Spring 

Heimbach Henry, Wolfe near Pratt 
Heimbacher Henry, shoemaker, 150 Raborg 
Heimer John, brickmaker, 86 s Luzerne, 

Heimer Michael, sawyer, 16 s Chapel 
Heimiller Christian, (H. & Millis) 113 n Bond 
Heimiller Henry, coachmaker, 131 e Madison 
HeimiUiT & Millis, cabinet maker, 49 n High 
Heimiller Paul, cooper, 427 w Lombard 
Heimmerbeicher Ferdinand, cooper, 105 Plum 
Heimps Mary, 63 Preston 
Hcimritz Frederick, blacksmith, 60 Walsh 
Heims George, boat builder, 302 Canton av 
Hein Christian, cooper, 168 William 
Hein Mrs. Christina, confectionery, 168 Wil- 
Hein John G. cabinet maker, 279 s Bond 
Heinamaun Mrs. Emily, 161 Conway 
Heinboch Conrad, laborer, 176 s Wolfe 
Heinboch John, jr., laborer, 322 Canton av 
Heinboek Henry, stevedore, 223 s Bond 
Heinboch Peter, drayman, 222 s Bond 
Heinbrok Conrad, laborer, 167 s Wolfe 
Heinbrok John, tailor, 167 s Wolfe 
Heinbrok John, cooper, 170 s Central av 
Heinbuch Fred'k, drayman, Norris al, near 

Heindle Joshua O. printer, 87 Mulberry 
Heindlc Wm. H. clerk Sun office, dw 87 

Heine Bernard, laborer, 36 s Wolfe 
Heine Elizabeth, confectionery, 84 Hamburg 
Heine Francis, clerk, 327 e Lombard 
Heine Fred'k, cabinet maker, 327 e Lombard 
Heine Frederick, porter, 32 w Lombard 
Heine Henry, cooper, 84 Hamburg 

Heine Wm. grocer, 331 e Lombard 
Heineckc Henry, shoemaker, 124 s Wolfe 
Heineman John, laborer, 209 Gough 
Heiner Charles, cabinet maker, 249 s Ann 
Heiner Rev. Elias, 46 w Madison 
Heiner Elias M. 46 w Madison 
Heiner George, porter, Monroe n of Pratt 
Heiner Michael, basket maker, 266 s Ann 
Heinerick Adam, laborer. 111 n Bethel 
Heines Henry, butcher. Point la 
Heines John, shoemaker, 225 s Bond 
Heinkamp W. piano forte manufacturer, 511 

w. Baltimore 
Heinkel Charles, laborer, 52 Durst al 
Heinkel Charles, jr., laborer, 52 Durst al 
Heinkel Frederick, brickmaker, 52 Durst al 
Heiniker Henry, laborer, 8 Frederick av 
Heinle George, tailor, 197 e Lombard 
Heinmiller Geo. M. clerk, 10 Penna. av 
Heinsfurter, Nathan A. salesman, 51 German 
Heinsius Alfred, bookkeeper, cor Penna. av 

and Biddle 
Heintz George, boot and shoemaker, 86 s 

Heintz Jacob, tailor, 17 Brown 
Heintz Peter, cooper, 11 Groshman al 
Heintzeling Mrs. Catharine, 383 w Pratt 
Heintzling Peter W. shoe store 272 n Gay 
Heinz Andrew, bootand shoemaker, 80 n Gay 
Heinz Charles, painter, 83 n Schroedcr, 
Heinz David, jr., laborer, 362 s Charles 
Heinz David, laborer, 362 s Charles 
Heinz George, glass blower, 362 s Charles 
Heinz John, shoemaker, 225 s Bond 
Heinze Joseph, butcher, Harford av near city . 

Heinzelman John, bar tender, 211 w Pratt 
Heinzerling Daniel, 11 Brown 
Heinzerling Mrs. Eliza, 92 s High 
Heinzerling John, baker, 830 w Baltimore 
Heinzerlinger Geo. cigar maker, 45 Albemarle 
Heinzman Catharine, milk, 3 Townsend 
Heip John, provisions, Frederick road near 

city limits 
Heirkle Moses M., D. D. 114 German 
Heise Albert, boxmaker, 4 Painter ct 
Heise Christopher, drayman, 126 Granby 
Heise Louis, box maker, 18 Regester 
Heise Wm. cabinet maker, 63 Albemarle 
Heise Wm. (Klingmyer& H.) 167 Mulberry 
Heisemeyer John, laborer, 91 e Lombard 
Heiser August, cooper, 252 Hamburg 
Heisor August, tailor, 32 n Spring 
Heiser George, grocery, n e cor Canton av 

and Gist 
Heiser Henry, laborer, 424 Canton av 
Heiser Henry, tailor, 3 Mosher 
Heiser Wm. box maker, 165 Mulberry 
Heisler George, laborer, 94 Lancaster 
Heisler George, rectifier, 20 Monroe 
Heisler Hatz, drover, 4 s Exeter 
Heisler Jacob F. butcher, 50 w Hoffman 
Heisler Samuel, dry goods, 19 w Baltimore, 

dw 4 s Exeter 
Heisner Charles, stevedore, 273 Canton av 
Heisner John, stevedore, 273 Canton av 
Heiss John M. lager beer, cor Eastern av and 

Heister Charles, mariner, 200 Forrest 
Heister Mrs. Elizabeth, 156 Burgundy al 
Heister Jacob, blacksmith, 156 Burgundy al 
Heister Stephen, engineer, 200 Forrest 
Heiter Conrad, cabinet maker, 45 Portland 

"WM. P. WEBB, Sl.irine, Fire and I^tfe Insumnce Agent nnd Brofeer. Agent 
Benefit Life Insurance Co., Newark, N. J.," 89 Second Street. 

> Slntnal 




Heiter Louis, baker, 185 Bank 
Heither George L. cooper, Bevan near Cross 
Heitmiller Wm. tailor, 240 e Pratt 
Heitrauller Henry, shoemaker, 346 Canton av 
Heittel Martin, tanner, 152 Burgundy al 
Heitzman Mathias, sr., bacon, 580 Penna. av 
Heitzman Mathias, jr. carter, 732 Pennsyl- 
vania av 
Helbing H. basket manufacturer, 375 n Gay 
Held Charles, turner, 111 Raborg 
Held Charles, tobacconist, 289 w Pratt 
Held Francis, 159 s Chapel 
Heldman Dr. Adam J. 120 Pearl 
Heldman Catherine, grocery, 261 Penna. av 
Heldmann Henry, butcher, 85 Lexington and 

65 Hanover markets, dw Beltzhoover la 
Heldwein Adam, shoemaker, 202 s Wolfe 
Heifer John, laborer, 80 s Chapel 
Helfrich Conrad, painter, 446 Saratoga 
Helfrich George, (H. & Hay,) 557 Lexington 
Helfrich & Hay, lumber, s w cor Concord 

and Bowly 
Helfrich Jacob, painter, 446 Saratoga 
Helfrich John, painter, 446 Saratoga 
Helfrich Kelan, porter, 96 Sarah Ann 
Helfrich Samuel D. clerk, 557 w Fayette 
Helger Henry, shoemaker, 387 s Charles 
Helldeffer John P. cooper, 168 s Washington, 

Helldorffer Sebastian, grocer, 142 s Central av 
Heller Adam, tailor, 175 Durham 
Heller Caspar, tailor, 101 s Bond 
Heller Conrad, woodsawyer, 70 Lancaster 
Heller Elizabeth, laundress, 152 Rowe 
Heller Francis, whitewasher, 8 New 
Heller Henry, tailor, 3 s Regester 
Heller John F. clerk, 275 e Pratt 
Heller Wm. H. grocer, 8 Aisquith 
Hellen Frank Wm. clerk, 76 Saratoga 
Hellena Paul, grocery, 21 Wyeth 
Hellencamp Wm. wagoner, 57 Eastern av 
Hellier Henry R. (E. M. Cross & Co.) 42 n 

Helling George T. grocery, 155 Fremont 
Hellman Andrew, laborer, 135 s Chapel 
Hellman Joseph, (H. & Son,) 180 n Gay 
Hellman & Son, hatters, 180 n Gay 
Hellman William, (H. & S.) 180 n Gay 
Helm Charlotte M. 13 Cambridge 
Helm Frederick, baker, 232 s Ann 
Helm Frederick, baker, 232 s Ann 
Helm John R carpenter, 142 Bank 
Helm John F. tin and sheet iron worker, 52 

s Calvert, dw 225 Aisquith 
Helm Joseph H. in commissary department, 

142 Bank 
Helm Joseph H. police, 252 n Caroline 
Helm Joseph N. shipwright, 142 Bank 
Helm Leonard A. tinner, 294 n Caroline 
Helm Wm. C. carpenter, 255 e Madison 
Helmers John, shoe tool manufacturer, 250 

w Fayette 
Helmling Anthony, engineer, 145 Barre 
Helmling Charles A. 184 s Paca 
Helmling Geo. R. brakesman, 131 Columbia 
HELMLING HENRY, billiard saloon and 

restaurant, 62 w Fayette 
Helmling John, pump maker, 4 Ramsay 
Helmling John, clerk, 119 Ross 
Helmling William, block and pump maker, 

184 s Paca 
Helmling W. H. machinist, 184 s Paca 
Helmsmeier Henry, shoemaker,60 Hampstead 

Helsby Samuel, merchant tailor, 153 Mulberry 
Pleltel Charles, shoemaker, 11 Painter's ct 
Heltingstine C. laborer, 141 s Wolfe 
Heltrung August, shoemaker, 44 Milliman 
Hehveg Henry, shoemaker, 179 Eastern av 
Hellstein Phillip, 117 e Lombard 
Hellstine Feist, butcher, 49 Hanover market, 

dw Lombard near Lloyd 
Hellthaler Rupprecht, shoemaker, 63 s Eutaw 
Hellwich Henry, shoemaker, 179 Eastern av 
Hellwich William, baker, 340 w Pratt 
Hellwig Augustus, varnisher, cor Leadenhall 

and Henrietta 
Hellwig August, barber, 268 Canton av 
Hellwig August, tavern, 44 Leadenhall 
Hellwig Bernard, tailor, 26 St. Mary 
Helwig Gottfried, grocery, Gorsuch av near 

Harford av. Homestead 
Hematt Mary C. 140 s Washington, F. P. 
Hemen Mrs. Eliza, grocers, n w cor Alber- 

marle and Stiles 
Heminger Wm. tinner, 50 Albermarle 
Hemke John, laborer, 108 Cross 
Heniling John, tailor, 254 e Eager 
Hemme John, 45 Eastern av 
Hemmel Josephine, vest maker, 212 w 

Hemmell Jacob C. coach trimmer, 162 

Hemmell John D. carpenter, 162 Henrietta 
Hemmcr John, shoemaker, 37 s Paca 
Hemmerman Sebastian, laborer, Clinton 
HEMMETER JOHN, tavern, 18 n Howard 
Hemmick Mrs. Caroline V. seamstress, 233 

Central av ^ 
Hemmick Geo. A. shoemaker, Franklin near 

Hemmick Jacob, ladies' shoemaker, 39 n 

Hemmick John C. harness maker, 120 Barre 
Hempel Frederick, carpenter, 247 e Biddle 
Hempel Frederick, restaurant, 10 n Frederick 
Hempel John C. fancy trimmings, 268 n Gay 
Hemsley Mrs Harriet, 146 s Caroline 
Hemple Henry, laborer, 36 Walsh 
Hempfling John, shoemaker, 221 s Wolfe 
Henar Lewis, butcher, 91 Lexington market, 

dw Calverton road 
Henck Frederick Wm. carpenter, 444 Walsh 
Henck Lewis, teacher, 192 Aisquith 
Henck Mrs. Sarah, 124 Pearl 
Henck William, druggists, 124 Pearl 
Henckel Martin, agent, 254 n Central av 
Henchel Wm. porter, 135 Franklin 
Hender Bridget, Falls road near toll gate 
Henderson Andrew, machin. 565 w Lombard 
Henderson Anthony, carter, 169 s Eden 
Henderson Arthur B. 21 Harford av 
Henderson, Benj., U. S. N. 26 Fawn 
Henderson Catherine, 400 n Gay 
HENDERSON & CO., commission mer- 
chants and dealers in butter and cheese, 63 

Exchange place 
Henderson David, millinery, 28 n Gay 
Henderson Mrs, Diana, 30 St. Mary 
Henderson David, hardware dealer, 146 For- 
rest and 333 w Pratt, dw Biddle near 

Henderson Mrs. Elizabeth, 194 n Calvert 
Henderson Francis, wagoner, 30 St. Mary 
Henderson Gustavus A. clerk, 73 s Broadway 
Henderson Gustavus R. (John H. & Co.)12I 

e Baltimore 

J. HENRY GIESE, Commission Merchant, for tl»e sale of F-lour, Oraln, Seeds, &o. 
Rosendale Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, ai Spear's IVharf. 




Henderson Henry C. cordwainer, 264 e 

Henderson Henry, shoemaker, 219 n Eden 
Henderson James A. 121 e Baltimore 
Henderson Jas. clerk, Lexington near Charles 
Henderson James, brass moulder, 394 w 

Henderson James, clerk, 218 w Pratt 
Henderson Jane, 675 Lexington 
Henderson John, jr. 73 Broadway 
Henderson John & Co. shijj chandlers and 

commission merchants, cor Commerce and 

Pratt, and rope walk, 425 Harford av., office 

foot of Fell 
Henderson John (H.&Co.)222e Baltimore 
Henderson Jno. (J. H. & Co.) 75 s Broadway 
Henderson Jno. watchman at Custom House, 

dw 169 s Eden 
Henderson John, soldier, 59 Cross 
Henderson John, 60 n Pine 
Henderson Joseph, jeweler, 235 n Eden 
Henderson Joseph, 184 n Broadway 
Henderson Kiturah, nurse, 31 s Caroline 
Henderson Mary, 10 s Central av 
Henderson Maria, dressmaker, 60 n Pine 
Henderson Mrs. M . A. 194 n Calvert 
Henderson Rebecca, 164 n Fremont 
Henderson Samuel, clerk, 159 Hollins 
Henderson Thomas, U. S. N. 115 n Fremont 
Henderson Samuel A. (H. & Co.) 159 Hollins 
Henderson Capt. Thomas, 203 Bank 
Henderson Thomas F. attorney. Law Build- I 

ings, Lexington, dw 71 Cathedral 
Henderson Wm. H. ship carpenter, 161 s 

Washington, F. P. 
Henderson Wm. P. mariner, 161 Hughes 
Henderson Wm. marble cutter, 38 e Pratt, 

dw 85 s Exeter 
Henderson William T. cashier, 64 e Baltimore 
Hendly James D. clerk, Barnum's hotel 
Hendrickson Geo. O. varnisher, 12 Comet 
Hendrickson Mrs. Margaret, 595 w Lombard 
Hendt William, harness maker, 24 Centre 

Market space 
Henenberger Geo. J. 229 s Paca 
Hener Fred'k, tinner, 313 e Lombard 
Henett Mary, laundress, 636 w Pratt 
Honey Rebecca, grocery, 59 Chesnut 
Hengst Reuben, (S. & R. H.) 131 n Paca 
Hengst S. & R. groceries and produce, n e cor 

Paca and Franklin 
Hengst S. (S. & R. H.) 131 n Paca 
Henis Mary, 187 e Fayette 
Henisler Henry, carpenter, 93 n Central av 
Henke George, wheelwright, 12 L. Broadway 
Henkel Balthazer, scissor grinder, 72 Somerset 
Henkel Charlse tobacco and cigars, 259 e 

Henkel Conrad, tailor, 68 s Bethel 
Henkel Henry, driver, 92 s Regester 
Henkel Peter, tailor, 362 e Monument 
Henkel Dr. William, 168 s Ann 
Henkelman Frederick, (H. & Hinds,) 651 

HENKELMAN & HINDS, merchant tailors, 

129 w Baltimore 
Henkel John T. tobacconist, 102 s Broadway 
Henkelman Maria, 163 s S))ring 
Henkelmillur Wm. laborer, 39 s Wolfe 
Henki'll Henry, box maker, 248 s Sharp 
Henkell John, cigar box maker, 145 Henrietta 
Henle Philip, [jrof. of music, n e cor Eutaw 

and Fayette, dw 72 Lexington 

Henley Isabella, huckstress, 36 e Lombard 
Henn Rev. Jacob, 63 Short 
Henna Henry, furniture, 202 s Bond 
Hennaman Herman R. grocery, 414 n Gay 
Hennaman Harman, cabinet maker, 169 Vine 

turer and Dealer in every variety 
of Tobacco, Segars and Snuffs, 
No. 195 Lexington-st., opposite 
the Market. Dw. 99 McCulloh. 

Hennaman John, (Barklage & H.) 31 Marion 
Hennaman Wm. E. clerk, 114 Mulberry 
Hennebergfer Mrs. Rachel, 147 w Hoffman 
Henneberry Richard, watchman at Custom 

House, 157 Eastern av 
Henneke Albert, shoemaker, 49 Albemarle 
Henneman Herman, drayman, 49 Marion 
Henneman Jesse, chair maker, 46 Albemarle 
Hennen Peter, file maker, 57 York 
Henner Stephen, loom maker, 5 Port 
Hennerman August, boots and shoes, 49)^ n 

Hennessey Arthur, laborer, 184 s Central av 
Hennessey Hugh, hackman, 13 s Front 
Hennessy Patrick, laborer, 243 Forrest 
Hennichgan Henry, tinner, 9 L. McElderry 
Hennick Edward, wood turner, 173 Green- 
mount av 
Hennick Joseph J. hatter, 171 Barre 
Hennicks Jas. F. carpenter, 126 Pine 
Hennig Francis, potter, 27 n Eden 
Hennigan August, cigar maker, 277 w Pratt 
Henniger John, tanner, 22 Booth 
Kenning David, student, 110 n Paca 
Hennings A. E. Charles near Northern av 
Henning Elizabeth, 125 Saratoga 
Henning Frederick, tailor, 334 s Bond 
Henning Henry, shoemaker, 41 Marion 
Henning Henry, varnisher, 133 w Pratt 
Henning John H. shoemaker, 41 Marion 
Henning Mary Ann, tailoress, 110 n Paca 
Henning Wm. shoemaker, 246 Mulberry 
Henninghausen Geo, (L. &' G. H.) 317 

Henninghausen Louis, (L. & G. H.) 15 

HENNINGHAUSEN L. & G. stationers, 

281-^ w Pratt 
HennFein John, baker, cor Eastern av and 

Henratty Christopher, huckster, 7 Albemarle 
Henrich Geo. laborer, 269 s Ann 
Henrick Arthur, fisherman, 22 Durst al 
Henrick Michael, laborer, 343 s Sharp 
Henrickle Geo. W. cooper, 450 w Lombard 
Henrie Henry, laborer, 27 Port 
Henrie Madame, astrologist, 3 s Greene 
Henrie R. tailor, 56 n Fremont 
Hcnright Michael, laborer, 79 Stirling 
Henritz Daniel, tailor, 12 Union al 
Henrix Bcthiah, 121 s Paca 
Henrix Charles, machinist. 349 w Fayette 
Henrix Edward, clerk, 283 Lexington 
Henrix Edward, clerk, 349 w Fayette 
Henrix Francis A. salesman, 349 w Fayette 
Henrix Mary, 349 w Fayette 
Henry Alex, cutter, 291 w Pratt 
Henry Aquilla, 238 Hollins 
Henry Charles, tailor, 155 w,Pratt 

aao. S. PAGB di BRO., ]>Ianufactuiers of Roofs nnd Roofing Materials, 111 Smith's 
Wbarf. C. HAUT SMITH, Agent. 




Henry Daniel, grocer, 88 Harford av 
Henry Frank, laborer, 5 Callendar al 
Henry Geo. H. soldier, 14 Mulberry 
Henry Geo. W. engineer, 352 n Eutaw 
Henry Isaac, drover, 88 s Republican 
Henry Mrs. Jacob C. n2 n Fremont 
Henry James, 423 n Gay 
Henry James, carter, 15 Neighbor 
Henry John, machinist, 423 n Gay 
Henry John, machinist, l&S Conway 
Henry John, mariner, 23 Barre 
Henry John A. drayman, 81 St. Peter 
Henry Mrs. Mary, 124 Bolton 
Henry Mrs. Mary, 51 s Chapel 
Henry Mrs. Mary, 76 Granby 
Henry Michael, bar tender, Barnum's hotel 
Henry Michael, grocer, 322 Ea.stern av 
Henry Mrs. Nancy, 1 e Second 
Henry Patrick, harness maker, 11 Parkin 
Henry Robt. J. clerk B. & 0. R. R. dw Elk- 
ridge Landing 
Henry Ruth, teacher, 13 s Oregon 
Henry Saml. T. clerk, 13 s Oregon 
Henry Solomon, clerk, 423 n Gay 
Henry Thos. carpenter, 423 n Gay 
Henry Thos. laborer, 61 n Caroline 
Henry Thos. jr. baker, 61 n Caroline 
Henry Thos. W. carpenter, 117 s Greene 
Henry Val. proprietor hacks, 30 Sarah Ann 
Henry Wm. boiler maker, 304 s Charles 
Henry Wm. L. carpenter, 454 w Lombard 
Hensel John, porter, 32 Pleasant 
Hensel Philip, carpenter, 53 n Amity 
Henshell W. H. carpenter, 127 s Spring 
Hensler Frederick, lager beer, 129 Forrest 
Hensler John, tinner, 94 Low 
Hensley Mrs. Christine, grocery, 160 Mc- 

Henry , 

Hensley Jacob, laborer, 160 McHenry 
Hensley Wm. salesman, 94 Light st wharf 
Henson Christopher, wood, 252 Cross 
Hentz Charles, car tender, 36 Towson 
Hentz Johanna, 140 Eastern av 
Hentzel Wm. moulder, 143 Hamburg 
Henze Mrs. Rebecca, confectionery, 206 w 

Henzel John, piano maker, 235 Montgomery 
Henzy Franz, carpenter, 63 Harrison 
Hepburn David, carpenter, 63 Gough 
Hepner Conrad, boiler maker, 293 Canton av 
Hepp Adam, Harford av near city liniits 
Hepp Conrad, laborer, 30 Goodman al 
Hepp George, laborer, 48 Hamburg 
Hepp Joseph, butcher, Harford av near city 

Heppel Henritta, Cross near Johnson 
Hera Rev. E. R. 113 s Kxeter 
Herald Geo. wheelwright, 9 s Regester 
Herberner Conrad, shoemaker, 246 Columbia 
Herbersheim John, laborer, 41 Eastern av 
Herbert Adam, tailor, 84 Somerset 
Herbert Adam, porter, 2 Smith's al 
Herbert Andrew, tailor. Chase near Central av 
Herbert Charles, oyster shucker, 5 n Amity 
Herbert Daniel, second hand variety store, 87 

Herbert Gabriel, laborer, 138 Boyd 
Herbert Herman, baker, 198 Gough 
Herbert John, shoemaker, 24 Bank 
Herbert John, shoemaksr, 43 Low 
Herbert John Henry, messenger, J43 s Chester 
Herbert Joseph A. blacksmith, 18 n Republi- 

Herbert Joseph E. carpenter, cor Paca and 

Herbes Henry, shoemaker, 124 n Spring 
Herbestleban August, shoemaker, 22 Sterrett 
Herbold Charles, gunsmith, 90 s Howard 
Herbst Gotleib, piano maker, 3 Vine 
Herche Henry, tailor, 75 n Bond 
Hercutch Henry, tailor, 236 s Charles 
Herchkell Leonard, shoemaker, 22 Jasper 
Herdel John, laborer, 167 William 
Herderman Caspar, blacksmith, 143 s Central 

av dw 142 
Herdick Geo. tailor, 518 Central av 
Herdrich Michael, 1 Clay 
Herener Julius, laborer, 130 German 
Herford Julius, tavern, 240 s Broadway 
Hergenheim Henry, cabinet maker, 56 Union 
Hergenheimer Conrad, tailor, 31 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Hergesheimer Chas. G. justice of the peacie, 

170 s Broadway, dw 249 Central av 
Hergesheimer Elijah, shipsmith and wrought 
iron rail maker, Patapsco, Canton, and 38 
Fell, dw 12 Thames 
Herget Margaret E. confectioner, 94 William 
Herget Michael, foundryman, 222 Washing- 
ton, F. H. 
Herget Michael, jr. foundryman, 222 Wash- 
ington, F. H. 
Herget Frank, sugar refiner, 86 s Bethel 
Herget George E. machinist, 94 William 
Hergheimer Rachel, 320 Central av 
Heritage Henry, cooper, 74 Albemarle 
Heritage Thomas, carpenter, 176 n Eden 
Herke John, laborer, 950 w Baltimore 
Herkenberg August, laborer, 361 s Sharp 
Herkenheimer Henry, tailor, 35 Lewis 
Herkenkofi' Wm. cigar maker, 60 n Spring 
Herkert Anton, rags, 80 Union 
Hcrling Geo. laborer, 230 s Charles 
Herloeis Henry G. bookkeeper, 244 Lee 
Herkness Andrew J. freight supt. B,0. R. R., 

204 Lee 
Herman Aaron, shoes, 174 n Gay 
Herman Aaron, shoes, 82 Centre Marketspace 
Herman Benjamin, junk, 100 n Dallas 
Herman Mrs. Bertha, 169 Columbia 
Herman Carl, cooper, 33 Bevan 
Herman Charles, confectionery 73 n Charles 
Herman Clemens, butcher, 140 s Spring 
Herman Daniel, 221 Canton av 
Herman Geo. shoemaker, 60 s Regester 
Herman Geo. shoemaker, 60 Mulberry 
Herman Hersch, shoes, 82 Centre Market 

space, dw 47 Stiles 
Herman Harman, dyer, 64 n Eutaw 
Herman Joanna, scourer, 64 n Eutaw 
Herman John P. grocery, 259 e Baltimore 
Herman John, butcher, 140 Centre Market, 

dw 106 Hampstead 
Herman John, potter, 765 Light 
Herman Leon, shoes, 82 Centre Market space 
Herman Myer, rags, 19 Hampstead 
Herman Philip, porter, Albemarle near Pratt 
Herman Wm. saddler, 392 w Pratt 
Herman Geo. shoemaker, 205 Ensor, dw 29 

Herman Louis, boots and shoes, 62 Centre 

Market space, dw 29 Fawn 
Hermange Edmund V. clerk Sun office, 86 n 

Hermanstagel F. shoemakar, 131 Lancaster 
Hermon Nicholas, laborer, 57 s Bond 

Win. p. "^VEBB, Mai-ine, Fire and liife Insurance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutwal 
Beneflt LiJfe Insurance Co., Newark, IV. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Hermonsofer Caspar, 32 Dolphin 
Heme Philip, laborer, 250 s Bond 
Herning Ferdinand, cooper, 22 Bevan 
Hernsheim Mrs. B. shoes, 1523^ s Broadway 
Herold Anthony, laborer, 65 s Regester 
Herold Caroline, boots and shoes, 187 s Bond 
Herold Clias. cabinet maker, 183 s Sharp 
Herold Elizabeth, 294 Canton av 
Herold Frederick, cabinetmaker, 189 s Sharp 

dw 186 
Herold Geo. wheelwright, 36 s Durham 
Herold John B. miller, 183 s Bond 
Herold Matthias, shoemaker, 210 Canton av 
Herold Peter, shoemaker, 187 s Bond 
Herpel John, colporter, 15 Shakspear 
Heron Mrs. Caroline, 11 Watson 
Herpich Henry, carpenter, 82 Henrietta 
Herpig Simon, shoemaker, 104 Low 
Herr Abraham H. (H.& Welch) 18 s Strieker 
Herr & Welch, millers, 97 Smith's whf. 
Herring Alfred, vessel clerk,Quarter Master's, 

8 s Gay 
Herring Catherine, boarding, 82 s Bond 
Herring Geo. shoemaker, 48 Chatsworth 
Herring Geo. W. fCook & H.) 621 w Fayette 
Herring Henry, milkman cor Elliott and East- 
ern av 
Herring Henry & Sons, n w cor of East Falls 

and Canton avs 
Herring Henry, (H. H.& Son) 26 Stiles 
Herring John L. clerk, Grundy nearMosher 
HERRING JOHN Q. A. agent Harnden 

Express, 90 e Fayette 
Herring Dr. Julius, 144 Pearl 
Herring Malcom L. (Henry H. & Son) 263 e 

Herring Origonal, paper hanger and uphol- 
sterer, 80 w Baltimore 
Herring Mrs. Origonal, milliner, over 80 w 

Baltimore • 

Herring Wm. E. clerk, 82 s Bond 
Herrlich A. G. tin and sheet iron worker, 17 

w Second 
Herrlich Charles, stoves and tin ware, 17 and 

19 w Second, dw 86 e Lombard 
Herrlich Wm. A. tin and sheet iron worker, 

17 w Second 
Herron Chas. soldier, 158 Penna. av 
Herron James P. 158 Penna av 
Hersch Chas. H. caulker, 18 Hamburg 
Hersch Martin, 8 Hamburg 
Herschfield Emil. clerk, 236 w Lombard 
Herseny John, laborer, 529 Canton av 
Hersh Caroline, 128 s Durham 
Hersh William, 165 Hollins 
Hershfeld John E. confectr. 171 s Broadway 
Hertel John, boxmaker, 84 e Lombard 
Hertel John, tailor, 238 Aliceanna 
Hertel John, cabinet maki-r, 269 Canton av 
Hertford Augusta, milliner, 109 Dover 
Hertford Edward, gunner, U. S. N. 109 Dover 
Hertline John, laborer, 97 Elliott 
Hertus Joseph, laborer, 15 Cambridge Canton 
Hertz Aaron, pedlcr, 257 s Bond 
Hertz T. pedler, 443 Lexington 
Hertz Tobias, clothing, 11 Second, dw 77 e 

Hervil Herman, tailor, 116 s Durham 
Herz Peter, tailor, 21 e Fayette 
Herzberg Charles, 9 s Frederick 
Herzberg Lazarus, 64 s Eutaw 
Hertzberg Mendel 37 e Lombard 
Herzberg M. & Co. notion store, 175 n Gay 

Herzberg Philip, 9 s Exeter 

Herzberg Seligmen, clothier, 2 and 28 Centre 

Market space, dw 2 
Herwig August, piano maker, 126 Pearl 
Herzog Adam H. boots and shoes, 119 Lex- 
HERZOG CONRAD S. lager beer brewer, 

84 Burke 
Herzog John, hardware, n e cor Lexington 

and Park 
Herzog John, tailor, 278 n Howard 
Herzog Joseph, carver, 278 n Howard 
HERZOG LEVI, boarding, 161 w Lombard 
Herzog M. locksmith, 278 n Howard 
Herzog Philip, carver, 278 n Howard 
Herzog Valentine S. locksmith, 317 n How- 
ard, dw 278 
Hesber Chas. shoemaker, 10 Jackson ct 
Hosker Herman, restaurant, Frederick road, 

near city limits 
HESLEN RICHARD M. ship broker and 
com. merch. n w cor Gay and Pratt, dw 
610 w Fayette 
Hesler Francis, 111 Saratoga 
Hesler Michael, clerk, 111 Saratoga 
Hesmer Mrs. Lavinia, washerwoman, 214 

Hess August, cabinet maker, 21 n Paca 
HESS, BLUM & CO. jobbers and clothiers, 

671 w Baltimore 
Hess Caroline, bakery, 58 Union 
Hess Chas. tailor, 11 Spring ct 
Hess Clement, machinist, 35 Preston 
Hess Conrad, tinner, 64 Lancaster 
Hess Emanuel, (H., Blum & Co.) 90 Co- 
Hess Ferdinand, milkman, s e cor O'Donnell 

and East av 
Hess Frank, milkman, East av near Elliott 

Hess F. boarding, 23 s Sharp 
Hess Dr. Fredk. 61 n Front 
Hess Henry, soldier, 145 Welcome al 
Hess Isaac, Amer. Tel. Co. 150 Saratoga 
Hess Isaac, carpenter, 150 Saratoga 
Hess Jacob, tailor, 1 Preston 
Hess John, stone cutter, 123 German 
Hess John, carpenter, 171 King 
Hess John J. butcher, 7 and 51 Fells Point 

market, dw 98 Hampstead 
Hess John, laborer, 27 Preston 
Hiss Lewis, millinery, 35 n Howard 
Hess Louis, shoemaker, 54 s Bethel 
Hess Marcus, (H. Blum & Co.) 58 Columbia 
Hess Matilda, 73 Portland 
Hess Michael, (H., Blum & Co.) 58 Colum- 
Hess Michael, confectioner, 90 s Wolfe 
Hess Moses, dry goods, 39 n Howard 
Hess Nathan, 23 s Sharp 
Hess N. (H. & Stern,) 116 s Sharp 
Hess Mrs. Rebecca, 123 German 
HESS & STERN, clothiers, 213 w Pratt 
Hess Samuel, 111 e Fayette 
Hess Samuel, carpenter, 128 Pearl 
Hess Wm. 0. carpenter, ]0 Brune 
Hess Wm. tinner, 152 e Madison 
Hesse Albert, tailor, 163 e Lombard 
Hesse Christian, cigar maker, 233 a Charles 
Hesse Christian, restaurant, 267 w Pratt 
Hesse Her.ry, shoi'maker, 523 w Baltimore 
Hesse John, instrument mak. 233 s Charles 
Hesse John, cutNr, 233 s Charles 

J. HE\RT GIKSK, Commission Merchant, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, tSce. 
RoaeutUle Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, HI Spear's Wharf: 




Hesselbach Christian, morocco dresser, 156 

Hesselbacher August, book store, 174 s Broad- 
Hcsselbaugh Charles, tanner, 156 Chesnut 
Hessenauer John, baker, 153 Eastern av 
Hesser Wm. G. salesman, 64 Raborg 
Hessey Mrs. Caroline, 117 Chew 
Hessler Adam, milkman. Cotton row 
Hessler Clias. teacher, 8 Lanvale 
Hessler Geo. A. huckster, 165 s Ann 
Hessler Jacob, tailor, 339 s Charles 
Hessler John, milkman, O'Donnell near East- 
ern av 
Hessler Mary A. midwife, 32 s Durham 
Hessler Michael, porter. 111 Saratoga 
Hessler Peter, boots and shoes, 38i.< w Pratt 
Hesslin Elizabeth, 116 West 
Hesslin Geo. W. brick mould. 116 West 
Hesslin Wm. T. brick moulder, 116 West 
Hester Michael, lab. cor. Front and Hillen 
Hestry Stephen, flour and feed, n w cor Hil- 
len and Front 
Hestzler Matthias, tailor, 72 Granby 
Heszler Peter, shoemaker, 42 Albemarle 
Heter Chas. shoemaker, 4 e Second 
Hetch Michael, grocer, 61 n Dallas 
Hett Henry, laborer, 226 s Paca 
Hett Henry, tavern, 141 w Lombard 
Hett John, 141 w Lomliard 
Hettel Martin, wheelwright, 102 Frederickav 
Hettine Carl, brewer, Belair av extended 
Hetz Andrew, furniture, 169 s Bond I 

HETZ GEORGE, restaurant and lager beer, ] 

198 s Bond 
Hetzell John G. metal roofing and tin ware, 

74 n Howard 
Hetzler Francis D. book binder, rear of 95 w 

Baltimore, dw 258 Aisquith 
Hetzler Fred'k L. painter, 149 Orleans 
Hetzler John H. carpenter, 278 n Eutaw 
Hetzler Wm. E. painter, 153 Orleans 
Heubach Edward, clerk, 156 w Lombard 
Heubeck Christina, grocery, 347 Lexington 
Heunsch Frederick, carpenter, 22 Sterrett 
Heunsch John H. shoemaker, 22 Sterrett 
Heubeck George F. tinner, 347 Lexington 
Heubeck Nicholas, cabinetmaker, 105 Raborg 
Heulmann Baptish, woodsawyer, 17 Cam- 
bridge, Canton 
Heuisler Charles C. carpenter, 41 Garden 
Heuisler Ernest, tailor, 47 n Dallas 
Heuisler Henry, carpenter, 93 n Central av 
Heuisler Joseph S. attorney, 23 Law Build- 
ings, dw 399 Eutaw pi 
Heuisler Mary E. 41 Garden 
Heuisler Wm. J. clerk, 41 Garden 
Heuston John, clerk, 99 n High 
Heuster Andrew, conductor, 130 Scott 
Heusen Henry, tailor, 68 s Bond 
Heuser Dr. Chas. P. oflice 144 Hanover, dw 

n e cor Sharp and Conway 
Heuser Thomas, laborer, 230 s Caroline 
Heuvel Rev. A. Vanden, prof, at Loyola 

Hevener Louisa J. milliner, 164 Saratoga 
Hevencr Samuel S. painter, 164 Saratoga 
Hevering John, 64 Gough 
Heverley Mary, huckstress, 414 Light 
Hew John, brickmaker, 88 n Ann 
Hewell James L. butter, 13 Bevan 
Hewell Lewis, tobacconist, 73 Hanover, dw 
93 Brown 

Hewell Lewis, tobacconist, 162 n Gay, dw 

179 n High 
Hewes Charles W. painter, 21 Jackson 
Hewes Edwin, clerk, 49 Lexington 
Hewes James E. (Ellicott & H.) n e cor Lex- 
ington and Fulton 
Hewes John G. flour, grain and millfeed, 366, 

368 and 370 w Pratt, dw 32 s Greene 
Hewes Sarah M. boarding, Lexington 

Hewing Thos. shi 


Iter, 97 e Madison 

Hewitt Alex, machinist, 27 n Poppleton 
Hewitt Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 902 w 

Hewitt Elmer, jr. currier, 50 s Calvert, dw 

116 n Broadway 
Hewitt Franklin W. tavern, 257 n Gay 
Hewitt George W. carver and gilder, 9 n Gay, 

dw 21 Jackson 
Hewitt George H. currier, 225 Aliceanna, dw 

318 e Pratt 
Hewitt Grace, 116 n Broadway 
HEWITT HORATIO D. pianos and music, 

56 n Charles 
Hewitt John H. brakesman, 476 w Lombard 
Hewitt John, laborer, 103 n Fremont 
Hewitt Mary B. seamstress, 636 w Pratt 
Hewitt Ralph, watchman, 902 w Baltimore 
Hewlett John Q. & Son, hides, leather and 

oils, 96 w Lombard and 9 Water 
Hewlett John Q. (J. Q. H. & Son) Balto. co 
Hewlett J. W. (John Q. H. & Son,) Balto, co 
Hotter Mrs. Amanda, fancy goods, 229 East- 
ern av 
Hexter George, clothier, 182 s Broadway, dw 

229 Eastern av 
Hexter Myer, 35 s Eden 
Heydenreich Ada, seamstress, 36 St. Mary 
Heydenreich Emil, soldier, 36 St. Mary 
Heyen I. T. clerk P. 0. 401 Eutaw pi 
Heyer J. F. tobaccoijist, 156 Chesnut 
Heyes Henry, laborer, 5 Valley 
Heyn Martin, merchant tailor, 16 North, dw 

23 s Fremont 
Heyse George, restaurant, 172 Greenmount av 
Heyse George H. restaurant, under cor Balti- 
more and Light 
Hey wood R. Henry, clerk, 209 w Fayette 
HEYWOOD REUBEN W. enamelled cot- 
tage and chamber furniture dealer, overlOi/g 
n Charles, dw 209 w Fayette. — [Seepage 31 
Hibbitts Patrick, plumber, s w cor Pine and 

Fayette, dw 34 Rock 
Hibbitts Thomas, plumber, 12 n Amity 
Hibmueller Wm. shoemaker, 86 s Bond 
Hibner Alexander, carter, 1 Young 
Hibner Mrs. L. dressmaker, 1 Young 
Hibline Geo. tailor, 78 Pierce 
Hickey James, clerk, 152 s Broadway 
Hibner John N. 150 Franklin 
Hibner John A. locksmith and bell hanger, n 

w cor Decker and Chase 
Hibner Wm. locksmith and bell hanger, 41 

Hichew Samuel, (CoUison & H.) 1 s Wolfe 
Hicken Wm. teamster, 9 Nicholson 
Hickey Alphonse, clerk, 196 Madison av 
Hickey Calistus F. clerk, 92 Mulberry 
Hickey Edward B. J. clerk, 92 Mulberry 
Hickey Elizabeth, confectionery, 92 Mulberry 
Hickey Martin, laborer, 127 Chew 
Hickey Mary J. 196 Madison av 
Hickey Rev. John, 40 Hollins 

GKO. s. pa&b: 

BRO., MaiMif«otiirers of Roofs and Roofing Materials, 111 Smith's 
WTiarf. C. HART S]»HTH, Agent. 




Hickey James, clerk, 152 s Broadway 
Hickey Thos. P. confectionery, 152 s Broad- 
Hickley Geo. T. confectioner, 1393^ n Gay, 

dw 38 n Poppleton 
Hickley James, (Robert H. & Bro.) 149 Sar- 
Hickley Robert & Bro. hardware, 8 n How- 
ard, dw R. H 146 Saratoga 
Hickley Robert I. hatter, 44 n Howard, dw 

38 n Poppleton 
Hickley Robert, (R. H.&Bro.) 149 Saratoga 
Hickman Catharine, laundress, 354 s Charles 
Hickman Chas. T. plasterer, 368 w Fayette 
Hickman Emmerson, plasterer, Baltimore 

near Oregon 
Hickman Geo. plasterer, 775 w Baltimore 
Hickman Geo. laborer, 261 Aliceanna 
Hickman Geo. grocery, 210 w Fayette 
Hickman James, laborer, 10 McElderry ct 
Hickman John T. police, 139 Vine 
Hickman John, 271 Light 
Hickman Lawrence, cooper, 196 East 
Hickman Nathaniel, 65 Cathedral 

208 e Fayette, dw 71 Garden 
Hickman Wm. bookkeeper, 210 w Fayette 
Hickman Wm. H. chairmaker, 79 n Eden 
Hickman Wm. H. undertaker, 234 n Gay 
Hickcox Samuel B. merchant, 378 Lexmgton 
Hicks Albert, blacksmith, 433 w Lombard 
Hicks Amelia, seamstress, 73 n Eutaw * 
Hicks Geo. A. teamster, 161 s Chapel 
Hicks Geo. A. police, 200 s Castle al 
Hicks George, teamster, 298 Eastern av 
Hicks Mrs. Hercelia, tailoress, 50 Gough 
Hicks John, salesman, 340 e Fayette 
Hicks Joseph, shoemaker, 234 Light 
Hickson John S. confectioner, 77 Lexington 
Hickson Mary E. 129 n Eutaw 
Hicks Reuben, cooper, 174 L. Greene 
Hickson Wm. C. 129 n Eutaw 
Hiddleson Mrs. Hannah, 77 Granby 
HEILLER JOHN, restaurant and lager beer 

saloon, 17 n Liberty 
Heilmann Christian, 126 s Washington, 

F. P. 
Hieronimus George, cabinetmaker, 15 Chase, 

Hierschberg David, pedler, 21 e Fayette 
Hieser Chas. cigar maker, 18 s Regester 
Hiet Charles, 126 Vine 
Hiet G. 34 Thames 
Higby Samuel, mariner, 4 Windsor 
Higdon Alexander B. fisherman, 393 West 
Higdon Baptist, fisherman, 393 s Eutaw 
Higdon Henry, fisherman, 387 s Exeter 
Higdon James, soldier, 412 West 
Higdon John H. soldier, 263 West 
Higdon Joseph, fisherman, 412 West 
Higdon Mrs. Harriet, 412 West 
Higdon Robert, soldier, 412 West 
Higdon Thomas, carter, 263 West 
Higginbotham John, clerk U.S. assessor, 265 

Higgins Ambrose, salesman, 3 Liberty al 
Higgins Capt. Asa, 10 Waverley terrrace 
Higgins Azelas, shoemaker, 105 Raborg 
Higgins Edward, jr. bookkeeper, 76 n Calvert 
Higgins Edward, sr. 76 n Calvert 
Higgins Ellen, confectionery, 81 w Second 
Higgins Eliphalet, huckster, 120 Hamburg 
Higgins Elizabeth, 64 Camden 

Higgins Capt. Jacob, 142 s Ann 
Higgins Dr. James, analytic and consulting 
chemist, ofllce 33 Holiday, dw 60 St. Paul 
Higgins James, laborer, 40 Morton al 
Higgins James, tailor, 94 French 
Higgins John, moulder, 47 Penn 
Higgins John, soldier, Potomac near Elliott 
Higgins Mary J. 4 Necessity al 
Higgins Maria, 13 McElderry 
Higgins Mrs. Micah, 122 n Fremont 
Higgins Michael, milkman, 11 Canton row 
Higgins Michael, boiler maker, 2 L. Church 
Higgins Patrick, laborer, 59 s Chapel 
Higgins Richard, laborer, 73 French 
Higgins Sarah M. 4 Necessity al 
Higgins Sarah, confectioner, 120 Hamburg 
Higgins Walter B. 148 McHenry 
Higgins Wm. machinist, 122 n Freemont 
Higgins Wm. baker, 132 s Central av 
High Ezekiel, bricklayer, 41 Dolphin 
High George R. clerk, 105 n Front 
High George W. soldier, 333 Mulberry 
High George, cigar maker, 863 w Baltimore 
High Henry, painter, 346 Mulberry 
High James, soldier, 333 Mulberry 
High John H. cigars, 333 Mulberry 
High John, painter, 20 Ogston 
High John W. (H. & Shanley,) 101 Colum- 
High Joseph, painter, 101 Columbia 
High Joseph, engineer, Clinton 
High Mrs. Rachel, 494 Lexington 
High Samuel, painter, 613 Saratoga 
High Samuel E. tobacconist, 87 n Oregon 
High Sarah, tailorcss, 333 Mulberry 
HIGH & SHANLEY, coal dealers, 23 w 

High Thos. H. moulder, 494 Lexington 
High Thomas, blacksmith, 105 n Poppleton 
High Wm. tobacconist, 391 Franklin 
High Wm. H. soldier, 513 Saratoga 
High Wm. T. salesman, 140 s Paca 
High Wm. J. clerk, 14 n Front 
High Wm. Thomas, carpenter. 111 L. Greene 
Hignot Caroline C. dressmaker, 73 n Eden 
Hihn John F. grocery, 294 s Bond 
Hilberg Francis L. (Francis L. H. & Co.) 

dw Govanstown 
Hilberg John A. collector, 8 South 
HILBERG FRANCIS L. & CO. merchant 

tailors, 8 South 
HILBERG FREDERICK, merchant tailor, 

24 w Second, dw Govanstown, Balto. co. 
Hilbert Adam, laborer, 107 Elliott 
Hilbert Elijah R. rear 134 Saratoga 
Hilbert Frank, laborer, rear 134 Saratoga 
Hilbert Geo. laborer, Jackson near Harrison, 

Homestead » 
Hilbert Dr. Henry, sr. 279 w Fayette 
Hilbert Jas. A. leather inspector, 16 McHenry 
Hilbert John, furn. wagoner, 70 n Pine 
Hilbert Joseph, cigar maker, rear 134 Sara- 
Hilbert John, carpenter, Lerew al, bet. Mul- 
berry and Saratoga, dw Gen. Wayne Inn 
Hilcher Mrs. Mary, 95 Peirce 
Hild Anthony, clerk, 156 Columbia 
Hild Conrad, baker, 101 Orchard 
Hild Geo. J. salesman, 46 Clay 
Hild John C. cigar maker, 214 Light 
Hild Joseph, porter, 46 Clay 
HILD WENDELIN, grinder and polisher, 
Uhler's al, tavern and dw 58 s Charles 

VtTM. P. "WEBB, Marfne, Fire nncl Life Iiwtirance Agent and Broker. Agent "Mutual 
Benefit lAfc Intjnr.Tncc Co., KTewark, IV. J.," 89 Second Street. 




Hildebrand Charles, shoemaker, 52 Central av 
Hildebrand Fredk. tinner, 205 Hollins 
Hildebrand George, shoemaker, 84 Park 
Hildebrand George, sawyer, 14 Jackson ct 
Hildebrand Harry F. clerk, 29 s Poppleton 
Hildebrand Henry, barber, 32 e Lombard 
Hildebrand Henry, cooper, 29 s Poppleton 
Hildebrand H. D. shoemaker, 83 Hillen 
Hildebrand Louis, tinner, 14 Jackson ct 
Hildebrandt Chas. musical instrument maker, 

19 n Liberty 
Hildebrandt Gforge, tobacconist, 4 Boyd 
Hildebrandt John, blacksmith, 18 s Regester 
Hildebrandt Margaret, milliner, 535 w Balti- 
Hildebrandt William, carpenter, 329 w Lom- 
Hilderman Fredk. laborer, 26 Maiden la 
Hilditch John, bricklayer, 141 e Pratt 
Hildreth Isaac C. clerk, 1 n Pine 
Hildtman Henry, fireman, over 9 s Gay 
Hildgarten John, shoemaker, 118 Columbia 
Hilgartner Louis, stone cutter, 70 s Bond 
Hilgartner Ludwig, stone cutter, 70 s Bond 
Hilgartner Philip, soldier, 5 Shakspeare 
Hilge George, tavern, 94 s Sharp 
Hilgeman Elizabeth, seamstress, 41 Perry 
Hilgenberg Charles, hoisery, 35 n Eutaw 
Hilger Abraham P. upholsterer, 107 Chew- 
Hill August, 283 Hanover 
Hill Charles, telegraph, 23 n Gay 
Hill Charles, clerk, 14 n Bond 
Hill Charles H. engineer, 226 e Lombard 
Hill Catherine, grocery, 42 French 
Hill Edwin, drayman, 263 West 
Hill Elizabeth, 283 Hanover 

HILL FRANCIS B. agent Hope 
Dispatch, Calvert Station, N. C. 
E. E. 

Hill George R. clerk, 133 w Hoffman 

Hill George D. & Co. ladies' shoe store, 53 

n Gay 
Hill George D. (G. D. H. & Co.) 53 n Gay 
Hill George W. soldier, 449 Saratoga 
Hill George D. boots and shoes, 124 Lex- 
Hill George C. telegraphist, 23 n Gay 
Hill George H. iron moulder, 297 e Madison 
Hill Isaac, grocery, 27 Slemmer al 
Hill Jesse, mate, 301 s Charles 
Hill John, conductor B. & 0. R. R. 240 n 

Hill John, sawyer, 113 Plum 
Hill John W. sawyer, 113 Plum 
Hill John H. clerk, 580 Saratoga 
Hill John E. tinner, 174 e Monument 
Hill John R. (George D. H. &Co.) 53 n Gay 
Hill John H. clerk, 50 Republican 
Hill John, blacksmith, 236 Hollins 
Hill John A. J. soldier, 449 Saratoga 
Hill John, laborer, 168 s Bond 
Hill John W. moulder, 296 e Madison 
Hill Joseph, paper hanger, 130 n Front 
Hill Lewis H. dry goods, 223 Hanover 
Hill Mary A. tailoress, 68 Henrietta 
Hill Mrs. Mary, 133 w Hoffman 
Hill Mark, hat and bonnet presser, 40 Ger- 
Hill Narcissa, tailoress, 68 Henrietta 

Hill Richard, hat and bonnet bleacher, n e 

cor German and Sharp, dw 36 German 
Hill Samuel E. clerk, 133 W. Hoffman 
Hill Samuel, laborer, 319 Mulberry 
Hill Thomas, moulder, 33 French 
HILL THOMAS, real estate broker and con- 
veyancer, s w cor Fayette and St. Paul, dw 
94 n Charles 
Hill Wm. carpenter, 227 e Madison 
Hill Wm. soldier, 274 s Dallas 
Hill Wm. bandbox maker, 76 Dover 
Hill Wm. S. barber, 824 w Baltimore 
Hill Wm. A. shoemaker, 449 Saratoga 
Hill Wm. grocery, 237 e Baltimore 
HILL WILLIAM B. secretary of state and 
attorney at law, 70 w Fayette, dw 133 w 
Hill Wm. H. machinist, 135 Montgomery 
Hill Wm. huckster, 67 Hanover 
Hilland Charles, boiler maker, 124 Eislein 
Hille Augustus, clerk, 283 Hanover 
Hilleary John A. conductor, 146 Barre 
Hilleary Wm. collector, 168 Scott 
Hilleary Wm. T. clerk, 132 Columbia 
Hillebrand August, furniture wagoner, 99 

Hillebrand Charles F. emigrant agent, 93 and 

97 Thames 
Hillebrand Peter, laborer, 217 Aliceanna 
Hillegeist Dr. Edmond, 73 Ensor 
Hillen Aug. house carpen. 161 Eager, dw 159 
Hillen Charles, barkeeper, 420 s Hanover 
Hillen Frank, clerk, 76 Saratoga 
Hillen Col. Solomon, 62 Franklin 
Hiller Lewis, prov. dealer, 58 Eastern av 
Hillgardner Henry, shoemaker, 164 s Bethel 
Hillgirt Henry M. tinner, 121 Columbia 
Hillman Mary Ann, milliner, 1 Jefferson 
Hillman Phillip, shoemaker, 5 Spring ct I 
Hills Luther, machinist, 23 Penn 
Hillyard Dr. Benj. R., Thompsonian practi- 
tioner, 538 w Baltimore 
Hilos Wm. laborer, 38 Eastern av 
Hilseberg Friedrich, shoemaker, 283 East- 
ern av 
Hilt Joseph, clerk, 46 Clay 
Hiltner George, laborer, 46 Dolphin 
Hiltner John, tailor, 36 Park 
Hilton Edward F. machinist, 28 Grundy 
Hilton Edwin W. machinist, 56 n Oregon 
Hilton Edwin'F. fireman at Bolton depot, 28 

Hilton Mrs. Catherine, 74 n Caroline 
Hilton James 0. carpenter, 74 n Caroline 
Hilton James, lamplighter, 56 Dolphin 
Hilton John T. machinist, 83 Dawson 
Hilton Sarah, 67 Chesnut 
Hilzght John, stevedore, 4 L. Broadway 
Hiltz Conrad, ship carpenter, 25 Thames 
Hiltz John R. shoemaker, 26 Knox al 
Hiltz Lewis C. cabinet maker, 259 n Central av 
Hiltz Margaret, seamstress, 155 Canton av 
Hiltz Philip, stevedore, 14 Shakspear . 
Hiltz Wm. baker, 259 n Central av 

Himball , rag dealer, 63 n Spring 

Hime Mrs. Margaret, nurse, 364 e Baltimore 
Himes Alexander, carpenter, 377 n Gay 
Himes Henry, foundryman, 300 s Charles 
Himline John, nightman, Clinton, Canton 
Himmel Caspar, woodsawyer, rear of 58 

Penn a av 
Himmel Christoph, tailor, 340 Canton av 
Himmel Joseph, laborer, 51 Aliceanna 

J. HEWHY GIESIE, Commission Mercliaiit, for the sale of Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 
Roseuflole Cement and Calcined Plaster constantly on hand, 21 Spear's AVliarf. 




Himmol Leopold, dry goods, 285 n Gay 
Himmerman Anton, grocer, Clinton nr Elliott 
Himmler Henry, tailor, 8 Townsend 
Himmler Michael, overseer, Kirby's la. opp. 

Himmelreich Bernhard, shoes, 647 Baltimore, 

dw 123 Franklin 
Himmelreich Moses, shoe store, 647 w Balti- 
more, dw Frankl